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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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Knowledge is like a candle. When you light your candle from mine, my light is not diminished. It is enhanced and a larger room is enlightened as a consequence. - Thomas Jefferson
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sun tzu - be ready be prepared and you will win your battles

III Democracy Discussions Chapter 11

Never forget - we have a very powerful and ruthless enemy, who will do all they can to stop us

warren bugget - there's class warfare alright, and it's my class that's winningThe democratic revolution, if we ever start to be successful, will, contrary to the slogan, be televised - but not in a way we will be happy with.

Whatever media attention we get from the corporate state media, if we ever start to look even a little bit dangerous to them, will be more like the way they televise 'news' about ISIS and other people or groups they want to demonize for whatever reason. (yes, the Green Party gets media attention - because the Green Party is in absolutely no danger of taking power in Canada, and because Ms May (although by far the best MP we have in Canada, and the most honest and intelligent and with the most integrity - don't mistake my opinion of her) does not get 'off the reservation' in terms of what she talks about (she never talks about using the Bank of Canada to greatly and quickly reduce the 'national debt' the governments of the last 30 years have been using to justify shutting down the democracy - you can be absolutely sure, and I have no doubt she is fully aware, this would be a sure way to end her political career one way or another - this is not ever going to be talked about on the CBC, or by people allowed on the CBC), and by participating in the current electoral system, she is validating it, doing nothing more 'radical' than talking about PR - my suspicion would be that she figures a small voice is better than no voice, which she would quickly have if she started talking about the Bank of Canada, and it's an arguable strategy, leading people to sanity one small step at a time.

malcolm x - don't you run around calling people who are trying to take your rights away 'friend' - they are your enemiesBut I believe we don't have that kind of time, and the Enemy will have their New Feudalism in place before the people ever get awakened at this slow pace, so more radical (proactive not violent) action is necessary, as talked about here). If we actually start something that has any danger of fostering real democracy here, and replacing the Lib-Con-NDP 3-headed hydra in the House of Commons, all parties working for one master, then those who rule, who believe they have a right to rule, who strongly desire and intend to keep on ruling, will do everything they can to stop us. And with their endless money, complete (mainstream) media control, complete lack of anything the rest of us would regard as 'morals' or 'ethics' or 'fighting fair' or any other (what they see as) 'loser' traits, and access to the cleverest propagandists and PR people of our times at their call, and a Canadian public already/still 50-60-70% under their control in terms of unquestioningly believing their propaganda - all they can do is quite a lot - remember the selling of the bombing of Iraq, Libya, Syria, the lies about Putin and Ukraine currently - all believed by, apparently, quite a large majority of Canadians, and vociferously defended and promoted on most 'comments' section of the media when the propaganda is pushed.

Rosa Luxemburg - the first revolutionary act is to call things by their true namesI would expect they would ignore us as long as they could, and not give us any publicity at all, but if we manage to get our act together, and start becoming known across the country, the lies about what we are and what we are doing will come hard and fast, and their physical tactics to kill and bury the threat we represent based on those lies just as fast - like any predator, or any dictator who sees the message from some opponent is becoming very dangerous, they won't want to drag anything out, they'll want to destroy us quickly, and bury us.

Given our current world in which most Cdns are apparently convinced 'terrorists' are sleeping under everyone else's bed and their lives are in danger every day, their probable 'right out of the gate' tactic will be to be screaming TERRORIST!!!! all over the media, as they fill the fearful public mind with lies about us, then raid us and disappear us into their 'we can be secret about terrorists!!!' mock-justice system, lies about the 'terrible terrorist plots!!! we were planning for poor sweet innocent Canadians, with lots of darth-vader terrorist cops making a lot of noise, probably some lockdown exercises to demonstrate how powerful they are and whether we believe it all or not we damn well better stay inside and quiet, and supportive lies all over the media. One thing they have established over the last few years is that this kind of thing is very effective with Canadians these days, and once the accusation is made, with the CBC et al crying 'accusation = guilty for accused terrorists!!!' (or anyone else they have decided to go after for whatever reason, witness the Rob Ford and Mike Duffy teenage-girl-level vilifications, or the utterly ridiculous over-reaction to things like the 'Dalhousie dental students jokes are misogyny!!! program and similar things, it is next to impossible to counter effectively, if such an attack comes out of the blue, as it were.

But that will be our job - to think ahead, to understand what the enemy is capable of, and make plans to deal with it - the Sun Tzu quote I started the book with is absolutely necessary to understand.

know your enemy and yourself and you will lose no battles

But as many games-players, and political or war strategists know or students of such things, the best defence is very often a good offence - meaning, in this case, we **must** be aware of this probable tactic from the rulers when we start to gain some support for our democratic revolution, and have laid some very strong proactive groundwork to counter their attacks and lies before they start.

Thomas Jefferson - experience declares that mankind is the only species that devours its own kind, for I can think of no other term for the general warfare of the rich upon the poorAnd the **key** part of that groundwork (assuming we already have done the work to start some critical mass of people on the path out of the box) is going to be a media that is supportive of our work, to proactively counter the corporate media which will do all they can to ignore, marginalise, and then when those things have not worked, aggressively 'demean and destroy' us.

That our enemy, the wealthy elite who rule our country for their interests, is currently, and has always in the past, not only been willing but seen it as a central part of their strategy to use both 'secret infiltrative' and open very aggressive tactics to derail and stamp out even legitimate democratic threats to their rule has been demonstrated time and time again over the years very real. There are any number of books and articles to refer to, if you are new to this and find the idea a bit unbelievable for Canada; some places to start would be

- and of course many, many other articles etc available - one could make a very long list of such things, but there is no need - anyone seriously understanding there are serious problems in our country that need serious attention knows this kind of thing goes on. And we can be sure that *if* we get any kind of serious-looking Democratic Revolution underway, threatening to replace their puppet parliament with a real 'of, by and for the people' parliament, we are going to attract their serious attention and be under constant surveillance, and the media full of constant inflammatory lies about what a 'danger' we are to everyone, and if we aren't very well prepared ahead of time to aggressively challenge this bullshit, the smear campaigns will sink us before we even get well underway.

Don't ever let yourself be fooled - the people running our country are **not** your friends, or friends of true democracy, and they will fight back viciously with the one goal of burying us as quickly as possible, and our Democratic Revolution along with us.

How well we meet their counterattack will decide the day, and our future.

Well - that's about all for me, here - anything else is up to - you know.

The Great Green Island Road Show and Democracy Chatauqua - get involved

**Excellent** recent Chris Hedges talk (Sept 2015) - You are not a socialist... - in which he uses the Malcolm X quote about don't call them 'friends' when they're trying to take away your rights - they're your enemies. (and many other good quotes from past fighters)

just a reminder from nature - the herd can fight back against the predators, when they get enough inspiration to ...

The Lorzx - unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothings's going to get better, it's not