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Part II Chapter 4c

I'm indoctrinated?? No freakin way jack!!

I know I know, there's just no freaking way you're indoctrinated, what an insulting - not to mention stupid - idea.

But then try to calmly consider this perspective: is the alcoholic the best one to judge whether or not he or she is an alcoholic??

So you've set up a kind of catch-22, dave? If I deny I'm indoctrinated, that proves I am? - no, not at all. Someone suggesting a person might be an alcoholic does not 'prove' they are, and suggesting someone might be indoctrinated does not 'prove' that either. The suggestion of either certainly does not prove anything - but nor does the denial prove the 'accused' is not alcoholic, or indoctrinated. In either case, the 'accused' might be innocent of the charge, or they might be aware of the condition and denying it, or they might indeed be 'guilty' but honestly unaware of the true situation. And again, in either case, the 'proof' of the situation is evident from the behaviour of the individual - it's not just a few drinks now and then for the alcoholic, it's very possible to have a few drinks quite regularly and not be alcoholic - the 'defining' characteristics of alcoholism are things like heavy drinking regularly to the point of blackouts and regularly missing work because of hangovers, withdrawal symptoms when denied the daily drinks, and many harmful impacts on his or her life. And with indoctrination - well, that's what I'm writing this bit for, so let's go into it properly.

Indoctrination is obviously very different from being an alcoholic, but it is also, at least for most people who consider themselves intelligent and engaged and independent adult citizens, an undesirable condition one would resist and desire to 'cure' if it was indeed found to be present, and there are some clear enough signs that can be considered to help you understand whether or not you are indeed indoctrinated, if that is something you would want to try to undo, and if you are intellectually strong enough to face this rather unpleasant truth.

I'm not saying everyone in Canada is indoctrinated, obviously many are not - but on the other hand, of course, equally obvious to those of us 'outside the box', the majority are, in a small handful of very important ways, very clearly indoctrinated to behave in ways, or believe things, that are very much not true, but serve the interests of those who rule us to have the indoctrinated people not understanding or knowing the truth of. And it's easy enough, if you are willing and able to assess your own state of mind with some honesty, to make a fairly quick and accurate assessment of whether or not you are actually probably indoctrinated, and have some work to do, if you really want to start contributing to winning the fight we have been losing for so long, rather than continuing as another deck-chair shuffler, thinking you are fighting the good fight while you are actually more of a robotic enemy drone, mindlessly blocking the true resistance by engaging in activities the people who have indoctrinated you suggest you participate in, to keep you away from more dangerous (to their power) things.

Before getting into these few things, one also needs perhaps to be a bit more informed about what 'indoctrination' really is, another thing our 'education' system is careful to avoid, for obvious enough reasons when you understand it is actually happening - it wouldn't really be good planning to give a group of indoctrinated people the information that would help them understand their indoctrination. Being indoctrinated does not mean you have the appearance of some semi-intelligent drone shuffling around with glazed eyes following his inner controller/Great Leader as Hollywood movies, and US government propaganda (oh - is that a bit redundant?) would have you believe, for instance, as (they tell you, quite falsely) the people in North Korea or Iran or the former Soviet Union were. Actually, you can be happy, chirpy, full of ideas, the life of the party, joking cleverly with your friends at your great job or relaxing after work, reading all the latest novels, seeing all the latest movies and bands, devoted to the CBC and passionate about all manner of things that interest you, to all intents and purposes appearing very smart and engaged with your life and lively - and still be unaware of some very important things as you spend some part of your free time working for the NDP to get rid of Harper (or working for Harper to ensure the monster NDP socialists never take power) - and these few very important things are the indoctrination, way in the background so you aren't even aware of it as you go about your free busy life, not thinking about these few things, and certainly not thinking that you're not thinking about them for some odd reason. For examples of this kind of indoctrination, think kids who believe in Santa Claus, or those trained from childhood to believe in some 'god' - both well-indoctrinated in this one way, but otherwise able to behave normally, showing no signs whatsoever of zombie-ism as they go about their daily lives, as intelligent and happy and participating and obviously 'free' as can be, depending on other things that influence their lives. The santa-believing kid almost always grows out of the indoctrination with no lasting harm at all, the religious-indoctrinated person usually never grows entirely out of their much deeper and more serious indoctrination, although in lighter cases they can often keep it pretty much in the background, and often suffers serious mental issues when having to face the rather conclusive evidence later on in life that the whole 'god' stuff is just fairy tales, but fairy tales they have been deeply indoctrinated to believe, with 'consequences' of non-belief much greater than for the childish Santa, and the indoctrination is much, much harder to escape from - there's a lot of violence related to this kind of 'cognitive dissonance'.

