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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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Knowledge is like a candle. When you light your candle from mine, my light is not diminished. It is enhanced and a larger room is enlightened as a consequence. - Thomas Jefferson
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"... all the .... national curriculum of schooling were designed exactly as if someone had set out to prevent children from learning how to think, and act, to coax them into addiction and dependent behavior.." - John Taylor Gatto

"The dumbing down of America is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30 second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance" - Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

We are entering a new dark age, an age of idiocy and blood - Chris Hedges

Part II Chapter 9

The Stupid Essay - What the CBC Hath Wrought

Chomsky = most people don't know anything, and don't know they don't know The age of reason, of awakening, of escaping from lives of quiet desperation, of democratic maturity and sanity and strength, we were reaching for so joyously in the 1960s after the insanity and unbelievable destruction of two world wars and a decade long great depression, all caused by the hubris of those who ran our world and their complete lack of care for the lives of 'ordinary people' they treated as no better than farm-animal peasants whose lives had no meaning, has, as we approach the 3rd decade of the 21st century, been beaten to its knees, and sways bloodied and comatose, apathetic and almost lifeless, as we return to an age of new peasantry, a land of still relatively well-dressed folks with nice homes but still, as John said, not so much different than fucking semi-sentient peasants enthusiastically supporting their new masters and their foreign wars of conquest their Masters embark on.

For a stark contrast between 'the awakening people' and the current sleeping people in Canada, remember the 60s and the massive protests of a very different kind of people that stopped a similar war? Now we live in a country where the peasants stand proudly chanting 'Support our troops!!!' as they engage in massive war crimes bombings and murders around the world at the tag end of the American hegemon, at the same time passively silent as the Masters loot them and force them into poverty (for the still a bit lucky, penury for the increasing number of less so, the 'middle class' was growing in the 60s, it is dying now), a country with an increasing demographic of barbaric, manipulable, low-intelligence, dumbed down hivephone zombies doing their best to imitate the New Hitler Youth of the 21st century, led and manipulated by the same people who caused the huge disasters of the last century, returning to the seats of power they desire with a vengeance.

Those who rule us, who have always ruled us, understood that our resistance in the 60s and 70s was based on intelligence and intellectual as well as physical freedom as our forebears escaped from the indoctrination of their rulers of the previous hundred years and started electing people who would work for them rather than to control them, and since the 70s and 80s a central part of their 'take back their country' plan (after those who fought for democracy following the egregious excesses of the 30-year-long war had managed to almost create a democracy of intelligent, engaged, modern progressive citizens during the 60s-70s) has been the systematic 'dumbing down' of the people, beating back the intelligence, the understanding of how the ruling class had caused all their problems and would continue doing so if not stopped, creating a citizenry of childminds in 'adult' bodies, with every passing year ever more obedient to and dependent on Authority, plied with bogeyman stories and cartoon villains and our Lone Rangers White Hat Cavalry Bringing Democracy to the Poor Peoples of the World YAYYYY Support our Troops and Hate Hate Hate the Enemy of the Day!!!!, a life of candy and noisy, colorful games to play while those who would be our new feudal lords carry on with their work of creating a new 21st century feudal society in the western world, a new feudal society far, far stronger than the original, based not only on physical control, a much more difficult proposition in the 20th-21st centuries, but a new feudal society based on the techniques developed in the 20th century of mass population control through indoctrination and propaganda - a society of newage peasants who love their lives and support their masters, their new lot in life, rather than grumble and organise for change.

The signs of the 'dumbing down' are all around to see, for those still with eyes to see and brains to think outside the 'thought' limits the rulers have placed around the New Peasantry, two central missing features of a dumbed-down population. 100 years ago and more 'the people' were joining together to fight the capitalists, the recognized cause of the social class system that was the source of the misery of the masses, and demand democracy, a fight that strengthened and endured during the Great Depression, and then 50 years ago after the end of the Great 30-year War they almost won that fight, as the 'democratic interregnum' and the great fighters for Democracy and public intellectuals of the day forced the rulers to get out of Vietnam, and initiate the great social programs and public discussions that created the great middle class of the 60s and 70s.

Now, after the rulers devised their new plan for the 21st century and began its implementation during the 70s and 80s, the 'corporate reactionary revolution' I described earlier, and although there are of course small pockets of resistance, 'the masses', led by the corporate propaganda media speaking with one voice to the various demographics of the country, are once again almost fully compliant to the manipulations of the rulers, turning away from the business of creating and maintaining a modern, progressive society and again occupied with childish pursuits as they were in the dark ages, a peasantry which actually supports the great imperialistic 'regime changes' the rulers are undertaking in countries which refuse to bend the knee as they do what great rulers have always done, and seek ever greater empire, and have actually been dumbed down to the extent they support the great political-economic system called 'capitalism', the political-economic system that caused such misery for so many during its early years and was fought against by our more-knowledgeable ancestors, the system now once again devoted to rolling back the small democratic advances our ancestors forced on the rulers, and rather than engaging in the political actions that created the great social movements of 100 years ago and 50 years ago have flocked to the childish and distracting new 'witch hunts' the rulers have provided to occupy their shallow attention spans and lust for noise and excitement, and provide the bogeymen the rulers need to control them.

Atticus Finch has left the building. Big Brother has arrived, with his New Feminasty Youth to take care of the limited resistance.

How stupid can the mob-masses get? Pretty stupid, when stupidity is the goal, and the imposition of such pursued zealously through a program created and guided by (evil but very) 'intelligent' behind-the-scenes controllers, whose job is just that - keep any small pockets of intelligent resistance buried under endless girl-gossip teen-brain 'shaming' witch hunts, and again very small-minded, intelligence-free exhortations to jingoistic nationalism about 'we the good guys defending Democracy in the face of Evil Monsters!!' etc etc.

It has gotten so very bad the last few years I finally decided to write a short essay about it all, highlighting just a sampling of the more egregious examples of mass dumbing down that have been getting worse and worse the last few years, as the dumbed downers seem to take on a life of their own, and become enthusiastic members of the new DD bandwagon, looking to 'shame' victims anywhere they can be found, over any stupid thing that this little group of self-appointed 'guardians of the public morality' or whatever decide offends their Miss Manners sensibilities.

Let's start with the simply ludicrous and laughable, things no actual adult would spend more than a second thinking about before moving on to more important things, things no 'adult-serving' media would 'prioritize' for national attention from the list of hundreds of available stories that come across a news desk every day, but are good 'sensationalist' things for children, to get them excited and jumping on whatever bandwagon joining the very dumbed down crowd screaming 'kill kill!!!!' to work off some adrenalin in the ADD childminds, then when the damage is done, moving off like a pack of rabid zombie dogs looking for their next victim, then move on through the more serious damaging, and finally the very dangerous and deadly things that allowing excitable shallow children to make knee-jerk response 'adult' decisions can result in, when manipulated by a malevolent behind-the-'news' power. (rabid dogs or zombies - it's a subject requiring some further analysis, the way that the current rulers take some bad or even evil thing they are doing, and reverse the belief in their proles that 'the enemy!!" is doing that - the right wing press that dominates our western world, for example, continually whining about 'the liberal media' and evidently believed by a large number of perspective-free people, or the blatantly imperialistic US government and its endless and obviously ridiculous and perverse lies about 'Russian aggression', and the current fascination with the childmind masses with zombie movies, apparently not realising it is they themselves wandering around like mindless zombies going after their next victim as directed by the media...)

1 Stupid childish behaviours - the adults still extant in our society should be querying this kind of thing strongly - that is, why are stupid childish behaviours getting 'news' coverage and encouragement at all on our major 'news' providers like the CBC? If Johnny calls Suzy a name, and Suzy runs home crying to momma, momma usually deals with it - why do we need national coverage and a witch hunt for Suzy's (alleged, always alleged, no 'due process' ever involved here, beyond the occasional kangaroo self-appointed media court) tormenter (without even asking if Suzy may have done something to provoke the name-calling, or exaggerating her claim, or even lying for revenge???)? There are hundreds of stories coming across 'news' desks every day - why are broadcasters like the CBC ignoring a multitude of serious things and commentaries most adult Canadians (those they are supposed to be speaking to, there are some left out here besides me, I am sure (they wouldn't be doing this shit for me alone, would they??) would be interested in, things that would increase their understanding of the world, and instead offering childish tripe like the stories below that encourage small-minded stupid witch hunts? (well, of course, the obvious answer, children on stupid witch hunts aren't getting informed about less exciting but far more serious things going on in 'their' society, nor taking actions to stop such things ...) We need to be looking at a much deeper question here - what is the media trying to do here?? There are many important things going on in the world that get no coverage at all, while very insignificant, to anyone other than the central actors (usually insignificant stupid children looking for a moment's attention), stories get national coverage and 'outrage' fomented by the media? There are lots of 'entertainment' outlets for 'special interest' groups like teenagers or those who follow entertainment stories, and in more rational, and intelligent days, that's where stories like these would appear (the girls who once read teen mags are now hosting CBC shows, with the same teenmag mind about what is 'interesting' - we used to have actual adults hosting these shows) - but now they are on what used to be the main 'news' shows for adults, as if adults should care about them, while many stories every day are buried by the same media, practicing some heavy duty propaganda and gatekeeping. And the dumbing down these 'stories' represent.

Given the amount of time they dedicate to such dumbing down efforts, they must still be creating the desired population, which is a sign of hope - they must feel that if they do not maintain such strong efforts, there is still a chance that the insanity may be only temporary, and if people devoted to creating an adult society of intelligent, non-hysterical-inclined citizens ever got in control of the airwaves, their dumbed down society could be reversed. Hope, then, is not yet dead. But we will not win by 'hoping', and those of us aware of what is going on really need to be out there combating this shit. That means you.

Level I: Stupid childish behaviours (shortened to WTF?? for a short identifier, referring to things one hears that provoke a 'what the fuck??' response to something heard on a CBC 'news' or 'public affairs' show, in anyone with a functioning adult mind interested in the many very serious problems surrounding us at this time in our history, both national and world..) (there isn't any particular order to these things, although I will note a bit of a theme or maybe two later on, like children reacting to anything when they're bored or looking for someone to mock, the dumbing down leaders, and their more aggressive bandwagon followers, just take whatever is available and see what self-righteous outrage!!!! interpretation they can put on it to fulfil their childish desire of the moment)

WTF 1: Oct 2 2015 - Sweat shaming!!! - this is really kind of beyond comment, if I was grading these things for outright stupidity, this would be the front runner (at least to date - I've been thinking for the last few years, as the CBC kept sinking to new lows of egregious propaganda lies or gossipfests or simple outright stupidities like this that they must have reached the bottom, they can't possibly go any lower - and every time, it's not long until they find a way to go lower. Going to be hard to top this one - but sadly I am now sure they won't at least try.) (it often occurs to me the rulers are testing people - how deep is the indoctrination? How thorough is their control? When you see the mindless mobs jumping on things like a 'sweat shaming' bandwagon, or a lot of the other utterly fucking stupid stuff they tell people to do, it's pretty clear their control is pretty complete - and also again, one is reminded first of the huge tragedy caused by similar things in the past - Hitler's complete control of Germany in the mid-30s for example, when the utter refusal of so many people to see what was happening led to WWII, and 60 million dead and uncountable losses in destruction of priceless past cultural creations - we're very clearly heading in the same direction now, enabled by the same complete mesmerisation of so many people)

WTF 1A (tied for number one in terms of utter outight stupidity) Dec 30 2014 MANSPREADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCK BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! - is manspreading a Toronto transit problem???!!!! - really, not much to say, I don't think there really is any 'bottom' to how fucking ridiculous these people can get, childish stupid people looking for 'issues' to get their names in the news, and the dumbed down-promoting CBC accommodating them, ready to sensationalize pretty much anything to please the dumbed down population and keep them away from anything 'real' or useful. (one notes for example - there is nobody in the seat beside the guy in the picture - I would guarantee in 99% of the cases of this 'terrible situation', if the train was crowded and someone came along looking for a seat, he would have pulled his legs closer together and let them sit comfortably - Canadians are overall one of the politest peoples on the planet, regardless of indoctrination, and with some exceptions of course, there's a new breed of barbarians being encouraged also, and manners is not one of the traits of this trollish subset - but most of us are polite, we're known around the world for it. Polite is fine, but when it becomes mindless obedience to authority because you don't know any other way to behave, it's not necessarily a good trait ....) (oh butbutbut!!!! - the lady beside him has her legs close together, she has no room because of the nasty man and his manspreading!!!!! - for fucks sake, butbutbut she is wearing a short dress, do you think she wants to spread her legs on the subway? And what would you have to say about *her* showing off her 'privates' then??? fuck you people) (this would probably be more or less tied for the most stupid thing the CBC has ever tried to get a national outrage going for, although others aren't that far behind, CBC girl reporters getting hysterical about various things following for example..)

