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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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Russell Brand - '...they are uninformed of the Left's great legacy as it is dismantled around them ..'

Canada is a quiet dictatorship with a smile ... people don't know that. Rocco Galati (~18 min)

III Democracy Discussions Chap 3

Before Democracy - A Truly Informed Citizenry

The Deeper Truth that **must** be recognized fully before we have any chance of recovering our once-almost democracy: the CBC - the media most progressives believe serves them best - used to be a true and excellent democratic national broadcaster, something like Canada used to be almost a 'democracy', almost a great democracy even, but we have to recognize - like all the corporate media, the capitalist media, it is now a 'special interest' broadcaster, doing an excellent job indeed, but not for Canadians as a whole, but for those it actually serves, the enemies of Democracy, for whom it performs (and performs very ably as described at length throughout the first part of this book) the all-important Ministry of Truth job of creating the narrative of our country and world our new Big BroMo needs us to accept and believe in, in order for them to create their new soon-to-be feudal society with as little resistance from we emerging peasant class as possible

Thus one of the most important jobs of we who are trying to expose the lies of the NWO, who are trying to wake people up to what is really going on here, trying to open a door to a free and democratic future based on informed and engaged democratic decision making, a door out of the Box the NWO is building around us all, must be to expose not only the CBC but the entire corporate-capitalist media and their lies and gatekeeping and dumbing down and indoctrination and propaganda, in order to foster the informed citizenry which is the basic precondition of the informed, engaged, intelligent debates we are going to need if we hope to get back on the path to a real Democracy our forebears had finally scrambled on to during the 1950s and '60s, which has been very firmly closed down once again over the last 30 years of the CRR, with the very great (for them) feature of keeping most people still believing they live in that once-almost-great-democracy, and thus the idea of 'fighting for democracy' applies, they believe, only to evil commie or muslim-terrorist countries, Iran, Russia, China, all the old bugaboos, no firmly entrenched in the modern Cdn pretend-brain like 'indians' were the 'bad guys' on Sat morning cartoons in the 1950s and 60s.

There are perhaps 4 things we need to focus on regarding creating a 'new' media truly serving our democratic reform through fostering a truly informed and engaged citizenry, as we 'degrade and destroy' (turning an enemy's weapon against them is always satisfying) the corporate propaganda media and their Ministry of Truth and establish a true 'for the people' media:

A. Clearly explaining and demonstrating to the people we are trying to get to re-engage in the real struggle for Democracy our ancestors began what our current media, primarily the CBC, are actually doing, so they realise the serious need to begin accessing other more honest sources, and start to develop a much more realistic idea of what is going on in our country and world

B - Begin the establishment of some form of national 'Free Canada' media cooperative and/or network, which will then serve 3 primary and necessary functions:

B1 - from a Canadian basis, challenging and exposing the propaganda and lies of the corporate media regarding the key things going on in our country and world, by offering *truthful* commentaries on a regular basis - notably the way our economy and money really operate as tools of enslavement and how the 'terrible national debt' is simply a great fraud to impoverish us and roll back our democracy; the lie of the 'war on terror', and how that is used to create the lockdown-ready state around us so when the new feudalists come out of the closet and make their intentions clear, we will be far too deep into their pens to raise any effective resistance; the desperate state of our environment, much worse than most people realise; and the in-your-face power grab of the various corporate 'trade' treaties that the media are generally presenting as great!!! for all of us. I have to believe that if Canadians were exposed to truthful news and commentaries about such things on a regular basis, and began to understand what is really going on here, there would be a revolution tomorrow - and it is our job to set a match to that tinderbox of lies of the corporate Ministry of Truth media - and then, just as importantly, ensure it is a peaceful, democratic revolution, by already having begun the process of intelligent, informed democratic resistance rather than the barbarian wars of violence the capitalists are trying to initiate - and for these things, a reliable and honest communication network is, really, the first and most important thing we need to establish

B2 - An Organisational Network: as well as providing honest 'news' to Canadians, and commentary on the news dedicated to peace and sanity rather than warmongering and insanity, it is absolutely essential to have a way to organise and share information, and the internet in our modern age provides a tool of information and organising our forebears never had - if we can just learn to use this great tool to our own ends, rather than letting the rulers once again take a great and powerful tool and use it not for freedom, but to enslave us all, this time through promoting dumbing down and stupidity and lowest common denominator mass stupidity, which they have been terribly successful in doing so far, as talked about in the 'Stupid Essay' of the last section; and finally,

B3 - A coherent picture of our world: - our Democratic Media Network of Canada (DMNC) must use the great communication tools we have in the 21st century to oppose the dumbing down and indoctrination the rulers use these tools for. We must not only present a coherent and contextual picture of our modern world and 'current history in the making', but a related necessary part of 'modern history' is understanding what has gone before, notably in the 'recent' past of the last 100-200 years that has shaped current events and the world picture as it is today, our history and the history of the struggle for Democracy, here in Canada mainly, but also around the world, and provide a great 'agora' in which everyone can ask questions and join the great national discussion about 'our country' and what we want to do with it.

Let me just expand on these a bit.

