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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

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"Don't worry be happy!" - Bobby McFerrin

'Canadians live in the best country in the world..' a certain S Harper

Part II Chapter 10

What's all the whining about dave?

It's a great life, a great country, we're all ok!!!

If you are aware that we're in pretty serious trouble at this time in our history, and seriously need to figure out how to start fighting the people creating this new feudalist society around us far more effectively if we want to have any kind of decent future, the main point of this book, then you can probably skip this part, which is a bit of a response to another group of people who need a bit of eye-opening or waking up.

I get this quite a lot when I talk to people about the things in this book - c'mon, Dave, I have a decent job, nice life, Canada is a great free country giving me all the best opportunities and everything I need, free to travel - what are you talking about, there's a 'crisis' of some sort happening and we all need to drop what we're doing and jump on your 'save the world!!' bandwagon?!? - we're doing fine! - sure there's some troubles in the world, but our own democratic government here in Canada is doing a pretty good job in difficult times, and our lives are still some of the best in the world! No problem, bud, except in your self-indoctrinated socialist-utopian brain crazed with some kind of anti-capitalist zealotry! Look around you - Capitalism has given us the best of all possible worlds!!

Although some people who talk like this are very much sycophants of the state paid to push such very false ideas and beliefs, there are a very large number of 'average' people, not flogging crap for the rulers, at least for any nefarious reasons, who do believe this stuff. It's very much a 'Let them eat cake!!' kind of argument, the sheltered child having no idea of the bigger world, and not caring - I have my cake and toys and life is lots of fun for me, so surely everybody has their cake too and life is fine for everyone, so don't try to disturb MY fun by stories I just choose not to listen to because I'm having so much fun!!

And to such people, it is a completely persuasive argument, as they live sheltered lives in carefully sheltered parts of the box where things are kind of 'fine', at least from their own limited perspective, and they see no reason to look outside the gates of their sheltered world to where things are somewhat less fine. And this is exactly what those creating the box around us, the 'new world order', the 'new feudalism', need these people to believe - these people, 'you' if you are venturing here for some reason, are well educated enough, from reasonably prosperous and secure families and communities, that they could actually play an important role in stopping the creation of the new feudal society around us - if they understood what was happening, and why it was necessary to oppose it. Thus it is a very central role of the corporate press, and particularly the CBC for 'progressives' who make up a large part of this upper sort of middle class with progressive values, to keep such people believing that things are generally ok - sure sure we have some problems, everyone does, but they're all just 'natural' problems, and we're working through them in our democratic way - look (as I write) - Harper is a bad dude, absolutely, but by god he'll be gone soon, and things will get better, and that's democracy in action! No need for all of this 'end of democracy and the Free World as we know it' talk, dave - we're doing fine!

However, as a couple of old sayings go, denial is not any kind of proof a problem does not exist, and if you're not very worried right now, it may well have less to do with 'things are fine!!' than you're just not paying attention, and/or don't have a good grasp of the situation. And try to remember, as I talked about in the last chapter - you're not paying attention to things you should be paying attention to because a very good part of the CRR is devoted to giving you all kinds of things to do to avoid paying attention to far more important things - not simply trivial entertainment things, but things they tell you are important so you feel like you're doing something useful, while still playing in a completely secure (for them) area - working for the NDP, for example, as explained earlier, ernestly rearranging deck chairs without understanding you're just playing in the kiddy's pool. As long as you think things are fine, you're not going to be wandering around wondering why we have such problems, and if you can turn your fine mind to doing something about such problems.

Let's have a quick look at why 'I'm ok!!' might be true in the short term, in your own 'box within a box', but like the guy jumping from the hundredth floor of some building, texting obliviously how wonderful it is!!! as he passes the 50th floor, and 30th, and 10th - reality is quite soon going to intrude, and provide some clarity, and a brutal awakening, to a rather stupid and shortsighted 'philosophy of life' that 'all is well in capitalistland!!'.

A quick look first at the obvious

I explain very clearly in earlier chapters about the massive national debt we have been carrying for the last 30 years, which has fraudulently stolen a couple of trillion dollars from 'Canadian taxpayers' and merrily carries on stealing another 50-60 billion every year, while being used as an excuse to cut back all kinds of programs most Canadians want and we have lots of money for if it wasn't being so stolen, and inter alia being used as an excuse to close down our democracy and set serious barriers up to us being able to act together to oppose this takeover - this is the very opposite of 'things are fine', once you understand it, like running around telling everyone how wonderful you are while the cancer is eating away your liver.

And when you take a serious look at what is going on with our 'democracy', as i have also done earlier, you simply cannot pretend 'things are fine!' anywhere outside some little delusionary box - again, most people oppose what has been done to our country the last 30 years, but have been completely unable to even slow down these changes let alone reverse them, and things again are very 'un'-fine here, no matter how the CBC tries to make all of this sound as if the world is unfolding as it should - for us, it very much is not (although those doing the creation of the new feudalist society are certainly happy with the way things are progressing, but as the object of the biggest scam and hostile takeover in history, you shouldn't be so happy ...).