{{and just to address another 'butbut!!' response - the people in the media have a tough job, they need stories and there are only so many out there!!! - in a word, horseshit, a media devoted to fostering a democracy of engaged, intelligent adults would be doing daily stories about positive things around the world, there are a lot of them, stories about people fighting to make a better world, etc - the kind of stories abounding on the net and the so-called 'alt' media, but never, never, NEVER to be heard on the CBC, which is entirely devoted to dumbing people down by creating faux-outrage in their dumbed down audience over utter idiocies like 'sweat shaming' or 'man shaming' or the rest of the shit talked about below ..}}

WTF 2: Sept 17/2015 - OMGOMG!!!! - - NDP candidate says 'son of a bitch' in debate. Really. Momma does NOT like her children using that kind of language. One could write a book on the number of instances we hear something like 'Oh! Did you hear (pick someone) said (soto voce!!) the f-bomb!! (usually accompanied by a chorus of hand-over-mouth hushed shocked giggles like children would do in their kindergarten class, looking to see if Miss Manners heard their naughtiness) (and we note this was in Winnipeg, one of the 'crime centers' of the country, where there's a lot of crime and violence and the number of times 'fuck' gets said in a day, let alone 'son of a bitch', would probably number in the millions - but the CBC wants you to believe probably nobody (at least nobody 'respectable') in the whole fucking city of Winnipeg has ever, ever ever EVER said 'son of a bitch', let alone the even less polite words they just use an initial for (the f-word giggle giggle) - they must all be huddling under their beds at such a bad, bad BADDDDDDDD man being allowed to say such a thing in PUBLIC OMFG!!!!!!!!!. WTF infuckingdeed.

(not to mention - does nobody at the CBC watch the quite good television that has been going on the last few years on HBO and other places? These shows are popular partly because the characters talk like real people, with a LOT of 'fuck's and other 'real' language in the conversation, and people who use this kind of language regularly (a lot of us) get a feeling of 'veritas' when the television shows have people talking like we ourselves talk, rather than the sanitized pretend world of the CBC. What kind of fantasy world does the CBC want their audience to live in? (that's actually an important question you might spend some useful time pondering, if you're not interrupted by Twitter every few seconds and cannot ignore their demands - where are we 'taught' to use 'polite language'? In school, of course, completely under the control of the 'authorities' - and that is the mindset the CBC, speaking for the Rulers, want us all to have - we are constantly under the observation of the 'authorities', who control your language - and if they control your language, of course they control you, as everything you are thinking of saying you put first through that first big self-maintained filter - is momma going to smack me or mock me if I say this?? - it is not as trivial as it might seem. Again, ponder.) (haha that's kind of funny, if you're that deeply under momma's control, you're completely incapable of actually thinking things momma doesn't want you thinking - judge how quickly and frequently your instinctive knee-jerk denial has been assaulting you here, if you've even managed to read this far ...)

WTF 3 - similar to #2 - CBC 'FHRITP' outrage - and - getting world class - he snuck a kiss mommy!!! OMG!!!! national news!!!! - so many things of importance in our country and world these people are completely ignorant of, as they make 'issues' of utter triviality - we're nice ladies working for the CBC, when we are 'reporting' you are not allowed to swear children!!!! - I mean, WTF really???? - if you can't take a bit of heckling, esp when it's only in fun and not threatening, as (real) reporters have to face at times - get another job, ladies!!!! Fuck!!!!! - at what point in time did some guy using 'foul language' talking to a 'reporter' who then runs home to mommy saying she feels upset by said language become 'news'????? - in the olden days, the real days, the lady would be summarily sent back to wherever she came from, as she is obviously not ready to do reporting in the real world, where bad mans do and say bad things, and aren't going to suddenly start showing 'good behaviour' because the nice CBC-cum-wouldbeChatelaine lady has come into their midst to talk to them. (there are of course pretty serious things happening to reporters around the world, but the worst of them are carried out by the US, and of course the CBC is devoted to protecting the US hegemon, and hushing up shit like this - New Pentagon manual declares journalists can be enemy combatants. Now that is something we should be talking about. haha. not on the CBC - be polite to your betters (aka CBC lady pretend journos) children!!! is a far more important message for the children in Canada. {and for a 'deeper truth' moment - of course the peasants swear a lot, and the rulers swear a lot when talking in private - the peasants, however, do NOT swear around the Masters, as that would show 'disrespect' to the 'finer feelings' esp of the 'lady folk' - and the CBC, without ever saying so of course as the peasants are not supposed to realise what is happening, where they are being led, just yet, is inculcating that 'respect' in the peasants for the masters.]]

WTF 4: Jan 19 2015 no breastfeeding at farmer's market!! - what can you say??? You get a few similar stories every year - stupid, sheltered, smallminded, dysfunctional, oppressed children, now the voting population electing the lying criminals who run the country because they'd rather worry about something as natural as breastfeeding rather than get themselves educated about the lies and propaganda running their country. (and at a 'farmer's market' at that - the irony is deep...)

WTF 4a: Ve vill tell you vhat you can eat or not!!! Ontario 'health' ministry won't let you sell 'raw' milk!! - public health protection is one thing, but trying to actually forbid you to eat certain things is getting way out of what any democracy should allow, particularly a food like natural milk that our ancestors drank for generations - I did myself when I visited my uncle's farm as a child, and it was wonderful milk. There are no accusations of trying to fool anyone here, which would be something regulations might legitimately be concerned with, just some people have decided that all milk must be pasteurized, and that's the end of the story. One also naturally wonders about the influence of 'big dairy' here, cutting down the competition. As with -

WTF 4c: We're aiding and abetting homeopathy quacks!!! OMFG!!!!! - once again, a substantial number of people have concerns about 'big pharma' and various practices of 'modern medicine', and prefer to try more natural ways of dealing with health issues. There are essentially no reports of any health problems or deaths resulting from homeopathy, yet a substantial number of 'health professionals' want to close down the people offering this kind of healing. It's very fascistic, really, as with the 'You vill not drink milk ve tell you not to drink!!' gang above. If you're not harming others by your actions, or food preferences, or health preferences - the 'state' has absolutely no fucking business getting involved - just a bunch of immature control freaks trying to control everyone to feed their own little insecure egos. (but also a part of the overall dumbing down movement - creating a society of childminds who do not question what the authorities tell them to do, a very dangerous thing in general)

WTF 5 - Oct 29 2014 - NO SEX WE'RE CANADIAN!!!! - not only AC, but the PCers at CBC making something big out of this triviality - but they all seem completely offended that a LOT of males like looking at sexy women, and always will (not to mention a very large number of women like making themselves look as attractive as possible (including 'revealing' clothing) to make men look at them) - if you ever were successful in stopping that, the whole human race would not be long from dying off (again, things of utter triviality - until you start to wonder what kind of country, populated by what kind of people, they are trying to create here - a country of people completely controlled in their thoughts and actions, controlled in a way that makes them completely subservient to The Voice of Authority!!) (and obviously of course grown men who carry around pictures of (of what actually? 'sexual images' could refer to a lot of things - like so many of the thought crimes, no details are given..) - of 'sexual images' are a bit immature, but it is NOT something that should be a matter for the national news, for fuck's sake - unless there are ulterior motives, of a broader affirmation of what the Rulers expect of the proles in general)

WTF 5a: related - Sept 18 - 2014 - sexy woman with beer and big tits - she's a lovely looking woman, any man would be happy to be sitting beside her and sharing her pleasure (and a lot of women, not lesbian, just women who like to have fun and laugh with other people like this lady is doing), with some tiny hope of sharing a bit more at some point in time - what kind of tiny insecure sexually repressed female minds are offended by this? And much, much more to the point - why do the media encourage their misandry and stupidity? obviously people whining about this kind of thing have some major problems, and the media probing what problems and why would be far more useful - but of course since the media is helping create these problems, we're going to have to wait a bit for that, I guess. )

WTF 6: Aug 8 2015 - finance minister cancels speech at 'men's only' club after twitter outrage ?????????????????? fuck. unbelievably petty and stupid (actually, I guess, very very scarily, not actually 'unbelievable' after some of the ridiculous shit from the last few years, a few scattered examples of which are addressed herein) (and reading the story (haha "story") we learn that the 'scandal' is based on misinformation - where they guy was going to speak was a dining room where women were allowed, and had purchased tickets - and that the person making the complaint was not some halfwit twitterhead, but a Liberal candidate of supposedly good credentials, and thus intelligence - although this kind of pettiness certainly puts a BIG question mark behind those 'creds' ...) - if someone did some research looking for times the last few years when women pols or candidates spoke to women's groups, do you suppose we'd find any??? haha. Do you suppose the women are complaining about that???? (I suspect you won't find any men complaining about it, men have their problems, but that kind of pettiness is not one of the bigger ones (in 'real' men, which the new breed of 'femi-men' who have denutted themselves and joined the feminasties aren't really ...)

WTF 7: Mar 17 2015 - Ottawa Morning - the PC crowd all a 'twitter' - some bar posted a 'joke' on a chalkboard - 'How many men does it take to open a Budweiser? - Ans: None, a good woman will already have it open and on the table.' - small joke, and so many people so self-righteously outraged. (a girlfriend of mine many years ago was talking to a friend as I approached, I saw them share a chuckle as I approached, and asked her later what was so funny, she said she had said 'Here comes my dick now' - should I have been outraged at being 'sexualized'? I thought it was funny, and thought no more about it - but boy, if I ever admitted saying the reverse to a friend - 'here comes my gash now!!' - the outrage would echo across the country, if the twitter feminastys got ahold of it. fucking crazy and stupidly hysterical people. and more than a bit scary at times when they get screaming in someone's face about something utterly ridiculous - hitler youth do indeed come to mind, you can see in their hysterical frenzy they'd be hanging you if that was an option, and laughing in great joy as you twisted dying at what brave soldiers for their crazed god they were ...)

