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It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. Henry Ford

III Democracy Discussions Chapter 7

A Democratic Economy

The Introductory Minor Rant - if more people were as aware as I am about what is happening here, and as angry at the lies and massive thievery we are subjected to all our lives, we could make this a better country almost overnight, through democratic reform of the basic functioning of our credit-accounting system, and what people think of as 'money' - the system that is used now to keep the oligarchy in control, and the rest of us working our lives away, mostly happily enough as well treated cows can be said to be happy in the service of their farmers, one way or another, any good farmer understands the idea that content cows produce better than stressed underfed cows, so invests the small amount in 'creature comforts' to secure the maximum exploitation of his herd. And this is our main job in the Democracy Discussions - to throw back the curtain of ignorance and passivity which these people have been doing their evil work behind, and expose them for what they really are and are doing. As Mr Ford said, the revolution should follow quickly. Canadians pride themselves on being very smart and worldly - to find they have been so grossly lied to and hoodwinked and robbed and indoctrinated and taken for such complete naive suckers by everyone they have trusted - bankers, government, media, their university 'economics' courses and 'economics' analysts in the media - for the last 30 years should make them very, very angry. It the farmer hasn't taken everyone's balls already as well as feeding them an endless daily dose of hivephonemind soporifics, anyway.

When I read things like the following, it's like I'm dreaming and have woken up with Alice in Wonderland with the adults all gone off somewhere and some real loonies running the place -

Feb 4 2106 - Canadian pension funds in jeopardy from market volatility - do we want to engage our brains a bit and talk about how fucking simply stupid it is to put your pension fund money, your retirement savings, into what amounts to a government-sanctioned trip to Vegas???? Do we want to wonder why ALL of the 'leading economists' are telling you that is the best way to 'invest' your savings???? Is it time we asked why 'leading economists' and government financial people are selling the great lie that the stock market is about 'investments' when, no matter what it originally was a couple of hundred years ago when it got underway, it so obviously currently is just a great capitalist casino for high-rollers in expensive suits and big PR budgets looking to make a quick buck, or million or billion? Do you really think we amazingly intelligent human beings, who can build Saturn V rockets and the ISS and 747s and aircraft carriers and the worldwide internet for more or less instant communications worldwide can't think of some better way to manage the wealth the workers of the world create, and our collective savings based on that wealth creation, so they are secure for the future in a stable economy, or think that maybe we could use the massive amount of 'excess production' we create through a few hundred years of 'labour-saving' invention and technology to create a huge secure prosperous peaceful society for all of us, rather than letting the oligarchical rulers claim the lion's share of that excess for themselves, with a big fuck-you-haha!! to the rest of us as they bounce the economy up and down for their own little games? Odd that simple Farmer Fred can store enough corn and potatoes securely for his future, for winter feeding, but when we try to save money for the future as a society, our 'advanced modern banking system' can do nothing better than have it in constant jeopardy. (good place to paraphrase an old Roosevelt quote - 'When something happens in politics, you can be sure it is happening that way because someone wants it that way ..')

Jeff Bezos makes $7 **FUCKING BILLION!!!!** in 45 minutes - I mean really, is this anything other than utter lunacy, utter cloud cuckooland, utter Alice-in-wonderlandian loonytunes management of our economy we all depend completely on for our ongoing wellbeing in the modern world? Remembering, of course, he can 'lose' 7 billion in the same 45 minutes just as easily - and your 'stake' in a mutual pension fund, or the value of your house, or the security of your job, can bounce around the same way when the psychos are allowed to control it all. Any economy basing its wealth on this kind of wildly unstable economic system can be 'bust' overnight with large numbers of innocents who had nothing whatsoever to do with the chaos thrown into the pitiless seas of poverty, regardless of the actual physical wealth created over the decades and centuries that is still there whether valued at any fair market value or wildly inflated or deflated by speculator frenzies - crazy crazy crazy. Utter fucking lunacy, not to put too fine a point on it.

One more - World's Richest People Lose $182 Billion in Market Rout - and etc, there are many similar stories out there, and I mean, seriously, do we have to get into a conversation about how fucking stupid this is, for us to be tying our national economic health to this kind of insanity? I'm not talking about feeling sorry for the rich losing a few billion, they can obviously afford it - but I have to just ask why we would allow *our* economic health as a country to be so closely tied to a bunch of neurotic, amoral, hysterical gamblers, which these people are, willing to bet all on a roll of the dice, or take big chances on the vaguest rumors, when most of US surely cannot afford to have our incomes or savings or assets in constant peril? Ask the great masses of average people during the 1930s how it feels when 'the big rollers' and the system which allows this kind of stuff really fuck up, and ask yourself why in the name of whatever you hold precious we would want to live our lives knowing our real economic health and wealth is tied to such people, and we are just a few hours from another crash, when, not if, enough of these crazy fuckers do really stupid things at the same time again looking to make a quick buck, or afraid they might lose a few if they don't SELL EVERYTHING NOW!!!!!!!!, if we don't have to? If you want to go to Vegas and gamble away your house and bank account, that's fine, that's up to you (your family might not think it's such a great idea..) - but what kind of country allows laws and regulations to be enacted which enable this kind of thing that affects the entire economy, up to and including disastrous crashes, when far more stable options are available? Not only allows, but everyone in authority acts as if it's not only normal but good! for 'markets' to be bouncing around like a rowboat on a stormy lake, and there's nothing we can do about it!

But it is **not** necessary for us to allow our economy to be so closely tied to these loons any more than it's necessary to let people run around with sidearms shooting each other and holding up people when they get a little playful after some partying, which our forebears put a stop to when enough of we 'average citizens' got on their back legs and said this was too outrageous to tolerate - the financial craziness only exists today because the same kind of people as like to run things behind the barrel of a big gun, only on a somewhat grander scale and using more modern weapons, run our countries now, robbing us blind 'legally' because they have trained us to be too stupid to understand the games they are playing and thus we don't understand the 'big con' and are thus powerless to confront and stop them. And they love this kind of insanity and chaos and instability because it is good for them in every way - for example, when the economy tanks and you lose your job and your house gets sold for pennies on the dollar, who do you suppose is buying it? Who influences politics more and the laws our politicians pass (or don't pass), and the people running the 'free media' supposedly 'reporting' on politics and the economy, a few people with incomes measured in 8 or 9 or 10 figures, or a lot of people with incomes measured in (low at that) 5 figures? - and etc.

We can do better, for us, a great deal better - but only if we leave behind the childish ways of ignorant passive peasants the rulers have lured us into following, and take the time to turn off twitter and the latest cute kitty vid for awhile and understand the relatively simple basic credit-exchange functioning of our economic system, as I talked about earlier, and who is controlling it in our country and how they are managing it and for whose benefit, and then take the even more important step (after the basic step of creating a real democracy, of course, so what we want to do we can) of putting the appropriate regulations and controls around this system and deposing those currently running it so that 'we the people' control this most fundamental of all important institutions in our country, and arrange it so that it works *for* us, the engaged, well informed citizens of *our* 'real and functioning-like-one' Democracy, rather than the looters and psychopaths currently in control.

It's no big secret that 'he with the money rules', although it's not something they talk about in the media, which is of course controlled by they with the money right now so doesn't talk much about things they don't want talked about, the third big problem we have to deal with after Democracy and Money - so our first job, after taking control of the country democratically, is to take control of the money, so we can keep control of the country. As the first 'big' banker is reported to have said, 'Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes her laws'.

