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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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amy goodman - democratic media for democratic citizens

- there's just dozens of really good quotes out there about how a **true** 'for the people' media is absolutely necessary for Democracy to function - and it's so very, very true. But lots of things are necessary - you can have the best media in the world, but if you have a totally apathetic citizenry, or a totally brainwashed citizenry, it's not going to do much good - it's very discouraging, today, to realise that all of the answers to all of our problems are easily available to everyone - and yet few care, being totally under the control of the propaganda media of the Masters.

Democracy Discussions Part III - Chapter 8

A Democratic media - Reprise

- it's not good enough just to talk about it - we need to get doing it!!

As noted in various places earlier, if we ever start to look dangerous to the rulers, they are going to come after us with everything they have, to bury us deep before what we really are talking about and trying gets too deeply understood by those still firmly in the box - and the best strategy I see, certainly a necessary part of what we need to do to have any chance of success, given how greatly we are out-resourced by the enemy, is to establish a very solid and widespread internet presence, that will enable us to do many things, including counter the lies that will be a central part of their 'bury us before we even get well started' strategy.

But this means we **must** be working on our internet presence long before they start to seriously notice us, and must be known and have support all over at least the western world, the English countries and Western Europe, so when they start the lies about 'terrorism' etc they will surely use if we start to become dangerous and trying to destroy us and jail us under such lies, there will be an immediate uprising against them.

Using the internet does not mean simply passively reading things and becoming informed, as I talked about earlier, which is a necessary first step but far from the last, but about very pro-actively, emphasis on the 'active', establishing an internet-based network to support and inform the democratic revolution - a place which will perform many functions - a place most importantly, for now, where we can gather together analyses and commentaries about what is 'really' going on in our country and world to counter the endless propaganda and gatekeeping and feelgood mush and distractive spectacle from the corporate press, but also a place where we do what a truly progressive 'for the people' media would do, helping us to get to know one another, share ideas that work, warn about potential problems, and to go places the corporate press does not go talking about 'good' things going on in the world, strong progressive movements for democracy happening in other countries, and where possible creating links to such places, for international mutual support - and finally, a place to organise together, to start to create our strength in numbers, to spread out across the country as we are without the resrouces the rulers have to use the media to create support, a place to create and foster a wide network, where there's always many somebody's out there who 'have your back' when problems develop, as they will, and when the Cnd CSIS 'anti terrorist' teams come a-knocking, as they surely will, you will not disappear into the new secret terrorist prison, but there will immediately be people all over the country very loudly and publicly demanding some kind of accountability and justice from the government.

Indeed, as they say, this is one of the major things that has been lacking the last few years - there are obviously many, many places out there trying to create better societies, and many many websites talking about all kinds of alternatives and offering more truthful analyses of what is happening in the world - but there are very few places trying to create and/or support any kind of broader democratic resistance to the NWO - certainly none I am aware of in Canada. But without the broader organisation, creating larger bodies with a larger voice, we are not going to have any success with our revolution, in the face of the ubiquitous influence of the corporate media, including their 'pretend-alt' sites which control a lot of the people we are going to need if the democratic revolution is to succeed.

(the enemy are aware of this potential use of the internet, and have been very 'proactive' themselves in providing just such an alternative, but under their control - you can see it with, a place where those disagreeing with the corporate government are encouraged to gather, and be exposed daily to, and limited by, the 'this far and no farther' 'alterative ideas and voices' they offer, with 'moderators' to talk to and make you feel like you are really part of an active community, and make sure you know the limits of the reservation. In terms of this current discussion, their primary function is keeping wouldbe 'alternatives' away from thinking about the debt scam, and what they encourage their followers to believe is that the best choice for fighting the corporate government is the NDP, a very false path, as I have discussed earlier - and they also encourage spending a lot of time planning and attending demonstrations, which, again, I believe is mostly a massive waste of time and energy. The notion of using some of that time and energy organising for actual 'democratic grassroots-up change' (other than the NDP) is never mentioned.)

We **must** have **our** media firmly established long before we get dangerous enough to attract the serious attention of the rulers and their lies and 'terrorist!!!' accusations and secret attacks, so that a very large number of people not only in Canada but around the world know who we are and what we are doing in terms of exposing the lies of the corporate oligarchy, and that we want change only through legitimate and peaceful democratic means, and that we are very much *not* promoting or using violence in our struggle against the current Canadian oligarchy, so that when the US military or other agencies move in to remove us from Ottawa or wherever, there will be some kind of immediate massive outcry from many countries which cannot be hidden from the people of Canada (who also need to be well enough aware of what we really are to oppose such government repression), which will give us, and the rest of the world, a chance to stand up to these predator berserkers without facing immediate annihilation. And it will be a synergistic thing, of course - a good, proactive internet presence will help us grow, and as our numbers grow we will have the people and resources, if we use them smartly, to increase the internet presence, which will let more people know about us and see we are trying to let people know about things we really need to know about and get their support, and around we go and up we go. People have a deep need to communicate with others, this is obvious from the billions of useless minutes spent every day talking about utter trivialities on twitter and facebook and all of these modern programs promoted by the rulers to keep the young people from getting into dangerous places where dangerous ideas are found - we need to be very proactively going after people, and getting them interested in important things rather than the juvenile fluff the dumbing downers want to keep them mired in.

