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... some ideas on a better future (easy), and how to get there (not so easy)
Can we awaken the sleeping giant called We the People of Canada and retake our country from the corporate trolls and usurpers...?
Be the future you want to see ... M. Gandhi Standing Neocon Challenge
Before We the People can talk about corporate power or anything else, We the People needs to exist...
Richard Moore, Cyberjournal
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Others looking for the path....

A hodgepodge of "inspiring" writings and good websites....

  • Confronting Empire - by Arundhati Roy, a great modern writer from India - her 2003 speech at the World Social Forum in Porte Alegro. "We can re-invent civil disobedience in a million different ways. In other words, we can come up with a million ways of becoming a collective pain in the ass...."
  • Truth is central - do NOT accept their lies. Expose them always. This is one of the important ones of recent times - The Debacle At The Hague by John Steppling (Swans is usually worth a check - new articles every couple of weeks).
  • A very good article that covers a lot of ground about what has been happening - Apartheid Without Borders: The New Globalism and Its Enemies by William H. Thornton. - follow that back home, Dissident Voice carries some very good stuff every week.
  • Vive le Canada is trying to wake people up - and they have some great writers, most especially check out their pieces by Robin Mathews and Paul Harris.
  • The Council of Canadians believes in Canada for Canadians.
  • Stephen Gowans - very good Canadian writer, doesn't believe a word the trolls say, and is very good at explaining why.
  • Xymphora - he just writes true stuff. A regular stop.
  • Everybody looking for a better future, and trying to figure what's gone before, should read Richard Moore and his stuff at Cyberjournal - there's a lot of stuff, all good - just go and browse if you haven't been there before.
Hell, there's all kinds of stuff out there - go looking for what interests you, or things you aren't sure about, or want more info on - get as many different viewpoints on things as you can find, and decide for yourself what's right and what's wrong. I don't want to tell you what to think - I just want to get your head away from the tv and start you thinking. Then - if you think maybe things ought to be getting better and aren't - get involved.

Make it happen. From here to there happens one step at at time, one person at a time. Be one.

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