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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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Knowledge is like a candle. When you light your candle from mine, my light is not diminished. It is enhanced and a larger room is enlightened as a consequence. - Thomas Jefferson
The Great Green Island Road Show and Democracy Chatauqua - get involved

- nobody's going to give you democracy. They wanted an oligarchy that would last forever, and they're going about creating it. If we want democracy, it will be because we want our freedom more than they want our dumbed down passive compliance as they create their new-feudalism brave new world in front of our unknowing, uncaring eyes.

III The Democracy Discussions Chap 4

Preparation: Focused and Effective and Aware

- so, we have done the preliminary work of informing a bunch of people about what is really going on in the country, and now it is time to start getting together in larger groups to talk about retaking our democracy, or taking it for the first time, really, as the case may be .... but these meetings have to be effective, and not just more of the kinds of meetings the rulers have been arranging for us through their pretend-alt places that make a lot of noise, sometimes make some people feel good, and eat up a lot of time and energy and enthusiasm, but do not actually create any realistic challenge to the oligarchs. How are we going to change that? - a couple of things to be aware of from the beginning:

Preliminary Step 1: - a meeting with a goal ...

- don't leave important things to chance - the discussion process

At some point, as soon as possible hopefully as we do not have a lot of time here, you are going to have to start coming together in larger groups and meetings - that's what democracy is all about, a large group of people talking together and working out how they want to do things in their community and country.

Organising and running effective meetings is a bit of an art and skill in itself, and the importance of getting this right as we begin our democracy discussions cannot be stressed too much, as a bad or poorly thought out process can achieve the exact opposite of what we want to achieve, leading quickly and directly to failure with a group of people all wanting to be fair and democratic and allowing everyone to talk, sitting around for a couple of hours in a big unfocused meeting, with some people talking a lot, and some people listening, just throwing opinions back and forth, and arguing about some things, and chasing down various tangents some stronger personalities focus on, going around and around in big random circles, and at the end of the evening or afternoon everybody drifting off home with nothing solved, no plans for further action, as happens with so many meetings, a (lack of) process which quickly leads to such meetings just dying out for lack of interest, as people have more compelling things to do than going to meetings from which nothing useful results.

These Democracy meetings and talks are going to be very important talks in terms of getting control of our democracy, absolutely crucial as a beginning step in working towards a 'critical mass' of citizens who understand the problems we face and know what we need to do about them, if we are serious about getting our ages-old drive for true democracy re-started. At the end of our series of meetings, we need to be very clear as a group, as a community, about our current situation, and very clear about what we need to do to improve it, and how we are going to work together to do that. And as they say, time is of the essence here, the rulers are very quickly putting in place an authoritarian society around us in which the kind of movement I am talking about here will be ruthlessly stamped out before it even gets underway, and it's not like we can afford to waste this opportunity by poorly planned, results-less meetings while we are still reasonably free to hold meetings like this - which, if nothing useful comes from quite soon, the rulers won't even have to worry about, as they will eventually just stop for lack of interest, as people have other things to do. So there must be definite things to be decided, and that get decided, with a definite plan of action at the end, that people will begin to do - with hope and enthusiasm.

Our enemy is very much like Sun Tzu spoke of - know yourself and your enemies, you will win all battles, know neither, and you will lose all. And the enemy, our enemy today, is of Sun Tzu proportions and battle skills, knowing themselves and us well, in complete control of the entire battlefield, with all-seeing eyes continually monitoring his world, and we are the weak ineffective wouldbe-resistance, knowing much about some things, but nothing of importance about our enemy (many not even understanding we do have an 'enemy', but believing this is all just some natural organic democratic process), or our own conflict abilities. And this is no accident of course - our enemy have been actively fighting this fight for centuries at least, refining and improving their skills every generations, and have been very directly involved in creating a great citizenry of passive followers, following the leaders our enemy has given them to follow. The major politicians, the major media people hosting the shows which we all watch to see what 'our' leaders are doing, are all working for the enemy, creating this false narrative all around us, but we believe they are 'our' leaders, and we, or most of us, follow them wherever they lead us - it does not matter if we prefer leader A to leader B, they are all on the same team. And they will lead us many places, in many circles, but the one place they will never lead us is to where we need to be - understanding the real enemy, and developing some kind of plan to confront and overthrow this enemy.

