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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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From Hastings to Green Island
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Knowledge is like a candle. When you light your candle from mine, my light is not diminished. It is enhanced and a larger room is enlightened as a consequence. - Thomas Jefferson
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- the revolution will not be televised by the CBC ...

"I say let us join hands with those who love goodness. And let there be one banner: real goodness. I want only to say that it is always the simplest ideas which lead to the greatest consequences. My idea in its entirety is that if vile people unite and constitute a force then decent people are obliged to do likewise: just that. Long live the whole world!" Tolstoy: War and Peace (Natasha)

III The Democracy Discussions Chap 2

First Responders - who will awaken the sleeping giant?

- most Canadians have been enticed under the wizard's spell, and firmly believe the pretend-everything box they've all been herded into is the 'real' world - we need some people to start pulling back the wizard's curtain, and show everyone the lies they have been living under ....

".... Writers such as Fanon and Freire pointed out that colonised peoples experience psychological damage and need to 'decolonise' their minds, so as to become less deferential to imperial culture and to affirm more the values of their own cultures...' (Global Research)

whenever any form of government becomes destructive to the people, they have the right to change it.- and this is what we need to do to our citizens of Canada - we have, in a way, been seriously colonised over the last 30 years of endless propaganda and indoctrination and very intentional dumbing down as explained earlier, so most of us have a very shallow view of 'democracy', and are far, far too deferential to authority, and the things they have learned in school - and even deeper, that the 'good democratic citizen', like the good child or student, does not protest much beyond formal, authorized letters to their MPs or local newspaper, but sees their duty as a good citizen as being a good worker and consumer, and good citizen by not challenging in any trouble-making or unsanctioned way the 'legitimate authority' in the land. We have been taught to obey the commands of 'lawful authorities', and to be civil and polite - so we do not like to stand up and accuse those we have been taught to respect - politicians, (people calling themselves) journalists, law enforcement officers - liars and thiefs and traitors and fascists, even when it is ever more obvious that is exactly what they are.

We need to understand that being nice citizens and obeying laws may be good things to strive for in a civilized society where the rule of law prevails and our 'authorities' are actually working for us and we generally approve of the laws - but in a society such as ours has become, a society ruled by money and lies and indoctrination and threats of violence rather than law, with officials and laws put in place by the rulers to control us and serve them rather than us, these traits are simply reinforcing the chains that bind and blind us, and perpetuating a no-longer-democratic society. We need to understand that good manners are only good to the extent they are underlain by courage rather than timid obedience and fear to confront hostile authority, and until we find our courage once again, and stop pretending the emperor has wonderful new clothes as our leaders and their media secretariat are telling us - they are going to keep stealing from us, and tightening the chains, until our children's children find themselves right back in the clutches of 21st-century incarnations of the robber barons and milltown-factory owners of the 18th and 19th centuries, that our parents and their parents' generations fought with such sacrifice to get us out of the clutches of. It is not a future we should regard passively like sheep waiting in line for the slaughterhouse, but anger - and maybe channel our Dylan Thomas and fight, fight, fight, rage rage rage against the dying of the light of Democracy in our country, and world.

Preliminary Step 1: - who is going to organise and lead these discussions?

The oligarchy ruling us didn't just spring up out of nowhere one day, and neither will a democracy. In Canada, most people have been placed firmly under the control of the oligarchy, they listen to some form of 'news' every day which reinforces strongly the notion they are living in a free democracy, where the people choose their leaders and their leaders work for the people, and they are not going to go to the internet sites we 'out of the box' people frequent, and 'self-radicalize' into people who understand the pretend nature of their 'democracy' and the 'debt trap' and the 'fight on terrorism' and the many other lies they live under - so if we want to create some kind of critical mass that is going to overthrow these lying oligarchs who rule us, those of us who understand what is happening are going to have to get a lot more active than we have been the last few years.

So if you are wondering who is going to lead this revolution -

be the leader you wish you had - Simone SinekWell, there's only one useful answer for that question, if we're talking about Democracy - You are.

Who are 'you', as opposed to everyone else? Well, those of us who understand clearly the things I have talked about in the first parts of this book, either before checking out this book or reading it with some sense of 'finally!!', or if not entirely clearly, at least that there are some important things going on we really need to get informed about more fully than we have been the last few decades by the corporate press - the pretend-everything that keeps us in the box, the pretend democracy, the money fraud pretend-debt scam, the pretend 'we the people' media, the pretend 'we're all in great danger from terrorists so we're building a lockdown-ready state around for your own protection!!', etc etc - are the real 'we' who need to be leading the democracy revolution - who else is going to?

the war will not be won by those who do evil, but lost by those who watch without doing anything.There are two main things preventing our getting on the road to democracy here - first, that so many people believe the lies and deceptions that form the primary box walls and thus are incapable of fighting effectively, especially when we do have a large number of people who do want change, but are kept running around in ineffective circles inside the box where their actions are enclosed by these lies and the leaders and media 'experts' demanding and promoting the belief in these lies every day with the CBC and corporate media reinforcement of the tweedledee-dum-etc political system and pretend 'adversity' of the multi-headed corporate media hydra pretending to hate one another - the people fully under their spell are obviously not ready to be leading any useful revolution; and second, at least as importantly, a very dismal job of trying to organize a more effective resistance and fightback by those of us who do understand that our 'democracy' is a fraud and scam, and who should be vigorously working to make far, far more people understand this, so those many who are unhappy about our country today get fighting more usefully than they currently are by working for the NDP, or, even worse, just giving up on politics altogether.