I'm really amazed how few people understand this, there's LOTS of info on the internet and has been for a lot of years now, and many people have been trying to wake the passive worker bees up for many years now. That indoctrination thing again is the best explanation I can come up with for the widespread failure to understand this situation - we are told from the very earliest days of our lives from everywhere around us, school, tv, parents, etc etc, and apparently most believe, that we live in a democracy, and our great leaders are completely honest and experienced in economics and for sure!!! doing their best for us!!! so our lives and country are in great trustworthy hands, isn't life great?!?, we don't have to know anything or question anything, just trust our wonderful smart leaders!! and get out there and have funfunfun!!!, s/he with the most fun wins!!!! - naive (polite word) children loving daddy as he gambles away the family fortune, kept passive with colorful and noisy distractions and an endless twittering of addictive gossip and cute kitty vids and the latest secret on how to be the most beautiful and admired kid on the block with the latest apps and no pimples!! which every kid wants of course, on their wonderful little hivephones.

And it seems the people following the so-called major 'alternative media' such as Rabble are just another variety of good little worker bees, believing what their slightly 'alt' queens tell them to believe, and if Rabble isn't telling you to pay attention to what is going on with the money-creation system, then the good rabblers aren't ready to think for themselves about it, leaping on to the latest 'diversion tactic' that works so well with some, the 'all men are fucking misogynists OMFG!!!!!!!!' bandwagon the rabble leaders drag out and get hysterical about. ( every day - but as I write - Liberal misogynists spew hate against truth..) - these people are really scary, the worst kind of intolerant, closed-minded religious fanatics, hysterical screeching passing as 'informed comment', exaggerations to the nth degree (telling someone to calm down or daring to disagree with them in any small way is 'hate speech'), ready to rip your tongue out and hang you in a second for what they would call blasphemy - but I digress again, so much to digress about in this big picture)

Ok enough ranting. But sometimes rants need to be said.

{{a couple of related things that came along during the writing, there's so much stuff out there, if people just learn that the internet is where the real stuff we need is - another brainwashing tactic of the rulers, telling people that the information they need is just nutcases talking:

Democracy Discussions - baseline info - What do we mean by 'democratic economy?'

1. Democratic Economy - full egalitarian participation
I think the first thing we would probably agree on is that our economy, like our society, should be 'free and democratic', meaning that rather than our current system of a small elite of vastly wealthy and powerful oligarchs on one side running everything, and a great mass of workers more or less powerless on the other side labouring their lives away to create the wealth the 'owners of industry' claim for themselves, a true 'democratic economy' would mean, like a democracy, one in which we all participate equally in the great marketplace that is the essential core of any society - we all have to work, we all have to consume. In our modern world there are tens of thousands of kinds of 'work' we can do, and an almost endless supply of consumer goods to fulfill needs and wants, and we should all be free to find work that we like and that pays us what we think a fair wage in the context of our society, and thus all have a chance to live a fulfilling life.

As opposed, to be clear, to a 'command economy' of some kind, controlled by a few for their benefit rather than ours - the kind of economy we are taught is the norm in 'undemocratic communist' countries, but an assertion which is patently false, like almost everything they tell us of importance - when we are ready for work in modern Canada, usually after finishing school although earlier for many who grow up in poverty, the only option for most of us is to go cap in hand, monkey suit pressed and shiny, forelock tugging well practiced, to whatever employers we think might hire us and beg for a job, in competition with many others of course looking for the same job. This is a 'survival of the most willing and prepared to be the best servant' economy, but I don't think, if we were ever to talk about it for awhile outside of the capitalist propaganda we've been well indoctrinated with all of our lives, we'd really want to call it 'democratic' (again for contrast, think of the child of a billionaire - no worries about work, just guided through the 'best' schools, some travel and experience in international offices (including much playtime of course at the places the wealthy play where the normal citizens never get near), then a desk in the upper floors of 'the home office', beginning salary 6 figures plus, new home in some expensive place for a wedding present, etc etc - no insecurity, no worries, for the children of the elite).

An advanced democracy, one working for the wellbeing of 'we the people' rather than prioritizing max profits and opulence for 'they the owners', would be founded on various 'rights', one of which would be decent and satisfying work for all adults rather than maximum return on investment for the owners of our society no matter how many peasants are suffering, and such an economy would be easy enough to create, if we wanted to do that - but an economy based on cooperative work, rather than 'king of the hill' capitalism. In the capitalist economy, a few ruthless people do very well, a few smart people prepared to sell their souls to the capitalists as 'managers' of the capitalist regime, do quite well, but most people are more and more consigned to the 'short and brutal' Hobbesian lives a paycheck away from disaster, or the 'quiet desperation' Thoreau noted.

We do not need to live this way, when far, far better alternatives are available, if we want to make them happen.

We need to talk about this. But first the second important aspect of a truly egalitarian economy would be, I think, a -

2. Steady State Economy
Another thing that should be obvious, but has been hidden in capitalistland where chaos and ever-present insecurity is very good for the rulers in many ways, is that for 'we the people', a secure economy would be the goal. Nothing can be perfectly secure, we'll always have lightning strikes or other natural disaster type things, but we can be a great deal more secure than we are at the current time. We do NOT need to be subject to the whims of speculators bouncing things around or those who control the money creating depressions or inflationary bubbles or one kind or another of blackmailing by 'investors' or speculators who manage to corner some necessity for a period of time, but rather we should be focused on creating a kind of 'steady state' economy, a society with its major supports and infrastructure built on a firm foundation, rather than a keel-less boat tossed around in a sea of speculation, with food prices and gas prices and home prices and even the 'value' of the currency bouncing around from day to day depending on the whims of wealthy speculators in 'commodities exchange' markets, looking for any small way to make a few bucks today, with no consideration whatsoever of the long term security and health of the people and communities depending on such commodities or the hardships they cause. Steady state does not mean static or stagnant or any other bad things, as capitalist endless growth promoters will try to claim, it just means mature and stable. Certainly there will be growth, and change - but managed, controlled growth and change, rather than the brainless uncontrolled frenzied growth of cancer, or capitalism, which is what we have now, growth driven, as explained earlier, primarily by capitalist greed and allowing interest to be charged on our created-from-thin-air money-credit supply which requires endless mindless ever-more-frenzied growth just to stay in the same place, both of which are very destructive, and both of which we can control quite easily if we create a democratic government and understand we need to control them, just as the people of an earlier time decided it was time to control random shootings in their towns and did so.

And to be clear, 'controlled' in a true democracy means democratic control, not the apparatchik state-control bogeyman the capitalist propaganda tells us is the only alternative to the 'free' capitalist market. In a democracy, 'we the people' decide collectively through engaged informed discussions in our democratic meetings as talked about earlier what we want to do, and support, and then those we hire as administrators do what the democratic will desires. Which, one might note, is very much the opposite of the capitalist economy, which is very much **not** democratic - in a capitalist economy, the 'plans' are made by those with the money who run the country with no democratic input whatsoever, which is why they do so well and the rest of us, or most of us, lead increasingly precarious lives (again I might note, as I write, the ultra-secret 'negotiations' of two of the most important, high-impact 'trade' treaties of our times, the TPP and TTIP, which are designed to drastically curtail the small remaining democratic input of governments on the activities of international corporations - no input at ALL from 'we the people', the complete opposite of 'democratic control of the economy'.)

