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PART II Chapter 4d

Dumbing Down and the CBC
.... the White Wizard revealed as a tool of Mordor

The tools of indoctrination - a little deeper down the rabbit hole

The catch-their-attention phrase 'dumbing down' I am sure everyone has heard, whether or not they agree with it or have thought about it much, is a bit misleading if read literally, as the 'active verb' process suggested does not, of course, involve rather openly taking some great number of normally intelligent people and somehow forcing them through some intentional process which makes them stupider or less intelligent than they might have been before the operation, which would be a pretty impossible undertaking in a modern country like Canada where people are proud of their history of freedom and democracy and independence (however childishly, simplistically misplaced such pride may be as talked about at length earlier), and are still relatively free to resist such overt activities from the authorities (should they detect such an activity, at least, and decide to turn off facebook for a few minutes and try to resist).

More accurately, 'dumbing down' is a huge and very bold undertaking, an attempt to reverse the natural order of things, in which a young person, or a developing society, becomes more mature, stable, smarter, wiser, introspective, intellectually secure, etc, as time goes by, into a long-term process of intentionally slowing down or restraining the intellectual and emotional development and growth of a significant percentage of the people of an entire society, and thus the 'collective maturity/intelligence/independence/etc quotient' of that entire society, a long term process beginning with indoctrination of children in school and concurrent propagandization/indoctrination maintenance of the older members of the society, and in a reverse kind of attrition, patiently waiting as the older, less dumbed-down members of society fade into the background and the 'dumbed down' children become young adults, then older adults, all increasingly involved with raising the next generations and thus adding stronger voices to the dumbing down process, until finally the 'dumbed down' people are the majority in a society.

The intent of the dumbing down process is not to create unintelligent people - the 'dumbed down' people as this process proceeds can still be quite intelligent, but in an immature or precocious sort of way - 'dumbing down' doesn't mean you are unintelligent (although it does have that result with a lot, most human attributes such as intelligence graph to a bell curve kind of thing, and those at the lower end get affected as well as those at the upper, and those who would normally be young and stupid and violent have those things reinforced, but those are not who I write about here), it means, primarily, for the upper parts of the non-ruling middle classes and lower parts of the managerial class that your intellectual development has been slowed, delayed, limited to the level of a young adult, or precocious teenager. The point is - you can be quite 'smart' in factual things as many schoolchildren are as their young brains, when properly encouraged, soak up info like a sponge sucks up water, and with young fresh brains be good at regurgitating things you have been taught, but the higher intellectual processes that develop in later years, through maturity and experience and giving context to all of the 'facts' you have learned, involving things like getting other points of view as you wander your part of the world physically or through your own reading and interactions with other adults who have had other experiences, and thus at least being able to intelligently question at least some of the things you have been taught, of 'seeing the big picture' painted by apparently disparate things happening around you and gaining the intellectual and emotional security to be able to form novel explanations for such things your 'teaching' has not taught you, perhaps even to the point of disagreeing with what you have been taught based on your own reasoning and knowledge, of having the deeper knowledge required to dig out things your educational 'authorities' either at schools or the 'mainstream' media have not told you but seem relevant and engaging in adult debate about such things with those authorities - such qualities are all very lightly developed, if at all, in the dumbed down child-adult.

'Dumbing down' is focused at slowing the development of mature ideas and behaviour, of adult independence to 'connect dots' and form one's own ideas - the idea is to essentially create an 'adult' in body who is still highly inclined to listen to and be guided by the 'teachers' or other sanctioned 'authorities' for what they believe, and how they behave as 'adults'.

The normal development of any animal, including humans, progresses as rapidly as possible from the vulnerable, dependent young animal to the mature, self-sufficient adult, participating as an independent entity in whatever community that animal lives - there will be younger mature animals who are still physically dominated by older mature animals, which is natural enough as in the 'big picture' older animals will be stronger and more experienced and be more 'fit' to guide the community, but in terms of behavior and intellectual development, they are free to develop to whatever level they are capable of, and as they grow older physically and gain their own experiences, so they become more influential in the adult circles, until they are themselves seniors, and become leaders in their own turn.

Until quite recently in our western societies, human children were also encouraged to become self-sufficient adults as soon as possible too, through 'leaving the nest' at as early an age as possible (and it was not a forced departure for most, most young humans very much naturally want to be independent adults in the same way as all animals) - the adults are still nearby the first few forays from the nest, but like the young animal, the young developing human will be out on the streets alone, exploring their world and dealing creatively with whatever situations she or he encounters, learning to think for themselves in 'real life' situations, and gain the confidence in themselves to be able to do that, as they move into true independent adulthood in their society (there are other limits to these young humans advancing to the societal 'leadership', the very physical barriers created by the wealthy and powerful who use violence to create and maintain such barriers and keep the peasants running their great wealth machines in the factories and offices, but the young outside those barriers could still develop and grow within whatever limits there were around them in terms of poverty, and many did so). But 'dumbing down' of the human child, forcing them to remain 'dependent young' for much longer than is natural, focuses on a societal-wide process, in our English speaking countries, of retarding that development of independence and self-confidence, keeping the young human a dependent child-young adult for an extended period of time, for the very purpose of reducing their self-reliance, their opportunities and ability to seek out and deal with new situations on their own, and their ultimate ability to use this independent thinking and exploring to mature to adults who think freely for themselves as mature and independent citizens in their communities.

The reason for this, in terms of the CRR, is plain enough - young, dependent, obedient, intellectually not-yet-developed, authority-trusting children are a great deal easier to control than mature, intelligent, secure, free, experienced and independent adults, and in our modern world, a big gang of independent citizens could very easily displace the elite who are ruling us if they got together and worked together to actually create a good democracy, so they represent a very clear threat to the rulers (as they were during the 1950s and 60s, leading to the 'necessity' for the rulers of the CRR) - but of course the rulers need all the people to keep working to keep their very powerful kingdoms wealthy and functioning, so controlling them is necessary, and children are easier to control than truly independently thinking adults.

This period between late childhood and later adolescence, we also need to recognize, is also a crucial development period which can never be truly 'caught up with' later if not realised as the young human goes through that physical period - development is a process during which many, many things are happening, and if some things do not happen when the time is right for them to happen, the developing 'physical' maturity, which cannot be slowed intentionally as can intellectual/emotional development, does not get affected, then makes later intellectual adjustments not perhaps impossible, but certainly much more difficult and less likely to happen, as the 'physically mature' young person takes up the mantle of 'adulthood', with less-than-full intellectual development, as they get their work, and start families, and become quite restricted in what time they have for other activities, and also restricted by their 'peer' group who prefer people who think more or less the same as they do in all important ways. (a good example is language acquisition - the first decade of growth is when this naturally happens for humans, and is very easy for all children to learn their own language - trying to acquire a new language as an adult, with all of the adult distractions, is far, far more difficult for most people)

As with the indoctrination I talked about in the last section, 'retarded development' or 'dumbing down' does not mean no development or some kind of low-intelligence person walking around - the young adults appear as 'adults' in their community, as they have jobs, and families, and look after themselves in most physical ways - but in the ways of the higher intellectual development that was kept firmly controlled through the teenage years and guided in careful directions, involving primarily retarding and restricting the acquisition of true independence through independent exploration of their environment and unsupervised interaction with other people that most growing animals must go through to become fully functioning adult animals, they are stuck in the mindset of being content to take their guidance from the 'experts' they hear on the media, and generally not having much understanding of what is going on in the world, as they are still living, intellectually, in the 'let's have fun!!' space that dominates the teenage years of most people.

The evidence is clear and widespread and really undeniable for, again, those who have not been trapped in the now-decades-ongoing indoctrination-dumbing down trap (noting, again, that of course any number of people are among us who are not 'dumbed down', having, for one of many reasons, managed to escape or minimize the effects of the CRR program - but such people are, again, as talked about earlier, very much a minority and very carefully kept away from the mainstream media, wherein all we hear is a great cacophony of things reinforcing both the indoctrination and dumbing down, and as long as the rulers manage to keep most people believing what they are told through the media, including their belief that people who question 'authority' in any non-sanctioned way are internet nuts who shouldn't be listened to, they remain safe.)

Think of it as the education of the young domestic animal - the young sheep, the young cow, the young horse, as they develop into their 'adolescent' stage, want to go bounding all over the world in their youthful enthusiasm as far as they can see to whatever horizons are around them in the joyous freedom of their wonderful lives - it is the job of the farmer, very ably assisted by the older sheep who have already accepted their fenced-in status, to help the young sheep accept the limits of the fence, and just stop thinking about the other side of the fence - it is, for most sheep, a pretty large field, with lots of grass to eat, and the farmer provides shelter in the bad weather, so it's not such a bad field - just pretend the fence is the limits of your world and there is nothing more out there, internalise that belief to the point where you don't even see anything beyond the fence, and then even the fence itself, so have lost all desire to even think about going there, and you can be very happy here, young sheep! - and so are our own young humans trained and encouraged to accept the fences around their growing minds, and think within the box rather than without, and not even understand there is a box around their not-so-free brains.

If you have read the last chapter, talking about 'how do I tell if I'm indoctrinated OMG!!??', and found it seemed to apply to you, then maybe this does too - but don't run from this, it can be empowering, very empowering. It's not like finding out you have cancer which cannot be cured, it's more like finding you have been feeling rundown and bad for a few months because of some secretive parasite in your blood, or some debilitating but curable disease - like indoctrination, 'dumbing down' can be intellectually overcome, by those strong enough to face it and beat it back. Like believing in Santa would be a bit dumb for someone over the age of 12 - but you can get past it.

There are many things in our country that indicate a large number, probably majority, of our people qualify as 'dumbed down' according to what I have written above - not 'stupid' at all, in terms of knowing lots of facts and words and being able to talk in an intelligent way with others about many things - but still susceptible to the indoctrination and propaganda of the 'authorities' they hear every day on the CBC, and belief that those 'authorities' are telling them the 'truth', and thus have their lives, and thoughts, controlled in a small number of very important ways:

Many obvious beliefs only dumbed-down people could have, in 2010s Canada
Again, it's a big, big BIG field we have been given to play in, and we can think what we like about thousands and thousands of things, with all kinds of combinations and 'unique individual look at me I'm Free!!!' manifestations - it's just a small handful of places you cannot go, places that would endanger the rulers, but there are so many colorful and interesting things you *can* do, few people even wonder about any 'deeper' things, or care to think about such things if anyone talks about 'the other side of the fence' things.