1: A media to expose, degrade and destroy the deadly trust most Cdns have in the Brutusian CBC, and rest of the Ministry of Truth corporate propaganda-indoctrination-dumbing down etc etc current media, a truthful media which will allow Cdns struggling to create a better society to get a clear picture of what is really going on in our country and world and refocus their work into more effective channels, exposing the ongoing attempted enslaving of everyone under the banner of the 4th Reich NWO. This is kind of the Essential Prerequisite to True Democracy I - An Informed Citizenry in our modern, large, complex, fast country and world, a world full of predators and criminals and their lackeys who are out to con and steal from anyone they can and control all the levers of power in our society, and have been doing so *very* successfully in Canada the last 30+ years, *must* have a competent, unbiased, reliable, democracy-enabling media to turn to every day for truthful news and honest commentary to protect themselves from these predator-criminals (for example what Canada and the CBC were in the 50s and 60s and 70s, as opposed to what we now have, lies and gatekeeping and spin and propaganda and diverting spectacle for a dumbed-down population and mush from a very agenda-driven corporate Ministry of Truth staffed by propagandists passing itself off as a 'free and democratic media' - it is to laugh, and cry)

I have spent much time earlier in exposing what the CBC et al are up to, and don't need to repeat it all here or add any more embellishment - but in our modern world we do need 'news', or perhaps we could think of it as ongoing and necessary 'intelligence' concerning what our enemy (who are *not* the damned commies, or fucking muslim terrorists, but are those occupying the corporate penthouses of Bay St and its ilk in other Canadian cities, etc, who directly control the politicians and media in our (or one really should say 'their' these days) country), and are up to, Sun Tzu - the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fightingin order to fight them effectively. It is one of the great deceptions we live under, that things are muddling along more or less ok, with our great free democratic government looking after we nice Cdns - when in reality, these people are, as talked about earlier, Enemy, and **must** be seen as that - a very, very clever enemy, utilizing the old Sun Tzu strategy of 'The best victory is the one that you achieve before your victim even realises they are under attack' - and that is what is happening to us today - we are under attack by a very vicious, but very clever, enemy, who aims to create a new feudal society, with they as the Lords and Masters, and the rest of us as disposable peasants - and they are very, very close to achieving their victory, for the primary reason that almost nobody understands what they are really doing, and so they continue to place their chains on and around us, and have actually convinced most people that the chains of enslavement are chains to protect them!!!

We don't have long to start seeing the chains and rejecting them, before they are too heavy, and too all-encompassing.

And at this time, the Enemy's greatest weapon, by far, is the media which has us all believing the notion that all is more or less well, and we need do nothing except allow our masters to keep doing what they are doing.

As the cow believes all is well because the farmer is feeding her a nice carrot as he leads her to the abattoir.

Carl Sagan - once the people have been bamboozled, it is very hard for them to admit it ... 2: But If not the CBC - what?
Very sadly, in our wealthy progressive-at-least-in-theory country, full of reasonably well educated people with access to almost any kind of information they want via bookstores and libraries and, the last few years, the incredible agora-great-modern-library we call the internet, as talked about earlier, the CBC and those who control the media in Canada have been almost completely successful in bamboozling (polite word for indoctrination - don't run from it, denial is not a good place to be in times of great danger, ask the Germans who were in Germany in the 1930s) Canadians into believing the corporate press actually offers an 'honest' view of what is going on in the world and our country, and we have no major alternatives to their daily 'news' coverage, so we are forced to rely on their propaganda, gatekeeping, dumbing down, etc for our main source of information about what is going on around us. The CBC itself is almost totally devoid of interesting or useful information any more, at least useful or interesting to intelligent, independently thinking adults, it's mostly mush and propaganda as talked about earlier, and its coverage of 'major' current events stories such as those involving politics is just 'narrative creation' completely reality-free as described earlier, and the corporate print media are not a great deal different.

the master's voice - no abyss here folks, look over there look over there!!But very much like the frog in the slowly boiling pot, the usurpers have very carefully maintained the 'truth' of the 60s of the Great CBC as they took it over and replaced 'democratic progressive' with 'indoctrination dumbing down', and most progressives, having never been outside the pot, continue turning to the CBC on a daily basis, for their daily fix of soma, following the corporate propaganda media to find out what is happening in the country and world, slowly becoming more and more disconnected from 'reality' and deeper and deeper down the NWO rabbithole of lies and cartoons. But it is essential that we understand that the CBC has become cancerous, it is no longer the CBC we knew in the 60s but an imposter, a very, very deadly imposter, a Saruman the White as yet unexposed for his turned nature and now working for Mordor, and when we listen to the CBC, we are hearing or reading propaganda with much spin and even lies, with much essential information simply barred, with a central and very focused program of dumbing down to keep us passive as they infiltrait our brains, and we must turn to the internet to get some more honest commentary about the 'facts' the corporate press tell us, and more useful and friendly-to-democracy insights about what is really happening.

There are a number of websites available in Canada telling us they offer such commentary, but the problem with almost all of them is that they are 'limited hangout' places, places controlled by the same people controlling the corporate press, places intentionally set up to tempt those who see or sense there is something artificial and phony about the mainstream presentation and looking for a bit more 'radical' commentary (the 'progressive' websites, I should caveat I guess - the rightwing crazy-pseudo-anarchist-libertarian Randian 'me have gun no need gummint' places go where they want - the rulers are less concerned about such places, I would speculate, for a couple of reasons - in terms of 'progressives', such places are useful for the rulers, as they attract a fair amount of 'progressive' attention, and any attention directed in places other than focused on the real fight against the usurpers is useful for the rulers; and also because in the return to the new feudalism the rulers are engaged in, these 'me have gun no need gummint!!' types are useful in encouraging the kind of violence the rulers are returning to, as we herd animals are not going to win any 'violence' based revolutions, only people who are rooted in violence win violence-based revolutions, and if we are going to have a 'democratic' revolution and be successful with it, it will be because we find a way to win without a violence-based struggle. But not the place for this long tangent).