WTF 8: Dec 22/2014 - CBC PEI Island Morning - some lady dropped off some donations at a religious charity, and somebody started talking religion to her - and she got upset, and the CBC PEI 'news team!!' regarded this as 'news'. fuck. (again, the immediate protest of 'Oh, we have so little news here, we have to do something!!' is utter horseshit - for example, there are many NGOs on PEI doing many things trying to fight for a better society, all of whom together get less time on the CBC in the course of a year than this lady whining about somebody daring to try to talk to her without her explicit written permission or whatever got on this day. It's the CBC, intentionally dumbing down people, keeping any 'real ideas' that a **true** 'for the people' media would be not just reporting, but actively out looking for.)

chomsky - indoctrination is not inconsistent with democracy, it is the very basis of modern democracy WTF 9: September 2014: getting the new Iphone was the most exciting experience of my life!! wow. (and this - - see people freaking out around the world (actual headline). Again, the thing is, why does this 'story', essentially children running after a new toy, get media attention, when there is so much else so much more important that Canadians engaged in thinking about our country would find both more interesting and useful? To get other people thinking this is ok, of course, to devote your life to trivia, and don't bother looking around the internet for things that are infinitely more important but you won't hear about on the CBC. (there's 'peer pressure' going on too - do you want to be the lone wolf at the water cooler tomorrow wondering why everybody is blaming Assad for the problems in Syria when it's so obviously the US-created chaos of the last few years, which will get you ostracized, or do you want to be part of the gang laughing mindlessly about how great the latest toy is?? Few people, especially indoctrinated to be stuck at the emotional level of teens, very insecure, are going to invite that kind of ostracism by going against the herd dogma.)

WTF 10: sleeping on sofa increases infant deaths!! - there is apparently no place at all some know-it-all do-gooder isn't ready to tell us all what to do - this is just fucking ridiculous, like so much of what these people get up to. The old saying 'get a fucking life, please!!!' has much to say to these people ... but the media is all about this kind of junk pretend-science, when it speaks to, and encourages, the child in the dumbed down collective mind that has taken over Canada - reinforce the childishness, reinforce the need to look to Momma to tell you all what to do. (and of course you would be able to find all kinds of people who sleep with their kids all the time, sofa or elsewhere, and all kinds of shrink-types to tell you that is fine, and good for bonding - it's all just opinion, and there is no right or wrong, it just depends on what you want, within a wide range - the media, though, always looking for trivial 'controversy', to keep people away from actually important stuff, and to fill the space with anything but important stuff.)

WTF 10b: Sept 14 2015 - related - teaching grandparents - the utter self-centered stupidity of these people is stunning at times (I seem to use that adjective frequently, but it's all pretty stunning, from adultland, that so many 'adults' can be so unadult) - humans have been around for a few hundred thousand years at least, and for at least the last few hundred in Canada, and all of them managing to rear the next generations ok - not perfect, people made and make mistakes - but these young women, in their amazingly childish self-centered 'I'm the center of the world !! tralala!! I know everything!!' hubris, think they're the first ones to think about raising kids, and they have all the answers and, even more brazenly, think they have a duty to go after them stupid old people who know nothing and tell them the right way to do things - unfucking believable, although of course believable in the current dumbed down 'we're the center of the world!!!!!' childmind citizens they have created the last few decades. And so obviously stupid as well - one says '.."We didn't have books to show us how to be parents so it's different now raising grandchildren...' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - fuck, Dr Spock was a bible from the day it was published in 1946!!!! (it seems unlikely these women were born circa 1920 and raising kids before Spock.. insert font if available), and I was buying very good 'next generation' childrearing books for my daughter in the early 70s, 45 years ago!! - imagine the arrogance of these people, completely ignorant of the long history of books on raising children, completely uninterested in any research before deciding they are the Peak of Knowledge in this subject!, or being unable to understand, or uninterested in even considering, that grandparents were parents themselves so actually have a lot of real-life experience in raising kids which these 'theorists' don't appear to have - and claiming you have the answers and are duty-bound to 'teach' poor simple old folks who know nothing about it!!!!!! (and one might note - the children today are, there is a very good case to be made, being raised very, very poorly, being protected all the time from everything, including far too many vaccinations which are doing serious damage to the immune systems of a large part of the human species - and noting that these halfwits are products of how stupidly kids are being raised the last couple of decades of the CRR ... much to be said about how badly kids are being raised today in our society, but these ladies aren't it ...) - and again, think deeper, think the medium is the message, think about how the Masters of our country want you all to be insecure, dependent children, always looking to 'experts' featured on the CBC et al to tell you how to live your lives ...)

WTF 12: Jan 23 2015 you can't do that here lady!! - again, small minds running our lives, sheltering behind mindless 'rules', no common sense involved at all, no attempt to distinguish between the 'spirit' of a law and the on-the-ground reality - just DO AS YOU ARE FUCKING TOLD CITIZENS!!!! is the 'mind'(using the word loosely obviously) set you are supposed to have.

WTF 13: Oct 20 2014 foot-in-mouth Trudeau !!!! - more stupid stuff - you are not allowed to be a bit free and spontaneous in the very 'message-controlled' capitalist world - you must live the PC pursed lips grannies do-good shit at all times - what a dismal, childish society they are creating around us .... run by old maid kindergarten teachers for their own sheltered, dystopic visions of how life should be. I mean seriously, what kind of LCD society is it going to be if every time we speak we have to run our comments through some 'will the PC assholes be all over me for anything I am saying, supported by the national-shaming CBC?????' filter?? - fuck, we should be shaming the CBC, and the PCers, for this kind of shit - remember the great open and free debates of the 60s? Unruly as hell - but joyful, and fun, and vibrant, and very intelligent - and talking about real things too, not hushing naughty children who said the f-bomb!!!! Fuck you people! And also - spontaneous speaking is free speaking, and things the rulers do not want said will often emerge, forcing them to go into 'damage control' - far better, for the rulers, to ensure everyone getting a chance to speak in the major media only does so through their handlers, and 'safe' remarks are all that gets said. A very robotic and joyless world, but a much safer world for the rulers - and really, who gives a fuck if the sheep care, eh?

WTF 14: Crying ladies, or men, or kids, doesn't matter - no specific examples here, you can hear something almost daily, but 'leading' any 'news' story, whether kind of 'real' (airline crash, flood, etc) or 'pretend' real, the stories of, by and for kids, whenever possible, they like to lead off with some comments from some crying person - ladies are best, but anyone will do. Again, there is no possible way that Mrs X crying is 'news' - the airline crash is certainly news, but asking Mrs Jones how she felt when she learned her children had died on the crash, and then playing her sobbing response as many times as possible over the next few hours, sure as hell isn't. But who does crying ladies speak to? Not the adults in us - we all feel sympathy, of course, at any tragedy, but we understand that a person's grief is a private thing, not a public thing - but children, of course, are much more emotional, and much easier to manipulate through emotion, and thus feeding them stories that are emotional in nature is a much better way to encourage people to remain children, along with all of the other stories directed at childish things-of-interest rather than for adults. Dumbing down maintenance, nothing more nothing less. [[note, as I do the final rewrite of this, a show appears on RT commenting on this same childishness - Crosstalk - 10 years of RT - for actual adult listening any more, you need to go to places like RT or the Real News]]

WTF 15: late addition - Dec 2015 NANNYGATE!!!! OMG SERIOUS SCANDAL!!!!! - at least according to the CBC, this is something Canadians should be getting pursy-lipped about in disapproval - Trudeau's nannies being paid for by taxpayers - fuck, it's just too petty to stomach (one must note that although the comments in most of the stories vomit up the usual anti-Trudeau shit (one sign of the amazing small mindedness dominating our country these days, no thought, just 'we hate Trudeau, thus everything he does is bad', same as the CBC We hate Putin therefore everything he does we will criticize or mock) - but there are a number of articles in various media pointing out the same, this is a very wrong-headed 'criticism', so there are some functioning brains left in the country, at least to some extent - probably still in the box, but at least able to call 'Whoa hoss!!' to some of the more outrageous things, like this. - as noted above, one of the reasons the dumbing down movement is still being pushed so vigorously, there are a lot of people still resisting - which is one of the things that keeps me determined to carry on with my work here, there is still hope ....)

WTF 16 - Oct 13 2014 - no headscarves in school!! - More people put in positions of authority they're not really suited for, but this lets another bit of truth slip out between the lines, they aren't supposed to talk about this, but our schools are now more and more devoted to creating good little obedient 'Do as you're told no questions please!!' workers, and the role of schools is very largely preparing children to be in the work force. pretty much job 1, really .. do as you are told, do not question authority.

WTF 17: - and more, just a bad joke, pretending something is 'REALLY DANGEROUS PEOPLE!!!!!' - ramp up the scare shit, walk around all serious like, the police are doing dangerous work to protect you!!! - Oh look we stopped another bad man!! - '.. RCMP Staff Sgt Jean-Guy Richard said residents "are all very relieved and very thankful for the efforts of the police..' fuck. sure they are. Actually, they're just training you to be properly responsive when the cops tell you to get inside and stay there. Don't ask questions, citizens, do as you're told - or you could be assumed to be a terrorist and you don't want that do you????? (see airplane stories later for more examples)

WTF 17b: related - And another bad man wants to cut your head off children badddddd mannnn!!!!! but we will protect you!!! - c'mon jeezus fucking krist. bogeymen are for children - how fucking stupid is everyone getting? Of course the rulers want everyone to believe in bogeymen, and that the nice police are going to save everyone, but do we have to start believing this shit?

WTF 18 Dec 23 2014 - - '.. they will be told the joyous story of how Christ was born near where they are confronting jihadists..' - you got that folks? This is no myth, this jesus story is fucking **fact**. but it gets worse - the headline is enough - '..Christmas in Kuwait 'poignant' and 'difficult' for Canadian troops battling ISIS..' - wow. We're over there bombing and killing in a country that presents no threat whatsoever to Canada - and the fuckers won't stop and let we nice soldiers celebrate the birthday of the Prince of Peace!! What fucking savages, eh? In Canada, we have rules about killing, I guess. (maybe they have rules to about when it is ok to kill people invading your country ... they don't seem to have any conception of deep irony or hypocrisy ... - the odd time someone gets an opportunity to kill a soldier in our country, the entire country goes apeshit, recall 'Ottawa terror attacks' - but holy fuck batman, we've been killing and bombing people over there for decades, we kill more people over there in any average day than they've killed over here in the last 30 years!!!!! - get a grip on reality sometime!!!!) {and the idea of soldiers feeling sad because they are away from home at Christmas - well, dumbing down to the nth degree - they're big and manly enough to go halfway around the world shooting kids on bikes, but shed a tear of sadness because they'll miss Christmas????? - what do you think 'Jesus' would say about the killing you guys are doing???]

WTF 19: Mar 9 2015 - oh no a time change!!! What trauma!!! - seriously. some days you have to get up a bit earlier. Sometimes for a few days. you just do it - big issue for the CBC 'news'???? - fuck.

- political idiocy -

WTF 20 - Mar 15 2015 - report on Trudeau speech - Recently the PM said, "I know that the opposition thinks it is a terrible thing that we are standing up to the jihadists - they think it is a terrible thing that some of these jihadists got killed when they fired on the Canadian military" --

AND - Tories respond to opposition questions - '...Is there any degree of checks and balances that would satisfy you?" he asked Cheung. "Are you simply fundamentally opposed to taking terrorists off the street?" (also you're with us or you're with the terrorists!)

