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Before We the People can talk about corporate power or anything else, We the People needs to exist...
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The Big Lies

There's a lot of strands involved with the current power situation, and the belief systems (necessary illusions) that those in power have been developing in the citizens for the last many decades to allow that power system to survive without massive citizen revolt, and a lot of people have them pretty well dissected, so there is no point in me spending a lot of time re-writing them in my own words. I'll just point you to a few of the major places you can read about them, if you still believe in any of the official lies and need some insight as to why they just might be wrong in what they are telling you. Most of the time it's just a matter of having your eyes opened to viewpoints you have never heard before - after that, you either believe or you don't. A lot of people don't want to believe this stuff - once you acknowledge the truths that are spoken here, you can't really turn your back on the absolute necessity for changing our government (if you want to call yourself a free human being rather than something less, at any rate) - and that is a very daunting task. And many people find it easier for their (short-term) peace of mind to turn their backs on these truths, and accept the mythology of the rulers. I hope you are not one of them. As the old saying has it - all that is necessary for evil to triumph in the world is for good men to do nothing. And we have a whole hell of a lot of reasonably good human beings these days doing just that - nothing about confronting the evil people who have taken over THEIR government.

Be the future you want to see.

  • The so-called "National Debt Scam" - I've written a longer piece on this, as the biggest lie of all that is keeping us chained.

  • - related, getting away from "Debt Money", and starting our own money supply free of the banks control

  • Democracy
    I don't even know where to start with this one - it's like waking up one day and finding out all the "adults" believe in Santa Claus - like a lot of the stuff I write about, it's so obvious to me that I don't understand how others seem not to see it - maybe some of that "intentional blindness" I write of elsewhere - if you acknowledge that something is wrong, then the argument can be made you ought to be doing something about it - but if everything's fine - well - you can get back to less stressful or dangerous stuff, stuff requiring less thought or initiative, like the tv or something. But how can you believe for a second this place is "democratic" when the following conditions prevail:
    • with 40% of the people not voting, and another 20% denied the vote (you wanna try and rationalize denying the vote to someone 1 day "under age" on voting day, when they won't get another chance for 5 years?) we are constantly ruled by "governments" "elected" by something under 20% of the people of Canada who actually vote for them - and with this "mandate", they constantly pass laws and commit the country to treaties and what not a large, TRUE majority of the people of the country oppose. Huhhhh??? Tell me again about "democracy" being the "will" of the majority????? It's also very telling that the Canadian corporate media have next to nothing to say about this (they certainly have enough to say about SOME things - heard the phrase "lower taxes" recently, or "privatisation"??) - of course, as noted later, they too are one of the Big Lies, so their complicity is understandable - if one of the legs of this berserker beast gives out, the whole thing is apt to come down with a big bang
    • politicians are constantly allowed to lie during election campaigns, and then "change their minds" or whatever afterwards - and there's nothing we can do about it!!!! ("throw da bums out" in 5 years isn't very useful - these people can do a LOT of damage in 5 years) - witness, just for example, Chretien and the GST and NAFTA in 93, both of which he promised to get rid of (or seriously change, with NAFTA). McGuinty in Ontario has broken many promises already. This is "democracy" - getting elected on lies????
    • similarly, they are allowed to get into all kinds of stuff they NEVER talked about during the campaign - and if "we the people" don't like it - tough shit, jack - see above about "voting em out in 5 years" - that's how democracy works!!! That sure is democratic too. Do you recall voting on seatbelts, or cigarette taxes, or the FTAA, or the WTO, or biometric ID cards, or "missile defense" (odd that wasn't mentioned a couple of months ago in the election campaign!!!), etc etc etc??? What about when Mike Harris sold big parts of the Ontario Hydro system to some buds - sure paying for it now - but not Harris oh no!!
    • the "elections" are heavily rigged in many ways, from the candidates approved by the trolls getting all the money and media attention they need to keep in the public eye between election campaigns as well as during, while the "fringers" are denied both, through the FPTP voting system, which denies the "fringers" even a voice in the national parliament. You just sit there and tell me again how the fringer with a thousand bucks whom nobody in the media will talk to has the same chance as the party candidate with unlimited media time and all the money they need. Democracy. Sure.
    • way over 50% of Canadians see no point in criminalizing soft drugs like marijuana (since they use it, or have used it, themselves! (or their kids (or parents) do!)), never have - yet government after government refuses to do anything about it - it's part of a bigger picture, the US "war on drugs" (and freedom), and as such the laws are desired by the trolls as part of their power structure maintenance. Let's hear again about how we do things according to the will of the majority in democracies????
    • the whole FPTP system, guaranteed to return governments of, by and for the trolls, year after year after decade after decade - a solid minority of voters electing majority governments, year after year. And we won't even start on how many of those voters know about as much about the issues as I do of the workings of a black hole - they've been conditioned to treat politics like a hockey game - my granddad voted (pick a party), and my dad did - and I do too. Democracy, anyone???
    • the Prime Minister's Office has become essentially a Kingship - the backbenchers have next to no influence on what goes on in parliament - yet the "democratic theory" tells us that we elect our MP, and all the MPs go to Ottawa, and debate the issues of the day, and arrive at good decisions. Doesn't actually work that way. Democracy - as Gandhi again observed many years ago - "Nice idea - we ought to try it sometime."