For now, though, we do have at least a couple of very good places, and a quite large number of good places, to be going on with, to start to get a decent understanding of what is really going on in our world, to see the larger picture, and connect a lot of dots the usurpers very much need us NOT to be connecting:

For world events, such as the ongoing war crimes of Canada and the US/UK and others in the mideast, which is part of the single most important story in the world during this period in our history, the move of the United States to become the openly dominant power in the world, a story very, very carefully kept WAY out of the public consciousness by their corporate media: RT - probably the best place right now, 2012-16 and on, for directly confronting the US-western media lies about what the US is doing, giving analysis and opinion concerning the serious things going on in our world the western state corporate propaganda media do not want you thinking about in terms of most of the international geopolitical things the US gets up to, with the support of the neocon Cdn governments (yes, including the 'new' Trudeau gov - time will tell, and I have no doubt at all what it will tell) and thus of course their propaganda media the CBC, a very good place to get analysis and POVs not available in the Canadian corporate media, for a much better perspective of what is really happening in our world. A number of very good hosts, with many guests talking about the very things the corporate state media do NOT want talked about. Listen to shows like Sputnik, Crosstalk, Going Underground, In the Now, Max Keiser, and others on RT for awhile, and then spend some time with the Current, the House, the Sunday Edition, or anything else on the CBC, and it very quickly becomes very, very obvious who is worth giving credibility to, and who is obviously doing American-based propaganda, mush, and general dumbing down. It is also to weep at what has become of the CBC to listen to RT - on RT you have intelligent adults talking honestly to other intelligent adults about important things, at an adult level - on the CBC, you have propagandists, both hosts and guests, talking blatant propaganda like teachers talking to not-too-bright schoolkids, completely offensive to any actual adults trying to get information about their world (and a very, very worrying thing, as so many Canadians apparently accept their role as passive receptacles for this propaganda garbage - although also offering some explanation as to why so many people regard modern self-styled corporate 'journalism' with so much skepticism - still a goodly number of actual thinking people out there who do *not* blindly, mindlessly accept the garbage of the corporate state media, which gives us some hope ....)

The Real News - another place trying to do what a 'real' news organisation should do, covering major stories in their area (Baltimore based, but covering important national and international issues from a non-corporate state perspective, and with some Canadian 'non-corp-propagandists' connections the last while) and the world as honestly as journalists are supposed to cover things, with no control from 'the wealthy owners' of society - they are of course still underfunded and understaffed, and therefore have a somewhat limited coverage, but what they do try to do is 'real' journalism, looking at what is going on in the world, and offering some real, as in 'honest' rather than through the elite propaganda-gatekeeping-spectacle-mush-dumbing down filters of the MSM, commentary and analysis, rather than the endless propaganda pretending to analyse these things from the mainstream. And they have some of our very best 'real' journalists such as Chris Hedges and Abby Martin talking to many 'real' people, again adults talking to adults, rather than the 'teachers' talking to a passive schoolage-level dumbed down receptive believe-what-your-teachers-tell-you audience, as most Cdns seem to be anymore, to judge by the widespread belief in 'the great CBC' one hears when browsing around 'progressive' websites.

We desperately need something like this and/or RT in Canada - as we start to get our democratic debates under way, it would be very useful to try to raise the money to get a Real News-Canada Today operation underway - it would not take that much money, as the large physical buildings of the past are not necessary to provide high quality internet productions, and we certainly have many able and willing Cdns out there to manage it, who would be willing to work for normal money, rather than the sky high salaries and perks the corporate propagandists demand for the sellout of their countries and peoples, and required to dominate the communications spaces with products attractive to consumers.

- sadly, that's about it, as far as I have been able to find, for places trying to actually do the 'full spectrum television-video-based' news reporting of things of (serious, adult) concern to us in the west a traditional 'big media' on a widespread daily basis is supposed to do, although there are many places which are mainly devoted to countering the many lies and omissions, and shine light on unreported things, of the corporate media, websites which are primarily print-essay based, places such as Glen Greenwald's new Intercept site, Project Censored, which has for decades now been reporting on under-reported stories in the corporate press, Democracy Now, mainly US stories but much of interest to Cdns, Guns and Butter, another US-based radio show that goes the places the corporate press want you to stay away from, many very good and interesting people to listen to, and a host of other 'alternative media' sites easy to find for anyone looking (the central people behind such sites get frequent opportunities to speak via an interview on RT or TRNN of course, while you would never see or hear them on the CBC).

Somewhat sadly, the only serious 'real' Canadian site for such truly 'out of the box' commentary is Global Research - about the only Canadian site that is actually 'out of the box' in all important ways, recognising and regularly talking about the democracy scam and the mainstream media scam, and the 'war on terrorism' scam and the blatant nonsense of the false-flag 'official conspiracy theory' of 911 scam, and although not apparently quite tuned into the money scam, at least recognizing that the banking cartel in general is more or less running the country and world and needs to be exposed and opposed, and carrying some commentary from people who are such as Ellen Brown. Unfortunately, Global Research, like most if not all of these useful 'real' sites, is not well funded, apparently, and offers primarily responses to international NWO actions rather than proactively looking for 'good' things we should know about - but still a good place to get some real analysis of what is happening, rather than the corporate propaganda available elsewhere.

Also from Canada:

Press for Truth - new and still small, but challenging the corporate media about the main things they don't want talked about, talking about the real things that need to be talked about, challenging the corporate state propaganda on money, terrorism, democracy, the great free Canadian media - let's hope they grow ... they are a bit libertarian oriented, but so far at least not of the 'far right crazy' variety (although they need to watch themselves - I have heard a couple of people referring to 'socialists' as 'the great collectivist conspiracy' type stuff, which is too stupid and removed from 'reality' to even lend credibility to by responding) (later update, I have actually written a lengthy piece directed at PFT and some other anarcho-libertarians who have gotten off onto a tangent of equating some people they call 'social justice warriors' with 'leftists' and commie socialists, which is pretty loony tunes. Much of what they say is pretty challenging to the rulers, so one hopes this is just some deep indoctrination not yet challenged, but it puts a bit of a question mark on their credibility - the longer version here - It's not 'the left' trying to take over the world and shut down free speech and all that other bad stuff - it's 'the right'!! (CC'ed to Corbett below also, no answer from anyone ... - these people are sort of on the 'freedom and democracy' side of things, but need to be watched - a lot of 'libertarians' seem to be 'good guys', but have some deep-seated fallacies, shall we use a polite word, like buying into the 'commies are evil and want to rule the world!!!!' shit .... - like a lot of religious people can be quite decent folks, until God tells them to do something stupid and they get all conflicted and wind up doing something stupid because of some fundamentally flawed belief)