If you have some understanding of these first two things, then you surely need to consider what I have written earlier about the full-spectrum propaganda Canadians are subjected to every minute of the day, all year long, of the corporate propaganda press. Most Canadians - esp the 'I'm ok!' gang, obviously believe a great number of things that are simply not true, because the first job of the Cd media is not 'news', but indoctrination. A national propaganda press, and a citizenry under their control, is very much 'not ok'. You might remember a somewhat comparable period, Germany in the mid-1930s, as Hitler was preparing to create the greatest act of destruction the world had known until that time. And almost all Germans - certainly the great majority of 'upper middle class' people with the good jobs that Hitler was providing, and which were very efficiently and joyfully creating the great machine he was about to unleash on the world, would have laughed at anyone claiming things were perhaps not as ok as most people believed - yes, many of them had good incomes and lots of toys and entertainment as do you today telling me things are fine!! - but there are other things in life than nice toys and entertainment after work, and sometimes these things can be far, far more important than the toys etc. Like a cancer growing inside you, not revealing itself until it is too late to stop it, or not without severe consequences to whatever is left of your life once you are forced to deal with it in all its strength and malevolence, which have been, and are, growing exponentially in strength every day you and millions like you wander around pretending how wonderful things are.

And i am trying to tell you that in Canada in the 2010s (and other countries) we are being distracted by the toys and entertainment and propaganda media, while some very, very bad things are growing all around us, painted in gaudy colors and presented as either benign or even Great!!! by the media - but with a very bad smell for anyone choosing to get a bit closer than the media-presented spectacle. And like Hitler's great war machine, once the 'true plan' is begun, the 'happy MacSmiling face' is torn off and the true face of Sauron revealed - the entertainment will be over, and the orcs unleashed among us, and the 'c'mon dave we're doing fine!!' talk will be revealed as the tragic delusion it has been.

And things are very much going to be 'not ok' for a long time to come, if we let them get to that stage. I can't guarantee anything, but I think we still have a chance to stop them, if we get at it now. When they come out, when whoever our new 'Leader' is gets his black shirts wandering the streets to openly smash any kind of dissent and the Rev Neimullers slink back inside with locked doors and closed curtains, it's going to be too late.

Let's try to take a small journey into places the CBC doesn't take you. Things that are very real, and paint a very, very different picture of what is going on here than 'I'm ok! We're all ok!'

Life in the 'real' world, c. 2015

Jonn Donne - no man is an islandThere are many ways in which things are 'not fine' in our country and world - indeed, really, in the 'worldwide' picture, most ways things are very much 'not fine' for most people, and our world in general, which is very apparent if one gets a wider view of the world than the one pushed by the CBC and other Canadian corporate media. As Jon Donne said, to paraphrase, we're all in this together to a very large extent, and if things are 'not fine' for a whole lot of others not only in the world at large but here in Canada, then they're not *really* 'fine' for you either, although in your circumstances you can certainly choose to ignore the problems of others, or even problems that are really yours, but you choose to ignore by looking the other way. But it won't do, as somebody said, it just won't do, if we want to call ourselves a civilized and modern society, any more than you would find it acceptable to close the door on your sick and suffering child or parent and forget about such unpleasant things, as 'having fun' was more important in your 'priority list' than taking care of others and you'd really rather just go to a ball game and cheer for your favorite team with your friends than get all serious about some sick person (it's a pretty sad and disgraceful comment on our modern world that so many people do indeed feel quite self-righteously justified in just that kind of abandonment). Someday you're going to need some care too, although the young and immature mind has this deep feeling of endless happiness and immortality ahead of it, and you'd be more likely to find others sympathetic to your needs then, if you are sympathetic to others' needs now.

Let's start with the people here in Canada - although you yourself might be fine (although maybe less so than many of you pretend, given the level of 'anti-depressive' drugs consumed in western countries these days, legal and otherwise - there are undoubtedly exceptions, but also undoubtedly, a very large number of people pretending to be 'fine' are very much less so, just putting on a false face when out and about to fool their friends and coworkers etc), what about everyone else in the country? Do we judge the 'fine-ness' of our country by you personally, or how the majority of people are getting along?

For example, how many of these Canadians, over 50% living paycheque to paycheque - would agree with your opinion? No doubt they'd like to have a life that was carefree and fun as you have, in our 'fun-oriented' culture, and would even be willing to put themselves a bit deeper in debt now and then doing some of these things, because our society really makes anyone not participating in these things feel like losers - but the question remains - why, in one of the richest countries in the world, are half of our people living paycheck to paycheck, facing some kind of disaster for themselves and their families if they lose their job? And why are so many living in outright poverty? When was the last time we heard from someone from any of the many anti-poverty organisations in Canada these groups on your 'fun fun fun!!!' CBC? Somebody from one of these groups gets on the CBC once or twice a year, to show how caring we want to be able to pretend we are - but every day, every single day, many times over, we hear from people like yourselves, who are doing just fine thank you, even Great!!, about what great fun you're having in your lives, what great things are available out there to do, how free you are, lots of money, etc. It is very understandable that so many people think things are generally fine for everyone, like the happy kid in her room with no idea whatsoever of the outside world where things are very much less 'fine' for a very large number of people - that is the job of the media, and especially for the Chomskian 20% the CBC - to make you believe that - but they aren't fine at all, really, for far, far more people than they are 'fine' for. Do you think you, and your 'life is fine dave!!' attitude, actually speak for most Canadians?