In the capitalist economy, the capitalist commercial banks decide what kind of thing they will or will not support, for example Conrad Black gets money for his printing presses and to run the NP for decades at a loss while actual 'leftist' media crowdfund for pennies, etc, and decisions about broader 'monetary policy' - i.e. running up a huge 'national debt' completely fraudulently when options far better for 'we the people' are available - are made completely behind closed doors by the governor of the Bank of Canada - not a whiff of democratic input, and no attempt by anyone in the government or media to even inform Canadians of what the issues are, what is being decided, in whose favor, etc - all we get from the media is lies and propaganda, as about everything else, go home and be happy children, nothing to concern your sweet little baby brains about here. Democracy - not.

Creating a stable, democratic economy of, by and for we the people, replacing the speculative chaotic economy of, by and for the Rulers

As I explained at some length in earlier chapters, the basic thing to understand to enable the democratic takeover of our economy is that 'money'. or more accurately simply 'credit', is just an accounting tool that is used to record the money-credit you earn one way or another, and then lets you spend that money-credit on stuff you want or need. This has evolved over the last couple of hundred years and is a very powerful tool for organising a modern economy. The problem is, as with all powerful tools, it can become dominated by some amoral users and turned to their advantage, and our great disadvantage. And this great credit-accounting tool as a way to run our economy has been dominated by the oligarchy since it first developed some hundreds of years ago, and used to take very firm control of our modern society - and we really need to get control of this fundamental tool of modern power if we are ever to be a truly free and democratic society.

You know how it works now, for most of us, as I described earlier - you do your work and get your 'pay', as your employer transfers 'credits' from their account to yours, and then you spend your credits, as you transfer credits to the grocer, or the gas station, or the fast food joint you frequent, or anywhere else you spend your 'money'. The credits can be changed to a non-electronic form we call our currency, bills and coins, if you want to spend it that way, but these bills and coins are only tokens representing some small amount of the actual credits circulating in the larger system. And around and around and around it all goes, earning credits and spending credits to keep our huge market-based modern society functioning, a very efficient system, the oil of our entire economy.

We need to be clear about this - we are not dealing with some hard commodity like gold, which you can exchange your paper money for at any time, it's all basically a kind of honor system, like scoring in any sports game, generally enforced by the quasi-democratic government to stop non-authorized money/credit creation, known as counterfeiting, which is what makes it work as well as it does - obviously, we who use the system have to trust it completely, or it all stops functioning quickly - if I don't think the 'credits' you plan to pay me for the work I do in your business, or the product I am selling you in the market, will be usable at the grocery store or gas station, I won't accept them, and if a lot of people mistrusted the system, it would quickly fail.

The problem - the bad part, the BIG bad part - is that this great system is controlled and managed by a private business cartel, with private business objectives of maxing their revenues and predator capitalist 'business' principles of caveat emptor, take the 'client' for anything you can any way you can, and use whatever position you have to game the system any way you can, take any advantage honest or dishonest to increase your wealth and power and decrease everyone else's, rather than social democratic values of fairness and honesty and putting the good of the community ahead of personal gain when certain types of choices need to be made, and this prioritizing of 'private business profit' in our country, and the willingness of the top-level predators to 'game' the system any way they can to increase their own power and wealth with no regard to how damaging this is to either the average citizens or the environmental wellbeing of our country and world, is the root cause of all of our economic problems.

I talked about all of these problems earlier at length, so no need to repeat it all here, but to summarize, the biggest single problem is that we have allowed to be imposed on us since the 1970s a system wherein the banking cartel creates all of the 'credit' in the great credit-accounting system out of nothing, and then are allowed to charge interest on this basically imaginary 'trust' money, money-credit created in exactly the same way a scorer in a sports contest 'creates' points to award to a team. It is nothing more than pure idiocy for 'we the people' to allow them this power, but obviously great in every way for them, as talked about. Not only do they collect endless windfall profits from the interest, but the spinoffs from allowing these profit- and power-maxing predators to control this system are equally as bad for our society.

For example, as talked about at length earlier, the massive government debt that politicians have been using as an excuse to turn hundreds of billions of dollars of tax money over to these predatory oligarchs as they 'degrade and destroy' our democracy over the last 30 years is completely fraudulent, and should never have been incurred were 'we the people' through honest and responsible-to-us politicians controlling this great credit-accounting system (as was done from the ashes of the last great capitalist crash in the 1930s until the 1970s, as explained in the CRR earlier). It also gives them the power to shape the direction of our society, in many ways - they control the government, which, since the CRR got well underway in the 1980s, has been entirely composed at the upper levels at least of venal politicians willing to do whatever asked for suitable rewards, including dictating what kinds of things are taught, and not taught, in the education system which gives our young people their basic ideas about our society and world; the money allows them to control the media from which we get our information; the power to give or not give 'loans' allows them to support elite-favoring capitalist businesses and set great roadblocks in the way of anyone attempting to create any kind of alternative to the capitalist dominance of our society, and etc.

So this is the first and major step to getting control of our democracy, and establishing a sane, sustainable, stable economy - understanding how the basic system works, and 'nationalizing' the credit-accounting system so it works primarily for 'we the people' rather than 'they the capitalists and banking cartel'.

(butbutbut wait dave - if you just take over the system from the banks, wouldn't this be doing just what the libertarians and others complain about socialists doing - 'nationalizing' the banks, which just means stealing the money the wealthy have rightly earned? Is that fair, or acceptable in a democracy?

No, this is just more self-serving capitalist lies, their specialty.

  • (a)Remember - the system works because of government oversight and regulation and enforcement to stop counterfeiting and give them the money-creation cash-cow monopoly, and also it relies completely on use of the national electronic and communications infrastructure, so what we have now is one of the basic capitalist strategies - socialize costs and privatize profits. Great for them, stupid for us.
  • (b) Nobody's 'stealing' anything - insofar as anyone has honest money in a bank account, it will still be there. NAFTA-lovers might whine about 'lost profits' as their bloodsucking snouts are no longer drinking endless gold from 'interest' charged on money created out of thin air, but they'd best retire south of the border, as there's going to be a lot of talk about bigtime fraud, and bigtime jail sentences for some people.
  • (c) OMG!! Politicians are too stupid and venal to oversee the banking system!! They'll just print billions to give to their friends, and cause terrible inflation like Germany in the 1920s!! You fool!! You stupid socialists will destroy our great capitalist democracy!!! Calm down - Wiemar Germany was a completely different story - remember the Versailles Treaty. And remember the crash of 1929, and the meltdown of 2008, and a lot of other things. Canadian politicians did a fine job of running our economy through the Bank of Canada from the 1930s through the 1970s, when the CRR got underway, and the government very secretively and traitorously turned over control of the money-creation business to the private banks, who have created the mess we are in today. Longer story, but you need to stop believing the very self-serving lies of these people. In a true democracy, which we're ultimately talking about here, it will be all of us who will be expected to be sure we hire competent people to do the job. Also, since they took over the system, the private bankers have arranged to turn over a couple of trillion to THEIR friends, and that's just in little ol Canada here, imagine the world. I can't imagine we could do any worse, really.
  • (d)Also, just as importantly, this is a very powerful tool, and all democracies, or anyone else for that matter, understand that powerful tools need to be under democratic control. It would be stupid, for example, for our country to allow a private business to create and control a private army to 'protect' Canada, and we have agreed that some services such as policing or the postal service or healthcare system or electrical supply should be managed from a government bureaucracy, for reasons of security, and also to ensure equal access for all citizens, as any profit-centered business will tend to provide service only where they can make a good profit, which will leave many people with poor and/or very expensive service, which a democracy should not have (note the horror of the private for-profit healthcare 'industry' in the us) - and the credit-accounting system that manages our money-credit is perhaps the single most important institution in a modern country, as important as the electrical system in terms of the potential calamity of having it rendered inoperable for some reason, is the same - and as we are seeing all over the world, allowing this credit accounting system to be managed by modern psychopaths is a very, very dangerous idea. As the very true old saying goes again - he who controls the money, controls everything else. In a democracy, the credit-money system must be democratically controlled, or we can stop calling ourselves a 'democracy'. As we stopped being in the 1980s, although few realised it, for this very reason.)
  • (d) - and let's watch the scare tactics via misleading labeling - we're not actually 'nationalizing' any banks at all, they'll still be free to operate and offer banking services if they still want to do that - they just won't be allowed to create any money out of thin air and charge interest on that ex nihilo money any longer - only a government-controlled bank of some kind will be allowed to do this. So it's not 'nationalizing banks', it's nationalizing control of the credit-creation power in our society, which shouldn't be controversial to anyone talking about democracy, it should pretty much be a given, in the same way we 'nationalize' the Canadian military, rather than allowing private armies or something else of fundamental importance to the country.

