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Part II Chapter 7

The CRR Ascendant


So how did we get from an exuberant, optimistic, prosperous society just a couple of short generations ago looking forward to an ever better country and world, to a defeated people, fighting ever more desultorily for nothing more than to lose ground a bit more slowly as the NWO is put in place around us, meekly accepting our new poverty and chains, and that the children of the next generation will have poorer lives and opportunities than the current generation, a completely unacceptable idea to almost all previous generations as they fought the power in their country to improve their lives, and expected, and over time achieved, success in such struggles? How did the prosperous and ever-growing-wealthier country of the 60s in just a few short years run up massive debts both governmentally and personally that have, or so we are told, placed debt chains around our children and our future dreams with nobody apparently seeing these problems developing and doing something about them? When did the optimism become despair, the joy become fear, the great public debate about how to make things better and better morph into the dismal monologue about austerity and accepting ever-reduced freedom and security in the name of fighting a chimera ('terrorism'), the open doors of our homes become festooned with chains and deadbolts to protect ourselves from the increasingly unsafe world out there, equally in our minds as on the streets themselves?

How did we allow the 'serve and protect' police to become our sheep-dog/wolves serving and protecting the rulers, herding we citizens hither and yon with batons and pepper spray and tasers and even, increasingly, guns ever at the ready for anyone who dares resist and increasingly using violence to quell the occasional peaceful citizen protests with a 'zero tolerance for dissent!!' policy, how did our reaching out with hope and peace to the world become joining American regime change operations in the service of the NWO with bombs and words of intimidation and extremism and war and death, destroying democracy anywhere it rears its dangerous (to the predators) head? Were all of these things, and the many others that have resulted in our being where we are today, just 'natural forces' of some sort at work - or was there perhaps a guiding hand behind those events, and our present situation, a hand very much, from our perspective of a people fighting for a just, peaceful, prosperous society, an enemy hand, fighting to stomp down once and for all this notion of 'democracy' in our society, and establish once and for all an open plutocracy of some sort, a 'brave new world' of a handful of rulers, a larger handful of decently treated but powerless managers of their world, and a great mass of uneducated, powerless, Hobbesian 'short and brutal lives' peasants?

warren buffet - there's a class war alright and it's my class that's winingThat is where we are fast approaching the end point of today, the end result, the story, of what I have called the Corporate Reactionary Revolution that was initiated, in secret, during the 1960s and '70s - the determination of the hereditary rulers of our society to turn back the great democratic revolution that began to flower after centuries of slow growth during the few years following the great holocaust of 60 million of our best people of the time, including much of a couple of entire cohorts of our strongest and bravest young men, of the first and second 'world wars' and the great depression between them, a secret but very determined and powerful pushback that was conceived in the 60s in response to the great drive for democracy, and begun in the 70s, to face and geld and ultimately reverse the joy, the intellectual flowering of 'the people', the great public debate, the great music and literature that underpinned the revolution of the 60s that came so close to creating, for the first time in history, a true 'of, by and for the people' democracy - the great campaign to turn the country back to an earlier narrative, of passive,ignorant workers and essentially omnipotent rulers, whatever phony way they referred to the 'democratic' government carrying out the edicts of the real rulers, the people with the money who owned everything important, including the governments.

Of course, during the 60s, an openly declared, head-on frontal assault by the forces of privilege and money and assumed plutocracy looking to take things from us rather than making things better as we were doing would not have had much chance of success in the time we speak of, with, during the optimism and engagement and challenge-authority mindset of the 60s, most of society ready to take arms and beat back with vigor any attempt to oppose the emerging greater Democracy that all were so pleased with, and a world most of the more influential and modern parts of which, engaged in their own social-democratic revolutions, would have reacted in unbelieving shock and anger to such an assault on what was, even then, looked on as one of the world's great democratic successes, so another kind of strategy had to be used. But the people used to running our world are, as noted throughout here as one of the main lessons everyone needs to understand if we are to start fighting them successfully, very clever and sophisticated players of the games of power, having been outplaying the peasants for millennia while barely raising an intellectual sweat, and devising a new strategy against the young and enthusiastic, but somewhat naive, new challengers was not long in the making.