Fortunately, the indoctrination I am talking about is much more of the santa claus kind, and there should be not much more emotional trauma escaping it than there was escaping the santa beliefs - you had to admit your parents, and teachers, and older role model kids, and everyone in 'authority' had been lying to you about something pretty important, but you were strong enough to deal with that - and you are strong enough to deal with the fact again, that almost everyone you know has been lying to you, some intentionally, most as innocent dupes actually believing what they were saying, as you have believed these things when instructing people younger than yourself, but there is a bigger, more honest, much free-er and joyous and fulfilling adult world out there somewhere, for people who have gotten through the indoctrination, where you are a better, more informed person more able to deal with the place you are living for knowing about such lies, and being able to think about things for yourself and judge for yourself whether things you are told by 'authorities' are reliable or need to be taken with some skepticism and further independent fact-checking.

The evidence to us 'outside the box' that most people in Canada, whether you personally are one of them or not, right now are, indeed, most certainly indoctrinated in some very important ways is clear and really incontrovertible, in exactly the same sense and level that the adult knows the santa claus stories are lies, and, there's not really any getting around it, a form of indoctrination.

Here's the short checklist of essentially incontrovertible evidence of indoctrination, for those ready to leave lies behind and start truly searching for some answers about what is going on in our country today, answers that will turn on the lights that shine on the path we need to take to re-awaken the fight to make this country a great, world leading, progressive democracy of, by and for 'we the people'. If you see yourself here, don't deny, don't run, don't pretend it's meaningless and not about you, don't pretend it's all silly conspiracy theory because you aren't quite ready to admit you were believing lies for so much of your life - just think about it all, what it all means. Be ready to challenge authority, if there is too much I am saying that sounds real, and directly contradicts what you have been taught. Remember Santa - it was a bit traumatic to go through understanding so many people had been lying to you, and also admit the great wonderful thing in your life was actually just a fairy tale and not real at all, and so might this transition from believing even bigger fairy tales to the place where Truth rules be difficult - but you need to also know that Truth is better than lies, and your life will be so much better for knowing the Truth, and a society truly based on democratic truths will be so far, far much better than one based on predator lies. pHenry Ford - it's well people don't understand banking, or there'd be a revolution before tomorrow

First and by far most conclusive sign of indoctrination - how is it that the great majority of Canadians, informed engaged Canadians as well as those who don't think much about how the country is run as long as they have carved out some kind of small niche within which they live an acceptable to them kind of life, have no idea about the money-supply fraud I wrote about earlier, or how money is created and controlled - and much more tellingly, considering the more or less 'first order of importance' that money has in our modern world and country and how so many restrictions are placed on us and justified by 'lack' of it, have no curiosity about it, simply tuning out any talk about it, preferring to keep such ideas behind locked doors while working on the current deck chairs the rulers spread around for them (we need jobs! lower taxes for poor people, higher taxes for rich people!, women's rights!, Get Rid of Harper!!!!!, etc) - many or most even believe, as they are regularly told on the media, that our financial people are really smart and doing a good job - maybe even the best in the world!!

This 'money creation and control' is a key factor in how those who rule continue ruling, as control of money allows you to control pretty much everything else of importance in the modern world, and it is essential that the population at large be kept in the dark about this, as I explain earlier. You cannot deny the importance of money in the modern world, or the controlling nature of debt, both personal and governmental - and if you have no idea about what is going on with money, how it is created and controlled, how the big 'government debt' scam works, how there is no possible way we are going to be free or democratic until informed, engaged citizens understand and control this great modern credit-accounting system democratically - how could that possibly be aside from being indoctrinated to know nothing, and not even be curious about your lack of knowledge? I really can't see any way around this. You simply cannot think of yourself as a truly informed, engaged citizen working usefully and intelligently for a better Canada if you are completely clueless about how money controls everything, and who controls the money, and why we need to get the central area of our struggle focused on understanding and getting control of this fundamental aspect of a modern country.

Another clear sign of deep indoctrination is the belief of most Cdns that Canada is a democracy, even a 'great!' democracy - sure maybe there are things that could be tweaked, but overall, it's one of the better democracies in the world, and 'we the people' truly run 'our' country through the people we elect every few years (Harper has been a real blight, of course, but once we get rid of him - we can relax, and we'll be ok again..). I won't repeat everything I said in the earlier chapter where I explained how the idea Canada is a 'democracy' is pretty demonstrably non-operative, but it is very obvious that it is very much only a pretend-democracy, and as long as people continue pursuing their goals through the tools the people who control the pretend-democracy give them, they are not going to effect any serious changes in the country.