The things you **must not question!!**
Although our society in the 2010s is driven by government policies based on outright lies that any intelligent, free-thinking adult can see through (they don't 'hate us because of our freedoms', the 'national debt' is just a massive scam, 'capitalism' is very much **not** the great boon to mankind most people seem to believe it is, it's just a religion set up to keep the peasants poor and benefit those who control it, Canada is again very much *not* a (real) 'democracy', and etc - the things I've talked about earlier), it seems very, very few people actually understand they are being quite egregiously lied to by pretty much everyone in any kind of serious 'authority' in our society who get daily media time maintaining the indoctrination and dumbed-down beliefs (your public school teachers, probably most innocently, but it is still false information, telling the kids Canada is a great democracy, university professors enforcing the capitalist economic dogmas, all lies to support the religion of capitalism, the senior media people cannot, not know, that their 'we must stop this evil bastard who is massacring his own citizens!!!' stories are lies, and the 'we must honor the national debt and pay it down!!', and etc), and allow the major policies of their country to be based on these lies, even though there is considerable discussion of these lies on the internet through which anyone can educate themselves out of the dumbing down, if they are interested - as adults truly independently thinking and concerned about the welfare of their community and country, would be. The 911 'Official Conspiracy Theory for People Completely Unable to Think for Themselves' is another very clear indication of widespread dumbing down - the obvious lies and impossibilities of the official story are too ridiculous, laughable even, to believe for any 'un-dumbed down' person, yet obviously believed by most people)

For example, as explained in various places, voting for any of the current Canadian political parties indicates that you believe the lies about how the parties have 'different visions' and voting for one or the other will make some significant difference in what happens in our country. Supporting, or at least believing the lies about, the 'war on terror' and all of its related activities ('they hate us because of our freedoms!!', ISIS is the greatest threat to humanity today, there are terrorists all around us and we're in imminent danger so must accept increased government intrusions in our lives!! - and therefore 'honor our brave soldiers!!' who are fighting this evil, etc), or the quite often blatant lies the last couple of decades about 'evil monster leaders massacring their own people, we have to get rid of them. bombbombbomb (what civilian casualties? We're the good guys we only kill bad people!!) etc etc', indicates a quite childish and naive credulity in most of 'the people' to believe in caricature Saturday morning cartoon-like bogeymen (not to mention 'we the white-hatted good guys!!') that no clear-thinking adult would ever believe (the fact that people with such childish beliefs seem to considerably outweigh 'adults' who understand how nonsensical such declarations by our leaders are is a pretty clear sign in itself of widespread dumbing down.. the people believe these things because 'authorities' and the media push them and they have well internalised the first rule, that the people on the CBC especially are very smart and honest and would only give we nice and well-meaning Cdns honest info - if they were pushing rational thought, the notion we might be better off doing some questioning of known liars (like the US gov) when they come peddling 'have to get that monster!!!' stories for the Xth time, we would suppose more people would have rational beliefs and a better understanding of how thinking for yourself is necessary these days). The big 'debt crisis' of course, so obvious to anyone able to do a bit of independent reading and thinking, seems to remain unrecognized by most people. And etc etc. All of these very obviously false beliefs could only occur in well indoctrinated and dumbed down people - I don't care how 'bright' and 'engaged in your society' you think you are - if you cannot understand these lies about 'democracy', terrorism, the debt, or if for some you do understand a bit about them but are too immature and insecure to stand up among your acquaintances, co-workers, family members, etc, and challenge their beliefs in the lies when they demand you express your fealty in one way or another to such dogma, then you have to include yourself in the 'dumbed down' population of Canada.

The role of the CBC in dumbing down Listen to, or read, the media, and think about how indoctrinated, dumbed-down people are treated, are spoken to on the CBC - the generally 'progressive' people who think they are among the more intelligent people in the country, and yet if you can get your mind outside the box and listen and think, it will become very clear that the CBC speaks to them as if they were children being told what to think instead of being given information to use in making their own decisions, as adults would expect, would demand.

It helps a lot to see what is going on today if you can recall the days before the CRR was fully in process - back in the 70s and early 80s, for example, with lingering isolated examples into the 90s such as the last few years of Peter Gzowski and Morningside, or the last years of the 'real' Ideas shows - and think about how 'adult' CBC radio hosts talked to their audiences back in the pre-dumbed down days, and the guests they invited on their shows to share the conversations, and how they talk now and the kind of guests they have. The differences are as obvious, and obnoxious, as a slap in the face to any adult able to compare the two. In past days, we had basically adults talking to adults, while now we have propagandists and hosts talking down to their audiences, talking like a teacher would talk to her pupils. If you're not old enough to remember the days when the CBC was actually 'of, by and for' the people, there are many alternative 'current affairs' type shows available on the internet where you can hear adults talking to adults about adult things from an adult perspective - as noted earlier, the Real News is one such place, or the major shows on RT, and it is quite devastating and shocking when listening to such places to realise how very, very far the CBC has fallen the last few years, and what has happened to Canada and Canadians that they accept this massively dumbed down CBC, when you listen to one of these 'adults talking to adults' shows from RT or Real News or other places, and then listen to anything on the CBC nowadays - the differences are quite stunning, and completely obvious to anyone who has for some reason escaped or avoided the indoctrination-dumbing down most Canadians have fallen victim to the last few decades - with the CBC the primary delivery vehicle of such dumbing down for the 'progressives' I hope to reach with this book.

This is very important, and another clear sign of dumbing down, but probably difficult to recognize from someone immersed in the CBC, who, like the proverbial frog in the slowly-boiled water, thinks the bath is great as he is almost cooked, has been slowly following them down the dumbing down hole the last couple of decades - so let me just take a few pages to go over a few of the main techniques the CBC is using to help create and encourage and consolidate and manage the dumbed down population, passively accepting whatever the rulers get up to largely because they believe what they hear on the CBC, and are guided by them. It's quite an obvious list once you are aware of it - and another excuse to get thee to the mirror and wonder why in the hell you have never noticed this very obvious dumbing down behaviour of the CBC that has been going on in your ears and head for many years (and as such, a potentially very empowering realisation, if you can push yourself past the natural desire to deny everything I am writing here):

(reminder once again - I single out the CBC, as the people I am primarily concerned about in this book are the Chomskian 20% noted earlier, the people who are supposed to be educated and concerned about what goes on in our society, who could most ably lead a strong resistance against the predator-capitalists taking us over, most of whom are 'progressives' and their leaders, and most of whom listen to and believe in the CBC, almost as a matter of faith - these are the 20%, as Chomsky says, whom it is essential to control for the oligarchs, the usurpers of our once-almost democracy, to continue ruling. It's more than a bit ironic, not to mention a very serious problem, that we have various 'support the CBC!!' groups out there, all apparently with minds stuck 30-40 years in the past when the CBC was a truly great and uniting progressive voice with our best public intellectuals supportive of democracy and progress appearing regularly, and all apparently completely oblivious to the fact, the very obvious fact to anyone doing some serious 'eyes open' analysis, as talked about in the last section, that the CBC is now the great enemy (for we progressives) of progress, and is a central part of the corporate propaganda state, whose very target is the 'progressive' demographic. If we are to win this struggle, it is absolutely essential that the CBC be exposed as the agent of the enemy it has become, and its influence on those of us trying to make a better country degraded and destroyed, as we free our brains from their dumbing down propaganda and gatekeeping, and find or develop new and honest and friendly media to turn to, about which more in the final section of the book - we would want to do a phoenix-like resurrection of the CBC once it has been cleansed of the cancer now controlling it, as we do need a great national unifying broadcaster such as the CBC - but not the great democracy-destroying Judas beast it has now become, selling us all to the new feudalists for whatever pieces of silver those who control it can get ...)

Let me just tease out a few of the more obvious 'dumbing down' strands which are evident on the CBC every day when you can think for yourself outside of the box the CBC et al have constructed for you to confine your thoughts to: (and a note - some of what follows I have said in other places, but it bears repeating, as it is a different way of looking at things than most people are used to and, as such, easy to skip over or 'not see/understand/ acknowledge' when it sets up what they call 'cognitive dissonance' - so much easier to dismiss such things as 'silly internet conspiracy theories' or something and return to the Box Comfort Zone they've created for 'nice children' to play in. But as I say over and over again in this book - if you want to help make our country better, if you want to get back on the road to sanity and democracy, you need to get out of that comfort zone and get into reality, which can be challenging at times, but is also far, far more satisfying in the long run to the engaged, intelligent adult, wishing to help create our better society rather than remain in the childish dependent role of passive passenger as the rulers take us where they will - it is very clear now, after 30+ years of the current NWO, that where they want to take us might be wonderful for them, but it is going to be a very grim place for most of us. Think Hitler in the 1930s, think Orwell's 'picture the future, a boot on the human neck forever', get your head out of the sand, away from the Ministry of Truth hivephones for awhile, and engage your brain. Please.)

How the CBC is helping create and maintain a 'dumbed down' 'progressive' demographic in Canada

DD in action 1: Believe what the authorities tell you: In an adult group of any kind, populated by adults able, demanding, to think for themselves, as in an actual democracy, the adults learn about all important sides of a developing situation from various sources, and have a good discussion before deciding what to do, at what point on the spectrum of opinion the place that is the best for the most lies, and what the adults in this group decide is what gets done. Children, on the other hand, in their home or at school where they spend most of their time, are told, first, what important things are going on in 'the bigger world', and are then told what to believe and/ do about such things by the 'authorities' around them who make the actual decisions about such things, and (the good children) believe and do what they are told, no questions asked, as they construct their childish lives within the boundaries set by those authorities (yes, yes, they might in higher grades have a little pretend discussion about 'important things in current events', but there is never any question of the outcome, as the teacher makes clear what the 'parameters' of the discussion are, the 'unwanted questions that must not be asked we good people do not go there!!', and guides them to the desired end point). Really, of course, children, and 'dumbed down child-mind adults', don't much care about the 'bigger issues' that concern the (real) adults, they just want to do interesting things and 'have fun'. Which suits the authorities who *do* want to run things just fine - great if you can arrange it this way.