- or - you're with us or the child pornographers

- how do people with this level of 'maturity' get elected? You could dig up dozens if not hundreds of examples (and a huge amount more of unreported stuff undoubtedly), of our national fucking leaders, for fuck's sake, making the most serious decisions about 'our' country, with the obvious intellectual capacity of halfwitted teens arguing on a street corner, shouting mindless insults at one another. And it shows throughout the population, the same level of witlessness, when the stupidity of some argument is pointed out, they just get into the extremist nonsense

- and utter childishness - Canada sends 'cheeky' tweet to Russia - again, these are people supposedly at the highest level of 'our' government, engaged in some very serious international negotiations, and to behave like stupid schoolchildren is just beyond comment. {and all promoted by the CBC, of course, as 'news', completely ignoring the many, many intelligent speakers we hear in intelligent places like RT or Real news.

WTF 21 - I know, I know, enough already, but just one more too utterly fucking ridiculous to leave out, as I finish putting this together - Putin's walk!! - '..Vladimir Putin and his fellow Russian leaders walk like robots programmed to mimic Gary Cooper -- and now, scientists have made great strides toward figuring out why...' - the utter childish stupidity of this kind of thing is almost beyond belief, but that's our new CBC - childish shit for their completely dumbed down audience.

(- and just before I leave - this is not an 'anti female' rant, it is anti-stupid female, the kind of people who seem to be taking over our country, and certainly dominate the propaganda-indoctrination-dumbing down parts of the CBC. I have nothing but the greatest respect for a lot of women out there fighting for a better society, there just aren't any left in the Canadian media worth respecting - how can you respect someone who has devoted their life to indoctrination and dumbing down the citizens they are supposed to be serving? There are women in the media who are doing the opposite, trying to educate people, and treating them with respect, just none on the CBC anymore - my favorite at the moment is Anissa Naouai of In the Now on RT - her latest show here as I do this - a very intelligent woman, talking about real things with real people. The complete opposite of the current CBC. There are many others, on RT and the Real news, for example, also well worth listening to - intelligent people talking to other intelligent people, honestly looking at what is going on the world - which you never, never hear on the CBC anymore, where the most common reaction I have been having the last few years is as noted herein - what the fuck are you people up to now????

karl popper - me must be careful about tolerating those who are intolerable of othersWell, that's enough, you could, really, I have no doubt at all, write a longish book of such stupid, childish things being passed off as serious 'news' all Cdns should be interested in - these few examples are gleaned mainly from the CBC, and only a couple of shows a couple of hours daily, so I'm missing hundreds of hours of content of similar things from across the country. And again, you just have to note the central point - what the fuck is going on here???? 40 years ago, when the CBC was actually an adult and progressive and intelligent media, working with Canadians to help make a better country, none of this shit would have gotten any publicity - most of it would never have happened (you just can NOT see a Patrick Watson or Barbara Frum or Vicki Gabereau running back to the newsroom all a-teary and trembly and traumatized because 'Someone said the f-word to me OMG what will we do??!! We have to publicly shame them!!' and etc, it is to laugh) - but today, the media is very central in the drive to create a very dumbed down citizenry, and part of that drive is, of course, filling the dumbed down childminds with dumbed down content to reinforce and maintain their childmind status, things that a child can identify with, to keep them away from thinking about the many more important issues in the country, issues I have described throughout the book, where intelligent, engaged, adult citizens should be standing tall and opposing what the rulers are getting up to - but the children don't care much about real 'adult' things, and even the few un-CBC-controlled adults still extant in our country that do are not in any way ready to challenge the rulers from the childworld, unable to do more than gather in small 'demonstrations', asking Master for another bowl please sir, and when refused being unable to formulate any better response than going home sharing frustrations on their hivephones or throwing a few stones. Those who would be rulers find children far, far easier to deal with, and that's in the end what all of this is about.

But let's go on and look at the next level of these 'dumbed down' actions, promoted by the media as 'important stories!!!' when any adult would deal with such things far, far differently, far more intelligently.

PART II: You're fucking kidding (YFK), right? Really?? No?? Yes?? (that's really the way people talk a lot the last few years (No! Yea!! or Yea!! No!! - a LOT of fucking confusion the last few years, people are so confused they don't really know what they're doing, really, or supposed to be thinking, so they subconsciously, I suppose, try to cover all bases, say nothing while appearing to say whatever is the right thing to say when they're not sure exactly what Big Momma wants but have to say something) - things that are ludicrous in origin as the above 'stories', but unlike people just making themselves look stupid with their childish behaviour, these things are damagingly so, with the crazies going after other people, usually trashing someone's reputation (far easier to trash a reputation than to regain it, and trashings of reputations very often come with financial consequences, as people lose jobs, etc) - not funny when done on the basis of some hysterical small-minded self-important person screaming accusations on the internet or hivephone, then it being picked up by a whole herd of mindless halfwits with nothing better to do than join the latest mob and run around screaming for blood to add a bit of excitement to their moldy empty whitebread lives, with no chance for the person to defend themselves before the damage is done, and largely irreversible.... all propagated by the CBC and other media far more interested in propagating sensationalism and dumbing down in a herd of rabid dogs than calm, reflective discussion of important issues in an intelligent, mature, engaged citizenry...

YFK 1: Sept 12 2014 - Gilmour returns to teaching - again, what can you say? A senior respected prof teaching stuff he knows and likes, and teaching it very well for years until some people come along who think only what THEY like should be taught, all self-righteously and stupidly pissed because they want everyone bowing to the Great God Femistupid or something. And again, the problem is not that you have some nuts screaming stupid stuff like this, but that it has become 'mainstream', with the media promoting such nonsense rather than doing their own WTF comments, pretending those screaming to the world what they want or don't want are rational people with rational complaints - any intelligent, 'for the people' media would be 'shaming the wouldbe shamers' rather than pushing their idiocies into the mainstream as if they were something intelligent people should take seriously.

(Not all people complaining about the way things are, are irrational, of course, i.e. women (and men) fighting for the right for women to have access to abortions is obviously a good thing and deserving of publicity and support in places old religious taboos still have a strong influence on government, and many other such examples of people with legitimate grievances, but a gang of feminuts screaming because some teacher isn't teaching what they want taught and they're apparently too stupid to go find a course they like rather than screaming about this one is very much NOT a good thing - the intelligent, adult, rational mind should have no problem separating these things, nor should the media - but of course, as talked about at length earlier and elsewhere, if one of the central purposes of the media is dumbing people down, which it very demonstrably is (and very successfully, sadly), then promoting mindless hysteria like the stuff against Gilmore serves that purpose well).

Just for a bit of perspective - how hard do you think I would have to look to find, in a Canadian university, a female teacher teaching female writers she liked and/or thought worthy of teaching only, and how would you feel if I and some other 'male-ists' started picketing her classroom and demanding she be fired for not teaching the male writers we wanted to learn about, because only *our* writers should be taught at a university? I have no doubt I would be mocked and 'shamed' out of the room (and rightfully so) - and these females (and their girlie-boy supporters) should be facing the same reaction, not a lot of big self-righteous nonsense about how their 'rights' are being trampled in the male dominated female hating rape-culture society, etc. But it's great spectacle, of course, for the childish minds who thrive on color and noise and have too much ADD and too little real intelligence and perspective and maturity to deal with serious things.

YFK2: Feb 2013 - PC gone to extremes - Flanagan fired for child porn comments - a similar tale, Flanagan was actually set up by some nasty crawled-from-under-some-rock hitleryouth-type kids wanting to attack him for his political views on other matters, then took a perfectly rational opinion (he did not offer by himself, but in response to a question unrelated to whatever he was talking about) and misrepresented what he said and blasted it hysterically and out of context over the internet through their hivephones, and within hours the guy was toast, with university presidents, media people, even the PM running from him like the worst kind of traitors. A very, very sad reflection on 'intelligent' senior people in the country, not to mention the power of the Stupid Herd when it gets stampeding - but great for those controlling the dumbed down masses and their witch hunts, another feather in their war bonnet and attacks on civilisation. (and no, I don't support 'child porn' - but as **I** define that, not some nameless accuser. People sexually abusing children (or adults for that matter) should be very, very severely punished - but I am completely with Flanagan as far as pictures on a computer - why would you punish someone for that?

But before you even go there, you better define 'child porn' - in a lot of places, two 15-year-olds having sex is illegal, and if they took a pic of themselves as they could nowadays very easily and not-too-brightly put it on their facebook page or whatever, that would be illegal, and many of our sexually oppressed citizens would, in their tiny little 'world works in black and white' 'minds', if they saw the picture, be screaming 'CHILD PORN OMG!!!!!' and looking for serious censure and possibly jail time and other severe punishments for the kids with no thought whatsoever to 'common sense' - which would be completely ludicrous, so let's have a bit of an Atticus moment in our brains before we jump on someone else's bandwagons to go a-hanging - there's been an awful lot of innocent people hanged in the last few years and centuries and millennia, and we need to stop doing that. Anyone engaged in sexually damaging violence against actual young children (or anyone for that matter) should be dealt with very, very harshly, but people doing non-harmful things such as drawing pictures or older 'pre-adults' engaging in consensual sex should not be all gathered together in the same 'HATE HATE KILL KILL!!!!!!' basket. And the debate goes on, but that is for another time, or the book version of this short essay)

YFK 3: June 2015 - English prof shamed for 'crying women' comment - same kind of story, some radical feminist smallminded vastly-self-important type heard something she didn't like, got on her twitter hivephone expressing her hysterical outrage to the world where similar minded people hangout, and within hours the guy (a Nobel laureate for fuck's sake, in no way attacking women but simply making a small, not very clever attempt at humor during a speech) was fired from his job and had his reputation trashed over what amounted to some very innocuous comments, not at all untruthful for that matter, just things the radfemnasties don't want you saying in their thought-control world. Not funny, kids, for fuck's sake. The finger of WTF!!?? ridicule should be pointed, if 'adults' were in any way allowed to speak, at the lady who started this witch hunt, not her victim. Chill out 'ladies', there are a LOT of important problems in the world we need to be fighting - this is NOT one of them.

YFK 4: And lots of damage being done here ... Dec 16 2014 nasty terrible misogynist Dalhousie dental students hate women OMGOMG!!!!, or not acceptable, says prof - young males being stupid as young males always have and always will, but in our modern pc really stupid world, a major scandal again blown up all out of proportion to the 'evil deed' which, in any sane setting, would have been dealt with, if adults thought it needed dealing with at all, by a private conversation with the boys. But we need to think a bit deeper at some point about what is really going on here, and for those able to think at all outside of the 'box walls', what is going on here is not that difficult to suss out - it is, in the end, very much about mind control - raising a generation, or society by now, of people in a permanent childlike state of mind, one of the traits of which is deriving security from being part of the crowd, then threatened with being ostracized from 'the gang' if they behave in ways the gang does not approve of. And the 'mores' of the gang are set by the Rulers, and are designed, aside from the general dumbing down, to maintain the acceptance of the gangs for the oligarchy, and their role as passive citizen-consumers.

