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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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Chomsky (Necessary Illusions documentary, 34:30, answering a question on thought control): "... To start with, there are two different groups - one is what's sometimes called the political class, maybe 20% of the population, which is relatively educated, more or less articulate, they play some kind of role in decision making - participate in social life, either as managers, cultural managers like say teachers, they're supposed to vote, they're supposed to play some role in the way political and economic and cultural life goes on - their consent is crucial - one group that has to be deeply indoctrinated."

In other words - 'Manufactured consent' doesn't mean someone over there - it means you (dave)

Part II Chapter 4a

The 'I' Word: Don't get mad at me, Chomsky's been talking about it for years ....

"I don't know, Dave, you might be indoctrinated, but I'm certainly not.." - comment from a well-educated mod on Rabble, Box Central for Cdns who think themselves 'progressives', and work for the NDP and think the CBC is the voice of god ....

- like an alcoholic listening to someone talk about the 12-step program, and thinking, well, that's all very interesting I'm sure but why are you telling me about it? I'm no alcoholic.... then checking his watch to see if it's time for the afternoon drinkie yet ....

One of the more ironic and worrisome things in our current struggle is that while most progressives are familiar with Chomsky's work, and he has assumed legendary status for his decades-long struggle to expose the many evils of the US .. they seem to assume without actually thinking or verbalizing anything .. that when he talks about 'thought control' and 'necessary illusions' .. he is talking about some other people in some other place, and not them/us even as he points his finger directly at 'us' - which shows so very clearly the complete control the modern CRR Ministry of Truth Big Brother masters of our society have over us all .... what we think, what we believe, what we do, every day ... and until all people thinking of themselves as progressives, and 'fighting the good fight' face this assertion of Chomsky's directly and honestly - we're going to keep shuffling the deck chairs the rulers have indoctrinated us to keep shuffling as 'proof' we are not indoctrinated while we are, and never know why we are losing ... If you are really concerned about why 'the bad guys' keep winning and 'we the good guys' keep losing - this is the really nasty internal dragon you have to face, the heart of the darkness you have to get to, and through, before we are going to start winning ... good news - like most deep never-challenged bogeymen childhood monsters we simply close our minds to and refuse to acknowledge, it's nowhere near as bad when brought out into the light and the reality and faced as it is when allowed to continue festering in the darkness ...

Well, one can acknowledge some apparent truths when they are pointed out as earlier that many or most people have a number of false beliefs about our society, both in things we believe that are not really true, and in things we don't know much about at all, but accept without questioning where we might be better off - actually much, much better off - asking some questions and learning more about what is really going on - but the idea of a full, modern western society living in some kind of 'indoctrination matrix', more or less 'controlled' by 'necessary illusions' or 'manufactured consent' still seems more than a bit far-fetched, in the 'real world'...

(... one might note here, something to get on the table, to inform your thinking as you consider this very radical 'beyond the pale!! dave beyond the pale!!!' idea - any effective indoctrination is going to leave the indoctrinated believing just that, that they are free to think as they please - it would not be very useful 'indoctrination' if you were taught about how your government indoctrinates you in school, and the media talked about it regularly or at least people were regularly appearing on the CBC wondering about this, and you were more than a bit upset about it and wandered around all day wondering about it, and questioning and fighting it, and asking your friends about it and talking to them about how to get yourself unindoctrinated, etc - just in theory, it would seem obvious that probably the central outcome of effective indoctrination would be the indoctrinee having no idea they were indoctrinated, and indeed laughing mockingly if such an idea is ever suggested ... and as Chomsky talks about, the people indoctrinating us have been doing this for a very long time, they are very determined, and very skillful, and very ruthless, and with the power (endless wealth) to do more or less as they wish to do in 'making things happen')

Well, it might seem far-fetched, but as one of the great fictional thinkers noted (paraphrasing a bit) - when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable or however much you do not want to go there, must be the truth. And what I am talking about here is simply a rather evident corollary - if it looks like a rat, dresses like a rat, smells like a rat, and talks like a rat - Occam's razor, not to mention logical thinking, would tell you that in the absence of any evidence to the contrary beyond the protests of the rat that he really is a nice person and absolutely is not a rat, the probability is, that it is a rat. And if all of the evidence points to indoctrination, and the only protest is that that's not a nice thing to say and I don't really feel indoctrinated, do I? - then there's a good chance you are, indeed, indoctrinated.