And obviously the people perpetrating these lies, who are the 'leaders' we have - not only the corporate media and the people they allow to have a voice in our country who openly push such lies as something we should believe in, but the 'capitalist-light' pretend-progressive organisations like the NDP or NDP-supporting 'alternative' websites who pretend to fight the capitalist excesses - are dedicated directly, among other things, to preventing these ideas from getting talked about, so the only 'leading' they are doing is deeper into pretend-boxland where the people they support and lie for continue to rule. But with the full support of the media, and the childish trust most Canadians have in their media, these leaders are very powerful, and hold very great power over the people of Canada, power which is going to take a lot of work to degrade and destroy.

So somebody has to lead, and that pretty much makes it those of us who understand what is going on, who are not under the spell and command of the lies and mush emanating endlessly from the CBC et al, and the endless 'round and round' deck chair reshuffling they have had us, or most Cdns, doing for years, believing they are really doing the best they can for change.

I know many have been trying one way and another, often for years, to get some serious and 'eyes open' resistance underway by writing various articles strongly pointing out the many problems with our society and urging Canadians to start fighting back more effectively than working for the NDP or running around streets chanting slogans (as have I, I do not exclude myself from this criticism) - but our lack of success would indicate it is time we started trying harder, quite a bit harder, if we want to turn back the NWO before it is so firmly in place it will abide for the foreseeable future.

As far as I can see around the net, there have been little or no attempts to actually start organising a dedicated democratic (non-NDP) political movement to take back our country, as I suggest here, and that is what we need to be doing (notable exception the CAP a few years back, and the National Party of Mel Hurtig in the 1993 election, but those attempts obviously failed and are other stories, although ones that could be instructive if someone had the time and inclination to write them up). Occupy this or protest that or strike somewhere else or sign this petition or reading and writing angry commentaries preaching to the choir on various websites, the tactics pushed by the corporate media, including their 'this far and no farther' 5th column 'alt' sites such as Rabble, are not having, and will not have, any effect - we need to replace the power in our country with democratic power, meaning we need to take over our houses of government, legitimately, and replace the drones working for the oligarchs with real people working for 'we the people'. Obviously those who rule are never going to do it themselves and, to borrow one of their phrases, that very much means boots on the ground doing something much more effective than wandering around carrying signs or breaking windows.

gandhi - be the change you want to see in the worldAs some clever person noted awhile back, Democracy is a verb - somebody, or some group, needs to be organising this democratic revolution in a very active way - obviously no movement is going to grow by itself, from people 'self-democratic-revolution-radicalized' on the net or wherever, and that means every one of us who is serious about this must be not on the streets marching and shouting slogans, but in church halls, legion halls, town halls, people's kitchens, talking seriously and quietly about what is going on here, and what we need to do if we seriously want to stop these new wouldbe fascists before they become so strong that resistance will truly be futile - a situation they are obviously aiming for, with their increasing putting in place of an 'instant obedience is your only choice citizen!!!' lockdown society around us, with 'terrorist' laws allowing secret detention and 'trials' for anyone so framed.

The rulers are very well aware of this power, and they have their own organisers out all over the place, as they have for decades, gathering converts into their various folds - including the 'honey trap' NDP for those who at least realise the neocon rightwing ideas are not good for us and are looking for something different, and have been led to believe the current 5th column NDP have the same dedication to 'we the people' as did the original CCF/NDP of Tommy Douglas et al. And the only way we are going to counter their very well-organised, well-funded, well-embedded strategy is to do some of the same ourselves. We don't need more websites where people can read something passively and then click on to something else, we need meetings with people at them, talking about what we are going to do in the streets and meeting halls and, finally and most importantly, voting booths of our communities to let everyone know what is going on here, and why it must be stopped, and how we are proposing to stop it.

Obviously those in power are very, very strong - but we have the greatest weapons of all on our side - Truth, Freedom, and Beauty. the truth is like a lion - set it free, it can defend itself ....