And if we can just look around our society today with a clear view, it should be evident that we are (collectively - always exceptions, but generally) operating at the level of such children - older children in high school, perhaps, where they occasionally have some minor say about some essentially trivial things (we can vote on what the team colors will be (Orange!! Blue!! Red!! GOGOGO!!, or where the special class outing will be, or the theme of the prom - stuff that engages the teenage mind), but in terms of the important things about running the high school they are not asked in any way what they think or how they feel or what they want to do about problems the high school administration is facing (about which they aren't given information and don't know so don't have much interest anyway), they are told what is happening, what is or will be done, what the rules are within which they will live their high school lives. And thus we see our dumbed down society today, with the media acting as the secretariat for Power, our 'teachers' (CBC 'hosts' and 'news' readers), relaying 'press releases' telling the people what is going to be done in all important matters such as the latest spending cuts (Austerity Rules and is basically in response to an Act of God so cannot and Will Not be Questioned it does not even need to be talked about just obeyed, your Expert Financial Masters are honorable men and must be trusted..), 'fighting terrorism' (all good citizens stand together against this existential threat to our lives and Homeland, and only terrorist supporters dare question this!(yes, you can question if Bill C51 goes too far, but the idea we are not really in terrible danger from Worldwide Terrorism is not even anywhere near the table, for the Good Citizen)), Wonderful New 'trade' treaties (we'll all soon be Rich, all over the world!!, beyond our wildest dreams with the magic of Free Trade!! (or fall behind like stupid commie socialists if we don't sign right now!!)), and etc (yes, of course, there are always a few discontents grumbling about one thing or another, but they have no say whatsoever in what gets done, and their voices are almost completely marginalised in the media, and if any spokespersons for such dissent get near the CBC, it is only relatively weak ones who are challenged and chastened by the host and/or righthinking 'experts' for their backwardsness and silly notions...). These are all very serious things, and things that we 'citizens' have no say whatsoever in as we should and would in any real democracy, but in modern Canada our input is neither desired or looked for - the rulers are doing what they want to do in their country, as the high school administration takes care of the 'serious' things insofar as actually running the high school goes, and all we junior 'citizens' get about these serious issues is a very one-sided 'selling job' by the media, our 'teachers' whom we are expected to believe. The 'democratic choice' we are given every few years is for things equal in importance to the high school decisions - we're told that it's really important that we get to vote for the student council, but the student council, our 'elected representatives', still get their orders about serious things from the people who run the country, the ones with all the money whose offices are in Bay St in Toronto, or other seats of elite wealth in the country, as I demonstrated beyond much argument earlier.

(examples every day, as I do a final proof of this, we have the Cdn outrage at the Chinese ambassador daring to upbraid a Canadian reporter about offensive questions - one 'report' here on Tyee Why China's ambassador flipped out - read the comments following from the very well indoctrinated herd, scary) (as a US-tagalong bombing all over the mideast and north Africa, not to mention what it has done in Haiti or to its own native people, Canada is an international war criminal-rogue state and has absolutely no business criticizing anyone - but the well-trained CBC children have no idea about such things, and think they are the 'nice children' who tell 'bad children' to behave, very self-righteously - the adults in China were having none of it - just more pathetic behaviour from the Cdn media-children)

It's very obvious, when you see it through this kind of filter, and think about it honestly - examples aren't hard to come by, they're right in your face, if you can think beyond the dumbing down indoctrination maintenance offered by the media, notably the CBC for 'progressives'.

The current 'trade' negotiations, the TTIP and TPP, are such examples, things that could have quite profound impacts on our country in the future, and yet are being conducted not only with no input asked from the people, but in great secrecy where information is very strictly withheld from us (as have pretty much all such 'trade' negotiations since they began with the first big one of our modern times, the FTA and NAFTA, back in the 80s) - and obviously the media is completely complicit in this 'nothing to see here folks move on move on!!!' approach, as they fill the air with gossip and spectacle. As they do in school, the 'teachers' (aka radio hosts, 'news'readers, 'journalists', featured 'experts', etc) tell the students through basically a propaganda monologue (creating the narrative, as talked about earlier) what the dogma is that they are expected to believe, presented as simple facts that there is no need to question as teachers instruct their students in whatever subject they are teaching, and all the 'good children-citizens' do and believe as the 'authorities' given talking time on the CBC tell them, mostly believing, as children do, that the teachers/CBC 'authorities' tell them only the truth, and believing what the teachers tell them (any 'dissent' about such things, if sufficiently widespread, may be acknowledged, but only from the perspective of 'naughty silly children not understanding what is best for them', who may be allowed a small voice in the public debate only so they can be 'educated' in the error of their ways by 'experts', and to serve as further reinforcement to the other children that 'mother' is always right, and does not like to be questioned when she has decided what needs to be done - most children are good children, and this is the desired outcome - good children don't like to be stood up in front of the class and scolded, so are careful to figure out what Mother wants and be sufficiently obedient to avoid her public censure or, at least as importantly, the hostility from one's peers that one dares question the group acceptance of what dogma they are supposed to believe). (the deep, deep indoctrination things that are well internalised - do you believe Canada is a 'democracy'? Do you believe we should honor our troops for their brave defence of Canada when they get killed bombing somebody in the mideast? Do you believe that we have a terrible national debt and must honor it above all else? Do you believe Capitalism is the greatest economic system ever invented and we are wealthy because of it, and socialism is just a poorly conceived idea that does not really work? Do you believe nasty old bin Laden masterminded an evil scheme and controlled his minions from a cave in Afghanistan as they flew planes into the World Trade Centers which then collapsed spectacularly to the ground because of the huge fires and being weakened by the catastrophic plane impacts? - wrong in every case, deep deep indoctrination, all very obvious lies which only children not able to question the teachings of their authorities would believe ... )

We have never, for example, had a 'debate' about 'terrorism' in Canada, or how we should meet this 'threat', just over and over again the 'experts' explaining that we are all in danger from these mindless evil people who hate us for no rational reasons, how they 'hate our freedoms' and want to attack us because we are such good people and they just hate good people like some kind of Saturday morning cartoon monsters, and thus we must all stand together in this terrible battle, stand behind the government who wants only to protect us, we must allow 'protective measures' and obey the police at all times, as they only want to protect us, etc etc. There is good reason for the rulers to complete prevent any such debate on the corporate media they control which informs (haha "informs") most Canadians, as they would very quickly lose it. In reality, of course, all of the things they have Canadians believing about 'evil monsters' in these countries, and 'terrorism', are simply not true, indeed, mostly lies. In truth Canadians are in almost no danger from 'terrorism, and to whatever extent there is some small danger, there are reasons much more in line with reality than 'they are evil scum who hate us because we are free', that all Canadians should be talking about and informing their understanding of what is happening, if they want to remove whatever small risk there is here, and make the world a much, much better and safer place. The people labeled as 'terrorists' from the mideast countries (where all the oil is) have a very long history of very serious and legitimate grievances which some now respond to with violence in response to over a century of western - first Great Britain now US-led - looting and support of vicious dictatorial governments that suppress the people and allow 'the west' to control the region's oil resources - a deeper truth, perspective, context, which would allow any rational, educated person to see the entire situation in a much different light, and be talking about much different policies than 'bomb bomb bomb!!!' and 'create a lockdown state for our protection!!' - but of course, as should be evident from what I have written earlier, and a great deal of more truthful and credible analysis available now through the internet, the rulers need us to believe these lies to advance their own NWO-new feudalist 'lockdown-ready state' program, and the CBC, as 'propaganda central' targeting 'progressives' in our country, maintains an almost daily monolog of various items supporting the supposed evils of terrorism, and the great danger we are all in, and, although of course we have a limited amount of protest concerning the selling of 'terrorism' in our country, and whether or not the latest terrorism goes too far, most CBC presenters and their listeners, dumbed down to believe their authority figures, believe the central lie, we are all in danger from evil terrorists and must protect ourselves, as gospel. As dumbed down children would, just naively believing any silly monster stories (or santa stories) their parents/teachers/authorities tell them, rather than adults thinking for themselves, getting their information from multiple sources, and realising the many problems with the CBC propaganda, and daring to not only question them, but tell them they are wrong, and our lives and country will not be ruled by this 'we're all in danger from terrorism!!' lie.

The other major evidence of dumbed down children innocently, naively accepting lies from their elders at the CBC would be the brazen debt scam/massive looting of Cdn taxdollars, used to justify the overt shutdown of the almost-democracy our immediate ancestors had almost got on its feet back in the 60s and 70s. The 'economics' behind this scam are extremely simple as I've written about at length elsewhere and won't repeat here, but the dumbed down citizens, following the lead of their 'teachers'/authorities as instructed on the CBC, don't even engage the opening bars of the idea because they are clearly told by the 'teachers' at the CBC not talking about this at all that this is not something they the children are expected to understand or something they are going to have any input in, beyond accepting the required austerity like good children, which most do, so just move on folks nothing to see here, but look at the latest amazing gossip about (celebrity XX!! - we got all the time we need for that, folks!!). (but Guest X - if you think the government should be providing money for (whatever it is you are talking about) - where is the money going to come from? We have terrible financial problems in the country (says the wide-eyed innocent host) - where is the money going to come from???)

Overall, of course, again, the point is not what you think about 'terrorism' or austerity or democracy or capitalism or anything else - the point is, is this the role of the CBC, the national state broadcaster, in a democracy, to act as the secretariat and propagandist of government policy, especially when so much of that policy in recent years is strongly opposed by most citizens, and their justifications for such policies are quite blatant lies evident to anyone who understands the bigger picture? It is obviously the role of a state broadcaster in totalitarian societies to instruct the citizens and encourage their passive acceptance in what their government expects of them - but is it the role of a state broadcaster in supposedly democratic Canada to tell people what they are expected to believe and do, and help push the citizens in the desired direction by propaganda and gatekeeping and promoting spectacle to encourage people to ignore important things in favor of trivial but loud and flashy entertainment? Or should a truly democratic public broadcaster - as the CBC once was, back in the days of Gzowski and Knowlton Nash and Lister Sinclair and many other public intellectuals in our country speaking on the CBC about democracy, be encouraging calm, reflective adult conversations about important things, offering *all* relevant points of view of Canadians, and devoting much time to important issues and little or none to childish spectacle on the 'adult' shows? Just to put the question is to provide the answer - and when one then examines what we get on the CBC in terms of propaganda and gatekeeping and dumbing down and spectacle, it is simply undeniable what the CBC is doing - acting as the secretariat for power in 2010s Canada. Undeniable.