- sort of Canada - the Corbett Report, by James Corbett- a Canadian living in Japan, and reporting mostly on wider geopolitical things - again a bit on the libertarian side in some of the outlook, but still a very well done site, with a lot of very good in-depth information exposing the NWO games, and interviews with a lot of very smart people you will never hear on the CBC, all pointing out of the box where we need to be going, and some talk of things in Canada - but for serious political analysis on things Canadian, the top writer is easily -

Andrew Gavin Marshall - a young Canadian who is doing by far the best current honest geopolitical research on what has happened in Canada over the last few decades, and is very much worth spending a few hours with, if you are new to the idea there might be things you have not been told much about, about your country and world, that you really should know if you want to be an informed, engaged citizen in our soon-to-be 'real' democracy in Canada

The New Socialist - a bit dogmatic in its politics, but still Canadian-oriented, and with much useful commentary concerning the evils (that is not hyperbole) of capitalism

The Socialist Project - Left Streamed - carries a lot of good vids of meetings with speakers you would never hear on the CBC, with much very important information for anyone looking to understand our country, and thus fight effectively to stop these NWO usurpers from taking it over completely - these vids, or radio shows in places, are very useful to watch and/or listen to, as you can see and judge for yourself the credibility of the speakers - and then compare them directly with the propagandists and warmongers you listen to or see on the CBC - with almost everything, there is simply no comparison to be made, as truth and sincerity very clearly have far, far more credibility than what we see and hear on the CBC. (which is, of course, why you will never hear them on the CBC) - often a bit PC and 'academic', as in pretentious, you won't hear much talk about 911, but I think their other stuff is reasonably useful, for people looking for ways out of the box ...

- sadly, not much else at all from Canada - yes, there are some 'NGO' sites such as the Council of Canadians or Canadian Dimension, and our 'progressive think tank' the CCPA - every one of which, whether knowingly (having had some traitor placed in high places to control the content) or as unwilling/unwitting dupes, are still pretty much stuck in older ways and ideas shaped before the CRR became dominant. Although they generally have some somewhat useful analyses and commentary on what is happening in our country which can contribute to an understanding that the corporate propaganda media are very much not giving us the whole story, they are also, unfortunately, something of a 'this far and no farther' barrier to real change, as talked about earlier in the 'controlling the limits of acceptable debate' part of the CRR section, and remain, unfortunately, pretty much in the 'rearrange the deck chairs' camp, the 'capitalist light' camp, along with the NDP or Toronto Star or CBC, all of which they of course support.

None of these 'quasi-left-progressive' organisations are doing what really needs to be done as talked about in this book, opening doors and turning on lights that can help us move beyond the pretend democracy scam, help spread understanding of the corporate propaganda media for what it is, particularly the CBC, and the debt crisis fraud for what it is, and the phony war on terror for what it is, and help organise for real change through some kind of 'real democracy' organising - it is absolutely essential to understand the fraud and outright lies of these things before we can at least get started on the path to trying to create a true democracy of, by and for engaged, informed citizens, and any website that pretends to fight for a better society without acknowledging these things and working to delegitimise them and create a real 'for the people' democracy is, as I said, either an innocent dupe or an intentional false trail provided by the enemy.

(I am inclined to go with 'innocent dupe' for most of these, as groups still rooted in the 70s, deeply still believing the CBC is good people as it was once, still believing in the fundamental integrity of the Cdn government and bureaucracy, still seeing a true socialist like Tommy Douglas when thinking of the NDP, still more or less clueless about the money scam, not wanting to believe the true evil that has moved in and taken over our society, the complete sellout of the CBC and NDP and their other 'gods' - but dupes or not, not of much use if they don't understand how these places have been completely infiltraited by the capitalist parasite, and now very much are working against us, and not for us - as long as we allow the CBC to have a serious influence on the limits of debate, we are never going to escape the box ... and not only of much use, it is actually a case of 'if you're not with us, you are against us' - they lead a lot of people down their false paths, and these people are then NOT fighting for a real solution, thus weakening us and depriving us of many possibly strong fighters and voices by luring them into safe (for the rulers) deck-chair rearranging - reaching a critical kind of mass to fight the capitalist predator is going to be very, very difficult, and every potential mind and voice they can neutralise with these innocent dupes is one more voice we need to find somewhere else - and there aren't all that many available here right now)

(note - the 'aware' reader might think I have overlooked some Canadian websites that seem to oppose the current government, or even Big Money regime, but I am well aware of them, and do not recommend them even as 'well meaning' leftie-progressives. The main such site is, which (or more correctly those who control it) appears to be completely under the control of Bay St, pretending, very successfully, to be (and advertised as such occasionally on the CBC, a sure sign that nothing truly dangerous is to be found there - the rulers are very much NOT in the business of promoting anyone truly dangerous to them, such as the Canadian Action Party, kind of died out now unfortunately, one of the strongest attempts we had in years gone by to attempt to present a true alternative, getting very little support for reasons explained earlier) a hub for 'alternative voices' in Canada, but actually very much a 'this far and no farther you peasants!!' kind of place, gatekeeping, often aggressively as the capitalist predator is wont to do, to keep people away from the places they actually need to go to learn about the debt crisis, the pretend democracy (they push the NDP, and even advocated against PR in the past, as limited a problem it would be for Bay St), and etc - their 'special role' in the 'greater strategy' as being created by the CRR seems to be as a rather strong actor in the NWO's 'divide and conquer' program, with its extremist feminist and first nations stances, to name but the two most 'in your face' ones, driving away many legitimate, moderate voices, barring others who refuse to be sufficiently 'politically correct' and 'get with their program'. ( good example here, as I write, of the extremist femi-stupid crap that underlies the site - you can be sure you would be shat upon from great heights if you tried to speak sense about this ...)