It would seem quite obvious that the most basic feature of any successful and useful indoctrination would be that those indoctrinated do not believe, and indeed vehemently deny or simply mock with dismissive laughter, any such suggestions, believing themselves to be completely free, and highly intelligent, individuals in their society - and such is exactly the situation we have today.

There's probably a lot of confusion about 'indoctrination'. The media talks about this very little (as they talk about where money comes from very little - some things they (or of course those who get them their nice jobs) just don't want you thinking about) - but through various indirect means, people tend to presume 'indoctrination' is sort of like 'brainwashing', and only very evil totalitarian regimes in the world that we really hate like North Korea or Iran or the terrible Commies of the cold war did/do this kind of thing, a process that kind of uses torture or chemicals to create some kind of 'blank slate' of a person's mind, which they then fill with evil and simplistic things like 'Love and obey your great leader and hate the horrible Americans!!', leaving a shell of a person walking around like a zombie obeying their leader and thinking the wonderful free world we live in is something other than this wonderful world we know. This is a completely fictitious idea - it might be applicable to the odd individual, but would be completely impossible in a large population, given that you need many people and much time just to create one such brainwashed person. Or perhaps you have a somewhat deeper understanding, and see that in countries - totalitarian countries like we are taught to believe places like Maoist China or Stalinist Russia or North Korea were/are, for example - indoctrination could be undertaken through a state school system, and a state-controlled media, telling the people what to believe - a more subtle process rather than the harsh process of brainwashing, that rolls out over a period of time, but is much more widely applicable on a population level... and if you can think that far, then you can maybe start to see, again, why our education system and media and authorities don't really want you thinking too much about this, or encouraging discussion, in the light of what I have talked about.

For we do, in Canada, have a very state-controlled education system teaching our children certain basic beliefs that aren't really open to question, and as talked about earlier, no matter how often and how loudly they claim they are 'free and democratic', our media are very much involved in propaganda and gatekeeping - you simply cannot be aware of the world and deny this. But as Chomsky points out, the western indoctrination is very, very sophisticated, with the very objective of leaving the citizen appearing as 'free' and 'whole' as possible, while not questioning certain core beliefs. It is a process that can be carried out in a large population through the education system and mass media and, importantly, the passing on of previously indoctrinated beliefs from an older generation to the upcoming generations, leaving a population that can be very varied in its individuals, with many of them very intelligent, but most sharing a common belief about something. Religion is a good example - the indoctrination of the stricter religions begins basically from birth, across all strata of society, rich and poor, laborers and blue collar workers and white collar workers, promoted by the education system and media, enshrined in legal documents and the law (check the first line of the Canadian Charter ('..Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:..'). The most basic lines of reasoning (A says OUR god is real but B and C are wrong!! B says OUR god is real but A and C are wrong! C says OUR god is real but A and B are wrong - by far the most likely conclusion - they are all wrong, there is no god) tell the educated person there is no god, but a very large percentage of English speaking people believe in one or another god - because of lifelong indoctrination beginning from birth with the parents, reinforced through enforced church attendance during very formative years, more reinforced through the school system and media, etc etc. And a very large number of these people are otherwise very intelligent, with a wide understanding of what is happening in their country and world - and yet they still carry this completely irrational belief in some god - because they have been deeply, deeply indoctrinated from the day they were born to believe so, and it is a very difficult process, requiring a high level of intelligence and strength, to break such indoctrination, and most people simply do not wish to face this challenge, so 'go along to get along' - after all, most of their family and neighbors and work associates have the same beliefs, and will also think you're some kind of anti-social person they don't want to associate with anymore, leaving you isolated or even ostracized as well - nononono!!! most people simply cannot go there, and the question of questioning the 'deep societally installed beliefs' simply never comes up. One can find other examples easily enough - we can go back to the world wars, and study a bit how the English peoples were bombarded with propaganda about evil Germans eating babies, and came to believe such nonsense (Germans were indoctrinated in just the opposite way, evil English people portrayed as monsters); after the WWI was over, the propaganda switched to the 'evil commies', and quickly enough most English people were wandering around like robots talking about the evil commies wanting to take over the world - a very deep, very effective indoctrination program, which a very large number of people still believe. Almost all English children believe in a benevolent spirit called Santa Claus - this is obvious indoctrination, and your protests that it is harmless etc make no difference - it is indoctrination, and clearly shows how very susceptible we are to such indoctrination. We are all susceptible, when the indoctrination is widely presented during times our brains are vulnerable.