DD Proof 2 >> Teacher to child message - and teacher to child presentation:
The childlike acceptance of most people in our dumbed-down land that there are authorities who make decisions we can't question, or 'explain' situations that we're not smart enough to figure out for ourselves, indeed we don't even need to understand or talk much about these things as we get on with our 'more important' childish pursuits, is the most obvious sign of the widespread dumbing down, but it's also worth singling out the behaviors, the mannerisms, the unspoken but powerful 'relationship' assumptions, of the CBC show hosts and their guests, and the so-called 'news'readers and 'journalists', as they tell the audience/children what they will believe about what is going on in their country and world, the unspoken but powerful subconscious signals of the 'authority' talking to the student or follower.

(Little aside: I simply cannot use those words, 'journalist' or 'newsreader', in relation to the CBC without the quotation marks indicating something that is said by others but not accepted as true or factual by the person quoting them, in this case me - these people, the senior ones at the CBC, rather arrogantly, and certainly falsely, calling themselves 'journalists' are actors and propagandists and traitors to our country, doing nothing more than convincingly reading a script given them by those they work for, as a good actor does, while a 'real' newsreader or journalist is an honorable position, with good journalists absolutely necessary to a democracy doing what a 'real' journalist does, going places average people cannot go to get an idea of what is going on there, and as accurately as possible telling the people they work for (in this case, the citizens of Canada) what they have found, and also the very important job of poking around places where Power is exercised and alerting the citizens ASAP of possible criminal or undemocratic activity. And the people working at the CBC right now, and all the major Canadian media, have no right whatsoever to any kind of honor, to any use of the word 'journalist', as, as I talk about at length earlier, they have all completely sold out to Power, and rather than honest reporting of what Power is up to, they are doing just the opposite, lying for power, gatekeeping for Power, propagandizing for power, participating in dumbing down the citizenry and creating a passive citizenry to serve Power - complete traitors to our country, and deserving of the harshest condemnation, not the honor associated with real journalism and journalists, found now only on the internet and completely ignored by the CBC et al. (of course, it appears there are a growing number of dumbed down 'journalism school' (haha) graduates who are playing at being 'journalists', like children play at being doctor, with very obviously no real credentials at all, no understanding of what a true 'journalist' does as they promote their opinions and gossip like teenagers, breathlessly asking bereaved crying people how they feel about their loss as if that had anything to do with 'news' or 'journalism', just doing what they have to do to follow their 'career path' and get the fame and toys that show what 'winners' they are in their capitalist society - the CBC is very shamefully just awash with basic English errors the last few years, which would never have happened back in the days of real CBC journalism) Well, as I said, I went through that earlier. It's just a bit of a sore point , actually a very large sore point with me about what is wrong with our country - I once loved the CBC, trusted the CBC, they were central in building our almost-great democracy back in the 60s and 70, and now they have come to be very central in working with some very evil people to destroy it all, to destroy the dreams of greatness we once had and push us under Mordor's command ...).

To help make these 'unspoken but very powerful assumptions' about the relationship between the CBC people and their audiences a bit more clear, let's put a few things on the table and shine a light on them and have a bit of a think - just name some of them - the telling of names is always powerful, when power depends a good deal on keeping such things secret and the people ignorant of them, or afraid to speak the dangerous name.

What are the 'we are speaking to immature, dependent children who will believe and behave as we instruct them' -promoting behaviors we can hear on the CBC, aside from the childish content, pretty much constantly throughout the day, in one form or another for their various audiences? It is very very instructive, for those who can remember a few decades back, to compare how the radio people speak to their audiences now, in the 2010s, with how 'adults' like we used to have running the CBC back in the 60s and 70s would speak to their audiences (a few lasting into the 80s, all gone by sometime in the 90s). For those not old enough to remember that, but who have managed to avoid the dumbing down since that time, there are other places to go now that we did not have duping the 90s that developed during the 2000s with the internet - it is a comparison to almost make one weep in despair, truly from somewhere down the rabbit hole, at times at what has become of our country, as is made so clear by listening to a few RT shows (Going Underground, In the Now, Sputnik with George Galloway, etc) or some Real News interviews (Canadian Paul Jay by far the best current Canadian journalist, would never even get in the door at the current CBC), and listen to actual adults talking to other adults with adult perspectives and ways of talking, and then listen to the current affairs shows on the CBC, with hosts and guests behaving as if they are teachers talking to children, or offering their semi-scripted propaganda pieces, again as priests instruct the faithful, or as 'teachers' instructing children in the dogma they are expected to believe, or once the 'serious' stuff is over, talking about childish things with their childish guests like teenagers talking with their friends about things teens are interested in ... .

DD 'speaking to children' Behaviour 1 >> children have certain speech patterns, adults have different ones, when they interact - for example, children, when talking to adults about 'serious' things, are often hesitant, and questioning, looking to the adults for confirmation they are speaking and thinking allowable, or sensible, or correct things, still learning how to behave in an adult setting while talking to adults - adults (real adults, listen, again, to RT or Real News, or think Atticus, or Gzowski if you're old enough to remember adult-to-adult CBC ...) speak in a sure tone of voice, friendly when speaking to non-hostiles, confident of their ability and right to speak, calmly disagreeing with or challenging others when they need to, sure in their ability and right to formulate their own opinions and present them in the company of other adults and engage in adult-to-adult discourse when there are differing points of view with the purpose of casting light on some situation. Teachers are also very different from children, teachers speak in a certain way to children, up to and including younger teens. Teachers, either reading or talking, are, for example, quite expressive in the way they talk, as a kind of 'aural guidance' to those they are teaching about how what they are saying should be understood - teachers use tone to express surprise, or fear, or shock, or anger, or other emotions voices going up or down in pitch, dropping or rising in volume, etc. Adults engaged in adult conversation or sharing of ideas do not need such aural assistance, although it may of course be used at times, but normally, if an adult wishes to tell another adult 'The dog attacked the man', the adult does not need to use the sliding low-high voice of a child reporting the same incident indicating 'fear', 'danger', 'outrage', or 'shock', or any other emotion the speaker wished to convey. The parent would be outraged if it was a neighbor's dog and her kid and would likely show it in her voice, a cop would be approving if it was a man's dog attacking someone who was attempting to mug the man and again might show it vocally, etc - but the newsreader should not be showing any of these emotions. It is not the newsreader's job to tell the audience as a teacher would help her pupils what to think of any 'news' story, either directly or through such extra-textual hints, a 'professional attribute' that, sadly, seems no longer operative at the CBC. In adultland which we are talking about here, the listening adults are intelligent enough to formulate their own ideas of what emotions other people might feel about facts expressed, indeed it is probable that in a very diverse country such as Canada there will be diverse opinions about many stories - it is the simple fact of the dog attacking the man, with any pertinent related details, that is the information they need, unencumbered by the speaker's 'voice instructions' of how the newsreader feels about this and wishes the listener to feel also - indeed, an alert adult engaged in their community and well able to think for themselves and formulate their own opinions is likely to look with some distrust on anyone they speak with who tries to guide or even control their reaction to information by such non-verbal hinting.

And so were the newsreaders back in the 60s and 70s - adults presenting facts of interest to other adults, journalists doing their jobs of reporting what was happening in the community, or country, or world - even if it is very apparent that most adult citizens will feel a certain way about something, it is still the professional newsreader's job to present that information in a neutral kind of voice. That's what the news used to be about, with professionally trained people doing the job - now, sadly, it it invariably accompanied by various kinds of interpretation, to make sure the citizen-children understand what it all means, and don't start getting off the range and thinking for themselves about what it all might mean, a very dangerous place for the rulers to let the cattle roam when there are so many lies dominating our society, lies that are very vulnerable to the bright light of truth if people actually start thinking for themselves about such things.

To some extent this 'news'reading by immature-sounding people can be explained by the fact the CBC hires immature people who are still somewhat less than fully literate and read like children reading to other children, more pretending to be a 'journalist' than actually being one, in the same way the high school administration gets students to read out the daily 'student interest news', but you can also understand they hire these people because this is the kind of person they want, rather than the adults they hired in times before the dumbing down got seriously underway - imagine Knowlton Nash in 2015 reading the news like a teacher reading a story to his children, for example, or like any of the immature clowns reading on the CBC in 2015 as I write as if their primary goal is not providing news, but showing their audience how cool they are, with various 'vocal' tones and 'cool jokes' showing they are like cynical teens not really taking it all too seriously - it is to laugh, if you're not crying first. Another factor is, no doubt, that no person, no intelligent, honest, adult person, with a true calling to be a journalist, a real journalist, would ever agree to lie to the people the way the current 'news' readers lie and do propaganda and gatekeeping, so they have to go with actors, or naive not-too-bright career-path-oriented children who will read whatever script you give them.

(in many ways, of course, the CBC *is* creating the narrative of our times, as I talked about early, and if thought of from this perspective, then telling the 'news' as if it is just a story, with appropriate teacher-student tonation, is understandable, helping the childish citizens remember the narrative by making it an interesting story, with vocal hints to be sure the children are very clear about the 'good guys' and 'bad guys' in the modern story (we drop bombs on their civilians, first it's just 'alleged' and we can quickly forget about it, move on nothing important to see here folks, and to whatever extent any of it is true it's acceptable collateral damage, they started the fight, they're all terrorists anyway, and etc - but if *they* drop bombs on *our* civilians, THE HORRIBLE BASTARD FUCKING TERRORISTS!!!!! - and etc). They'd fit right in with Orwell's Ministry of Truth - they sure as hell don't belong in a true national broadcaster working for 'we the people'.)

DD Behaviour 2 - 'high-toning' - the habit of many, many young people to end almost everything they say as if it is a question, voice rising at the end of pretty much everything they say, a very, very annoying habit, but much more than annoying, a very dis-empowering habit, as this is what children do when talking to 'authority', to show their submissiveness, their 'questioning' tone showing they understand that anything they say may be corrected by authority. Adults do *not* speak like this - they speak with a confident voice, asserting whatever it is they are saying as a valid opinion. Most of the CBC hosts, of course, as the 'authority' in whatever situation they are acting in, do not have these submissive habits (just try to imagine Ms Tremonti or Ms Off speaking like this as they do their bit to create the modern Canadian narrative!!!! - can't really imagine that, can you?), but the large body of 'non-expert' guests they have on their shows talking about their lives and activities do - the dumbed down citizens talking about mostly quite irrelevant things, being an example to other citizens of the kind of citizen behavior the CBC approves of and offers as examples of what the 'CBC-approved citizen brand' behaves like. (on the PEI Island Morning show, where there is not much of interest that needs to be propagandized, a substantial portion of the 'non-propaganda' bulk of every show is given over to such guests, speaking like children, many very obviously children, young men and women of not-too-high IQs, so deep in the indoctrination already they will never escape ('support our troops' or you're dead, bud..)