And so, like any very clever chess master on a board called Canada (most of the western world, really, but I'll just mainly keep to Canada here as I have throughout, which I know best, and is the country about which I have some kind of 'right' to be involved with trying to change as 'my' birthplace), the wealthy people who wished to roll back 'democracy' and reassert their right to rule as they wished began slowly moving their pieces around, and influencing the movement of the other pieces supposedly arrayed against them, slowly but steadily pushing those threatening forces of democracy back to less dangerous formations.

Obviously, the much superior in skill and knowledge, but much weaker in sheer numbers, opponent must proceed slowly, and carefully, even though already occupying the throne whose power they wish to confirm and increase. The farmer does not tame the bull by direct confrontation, or there'd be many less farmers and many more bulls. We have deduced from hindsight what their overall goal was, the creation of a new narrative laying the foundation of a new society which would involve turning back the very dangerous, to them, rise of the expectation of a real democracy people by engaged, intelligent adult citizens working for the prosperity and good of all in our society, a new narrative to replace this with one that put 'democracy' back in the 'pretend' status it was originally designed to achieve and not endanger the 'right' of the hereditary rulers to continue running their society for their benefit, but what specific tactical manoeuvres were put into motion back then to get the results we see now? How did they manage to face the aware, engaged, optimistic citizenry that was Canada in the late 1960s, and turn it into the fearful, somewhat unhappy but powerless to do anything, obedient-to-the-rulers childlike citizenry of the 2000s?

A few things should be obvious at the beginning, based on the earlier chapters:

Implementing the CRR

cbc - wolf in sheep's clothingImplementing the CRR 1: take the media Gaining full control of the nedia was of course one of the first essential steps - a media staffed by true journalists following the prime directive of the real journalist, working for his or her own community and people, doing many things, but the most important of which was always keeping a close eye on power and reporting to the people they were supposed to be 'serving', had been central in helping the revolution of the 60s to happen with the CBC in Canada, and would spell a quick end to any attempted corporate counter-revolution (no, the media was not perfect in the 60s, it never was and never will be, but it was orders of magnitude above the junk we call the Cdn media today, with its propaganda and gatekeeping and mush and spectacle and dumbing-down program, where the one thing you can be sure you will never be exposed to is any actually useful 'news'). As with everything they were doing, of course again, this would have to be done slowly - real journalists would have to be replaced by pretend-'journalists', people understanding of, and obedient to, the corporate masters, pretending to serve the people whilst in reality betraying them for their own personal gain in one way or another - but as noted, and must always be remembered, the predator-rulers have been ruling more or less forever, and are used to dealing with long-term plans and strategies, even as they encourage their subjects to focus their lives on the 'now' and instant, if shallow, gratification of whatever shallow plans and desires they manage to formulate. And today of course we see the end result of this slow process, the replacing of the major public media people of the 60s and into the 70s and even 80s before they were all 'attritioned' out of their places of intelligent people working for a better country for all of us, now replaced with an entire cohort of dupes and propagandists urging us to passively accept the NWO, and if we do get a bit concerned about some of the negative things we see happening around us, to nonetheless believe our leaders are doing the best they can, and bury our sorrows, as we are encouraged by the media to do daily, with the endless spectacle distractions of sports and mindless dumbed-down 'entertainment' and 'OMG!!!! outraged gossip at what some celebrity is doing, or vicarious sympathy with the latest crying mother, and also constantly playing the big mother social engineering role, the creation of the 'PC' clone being good boys and girls like momma tells them to be, wearing seatbelts, not smoking, shunning 'the dreaded F-work OMG!!! (hushed childlike voices doing something momma forbids giggle giggle!!), mindlessly accepting the Orwellian 'we good guys vs evil enemy-of-the-day' War on Terrorism Honor Our Brave Troops in our Militaristic Society!!!, obediently lining up for the latest recommended flu shot (and getting aggressive with the few who question the need to do as momma tells them, you people need to do as you're told too!!), and etc. etc etc etc.