  • "Free Markets - I don't think these people pushing this idea really believe in it any more than I do - it's a good enough idea, great slogan, but next to impossible to realize in a large,complex society without some fairly serious regulation to ensure that "freedom" doesn't translate into the big guys doing all sorts of distorting things to the small guys (price-cutting to put the competition out of business at which time prices head for the roof, monopolistic pricing on items most people cannot afford to start a business in (i.e. oil and gas), buying politicians to pass favorable rules, etc and etc) - which, of course, they refuse to allow. The whole idea is just a justification for them to be allowed to do as they please, financially - and they believe that this gives them a serious advantage in the age-old "king of the castle" game - which, of course, it does. They want to allow unfettered financial competition between those with huge amounts of money and financial clout - and those with basically none of either. Why wouldn't they want it that way? Understandable enough - what is somewhat less understandable to me is why so many people allow themselves to be bamboozled into getting into a game with a totally fixed deck.

    For the neocons, pretending to bow to "the great god Market" is just another way for them to increase their power and make everyone else less powerful - always remembering that moreso than ever these days, money is power, and reducing their taxes gives them more money and us less - not just money, but less freedom, less influence through our government in what is happening. And people with less governmental services - health care, education, HONEST police protection and courts, and so on - are, in the contest with the elite trolls for control of OUR society, further disadvantaged.

    Giving them more money and less regulation allows them also to further their corruption and control of OUR democracy - very evident since Mulroney, when the Canadian government has become little more than the duty office of the CCCE, implementing policies that favor Big Business and screw the rest of us.

    The Smithian idea of markets is fine, as far as it goes - but don't forget that Smith lived in a different world, and he saw a market that was basically enclosed by national borders, and comprised of more or less equal players. He also wrote in a time when there were no national infrastructures to deal with, no instant world-wide communications through which billions of dollars can be transferred from here to there in the blink of an eye, and in which while some people did have a bit more money and power than others, the difference was much less than today.

    Free competition is great - as long as it is free, and voluntary. Monopolies are not so great, or situations where the entrance fee to the market is so great as to be prohibitive for most of us. In situations involving necessities, some kind of government protections for We the People is a necessity - what else is OUR government for, if not to protect us from this kind of thing?