(aside as I edit this bit, July-Aug 2015, Naomi Wolf, one of our great voices for years now of intelligence and taking back our country from the capitalist predators and wouldbe new fascists, very alert to danger signs all around us, wrote a Guardian column about the childish speaking habits of young women today, and it was interesting and quite informative how many pseudo-feminist groups, and mainstream propaganda - indoctrination - dumbing down organisations like the CBC, attacked her assertions that women should talk like adults if they wanted to be taken seriously - the propagandists (and their dupes) all mocking Naomi, asserting that women should be allowed to speak as they like, any attempt to criticize them for this is just attacking their right to freely speak as they wish, and trying to oppress them (utter and obvious bullshit, of course, Wolf is obviously trying to help the women she refers to, but indoctrinated people are like cult people, well beyond being influenced by simple logic, no matter how obvious or true, and just mindlessly attack anyone daring criticise their 'faith-based' ideas ..) - pretty much confirming this *is* a ruler tactic, and has been intentionally promoted, as part of the dumbing down process - act like a child, speak like a child, have the limited understanding of a child, the hubris of a child (Whatever I do is right by definition and you're just a bad man if you criticize me!!) - and you'll have the impact of a child on what is happening here, exactly as the rulers want. (Naomi and most others aren't quite seeing it clearly, as this is not something just directed at women, but all people - they continue to mistake the 'patriarchy' as 'men against women', while it is, of course, a male-dominated elite against *all* non-elite, men as well as women - I got kicked off Rabble for trying to explain things like this, another sure sign who they are really working for as they completely mindlessly react to anyone daring question their dogma ... there are things the indoctrinated must not be exposed to, as it might get them thinking)

DD Behaviour 3 >> we're kids having a good time!!! - listen to the morning show hosts especially, but others as well - they're laughing almost all the time, a great deal of it obviously 'mandated' as some part of the 'job description' (you can see/hear this in many ways, that all shows are obviously following directives from above in various ways, certain guests appearing on morning shows across the country at certain times with the same message, the same occasional 'drive by' reinforcement of certain desired behaviors (oh, you're calling us from your car? I hope you're pulled off to the side of the road!!', 'Isn't it funny how some people don't understand that wearing their bicycle helmet protects them?!', etc) - not entirely clear what this endless laughter is all about, but it's obviously a childish behaviour, probably just a 'non-verbal' sign that we kids are just out here having fun in our great country, no need to worry about 'adult stuff' or take anything seriously, we're in great shape, whatever few problems there are, well, we ('adult'-)kids can just leave the serious stuff to the 'authorities' somewhere looking after us!! - and the CBC listeners, looking to the CBC hosts as role models, naturally (a) believe this is normal behaviour, and (b) mimic the behaviors they see/hear on the CBC as growing children mimic whatever authority figures they have around them and want to like and be liked by, as well as following the ideas/propaganda - that Canada is a great fun country, and we have lots of fun stuff to do - sure we listen to boring serious adult stuff sometimes, but 'Job 1!' for we happy citizens is just to enjoy life in our great country!! (more on this in the next chapter) Adults have fun, of course, and do laugh at times when natural, but adults also realise that taking care of the important things is a bit of a serious business, and laughter when you're talking about serious things is not really appropriate. Yes, the odd natural bit of humor can slip in at times, but it's the essential difference of 'laughter as the central priority when talking about anything (other than really serious and scary stuff like Terrorists!! and other monsters under the bed, of course), while 'adults' naturally talk normally about things, with laughter the exception. The obviously mandated laughter we hear on almost all of the current affairs shows now is probably an attempt to cover up their lack of serious attention to serious subjects, in some way. More analysis required - but just note this as a sign of the 'dumbing down' the CBC is promoting.

DD Behaviour 4 >> Gossip rules!! - one of the main teenager 'immature signs' traits is their self-centered tendency to gather together in gangs of one kind or another, they're mostly quite insecure and there is strength/security in gangs. In such gangs, they show their inward-looking-ness and partly define their 'exclusivity' by demeaning others who do not follow the gang and whatever rituals it uses, creating lone, vulnerable 'outsiders' to contrast with their 'insider-ness' strength, and like immature kids wanting to show their 'strength' by showing they have the 'power' to hurt others. And one of the main gang traits is vicious gossip against any of these vulnerable loners they have decided to go after, showing their 'superiority' by creating some kind of hurt in 'lesser creatures' they have power over - the creation/reinforcement of the 'all for one one for all!!' hivemind - and, very sadly, a certain sign of the dumbing down that has taken over the entire organisation. This 'teenage-centered gossip rules!!' mentality has become one of the hallmarks of the modern CBC, and other Cdn media - teenaged 'inner gang' gossip going after anyone they don't like, being passed off as 'news' - and of course the faithful CBC dumbed down audience is completely onboard here, wanting to be part of the CBC gang, so believing what the CBC gang tells them to believe. It's also a de-humanizing thing also to treat other people like this - a caring society tries to help others, a society moving towards barbarism kicks them when they're down. Again and again. Every act of vicious gossip is another step away from civil, adult society towards barbaric, rule by violence society. Which is, of course, where the predators want to take us back to, regressing hundreds of years of positive movement towards a civil, law-and-rules-based democracy. Gossip has nothing to do with either, quite the reverse.

There will come a time, I hope, assuming the 'adults' ever get back in charge and start running the county and it's institutions again, that the Rob Ford story of 2014 (and the Duffy trial of 2015, and many others - see 'The Stupid Essay' anon) is going to go in for some serious analysis, not of the alleged misbehaviors of Ford or others, minor shit at worst, but of the totally off-the-rails hysterical childish gossip-fest participated in by virtually all of the Canadian media who, for whatever politically correct childish reasons developed a serious hatred of the guy, and the great following of so many Canadians who should have known better, especially the 'progressive' CBC followers. For months, you could hardly turn on the CBC without getting treated to a 'panel' of some sort engaged in nasty gossip about Ford - no rumor was too trivial not to be turned into the latest 'Must talk about!!!!!' event, just like teenagers running to the nearest gathering place after school to 'share' the latest 'scandal!!!!' about the target of their gossip, and plot ways to embarrass that target even further, based on gossip and just making shit up if there was no actually new gossip salacious enough to capture the attention of the shallow teenage gossip-mongers. There are various other examples - the self-righteous 'warriors' for 'decency' or whatever the modern 'rape culture' nonsense is based on, supported by the self-styled 'feminists' of the CBC, demonising and simply lying about those who dare question their hysteria, and acting like nothing more than a mob of out-of-control children as they try to completely shut down anyone asking some simple questions about what they are doing, are another perfect, and very frightening and appalling, example, of the dumbed down childish mind in action. The Duffy charges that got under way in 2014 and carried into 2015 were another example, gossip gossip gossip, trivia turned into 'Must Know and Dissect in Detail!!!!' pseudo-news - for whatever reason, we HATE this guy now (was the CBC position), and will do anything to make him look bad, and offer absolutely NO opinions or analysis on our show that tries to put the story in a greater context. Trivial stories all, upon which massive amounts of air and print space were devoted - while completely ignoring truly important stories such as the massive debt scam, the latest corporate power increasing 'trade' treaties, ongoing shameful poverty in the country, etc etc. Children love gossip, adults have better things to do. Which is why the rulers do what they can to keep the majority of the voting population in a childhood state of mind, as the 'adults' get on with re-creating Canada in 'their' image - a new feudal society.

>>> Related to the gossip - The shallow hubris of the teenage/child adult dumbed down 'hivemind', 'we've made up our minds don't bother us with facts!!' - once the teenage girlgang mind, with the encouragement of their 'authorities' such as the CBC, decides it is right about something such as the Ford story, there is absolutely no turning them away, no logic that can show them they actually are wrong in what they believe or do. This is not that uncommon in young people, and one of the jobs of (true) adults and teachers is to lead the young people into more rational ways of seeing and thinking about the world, the same way they guide them from wanting to eat sweet things all the time to appreciating healthy food - but in our dumbing down society, we have just the reverse, with the rulers, via their media, doing all they can to implant this childish behaviour permanently. Again, we see this as a prominent feature of the CBC hosts, as exemplified in the Ford and Duffy stories, and more serious stories from around the world, for instance when they are instructed to sell the 'evil' of the latest leader the US wants to get rid of, or demonize, and the very widespread essentially mindless, childlike acceptance in the Cdn population of such demonisation. For the last couple of years they have been after Putin, and not many days go by when they don't find or create some reason to mock or ridicule Putin, as they have done in the past with Gaddaffi and Assad and Abadinijad of Iran - much of the demoninsations not only childish, but laughingly stupid, considering how obviously untrue such things often are, and/or otherwise grossly exaggerated, saying, as does all vindictive gossip, a great deal more about those purveying it than those it is directed at - our once great CBC, sunk to the level of cheap gossipers and small-minded vindictive teenagers quick to judge and completely resistant to truth and rationality once the judgement has been passed in whatever service to Power it has been made. And as always, it is far, far more tragic and worrisome that so much of our Cdn dumbed down population follows these mindless diktats from the CBC secretariat. Such a childish trait is something that can be very useful for the rulers of course, as they divide and conquer, and manipulate the anger-driven, LCD mob that much of Canada behaves like in such times - this video, for example, is almost terrifying to watch, as gangs of teenage girls, with their witless follower boy hangerson, 'defend' their obviously nonsensical hysterical belief that 'all young women are in danger from all men, Canada is a rape culture, you MUST BELIEVE THIS AND NEVER DARE TO QUESTION US!!! IF YOU DARE TO QUESTION US THAT PROVES YOU ARE A MISOGYNISTIC RAPIST!!!' and etc - Institutions of higher indoctrination. They are very determined to stamp out completely the slightest sign of resistance or questioning of this completely irrational and wrong belief - truth or logic or 'free speech' mean absolutely nothing to them in the pursuit of their goals. The 'warren farrell' segment about 6 minutes in is truly frightening, for anyone who cares about democracy and freedom - I am reminded of nothing more than the infamous and evil Hitler Youth, dedicated completely to the spread of Naziism, and the attacking and eradication of anyone daring question their god - you can see that if this young woman constantly screaming 'FUCKING SCUM FUCKING SCUM FUCKING SCUM!!!!' in the face of an obviously quiet young man who simply wanted to listen to a talk was allowed to do as she wished, she would be gleefully, righteously killing or seriously maiming anyone who dared oppose her demands or question her faith. Aside from the dumbed down people participating in this, young people behaving like spoiled children screaming and breaking things until they get their own way, it serves a deeper and more important purpose - it is these young courageous activist people we really need to get to work together to challenge the rulers, but taking over these young minds and turning them into these cult-like childmind fanatics becomes a very strong 'divide and conquer' force, as well as a distractive force (so-called 'feminists' gathering together, and believing their enemy is all men, is completely useful to the rulers ...) - with our society divided as these people create division, we have no chance at all of understanding and confronting the real enemy.