So step one - we familiarize ourselves with the working of the system, and ensure we have capable managers ready to take over when we nationalize it and whatever related plans are necessary, as you can be certain the banking cartel will fight back viciously. But it will be a defining fight - we win and have democracy, or they win, and their new feudalism rules for the next 1000 or 10000 years, or the end of the current geologic age and human society as we know it in 50 or 100 years, far, far more likely if we continue on the highly destructive path of modern capitalist society with its primary endless growth until death imperative, like your basic out-of-control metastasizing cancer, which capitalism is, as talked about earlier.

A National Credit-Accounting System at the heart of a truly democratic economy - what will this be like?

As I said, this is a very powerful tool, and it currently works very well, at its most basic level of managing our credit exchanges in the great modern market, it's just in the larger macro-level functions, where the predators play, that the chaos rules, and it's this we need to get under control, through shining some 'truthlight' on it all. When we assume control of this system democratically, our work will continue as usual, with credits credited to our account that we can use to buy stuff we want. (our work will continue as usual for the time being - as we bring in the many other democratic changes to our society over the coming years to make it sane, stable and sustainable, our work will also undergo some significant changes, notably there will be much less 'total' work involved in a sane modern society, and the 'savings' will be as much as possible 'equally distributed' so we all have to work less, but the basic management of our credit-exchange system will stay the same).

Other financial services will of course remain available, but under different 'rules' than with the banking cartel running and 'gaming' the system in whatever creative ways they can think of to max their own skimming of the wealth created by us all. For example, when you want a mortgage, or other loan, as people will continue to do, and understand that when the mortgage is granted, new 'credit' is simply entered into the system in precisely the same way points are entered on a sports game scoreboard when one team scores, there is no justification whatsoever for charging interest on that mortgage, or small business loan, or any other loan - a small service charge perhaps, although I would hope not - the loan officer is already being paid, and the 'cost' beyond that of typing some numbers into a computer and letting the computer do the rest is less than minimal. But even if it was decided to add a small service charge, it would be massively less over the loan period than the compound interest the current banking system demands on the credit they create out of thin air, completely unjustifiably.

The differences in our society would, however, be very significant, once we re-image the kind of society we want, and the kinds of things we encourage and discourage in our society, using this powerful tool for 'good stuff' instead of bad.

We don't know what we don't know, as some smart person said, and the full ramifications of any very new invention, or way of doing things, can never be completely appreciated beforehand, but just to get the ball rolling, as an exercise in what might be, let's consider a few of the more important things in our current society that would look very radically different if the capitalist endless-growth-demanding 'excess-wealth'-skimming violence-encouraging parasite was removed from our system, and we were allowed, no we took, control of our country and banned the religion of Mammon and its high priest bankers and economists and their support for the arms industry and banking fraud from our governing halls, and took over management of the great credit-accounting system to use of, by and for We the People, rather than letting the elite use it to control us all, and keep us forever in their modern economic slavery chains.

**We**, through informed democratic decision making, hire the bureaucrats who manage the great credit accounting system, and set the rules under which they do so. We do *not* charge interest on credit created out of nothing in exactly the same way the hockey game scorekeeper creates 'goals' for the team that scored. We do *not* give speculators huge 'loans' to go gambling in various 'markets', so the price of corn or oil or even our currency changes from day to day. We do *not* give aspiring capitalists huge loans to start new people and/or resource-exploiting 'businesses'. We *do* give startup loans to groups of people wanting to start democracy-friendly, environment-friendly, peaceful cooperatives. We do *not* make huge 'loans' to our government to cover budgetary shortfalls resulting from lowering taxes on the most wealthy (actually, more to say about taxes anon, but during the changeover phase..). And etc.

Rules 1, 2 and 3: In a democracy, the credit-management system functions for the good of the average people in the country, not the good of those-who-would-be-kings-in-a-modern-feudal-system.

Some of the bigger things that will start happening quickly, once we have informed democratic control of the money-credit accounting system:

Immediately our Government Budget is much, much richer, as we ban forever the Capitalist Titheing systems, starting with Interest on the fraudulent National Debt: We have something north of maybe a trillion dollars in government debt in Canada in the 2010s (which has been quite stable for the last 25 years or so, regardless of huge amounts of 'service charges' turned over to private 'investors', and huge cutbacks to all public services - that 'stability' of debt, and amount skimmed off the collected taxes every year, might be a sign of something to a questioning mind ...(none of which would be working for the CBC haha)), give or take, considering federal, provincial and major municipal, to deal with in Canada - few people understand the numbers or how all of these debts are essentially odious and fraudulent, but most people thinking about a better future are at least aware of these debts, and how the rulers use the 'debt' to claim the necessity for slashing programs most Canadians want and benefit from through the odious 'austerity' measures they have been imposing the last 30 years or so.

But this 'debt' is not a 'natural phenomenon' like drought we are powerless to prevent and can only react to - these fraudulent debts can actually be dealt with quite easily, once you understand the fraud and criminality underlying the situation. First, as noted throughout, most of these debts are based on fraud, and no legitimate *democratic* legal system approves of criminals benefiting from their crimes, so we can just cancel a lot of it, one way or another, and even think about ways of recouping some of what we have been defrauded of (fraud because the government at all times had, and has, a choice - it could have used the Bank of Canada to create money debt and interest free, thus not running up huge debts, or it could have gone, as it has been doing since the 1970s, to commercial banks or other lenders and borrow, thus incurring both debt and compounding interest - it was and is highly contrary to 'good fiduciary management' to run up unnecessary debts, the 'fraud' is obvious (see the Bill Abrams explanation, if you didn't watch it earlier - and the 'criminal collusion' between high-ranking government officials and the banks is beyond deniability); add to that the fact that Canadians were never informed of this choice, the very significant change of policy that began in the 1970s, it was just undertaken with no discussion, and the 'odious' part is equally obvious - you cannot incur debts in someone else's name without their fully informed consent, which was never asked for or obtained, indeed even today few Canadians actually understand anything about this debt).

