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Standing Neocon Challenge

You people - you Trolls and your minions - lie and lie and lie, about everything from how we all need "lower taxes" to the great wonders of "open markets" and "free trade", to how privatisation is great but we can't afford health care, etc and etc - and since you control the media almost no-one ever seems to challenge you. But I do. An open, ongoing debate, about any or all of the issues I talk about here on From Here to There. Not a shouting match, trolls can outshout we kinder, gentler sorts more or less at will, with all the practice you've had at it - but a debate, where the shoe is somewhat on the other foot, and logic and reason will rule the day. When you make a statement - you back it up with some sort of facts and data to go along with your opinion. Likewise do I. Between rounds, those listening in can CHECK your facts - or you or I can drag in some others. And after a few rounds of such give and take, such presentation of facts backed up by reasoned debated, something akin to "the truth" will start to emerge.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - end of that idea, right? Not a ONE of you would dare to undertake such a debate, since the whole neocon "position" is built on lies and BS, and the actual "emergence" of "something akin to the truth" is about the LAST thing you people want - "Well, you see, the truth is, we neocons believe that the wealth of the country should be divided up so that we few at the top here get almost everything, and you stupid peasants get as little as possible - and every policy we recommend has that as its ultimate goal. hahaha suckers..". Verification is a no-no for you folks, since all you'll verify is that you've been bullshitting everyone for as long as you've been talking, or screaming hysterically as the case may be (LOWER TAXES LOWER TAXES LOWER TAXES!!!!).

Ah well - it stands. Some possible subjects, should any of you accept the challenge:

  • Debt Scam
  • "Free" Trade
  • Left wing Liberal media (HAHAHAHAHAAAA - I'd REALLY like to talk about that one - get an Asper and the owner of the Sun chain to offer their intake for starters, or some of the "columnists" from either bunch - look at the lefty-lib Paul Jackson go!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
  • darn ol Arab terrorists in caves and 911 etc
  • just can't afford that health care, so let's privatise everything
  • privitisation in general
  • capitalism and "free" markets as the cure-all for everything that ails us
  • how "lower taxes" are great for everyone (NOT!!!!)
  • trickle down economics in general
  • how "global warming" is a leftie conspiracy theory - there IS no acid rain - our god Ronnie said so, and now the brilliant mind of GW Bush has confirmed this!!!
  • how the American government is a great force for good in the world today (HAHAHAHAHA)

C'mon guys - put em up eh? Money where the mouth is and all that?


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