And the real point is - the number of people like yourself who think things really are 'fine' is diminishing every year, and the number of people whose quality of life is getting closer and closer to just not really bearable is growing every year. That is the reality - and that is a clear sign we are losing. Most Canadians do not want substandard lives for anyone else - but that reality is being imposed on us - very largely due to the ignorance and non-action of so many cynics who scoff at the idea we have any problems in our country, and are more concerned, like the children they are inside, the self-centered children they are encouraged to be by the media, with simply maxing their own enjoyment their main goal in life, and letting everyone else worry about themselves. I'm ok - and I do have some small concern for other people who are not doing so well - but tonight I just have to get out and see the new band, the one they told me about on the CBC where EVERYone is going to see!

(a common 'rebuttal' to someone pointing out this is, 'Oh, that is sad sure but we've been getting better over the years!' - but that's just not true - we've actually been getting worse, and worse, and worse every year, for decades now - more and more food banks. We do note that on your 'things are great!!' world the CBC periodically - around Xmas and such times - tell us all what GREAT work the food banks are doing! Everybody try to donate a bit to help their great work!!' - not once, not EVER, have we heard on the CBC some slightly deeper questioning, as there should be in a 'caring' society - what in the hell is a country like Canada doing with food banks at all - and more every year and not less? Also growing over the year are things like outrageous levels of student debt for students who can't find a job when they do graduate, more and more old people with inadequate pensions, most Cdns without enough income to try to save some for old age, being coldly told it's all their own fault and they'll just have to keep working until 70 or older or they die or just give up in despair and take all the pills some day, native people living in outrageous conditions, homeless people in every big city, school kids told to pay for their books and after hours activities (if they have any at all), legal aid slashed and cut everywhere (at the lower levels the courts may dispense something resembling 'justice' now and then (if some part of the elite has no interest in the case things happen kind of at random), but not if you can't afford a lawyer, which most people can't), scientific research closed down, people dying in emergency rooms due to lack of staff, or waiting in long queues for an operation that would make their lives a great deal better, people dying from inadequate food regulation, infrastructure child poverty in graphiccrumbling across the country, shameful lack of decent retirement homes for the old people whose selfish or useless families won't or can't look after them and they had no chance to save for retirement on lifelong minimum wage jobs, and on and on and on, signs of increasing poverty and disparity - all marginalized by the media, to keep people like you believing things are 'fine' (we get an endless parade of 'sports' and 'entertainment' stories and panels discussing them enthusiastically every day, a living breathing example of the kind of citizen the CBC wants you to aspire to and believe we all are, having a GREAT!!! life!! - but the 'not so feel good' stories are minimised, broken up and separated so no pattern emerges of a deep and serious systematic problem - maybe once a week we'll hear some story about some small segment not doing so well - but then quickly on to the 'fun' stuff for we happy kids!!, as the less good aspects of our society get pushed aside - why isn't that the other way around, really???? Think about it ...). These things should be talked about every day, and people should be outraged, not accepting the media slant that these are just some kind of factoids to tell the people, but the really important stuff, the stuff we talk about every day!!! is how GREAT OUR lives are, so we don't really need to think much about those not quite so happy.

- lots of places to get yourself educated if you want to get out of CBC pretend-Canada and engaged with reality:

- and many many more

We really, really need to be asking - what the hell is going on here, that in a great country like Canada, in the great world of modern technology, a wealthy country like Canada seems, for the last 30 years, to be going ever more and more backwards to conditions more like the 1930s than the 1970s, instead of forwards in terms of looking after all of its people? How exactly in the hell does this translate to 'I'm ok we're ok, doing great even!!!'?

We should not be seeing outrageous student debt, as our country matures, and we have more wealth not less to share around, we should not even be moving towards free education for everyone qualified, like in the more advanced European countries, we should long ago have been offering this! We should not be looking for ways to keep our old people alive at minimum cost, or ways to hide and not talk about the terrible conditions so many people in this country are forced to live in or talking about utterly reprehensible 3rd-world living conditions for our original inhabitants once a year - we should be doing all we can to make sure THEIR lives are 'just fine' every day, rather than 'just getting by' being the norm, with so many doing so much worse, turning to drugs and crime, young women turning to prostitution, many homeless on the streets of our cities - just a shameful condemnation of our country (as the UN has noted more than once, to nothing more than pious words and no action from our governments). More than 25 years ago the House of Commons committed to simply 'reducing' (rather than eliminating) child poverty in Canada, and they don't even have the will to meet that paltry goal, as child poverty has actually increased. We should not be hearing more and more stories about cuts to health care and other basic services because everybody is trying to 'save money' and Cdns have no more clue about how this is just a great lie than they do about life on the other side of the moon, we should be demanding and hearing about what new services we are considering for all of our people, to share our great wealth even more! The ongoing poverty and poverty-related violence and suicides and drug use and despair on native reservations across the country is a total disgrace, and should have been dealt with in a way agreeable to all decades ago, instead of ever getting worse - not fine at all. And the many, many other programs the government has been defunding the last 20-30 and more years, from legal aid to scientific research - not fine at all for people needing legal help, people needing health care as waiting lists grow longer instead of shorter, as people cannot find a family doctor, as people go into massive debt paying for necessary drugs or eye care or dental service, as old people who have worked all their lives as 'poor working class' in this country face their last few years in misery and desperate poverty - not fine at all - in a great country like Canada, we are going backwards instead of forwards.