  • "Education"
    The so-called "education" system actually has one and only one central purpose - to train young people to go somewhere every day early in the morning and take orders from someone else all day. There are lots of subsidiary things involved with enabling this, as this is a VERY foreign concept to young, free humans, and they have great resistance to it. Their creativity and self-confidence must be destroyed, they must be taught that their self-worth depends on the evaluation of someone else, that they live in the best country in the world ruled by the people through a GREAT system called Democracy, and they are the free-est people on the planet, that Capitalism and Markets are the very best way to organize society, and they are just so lucky to be living in such a great land, that the cops and courts are there to protect them, and so on. They are taught that Experts and others know things, and should be listened to - they will find out what they need to know reading the media or watching tv, and all such people should be believed - it is not at all necessary (or desirable) to go around thinking for oneself, formulating opinions that someone else hasn't first okayed. All of this is necessary because intelligent, free-thinking people would be most unhappy doing the slave-labour jobs that are necessary to maintain the sweatshops and factories and service industries that make life easy for the elite, and if allowed to develop those qualities, our young people would resist greatly being forced into such chains for all of their adult life. So it is necessary to spend all of these years creating the sub-species we might call Home sapiens serfus or some such thing - an entire class of people, a large class, who believe that they are free as they polish their own chains, who believe that a "good life" is defined by going to "their job" 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, for all of their adult life, producing wealth for an overlord, and that watching tv and going to malls is about as good as leisure time gets. If wasting potential creates a cry in the universe, as the falling tree in the forest DOES make a sound even if no human is there to observe it, then the atrocities perpetrated on the great mass of human beings by the overlord class of our species must be creating a horrible din further than Kirk ever even dreamed of going. There can be no greater crime than killing a human mind before it has a chance to defend itself, completely perverting the duty of care of the elders for the young - and we have systemized this behavior. It is fitting our species developed a concept of hell - if there is such a place, there will be a lot of us there.

    Again, lots of stuff out there - try Jerry Farber, Annotated Manifesto - Introduction to Student as Nigger, and a book by a guy called John Taylor Gatto, The Underground History of American Education. As always, you either understand this to be true, or refuse to consider it because to do so would mean that you should do something about it, but you have no idea how or what, so it's easier to deny. And send your kids off to school every day. And mutter a bit about that great phrase you heard on tv - "darned conspiracy theorists" anyway.

  • "Lib-left media"
    It's not entirely clear to me why the rightwing neocon fruitcakes constantly whine about the "left-lib" media here and in the US, when the reverse is so obviously the case. Probably various reasons - the small minds running this gig are so paranoid about being found out by We the People and having their just desserts meted out that they magnify every small criticism into "The whole world hates me mommy" sort of stuff - they're full of childish psychiatric conditions like this, which is appropriate as most of them seem to have never progressed mentally beyond early adolescence; probably something to do with needing to destroy all competition, because every voice out there speaking the truth is a danger to them, and they know it, and they are constantly trying to get ANY voice which does not follow their dogma shut down; there's the whole case of all the lies they spread around just by endless repetition, under the old propaganda idea of just repeat something enough and people will believe it - if any "neutral" sort of people are left out there in media-consumer land, they will perhaps listen to this shit and conclude that they better be suspicious of any criticism of the neocons, because the "left-lib" media is not giving them a fair hearing (yea I know it stretches the imagination, but everything about these people and their ideas and the influence they have I find pretty unbelievable); and probably even some of them still believe it - a lot of these guys date from the 60s, when you could actually make the case that there was, at that time, a bit more fairness in the media overall, voices from both sides getting to say what they wanted - all that, of course, ended during the years following the Great Corporate Reactionary Revolution.

    If you haven't already, and are interested, check out Chomsky's "Necessary Illusions" for the definitive study. Ask yourself why you NEVER read about ANY of the stuff on this page in the Canadian corporate media.

    I've also written a couple of letters pointing out the complete idiocy of such allegations in Canada, in response to a couple of columns in 2003 - these people seem to feel the need to do a whinge about "left-lib media" regularaly - I supposed any voice of sanity here is like a festering sore to them. Anyway, you can have a gander if interested at myth-fantasy of the liberal media in Canada to the Pispot, and another in response to a Toronto Sun columnist named Bob MacDonald complaining (that is to say, lying) about the "left-lib" media in Canada, which can be found at Lib-left media - would that be Canwest??? Your Suns? hahaha!!!! (no response from the columnists to these letters, of course, and they were certainly not printed.