The 'takeaway' that we need to understand is that otherwise rational, even intelligent or very intelligent, people can be indoctrinated to believe certain things, whilst still retaining well-functioning brains, able to read and think and talk widely about the great variety of other things our society offers at a very intelligent level, having full lives and doing all kinds of things, whilst retaining the irrational indoctrinated belief that colors the other things that person thinks or does.

chomsky - when I talk about necessary illusions and manufacturing consent - I am talking about YOUAnd what 'progressives' need to do, if you want to start winning the fight for our country, is just put that on the table - not "Ok, Dave has convinced me, I am indoctrinated, what do you want me to believe, Dave?' - no, not at all, what I want you to do is just honestly examine a couple of the things you believe - honestly, just to see if it's possible you have been indoctrinated in the same passive way babies are indoctrinated to believe in some god, or young English kids are indoctrinated to believe in this great presents-bearing man called Santa - and if, after a bit of examination and honest thinking (rather than knee-jerk denial), it turns out that what I have been saying in the earlier chapters seems to be actually more true than the things you have believed about them - then just be ready to change the way you think about things. I don't care if you write a letter to the paper confessing you have been indoctrinated, but now see the light - that's completely irrelevant, any more than a 10-year-old kid writes a letter explaining to the world she no longer believes in santa, and understands that she was indoctrinated for a time, but now has a somewhat more rational grip on the ways of the world. That is all it means to you - you have seen through the lies - the indoctrination - of those who have been manipulating you for their ends, and no longer believe these lies - you have a more realistic view of what is going on in the world than you did when you believed the lies you had been raised to believe, and are now ready to start fighting in a manner much more likely to succeed, as you now have a better grasp of the realities you are dealing with, and can devise better ways to get to where you want to go than you did when you followed the lead of those who wanted to steer you into deadend places where you would never get where you really wanted to go. Just stop believing what the indoctrinators want you to believe, and start looking at the world through more discerning eyes, and seeing where they have been conning you, and start devising better plans that will help you, and all of us, get around those various cons and looking for more-likely-to-be-effective ways of doing things.

The main things most people have been indoctrinated about in Canada, things which allow the rulers to keep running an effective oligarchy whilst most people quite falsely believe they are participating in a democracy, are the things I talked about earlier.