Not 'fine' for more and more people, my friend, no matter how 'fine' you feel yourself. You seriously need to get your head out of the sand, and do a bit of checking around of what is really going on in 'your' country. What you find will surprise you. And hopefully grow you a bit into a more useful kind of human being. Those who rule our country are dismantling the once almost great democracy our ancestors fought for generations to create, right in front of the eyes of Canadians, most of whom have been so heavily indoctrinated they think it is all some kind of 'natural progression' they can do nothing about - so do nothing, but allow themselves to be conned into thinking things are 'fine' by the CBC and other corporate media.

And one more important thing - remember, you are of the 'Chomskian 20%' I keep mentioning - you do have some 'power' in your demographic - you believe you have rights, if you understood there were serious problems here you would be able to at least think about doing something about them, and have, with others like you, some power to influence our politicians, and fight for change. The poor now, the dispossessed in Canada, the native people on their reservations, the old and weak and voiceless, the hungry children, the immigrants too afraid to protest lest they be sent to some even worse place, the 'average working people' living paycheck to paycheck and afraid of losing their jobs and homes if they anger Authority - these and the many, many others at the bottom 50-60% of our population don't have anywhere near the power you and your 'it's a great life!!' upper 10% buddies have, if you choose to use it - the poor are too sick, too busy just finding some food every day and a place to sleep, or too busy looking for booze to hide their pain, too without any access to anyone to have any chance of fighting the usurpation of our country to do anything for themselves - so it is **you** and your demographic who **could** be a danger to the rulers, if you understood the problems and decided to try to fight - so it is very particularly your group that the CBC et al are charged with pacifying, with keeping you quite and happy, until the chains are too strong, the box walls too big, to escape.

And, very sadly, to listen to you protest that 'Things are fine dave!!' when I and others try to wake you and your kind up a bit - they are very successful in their plans.

And again to repeat the key thing here - it's not that things are a bit bad for some people, but getting better - the key indicator here is that things are actually getting worse and worse, and more precarious, for more and more people every year - the very opposite of what we should be doing as an ever more modern and prosperous and mature country - and if you haven't lately, or ever, have a refresher on the Rev Neimuller story, and see how that might be applied to your attitude of 'I'm fine, really, so what's all the fuss about?!?'

Outside your gardened walled community - the Earth, our Home, is not doing very fine at all ...

Something else of great importance, again shoved in the background by the media and covered with endless useless distracting spectacle, you're not considering when you tell us how great things are, stop fussing, don't worry be happy! - our environment.

I'm sure you know there are some small environmental problems around the world (as you would think of them if judging by the amount of time given them by the corporate media from which most people seem to rely on for their information), and maybe even you send a few bucks to some of the groups doing environmental work sometimes so you feel you're helping as a concerned citizen ought to do before getting off to the ball game or bar - but do you really understand how serious this is? It doesn't seem likely, if you're telling me I am exaggerating, there's no real problem, Dave, I'm fine, the country's fine, stop complaining, etc. Again, it's like the guy jumping from the 100th floor tapping happily away as he passes the 20th floor, or the happy campers dancing like carefree children as the Titanic approaches the iceberg - things can only keep getting worse and worse, and much worse and much worse, for so long, and the media can only keep building big distracting spectacles in front of them for so long - then something crashes and/or dies. And we've been destroying the environment we all depend on at the most fundamental level of our lives for centuries now, with almost no alleviation efforts, and the destruction has been escalating at an exponential rate for several decades now. There really isn't a lot of time left - if there is any - to stop this destruction, and try to save our planet, in a physical way - not just our nice society in Canada, but the very planet we live on.

This is a system-wide problem - it's not just pipeline protests, or talk about 'climate change' - every major environmental system on our planet is under attack, and in danger of collapse, often imminent collapse - the environment we depend on for things like air and water, which I hope you understand are pretty much essential to your 'great life', and when the air and water go bad - there goes your 'great life', no matter how much you have avoided facing such facts. Denial works while the boat approaches the iceberg and you're dancing around gayly with drink in hand and bimbo on arm - once it hits, the party's over. Not until the captain 'reboots' or something - forever.

None of this is in any way deniable by anyone with their eyes open and concerned with bigger things than their personal 'I'm ok!' lives and who reads a bit more widely than the corporate media suggests, and who also think for themselves, and about what is important and what not, than accepting passively the 'values' the CBC et al try to get them to follow. Rather than keeping up with the ball scores and having your childlike 'discussions' about the problems of the team, you might better be asking why the CBC et al believe that daily sports updates and excited gossip on whatever 'stars' are in the headlines these days are more important than an ongoing effort to get people involved in pushing their politicians to get serious about saving our environment. You might ask them why endless hours of gossip about their latest victim is more important than dying oceans or endless clearcutting or climate change or ongoing pollution of our freshwater, or more species being killed off, and etc etc? Why is the CBC so fucked up in its priorities that we hear about the latest sports scores every day, and the latest local band making good, but maybe once a year we get a few minutes with somebody trying to wake you up about the dying oceans?

And there's nothing new about people trying to warn us about what is going on - the first serious effort dates back to the 1960s, with Rachel Carson's Silent Spring (back into the 1800s if you want, but I think Rachel was the first to ask 'What in the hell are we doing here?' in a 'modern' setting - unfortunately, the 'environmental' movement that was part of the 'great awakening' of the 60s was also one of the victims of the 'great pushback' of the rulers, talked about earlier as the 'corporate reactionary revolution', and in response to every concern in our society, there was, under the CRR, a lot of talk in response as a kind of pacifier, but very little real action, as the 'business sector' quickly started the big fightback to prevent any serious regulations that might impact their profits on every front - that is to say, the capitalists once again showed their complete psychopathy - and once again, most people just ignored it, as you seem to be my friend - if I have my immediate comforts met, then like some shallow child I'll pretend everything is fine for everybody! Let them eat cake, the sillies!).