  • Religion
    This is one of the greatest lies of all time, and has led to more carnage than all other lies put together, as "leaders" invoke killing infidels, defined as anyone who does not believe in "their" version of this "god" - your believers are my infidels, and vv - we humans are just so clever. People brought up in strict cults have even less ability to think rationally than people merely brainwashed in the education system. Whatever good may come of individuals doing small good things in the name of their religion (and there are certainly many examples - but they would be doing good stuff just for the sake of doing good stuff without some "god" anyway - that's what such real humans are like) pales besides the monstrosities carried out in the same name, from the Moslems and Christians going at each other during the years of the Crusades to George Bush telling the world he has orders from "god" to smite the heathen in Iraq, through the horrible things being done to Muslims in "modern" India by the cultists calling themselves Hindu. Personally, I think that a great deal of this violence can be laid at the feet of a smallish group of people who are the opposite of the Mother Teresa types, who like violence and killing for its own sake, some serious screwup in their brains - and they just use religion as an excuse for the violence. Think IRA, as well as both Muslim and Christian fundamentalists, or the Hindus, or others, demanding all non-believers be killed in the name of their gods. This religion, although occasionally bringing out some good stuff in some people, also brings out and legitimizes the worst in a lot of others, and we would be much, much better off without it.

    I don't want to get into a big essay here, but a lot of the violence can be attributed to religion in another way, especially the Christian ones, who try their very best to suppress sex in their followers. I expect this is just a control thing, but regardless, the effects of this suppression are all bad - sex is a very powerful drive and need and instinct, and when it is denied to young men, or they are forced to feel guilty about it (children have no defense against brainwashing) - well, it comes out in other ways. It's a true perversion - intentionally turning something sublime and beautiful and natural into something that causes shame and is repressed - how sick can this society be?!?!?! Young men are prone to violence anyway, if not educated properly (taught, mainly through example, how to be an intelligent, mature adult, not brainwashed!) - and it seems that there are elements in religious leadership that are happy enough to use that violence. But the whole Christian religious thing is nothing more than Santa Claus for "adults" (not entirely clear to me that people who believe in ghostly spirits ought to be called actual "adults", especially those who are willing to kill in the name of that spirit - wanton killing is NOT something actual adults undertake, according to any definition of "adult" I would use) - all the rewards for behavior the leaders desire, punishment for doing things the leaders don't want you doing. But a LOT more damaging. Sort of puts the Santa stories in a new light too - preparing people to believe - just changing the name of the being one worships.

    A bit more here

  • "Justice" system
    - this huge construct is there for one purpose only - to legitimise the trolls and their institutions and rule, and provide a way to "legitimately" control anyone who gets too far out of hand. Any actual "justice" that gets dispensed is by accident only. (Try finding anything about this in the Canadian corporate media - you can gauge the depth and seriousness of Big Lies by a sort of negative correlation with the media content - the less the coverage, the bigger and more important the lie. This is one of the biggies. Almost as big as the National Debt scam - which is the biggest of them all, as it gets zero coverage. The reasons are clear enough - even after 20-30-40 years of tv, people can still think a bit, and the scams are so obvious once you are alerted to them that you can't deny them.

    It's difficult to convince people who have not been through some experiences with the justice system how corrupt it really is - I believed myself that it was one of the pillars of Canadian democracy until I got involved with it first-hand in Prince Edward Island in the 1980s, and got screwed around time after time after time - the judges KNOW you are powerless, and the KNOW the media is not going to expose them. I wrote a letter to the Canadian Judicial Council once, trying to alert them to the corruption in PEI - they answered that if the PEI judges needed investigating, they would surely ask for one themselves!