In this 'story', at least on the radio "news" today, they're doing the rewriting of history bit - on the radio, the obviously (faux-)'offended' announcer tells us the guys were actually planning which women they would attack - not just joking around, as young men have always done, but THESE really, really badbadbadbadbad!!!!! people were PLANNING an attack!!!!! - which is obvious horseshit, to anyone familiar with the story, but somebody with some lingering intelligence on the CBC may be realising this is really starting to look really fucking stupid, blowing this kind of harmless joking around into some almost 'terror' threat, and is trying to ramp up the story, as they often do (see later story about plane being turned around for no good reason, and they start getting inventive later, or cops lying about what happened after they kill someone for no good reason ...)

(probably some testing going on here too, in all of this ridiculous shit - the degree of bandwagon commentary following this and similar stories is really scary - most Canadians fucking well do what they're told, and think what they're told, and hate who they're told to hate - think Germany 1938, or mid-30s with the Hitler Youth totally mindfucked, and ready to attack anyone who didn't profess the same totalitarian beliefs. really scary to see this level of fear, and refusal to think for oneself and call a halt to such stupidity, in Canada in the 2010s. (of course some of these stories may well have been edited to remove comments the propagandists running the papers don't want, I've had this happen on both the NP and GM websites..)

(and finally noting again - in any sane, adult kind of society, to whatever extent the jokes etc of the kids at Dal may have been mildly inappropriate, the supervising adults would have called in the kids, and had a word with them, and the thing cleared up. But in YOU DO WHAT MOMMA FUCKING TELLS YOU!!!!!! world we are entering, we need a national 'shaming', a huge shitstorm, a huge pile of manure made out of nothing - as a message to all kids that if you want your degree, and a life with a decent cow job rather than flipping cow burgers, you be fucking careful about what you say, etc etc - the fucking peasants do NOT annoy the fucking masters, or there are consequences. And when YOU control your behaviour as Momma wants - this is not a democracy, and not a country of intelligent, engaged adults.)

YFK 5: April 2015: culture of sexual harassment in the armed forces - and ''Harassment in Canada's military tolerated by leadership, former justice finds - '...Deschamps found a "frequent use of swear words and highly degrading expressions that reference women's bodies, sexual jokes, innuendos, discriminatory comments with respect to the abilities of women, and unwelcome sexual touching....' - and the WTF???!!! response is immediate, to anyone who has spent their lives outside the protected ivory towers of the rulers, where both woman and men use the more descriptive words of the language regularly when they talk and joke among themselves - check out any bar in any city in the country, and just listen to the language from the 'ladies' as well as the men, fuck this fuck that, you asshole, etc etc are thick in the air, with the women joking about the men 'in a disparaging way' as much as the other way around - and again, as noted earlier, you are grossly misrepresenting the situation when you try to group this kind of common behaviour with the much rarer actual sexual assault behaviour, and try to control it the same way. A black and white view of the world, a black and white approach to 'fixing' it, a completely fucking mindless approach to whatever problem there is (and I'm not denying there is sexual abuse in the military, of course there is, as there is in universities or society in general - but to pretend it's the generally accepted dominant 'culture' is as utterly stupid as running around hysterically screaming about Canada the 'rape culture' which is getting into this list in a minute.

- again, the lack of definitions, and the somewhat hysterical blowing up of some natural behaviours into 'terrible crimes OMG!!!!' as with the undefined 'porn' in the Flaherty situation, or the CBC reporter going all whiny because 'the public' dares swear in her presence, take a situation that undoubtedly has some serious problems that need to be addressed and turn it into an attempt to regiment everyone into some kind of politically correct, dumbed down, citizen-bot marching around like the nice children momma finds it much easier to control. To talk about 'sexually explicit language being used' is to, as the CBC has been doing, pretend we are all in school and the teachers do not want us saying 'the f-word' etc. 'sexually explicit language' is used all over the country, by all kinds of people (even politicians, dig up some of the 'candid' interviews with various PMs, etc etc), is just to completely destroy the credibility of the entire 'argument' being presented. There are some people who never say fuck, certainly, but to pretend their 'values' are the values of the entire country, and you're some kind of bad person for using 'sexually explicit' words, is to live in complete unrealityland - but the kind of dumbed down, do-as-mother-says!!!! land they are trying to create around us all, and we really need to start seeing this, and taking it much, much more seriously before the 'box' is so strong around our minds, we are too weak to fight back. Yes, by all means, go after true sexual abuse - in or out of the military - and punish the evildoers big time - but try to find some common sense - using 'vulgar language' - as most women in the country do as well as men - is about as natural as going to the nearest bar with your friends, and condemning those who use such natural language, and trying to group them in with violent sexual offenders is just, well, stupid.

(note - the Rob Ford story following is taken from the CBC Case Studies chapter of the book, but needs to be repeated here as perhaps the leading example of a reputation being destroyed by gossip and endlessly repeating hysterical accusations by a privileged gang using their 'bully pulpit' to attack someone from a different social class they have decided to 'degrade and destroy')

YFK 6: We're gonna getcha!! - the Rob Ford Spectacle of 2013-14 was a big 'news' thing, all based on gossip and rumor, and kept alive through a somewhat odd vendetta attitude of the Canadian media en masse, the Toronto Star and CBC especially, who seemed to actively search for ways to bring Ford into their days, invariably in some mocking way - oh my god, did you hear what he did now!!!????? we have to have a Panel Discussion about it!!! (aka teen girl gossipfest 'programming takes over the CBC - listen to any of these 'discussions', they are all talking exactly like teenagers going after someone they don't like, with the giggling at nasty rumors, the shallow and self-centered POVs required, with absolutely no interest at all in 'outsiders' who might try to bring a bit of intelligence or balance into the 'public interest issue' - all self-righteously pretending they are doing 'journalism' when it's nothing more than nasty, vindictive gossip ... kids at play in the dumbed down NWO CBC ...) - the kids' level, one supposes, of what they get up to with whoever the US is demonizing at the moment, no rumor too small to blow all out of proportion, and embellish with whatever childish fancies occur.

Even after Ford had been diagnosed with cancer, and gone through the treatment, and was considering running again for mayor, they couldn't leave it alone - this gossip columnist, for example, seemed to have become somewhat unhinged at a 'nightmare' about Ford running for mayor again and winning, in his petulant anger at the people daring to do what the Gods of the CBC/Star Newsrooms had told them they must not:

Why Rob Ford will win again - "...Factor two: today's news coverage is driven by Google hits, not carefully considered editorial choices or, heaven forbid, balance and fairness..." - which led to the first 'almost fell of the chair' moment, as it would seem the clear but 'unspoken part' of this comment would be something like "..fairness, such as we professional journalists at the Star are committed to..', which is beyond 'irony', as their hysterical 'coverage' of this Ford (non-)story completely put the lie to (other examples are not difficult to find, but this is only the Ford story). It was almost enough to knock one off one's chair in shock and disbelief that anyone would be so brazen with such an outright lie, or that someone with this level of delusion could be writing at a major Cdn 'progressive' newspaper ('progressives' are, of course, supposed to be the 'smart' ones, with the Fox-news righties types the delusionary ranters) - the coverage of Ford the year before this and some had been a 'master class' in how NOT to be fair and balanced, the very reverse of fair and balanced, by most of the Cdn media, led by the Star, closely followed by the CBC - a complete joke, for what were supposed to be 'serious' media, of one-sided demonisation and gossip - no rumor about Ford too trivial to headline as 'LOOK WHAT HE DID NOW OMG!!!!!' - and etc etc, with anyone willing to jump on the gossip bandwagon given time on air to add their indignation - with no more than 1% (that could be an exaggeration, but I don't read everything in the Star nor listen to everything on the CBC, so there may have been something I missed. **may** have been) of the 'coverage' given to Ford or anyone daring stand up to the CBC et al and not even support him, but try in an even remotely fair way to give his side of any story.

And this 'master class in the very antithesis of 'journalism'' was not over yet, nay was merely beginning, as the gossiper went on to whine "...This year, Hollywood and Jimmy Kimmel have helped Ford become a larger-than-life celebrity, adding to his already remarkable levels of awareness and familiarity, attributes that consistently drive ballot choices..." - again, loosening the grip of the sane person on their chair - he (and others voicing the same complaint) seem oblivious to the quite indisputable fact that it was the Cdn media itself that created this infamy - for months and months - "HEY WORLD LOOK AT OUR JOKE OF A MAYOR HERE IN TORONTO CANADA OMGOMG!!!!' HEY WORLD LOOK LOOK!!!! MOCK MOCK LAUGH LAUGH!!! - and etc etc - it is hardly surprising the gossip media of the US and other places, child minds all performing more or less the same job in service of their own Rulers as the CBC is performing in Canada, always looking for some new victim to mock to distract from having to report anything useful or truthful, encouraging LCD brainless mockery over intelligent comment, would pick up on it. Very pathetic, the lot of them (including the demonstration of another capitalist trait, a bully trait - cause some problem, and then point the finger elsewhere when things start to blowback or whatever - pointing the finger at the victim is one of the more obnoxious and despicable traits of these people - it's become a common trait with US cops (and far from unknown in Canada), for example, who gang-beat the shit out of someone and then charge that person with 'assaulting a cop'. For fuck's sake - our modern world - capitalism is wonderful. not).

This entire story, however, and many like it, are excellent examples of the spectacle portion of the media - taking some essentially trivial story (so-called 'journalist' buys vid from kid alleging to be Ford smoking crack), and blowing it up into some time- and attention-consuming spectacle - whilst continuing to keep much, much more important stories behind locked doors in dark rooms, or maintaining the propaganda barrage with others, and giving the people no time to think for themselves, and perhaps see some things those controlling the 'news cycle' do not want them seeing. The Ford saga deserved at best a few lines 'below the fold' - reporter gets video alleging politician smokes crack, prints it, gets denial, leaves it in the hands of those charged with actually dealing with crime to investigate further, which eventually they decline to do for lack of evidence of any crime - back to some 'real' news. For some reason (small minded, self-important people using their bully pulpit in a highly unprofessional way to go after someone who dares not follow their politically correct commands having childlike temper tantrum, for example), the media, esp the Star and CBC, decided that with this particular story, the cops were not doing their job, and the media would become the 'investigator', accuser, judge and jury, and then relentless public scold attempting to keep the story front and center until the politician was hounded from office. You see this kind of thing regularly on the CBC, taking some essentially trivial story, and then doing some 'deep investigative journalism!!!' to find out all the details, and spend countless hours telling each other how clever they are (the endless coverage of another essentially trivial story, the Duffy stuff, is another good example - if they ever showed a fraction of this amount of enthusiasm and going after the minutest details for the biggest story of the last 40 years, the ongoing bank-controlled credit fraud draining our country of trillions and demanding the incarceration of a quite substantial number of major public figures over this time, they might deserve to be called a 'for the people' media and actual 'journalists' - as it is, very obviously they are nothing more than shills of the power structure, bought and paid to keep the public away from anything important, largely through the blowing up of such things as the Ford or Duffy stories far, far beyond their actual newsworthiness.)