The first major Canadian entry into the reality of what we have been doing to our environment was probably Farley Mowat's Sea of Slaughter in the 1980s (although of course he was writing about environmental things earlier, and later) - a very moving and graphic description of the great attack we in Canada waged in past years on the great life in the north Atlantic ocean. David Suzuki has been speaking of the dangers of letting our environment collapse for decades - and yes, David Suzuki is very popular in Canada, and highly honored, which makes the relative lack of action even more puzzling - how is it so many people go to one of his talks, or listen to him on television, and applaud him wildly as so many do - and then go back to their day jobs, and night time entertainments, and do nothing at all to pressure the politicians into taking much more positive action to start saving things rather than continuing the destruction (nothing effective, that is)? (of course, Suzuki is getting old, with his 'glory days' back in the 70s, and into the 80s, as he talked to and with and for people who agreed with him, people who have been dying out as the younger dumbed down generations move into the bulk of the body politic, and has been, like all of our leading public intellectuals from that time, been slowly pushed out to the margins, appearing much less on the CBC lately who'd rather have you thinking about the latest sports scores and 'entertainment' at the local bar scene, things talked about every day, and his latest greatest effort is telling us what wonderful things are to be found in the Cdn environment, rather than urging us to do more to save what is left of it, making one wonder, although he probably figures some exposure on the CBC is better than none, and the CBC, controlled by the science-hating current government (and its new 'science-ignorant supporters!!, according to Ideas, obviously fallen under some very bad influences), is probably under some pretty severe limitations as to how far they are allowed to go in talking about things the gov does not want talked about, national icon such as Suzuki or no...).

Yes, obviously some people out there understand the danger and are doing what they can, but evidently not many, and with no major ongoing media attention, the tv-smartphone hiveminds aren't interested in boring stuff like the environment when they have a whole mailbox full of 'mustsee!!!!' amazing cutecat vids or 'hilarious mustsee fails!!!' or **FUCKING OUTRAGE!!!!** at the latest femi-nazi perceived slight to women (he kissed the reporter on the cheek!!!! OMFG!!!!! - days of outraged coverage and "analysis' from the 'look ANYwhere but at important stuff' CBC), etc etc etc, the trivia of our modern consumer society for the shallow child minds thinking they're 'adults'. This may be related to people getting their information from the corporate media - the information about what is happening is out there - but we almost never hear about it on the CBC or other 'mainstream' media, but every day we hear 'I'm doing so great!!' stuff from happy laughing CBC announcers talking to their happy laughing guests about the latest 'must see!!!' local bands at the clubs on the weekend, the 'wow look at our great sports teams!!' - every day on the CBC, every local show - but almost never anything about the ongoing destruction of our planet, our own environment here in Canada, nor what 'we the people' might do to start turning the tide aside from writing little letters to our MPs or joining some demonstration (action groups like Greenpeace get little friendly acknowledgement from the CBC et al..) - remember the great fishing we had back in the 50s and 60s at almost all of our lakes and rivers in Canada? Hardly any fish left at all now in the 2010s in most of our rivers and lakes, and the few that we can catch are more often than not too toxic to eat. Remember the great cod stocks of the Canadian North Atlantic, that 'suddenly, to everyone's surprise!!' just crashed in the 90s, and have not begun to recover 20+ years later? - and NOBODY is going to mention 'overfishing' and corporate power National Sea (NatSea) in the same breath, so we get totally idiotic "analyses" on the media about darn old seals eating the cod - better go and kill all the seals now ...) The oceans are being poisoned and the biomass, the 'edible fish' portion, is but a small fraction of what it was (they're dragging for sea urchins now for god's sake), the great forests and jungles, which provide much of our oxygen and carbon sinks, are also a shadow of what they once were, the air is obviously being polluted worse and worse, overpopulation is destroying the arable land as more and more chemicals are required to grow enough food to feed us, which is also related to the depletion of both the world's freshwater supplies and its fertile soil - fertilizers and other chemicals only work for awhile, but they're like a drug to the soil, and the longterm harm is far greater than any short-term apparent gain.

These are truly frightening facts (and really I'm only scratching the surface here), for anyone who cares about the future of our country and planet, and the world we are creating for our children and grandchildren, and it is even more worrisome that so few people seem to care. Such things are, as noted again and again, almost never talked about on the CBC, and the odd time something serious like this is given a few minutes, it is completely lost in the mass of spectacle and propaganda and dumbing down mush, as they have other priorities that they encourage their listeners to keep front and center in the obviously increasingly limited 'thinking' parts of their brains - gossip and dumbing down and spectacle and propaganda and crying victims of whatever lead the way there, and apparently a very large proportion of those who are supposed to be 'progressive' in this country follow right along.

And only ignorant, spoiled children with no ability to think or care beyond their personal comfort can pretend this ongoing destruction of the environment we all depend on is nothing to be concerned about, or relegate to the 'priority' list at the bottom, as something for someone else to look after while we get on with the more important business of maxing our fun points. Children going to the cupboard thoughtlessly, until the day they open the door and there is nothing there, and nobody coming with more, and like baby birds they'll be left bleating for mother to bring them food - but they have allowed the food to be destroyed, and mother is no longer there to feed them.