So if we are going to take our government and make it a true democracy, we need to do the organising ourselves - we need to develop the skills and processes that will allow the will of the majority to come to the fore, and the process by which we can work with the rest of the people in our country to have our collective will expressed nationally, rather than the will of the corporate elite currently ruling us - our will and their will are very much two different things, and most of us are getting unhappier and unhappier with what they are doing, and it is long past time we did a Jefferson move here, and abolish it and institute something more to our liking.

Some points to guide the discussions:

1. FOCUS!!
- we need to be very very clear about these first democracy meetings, and what we are trying to achieve. Yes, there are many, many compelling issues in the world today, and our country, and many many people trying to do something about these issues. And they have been trying with basically no or next-to-no success for decades now - because the government is not responsive to the will of the people. The corporate government filters everything through one big filter - how does this impact the transfer of wealth from the working people to the rulers? And if what we want to do to make our country and world better is going to negatively impact that transfer - they'll just continually make excuses why it cannot be done, while continuing the things that facilitate the endless and quickening transfer of wealth.

I have to repeat again - there is only one way to deal with all of our problems, and that is to create a true democracy here, a democracy of engaged, informed citizens, who will, collectively, through open debate, decide through widespread consensus what we want to do in our country, and **hire** administrators to do that, administrators who will have no more power than the accountant we hire to look after our business accounts.

And that is the discussion we need to have, before all others (excepting the 'pre-democracy get out of the box' discussions, of course, which will create the *informed* citizens who will then be much more able to participate in the democracy discussions) - how to make a democracy here, a true democracy, to replace the pretend-democracy the elite control for their purposes.

Nothing else right now - we have one over-riding problem now, which is that we do not control our country, and the first and most important thing we need to do, upon which solutions to all other problems depends, is taking our country back from the oligarchs. We do NOT talk about climate change, or how badly some people feel they are treated, or how to elect more NDP govs, or whether the senate should be aboloished, or whether tar sands development is good, or whether Donald Trump is as bad as many say - if we want to carry on doing nothing until we're fully off the cliff and there's really nothing left to do, we talk about these and other things. If we want to start creating a Canada we all dream of - we talk about how to make Democracy happen here, and after that happens, we can start talking about all of the other things, when we will have the democratic power to make them happen.

Point 2: an effective meeting is an effectively facilitated meeting We need to be clear here - the first Democracy Discussions and meetings are about one thing and one thing only - getting democratic control of the government of our country. And we should be aware of this - since there are so many of us and so few of them, we could overthrow them very easily, if we just had the understanding of who they are and what they are doing and how they rule, and what we need to do to move beyond their endless lies and 'divide and conquer' tactics they have been employing so effectively the last 40 years.

These first larger meetings, following the many meetings between individuals to start showing people the paths out of the box that has kept us all running in circles controlled by the elite, will be very important, as setting the general feeling and process for following meetings - people come with growing enthusiasm as they sense that change may actually, finally, be in the air, or they stop coming altogether because they just get frustrated as they see more of the 'same old same old' they have been experiencing for years. So we need to consider this carefully.

(Obviously we don't just want a meeting where someone is the self-declared leader, and the goal of the leader is to raise an army of followers - that's what the NWO-sellers and other wouldbe dictators are good at, but for us, we all need to feel we are participating in the Democracy Discussions, and our opinions will be heard, and will influence the final outcome - that is, after all, the central meaning of the Democracy we are trying to create.)

Nor is this a series of meetings to create a big body of followers voting for a new party - this is very much a series of meetings to tell people that 'Thou art God!', as MVS put it in the famous book (Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, very good awakening stuff if you're too young to have been exposed to it during the 60s - we don't have many books of that power anymore, the rulers prefer vampire series for the young people) - to empower every single citizen to become a full adult participating directly in all decisions that affect their community and country. We do not choose between Bob's plan and Joe's plan - we make our own plans, together, taking any idea from any person and proving the old adage that many heads are better than one, as we tweak everything to a better state.

A very useful place for 'you' the first responder or responders to the crisis in your community and country you are trying to do something about could check out to do a bit of reading on facilitating democratic meetings with the goal of arriving at democratic solutions and/or compromises, where most people are happy with the outcome:

Richard Moore has identified this as a serious issue, and done a lot of work on this idea of 'Dynamic Facilitation' - - there is a lot of material out there now on the net which he gives links to and talks about so there is no need for me to repeat it all here, and we need to be familiar with it. Like any serious endeavor, a successful outcome is going to be very tied to good preparation beforehand, and engages the most powerful tools - both modern and well-tried - that will help get the job done efficiently and properly, as best as we can do it at this time in our development.