We'll have to take a bit of time to unravel this huge debt picture to ensure we act fairly and legally to the many unknowing and innocent victims as we close the Big Con down, but given the huge amounts of interest that have been fraudulently turned over to private banks or 'investors' they created money for to buy government 'securities' with over the last 30 years via allowing them to create 'credit' our government should have been creating itself, I don't think there are any compelling moral reasons to not just cancel that part of the 'debt', without even paying the 'principle'. Likewise 2nd-level debt - where any large group like a mutual fund of some type has had a bank create 'debt' at a certain interest rate so they can 'purchase' 'government bonds' at a higher rate of interest, such 'debts' can likewise be cancelled, as equally fraudulent. Grandma Jane's CSBs will be honored, of course, Grandma Jane was not intentionally engaging in fraud, and bought her bonds in good faith, and will be paid whatever she has coming. Large banks pretending to be Grandma Jane should be held up to the public ridicule they deserve, then marched off to jail.

Thus is one of the main bloodsucking tentacles of the commercial bankers who run our country and loot us so egregiously removed, and the power they claim by holding 'debt' which, we have been told, must be honored above all else.

(but what about the pensions and etc such funds are responsible for? What are they supposed to 'invest' in to honor their obligations to those who put their savings in their trust? There are going to be many adjustments to be worked through democratically when we get the banking cartel out of the business of managing our money and the attendant robbing us blind through that control, but remember that, in reality, a great deal of the increase in pension savings from 'interest' simply keeps in step with the increased costs resulting from inflation, and when we stop paying interest on our money supply, inflation is going to be reduced to more or less negligible rates, so the 'interest' on 'savings' that does little more than keep pace with inflation won't have the same rationale. As part of the transition to a steady state economy, some things from the looting economy that appear 'good' will have to transit also to some other form, and the entire situation will require more consideration by experts (experts working for 'we the people' and not 'they the banking cartel') - but in a true social democracy, people and their savings will be treated much more fairly than they are under capitalism. Also, just consider rationally whether or not you are actually 'making money' from interest - it would be very, very interesting to do a serious (and honest) study, and find if your 'accumulated interest' bank account today is worth more in terms of 'purchasing power' than it was 20 years ago when inflation is considered, and thus if you would be better off with neither inflation or interest .... we aren't going to see that kind of honest study from the current banking people as I have no doubts whatsoever what it would find, but maybe an honest 'for the people' banking movement could do something along these lines)

No more taxes!! - taxes again are a form of 'titheing' carried over from feudal times - they couldn't begin to 'sell' that of course, so the notion of 'taxes' was invented, but it's just a way to make us pay for our own chains out of whatever the skimmers leave us when they are done skimming, as much as anything else.

Think about it - we have **never** had a tax that was democratically talked about and voted on - in every instance, taxes are imposed by governments - you are not asked about anything, you are told. Like everything else in the pseudo-democracies we live in.

And don't jump to stupid conclusions about Dave the closet rightwinger hating all government and all taxes - obviously not, if you've absorbed anything to this point. I support a very strong socially-oriented government - but a democratic government, not a pretend-democratic government such as we have now imposing taxes, and declaring illegal wars, and signing treaties most people don't approve of, etc. We will still need, of course, to 'pay' for government services we want, nothing is free in a market economy where people have to be fairly paid for whatever service or good they provide, including government services, but the entire national budgetary process will become a democratic exercise, with ongoing discussions about what we want as a national community, and how that fits in with what we can afford in consideration of the overall wealth of the country and our ongoing wealth-production and how we want to divide that collective wealth up beyond our own personal work share, and how much each of us, through our cooperative work, will contribute.

In some way, we will all have to contribute some amount of our income to the 'national bank' for 'national government purposes', but I think we should drop the word 'tax', as it has nothing but bad connotations. This will be part of our Democracy Discussions - we all need to have an accurate picture of the collective wealth of the country, and accurate estimates of how much various government services would cost to provide, and then decide democratically what services we want, and at what level of support. (remember always, there will be a GREAT deal more income available once we remove the skimming snout of the capitalists and bankers from this income stream, and various significant expenditures the capitalist overlords require to maintain that skimming machine - policing and all legal services expenditures, for example, will be significantly reduced in a social democracy not required to protect the capitalist overlords, and when our economy is based on stable and sustainable rather than maximum capitalist extraction and exploitation, huge savings will also result, in every way. And also, as the economy undergoes its natural growth, the government can create credit for public spending debt- and interest-free to enter into the great accounting system) (you might check out a recent book called The Nordic Theory of Everything for a sane approach to this kind of thing)

Looting-related government 'expenditures' - With Democracy and honest 'for the people' management of our economy and government, we can also go after some very large government expenditures such as $1000 an hour lawyers and consultants, who can all be done away with, as their primary purpose is painting corrupt things done for a lot of money that could actually be done for far less money in dense, concealing legal language, which is going to save a lot of money - we can have competent, democracy-supporting public-minded staff lawyers making a good salary doing what legal things we need (in the 60s and 70s the Canadian Public Service was one of the best in the world, and we can make it that way again, although it is currently on very hard times after 30 years of democracy-supporting bureaucrats being replaced by capitalist-supporting traitors), and staff people likewise doing what the massively overpaid 'consultants' do, and stop feathering the nests of commercial businesses which will be offering the corrupt politicians steering government business their way nice jobs when the politician decides to 'retire' (another VERY interesting study would be a look at the post-political careers of high-level politicians, the nice ambassadorships etc given to high-ranking provincial politicians for serving their masters well, and betraying 'their' people disgracefully ...).

Also, given that the nice incomes of these people depend on stretching out a job as long as possible rather than getting something figured out quickly, things will get done more efficiently as well. And better - a lot of high-paid consultants who depend on government money aren't very competent, as we see over and over again as great government programs take longer and longer than expected, and malfunction all over the place, and hiring competent people who just want to make a decent living doing good work for their country will be better all the way around (just google around and think about the problems the last couple of decades with replacing military equipment, helicopters, submarines, new ships, the F-35, various computer system total fuckups - all massive problems, and it is obvious the only reason is infighting for lucrative contracts - corruption in other words, corruption costing us not only money but putting us in danger because of inferior infrastructure).

Less 'bad stuff' more 'good stuff' - currently we have to spend a lot of money on crime prevention and dealing with 'criminals', including the endless 'victimless crimes' they have laws for which are more about social control than any 'danger' to society - things like seatbelt laws, drug laws, prostitution, etc - massive amounts of time and money for police, courts, jails, etc are spent this way - once we have a true democracy, and remove poverty from the country, all crime will be greatly reduced. And when we encourage citizens to become adults, rather than adolescent minds in adult bodies, or just adolescents not having any voice in anything and resenting the kind of work-serf they are expected to be, crime or general 'anti-social' behaviour will go down more, as adults understand moreso than self-centered, hubristic children the benefits of thinking of society first rather than self. Adults refrain from disruptive actions not because the police are watching, but because they understand that we all need to do this, and then our society will be better for all of us.