The indoctrination is there to ensure that people have no idea that 'Big Money' controls all the major political parties, and it does not matter who you vote for, or who wins, at the end of the election, the country will be run by the same people who ran it before the election - the people in the Canadian elite who control the money, and the things that money buys, including politicians and political parties and the media that tells you what to think about all of these things. If you're working for the NDP, truly believing you are working in the spirit of Tommy Douglas, and if the NDP ever gets into power nationally, our country will be back on track - you really need to run this belief through some more serious 'factual' analysis, informed by what I have written earlier (and many other people, as noted in the earlier chapter). Again, this is a key false belief, as maintaining the 'legitimacy' of the pretend-democracy is essential to the rulers maintaining their rule peacefully, and continuing their looting and enclosure, and very much evident to anyone analysing clearly - and if you do not understand this 'realpolitik' about how Canada runs - how could that possibly be if you are not deeply indoctrinated? (I know you're very skeptical about this, the few things that are necessary for the rulers to maintain their power are 'deep' indoctrination - but just start with the money stuff that is the key indoctrination imperative and the key to who is running the country - if the NDP is truly going to make things better, why not a *whisper* about the money supply scam that is at the root of **all** our current problems? Ask some of your leaders why the NDP isn't talking about this at all? - there are many people out there making the case the NDP is just another capitalist party, and while voting for them may be the 'lesser of evils', we really need to be working for something positive, rather than just trying to limit the damage - a sampling would be

- google, follow links, etc, get yourself free ....)

The third pretty obvious sign of deep indoctrination among 'progressives' is the belief that the CBC, which most of them listen to faithfully, is a high-quality national broadcaster working for 'we the people', and you can believe what you hear on the CBC and take your guidance from the people they have on their shows telling you what is 'really' happening in our country and world. And most progressives do believe this, and this is a seriously misguided, and very dangerous, belief, again as explained earlier, as the CBC, although once many years ago undoubtedly a great national broadcaster most worthy of the love and devotion we had for it then, has been taken over by the cancer that has taken over all of our society, and now is very obviously and almost openly working as the branch of the corporate state propaganda media directed specifically at the 'progressives', the Chomskian 20% I talked about earlier, the people in any modern English pretend-democracy who most need to be carefully managed if the rulers are to be successful in their current effort to create a new 1000-year reich/21st century feudal society.

CBC-the master's voice and koolaid Like everything the rulers get up to, the media control and propaganda/indoctrination maintenance is very sophisticated. It surely seems that all points of the political spectrum are represented (the indoctrination belief goes) - the 'lefties' have the CBC and Toronto Star, the 'rightwing business people' have the Globe, the rightwing lower-brow masses have the Sun chain, the further right slightly more intelligent and 'free' (they like to believe) Libertarians have the National Post, 'far'lefties have, lots of other pretend-alt stuff out there - how could this great variety of opinion possibly be 'controlled' and somehow supporting what indoctrination? But the unindoctrinated, out-of-the-box observer can tell you something - if you stand back from the 24/7 'news cycle' surround-sound white noise spectacle/propaganda/mush of the Canadian media picture, the 'different' mainstream media mentioned above most people who 'consume' news rely on are exactly like the political parties, pretending to be different things for different demographics, putting on different colored ties and speaking from different pulpits, while really promoting all of the same major policies the rulers require (they all support 'austerity' and never talk abut the true situation vis a vis banks controlling the money and the great 'national debt' scam, they all support bombing other countries and the creation of the 'lockdown-ready state' as we 'fight terrorism', they all maintain the fiction that they are really, really great 'journalists' and Canadian journalism is reliably telling Cdns all they need to know about what is going on in their country and world, they all support greater 'free trade' while concealing its true purpose, to enrich the elite and justify cutting programs that enhance democratic freedoms, they all maintain the fiction that the 3 major parties really offer different 'visions' for Canada, and etc). Given this full 24-7 surround sound propaganda from the media, together with the fact that most people around them are also indoctrinated to believe these things, it is very difficult for the indoctrinated person to get out of this surround-sound box and just become aware of and start considering the other ideas they need to see to start taking apart the indoctrination.

(But wait but wait!! some will protest - the fact that Harper appears to want to shut down the CBC (the defunding has been going on since Chretien-Martin of course) is (they believe) proof that it is doing good stuff and we can believe them! - and the wider, incontrovertible arguments I give earlier proving the CBC is just a special branch of the Ministry of Truth for 'Chomskian 20% progressives' do not even get considered (that's what indoctrination does ...). But here is the deeper truth. It is important that the rulers get rid of the CBC altogether, even as they currently use it for their own propaganda and indoctrination maintenance, and if 'we the people' were to win power in the near future, which would be partly based on understanding the current propaganda/indoctrination maintenance function of the CBC and moving beyond that to where the road to freedom and democracy lies, one of the first crucial steps to creating and maintaining a true democracy would be to re-establish the *real* 'for the people' CBC we once had and desperately need again- which would be much more difficult to do if even the infrastructure was no longer in place. But the CBC currently performs a very useful function, as noted often, in controlling the most dangerous demographic to what they are attempting, the Chomskian 20% who could intelligently oppose them were they to get the indoctrination from their brains, and the belief the CBC speaks a kind of 'truth to power' and can be trusted is the hook that is sucking the progressives deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole and keeping them there while the barbarian predators consolidate their new feudal society around us all - but they are very close to complete control of everyone now, and once they are sufficiently sure of that control, the CBC will no longer be needed to corral the 'progressives' and can be shut down, and shut down it will be with extreme prejudice, to attempt to ensure it never again rises if there is any kind of future resistance to the NWO.)

