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Can we awaken the sleeping giant called We the People of Canada and retake our country from the corporate trolls and usurpers...?
Be the future you want to see ... M. Gandhi
Before We the People can talk about corporate power or anything else, We the People needs to exist...
Richard Moore, Cyberjournal
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Dave's Letters - Aug 04 --

  • Sept. 15 2004 - the Ed of the London Free Press (sic haha) wrote a bit about the Canadian media might not be perfect, but they were by gosh a lot better than in places like Russia, and were doing a pretty gosh darn good job of doing their job for Canadians. As you might suppose, I disagree, and explain why. Not perfect indeed...
  • August 24 2004 - Hugh Segal in the Star dissing people who said they wouldn't vote for George Bush if they lived in the States. Sheesh!!!!! Get a grip, Hugh!

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