Productivity!! - another of the big Important Things!!!!, if you listen to the capitalist media - but the **only** purpose capitalists want better 'productivity' for is to increase their takings - no productivity increases, which have been considerable the last 30 years, have ever gone to workers, but to the capitalist owners - why should 'we the people' be all excited about increasing productivity, when all that means is more work for less pay for us? More capitalist insanity. In an advanced steady state society, we would of course look for, and move towards, more efficient ways of doing things, which is 'increased productivity' in a positive way, but only because doing things in the most efficient way puts the least strain on our natural resources, our planet. And any rewards, such as less work required to achieve a certain end, arising from such 'increases in efficiency' will then be passed on not to a handful of already wealthy owners, but to all of us - if our 'collective' job in some coop is to provide food for our community, and through increased efficiency of some sort we can now provide that food for a few hours less work a week - then the workers will do the same work for the same pay via profit-sharing, but with fewer hours per week - the workers benefit from making their work more efficient, not some capitalist plantation owner looking only to max their own profit, partly by paying the disposable workers the least they can get away with.

Again the reminder - when we take the bloodsucking parasite away, everything gets better quickly, at least after the damage the removal has inspired the parasite to cause subsides and we get back to steady state from chaos.

And the difference between working for some 'master' because you have to to survive, no matter what kind of shit job it is, naturally arouses much resistance, which will not be the case when you are working for your community, all for one and one for all, rather than the masters for themselves and everyone competing for the best 'masters' jobs'.

Jobsjobsjobs!!! - and 'unemployment!!' - again, features of a capitalist political-economic regime, designed to maximize their extraction of 'excess wealth' through maximum exploitation of available labour, the ultimate source of all wealth, but simply not a feature in a steady state, sustainable society, anymore than a good parent expects their children to be damn well working and contributing to the family living or no supper for you bucko!! First, our imperative as a community should be to create the best society we can, for the highest number of people (you're never going to please everyone, especially the predators who believe they are better than everyone else and deserve more stuff for less work and have every right to employ violence and lies to climb higher on the social-power ladder - an open, honest, egalitarian society is complete anathema to such people). When we decide what we want to do, we find the people among us who can make that happen. There will be many smaller jobs that always need doing, and people not involved in 'bigger' jobs or regular jobs will find a way to contribute by doing these 'irregular' often considered 'menial' jobs, although of course no job is truly 'menial' when it helps make our community as good as it can be - again, the very idea of 'menial' is another capitalist notion from a hierarchical society - in an egalitarian society, no normal citizens are considered 'lesser' citizens, any more than your family member with some debilitating disease is considered 'lesser' than the healthy members (there might be a class of citizens generally looked down on, such as those who have declared themselves willing and happy criminals, or those who aspire to be capitalist owners, enslaving others to make themselves wealthy, and etc).

We're going into recession - bad news bad news!!!!! - but again, from a sane point of view, slowing growth is a *good* thing, in a mature situation - endless growth, as I talked about earlier and many people understand in spite of capitalist denials, is just a sign of an out-of-control cancer of some kind, which again is fueled, in modern societies, by psychotic cancer/capitalist greed, and also by having to endlessly pay 'interest' on the credit we have to have in our economy that is created as debt - stop the interest, you stop the need for endless growth, you stop feeding the cancer, and things start improving (the dying cancer will of course fight back, as the greed of those running our country has been allowed, encouraged even, to develop into an out of control psychosis that will take time to control, like it takes time for the alcoholic to control the craving for alcohol, but that is a different conversation) Think of any animal, you need to grow to maturity after birth, but there comes a time when the 'growth' more or less stops, or the family again - when you are 50 years old, your house is paid for, you have pretty much all you actually need and want (beyond ridiculous things only the aristo-psychos think they 'need' like a castle in Europe or your personal Airbus), the kids are through school and looking after themselves, you have enough savings to retire - so if your income goes down because you can afford to live on less and choose to work less - that is not a situation to panic, but a natural growth. Likewise our society - we have created a modern. mature human society, and if we choose, as a society, to slow down, that should be fine - and would be, if we didn't have the banking parasites endlessly draining our wealth creation, forcing us to keep running faster and faster in the same place just to stay in the same place. Get that interest-demanding funnel out of our system, and the attendant inflation - - and we can slow down, and consider how to go about creating a better, sustainable, peaceful society in which we all live comfortably - yes we will still have to work to maintain the society, and support the growth of things that are actually useful and going to make our lives better, but the capitalist demand for work work work so THEY can become wealthier while we become poorer needs to stop.

International exchange - the international system is pretty much the same as in Canada, except of course some orders of magnitude greater - all money in 'developed' (and most developing) countries is the same as in Canada, just a huge 'trust' system based on credit created out of nothing. Over the last couple of hundred years, the credit-accounting system developed as described earlier proved to be a very, very powerful tool for organising a quasi-democratic society, and a quasi-democratic society, with some small concessions made to the workers to keep them less rebellious along with massive amounts of propaganda to convince them how wonderful their lives were under this system, proved the most efficient way to create the wealth that an ambitious elite requires to build the armies of aggression all warlords and wouldbe rulers of the world desire, whether their power rests on knights in armor or bankers and corporate lawyers in very expensive suits, and the system gradually become dominant all over the western world. And as noted also, in terms of facilitating an efficient market economy, which is the basis of a good social democratic system, the basic idea of using what amounts to a government-enforced 'honor' system to facilitate changes in the Great Market is about as good as a system can be. The problem internationally, as well as in Canada, is that for 'we the people' to have a stable, sustainable economy, the management of the credit-accounting system must be in honest, democratic hands, which it has never been internationally any more than in Canada (although as also described earlier, from the 1930s through the 1970s we had considerably more democratic input than before or since, which created the once-almost-great Canadian democracy, and the 'halcyon' days of much of the rest of the western world, which has been attacked since the 1970s by the CRR, as talked about). The international system, as the small subsection called Canada, has always been dominated by the international banking cartel, first based in England, then in America since Europe and England were devastated in WWII.

So in terms of what we do here, we'll just have to make the best plans we can, ahead of our Democratic Revolution, and fight as best we can when the international banking cartel rises up in great wrath at our challenge to their domination and dreams of a new worldwide feudal system that will last forever, should they be successful. We needn't give in to despair, regardless of how powerful these people seem now - there is a growing awareness all over the world of the out-of-control chaos the banks have been causing, and their capitalist political-economic system, and their looting and general lawlessness, for many years now, and if we do our preparation right, we will have a lot of support among the peoples of the western countries and many developing countries as well, if not the banker-controlled governments of almost everywhere. There is already massive support in many developing countries in South America and Africa and all around the world for more sane economic policies than capitalist greed - we just never hear about them in the corporate propaganda media in Canada, for obvious enough reasons.

But assuming, as we must, we win all of these fights, then of course we will have to have processes for various kinds of foreign exchange, as we do most emphatically **not** want some kind of 'one world money' any more than we want a 'one world government' - there is great danger in large authoritarian governments, and great strength in diversity, especially when we are talking about the various currencies that different countries might have. As long as we can arrange some form of a stable world system, 'foreign exchange' should, as much as possible, balance, as Keynes proposed in the great Bretton Woods meeting following WWII ( Keynes is innocent: the toxic spawn of Bretton Woods was no plan of his - George Monbiot ) - Keynes was of course overruled by the hegemon-seeking even then US, but such a system needs to be implemented to maintain a fair balance between all countries, and also prevent just the kind of malignant cancerous 'uber' world banking cartel that has been causing such chaos the last few decades. And again, this is not the place for lengthy discussion of potential systems - these will develop organically with input from many people in many countries, and as long as those debating the situation are truly democratically minded, the best of all possible worlds can emerge.