thomas jefferson - enlighten the people and tyranny will vanishAnd Huffpost is no more 'alt' than the Toronto Star, just another openly mainstream media site selling itself, like the NDP, as some kind of 'alternative', but no different from the Star, nothing more than mild criticism from the 'sanctioned' center-left of the NWO as well as being 'balanced' by also carrying the rightwing crap carried everywhere except on Global Research in this country, but supporting the box in all ways - no talk of pretend democracy, the all important money scam - debt fraud, the propaganda media, the 911 'war-on-terror'-enabling fraud, etc, all of which are the prime indicators of the line between corporate propaganda and 'real, for the people' media. IPolitics is similar - some good 'left' or progressive commentary a bit far out to be allowed in the 'mainstream mainstream', but also rightwing stuff, and nothing that challenges the essential box walls that need to be brought down before we are going to break through to real Democracy in Canada (they have 'Ottawa correspondents' on some CBC shows advertised as 'writing for Ipolitics', and they offer nothing other than 'in the box' narrative-supporting crap pretending to be 'analysis').

And the Tyee - I like the site, progressive-oriented, but I suspect just the 'innocent dupe' kind of place, quite firmly in the Box and playing by box rules, wanting to be accepted at least by the rulers as 'serious commentary' (aka not asking the really hard questions that get you barred from the corporate propaganda media), none of the essential stuff I talked about earlier, although it does allow such things to be mentioned in its comments, which is more than the 'progressive' mainstream places like the Star or CBC ever do (you can have a talk about 911 or PR or even monetary reform on Rabble also, but they have a quite obvious pack of trained trolls ready to jump anyone trying such a thing and make sure any such talks go nowhere useful, and any curious wouldbe learners get turned away by the hostility and abuse (actually I don't know if you can now - you used to be able to, but they kicked me off for terminal refusal to bow down to the gods of political correctness a few years ago, and I don't know what they allow now)).

And Adbusters - used to like this, but they seem, probably innocently but you never know these days, all about breaking things down, rather than building a better place here, they're all about creating the adolescent hive mind, all together with big mobs with flashy signs, which are a 99% useless way of spending time and energy - and I do not think simply breaking down the current power structure is either possible or desirable - if we just break it down, with no plans for replacing it with something better, then we're just going to have another gang move in, which could easily be worse than the current one. My desire is for democratic revolution - we do bring down the old regime, but only by replacing their control of our current democratic institutions with people who actually believe in using those institutions as they were meant - we drive the cancer and parasites from our halls of governance, and keep the good parts - the King of Canada is dead, long live the sovereign 'we the people' country called Canada ... but more on that later ....)

Anyway, I have noted above some of the places I check out regularly, or regard with some skepticism - every informed, engaged citizen will develop their own preferences and opinions, as free people do - and then we share our ideas at meetings, and slowly help each other reach for true things ....

There is much else around the web from other countries talking about the NWO lies and propaganda from a non-Canadian, but still very useful way - and it is worth noting how all western countries are being attacked in essentially the same ways by the wouldbe world-eating modern capitalist parasite, not just we here in Canada. As with everything on the web, most such sites are transient, good as they may be, with well-meaning people with good ideas just getting warn down by the immensity of the beast and the passivity of those they are trying to reach, so I'll just give a few good ones I know of at this time as places to start some useful browsing, and once you start to recognize writers, you can find them on other websites, and look for other useful stuff - as always, the web is a bit anarchical, which is good in many ways as the first meaning of anarchy is freedom, people intelligent enough to recognize that we must work together and do so willingly and cooperatively, not needing nor accepting some self-declared rulers telling them what to do, etc ('anarchy' is not chaos, as those who do not want you exploring this idea would have you believe), but for here, it is good because to play around the web, you really need to learn to think for yourself (I know, I know, you immediately bristle and tell me you do already think for yourself thank you very much!, but if you are allowing yourself and your thoughts to be managed by the CBC or Rabble, as most people who think of themselves as 'progressive' or 'left' in this country do, thinking only tinhat conspiracy theories are to be found around the free internet, you are not *really* thinking for yourself - it's another game altogether), get your critical thinking skills honed up, so you can learn to think in a 'big frame' way, and in the larger context of your own personal experience, start to understand what is going on in the world, and in our smaller part of it called Canada, in a much more realistic and truthful way than they give you on the CBC, and actually participate as an informed citizen of the world in our democratic discussion coming soon, once you are well enough informed to understand and contribute. So just a few places to start, if you are new to this - as noted earlier, Democracy is a participatory game, and if you are not used to out-of-the-box ideas, you just need to resolve to spend whatever time it takes to get yourself up to speed. Not to worry, it is a far, far better pasttime than watching anything on television, and once you get out in realityland, you'll find it's a far, far more rewarding place than Saturday morning cartoon land, for adults.

A few places to start, follow links you think interesting, share with others as you talk about these ideas:

  • World Socialist Web Site - this is very useful, as they cover all western countries, and you can see how the same things that are happening in Canada opposed by so many, the government cutbacks, phony war on terror, phony democracy, etc, are being imposed on all English people at this time
  • Media Lens - UK-based, but very good criticism of what the Brit equivalent of the CBC, the BBC, gets up to in gatekeeping and propaganda, and other things as they deem required
  • Storm Clouds Gathering - a lot of good, insightful videos, well presented, a lot of 'out of the box' info you are not going to hear on the CBC or anywhere else in the corporate state media ....
  • INI - investigating the New Imperialism - a site that collects good things from many other places - William Bowles apparently some kind of old socialist, still hanging on and fighting for a better world, gathering things from various sources, as we need to be doing
  • Intrepid Report, one of the old ones been hanging on, always a good selection of 'out of the NWO box' stuff

- there are many others out there, throughout the first part of the book I have given many of them related more specifically to different areas, as I said, they change often, but we just take what we have, and follow links from these places to new places, and keep feeding our brain with non-censored information to fight the new feudalists with.