DD behaviour in action 5 - Flash mobs and 'instant viral shaming!!!' - and other 'instant' things are not 'democracy' - or any mobs, for that matter - they are, in fact, a good way to avoid democracy, which I write about elsewhere, which requires thought and discussion. Running around the streets shouting slogans and breaking things, or getting all hot and bothered about some rumor that somebody has said something that WE MUST PUNISH!!!!, has absolutely nothing to do with 'democracy', ever. But the CBC is right there giving publicity to such things, and no publicity at all to people setting up quiet meetings to talk about the problems we are having in a more serious way. Mobs are actually good for the rulers in many ways - a chance to justify increased police powers, a chance to identify potential leaders and be ready to 'neutralise' them when desired, and of course the great amounts of time, money and creative effort put into fruitless, childish, 'short term satisfaction' activities like organising such a demonstration, which turn out to have no impact at all, are great amounts of time, money and creativity organising ways to have a greater impact in the actual 'houses of government'. 'Instant' mobbing or shaming is also a good way to reinforce all of the 'dumbing down' program - joining any kind of mob is pretty much antithetical to rational, reasoned, calm decision making - think of history, and how wouldbe dictators use mobs, LCD mobs who can be fired up to do violent things. Spending that time on your I-phone or whatever and then joining in to whatever 'instant' thing the mob is demanding also drags you deeper and deeper into the hive mind, where you cannot think for yourself, or become afraid to - holy fuck bob we do NOT want these people shaming me!!!! - do what they say, keep off their radar!!! Demonstrations, flash mobs, etc - win-win for the rulers, lose-lose for those of us trying to fight for a better democracy. And the CBC is all about giving publicity to such childish pursuits, and not a word to be found about people trying to organise more boring adult things like trying or organise politically for change. Should we be surprised??

DD Behaviour 6 - Watch your language children!!! - trivial on the surface, but very dark heart - you are told to 'Watch your tongue!!' as a child, and it's ok to try to teach children some decorum and that certain language might offend Aunt Mary or the church pastor, to learn the vocabulary to express your ideas clearly, to express them quietly as a debate rather than a screaming match. But 'expletives' are a very natural part of certainly many if not most conversations carried out among adults, and a very large majority of adults use such words at times in their speech, some more than others, as strong words very expressively indicating a strong feeling, and it is perfectly fine for any adult to do so - they are just words, after all, and any 'offense' is purely in the offended one's mind (and no, saying 'fuck' is NOT some kind of equivalent to saying '(people of (pick your race/religion/whatever group) are all scum' - I shouldn't have to explain why).

First, for the CBC to be assuming the role of 'teacher' and getting all 'tut tut children!!!' about the use of words like 'fuck' (OMG the F-Bomb!!) is a sign that could hardly be more clear they regard the audience - the Canadian public - as children it is their duty to continually monitor and correct and guide as necessary, and the conversations on the CBC are very much controlled within certain limits, and they the teachers who are responsible for teaching the children how to behave and establishing the limits of any conversation. Which is not, I would submit again, their job, in any way, or the job of any media in a democracy (it's certainly a central part of the role of a media in any totalitarian society to make sure the citizens do as they are told in all ways by the State, as noted frequently, but we are not supposed to be one of those kinds of societies (food for thought maybe..)). This does not mean you are going to have the CBC airwaves full of people continually saying fuck this, fuck that you dirty cunt, or otherwise sounding like a men's room bar during a Saturday night hockey game, not at all - most of the more intelligent speakers speaking of important things who will be the kind of guests the CBC demographic want to listen to will have the vocabulary necessary to express themselves perfectly clearly without 'fuck', and you won't hear it that much. But there are many people in our society who are perhaps less genteel, but still have important contributions to make to the national conversation, whose voices *must* be heard, and who will express themselves occasionally a little more roughly than the 'academic experts' who are the more normal guests, and for the CBC hosts to be reacting like shocked children when they hear these words or making 'news' stories about 'Oh, the scandal, Mr X dropped the f-bomb!!' (often with a 'giggle giggle!!' like children doing/saying something naughty) and etc is a clear indication of what they think, or have been told, their role is - controlling the children.

But secondly, the deeper truth and much more important - This is not a 'trivial' thing, or some kind of non-issue - subconsciously, it is very important. If you control the vocabulary someone is allowed to use, then there is a very clear implication that you control what that person is allowed to say - and of course that is what propaganda media is all about, completely controlling the message, allowing people supporting the propaganda to speak, but denying or severely limiting the opportunity for those questioning the propaganda to speak as freely. As Orwell knew, you control the language, you control the thoughts that are possible. He might not have been meaning it exactly that way, in terms of 'nice people don't say (oh, that word, you know, the f-word, or the c-word, or other words - you know what you can't say, right?!? - and if you're in doubt, well, better not to say it at all, right?) but this is very much included. Very clear principal - you are 'free' to express yourself **only** within certain limits, limits set by others, and if you want in 'this' conversation - you follow those limits. And once you have accepted limits concerning vocabulary, it's hardly a challenge at all to add just a few ideas that must never be spoken in 'polite' company as well. To voice questions like 'Is Canada really a democracy?' or 'Who actually creates and controls money?' or 'Is terrorism really caused by US policies?' - will quickly see the doors to the CBC closed to you.

DD Behavior Management 6b: Good children follow momma's rules!! This is similar to the 'Watch your language children!!' rule, but in a more directly physically controlling way, and with the same 'deeper truth' undertones of instilling the internal obedience of the citizens, encouraging the citizens to accept their serfdom (and call their serfdom democracy). Pretty much every day we have 'drive by' reinforcements on all shows of the CBC of various 'rules' and laws the government has enacted which control the citizen's behavior, which have NOT been democratically discussed or approved, and which many, many people oppose, and which it is NOT a democratic government's mandate without explicit approval after open debate on something - laws like wearing seatbelts or bicycle helmets, no smoking laws, age-limit laws for minors smoking, drinking and driving, 'text-free' driving, get your vaccinations children!! (not actually a law nationally, but treated as if it was at least as important), and so on. (very regularly on many CBC programs as noted above, comments from hosts like 'Oh, you're calling from your car!! I hope you're pulled off to the side of the road!!' or 'Isn't it strange that so many people don't wear their biking helmets, when we all know helmets save lives!! etc etc)

Certainly, most people will immediately respond, these are good laws designed to make everyone safer and healthier, so what's the problem?? - well, two things mainly - first, the belief that 'they are designed to make everyone safer!!' is not a fact but an opinion with considerably strong contrary arguments to be made about most if not all of these 'rules' and how 'safe' or 'health-promoting' they actually are.

Secondly, again, all of these laws are at least somewhat controversial, with many people not supporting them, and we have never had any kind of national debate or referendum on them (every party knows it would be a sure way to lose an election to say they were going to force everyone to do something like wear seatbelts, so they just do it early following an election win, then do a few years of monolog propaganda, and most people either believe the propaganda or accept the law by the next election - with full media support, of course, for the law, again showing the fact the media are completely controlled by the same people controlling the government), they are just government fiat laws - so is it the role of the CBC to be preaching obedience to such laws, or would a true national broadcaster working for the People rather than the Power be offering a public forum to work out the pros and cons of these things, and help us come to a democratic agreement of the situation, including mandating some things if we all understood the necessity for it (although of course if everyone understood the true necessity, why would we need a law? Do you need a 'law' to order you not to touch a hot stove or wear a coat on a cold winter's day?)?

(it's more than a bit contradictory to say or believe the government cares about our safety when passing such laws, as they have spent decades now (all the time they have been passing such laws, actually) doing things that make us all much less safe and healthy - for example defunding health care and adding various barriers to people accessing decent health care rather than increasing the number of things covered and making it easier, and also cutting many social benefit programs to the poorest people, thus decreasing their overall health not only directly, but in related ways as such laws increase the incentive to crime, which is not good for everyone (and not because we are in any remote sense of the word a 'poor' country, but because the wealthy elite don't want to spend Canada's money on poor people, but on increasing their own wealth (and again with the full support of the media NOT talking about 'truth' but helping them lie about the 'need' for 'austerity', talked about earlier) - similar things are being done in every western English country, moving closer to the unsafest place of all the USA, and it should be very clear - if you believe the governments of the 21st century in Canada or any western English speaking country are concerned with YOUR wellbeing, you have some very, very serious gullibility problems, and really need to read the earlier chapter on indoctrination - guaranteed, you are, if you believe such utter nonsense - yes, back in the 60s and 70s, *our* 'for the people' governments did indeed care about our safety, but with the implementation of the CRR as talked about earlier, this was reversed - now the governments care about increasing and consolidating the power of the elite as they create a new feudal society around us, and beyond keeping us healthy enough to keep working, they don't care about us at all)

But finally, of course, and by far most importantly, in a 'deeper truth' sense, these laws are very, very clearly, to anyone familiar with the mechanics of mass population control, very clearly designed to give and reinforce the subconscious but clear message that your 'freedom' exists *only* within the limits as set down by the state, by those who rule you. There is no 'democracy' here with these laws, no matter how many carefully selected 'on the street' type interviews we hear or read about with people supporting them with great enthusiasm, it's all just propaganda - as noted earlier, but I repeat a lot of things here because as new information most people are not familiar with and runs quite contrary to deeply internatlised beliefs, it's easy to 'forget' things we don't really want to hear, or kind of 'not hear' things we are conditioned to 'not' hear - we have never had any political party during an election promise to make people wear seatbelts, or hike cigarette taxes through the roof, or force everyone to get some vaccination, and for very good reason - there would be a great wave of public opposition to such 'personal choice limiting' proposals, so they have to enact them with no warning, followed by a massive propaganda campaign to get at least most people to at least accept them. (even now it seems to be about once a year the CBC on PEI bemoans the 'shocking' fact that a lot of Islanders are not wearing seatbelts, according to the latest secret road surveillance program, and arranges some interviews to push the propaganda, to once again remind everyone of how important seatbelts are in saving lives, etc. )

Just for the sake of clarity, to provide a bit of information you the faithful CBC listener are never going to get from your favorite corporate state secretariat broadcaster, here are some of the more obvious reasons these laws are not justifiable on the 'we just want to keep all citizens safe!!!' rhetoric, and all of these things should be left to the individual choice of every citizen, freely made.