Implementing the CRR 2: take the political parties: Full control of the political parties would also be necessary, and have them returned to the control of the 'real' behind-the-scenes power, as they originally were, but had become compromised with 'real' democratic forces during the first half of the 20th century. This would most importantly involve the usurpation of the Tommy Douglas-led CCF-cum-NDP, as well as the historical mainstream parties, the Liberals and Conservatives, both of which had many good centralist politicians very clear about their duty to manage and balance the demands of the powerful historical elite with the needs and desires of the people, a trait which has been completely removed from all senior Cdn politicians, who now well understand their major role is as Servant to Power, doing what has to be done to roll back democracy and turn the country entirely over to the wealthy, as in 1800s England and the USA. As has been discussed, this takeover was obviously successful - it will take some research by some serious researchers to trace the takeover of the NDP during the 70s, but that it is currently working for the rulers along with the Libs and Cons as part of the tweedle-triumvirate in Canada is simply beyond argument - they haven't had a leader clearly identifying Capitalism as the great evil of our time since Tommy Douglas. As with the media, no doubt a lot of mid- and lower level participants in both media and political parties are well-meaning dupes of one kind or another, but equally beyond rational argument is the very obvious fact that those running the media and political parties must, as one central rule, function as gatekeepers to ensure nobody saying truly dangerous things gets anywhere near the top of these organisations and starts talking about things the rulers very much need *not* talked about, thus those who do run these things are quite obviously working for the Enemy.

Implementing the CRR 3: take the money: Of course, a free democracy is a prosperous democracy, and a central part of returning the country to a more pretend-democracy status, an educated and wealthy elite ruling an ignorant, insecure, impoverished peasantry, was impoverishing the national government. Of course this, like everything else undertaken during the CRR, could not be done openly, and an excuse for implementing the new policies to roll back democracy was needed - and as described in the money scam chapter, the roots of the great national debt scam were begun during the 70s - again, very slowly, under the radar of almost everyone, the cancer once again slowly, secretively, spreading throughout all the cells of the body, until emerging as a dominant control feature somewhere down the road - in this case, kind of 'magically' appearing in the late 1980s under Brian Mulroney, when 'austerity' got seriously underway, until today when everyone accepts it as a kind of fact of life, as they accept other great lies like 'we're all in danger from terrorists!!!!' as reality. (we might also note the so-called 'oil shock' of the 70s, in which the OPEC nations decided to greatly raise the price of oil, thus contributing to financial destabilisation, along with Nixon's decision to simply cancel the so-called 'gold standard' - i don't have time to get into these things here, but do some research and thinking, and you will see that these things must have been a planned part of the CRR, which was not just directed at Canada, but all 5 major English speaking nations. To think that the US would allow OPEC to cause it great financial problems with no response is just childish and naive thinking, like believing the entire US Air Defence system was somehow magically shut down or 'fooled' for a couple of hours on 911 allowing some crazy people to fly a plane into the Pentagon (there was no plane flying into the Pentagon, of course, but that's a deception of a different nature) - something major happening like this would *only* happen with the approval, and probably at the instigation of, the US)

New initiatives were also undertaken, in this all-out assault on the drive for Democracy.

Implementing the CRR 4: control the public debate: For example, we can trace the establishment (or 're-imaging' in some cases) of the current leading right-wing/NWO 'think tanks' all back to the 1970s, following the lead from the US (where, of course, the entire CRR was being led from) - organisations like the Fraser Institute, the Conference Board of Canada, the CD Howe Institute, the Business Council on National Issues, and various others, put in place to begin churning out their propaganda telling Canadians whatever the rulers wished Canadians to be told, to justify the restructuring of the country to minimize the ability of citizens to control their affairs democratically, and return the center of power to those with the money. Also related, of course, to the last chapter about controlling the public debate, and -

Implementing the CRR 5: Dumbing down As talked about at length above, the CRR planners well understood that their greatest enemy was an informed, engaged population, the kind of people that had been making serious trouble for them throughout the last decades of the 19th century and first 60 years of the 20th. If they were going to 'take back *their* country, and restore the kind of robber-baron-controlled pseudo-democracy they had been running for centuries, it was very clear that this 'engaged and informed' citizenry was going to have to be got back in their cages somehow. And so they proceeded, as i described in the last few chapters. Very, obviously, successfully, and that is why we are where we are today.

there's no divide between us, it's us vs themImplementing the CRR 6: divide and conquer A very subtle, but powerful, mega-strategy was also, I think, begun in these years - a great modern implementation of the ages-old strategy of 'divide and conquer'. It is obvious that we who wish Democracy and the society I write about here and elsewhere have a common enemy, the powerful oligarchy or elite who have been running our western world more or less forever. It is also clear that we outnumber them greatly, and could relatively easily take 'our' society and country, and create the great progressive 'true' democracy we dreamed of in the 60s - if we all worked together with this common cause, through sharing a common understanding of our situation, and how to achieve our goals, a working together we were all starting to do in the 60s and 70s. It is also clear that those of us who wish a better, democratic way of running 'our' country are not confined to any particular demographic - we are old and young, black and white and yellow and red of skin, male and female of all sexual inclinations, from all strata of society below the 1% super-elite, from all parts of Canada (and the world), and so on - but somehow in the years since the 1980s, as part of the CRR, those who have created this new narrative around us have managed to create a very large number of very powerful barriers between us all, based on just such demographic characteristics, so that we spend far more time - most of our time, really, it seems - fighting one another than joining together to fight the true enemy.