General Background to getting out of the box:

  • - watch at least the first Zeitgeist film - you'll probably go on to the other two afterwards, they are a very good overall introduction to what is going on today
  • - another good general introduction is one of the David Icke lectures - tell your deep, deep indoctrination to give it a rest (the rulers must be very afraid of this guy given the lengths they've gone to to make sure you don't want to listen to him, just laugh dismissively when his name is mentioned without ever having listened to any of his talks), and get yourself free, or at least able to see the road where freedom waits, if you're strong enough and determined enough to throw off the indoctrination - for example Human Race Get Off Your Knees - see how much sense he makes about everything, and what utter crap you have been listening to on the CBC compared to the things he talks about
  • For a truly detailed and excellent overview, get Third World Travellor (they spell it like that) near the top of your 'general reference' list - they have stuff on almost everything.
  • - as mentioned in various places, just expand your daily 'what's going on in the world' internet browsing to include places like RT, and some of their shows - adults talking to adults about real things
  • Read William Engdahl
  • Robert David Steele, good interview there, and his 'main' book, The Open Source Everything Manifesto
  • Henry C.K. Liu, and
  • especially for Canadians, Andrew Gavin Marshall, by far the most intelligent and insightful commentary of what has been going on in Canada, and how that relates to what has been going on in the world
- and there's lots and lots of stuff out there, just get googling and reading and thinking - and then talking with your family and friends about getting out of munchkin land and getting on the path to creating a far, far better society and world than we have now.


If you still believe the 'official conspiracy theory' about some crazy Arab in a cave in Afghanistan organising this great crime, and 3 modern steel frame skyscrapers collapsing because of 2 airplane crashes and some relatively small fires, and how he managed to get these guys to be flying towards Washington and crash a plane into the Pentagon without any fighter defense for almost an hour over the capital city of the American hegemon, probably the greatest and most militaristic power in history, and many other wildly improbable things on that day, you very much need to huey newton - only the people can truly transform societyopen your mind and think for yourself a bit and challenge this nonsense, and think about the power the media has over what you believe and think - you will never get out of the box believing this type of total fantasy from the corporate media unquestioningly. If your first instinct when I write this is to throw away the book crying 'OMG he's just another stupid conspiracy theorist!!!' - you are deeply, deeply under the control of the rulers of our society. This is very important, and still needs to be near the top of our democratic agenda - the entire lie of the 'war on terrorism' and the ongoing lockdown of our society and the creation of a police state in front of our eyes is justified by this great false flag attack. There is a lot of good stuff available to help turn on this light illuminating the 911 lies of the box - maybe start with David Ray Griffin or Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth - and there are many, many good websites explaining the same things - perhaps the best is the Serendipity WTC Demolitions. There have been many conferences about 911, for example The Toronto 911 Hearings 2011, with good presentations about all the problems with the 'official conspiracy theory' nonsense. When you start to see how true these things sound, and how very brazenly lying and covering up the 'official theory' is, google around - there's lots out there.

And when you are ready to face the truth, you see how deeply our media and politicians are lying to us as they create their new world order around us. This is really a santa claus moment - you can't be an 'adult' until you stop believing in santa, and you can't be a 'free unindoctrinated' out-of-the-box adult until you stand tall and call BS on the official 911 conspiracy theory.


The great theft of the wealth we create, and the control they exert over all of us based on the bank-controlled money-credit system I talked of earlier, is another of the central box walls, and we are not going to be free and democratic until these debt chains are removed. As noted earlier, the Bill Still films are probably the best introduction, with Ellen Brown's Web of Debt for those who like info in book form - get your library to get it, or order online - and the other references I give earlier offering much more.

For we Canadians, Canadian Paul Grignon has done some good vids - and here

There is still much debate to be had about what the best way to organise our money-credit system would be, but before we can even start that debate, people have to be aware of the lies and theft we are living under now, as talked about in earlier chapters. And it's a santa moment-2, you can't really participate in 'adult' debates about what is going on in our country, or world, until you understand this great fraud, and how it is being used to control us all.

Canadian History from a more realistic view than the airbrushed 'history' the capitalists want you to believe - a good place to start is the Social History of Canada - for a long time, from say the mid-19th to the mid-20th centuries, there was a very serious battle between the laissez-faire mining-town factory-slum capitalists and the progressive, populist, social-democratic, democracy-desiring citizenry for control of our country - obviously, today, the capitalists are ascendant, and want you to believe it has ever been thus, the great benevolent god Capitalism making life wonderful for we little hobbit munchkins, but that is another great capitalist lie - a lie which would be in some jeopardy if people had a better understanding of this great battle of the last century.

US Geopolitical Activities since WWII - absolutely necessary to engage in informed discussions to understand that the US, very far from the propaganda and lies most of us have been conditioned to believe about their 'defence of democracy' etc, have actually been the primary aggressor in the world the last 70 years especially, although they have been aggressively chasing territory and power since the Pilgrims first got to the North American continent in 1500 and began the genocide of the peoples already inhabiting the continent they intended to take from them:

  • Read everything by William Engdahl, perhaps the best single researcher of how the last hundred years and today are all connected
  • Chomsky's 501 years (good lecture based on this here - if you haven't listened to a lot of Chomsky lectures, you better get started)
  • or a book called The People's History of the United States by a guy called Howard Zinn gives some history you're not going to hear much about on the 'wonderful' CBC 'thinking person's' shows ...) (or of course if you want more about the genocide of the native Americans, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee is necessary reading)
  • John Pilger, one of the world's true journalists the last 40 years - watch some films here for many truths you will never be exposed to on the CBC and their current warmongering and sycophancy for the US -
  • Paul Craig Roberts - long association with the US government going back to the Reagan Years, he *knows*, and as one of the 'honest and good' people, is talking about it
  • William Blum - a writer moreso than a speaker, but again a lot of detailed history of what the US has been up to here - if nothing else, get your library to get you a copy of Killing Hope, and never again look at the USA as the great savior
  • John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - again, many truths you're not going to get on the CBC or Canadian notreally-education (haha) system.
  • Serendipity is another very well done site - one of the best for 911, but it covers a lot of other stuff too, from kind of a 'sane' libertarian POV - if you're wandering around outside the box for the first time, a lot of good intelligent writing here, stuff you'll never find around the CBC or any other corporate propaganda media ...
  • Project Censored
  • RT - it's embarrassing sometimes, and very very saddening to have to recognize the great tragedy of what has happened to the CBC over the course of the CRR, to listen to the propaganda and dumbing down coming from the CBC, and then some real adults doing real adult conversations here, or on the Real News - the CBC used to be like this, I want it back.