Seatbelts - - Back in the 50s and 60s as western society became quite prosperous with the early years of the revolt of the people following WWII against elite rule, cars for a time became the great 'freedom machines!!' of the young, for many reasons. Just get some old pictures, and see the great variety of styles and colors - a society becoming free and joyous in mind and spirit as well as physically, as almost everything happening in those years illustrates - obviously, as the CRR got underway in the 70s and serious in the 80s, such 'freedom' had to be seriously tackled and corralled. The first seatbelt laws were implemented in the late 70s and early 80s - no debate, just massive propaganda from the government and their secretariat about how seat belts save lives, we all have to wear one, etc - and with severe police involvement to make sure there were no beltless drivers flaunting the law, and this law - and those to come - were in no way to be regarded as 'choice' but something you were by god going to do whether you liked it or not - no time to go after a burglar who breaks into your house and runs off with thousands of dollars worth of stuff, but by fucking god ZERO!!!! tolerance for not wearing that seatbelt!!! (way more, really, than could even remotely be justified by the odds of your getting in a serious accident while driving to the corner store in your suburban street) And an early demonstration of how susceptible the people still were to mass propaganda when delivered by a determined government, controlling the levers of communication.)

But as is all propaganda, it was based on a great deal more misinformation and coverup and outright lying than fact. The big 'selling advertisement' of the time was a baby in a car (unbuckled of course), then some sounds suggesting an impending accident, then a shot of a pumpkin flying through a front windscreen into a tree at high speed and shattering into little pieces - for the average childlike suggestible viewer, there goes your baby's head OMFG WE HAVE TO WEAR SEATBELTS OR OUR BABY'S HEAD WILL FLY INTO A TREE!!!!!! and etc - really scary shit, one has to suppose, for the average low-intelligence couch potato watching way too much mind deadening television, and even more intelligent 'progressives', defences breached emotionally by the thought of a poor innocent baby being smashed against a tree - nobody who wanted to be considered a 'good progressive citizen' could risk being challenged about that poor wee baby, by god!! But just fucking think here - have you EVER known of such an accident, or heard of one on the news - some high speed collision, a baby flying through the windshield and having its poor wee head blown apart?? Yes, yes, I know, today we have baby car seats and we all faithfully use them thus this could never happen - but in the past? I don't recall any such thing ever, and you can be sure we all would have heard about it, if it ever happened) {{interesting to hear the well-internalised believers make stuff up about the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt - a lot of this is just laughable it's so dumbed down and childish }} (laughable but quite scary that so many people are so susceptible to this kind of propaganda, and so willing to get on the bandwagon and embellish add to the stories to show what good children they are obeying mommy's rules)

But what about the 'get off my back with this seatbelt law' case? (we are not 'anti-seatbelt' at all, again the use of propaganda, this time with framing - I don't care if you wear a seatbelt, or 10 of them, if you feel safer - I don't want one, and in any even partially democratic society, I would have that right, without people all around me calling me a baby murderer (really happened). Here's the first one - in some situations, seatbelts can actually increase your chances of injury or death. Imagine you are driving around in the city, minding your own business, wait for a light to turn green, and move on - and BOOM!!!! - some asshole runs the red light, and into your driver's door, at speed. Do you really want to be belted in so you can't jump aside at the last moment's notice, or be strapped in so when the door is pushed into your side, it does far more severe damage because you aren't pushed aside? Try to be honest. And then wonder why we never saw such things on the 'seatbelts are safe and save lives!!!' infomercials, if they were really telling the truth? And then think - do more people drive in the city or the countryside on highways at speed? It would be easy enough to do some honest stats about this - if you are driving at normal rates of speed in a city environment, the chances of a high speed frontal collision which might send you through the windshield are absolutely minimal, while the chances of being broadsided by some asshole running a red light would be much, much higher.

And also - just think about your driving habits, and the chances of your being involved in a high-speed frontal collision, such as with a tree, even on a outside-the-city highway??? If you are any kind of normal driver, the chances would again be very low - almost all accidents are the result of people driving way too fast for the conditions, and if you are not one of those people - you don't have a very high chance at all of being involved in an accident. Rollovers? Again - high speed drivers, in almost all cases, driving way too fast for the conditions. Point being - if a small number of drivers are at high risk because of their driving behaviour, but most of us are low risk because we just drive more carefully - why force all of us to wear a seatbelt? I have no doubt whatsoever that if you did honest stats about this, you would find your chance, as a normal safe driver, of being killed or injured in an accident were almost vanishingly small - thus the law is essentially irrelevant as far as your safety is concerned.

But it is very much not irrelevant in terms of how you feel as a 'free' Canadian citizen, or in how 'the herd' understands their 'freedom' as a group. You are 'free' **only** within the bounds of the fences the authorities set for you and by god they are all around you making sure you understand who is in charge.

Drinking and driving - when you stop someone at a roadside check, and run them off to jail for failing the breathalyser, you are punishing people for no other reason than you believe they might do something wrong - that is an extremely dangerous precedent to be setting. Also trying to fit everyone into a 'one size fits all' mold, which might be a time-saving device for farmers looking after cows, but is in no way appropriate for a human society (many young women, for example, of small body size who do not drink can be well inebriated after a couple of drinks but read under the 'legal limit', while many men who have been drinking most of their lives, of large body size, and who know their limits, can be well over the limit and still drive safely home - it is a serious injustice to punish so many such people who have committed no crime). Other reasons? Sure - most people who are likely to be resisting the ever-increasing and visible police state regulations drink, for various reasons, young men of a certain mindset drink, and drinking encourages free talking - sending out the message that you can't just go here and there to various meetings and drink and talk slows down such talk. Also, another excuse for police to pull people over and check them - doesn't matter if they find anything, the constant police presence is what counts, and they need an excuse to do so much of it - 'thought he was drinking' is a good one. (by far the highest rate of accidents and serious accidents is caused by young men, again, in a certain age group - but if we suggested stopping all of these people from driving there would be a (justifiable) outcry - but create a 'demon' such as alcohol, and then demonize those who drink, can be done.

Smoking in bars - why can't bar owners decide for themselves if there is a market for this? If there is, let him decide what clientele he wants to attract - there will be bars for smoking people where non-smokers can choose not to go, and bars or restaurants for non-smokers where smokers will be told 'no smoking here - not because of government law, because of the owner's rules. butbutbut - isn't this actually proven to reduce deaths and disabilities (and medical expenses)? - yes, and there's a very good reason for this - the rulers, again, aren't concerned about your quality of life, they are concerned about maintaining a productive work force. Smoking is quite harmful to a statistically significant number of people, thus a significant drain on 'workforce' productivity, so getting the herd to cut down on this activity has a direct financial benefit to the rulers - as does vaccinating a cow herd against some potentially harmful disease. That a lot of 'good children' jump on the bandwagon for entirely different reasons has nothing to do with anything the rulers get up to for their own reasons.

Vaccinations - (my run in with the vaccination mafia/mob-vCBC during the first half of 2015 here) - this issue arose in late 2014 and got 'hot' in the Canadian media during the first part of 2015, when a few cases of measles developed in a few spots around the US and Canada, and suddenly the media was creating a very hysterical reaction in the populace about everyone's poor wee babies being at risk if everyone did not get vaccinated, and urging the public to get after their friends and acquaintances who, for some reason, still had enough freedom-of-will to think for themselves, do a bit of non-corporate-press reading, and concluding that there was no pressing need for this vaccination at all, and indeed, there were some risks associated with it they did not want to endanger their children with. The rulers were absolutely furious at this disobedience from their peasants, and set their media secretariat out on a serious pogrom of attack and ridicule, which a very large number of the 'good children' joined in, showing mother, I suppose, just that - what good children they were/are, can I have some candy now momma? or whatever.

Factually, of course, the measles is a very low-danger childhood disease, and there is more and more information surfacing as time goes by about some serious dangers associated with the very large number of vaccinations being given children at a very young age these days, and the panic engendered by the media when people ask questions here is absolutely far, far out of line - ergo, they must have some ulterior motive for spreading this great panic, and positively pushing the 'good children' to go after the 'bad children' and get them on the bandwagon. As noted many times throughout, the only thing you can be sure of when all the authorities are determined the herd will comply with some directive or policy they are pushing is that it is good for the rulers, and **not** good for 'we the people', so it is very incumbent on anyone who cares about this country, and their freedom and future, to push back in situations like this, and see if we can get somewhere near the truth.

Again, don't lose sight of the central point here - the issue is not whether seat belts or vaccinations are safe or not, the issue is, does the government have any right at all to force everyone to do such things with no mandate or public debate, or should we have choice in such matters - informed choice, after a full and open public discussion when someone proposes such a policy? People need to be allowed to make **informed** decisions on these things, and to make an informed decision, you need information - NOT a long-term propaganda monolog from the Cdn corporate media, with lying and fearmongering and gatekeeping all information that contradicts their demands away from the people.

And - is it the job of the media to be pushing government directives in a fully propagandistic way, based on lies and inciting hysteria and fear-mongering and gatekeeping, or are they supposed to be working for 'we the people', and encouraging full and informed debate about such controversial things, so we can, as a community, make a rational decision about whether we are justified in forcing our fellow citizens to be medicated in ways they may object to, or wear things they don't want to wear because 'we' believe we have a right to decide how they should live their lives?