(and note - this does not necessarily mean 'you' alone are doing all this work - you can, and even should, of course, if you have like-minded people you fully trust in your community, work with these people as the first stage, to get some of these things sorted out before calling the meetings to engage the larger progressive community who still believe the CBC and NDP are their friends, and etc - you need your 'truth revealing' information well prepared, with lots of references to hand out, and give links for, and you need to have a clear understanding of how to turn sincere beliefs in a false god into informed adults ready to go it alone, without getting them just all pissed off and leaving, which is not the outcome we need, and leads also to -

Preliminary Step 3 - a warning - they *will* fight back - one final preliminary needs to be on the table here, and we all need to be very, very cognizant of it at all times on this very dangerous path. With no doubt whatsoever, if we ever start to look even a little dangerous with our Democratic Revolution, we are going to soon have people showing up at our meetings with no other purpose than preventing us from going anywhere useful, as they do and have been for a long time with the NDP or discussions, or any 'comments' sections in the corporate media that look to be going anywhere dangerous, and no doubt many other things. And these people are well trained and experienced at what they do - they won't, at least at first, come in screaming and shouting as obvious enemies, on the contrary, they are very clever at pretending to be 'friends' when they are actually serious traitors, offering their 'opinions', for example, about how these are all great ideas about 'democracy' but we just can't do them yet, or other attempts to stop us before we even get started (attempting to start little 'divide and conquer' cliques, using lies to turn some quiet folk against emerging leaders, for example, is another common tactic), and we are *all* going to have to be very, very alert for them, and have some ideas worked out about how to not let them derail our attempts to create a better society here before we even get started. Certainly every voice must be heard at our open discussions and we need to encourage all honest opinion and it can be difficult to distinguish between the well-trained infiltraitor and honest citizen forcefully expressing themselves, but the right to have a voice does not equal the right to dominate, and try to force people to do what you want done, or not do what you do not want done. Facilitation, as noted earlier, will help with people who have honest concerns, but there will be those whose only goal is to prevent our reaching good consensus decisions through whatever means they find successful, and we must **all** understand that each and every one of us, if we want a true democracy, is responsible for ensuring our meetings are not taken over, or decisions prevented, by people whose very goal is doing just that.

There may be honest people at a meeting who are a bit short sighted as well, and just want to fight for their own cause, and use every opportunity they can find to try to recruit others - they have some issue they think is very important, and want that at the top of any agenda they are going to be involved with - they are really coming to your meeting to enlist you in their cause. Sure they'll fight for democracy, they'll say - but their issue has to be included in everything, as near to top priority as they can make it. It is, in my opinion, a serious mistake to try to be all things to all people - there is no surer way to failure than to try to accommodate this branch of the old 'divide and conquer' strategy. (note the People's Social Forum as talked about earlier - all things to all people, a huge ship completely stranded, huge amounts of time and energy spent - but going nowhere...)

As far as I am concerned, as I will repeat again and again - the only fight right now is for a truly functioning Democracy, wherein all important decisions are arrived at **only** after full informed discussion of engaged citizens - certainly many of the other issues are very important - but nothing serious is going to get done with any of them unless we first establish a true Democracy. Once we have done that - all of the other issues will be fairly dealt with, I have no doubts at all.

But this particular fight I propose and write of here is not for all of those other issues - it is a one issue struggle, from which all others must follow if and only if we have a very clear goal and direct our efforts very clearly towards that goal - establishing a true democracy, in which all other issues will be dealt with. You can talk about how great the new world will be all you like - but until you build the ship to take you to that new world, it's all only dreams. Let's have a little less dreaming and complaining, and a little more ship building.

And you can be, as I also said before, 100% sure that as badly as we want a true Democracy, there are those who want, and will fight to maintain, their pretend-democracy, and we *must* be aware that they will stop at nothing to stop us, and we have to always be alert for their attempts to derail our Democracy Train before it even leaves the station.

- and then on to -

whenever any form of government becomes destructive to the people, they have the right to change it.

I think that is very true, and I think we are well beyond the time we need to recognize it here ... the neocons-v Canada have done immeasurable damage to our once-almost-democracy over the last 40 years, and it is long past time we got rid of them, and created a much stronger Democracy that will make it much more difficult for a small group of rich and ruthless people to take it over again and turn it to their own ends ...