We can only hope that when we are successful in Canada, other countries will rise up against their banker-controlled governments, and take back the sovereign power to create and control their own credit-exchange systems, and this will be part of the process of moving toward a New World of Independent Democracies, rather than the Few Feudal Order our enemies are seeking to establish.


If you put this idea to bankers, that governments should control the money-credit supply, before they take off their con-masks and get the big guns out they will turn first to the standard answers they have their university-trained economists all prepared for, answers which you must have some skepticism about, recognizing first that these are the people with the major skin in the game, and a very self-serving POV:

1: oh nononono!!! the banker will say - governments creating money is inflationary speak no more of it my silly naive children!!! But really???? you must ask - Why exactly is it 'inflationary' for a government to responsibly decide it needs, say, a couple of billion dollars, and then just order the appropriate financial body, such as the Bank of Canada, to create that credit-'money' in the appropriate accounts, which will then be entered into the economy as 'new money' through normal government spending - that would be inflationary (they say) - but it is NOT inflationary for the same government to, instead of creating the credit-'money' itself, go to a commercial bank, and ask it to please sir **create** exactly that same amount of brand new credit-aka-'money' through exactly the same process (banging some numbers into a computer), but as an interest-bearing loan????? (in our democratic system, the sovereign power creating money would be both debt and interest-free) Hmmmmm. No answers occur immediately .... but when your banker sees you are on to this bit of nonsense, he (top line predators are not usually female, although there are some) will then follow up this not-very-compelling argument with another even more risible not-very-compelling follow-up idea:

2: oh nononono!!!! the banker will say - silly, economically illiterate and venal politicians will create huge amounts of money to buy votes, and cause inflation, so nononono silly children speak no more of it!!! - but again, with your 'thinking powers' engaged, rather than the 'I am a blank slate and will believe any shit the Authoritative Man in the Expensive Suit tells me!!' nice-citizen mode we are taught to live within, just think - how contrary to 'lived reality' is that idea when you challenge the banker and just examine it a bit in the light of recent history? Look at all of our major finance ministers the last 30 years (federally, Wilson, Martin, Flaherty, primarily, all provincial ones the same), all standing tall as Great and Determined Debt Fighters!!! Cut spending!! Reduce our debt!! Cut spending!!! - has been their battle cry - and cut cut cut!!! they have all done!!! And, something not many know, at the federal level, these finance ministers have had the power all of this time to create whatever money they wanted! - the Bank of Canada is nominally 'at arm's length' from the government certainly, but the Canadian Parliament is, in theory and constitutionally, 'the Supreme Legislative Body' of our country and the BofC *is* a government body, and at the command of the government of the day - if the government chooses to instruct the Bank of Canada to create credit, the Bank must do so. Period. (as they did from the 1930s when this institution was created until the mid-1970s, helping finance the huge expenses of WWII, and the great advances in infrastructure and social support systems Canada enacted following WWII, with, by the 1970s, nothing more than small, easily manageable debt - the huge debts that we have today all accrued following the policy change begun in the 1970s to no longer use the Bank of Canada, but instead use commercial banks, in the process noted - allowing the commercial banks to create credit-aka-money, and then borrowing that money-aka-credit created out of thin air!! from them at, during those early years such as the 1980s, often usurial rates of (compounding) interest). The very idea that one of these Great Debt Fighters advertised as 'economic and financial mini-gods' is 'economically illiterate' or would 'create money irresponsibly to buy votes!!' is simply ludicrous. AND MOREOVER!!! - let us remember recent history! - for the last 40 years, as mentioned, all major western governments have allowed commercial banks to create money-aka-credit at will - and look at the state of the world economy now - on the brink of total financial chaos, for one reason and one reason only - the commercial banks have been using their power to create credit virtually regulation-free (there are 'regulations' in theory of course, but obviously not enforced) and created huge amounts of credit not for growth and investment, but for massive financial speculation - it is hard to imagine that a democratic government controlling this credit creation power for the good of the people could have done any worse.

(for a revealing look at what has happened to government debt the last 40 years since the feds stopped using the Bank of Canada for the purpose for which it was created - Bill Abram The Crime of the Canadian Banking System)}}

Listen not, citizens who would be free, to self-serving bankers who speak with forked tongue. )

And 3 - but printing money is inflationary, it's this 'fiat money' that's at the root of all our problems, we need to return to the gold standard!! - it's a bit difficult to connect 'intentional lies' to this, but the idea is widespread, and easy enough to sell to the libertarian-type mind which believes anything any government gets up to other than protecting their 'rights' to exploit is bad, but whatever the reason, it is a very mistaken idea. As described earlier, the credit-accounting system we use today, which involves some 'fiat money' indeed, is a very powerful tool for organising the economy of a democratic society. The problem is not the 'fiat money', which is just another way to describe 'credit', which the entire system is based on and is a very good and powerful system when managed for the common weal, the problem is that the system is controlled by a gang of very clever predators for their own use. With this power to create money, and the power to charge interest on this money they create, they have immense power, and like any predator, they use that power to increase and consolidate their own power whilst increasing the strength of the chains by which they control their serf-peasant-workers. Put this great power in truly informed and democratic hands, and use it for the common weal, and the problems associated with the creation of too much credit-money evaporate, as the power of a gun to kill innocent people evaporates when you take the gun out of the hands of people who want to use it for bad things.

Much information about this, many refs above - new things coming out all the time, something I found as I was writing 97% Owned - Monetary Reform documentary.

And the Market ...

Make a new plan, Stan ...

So what will our society be like, if we control the money? The capitalist democracy-haters are full of scary nonsense about 'controlled economy' whenever the notion of 'socialist democracy' gets any public attention, but you always need to remember, they are not 'neutral' observers, they have a very big stake in the game, they have no morals, they are predators whose **only** goal is dominance, and they lie about everything.

They whine about a 'planned economy' as if that was something bad - but all they are worried about is a plan that works for 'we the people' instead of the current plan which works for predators out for power and wealth. Of course we need planning - when you get your paycheck, do you pass money out to everyone around you and start spending on whatever catches your eye, or do you have 'plans' about what you need to spend the money on? If you go to a bank saying you want a 'small business loan', what's the very first thing they say? - they want to see your 'business plan' of course (almost as important as your 'plan' about paying back the money). So we don't need a 'plan' for our country and it's multi-trillion dollar economy and several hundreds of billions dollars government budget or how to run the postal service or health care service or our electricity grid reliably and efficiently? Just leave everything up to anyone's whims? Just engage your brain before listening to these propagandists selling their idiocies - you don't have to believe them just because they control the televisions and newspapers and have expensive big-vocabulary suits selling their propaganda and most of your friends and acquaintances and people at work seem to believe them - the big crowd was all agog at the naked emperor's new clothes too, which did not actually put any clothes on him. Mindlessly jumping on a bandwagon because somebody has good PR people to sell something does not make it a smart move.