Things just keep happening that really cry out to be included here, this as I was finally sitting down to organise this essay, one reason it's been 'in process' for as long as it has -

YFK 7: Nov 2015: Robin Camp case: What does it take to remove a judge from the bench? - PC brainlessness gone to extremes once again - you're a wonderful person or you're an evil monster, no middle ground allowed, no nuance, no defence if the PC gang have declared you guilty of something - and YOU my friend have been declared MONSTER!!!! - no one is to love you, no one is to speak in your defence. Note there is no description of the 'facts' of the case at all - just the PC feminasty cops at the CBC getting some twitter about something that offends them, and leaping off the deep end - no trials necessary at the CBC, by god - you offend the wrong people, they accuse you of something, you are IMMEDIATELY declared GUILTY!!!! and we're talking about how harsh the punishment needs to be for daring - DARING I SAY!!!!!!!!!!! - to do as we clearly told you NOT TO DO!!!!! (no woman must ever, ever EVER be questioned about her accusations against any man - she is the very voice of God, and would never lie!!!) We can't tell because, as noted, there are no details, but from what little info you can gain from reading twixt the lines, it appears it was not any kind of brutal rape, may, indeed probably, was not actually 'rape' at all, in any rational sense of the term, and it may be indeed that keeping her legs closed would have prevented the (belatedly it would seem) unwanted sex. Or not - we don't know, but one has to admit, when we do NOT have any details, just the CBC Feminasties going ballistic about something and demanding a hanging with no trial or defence required, you can be pretty sure they know that an impartial, truthful description of what actually happened would not make their case better, may well flush it entirely down the crapper, so they just do the modern feminazi thing and start screaming at everyone, attempting, like any fascist, to cow people into fearful submission no questions asked, no defence dared (by fuck thinks any rational person, I don't need those people after me, so I'll just do as they say yes sir SIR YES SIR!!! - bad times. Like Germany in the 30s.) And again we note from the great 'journalists' at the CBC, not a single fucking WORD in the guy's defence, no 'impartial journalistic' attempt to examine his record of decisions in the past for a bit of context - just one little factoid, YOU'RE ACCUSED BY ONE OF THE CHOSEN, YOU'RE THEREFORE GUILTY AND WE ARE GOING TO DESTROY YOU!!!!!! - fuck, do we really need to be lauding the CBC as some kind of great national broadcaster, when they are so obviously serving various agendas, pretty much all of the diametrically opposed to (real) democracy, real intelligence, real debate about important issues, in the country?????? (haha rhetorical question obviously)

- reading the complaint against the judge doesn't shed much light, other than to re-affirm the people doing the complaining also want to hide the actual 'facts' the original 'rape' charge was based on, other than including one probably ill-advised (for them) quote from the judge - '...She certainly had the ability to swear at men. For a person who didn't want to have sex, she spends a long time in the shower with the accused and went through a variety of sexual activities." (Transcript, 451:2)' - it seems a bit much to me to shower with somebody, and engage in 'a variety of sexual activities', and later on complain you didn't really intend to have sex - these modern fems are really nutcases if they think after showering and fondling or whatever, the guy needs to stop and whip out the old legal consent form for a signature - it may please the twisted minds of old cold women who are afraid of sex to screw everyone else up about it, but we really need to stop letting these obviously psychologically challenged people be the arbiters of what is allowable in our communities - it's a really, really loveless and joyless world they are herding us into - yes, they need help, but letting them rule us is not the kind of help they need). (and of course not to overlook the fact that the rulers are certainly supporting all this shit, for its great 'divide and conquer' value)

(and not for a minute am I defending judges overall, I think most of them are somewhere between incompetent and simply corrupt, doing the job they are paid to do (last buffer between the proles and the rulers), and certainly all 'senior' judges are corrupt, acting as the final buffer (the higher ones) between the oppressed peasant class and the ruling class, as my experiences in PEI many years ago so clearly showed (one here if you are ready for a bit of semi-comic relief - The Beer Story - a True Story of "justice" on PEI) - but this farce is less about the judge, who actually dared show a bit of independence in challenging the PC feminasties, which is no doubt why they are so outraged and determined to get him, than the very great danger we are now slowly succumbing to from the PC-fascists taking over our country, turning off so many people brains and making them little sock puppets dancing to a very, very dangerous dance - again, think of the Germans out there cheering for Hitler right up until the end.)

YFK 7: ongoing the last few years - RAPE CULTURE!!!! - related to the judge story, and the military story, and the Dal story, and lots of other stories of the cold bitches running the PC Feminasties trying to destroy sex along with everything else we find joyful - Sept 5 2014 - Canadian universities and 'rape culture' - once again, a small problem blown up into something pretending to be a 'major' problem of national significance we all need to get outraged about. Massive injustices can result - entire hockey team suspended over allegations!!! - allegations!!! - "..It's really hard to fight sexual violence when we have a culture which perpetuates it..' - said one of the feminasties - complete and utter bullshit to suggest that Canada 'perpetuates' any kind of rape culture, and again, the question is not so much why a few crazies are way off the deep end about something, but why the media, once run by serious, intelligent and stable adults, has become a showcase for this kind of shit, all the stories above, and many, many others. The media, as Mr McLuhan put it so well, is the message - and far, far too few people have their heads and brains far enough outside the box to see this, or for that matter free enough brains to understand what he was actually talking about. Like a LCD crowd, most Cdns now just say 'How high Girl??!' when told by the media to jump; far, far too few say 'Please explain yourself a bit more clearly before assuming you are the PR instructor and I the totally obedient trainee. Ma'am.'

The 'women's rights' groups act entirely like nazi brownshirts around this self-created 'issue', refusing to allow any questions or discussion of their assertions - here, for example, where a very well spoken lady prof tries to give a talk, and they just won't let her - there are other vids if you want to find them of some of the 'women's rights' people getting very, very aggressive and scary (here, for example, or here), as they scream and shout in people's faces for no other reason than these people want to listen to a talk by Ms Firengo, or have some questions. The very fascistic determination that nobody who questions their demands will be allowed to speak - you have been told The Truth, now on your fucking knees, peasants - or face severe punishment.

Dave asks. Nobody cares.

Well, again, one could go on with this kind of thing, but the examples are clear enough, the word count grows long, and it's time to move on to the somewhat more serious stuff, the 'look what they've done, and are doing, to my country, ma!!' stuff. Or

WTF part III - oh, c'mon, not fucking really?!?!? This isn't even remotely funny anymore ... (OCNFR??!!)

CBC - wolf shadow- this is another increasingly common facet of the dumbed down society, but a much more worrisome one than the simply stupid stuff, or trashing one person's reputation stuff, as the dumbed down kids become 'adults' and move into positions of 'responsibility', but as their minds are just kind of playing at being 'a real doctor!!', and at some point 'reality' intrudes, where adults are needed, but not available, as the pretend-adults get pushed beyond the limits their child brains can deal with, and curl into a fetal position crying for mommy and wait for help, which leads to things beyond just normally 'for fuck's sake' stupid, and into much more deadly situations. A lot of these things manifest with supposed 'professionals' behaving like sheltered children (the kind of 'citizen' the rulers are intentionally creating, of course - bugs still being worked out, no doubt ...) when faced with some kind of 'crisis' that in older days a 'real' professional, well-trained and experienced, would deal with, since, of course, that is what they are paid for, and why they are called 'professional' in the first place. Not today - today, more and more, we see the children leading the children - children not really ready for the real things a 'professional' would be expected to deal with (in another 'media is the message' moment, as we see all through the CBC, obvious amateurs working at the CBC because of the conformity to the required PC views, willing to do propaganda for their nice jobs, but no understanding of what an actual 'professional journalist' does). And there is very great potential for great harm in these kinds of situations -

Some examples:

OCNFR??!! 1: Oct 17 2014 - Air Canada pretend-professionals won't transport a blood sample!! - the ignorant, superstitious children left in charge while momma takes a break are scared!!!!! - seriously, not only the childish employees reacting to 'Blood!!! OMG IT MIGHT BE DISEASED!!!!!' like stupid, superstitious peasant children. And of course the even bigger question - who is hiring and screening these people? The stupid feminasties who think the world is like they read in Teen Bride or something, and we can do anything just because we are WOMEN!! now running into some realityland? C'mon!!! - this case may have ended ok, but very often, when blood is needed, it is needed urgently, and this kind of delay could easily have caused someone to die - don't leave the children in places where their lack of maturity and professionalism can lead to death!!

OCNFR??!!: 2 - Aug 19 2015 - a similar kind of thing from an airline - Man misses flight after female security refuses to frisk him -'A retired social worker from B.C. was prevented from boarding his flight when his artificial hip set off the metal detector at airport security and the all-female security crew refused to frisk him..' - again, all you can do is think 'What the fuck batman?!?!' - how are people like this put into these kinds of jobs???? - it's the childishly dysfunctional attitude of so many people that 'sexual' things cannot be talked about, or thought about - but professionals are supposed to be above this kind of childish reaction. What are these childminds doing in charge of an important airline screening situation? What far, far more potentially serious things are they also unable to deal with?

July 11/2015 - not only in Canada - - guy meditating removed from plane, as 'terrorist suspect'. Just noting - stupid dumbing down is not exclusive to Canada of course (the Americans have been leading the way for many decades)

- and then we get to some more serious things, where there are some pretty serious 'inconveniences' to a lot of people, because when a serious situation develops, the 'professionals' in charge are found to be unqualified for their jobs (and again, we don't look just at these people, but have to ask - who is training these people, who is declaring them ready for positions of potentially serious responsibility? Life is fine most of the time, but when situations develop, we want to have some confidence that those in charge are able to deal with such situations - as appears here to be very much not the case ... )

: Aug 27 2014 - plane 'forced back to Toronto' because of unruly passengers - note the headline - 'forced back' - in reality, of course, in no way was anything 'forced', this was a decision by some people, a very childish decision, and you can only speculate as to why, but wherever you go with the speculation, the answers aren't pretty. At the bottom, you have some very immature and very poorly trained flight attendants and pilots, deciding on this very childish move, apparently in the same 'spirit' as an immature 'mother' punishing the whole family because one 'unruly' transgressor who wouldn't do as mommy told him or her - well, children, we're all going home now instead of the PlayLand because Johnny is misbehaving!!. One of the scariest parts in all the stories I read about this and a couple of similar incidents was the widespread agreement of the other passengers, and those commenting in the 'discussion' sections, self righteously, like good children, declaring that it was a good thing to take the plane back, to punish the naughty children who refused to obey the lawful authorities, unlike we good children who always do as momma says - the authoritarian mindset is deeply, deeply ingrained in our society now. People who read history - very much not encouraged any more by anyone in authority, for the very reason Santayana noted - can hark back to an earlier 'authoritarian mindset' and where that wound up getting us - you know, Germany in the 1930s.

I know, you don't want to go there. But you better, or you're going to wake up to a similar outcome someday. Any competent, well trained adult cabin crew would have got these 'unruly passengers' into a seat somewhere (that is what good training would enable them to do, deal with this kind of situation at 30,000 feet), and watched them carefully until the plane got where it was going, and had them met by some cops, to be dealt with accordingly one way or another. Probably not all that harshly - 'unruly' is a nuisance, but not a crime, after all, and any claims the aircraft was in jeopardy are grossly exaggerated (I noted a couple of later stories where the cabin crew was allowed to shamelessly exaggerate the details to try to make it seem as if the situation was considerably worse than the earlier stories portrayed it) - anyone who has been through any serious turbulence knows how strong the planes are, and these passengers were not claiming to be terrorists or anything, setting off bombs or trying to punch holes in windows, so everything else is just incompetence by the childish cabin crew, and trying to direct their failures as said cabin crew elsewhere. And again we really need to ask in situations like this the question the media never seems to think of - who trains these people? Do we really want to be flying with a cabin crew who can't control some small women who have a drink too much, and can only think to turn around and run home for mommy to take over? Boy, not me.