There are other things that can be pointed to as signs of indoctrination - the belief of most Canadians in the sanctity of the Cdn legal system, for example, and the unquestioned integrity of the judicial system, great democratic lawyers standing tall on guard for our legal rights, and likewise the 'great' education system teaching our children about Democracy and Canada with teachers educating our children to be full and free citizens in our great democracy - while actually these institutions, like the media and the financial system, have been taken over by the cancer, and now work to enable the implementation of the new world order, the new feudalism through top-level gatekeeping. Most teachers, or lower court judges, or average lawyers, are not intentionally doing any indoctrinating or knowingly working for the NWO, of course - the way it works is that both teachers and lawyers are already indoctrinated before they leave their training institutions and get their first low-level jobs, so have no idea about teaching or doing things that would endanger the rulers (which are, obviously, not taught in the rulers' schools-for-managers) - and if any of these lower-level teachers want to teach university courses (or run teacher training colleges) about how money really works, for example, or what capitalism is really all about, or how the media has become nothing more than a corporate state propaganda Ministry of Truth, or try to shine some lights on certain other key aspects of the indoctrination, you're not going to be doing that in any Canadian university, which will only hire teachers who'll faithfully teach the accepted dogma, the dogma that leads to belief in the Greatness of the current capitalist system and all its manifestations. Likewise the superior courts - if the lower level lawyers have shown any inclination to take people with serious questions about what is really going on here (aka 'conspiracy theorists' haha) seriously, and help them have a fair day in court with a judgement based on actual evidence, you're not going to be even considered for and kind of judgeship at the higher levels (all appointed by the PM), where the job is to firmly direct such people back into nowhereland (with the help of the media of course either ignoring such things or mocking them if they think the citizenry needs a bit of reminding about what they should not be thinking).

Interviewer: Have you paid a price for being a thorn in the side of government? Rocko Galati, leading Canadian lawyer challenging various illegal government activities in court '...oh, I'm sure I'll never get a judicial appointment, I've never had an interview when I've applied to teach at law faculties, I've applied 147 times and never got a single interview .. ' {interview (near end)

Well, this is not meant to be another lengthy, endlessly caveated essay, just a short way to help you understand if you might be, or are, indoctrinated. And if you are in there, no idea about money, believing in Democracy and Fighting for the NDP and believing what the Great Free Canadian Media 'our CBC!' tells you about 'the war on terrorism' and the 'evil leaders who must be bombed!!' and how austerity is necessary, and how you can really trust them because they're all such fucking GREAT journalists yea!!!, and how you never check out stuff on the internet because (you believe) you get all you need from the CBC - you are indoctrinated. Period. I am sure it is something most do not want to hear - but if you are sincere about getting our country back, about starting to win that fight after 30+ years of 10 steps backwards for one tiny step forward, and getting frustrated because you can't understand why you - we - keep losing - you're going to have to deal with it. Your belief - the widespread belief - of these things is at the heart of why we are losing, as I am trying to explain in this book, and we're not going to start winning until some significant number of people fighting to get our country back understand these things clearly, accept that they have been deeply indoctrinated, and start to wake up their co-fighters and others trying to save this country from the seriously evil bastards taking it over, and indoctrinating everyone to believe the chains are to protect them rather than enclose them.

The big good news, of course, as noted, is that breaking this kind of indoctrination is not really that difficult, any more than the transition you go through from believing in Santa Claus to not believing - there are certainly no extreme physical manifestations such as the true alcoholic experiences, although I suppose the mental angst at having to admit that the person you thought was so smart as an adult - you - has been 'fooled' all of your life could be difficult for some people, as could admitting the rather scary notion that everyone in authority around you is part of 'the bad guys' you're signing on to oppose, which could get dangerous, and personally destructive if they decide you're dangerous and have to be somehow discouraged in what you are doing.

But don't let the fear dissuade you. You live one life, make it count for something more than accumulating some safe money. Let yourself go above it - the real light is so, so much better than the dim light they have the mushrooms growing in.

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