At the very least, as an adult citizen of this country, you should be familiar with something called the 'precautionary principle', and acting accordingly.

- a few places to start reading, if you're ready to look beyond your comfortable sandbox:

- and, as they say, etc etc etc etc etc - but hiding your head in the sand is not going to change anything. One thing we know, or those of us who pay attention to stuff not advertised on the CBC, is that nature is amazingly resilient, and the very first thing we need to do is just stop killing her so much and so fast, and she can recover very quickly.

- there is so much proof that we are on the verge of environmental catastrophe - why do you almost never hear any of this in the Cdn media, but have several pages or minutes/hour of utterly irrelevant sports and 'entertainment' news every single day???? Things are not 'fine', my friend, they are very much *not* fine - why are your media so determined that you believe things are fine in Canada, when they so obviously are not? You might spend a bit more time reflecting on this, and a bit less on Facebook and other trivial pursuits. (as I noted in the last section - you, and your upper middle class cohort, are potentially dangerous to what is happening around us today in terms of the creation of the NWO - you have the confidence and intelligence to challenge them, if you understood the danger - it is very important that you be kept pacified, and not fighting these people, until the box is so strong you cannot escape either. Coming soon, to everyone who thinks things are 'just fine!!'.

'No Man is an Island'

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. John Donne

World chaos, violence, wars, displacement, terrorism - the natural way of things, or something we could stop if we actually wanted to?

Cost of war was 14 trillion last year

World chaos, poverty, violence - the question is, I guess, as suggested by Donne - if ~5 million children are dying every year in other parts of the world, from terribly cruel starvation and needless violence and other very preventable diseases, millions and tens of millions others killed or maimed or displaced because of entirely unnecessary aggression by *your* country, with others led by the US, engaging in aggressive bombing and other methods of creating chaos (including the media lying to encourage and justify and sell to Cdns such American bombings etc) - can you really pretend things are 'fine' in your life and country? You cannot be unaware of the conflicts all around the world - surely nobody pretends these things, with the tens of thousands and millions of people who want nothing to do with such things are nonetheless killed and maimed or displaced or have their homes and countries uprooted and destroyed every year as 'collateral damage' of 'the wests's' geopolitical games, are 'ok'? Yes, of course, the 'west', and their secretariat media such as the CBC, tell you every day how 'we' are the 'good guys' just responding to 'terrorism' and various things with bombs and violence 'to bring peace and Democracy and Let Little Girls Go To School!!!' (hahahaha you're not really that fucking gullible, are you???) to these places, but surely, after so many years and so many lies, it must be getting almost impossible to say you believe these lies with any kind of straight face, and again, a kind of 'precautionary principle' should be working in the intelligent adult mind, trying to find out what is really going on here, and if there is anything we could be doing to make things better, as with the poverty and rarely talked about violence in our own country, or the environmental destruction here and everywhere, instead of very obviously making things worse with everything our governments get up to (not really 'us', as 'we the people' get no more say in such things than we do in running up the national debt or siccing the cops on political protesters, but as long as most Cdns sit passively by while 'their' government goes bombing and killing, they are very surely complicit). As, of course, there is - if we put our really quite magnificent human minds together and looked for ways to truly make lives better instead of destroying them, it is an absolute certainly that all of this bombing and destruction could be very nearly stopped by us here in the west, if that is what we really wanted to do.

But wait, but wait, of course, is the first objection - we personally, little individuals here in Canada, are not really responsible for most of that violence and poverty and environmental destruction in other parts of the world - the Cdn government, alone and with other groups such as the UN, does a lot every year to combat such things - it is not reasonable to expect one single citizen in Canada to do much else, is it?

Yes and no. Of course you personally cannot do anything alone to alleviate the poverty or stop the fighting. But, on the other hand, two things: (a) if Cdns as a group were somewhat more educated about what is **really** happening around the world, which is a very different story than the war-mongering lies and other propaganda they get from their mainstream media, we might indeed be able to do much more about it than we currently are by collectively electing different people or demanding more from those we do elect - actually, for the last few years, the Canadian government, along with the US and Great Britain and many other western governments, has been very actively making the world's problems worse instead of better, with the support of many Canadians who have no real idea of what is happening, and the ever-present apathy of so many others who don't really care - creating violence and chaos and poverty and massive environmental destruction contributing to more human suffering, very directly involved with the deaths and maiming of tens of thousands of people every year through backing American geopolitical interests; and (b) the 'west' in general, going back to the days of the British Empire, and continuing through the days of the American Empire since ~1900 have been very directly preventing so-called 3rd world countries from modernizing, and keeping them as brutal dictatorships (as opposed to our more citizen-considerate western oligarchical 'inverted totalitarian-managed democracy' dictatorships (read Sheldon Wolin)). (some reading, if you want to get yourself a bit more educated on this aspect of our 'not really that great' world, if you're ready to climb out of the sandbox and take a real look around -