CBC - master's voice - doggy koolaidOCNFR??!!: 5: Sept 2014 - battle over seat space - forced to land!! - and again, they say 'forced' - but nobody is 'forced' to do anything here, it is choice, and choice with a reason, a bigger reason - YOU HEAR THAT CHILDREN????? DO AS YOU ARE FUCKING TOLD OR MOMMY IS COMING DOWN HARD HARD HARD BABY!!!!!! - sorry, but I do get excited - this is so fucking stupid - and in our dangerous world, we do not need more stupid people as our 'authority' figures.

- and related - Jan 25 2015: - more airplane stuff - makes you think twice about getting on a plane with this company, if they can't handle their passengers any better than this ... not to mention a 'legal system' which supports the incompetence. Of course, if there are deeper things going on here - examples being made, for instance - all you citizens out there - you see what happens if you do not Obey Authority!!! As we have told you to do?!?

- and I guess the most over-reaction of all we should mention, just fucking insane, they watch Saturday morning cartoons as their 'training' program, one supposes -

OCNFR?? 6: SWAT team charges down aisle of returned plane!! - this is just fucking insane, from beginning to end. You can read several stories and not find even a hint of what the man said, just that the 'flight attendant' did not like it, and to punish him, and everyone, got the plane turned around. And then escorted by US military jets?????? (and what the fuck would be the logic here? The only thing they can do is shoot the plane down - are they really considering that over some panicked 'flight attendant' hysterically screaming 'TERRORIST TERRORIST OMG HELP HELP!!??' because ONE passenger says something she told him not to say???? - I think not) - and then the plane sits in the tarmac, doors open, while the SWAT team has their last little planning session, all the passengers sitting passively for 10 minutes, and then like a gang of fucking kids playing Guns!! they 'rush' in waving their guns around and screaming at people to put their hands up like some 'real' situation with 'real' bad guys etc??????? - I mean holy fuck, this is not a game you fucking people, these are real people who just wanted to go on a vacation, and you're just drafting them to play in your stupid little Soldiers!!!! game?????

- if you want to think about some 'deeper truths' here, stuff you'll never hear on the CBC, then obviously, the people in charge of our society are doing this kind of shit for a purpose, training 'average citizens' to be well aware they are always within range of some serious police enforcement, and the Authorities are more than willing to bring it on for any minor challenge to their Commandments. As an average citizen - you do what you are fucking told by anybody with an 'authority' suit on, or there will be consequences. (I've had my own share of runins with these people, naturally, but probably the most ridiculous was on a flight from Thailand to Canada, flying over Alaska or somewhere near there, amazing view of the mountains outside - but it was 'nighttime' according to the cabin crew time, and by fuck the lady was NOT going to allow me to have my curtain open when 'other passengers were trying to sleep!!" (I never heard any complaints, but she had her little rule book, and by fuck, after her second admonition, she made it very clear if she had to talk to me again about my trying to look out the window when I had clearly been told to keep the fucking curtain closed there were going to be consequences. Didn't seem worth finding out what the consequences were, so like a good little rabbit I didn't try to open the curtain anymore.)

(later addition, had to add, the stupidity is not of course confined to Canada, the Brits aren't shy about showing their growing peasant-like ignorance - Aug 5 2016 - British passenger things woman reading a book about Syria could be a terrorist!!! - what can you say, really? - getting fucking stupider all over the world - stupid peasants completely clueless afraid of bogeymen in their imaginations - we're headed in a really really bad fucking direction here - this is in no substantial way different than the witch hunts of the totally ignorant dark ages - it won't be long until the ropes come out ... and note its not just the 'peasants', but the managing class - if a cabin crew member AND the cops are so totally ignorant that they couldn't even laugh the passenger's idiotic complaint off - fuck. what can you say. fuck.

Well, of course, that is where we are going, so let's get there. Being highly inconvenienced by some badly trained plane crew taking you all back where you started from because of a couple of unruly passengers is one thing - but having badly trained cops filling you full of lead because you don't sufficiently kiss their asses when they shout at you is another, and a far, far more worrying, bad trend. The very poor training of people with guns 'in authority' can have much, much more serious repercussions - we note the well known cases of

OCNFR?? 6/7:July 27 2013 Death of Sammy Yatim and Oct 14 2007 - Robert Dzieka?ski Taser incident - and the rational Atticus brain can only wonder (even if Atticus might not use such language) - just what in the FUCK are cops trained to do, if they can't, in a large group, handle a panicked man with a stapler or a troubled kid with a small knife without killing them? And then, to add serious insult to murder, lying through their fucking teeth (with the fellow criminals lying in support of them) when they get charged with something to justify their actions after the fact??????

- and these are only two examples, google around and there are many, many others, from Canada, of cops grossly over-reacting to a situation, and basically shooting first and asking questions later - unjustified, as in the Yatim case, in the vast majority of situations - just apparently very poorly trained people given guns and told to go out there and play at being cops. And this is not in any way harmless or something to laugh at, like the CBC getting all girly when someone uses words good children don't say.

(that is to say, of course, if this is just poor training, or a reflection of a newer reality - the citizens will do as they are fucking told, with no questions asked, or just fucking start shooting, as an example to other people that questioning of cops is NOT to be tolerated - that's the kind of citizens needed in a fascistic police state, and that is what we are being trained for. Again somewhat serendipitously as I write, we have this story - security guard takes down machete-wielding man - a lesson of some kind here - the guy is lucky the cops didn't get there first, they're obviously trained to shoot anyone with any sharp object a whole lot of times first now, rather than getting the guns out as a 'last resort' as a civilized kind of society would have them do .... cops used to be trained to deal with situations like this without killing people, and they still could - if that was the objective.)

And we can't really finish without just a quick acknowledgement of a yet bigger stage than our own country where the dumbing down of our citizenry allows some of the biggest criminals of history carry on with some of the biggest crimes in our history. Let us not forget the 'bigger picture' when we talk about the evils of stupidity, of a 'majority' of a population such as Canadians when sufficiently trained to believe what the Authorities tell them to believe, and accept whatever actions the Authorities undertake with next to no protest, when we're not just stupidly 'shaming' someone who is not behaving as we want him (usually, as a femistupid-driven PC dumbing down movement, it's usually males who are gone after - check the examples above ...) to behave. 'Shaming' a 'manspreader' or some kid saying {{oh giggle giggle the f-bomb!!}} just makes you look stupid, but when we are trained to believe the world is a Saturday morning cartoon with our white-hatted cavalry saving us from evil monsters - as most of 'us' appear to believe about the 'regime changes' we, or many at least of us, have been supporting in the mideast, then we are supporting some of the greatest crimes and tragedies in world history, with tens of millions of people murdered by US bombs over the last few decades (most 'regime changes dating back to Yugoslavia have been supported by Canada (America has killed more than 20 million since WWII), not to mention the incalculable infrastructure destruction, and destruction of historical treasure in the mideast, the cradle of civilisation (now civilisation gone psychotic and run completely amok)) - there may have been some small excuse (naivete-based, people still remembering a once-great CBC) that bombing Yugoslavia would 'get rid of a terrible monster and the people would have Wonderful Democracy!!!!' (some small excuse back then for Cdns being naive enough to believe the lies of the media - the media which obviously knew they were spreading lies, as is beyond doubt, see this for example CIA agent - they gave us millions to dismember Yugoslavia), but after Afghanistan and Iraq, you'd have to be an utter moron with your head deep, deep in the nearest - sandpile to be polite - to believe that bombing Libya would bring wonderful democracy (not to mention highly uninformed for not knowing some truthful things about Libya, the country in Africa with the highest living standards at the time, all due to Gaddaffi, as talked about in the last chapter - but not knowing such things makes you very susceptible to the kind of lies the CBC et al used to get you to believe we 'needed' to bomb him), and totally fucking brain dead to believe the same lies about Syria the CBC et al spread later - yet it appears a very large number of people do or did believe such lies, or (best interpretation) are just so dumbed down that they don't pay much attention to things happening on the other side of the world - our government is looking after us, we have lots of toys, and what happens over there is not really our problem, and to whatever extent it is our problem, the CBC we trust completely tells us what wonderful people we are trying to bring democracy to those poor people, and that's good, right??? Now please leave me alone, my favorite show is coming on the CBC. Even if you believed the lies about how evil these people were in Iraq, or Libya, or Syria (a serious stupidity in itself, when so much contrary evidence is available to anyone truly interested in thinking for themselves and doing their own larger-than-the-CBC-world research), to believe, after the chaos that is still raging around Iraq, to believe getting rid of the leader would result in Great Peace and a Better Land for All is just criminal willful stupidity.

Tiny bit of resistance remaining ..

Well, as always when commenting on current events, sound bites or 140-character Twitters aren't enough, and with the necessary background and caveats, it's hard to write anything short. But there's enough info above to present the case - as noted often, you could write books if you tried to do this in detail.

But we should note before finishing -

There are a few people writing in the media who understand 'WTF' and offer a wee bit of resistance at times, and it would be remiss not to note that we do get the odd bit of pushback in the media to many of these idiotic or WTF stories, usually (sad to say, for those who consider ourselves of the 'progressive' side of the country rather than the far-right barbarian crazies) in the National Post, which, although I don't much care for their general adolescent libertarian notion of 'freedom for the market will make us all wealthy socialism is just sponging off we hard working capitalists!!' crap, they do let people write with considerably more freedom than in the 'leftie' outlets at the CBC or Star, 'leftie progressive' becoming far, far too synonymous with 'femistupid too-close-to-fascistic 'DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!!!' PC' these days, as clearly evident in most of the dumbed down things I note above), as does the GM at times -

the idea of 'political correctness' makes for a great deal of stupidity - Ms Wente, whom I do sometimes agree with, about the sexual idiocy - the new campus sexual puritans -

- or Lawrence Martin in the GM, also a bit more common sense than most commenters, but still firmly in the box with important things - Oct 14 2014 - Ottawa needs mercerizing - Martin observes much other political stupidities ...

Nov 19 2014 - and another lady daring disagree with the femistupids

Nov 27 2014 or so - the media-PC-driven 'scandal' about a lady who wouldn't give her name who fucked somebody but was complaining at some point after the fact she did not 'give explicit consent', obviously just an attention-seeker - really unbelievable that so many people are getting into some kind of faux-outrage mode about this, dumbing down into PC country very big time - at least others are recognizing the absurdity, among other things, of this - this columnist, quite a far-righter with whom I disagree quite seriously most of the time with her political and economic libertarian ideas, although whom I find I have more in common with sometimes in terms of 'social' things than the PC-braindead pseudo-lefties - claim of no consent absurd (although as a far-righter, you could wonder if she would have the same problem if the complainer had been a Con ...)