I really couldn't even begin to estimate how many of 'us' there currently are who clearly understand the complete sham we are living in, in terms at least of understanding the pretend democracy, pretend 'democracy-serving' media, or debt fraud, as nobody is organising anything right now on the web that would help estimate this, but there are enough websites out there even in Canada, and enough comments in the discussion places that don't censor them, that indicate our numbers are not entirely insignificant, and if we just get to work seriously, with some kind of plan, we could have an impact fairly quickly, I think, as Ms Mead has noted, given the large body of people who appear to be ready for some serious change in this country, as long as we get ourselves properly organised. Let us say, just to seriously lowball a figure, there are even as few as a couple of hundred of us ready to get to work - if we just committed to just once a week engaging someone we knew was fighting for the right things here, but were still fighting ineffectively because they still believed the propaganda and lies and indoctrination of the box, and spending the few hours it took to get through to them - and part of their 'awakening' was the same commitment to reach out to at least one fellow indoctrinee and transform them to a 'former box person - now at least on the path to becoming unindoctrinated' - our numbers could grow quickly to something significant - if you double a starting figure of as small as 100 only once a week, it's only a few months until you get into the millions, and once we get into the millions, our chance of success will be pretty high, so although it may seem like an impossibly high mountain, if we start climbing in an intelligent and determined and coordinated and organised way, we could get there a lot faster than you might think possible.

Certainly the 'success rate' will fall off as we move from people who already agree with our overall goals into the less interested and/or more deeply indoctrinated population, but also I suspect there are more than a couple of hundred to begin with, and we can, at least in the early going, find many more than one potential subject ready to have their eyes opened every week, and we can still have a significant effect, and quickly, if we move with determination and good plans, and good organisation which allows a strong feedback loop to keep improving everything we do - part of which, of course, is that during this time we will also have to begin setting up our informal network, including our Canadian 'real times' media or something, where we share ideas and start working together. And we might remember - it is very obvious at this time in our history there is a **great** deal of unhappiness with the way our western society is being run these days, a huge current of discontent at all the destruction and chaos and uncertainty around us, destruction and chaos very obviously to a very large extent caused by the policies of the rulers, who seem unable or disinclined to take the necessary steps to improve things, so we have a very large number of people looking for change, and thus ready to get on the Democratic Revolution bandwagon, if we can just make them realise we are serious, and have a better path to a better future, and their participation is necessary to make it work.

I am not suggesting a group of self-declared 'permanent leaders', of course, recruiting followers - that is one of the things we are trying to get away from - but obviously, a very large number of the people we need to refocus their efforts at creating a better society are under the control of people who are very determinedly leading them into safe (for the rulers) places, and we need some short-term teachers, shall we say, rather than leaders, teachers who understand what is happening here, to help those people understand they are listening to and following the wrong people, false prophets who encourage them to work at ineffective things, to believe untrue things, and get them into the light of day where they can throw the chains from their brains and start working as independent, engaged, informed citizens with other informed, engaged citizens to start creating a real democracy here. We need a Gandalf to get Wormtongue out of the brain of Theoden King - but in our world there are no Gandalfs, but there are a lot of Wormtongues out there, occupying a lot of millions of brains, and we're going to have to do it ourselves, all of us little Frodos and Samwises who have inherited a great burden through no doing of our own other than wishing for simple and peaceful and happy lives and being unaware of the cancer moving in, and now must find the courage to deal with it.

But Hobbits are pretty tough folk, down deep where it matters, and we can do this.

If you understand the massive scam that is going on with our money-credit accounting system, if you understand that the current party-based electoral system they call a 'democracy' is a complete sham, if you understand the corporate media, most especially the current turned CBC, is just a massive 1984-ian Ministry of Truth dumbing the people down, and keeping the people in a state of confusion and indoctrination engaged in childish pursuits that do not threaten the elite rulers - if you understand these things, and know about the many, many things available on the internet that conclusively blow these false ideas out of the water - then you have a job to do. You need to start doing more to help bring your fellow citizens who are unhappy with the direction our country is going out of the shadows of the Ministry of Propaganda Cdn media and into the light, where they can see the real situation, and start fighting more effectively. Truly winning hearts and minds with light rather than darkness, with giving and sharing and honesty and working for a far better society, rather than lies and war-mongering and stealing and taking and bombing and the truly dark future being forced upon us.

Dave's corollary to Ms Mead's famous saying - but they didn't change the world by sitting in front of the television, or waiting for someone else to organise whatever they were changing - they got out talking and doing. And if we handful of people who understand what is *really* going on around here want to see change - we have to get out there making it happen. We have to do whatever we have to do to start making *other* people understand what we understand, and that there is no future at all in things like working for the NDP - if we want a democracy here, the *only* way it is going to happen is if **we** make it happen.

- or to put that another way - if you want something you've never had, you're going to have to do things you've never done to get it. We've never had a real democracy, so it stands to reason we're going to have to do some things we haven't been doing to get it. And since we're breaking into new territory here, there aren't really any guidebooks, so we'll have to be creative. Smart creative not joking kid creative, although we should enjoy the process - building something that's never been built before, but everyone's gonna love (well, almost everyone) should put a lot of good things into your heart and spirit, and should involve a fair amount of dancing.

Well, if you're still with me, I know that's a tall order, leading a democratic revolution of people who will mock you because you're not in the box with them, who believe they already have a 'democracy' and are very happy shuffling deck chairs around.

But like the guy said - that's the mission. If you believe that doing something is better than doing nothing, I've got some ideas about tackling this in the next chapter.