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Be the future you want to see ... M. Gandhi Standing Neocon Challenge
Before We the People can talk about corporate power or anything else, We the People needs to exist...
Richard Moore, Cyberjournal
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On Civil Disobedience - Henry David Thoreau

Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness...
(for more see Gandhi on nonviolent action & civil disobedience)

Civil Disobedience

Getting rid of the trolls means making noise (they HATE it!). It means no longer giving a little grunt of disgust when they do something that once again incrementally reduces the quality of your life, and the life of your community, and going back in to the comfort of the tv or the music or the mall or the toke or whatever you do to forget (they LOVE that - they've been training you for it for years) - it means saying NO. NO. NO. I will take it NO MORE. In ways they cannot ignore - NO NO NO NO. Little ways and big ways - NO MORE. NO MORE. NO MORE!!!! I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS. I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS.

We cannot fight them physically - they are way too big and powerful, they control the soldiers and cops and guns and media, and we would have no chance. Anyway, bloody revolutions are not a very good idea - the people leading them are almost invariably just using the unhappy people to get themselves into power, where they turn into trolls just like the people they replaced (have another boo of Animal Farm if you want a short but accurate sort of analogy). Yea, there are exceptions, but for every Castro or Che Guevera there are a hundred Pinochets or Idi Amins or Pol Pots - the odds just aren't worth it, the consequences of choosing wrong and getting behind a charismatic but totally corrupt "leader" just too high. Anyway, it's long past time we stopped relying on "heroes" and started taking responsibility ourselves - together. No more leaders - We the People will make the decisions. Together.

But first we do face the small problem of getting rid of the trolls, and getting control of our country and communities back again. Well, maybe I mis-speak a bit - we never "really" had control, I don't think, so maybe it will be a first. That's fine. Whatever. Semantics are not important. Whether or not we were ever really in control, we were on a slow but fairly sure upward sort of path for quite a long time (a good kicking off point would be the Fields of Runnymede, about 800 years ago), culminating in the mid-1970s, at least in Canada. Since then we've been going downhill, as the trolls slowly but surely started rolling back all the gains our parents and grandparents had made over the last lot of years.

So - how do we get control of things without bloody revolution? Well, that's always the question. A good start would be to remove their power by refusing to obey the rules they make to control us. Where we can, as we can. Like water running off a roof in a rainstorm - getting into every crack. Drip drip drip. Drip drip drip. Drip drip drip. NO NO NO. NO NO NO. Their power rests on obedience - they do not have enough cops, enough courts, enough jails, to control us if we refuse to maintain our own chains. If we stand together, we can bring the trolls to their knees - and we can rise to our feet and never again be troll slaves. NO NO NO. NO NO NO.

This is the death of a thousand cuts - for the trolls. Every time a troll turns around, he finds a Boxer NOT doing something to support him. Every time a troll turns around he finds a Snowdrop throwing a monkey wrench into something. Every time a government tax collector opens an envelope, he finds less money than he expected. Every time there is an election, we elect somebody they don't want us electing. Every time a petty bureaucrat comes strutting around demanding that the citizens obey, he is greeted with laughter.

Imagine what would happen in a bank if one teller, one day, added a zero to every transaction he entered into the computer (easy enough to blame on a MS malfunction too!!!!) Imagine if every family in your village openly cultivated a few pot plants in the summertime.

Imagine if every small town, every neighborhood of a 1,00 people or more, stopped sending their kids to the brainwashing troll school, and started letting the kids educate themselves, by watching the adults and sharing their own learning, with help as available when needed from the local adults!

Imagine if the businesspeople and citizens in your community got together and started a LETS system, to do things the troll government said they had no money for!

Imagine if next year all of the people said "Hey! You did not say you were going to be doing this biometric ID card shit during the last election, and ask us if we supported it - so we don't think you have the mandate to make us do it!" - and just said NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

Some ideas for Civil Disobedience.

  • Hit em where it hurts - their bank accounts.

    Well - they sabotaged our democracy, such as it was, by taking away the money we needed to run it with their so called "national debt" scam. One way to slow down the trolls is to take away THEIR money. Stop buying stuff at their businesses! Support your local producers, especially farmers, but any and all other small businesses - let Wal Mart and MacDonald's and KFC and Subway eat their own damn stuff!!

    Thing is, of course, this doesn't work very well if only a few people do it - one of the probably incidental side effects of their "bigger is better" philosophy - better for them, not for us. So we need to publicize what is happening - we need to

  • Unmask the Trolls - Don't let the trolls continue to pretend they are "the good guys" - unmask them, show their ugly capitalist greedy grasping violent mugs for what they really are.