  • Killing Hope by William Blum - and any of the other books he has written
  • Howard Zinn - A People's History of the US
  • anything by Chomsky, but speaking directly to this topic, the endless wars created by America, Year 501: The conquest continues
  • - anytime you hear something on the CBC about 'those EVIL!!! fucking Russians and Putin!!! - head on over to RT and listen to any of the main current affairs shows and get at least another point of view - and then honestly assess the different things you have heard, and realise that the endless propaganda of the CBC is childish and stupid and not fit for any adult to pretend to believe.
  • - and a great deal of interesting and useful reading on Third World Traveler
- and etc etc etc - there is a huge amount of stuff out there now with the internet, and no excuse at all for anyone who considers themselves a thinking adult in our society to be believing the utter horseshit and lies and simplistic-propaganda-for-indoctrinated-dolts and delayed-development-Randian-orc-barbarians spread around every day by the corporate press. Unfortunately, as I have to keep saying, it appears that those of us who actually qualify for the title of 'thinking adult' are getting more than a bit thin on the ground these days, and we need you people who seem to think, but still believe 'things are fine!!' to get your heads out of the sand and start putting that thinking to some useful ends.

As a country, since at least the 1980s, Canada has supported this US-led western attack on the 3rd world, notably the middle eastern countries, and as such does indeed bear more than a little responsibility for the poverty-related deaths, and the local violence, and the larger violence of the last few years of many Muslim countries against the west (the things loudly portrayed by the media as 'terrorism' are rooted not in 'hatred of our freedoms', as our governments like to portray them, but in long years of simmering anger at what 'we' have been doing to their countries). This may be unpleasant for you to think about, having unwittingly supported a lot of bad stuff through not knowing any better, but if you want to understand the world clearly, and try to make it a better place, you do need to acknowledge it - and your role in it, supporting the governments which have been doing these things. If you really think that things are fine everywhere, because you're doing fine yourself, you obviously haven't been doing the reading or otherwise finding the information you need to do - a few places to start to get up to speed would be almost anything by Noam Chomsky (start with Year 501 The Conquest Continues); Susan George or Pat Adams on Odious Debt; George Blum's Killing Hope; the Third World Travellor website, and many other websites today trying to counter the propaganda and lies of the corporate press - follow where they lead - there are many, many, MANY resources available for those who care enough to try to learn what is really going here, why things are so bad in so many places and getting worse, and from there to start thinking how we might start making things better instead of worse for so many of our fellow human beings.

FINALLY - But I'm a smart, educated, caring Canadian, dave, really - you're not seriously trying to tell me the Canadian media has been presenting a false picture of what has been going on in my country and world for all of my life, now, are you? Really?!?

Well, actually, yes, that is exactly what I am trying to tell you, or part of it. As I mention in many, many places in this book, since the 1970s, when the CRR got seriously underway, it has been the central role of the mainstream media, or the corporate media, to create a narrative, a portrait, of our world and country that allows our rulers, who control the media, to continue doing the things they want to do to increase their own power and wealth all around the world, while keeping you very naively in a 'box', believing you live in a nice democratic country with a good government wanting only good things for you and everyone else in the world, and everything they do is directed entirely altruistically to such ends. And it's all a great lie.

'I'm fine so everything's fine!!' works only for the simple-minded children of the privileged playing in their nice yard, no responsibility for anything other than fulfilling their selfish personal desires, refusing to look over the fence at the great poverty and destruction required elsewhere to maintain their comfortable surroundings. A usually related unspoken assumption, again encouraged by the media in our increasingly 'dog eat dog' capitalistland, is that there are winners and losers, or good people and bad people, and we're one of the 'good deserving' kind, and don't need to be concerned with other things - after all, as the rightwingers like to tell us whenever they get a chance, we are all responsible for our own lives, so if people are having trouble elsewhere, it is to a large extent their own responsibility, and we don't have any particular obligation to look after others who have made bad choices - they need to take responsibility for what they have created, and fix it themselves - as we smart folk here in Canada have done. As the elder Bush wife said at one point, regarding the destruction her husband was causing in Iraq, “ I mean, it's not relevant, so why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that..' It's a bit like saying the slaves on the Mississippi plantations 200 years ago were responsible for their own fate, or the Jews in the concentration camps in WWII - very nasty, self-serving lies, of course. The US Military is the most powerful military in the history of the world, and when they go into some impoverished 3rd world country with the goal of oppressing the people there in order to steal their wealth, there isn't really a lot they can do to resist, any more than the cows in the barn can resist when the farmer decides they've passed their 'best by' date and it's time for the last roundup, especially when the corporate press is lying continually about what is happening, and the citizens of the west are deeply conditioned to believe the Americans, with our support, are only intervening with the best interests of the people of such countries at heart. It's a very egregious lie that no modern person here in Canada should be believing any longer.

And again, I am sure you will continue scoffing at this notion that all is not really well in our country if that's what makes your life comfortable and mostly worry free in the short term - but the 'prima facie' case is very strong as I have pointed out above (in outline only, there is much, much more out there that no caring person can ignore), and if you truly want to consider yourself an engaged, caring citizen, you really need to spend a bit more time becoming familiar with the 'real' story, which again is readily available for those who care to look. Just read some alternative ('true') histories and commentaries, watch some films on the internet you will never see on the CBC, and compare the 'official' story of what is happening with some different ideas, and see what you think then.