And seriously, for anyone who actually cares about democracy and freedom, the answer is completely clear - and thus the role of the CBC completely clear also.

WRAP: So there is your modern CBC of the 2015s - openly using propaganda and gatekeeping and spectacle and psychology to create a dumbed-down audience of citizens obedient to government directives, given only carefully selected information, and very clearly told they are not here to participate in what major policies are enacted by 'their' government, but simply to obey orders, and support policies, as instructed by their 'teachers' and 'experts' on the CBC.

So one more final 'dumbed down' feature of the CBC, after the discussion-free presentation of what is going on in the world and how we are expected to react, delivered by hosts etc in a 'teacher-student' manner to make it clear that 'we' are all children, even if in adult bodies, expected to behave as children, with appropriate deference to those who control our circumstances - and then, finally, to fill in all the holes and cracks here, some daily instruction in how a good child behaves in our society, outside of doing/believing what we are told, and accepting the instructions on such things from our teachers, well trained to act as teachers to we children.

DD In Action 3 >> Content for children, aka 'dumbed down adults' - on most of the morning shows, and taking a good part of main 'current affairs' shows, the bulk of the content, presented by the ever laughing and joking hosts, is directed at childish pursuits, including pretty much daily stories about actual children themselves. The necessary propaganda stories are on every day, of course, in the sense of reminding the citizens what the authorities are up to, and how they are to regard such activities (cutting spending to deal with the terrible debt!, negotiating 'trade' deals to make us all rich; joining the US in bombing the latest terrorist threat!!! or passing new 'lockdown ready!!' laws to 'make us all safe' (haha), and etc, as required), but outside of these necessary reminders, most remaining time is devoted to 'feel good' stories of various kinds, including the gossip which teens find so compelling, and spectacle distractions and mush, rather than adult-content stories. For example, we have 10-20 minutes every hour on the morning shows dedicated to talking about the latest sports news, all repeated at least once per hour - 'major' league stuff when available, if not then going as far afield as necessary, stories about the junior world sand volleyball championship in Java where our own little Suzy is playing (we'll have an interview with Suzie's mother)!!! and etc, and more regular time to whatever the latest local or Canadian bands or other entertainment are available. These things are fine, of course, for some local interest - but the problem is, there are virtually no stories at all about the real problems in Canada that real adults are trying to deal with - great and growing poverty across the land, for instance, ongoing destruction of the environment, people trying to oppose the new military nation we are becoming, or have become, people opposing the ongoing destruction of the social infrastructure of the country, etc etc - adult radio, of by and for Canadians, would be talking about these things regularly, every day, rather than once or twice a year, as currently. Any adult population, like we used to have and CBC used to speak to, would be giving some regular time to the many groups who see problems in our society and are working to fix them - environmental groups, anti-poverty groups, 'FAIR' trade groups, democracy groups, etc etc - right now we might get a short interview with someone from a real adult-oriented group maybe once a year, while we hear about the latest sports scores, the new local band, little Judy's 99 mark at the music festival, Johnny's exciting experience in Toronto!!!, etc etc daily - radio primarily for children and those who look after them. (we also get a fair amount of 'my new friend Sandy's interesting new business!!', as CBC hosts are now apparently encouraged to give some free advertising to anyone who they think is 'interesting', another thing no professional would even consider doing.)

It's a complete reversal of what the CBC used to be - there are any number of 'adult interest' stories in our country and world, especially in these very troubled times as many people are trying to find ways to understand and deal with such problems, but they choose only a very selective presentation of important 'current events', which can be classed as either propaganda or spectacle, and provide the most material of stuff of and about kids, which kids are interested in. Certainly in the past some stories about kids would be featured, when something of particular interest was happening, but only as one part of an adult show. Now it's completely reversed - the objective is kid stuff, and they just fill the show with whatever is available, with a bit of propaganda as filler, and almost nothing of interest to actual adults concerned with serious things about their country or world. (sports and 'local kid makes good!' are just the same - in the past, a major event would get some acknowledgement on the current affairs shows, but now they look for anything to fill the space, and if no major stuff is available, they choose among the less stories - but encouraging Cdns to believe sports and entertainment and cute kid stories (or tragic kid stories) are the main thing we should be spending our time thinking about is the goal, not actually adult content.

DD in action 6 - >> another facet of what the above things promote - shallow black and white thinking, - again, the 'mind level' of the child, being 'unworldly' and immature mentally and emotionally, able to see or think primarily in a kind of Manichean world - things are good or things are bad. All people must wear seatbelts because seatbelts save lives!! Everybody must get their measles vaccination, everyone who has any questions about the vaccination is an anti-science nutcase!! All men are potentially stupid evil bastard rapists, all women are wonderful gentle amazingly intelligent creatures, and anyone who dares question this Truth or anything a woman says about some bastard male needs to be Shut Up!! My sports team Great!! All other teams Bad!! Putin is an aggressive Monster who wants to take over the World we MUST stop him!! Canada is a great country wanting only to bring Democracy to the world!! - anyone who dares disagree with my brand of 'received wisdom' is stupid and evil and needs to be attacked and shut up!! - and etc etc etc etc - all of these statements are extremist garbage, to put it bluntly, speaking of things that are perhaps true in some instances, but quite obviously false in other instances, and the 'truth' is that there is a great deal more 'grey' space between the extremes, where most things happen, and where rational, adult thinking tends to congregate in and talk. But to listen to the CBC, or other Cdn media, there is very little 'grey' in the world when it comes to certain core issues such as those above, there is only 'our' viewpoint, which is the 'right' one, and anyone who disagrees is stupid, or evil, and can only be mocked for their failure to understand 'our' truth (the Rob Ford or Jian Ghomeshi or Mike Duffy hysterias are another example - not a WORD was to be spoken in their defence on the CBC, for example, once the CBC had charged them, and as the judge found them guilty, and were agitating for punishment - just gossip and derogation.) This, of course, is another feature of childhood, the dumbed down state the CBC is leading the way in instilling in 'progressives', the immature mind as yet unable to see a wider picture, and too insecure to comfortably tolerate the danger of difference or question those pushing the black-white paradigm, unable to accept differing points of view, many of which may be just as valid or legitimate as your POV. And certainly we have many adults out there who understand the difference, and are able to keep their minds in the more or less sane 'middle' ground where people of differing opinions can work things out in a friendly way, but the media very much encourages those of lesser intellect, the dumbed down masses, to see the world in this black-and-white way, to become members of the 'We Good They Bad!!!!' mob they can direct as necessary. This is particularly noticeable in the policies the rulers want enforced for whatever reason - note the CBC leading the charge in viciously attacking anyone who questioned the measles vaccination program of 2014-15, or the tone of surprised unbelief when they mention someone not wearing a seatbelt or bicycle helmet, or their endlessly grim-mouthed condemnation of anyone the US hegemon wants demonised. As always, children are much easier to manipulate than adults, and if you foster childish behaviors in some ways, then those strongly held and defended childish beliefs will hold back development in other areas. (this is actually related to something worthy of a bit longer examination - see a couple chapters down, the Stupid Essay - really scary stuff when the brainwashed barbarians start screaming for someone's head ...)

Well, there are other things involved with the dumbing down, and many other evident manifestations when you have your head at least a bit outside the box wherein thinking is not encouraged, but the general idea and approach, and great success, should be evident from what I have written above, for any trying to consider why we have been losing for so many years, and looking for ways to start fighting more effectively - getting people on the path of un-dumbing themselves down is one of the things we need to do. The mature, adult, engaged, informed citizen does **not** allow any media, but particularly an openly corporate-state-secretariat media, pushing propaganda and lies and gatekeeping very important information, to control their thoughts and behaviors, but it seems today we are so very, very far removed from such a citizenry that most people allow the media to lead them hither and yon with no questioning whatsoever.

And we need to be aware of the great perversity of this dumbing down, the backwardness of what has happened - as you ponder the things I have written above, if you're able to stay on your feet at all this far out of the box, think of a young person, aged 18-20, just coming into adulthood, living in a nurturing society helping him or her into full adulthood, becoming a full, informed, engaged participating member in a mature democracy, leaving the childish things behind and thinking of an adult life - and then you go away for awhile, and return and see the same person 30 years down the road, when they should be fully formed, mature, guiding and leading younger people, even a bit 'wise' as an adult, calmly and intelligently dealing with the things they need to deal with with others in the community and society - but then you realise with some shock they are actually acting like a younger teenager than they were the last time you saw them - instead of a mature intelligent calm adult, you have someone acting like a 14-year old, doing as the 'authorities' tell him, 'authorities' which are obviously encouraging some very un-adult and childish behaviors, with your friend apparently now incapable of deep mature thought, focused on childish things, selfish and even sadly somewhat stupid in their approach to their community and country - what would you think?? What the fuck happened here - we should be living in a mature, prosperous, peaceful country, but we're in a chaotic and insecure world, run by children doing stupid childish things????

And so it is with our Canadian society - in the 60s and 70s the younger generations were just coming of age in their society, the generations ahead of them also working their way towards something good, something potentially even great, all thinking adult thoughts of peace and understanding and sharing our wealth, of how to leave the violence and chaos the leaders of the first half of the century had led us into behind, and make a better world, peaceful, prosperous for all, mature - and now, 40 years later, instead of continuing on to that dream of a great peaceful society of intelligent, engaged adults better in every way than what came before, we have a society led by war mongers and looters and liars encouraging division amongst us, easily manipulating a society largely composed of adultbody-childminds fearing monsters under the bed, children who allow ill-meaning 'adults' to steal from them and take the things their fathers and mothers worked generations to create away with nothing more than mild protest, citizens who seem powerless to even realise how they have fallen let alone stand tall and together to stop the takeover of their society by these people.

We need to wonder, to ask loudly and demand answers - what the hell has happened over the last 40 years to allow this passive, dumbed down, childish citizenry to be created in place of the joyous, freedom-loving youth of 50 years ago and their dreams of a great and just society? Why have we gone so far backwards rather than into the great new world we were once making?

As I have been pointing out all through this book - there is absolutely nothing 'accidental' going on here - we are being attacked by an extremely able, extremely malicious enemy, and if we don't start understanding how very serious this all is, and how badly we are being beaten and manipulated, and get our game up very, very soon - goodbye Aquarius, hello Mordor. It's pretty much that simple.