Establishing OUR media ...

{{Good show by James Corbett on Make your own media - James' Corbett Report is one of the leading 'alt' sites for good, well-researched, well-presented info countering the corporate propaganda - many, many hours of good and informative listening here, from a well-out-of-the-box Canadian.}}

This is going to be a very, very important step in the taking of our Democracy, not only to establish and maintain communications among ourselves, our fledgling democratic revolutionaries, organising our revolution, sharing good ideas and maintaining morale, but also, and more importantly in the longer run, giving 'ordinary Canadians' who are currently mostly completely under the control of the corporate media and CBC a place to come to on a daily basis where they can follow the more important national and world 'news' as it is fed them on the CBC, and immediately have it pointed out to them what kind of 'in the box' stuff it is and what other interpretations could be made of the raw facts they are presenting, and what other facts they might be leaving out to spin the story the desired way - propaganda, gatekeeping, mush, spectacle, and etc - and getting immediate, more truthful alternative ways of understanding whatever it is - and hopefully starting discussions among citizens that are very much discouraged these days by the CBC - the only 'discussions' the CBC is interested in fostering among 'the people' are things about how bad their latest victim is (Rob Ford, Mike Duffy, the horrible Dalhousie dental students, the terrible kids shouting FHRITP!!, etc etc), or how great our sports teams are, what great new bands are in the bars, etc.

For example, every time the CBC has an interview with someone about the latest government cutbacks, and how we must give in to the new 'austerity' because of the terrible government debts, we have an answering column (or interview when we get the internet radio going) from someone explaining how this is all simply a great lie and financial scam, that we could have all the money we needed if we weren't feeding the great credit-debt interest monster. Or when we have another story telling us what a great monster Putin is, with his 'expansionist' goals, we have some far more credible analysis pointing out what nonsense that is, and how it is actually the US, with its many puppets such as NATO and recent Cdn governments, who are attempting to take over the world. When they start crying for bombing of the latest 'baby eating monster', we must be ready with some honest history about all of the other 'monsters' and their 'crimes' which turned out to be nothing more than blatant lies. When they start with their completely trivial, but interesting to the child minds they encourage, gossip about whatever, we need to have ready interesting and important stories the CBC is not covering, about victories for real democracy in other places, including things in Canada the CBC never carries, and etc etc etc - everything they do day after day after day, we need to answer, day after day after day.

We do not have to do this from a standing start - there are already, as noted, many, many truly alternative (to the corporate press) internet sites out there offering such things, and all we would need to do is to have the best voices daily gathered with links in one place, to save people who don't have a lot of time to be wandering in cyberspace the task of finding these things themselves, but they would have an immediate response available to whatever lies and propaganda is coming from the CBC et al in important matters. We could have somebody gathering useful 'vid' responses to the corporate media propaganda from RT or Real News, and commentary from places like Global Research, Information Clearing House, and many other places.

It's quite a sad commentary on what is happening today that we have almost no true 'alternative' media in Canada today, a media actually devoted to anti-propaganda in terms of calling out the corporate press lies. Global Research is the closest, and does quite a good job, but one website is hardly sufficient, and a great deal remains unsaid and undone - and is also, I suspect, like most such places, 'preaching to the choir', rather than being read by average Cdns who are looking for alternative POVs to what they hear on the CBC. I have talked about Rabble before, which claims to be 'alternative' but is very much, it certainly appears, a capitalist 5th column website, a 'this far and no farther' gatekeeper for the capitalists, refusing to challenge the great money-credit-debt fraud that is the strongest of all capitalist chains, and equally refusing to challenge the tweedledee-dum-dumber party system which keeps so many Cdns believing they have a democracy when they do not - voting for the NDP is voting for the enemy. We desperately need something like an RT-Canada media, watching the corporate press every day, and challenging the lies, and offering more truthful 'experts' to comment on the lies and propaganda and gatekeeping of the corporate press, and also interviews with truly democratic speakers and fighters, offering opinions and stories about what we could and should be doing as a true Democracy to make our country better, rather than the 'follow the pied pipers into the box children!!' offerings of the corporate press.

So - again, don't wait around for someone to lead the way - democracy means **you** do it, and getting a decent and useful Canadian media going means **you** are working towards that end. And we don't have an endless amount of time - if you have been paying attention, which I would presume you have if you've read this book to this point, you will know that like a great constrictor snake, the New Feudalists are continually tightening the control they have over everything, the lockdown-ready state, the aggressive ongoing dumbing down of the citizens into children not caring how many people we kill with our bombing over the world but all outraged over some kid saying 'fuck' on camera somewhere or making a childish joke about something, the defunding of the programs that support a strong democracy - soon the 'velvet glove' is going to be coming off the iron fist, and our chance to resist will be gone.

Never forget - the rulers are way, way ahead of us, in every way. They have their oligarchy because they wanted it bad enough to do the work to not only make it happen, but to keep it. And if we want a 'democracy', a true democracy reflecting the country an engaged, intelligent citizenry wants - we're going to have to want that more than they want their oligarchy.