    I have the Beer Story here - it's only a few pints of beer, but observe the way the administration of "justice" functions - if they're willing to do this kind of stuff over a few pints of beer, how could you trust them with important things? But the injustices in this country are legion - and another of the areas the media is very complicit in covering up. Check out Injustice Busters, or Association for the Defense of the Wrongfully Convicted. And yes, I know, the denying mind when confronted with such things simply says "Golly, these are surely the exception to the rule, and that they are actually being exposed proves that the system is monitoring itself and correcting the problems!" - and if that is what you really believe, then that is what you really believe. Some day you will choose the Red Pill, and wake up wondering how you could have been so gullible for so long.

  • 911
    Probably a bigger scam than even the "national debt" stuff, although at this level it hardly matters which is bigger. There are many good places to get some insights into the complete fantasy the US government has constructed around this thing - start here 911 The Basic Questions, from What Really Happened, a site you should be watching if you're not, or here The Truth about Sept. 11 by Gerald Holmgren, or here The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism by Peter Myer for two of the best (click back on either of these if you want a lot more good reading about what's going on around here - the Serendipity sites is one of the best on the web for getting around the mushroom factor the people running the place believe in (keep the serfs in the dark and feed em shit if you haven't heard yet))- but you shouldn't even have to do that. The falling of the two WTC towers was a perfect example of a controlled demolition, obviously planned well ahead of time by people with the knowledge and access to do so (not a gang of Arabs in caves!) - and there was no debris from any large plane on the Pentagon lawn - and the Bush people have completely stonewalled any investigation (three of the dozens of serious questions about this whole thing). I don't claim to know exactly what happened that day, perhaps we never will - but what is perfectly obvious is that the neocon-fascists controlling Bush and the American gov were involved, whether planning it directly or just allowing someone else to do it by arranging for a standdown of SOP air force for a critical period. So a man walks out of a house after you hear a gunshot with a smoking gun - he sees you watching, and immediately screams that "that man over there!!!" shot his wife - so you go after the second man????? Geez.

  • Terrorism
    The major terrorists in the world for the last 50 years have been the American government, either directly or indirectly. That so few people understand this is a tribute to both the power of the propaganda of the American media, and the gullibility of the average American. Check out the writings of William Blum for starters. Or check out A Timeline of CIA Atrocities, by a guy called Steve Kangas; click back to the Liberalism Resurgent website from there, for a LOT of other interesting reading. Kangas was killed a couple of years ago - no proof of anything, but pretty suspicious.

    The Anatomy of "Terror Experts" - Meet the Mandarins of Abu Ghraib By JAMES PETRAS.

    The bottom line is, if you insist on believing that your government just could not do bad stuff, then all the proof in the world is not going to make any difference. If you have somewhere along the line got those blinkers off your brain, then you don't need much evidence - it's all around, everywhere you look, when you stop believing in "coincidences" and accept the truth.

  • "War on drugs"
    - again, no point in me reinventing the wheel here - but the "war on drugs" is nothing more than another tool for those who would be king to use against those who would be free. Check out Peter Myer on this, again, at Prohibition: The So-Called War on Drugs.

    An embedded quote, if you will, from Myer - "...The war on some drugs is wrong, and it's wrong to be silent about it. It's time for the digerati to break silence on this issue. Howard Rheingold, December 1998
    Understand? While evil is abroad in the land, as it most definitely is in contemporary America, it is wrong to be silent, to look the other way, as the "good Germans" did during the Nazi persecutions. To ignore (if you do) the evil that is obviously present around you (perhaps because you want to feel good all the time) is to allow it to flourish, to be complicit in such evils as the legal theft of people's homes and cars ("civil asset forfeiture") and the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, who spend years or decades rotting in jail, for the alleged "crime" of smoking cannabis occasionally...."

    - and that sums up most of what is on this page, and the others on this whole site - it is WRONG to sit back and do nothing while all this stuff is going on - it is NOT harmless, it does great damage to all of us.

    - and another good piece - "Just as Every Cop Needs a Criminal" - The Secret History of the War on Drugs By RON JACOBS - book review.

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