BIll Moyers - the quality of democracy and the quality of journalism are deeply entrwined- and there is a great, great deal more out there of much interest to people truly wanting to get out of the box that you can find by following links or using google once you realise the internet is not just for sharing cute cat pictures but is a great library and information source for understanding what is happening that the people running our countries would rather - *much* rather - we did not understand, and start understanding what is going on really in the world, but that should be enough to start your discussions, and prove far beyond any doubt that the mainstream corporate media - up to and including 'our' CBC - are devoted entirely to propagating empire-friendly (and citizen-disempowering) propaganda and indoctrination maintenance, in various ways including dumbing down and spectacle - and if we want to take our country back, or just take it for the first time, from the politicians who are pretending to work 'for' us whilst actually simply running the country as those who own it, and them, tell them, we need to understand this clearly, and that we cannot believe anything of importance they tell us.

These propagandists and liars are useful to listen to of course - they do run the major 'news' networks, and as Chomsky has noted, your normal 'business-leaders' need to have a reasonably accurate idea of what is factually going on in the world to make 'business decisions', so they do tell us some of the important things going on in the world - but when they get into telling us 'why' something is happening, we need to clearly understand that whatever they say is almost certainly a contrived lie of some kind. And for what is happening today, that is why we need to next think about the current corporate state media, and always remember Dave's Big Rule about the CBC, in terms of important things in our country: If someone gets regular time on the CBC to talk about important things in our country, they're in some way involved with keeping you in the Box - spinning, lying, gatekeeping, dumbing down mush, etc. (One major corollary to that rule that should be obvious, but people who have been reared on the CBC have been trained to see only what the CBC tells them to see: If then, you are hearing about someone on the internet talking about important things, but who you **never** hear on the CBC - they're probably talking about something pretty important, and you should check them out.

B2 - A New Look at Our Own Canadian History - context and very necessary information for getting us back on the path to a true Canadian Democracy

A media to educate everyone about 'our country' - both some history we need to know and how our country operates (really operates in 'realpolitikland', not the 'civics book school children's version' taught in school for the pseudo-democracy)

Russell Brand - they're unaware of the great leftist traditionProbably the best place to start is Social History of Canada - for a long time in the late parts of the 1800s and the first 70 years of the 1900s, there was a very serious battle between the capitalists and the citizenry for control of our country, a lot of the last part of it led by Tommy Douglas - obviously, today, after 40+ years of the CRR as described earlier, the capitalists are very much ascendant, the 'socialist' fighters almost completely marginalised, and the rulers want you to believe it has ever been thus, the great benevolent god Capitalism making life wonderful for we little hobbit munchkins, but that is another great capitalist lie - a lie which would be in some jeopardy if people had a better understanding of this great battle of the last century. These are things you never, never hear talked about on the CBC in anything other than the most airbrushed children's version, but are very important parts of our struggle, to give us a grounding, a history, and everyone fighting for a better Canada really needs to have a clear picture of what went before.

We have many good books out there as well from 'real' Canadians writing about what has been going on the last few years in our - or what was once almost our - country are available, although you won't find them reviewed in the Star or Globe and Mail or on the CBC, of course, or any of these people being asked to share their knowledge on any useful Ideas shows - i.e.

  • Murray Dobbin's Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen
  • David Orchard's The Fight for Canada
  • anything from Mel Hurtig or
  • Linda McQuaig (you get Linda on the CBC or writing in other media at times, as she has been writing since the 70s, when the progressive movement was still strong and she is one of our early revered 'truly for Canada' public intellectuals, and the media cannot just ignore her without being very obvious about their gatekeeping, esp the CBC which still tries to pretend to be 'progressive' - but the appearances of her or any other true progressives are both limited and controlled in what she is allowed to talk about, and also simply swamped by the overwhelming time given to rightwingers from the Fraser Institute or other such places to spread their lies and propaganda
  • John Ralston Saul's various books, more of a 'western civilisation' perspective, more of a 'world class' public intellectual than simply Canadian, most notably his earlier books The Doubter's Companion, The Unconscious Civilisation, and The End of Globalisation - once revered in Canada as one of our great voices and public intellectuals, but now that our rulers have gone over to the dark side voices such as his are barred completely in favor of NWO propagandists masquerading as 'friends of the people' and 'intelligent citizens', and his voice never darkens the CBC airwaves anymore, along with so many others, for example;
  • Yves Engler has a number of books and articles looking at Canadian history from a much more honest presentation than the apologist corporate media, or
  • Andrew Gavin Marshall - a recent and very good Canadian researcher and writer - he does a lot of global stuff, but his examples are often Canadian based, which gives a lot of very useful information you are (haha) NEVER going to hear anywhere near the CBC.
  • Not directly Canadian, but an example of the kind of thing we need for Canada - Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States, completely trashing the 'official' history as taught in schools and that most people believe. We have the same problem in Canada - most people understand the way we've done terrible things to the First Nations people (chronicled somewhat at Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust - The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples by Church and State in Canada), but very very few understand the long fight between labour in capitalists in Canada, which the capitalists eventually won, and are now using their power to turn the clock back and take away the democratic power our ancestors had won during that struggle, peaking in the 60s, regressing ever since. And we're not going to start winning again until we understand this essential fact, which the CBC et al are very much involved with concealing, and presenting the fairy tale of wonderful capitalists fairy godmothers making a lovely land for all of us, etc etc.
  • - and another excellent talk by Chris Hedges, in which he again gives some history of 'the death of the Liberal class' - we have a very similar history in Canada, and there are people who understand this - but it seems very few people in Canada, even on our so-called 'progressive left', are interested in getting informed about this history, and the true nature of our struggle here. (go back again to Social History of Canada, and find some people, and invite them to your gathering - I am sure you could find many who would be happy to share their knowledge - the problem is, we have so few who are interested in learning about our real history)