Of course, in a total mind control society, certain things are 'beyond the pale', and even those who manage to get a 'politically incorrect' opinion into a MSM page need to be slapped down, such as - Nov 3 2014 - pushback against the odd tiny rays of common sense - you shut up now, John Grisham, your opinion not welcome if you don't think right thoughts - this is not uncommon, the PCers are all about 'You will think what we tell you to think, no argument allowed' - like this thing (written by a woman, of course) - noted author John Grisham tries to add just a tiny voice of common sense to the 'child porn' debate, and the feminasties are having none of it. not unlike the Hitler Youth in the 30s - there are some things you are simply not permitted to think or say in dumbed down Canada. 'freedom' applies to being 'free' to think what we tell you to think, or we're coming for you. The Nazis started like this, they weren't always burning Jews, in the early days they just criticized them, but the mind control fanatics soon want blood when people refuse to follow their stupid self-righteous 'rules', and stuff like this goes absolutely nowhere good, if allowed to persist rather than getting some kind of brain lysol bath.

- or the vaccines stuff - Feb 20 2015 - the Globe explaining why they don't have to listen to people who disagree with them - - this 'story' is obviously important to the rulers, for whatever reason (nothing good comes to mind, but here not the place for exploring that lengthy tangent) - this obviously completely on-the-bandwagon writer in Ottawa actually cheering the 'evisceration' of an 'anti vaxxer' on the Current - what a fucking country we have become, with this kind of small minded nasty vindictiveness towards people whose opinions we have decided should not be allowed, for something as harmless as not wanting a measles vaccination. (yes, you are deeply brainwashed if you believe that a few people resisting the command to get a measles vaccination is going to lead to an epidemic that will kill millions of Canadians - it's really very amazing and very very troubling that so many people can be persuaded not only to believe such utter nonsense, but to then join in roving witch hunt bands looking for 'anti-vaxxers' to hang - very much resembling, as noted above, the zombies which are currently so popular in television shows - some kind of subconscious identification, perhaps ...)

So then in closing ...

Well, enough. As noted often, a researcher from adultland with time could write a very disturbing book about all of these things, about how our country is becoming, as a population, so dumbed down as to have all of these things happening, with so little protest, so dumbed down as to gather in mobs of outrage and hysteria at trivial events led by the media snakeoilsellers whilst not apparently feeling any outrage at all over things like the massive death and destruction **their** government is participating in in the mideast or how the earth is on the brink of total environmental collapse due to the insane political-economic system they all think is so great, a country of childminds who spend hours a day talking about sports and entertainment and gossiping about trivia, whilst turning their backs on the endemic and growing poverty in our country, paying a bit of lip service to it at Christmas perhaps, but only in a 'look how generous we nice people are!!' sort of hypocrisy.

There are a few major 'deeper truths' to be sussed out of this dumbing down stuff, though, I'll just briefly point out before getting on to other things, and people interested in sussing out relevant dots and connecting them might note these 'bigger context' meanings.

Big Picture Dot 1: What does all the 'dumbing down' indicate? It's pretty pathetic to see supposed adults doing the things I talk of above, and more very worrisome, but what is the deeper meaning? As various people have noted throughout history, clever warlords don't engage in random actions - or to paraphrase Roosevelt, if something is happening, someone is making it happen, and people engaged in big plans, which running the world or a significant portion of it surely is, don't have time to play meaningless games. If people are being dumbed down, it's for a reason, and the only reason that would be worth all of this effort is that it is increasing their power in some way. As of course it is - as noted earlier, children are far easier to control than adults, and creating a population of child-minds who think months of gossiping about Rob Ford is more 'interesting' than becoming informed about the massive national debt scam, or gathering together to create a strong democratic resistance to the war crimes their government is committing, or to stop the insane destruction of our world's environment, is very much increasing their power.

Big Picture Dot 2: And along with the dumbing down of well-meaning citizens into silly children, we are seeing the growing number of dumbed down young males being encouraged to regress to the natural state of young male animals, which is a Randian type of violence, ready to work for the warlords in creating the new feudal state by beating back those who want to work for a civilized state that looks after all of its citizens - the very state the New Feudalists are determined to get rid of. Young men, particularly of the poorer classes, have always been with us, of course, but during the last few years they have been actively encouraged to mock and attack anything 'liberal', with the promotion of 'libertarian' ideas of 'self sufficiency' and 'lazy welfare bums stealing the wealth of hard-working capitalists' and such like.

It's not an accident. There are people who rule us, the same group of people who have always desired power, and who found that power being seriously challenged, again, in the post-WWII years, peaking in the 60s, and they decided they had to seriously react to this challenge. The challenge was largely the result of people becoming more intelligent during the previous 100 or so years of greatly improved communications throughout the world and the great fight and sacrifices of our ancestors to depose the rulers of the pretend-democracy so the workers of the so-called 'democracies' could share in the great wealth they were creating, and understanding what the rulers were doing with their wars and class discriminations, and one obvious way to fight this, for the rulers, was to actively start returning people to a less intelligent state of mind, more like ignorant peasants-cum-docile, fearful children or low-IQ males who could be controlled and manipulated much more easily as they had been through most of history, and the dumbing down of the last 40 years, along with the rolling back of the general prosperity, has been very intentional, through, primarily, the education system, and the mass media which developed also following WWII, which could be a great tool for either education or for indoctrination - but obviously, those who want and need a passive population to rule are not going to turn either the education system or the mass media they control to creating truly educated, confident citizens. All of the things I talk about above are propagated through the mass media, to an audience trained in school to believe their mass media are not propagandists - the word isn't even mentioned in school - but a great free democratic media the child-citizens can trust, and as good citizens will believe and follow.

Big Picture Dot 3: An interesting 'twist' to the idea of 'self-radicalization' the media are constantly pushing about young Muslims supposedly reading wild invectives to jihad on the internet and 'self-radicalizing' themselves and becoming 'terrorists' (it's mostly horseshit, most of them are very justifiably angry because of what 'we' in the west have been doing to their countries for the last 30-100 years and they are 'radicalized' because of that, but of course that subject is obviously been declared "YOU WILL NEVER TALK ABOUT THIS!!!!' on the CBC and other of the corporate propaganda media which dominate what people think in Canada) - but when we look at one of the most common of common denominators running through all of the dumbed down things I talk of earlier, we see (drum roll!!) - some kind of radicalized dumbed-down faux-feminism at work, a lot of young women very much encouraged by the media to become more or less self-radicalized with the quite demonstrably stupid notion that all women in Canada are treated like dogs and it is their First Duty as Women!!! to right these terrible wrongs!! - to think that whatever they believe from the little gated communities of their minds should be the 'general' societal belief, and encouraged by the equally pseudo-feminist dominated media to mindlessly and aggressively 'fight for' those beliefs. It's one thing for some group to take up a cause like this, and be marginalised because that is where such extremist views belong, but this stuff is not being marginalized, it is being given center stage, all over the media today, how women are treated so terribly in Canada (an obvious nonsense), and all men need to self-chain themselves to some feminasty bandwagon; and the assertion that all women should be given special treatment not because they excel at something and are out-performing any particular man, but just because they are women. Women running around brainlessly cheering because more women got elected to parliament, and demanding 50% cabinet representation and etc - not because any particular women are better qualified than the available men and are being passed over because of the male-dominated selection process, but because they are women. Just stupid, for anyone who cares about the quality of the people around the cabinet table (this is all in theory, of course, my many earlier writings condemning the pretend nature of the entire political establishment today still stand, but in **theory**, in the unrealityland inhabited by these people, to demand a woman get a certain job for no other reason than she is a woman is NOT going to result in 'better' government or anything else. It would NOT be better for Canada to have people like Hilary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher cheered on to run Canada rather than, oh, TC Douglas or Bill Davis, for no other reason than they don't have a dick between their legs. Quite stupid, actually, and that is what a great deal of modern faux-feminism is all about - stupid and aggressive.)

People behaving like spoiled upper class not-overly-bright-or-worldly teenage girls thinking the rest of the world needs to do as these self-declared GirlGangBosses tell them to do are, it seems, now being given great influence in shaping, or trying to shape, the way our country operates. Trivial as most of the above things are on one level, it is also very dangerous on two other levels: first, insofar as the dumbing down commands are successful, the drive is creating a citizenry of highly unintelligent people stuck in childminds with very limited childish perspectives of what is going on in their country and world who are very easy to manipulate, and too ill-informed to challenge their increasingly fascistic governments, and it is also a central strategy of those who rule to degrade and divert opposition to the NWO. For as long as we have all of these pseudo-'feminists' running around dominating the 'public debate' with their completely unjustified and false talk about how women are treated so terribly in every way and need to fight for equality, they will naturally engage a response from many men who don't believe in 'male dominance' but equally don't believe in getting on their knees and confessing crimes they have never committed to some self-appointed 'guardians and commanders of the public mind'. It is, actually, it is evident from the better informed and broader 'outside the box' perspective, a very well executed 'divide and conquer' strategy by the rulers - as long as men and women are battling on the ground, they are NOT joining together to expose and challenge those who are really running our society, and causing all the problems, the wealthy elite who consider themselves the rightful oligarchy, and are running the country - and having these pseudo-femi-warriors running around challenging normal males on every front is very difficult to ignore, particularly when delivered daily by the again evidently fully participating mainstream media, again particularly the CBC whom most 'progressives' still mindlessly follow from years past, no matter how obviously 'turned' it has become. And further, of course, in line with the topic of this article, women who think they should run the world not because they have years of experience and have become good at something, but solely because they are women and are thus obviously superior to all men, are obviously pretty dumbed down, which is where the rulers want them. Very successful strategy - the masters are not stupid, and it is not a problem for an intelligent player to dominate a stupid one.

Big Picture Dot 4: Another clear objective of all the dumbing down is a very complete kind of mind-control of the great majority of the citizens, a mind control which is far more difficult to impose on intelligent adults than in dependent children, a mind control that, in its more important aspects, is accepting of no disagreements whatsoever - the good citizen thinks what the girlgang leaders want them to think, or they are coming after you. The good citizen now believes all of this shit I've talked about above - the good citizen believes that Flanagan is a monster because some PCer accused him of it, no trial necessary no defence allowed, the good citizen believes Rob Ford is a terrible criminal who should be in jail, no trial required once the CBC has declared him guilty, the good citizen believes the Dal dentistry students are little monsters who need to be beaten into submission, along with most other young males in universities or the military, the good citizen believes that Assad or Gaddaffi are/were monsters who should be killed like rabid dogs, again no trial or defence necessary, the CBC has told you this, you must believe it, the good citizen believes Canada is a rape culture, and all men are evil bastards and all women sweet innocent victims, and etc etc etc etc - and you're really going to get pissed on from on high from many sources if you dare question those things or the others that together form the package of total idiocy that dominates our society today.

- and if you don't believe the New Canada feminasty worldview, if you dare to even question them, the indoctrinated children are going to come after you themselves - again, as noted frequently, like the completely mindfucked Hitler youth of the 1930s in Germany - independent, rational thinking is not allowed. Drink the koolaid, or we're coming after you.

Big Dot Pretty-much Inevitable Conclusion for those awake and aware enough to see big pictures - the Reich-v4 is upon us, in a very new and very much upgraded and improved form. There was a short period when intelligent, courageous people could have stopped Hitler but did not. He was eventually stopped, but those who backed him, the 'big money' people who ran the world then and are running it again, were never caught, and are upon us again, and having learned a great deal in the ensuing years, have a much better plan in place for the 4th Reich, or the New Improved 21st Century Feudal System.

We might be able to stop them now, as there are many of us and few of them, but only if we get up on our feet and start fighting them openly. And only if we stop letting them turn us into mindless hivebots racing around shaming the latest victim, when we need to be turning our attention to our one big common enemy.

krishnamurti - it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society