    I've prepared a couple of flyers you can photocopy and hand out, but don't let me direct your action - make your own - there's computers everywhere, and publishing programs are easy enough to use for stuff like this. About whatever is important to you, about whatever you think can use that will resonate in your community, the issues that people care about that they are getting screwed on, or not getting action on. A big part of this is -

  • Take Back OUR Media!!! - don't let the trolls continue to control the debate, and control who gets publicity about what. Instead of going to the mall and wasting a Saturday afternoon in troll city, make some of these flyers, and stroll through some banks, leaving a handful on the counters for the bank customers - a lot of people are unhappy with what is going on, but get absolutely no real info about it through the corporate media and don't know what is really happening or what they can do about it - help educate them! You never know when you do this what doors you will open, what one special person will have that epiphanous experience and become our new Gandhi. Leave a few on paper boxes. Or if you can't avoid the mall, leave a few around while you're there. Balance the bad karma with some good.

  • Retake Democracy - don't let them tell you it ends at the farcical elections or letters to your MP - once people start becoming aware of how illegitimate the government really is, and how much better things might be with a government of, by and for We the People rather than one of, by and for the Corps, start forming your own citizen's groups, then community groups - not for tea and cakes, but with some bite. Formulate plans and demand action. Spread the word.

    The trolls aren't going to give us back our government. But like any troll or bogeyman whose primary weapon is fear and ignorance, when we stand up to them, shine the light of Truth on them, they will have little choice but to crawl back into the caves from whence they came. And we will emerge from the caves, and once again be Free Humans, rather than troll slaves.

  • Hassle their rules - for instance, when tax time comes around, do some figuring, and send them a somewhat smaller cheque than they want from you, with a letter something like "Dear Mr. Revenue Minister, I am sending a cheque for XXX dollars. I understand that this figure is somewhat smaller than you have requested from me, but I have subtracted two amounts - a) XXX dollars for my share of the so-called "interest" on the so-called "national debt", which I believe to be completely illegitimate and an act of criminal fraud and therefore not binding, and I am certainly not giving my money for such an obvious fraud, and b) the amount you are proposing to spend supporting the American so-called "Missile Defence Plan", which I do NOT approve of, and as a government which represents some 20% of Canadian citizens, and furthermore a treaty for which you most pointedly did NOT seek approval for during the recent election, you have absolutely no right, moral or legal, to be entering into without some sort of referendum to seek the approval of myself and the rest of Canadian citizens. See you in court if you think I am wrong. (signed....)

    You get the idea (hell you could backdate your figuring for the last 20 years of "interest" payments on the debt, and send them a notice you're not only not sending them money this year, you want the money you paid over this time for the scam back! - see how anxious they are to start talking about it all in a public court!). Or quit wearing your seatbelt if it makes you uncomfortable - let em pull you over, and plead not guilty and take em to court every damn time - make a big issue out of it, put up a defence (I'll help ya!!!!), get some publicity however you can (see aforementioned flyers), etc. If they're gonna hassle ya - don't give in like a chicken, make em pay for it!

    I don't know - be creative. Depends on where you are and what is important to you. Stand in front of your "MP's" office with a sign saying something like "This clown has the support of 31% of the people of this riding. Who represents YOU?" - and hand out flyers talking about PR (Proportional Representation), the Missile Defence shit, the "national debt" scam, the marijuana prohibition, which is doomed to the same fate as the alcohol prohibition of almost a hundred years ago, whatever turns your crank - but hassle em. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

  • Send me ideas! - they'll be right here for other people to read.
BUT - think ahead too - we do NOT want to create chaos for We the People!!!!! - we just want to create a sort of controlled chaos for the trolls - but not for We the People! - we MUST have a plan for when we regain control, so we do not simply clear the way for a new batch of trolls - who are always waiting in the wings. And that is one of the problems with a lot of the protests of the last 20 years - they've been very negative in nature, rather than positive - rather than offering solid alternatives, they've just said stop doing the old stuff. The negative is ok - the trolls are certainly an evil bunch who need to be exposed and stopped - but if we just toss em all - then who or what is going to rush in to fill the void??? - given the money-based society we are living in, those with a lot of money will be most able to react quickly and fill that void - and all we're going to wind up with is another set of trolls.

So I don't want to be a troll - I don't want anybody following me around! - but YOU and YOU and YOU should be speaking with your friends and neighbours, and creating small democratic councils everywhere, that are openly and democratically doing things for your community, and liaising with other nearby councils - and ALL of you in control. You don't need many levels to ensure complete grassroots rule of the national decision making process - as long as the people at the bottom have complete control over the actions of their representatives.

And then on that day when the trolls are finished - when we wake up one day and find we have reached the critical mass that signals a Paradigm Shift - when the pretend-government of the trolls can give all the orders it wants, but nobody obeys them anymore - when the corporate media sells no more papers because no-one is interested in their lies anymore and gets the REAL news about what is important from the internet - then, on that day - then, instead of the chaos the trolls will surely try to create as their dying act, we will not fall, or accept their chaos - the community council system will be fully in place, and the People's Money Supply (debt-free) already circulating widely enough that the troll bankers cannot stop the real economy anymore, and Free Canada will replace Troll Canada, and be a beacon to the world.

And then the President of the New Fascist States of America will nuke us all and the trolls will win in the end. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

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