Certainly such divisions have always existed to some extent, and the CRR did not create them, but they undertook a deliberate strategy of deepening and widening all of these divisions, rather than, as those trying to create a better society in the 60s and 70s were doing, trying to bring the unhappy poles of all kinds closer together, until, for example, today we have strident 'feminist' groups who aggressively label all men as their enemy, and anyone else who does not follow their lead (and of course various men's groups taking up the challenge). We have aboriginal groups who label all white people as their enemy, and also include anyone who does not go along with their strident position as someone to be attacked and vilified. We have large groups of young people who believe all old people are their enemy - very much encouraged by many of the rightwing columnists in the media. We have large groups of people who believe another area of Canada - the west, the east, Ontario, Quebec - are their enemy. The more-or-less peaceful coexistence of the grassroots members of the major political parties, with some small policy differences but all nonetheless working for the good of the country as we had during the 60s, has become fractured, with the Cons most notably, but also the Libs to a large extent at times in places, regarding the other party as 'the enemy', and although what politicians get up in these times to should be dismissed out of hand as they have no credibility at all among thinking people, they have large numbers of followers who are apparently adopting similar 'we good they bad' attitudes about political parties and those who belong to them. We have a growing demographic of 'young Randians', slightly perhaps more intelligent than the barbarians, but running in the same gangs, dumbed down to the point of seeing the world in black and white, we good they bad, who fight to destroy government entirely, and attack anyone who dares disagree with them - the young barbarians truly at the gates, ready to destroy for nothing more than the sake of destroying. In the larger world sense, we are taught the Manichean view again, we good they bad - any country not subservient to the US hegemon is a terrible enemy out to destroy our 'freedoms', and we must look with hatred on anyone our media tells us is to be hated - a tribal mob defending ourselves against other tribes. And many other divisions, of course, all fueled by the CRR, with the very purpose of ensuring we do not start working together against our common enemy, the predators among us who have decided Canada is *their* country to rule, and are doing what the must to ensure their dream prevails.- and as always, with everything the CRR gets up to, led by their very clever strategists fully supported by the corporate media, very, very successful in their 'divide and conquer' strategy.

Mmmm-hmmmm - but but ....

einstein - few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own heartsBut still, the curious and thinking reader will not be entirely satisfied - of course predatory humans who have been running most of the world forever, and plan to continue doing so, will fight back, whether with plans like this CRR you speak of or others, when they perceive a serious challenge to their rule as sprang vigorously to life during the 60s - but how did the engaged, suspicious-of-power, democratically-minded citizens and young people of the 60s and 70s, so strong and enthusiastic as they rose to their greatest heights ever in fighting the hereditary wealthy powers that had ruled their classes forever, so quickly lose their ability to detect and will to oppose such plans? What happened, beginning in the 1970s, to lead to the completely different country we have today, something that no-one would have predicted in the optimistic prosperity of the later 1960s?

This is perhaps the last light that needs to be turned on, the view from outside the forest, outside the box, where all becomes at least visible in outline and terrible purpose, if not entirely clear. The deeper truth of -

They've built the box - and you're in it.

Guardian - '...For 30 years, under the rule of what Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor, calls 'market fundamentalism', inequality in income and wealth has ballooned, both between and within the large majority of countries.'

Becoming an activist: '..We have lost much of what was gained in the 1960s and 1970s because we traded in our passion, our energy, our magic and our music for the rational, technocratic and media ways of our leaders. We will not overcome the current crisis solely with political logic. We need living rooms like those in which women once discovered others like themselves. The freedom schools of the civil rights movement. The politics of the folk guitar.. The pain of James Baldwin. The laughter of Abbie Hoffman. The strategy of Gandhi and King. Unexpected gatherings and unpredicted coalitions. People coming together because they disagree on every subject save one: the need to preserve the human. Savage satire and gentle poetry. Boisterous revival and silent meditation. Grand assemblies and simple conversations...'- Sam Smith