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Before We the People can talk about corporate power or anything else, We the People needs to exist...
Richard Moore, Cyberjournal
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Mission Statement:

The basic idea of this page and site is to work from the proposition that a lot of us KNOW that our society, our country (our world, mostly, for that matter, but let's leave that for another day - one job at a time, and today Canada must be job 1 for we in Canada), has been taken over by some trolls who are stealing us blind and treating us all like Boxer in Animal Farm, and there are all kinds of ideas out there as to how we could make things a WHOLE lot better for the great majority of us - but the trolls who are running things have no intention of giving up their easy lives easily (why would we expect them to??) - so we have to be, as the modern word has it, proactive in fighting to regain control of things.

Easy to say - less easy to accomplish. Probably, for that matter, very difficult to accomplish - I'm sure you recall from what you know of trolls that they are pretty difficult to get rid of, once they show up anywhere.

But we humans are a clever bunch, and we have done a lot of difficult things before, and I expect we could do this too, if we wanted to. But if we don't try, it never happens. This is not the kind of thing that Father Christmas is going to leave under the tree. This is the kind of thing that if we want it, we take it. We the People. We the People decide that we will no longer perform the role of Boxer as slave labour for the Masters, but will start to work for ourselves, and instead of the fruits of our labours being stolen by the trolls who have taken over, we will in the future enjoy them ourselves. Or we carry on as we have been - yea, maybe there's some trolls out there, but they're not ALL that bad, and putting up with them is easier than fighting them, so - you know - what's on tv tonight, eh? Let's have a laugh, and a bit of fun, and not worry about that stuff, eh? Let's not get the trolls mad, you know....

Something like that. You can be a free human particpating (realistically, not in the pretend way the trolls allow) in the decisions that affect your life, and the lives of the people in your community and country - or a human being voiceless in anything important going on around you, controlled by others for their benefit. If you can grok that, read on. If not - well, what are you doing here anyway?

Step 1: Education: This whole process has to be divided into two steps, really - first, we have to convince big Boxer and all the little Boxers that Napoleon and Squealer are not their friends - and never have been. I think this has been quite a large part of our strategic problem in the past - the lies and atrocities of the trolls have been apparent to some of us for quite a long time - but the Boxers of our country - a solid majority, I think - would rather believe that things are still ok, our leaders are truly our democratic representatives, with our very best interests at heart, and are doing their best in a difficult time, what with uncertain economic conditions and so on. They haven't yet gotten the idea that those uncertain conditions are not an accident, but intentional. They don't yet understand that the economy itself is not just an accident of nature of some kind, but quite intentionally planned to achieve the results we are seeing today - the wealth produced by the work of the millions of Boxers of the country channelled carefully into a system trickling ever faster upwards to the coffers and mansions of the small number of Napoleons and Squealers and their faithful servants. And until they understand this a bit better - all of our pleadings and imprecations will continue to fall on deaf ears, as they have been doing.

And the trolls, of course, are doing all they can to reinforce this do-nothing attitude, this belief that while all may not be perfect, and problems regularly arise - why, those problems are either the fault of someone else (darned ol terrorists anyway!!!!) - or even the fault of Boxer himself, darned silly greedy old Boxers, expecting that the taxes of them all together might be used to provide health care and education for their children and things like that! Why - who's going to provide Napoleon's new mansion, and his great feasts, and his new limousines, and his trips to exotic locales in the cold winters, and all those things, if Boxer's tax dollars get spent on health care for Boxer and education for his offspring???? Hohoho!!! Silly old thing!!! Back to work, now, and leave the economy to those who know best! - and try not to get sick, old fellow - it really does strain our resources to look after you, you know!!!

(This really is important to the trolls - as long as we can be convinced to maintain our own chains, the lives of the trolls are a great deal easier than if we started fighting for our rights, and to stop the trolls from stealing us blind - heck, some of the trolls might even get hurt - heck, since there are SO many more Boxers than trolls, the trolls might even lose!!!! - so it is rather important for the trolls to maintain this fiction, and they are quite persistent in their many ways of doing so (more on this in Big Lies). So Job One, to turn someone's saying back on them, is education - something that Napoleon and the trolls have controlled for quite some time as well. But education in the real sense - the stuff you never learn in school, especially the trolls' schools, which mainly teach young people how to fit into the troll produce-wealth-for-trolls-while-getting-paid-peanuts (and like it!!!) system, and not ask questions about whether or not this is the best thing they might be doing with their lives; the troll schools also teach everyone that this troll-centered system is actually a citizen-centered system - a blatant lie, as anyone who has ever thought about it all will readily realise.

So education is the most important job at the moment. People have to understand two things - a) we are NOT living in any sort of real democracy, and 2) the entire financial system is designed to shovel most of their money and labour upwards into the secret banks of the trolls - and everyone could have much better lives, for much less investment of time and labour, if their work and labour was actually retained by themselves.

Step 2: Taking back our government: And then we have to help Boxer and the rest get rid of Napoleon and the other trolls.

This isn't going to be particularly easy, since the trolls aren't going to go away without a fight, and they hold most of the aces - they control the media, the cops, the courts, the government, the central computers, pretty much everything important.

But we still do have relatively honest elections in Canada (unlike the US, for instance), and we are still free to elect decent people, who will represent US and not the corps, to go to Ottawa. We can make any candidate sign a legally binding document that says if they do not do as they promise, or start finding all kinds of new programs they never talked about during the election, they can be legally challenged and even recalled.

We can stop letting the media set the agenda of what is important in our country and community, and use either local citizen's meetings and/or the internet to circumvent the corporate media.

And we can be prepared for the corporate reaction, whatever it will be - for one thing is certain, they will NOT give up control of the country without a serious fight.

It's probably going to have to come down to We the People re-usurping our power at a local level, creating citizen's councils and making our own decisions about things. Neither one of the steps looks particularly easy, although as we have seen by ever falling voter turnout the last few years, it appears that a LOT of people in this country are pretty skeptical about the way the government is being run, so we are not without hope.

What is for sure, though, is that if we DON'T try - nothing happens.

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