- well, just a starting list of places you could start reading at, if you want to get your head out of the CBC ass and start doing some real learning about what is going on around here - you need to wonder why these groups, and many others like them talking about truly important things here, get approximately zero time on the 'great progressive CBC', while they fill their air time with completely irrelevant sports talk and cute kid stories and gossip and other mush. Is that really how shallow and trivial you yourself are, to be completely passively sucked into the world of irrelevance offered by the CBC, with their laughing hosts telling us all what a great time we're all having!!! - or can you start thinking for yourself, and understanding the very, very serious issues that are slowly but surely destroying our once almost great country, issues the CBC and other media are very, very carefully marginalising, and starting to get on your feet and doing something to help save us from the barbaric berserkers destroying everything our ancestors sacrificed to build?

Note finally, to answer another 'challenge' from those unhappy with my suggestion that we're not alright at all - I am not saying we should all send all our money to Africa and start living in hovels and wearing hair shirts, that would not be in any way helpful - our ancestors fought for generations to create an almost democratic country, prosperous and comfortable and peaceful, for us to have good lives in, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying our lives and the many benefits of a modern technological country such as Canada. And - in our modern world, money is power, and someone with a bit of education, a bit of understanding of whatever 'rights' we have left and how to push for those rights, with a bit of money and determination to fight some wrongs can push much harder than someone with no rights or money or idea of how to resist authority when they start creating too many fences around us, as they have been the last few years. But beyond that, there are, I think, two very major problems with the general 'Im ok fuck you and the rest of the losers!' attitude of so many people today. First, the blindness involved in that attitude, the refusal or inability to recognize that we may still be 'ok' overall here in Canada, and life is certainly good enough for some - but we have been on a seriously backwards trend for the last 30 years, with things getting less good for pretty much everyone outside of the elite ruling class, and if we don't very actively start working to understand that decline and take serious actions to stop it, we're heading for a very serious cliff which it is going to be a FUCK of a lot harder to climb back up than it was to allow ourselves to be pushed off through stupid denialistic 'I'm ok don't worry about it!!!' attitudes. And secondly, there is a lot wrong with the refusal to think about how much misery there is in the world outside of our personal comfort zone, and how much our actions, or the actions of our government, are contributing to that misery, and to refuse to try to do anything about it - our media wants to trivialize this so the rulers can keep on doing what they want to do, but if you want to consider yourself an adult engaged citizen, it's up to you to start reading and thinking beyond what the corporate press want you to read and believe. It's not simply altruism to care about other people, there's a good chunk of 'looking out for yourself' as well, as Donne understood so many centuries ago and expressed so well - if we are doing things that create resentment and anger in other people, then that resentment and anger is frequently going to come back us in violence. This is, of course, the way of the warlord and predator, to dominate by violence, and maintain their dominance by violence, with full awareness that other more violent people may someday defeat him - but we are supposed to be civilized now, at least in countries like Canada, and a good part of that means we leave the predator-warlord attitudes behind, and try to create decent lives for all citizens in our country - and do what we can to help bring people in other countries to our way of life, insofar as they have any interest in achieving anything we have achieved. It is very much *not* in our interests, nor very civilized, to participate in oppressing people in other countries in order that we can maintain our own higher standards of living, or in support of 'geopolitical' goals (you can read 'predator-warlord' for that) of those who actually rule us. That's all I'll offer here - if you are determined to keep your head in the sand, nobody can make you listen to more caring, mature, adult voices, nobody can make you take it out - but if you are really concerned about the things that are happening around the world, then you need to lose the simplistic, naive 'I'm ok! Therefore everything's ok!' attitude.

Things are very much NOT ok. As some don't find out until they hit the sidewalk or the iceberg or wake up some morning to find the 'investment counselor' who they believe is about to make them fabulously wealthy has actually run off with all the money and they're now fabulously poor and pretty much fucked - and nobody really cares or is around to help you, because you've been carefully not helping anyone before your own personal tragedy, so like everyone else, you're on your own against the corporate behemoth, who discouage 'collective' action in the masses opposing them, but have no qualms about looking out for one another at the top. And the awakening can be quite shocking when it comes, if you persist in staying in denial until denial is no longer possible, and probably doing something about the problems has become almost impossible too. The Germans in the mid-1930s thought things were pretty fine too, and there was no need to challenge or even question the tno planet bactivities of their government, nor peer into dark rooms where less great things were happening, as they were all having a pretty good time and it was easier to keep on having a good time and not thinking much about whatever they were being told by the leader's PR-media.

The happy Newfoundland fishermen hauling huge amounts of cod out of the north Atlantic for generation after generation, more and more every year as if this was truly a bottomless fish stock, listening to the fisheries scientists telling them what they wanted to hear about 'lots of fish, boys, lots of fish!!', got a pretty severe shock when they woke up one day and there were no more cod - too late to cut back then, and have something at least as the stocks recovered - from 'all is great!!' one year to 'we're completely fucked' the next.

The big thing here is, the capitalists ruling us now, after centuries of inbreeding and encouraging wild excesses to show off their wealth and power, are truly insane people, and they are playing with the entire world now, and when they crash the world - we don't have anywhere else to go, as we have in the past.

When the fish are gone from the oceans, the potable water on our lands all poisoned, the great carbon sinks and oxygen producers of the great forests all destroyed, the air all poisoned - maybe it won't all be so fine anymore.

I hope enough of us wake up here to stop this train wreck before not only this great country, but this incredible world, are completely fucked too. Whatever grandkids you have wandering around whatever desolation is left then are not going to be very impressed thinking back to your 'I'm ok so everything's ok!!' attitude.

intentional blindness - TED talk somewhat related ...

first they came for the communists ..