And there are many other things are available, when you simply realise that there is a lot of important stuff going on, and in the past, we ought to know about, and is far, far more useful and interesting to people who want to change our country than the propaganda and mush on the CBC, and just start doing some intelligent questioning and looking - we still have a lot of freedom to write and think and publish, it is just that, as noted above, the majority of our people are now the new child-adults which have been created the last few decades, who don't read much other than twitter or facebook, and of the few who do read a bit, most are happy enough (and indoctrinated enough) to passively follow the corporate media, where the things that would get into areas the rulers do not want people going are carefully excluded, so most never learn about them - anyone followig the CBC knows all the latest sports scores for 'their' teams, and the exciting new bands at the local clubs, and how Mrs Jones feels about her beloved son getting run over by the car yesterday, but nothing at all of people fighting to stop the destruction of our country or the history of this resistance to the new capitalist world order feudalism or anything else of actual importance to anyone fighting, or trying to fight, for change.

B3 - A Media to link us with other progressive movements - rather than the daily litany of crying people and 'terrorist threats!!' and gossip about politicians and celebrities, we need a media through which we learn about, and communicate with, other progressive groups around the world also fighting the capitalist berserker. As far as the CBC is concerned, such groups do not exist - they threaten the capitalist NWO, and it is the CBC's job to protect and defend the capitalist berserker. It is our job to fight this berserker, and we need to find common cause with the many, many groups around the world fighting the same fight. And we should be reading about these groups daily on our media, and learning what ideas they have, what successes they have, what problems they have - and be talking to them regularly through our media. Groups such as -

- and many, many others - as with everything here, I am not trying to provide exhaustive lists, but simply opening some doors, turning on some lights, for all of us to do our own research, create our own connections, and eventually come together in a strong, intelligent, cohesive whole of engaged, intelligent adults, together creating our own better world, a world free of the predator imperatives of violence, destruction, poverty, mockery, to-the-death I-hate-you!! competition, deceit, and all other evils we really should not tolerate in a civilized society.

A world of informed, engaged, adults, at long last kicking the highly destructive predators out of our aspiring democratic government, and turning it into the kind of great country and world we could and should be.

But not if we continue allowing the CBC and the rest of the Canadian corporate propaganda media to lead us deeper and deeper into capitalistland, where only lies and misery and poverty and more war and violence await all but the opulent-living plutocracy.

Perhaps the most essential basis of a strong democracy is a strong, honest media. We currently have a very strong media, it is very true, but they are using their strength working for the capitalist rulers, and they are winning. If we want to turn this fight around - we need a strong and honest media working for us, to enable democracy rather than enabling the chaining of democracy, as the CBC et al have been doing so successfully the last few years.

So - leaders-teachers get at it!!
Obviously, there's a GREAT deal of work to be done here, and it isn't going to get done by itself. How you proceed is going to depend on various factors, such as what you feel comfortable doing, what issues you feel those you know will be most open to hearing, etc. But I would suggest a first set of a few meetings, whether once a week or 3-4 meetings over one week, broken down into individual, well-planned agendas. You can't cover all of the stuff above in one meeting, properly, and it would be too much for most people to take in anyway. I'd suggest using the material that is already available, that is powerful enough to wake people up if they just read or listen. I think the money scam stuff is the most powerful beginning, as if people understood how the massive fraud of 'austerity' is being used to shut down their democracy and rob us blind, they'd be inspired to get angry and active - but I've been saying that for many years now, with no luck, so maybe people don't care, or maybe I just haven't had the right approach - I am suggesting face to face meetings, but that's not been possible for me.

But if I was doing this, back in Canada, I'd get in touch with some people I thought were already a bit suspicious of government lies, and ask them to watch the Money Masters film, and the first Zeitgeist film, and direct them to some of the things on websites like AMI or Ellen Brown's Web of Debt, then we'd all sit down for a talk together, and I'd answer any questions they had, and talk about what a properly functioning economy could function like (a bit more on this later). I think we could do the same with the 911 fable - if people understood the massive lie of 911, again taken apart in various talks and videos by Griffin and others so that only a completely in-denial person could refuse to acknowledge the lies, they should be angry enough to get active, and then sit down for a meeting.

And then go after the fantasy that the US is the world good guy, and the 'commies' the bad guys - get them to read William Blum or First World Travellor, or some of the other things above, and again get it straight just who the really big bad guy is out there, and how we can fight the really bad things they are doing, starting with understanding the truth. And with these three things finished, and others you might think important, you can talk about the media and government - the money scam and 911 at least are two massive frauds and lies NOT being talked about by the media, which should be more than enough proof they are working for the rulers, and also the government refusal to talk about who controls money, and the truth of 911, clearly shows they are complicit (or ignorant, for the lower level nobodies in the back benches).

And then once people are clearly onside with the idea our governments are completely controlled by 'the enemy', we can start talking about what we are going to do about this - and that requires a widely woken-up citizenry, which means that everyone you have just talked to needs to do what you just did - get out there and start waking people up.

Some process like that, until you have enough people woken up who are angry enough to want to do something concrete - which means talking about the concrete steps that need to be done to take back our democracy, and then the bigger meetings begin.

Which we'll look at for the rest of this section.

ROcco Galati - Canada is a quiet dictatorship with a smile - people don't know that

Canada is a quiet dictatorship with a smile ... people don't know that. Rocco Galati (~18 min)

It's up to YOU to make them understand that, and start fighting the real fight - making this country a democracy.

After that - all else is possible.