We all have plans, of course, and a huge enterprise like a modern society isn't going far if it doesn't have some plans - that's a good part of what government is all about. Right now, of course, their oligarchical-controlled plans involve various tactics and strategies revolving around how to keep the peasants down on the farm and no brighter than the average bear and the oligarchs in the ruling seats, without anyone understanding what is going on as they rob us blind, as I talked about in the second part of the book, and it's been a very well executed plan, at least for them. They're full of plans about removing regulations that were put in place during the days we were almost a real democracy about controlling big money and banks and huge transnational corporations and other manifestations of power of the oligarchs, and about 'regime change' in countries still trying to resist the US-led hegemon which they are part of, and cutting back on social support programs that were put in place to strengthen our democracy, and all the 'plans' for increasing corporate control of 'our' economy through their 'free' trade deals etc etc etc - but when we talk about plans to control them and make *our* lives better, suddenly 'planning' is COMMIE STATE TERRORISM OMG!!!!??? Seriously. Again, engage brain before letting these people take over your thoughts any more. They have plans to control us - we need plans to control them. May the best plan win. Obviously, they understand this a great deal better than your average 21st century Canadian who has been conned into supporting the plan than enslaves them.

It's long past time we had a new plan here, one that controls the predators and lets us establish the kind of peaceful, prosperous, and stable democratic society most of us want.

And your 'plan' better be considerably more detailed than 'let's go run around downtown on Saturday morning carrying signs and shouting slogans and maybe burning some cars and then head for the bar and have some beers and talk about what a great time we had yea!!!'. Seriously stan.

A 'planned economy' does not mean unelected dictatorial government bureaucrats dictating every move we make economically - that may have been part of the situation in Stalin's Russia back in the 1930s or Mao's China in the 1950s (or not, what we 'know' of these times is based on American propaganda, and the Americans have been very thoroughly outed as being completely unreliable when giving information about some 'enemy' they want you to hate ...), but nobody I know is talking about that kind of thing in modern Canada. What I, at least, and most others talking about this kind of thing, are talking about in terms of economic regulation is simply putting some regulations in place to ensure an actually free and fair market that works for all of us, regulations that will control the size of any single participant, stopping 'big business' from being so big it can put all competitors out of business and creating a monopoly, or monopoly cartel, and stopping people with the kind of wealth (and lack of morals) that allows them to buy politicians and get regulations enacted, or canceled, that favor their interests at the expense of we average citizens, including their 'freedom' to do things that are very destructive to not only our societies, but our very planet, which is what they are really talking about when they talk about 'freedom'.

We live in a great, modern complex society and world, based on a huge market with an almost uncountable number of goods and services available and thus an almost uncountable number of different kinds of work available, something to suit everyone's work wishes, and we're all going to have to do our share to maintain that society. The difference between the capitalist-dominated market where money rules, and an egalitarian democratic market where we all participate on more or less equal terms, will be, the very big and major difference, instead of the government planning for the maximum power and wealth of the oligarchs, as they have been doing very successfully since the 1980s, our planning will become democratic, and we will plan for the kind of society most of us want, which I presume will involve fewer opulent perks for the oligarchs and better everything for the rest of us, such as improving health care and education plans for we normal people rather than the capitalist drive the last few years to degrade and destroy such things - it is, after all, our money we are spending, the wealth created by the millions of people working every day. With the capitalist skimming from the top of the wealth pie removed, we should, of course, as the new stable, sane, democratic and sustainable society takes shape, all be able to work considerably fewer hours, at jobs we actually enjoy, and with a great deal more freedom and opportunities for 'between jobs' people, than is the case in the capitalist world, where all they want is maximum passive labour to produce maximum extractable wealth from their herd of serfs. And we will all have far more 'agency' in determining the kind of work we do - no longer will most of us be desperately searching for and taking any kind of job at any kind of minimum wage the capitalist owner can get away with, most of us, through family or community ties, will be involved with some form of cooperative, where we have a say in the decision making and get a share of the profits - we won't all get the same share, of course, as senior and more skilled workers will naturally get different shares, but it will still be *our* profits that we share, rather than being dependent on the capitalist 'labour market', which is surely great for the Lords, but equally bad for we serfs. And we will live in relaxed democratic communities, where we will have every opportunity to get what education or training or experience we desire before willingly and happily joining the 'workforce' that sustains our great democracy, in some job we enjoy and do to the best of our ability, as sharing in the maintenance and growth of our community, rather than just a faceless nameless worker cog in the capitalist profit machine.

We'll still need our shoes, and food, and books, and clothes, and the many services a modern society offers - but a 'true' market will develop in which all of these things are offered by different cooperatives or independent artisans or entrepreneurs, with true value and service the goal, rather than the capitalist market, in which max price for minimum quality lie and cheat as much as you can get away with!! is the rule, for most people struggling to survive in the capitalist class society in which most people are at the bottom end of the pyramid.


I don't have all the answers, nor is it useful for me to try to imagine what our new Democracy will function like, but I do know this - if we manage to control the capitalist predators, and create a true Democracy of informed, engaged citizens, it's going to be almost unimaginably better than what we have now. This slowing down into a stable, mature society where thoughtful citizens make decisions replacing the frenzied capitalist cancer society where semi-sentient but dominant predators thinking only about making a fast buck control things, the freeing of more and more intelligent, caring minds to work on this problem rather than working for the capitalist master to create more wealth for the masters thus feeding the problem which, like any cancer, keeps finding new and terrible ways to manifest itself, will find these people who want to work for a better world start using their vision and ideas about making things better for all of us and intelligence to create better things for us, and ways to do these things, and their ideas will work together synergistically to create better things we never imagined. There are, indeed, great minds at work all over the world trying to find better ways of doing things - but they get no support from the capitalist government, and for obvious enough reasons we never hear about them, in Canada, in our capitalist-supporting media, most assuredly including the CBC, which is doing all it can to preserve the cancer and make people believe TINA, 'there is no alternative', where people like Chris Hedges fighting for true democracy against the hegemon are branded 'leftist nutbar' by far rightwing loons like Kevin O'Leary - utterly shameful moment for the CBC, but as noted above the CBC is a daily parade of shameful moments these last 2-3 decades in the service of the new corporate feudalism.

There are many places now offering their ideas around the internet talking about better ways of doing things, with more coming on line every day so I won't even try to give a listing here, but two very good places to start getting some ideas about how things might be done differently with a stable, peaceful steady-state economy and world as the goal, with many good ideas, are The Venus Project (this is actually closely related to The Zeitgeist Project mentioned earlier, the 'leaders' had a disagreement, but they're both going in the right direction), and The Transition Towns Movement (oh look! A leading Cdn talks about this!! - not on the CBC nonono never never of course, the CBC is working hard with the usurpers to create their own brave new feudalism ...)) - and once you get out of the capitalist-cancer frenzy yourself, and the accompanying mindless workwork-shopshop-mindless entertainment mindless entertainment daily routine, and start thinking, and doing your own looking around, you will find there are many, many people out there suggesting better ways to organise our societies for peace, prosperity and sustain ability, all very very doable, and all not writ in stone but waiting for YOUR input to make them even better, all we need to do is extract ourselves from the capitalist cancer looting system.

As with everything in our country - we can allow the predators to arrange things for their benefit, which is very antithetical to *our* benefit, or we can 'take' our country from them, and arrange things for *our* benefit, in some of the ways described earlier. It is up to you, and you, and you - I think it is very obvious the predators ruling us are not going to wake up some day and apologize and hand over the keys to the kingdom - if we want democracy, and a better country, we will have those things when we make them ourselves.

We can continue to let the capitalist predators run our country as their personal oligarchy, with war and lies and looting and violence the basis of their power - or we can make the kind of democracy most of us would prefer - peaceful, sharing, honest, joyful.

Like the guy said - we should give peace a chance.