If most people believe the country is a democracy, when while it has the institutions of democracy it quite obviously *functions* nothing at all like a real democracy should and continually acts against the wishes of a strong majority of the citizens, to their detriment (running up huge fraudulent debts which they use to justify deconstructing whatever small parts of democracy remain, committing international war crimes, selling their country to foreign interests, refusing to deal with the increasing environmental crises, etc - the Harper gov of the last few years has been particularly egregious in doing things most Cdns disagreed with, often strongly - not 'trivial things' that can be rectified by 'throwing the bums out' when they call another election, as is the common response to complaints the country is 'not democratic!' as discussed earlier, but things that have been going on essentially unchanged for decades by all parties, and are doing very serious damage to our country that will take a very long time to correct - against the wishes of most of us) - it is the very obvious logical conclusion that indoctrination is a major cause of this disconnect from reality. When most people have no idea of a quite obvious money-credit supply fraud scam that is robbing them blind but actually believe their financial leaders are highly competent and working for them and their policies need not be wondered about, indeed, quite perversely, many can wander around bragging about the strength of our banking system as continually trumpeted in the media; when most people believe and trust a media that is quite demonstrably lying to them continually about serious and important things such as the latest 'evil monster!!' we need to go bombing, and quite demonstrably gatekeeping very important information that it is in the interests of the few to conceal from the many such as the money fraud/scam, and quite blatantly presenting ongoing propaganda regarding the geopolitical situation in the world rather than balanced 'news', propaganda and lies which many people quite obviously believe, demonstrably false though it is with a bit of very easy checking - there really is no other conclusion that can be reached by the honest, experienced, intelligent, impartial analyst-observer (such as Noam Chomsky), other than that most people are very well indoctrinated, which is about all you can call it when a lot of supposedly adult, intelligent, 'free' people believe things that are quite obviously not true, in what appears to be a 'free' society such as Canada, where people actually have access to all the information they need to see through the indoctrination, but refuse to challenge it.

Of course it's a big job - but we're dealing with people who imagine and then make whatever arrangements concerning harnessing the labour and wealth of millions of people they need to make to build pyramids and aircraft carriers or even create gods or gold from nothing - they have the time, smarts and money to do what they want to do ... and what they want to do is maintain a pliant, not-too-bright citizenry to keep creating wealth and keep it flowing from those who create it to those who want it all ...

chomsky - indoctrination is not inconsistent with democracy, it is the very basis of modern democracyIt would be, indeed, a very great undertaking to indoctrinate an entire population, or populations, or at least most of the people therein, to this extent - but very obviously not impossible since they've obviously managed to do it many times in both past and present. Most people in the world believe in one or another imaginary god, for example, and have for hundreds and even thousands of years, which seems very odd and quite unbelievable to a thinking person, and such beliefs **only** come about from deep, lifelong indoctrination - indoctrination most religious believers have no idea about, and would vehemently deny if so accused, but is perfectly clear to the unindoctrinated observer.

Those doing our modern socio-political indoctrinating are careful enough to keep any talk of indoctrination that might make us curious about some things well away from popular discussion, and certainly not talked about in school or the media in any meaningful way, but if we can stand back from the endless wall of white noise and spectacle that encloses us all day every day from televisions and radios and now in the 'modern' world ipods and 'smart' phones and twitter and facebook and their 24/7 exposure to mindless chatter with friends nowadays, the final nails in the hivemind coffins, 24-7 white noise-spectacle very intentionally designed and encouraged to reduce any opportunity for independent thinking that might lead the 'thinker' into places dangerous for those ruling and manipulating them, and think clearly for a bit, we can see all around us, and all through history, that people can be trained, apparently quite easily, into believing false things, sometimes quite absurd things.

Especially during the last 100 years of increasingly sophisticated propaganda, as Chomsky and others have demonstrated very clearly, that propaganda can make large groups of people believe almost any kind of lie those with sufficient power to control various aspects of their society want to make them believe. And today we are dealing with some very, very clever people, whose only objective is power and who very obviously have nothing that could remotely be thought of as any 'moral' inhibitions restricting them in how they seek that power over those they consider little better than farm animals to be controlled and used and discarded, who have a great deal of power at their disposal already and have had for a very long time, and the prize they seek - control of our modern, wealthy, highly technologically advanced and capable societies with almost unbelievable luxuries available for those with the wealth to command them - is perhaps the greatest prize ever sought by those seeking to manipulate a group of people for their benefit. So all of the things are in place that would need to be in place to attempt to create a very large, very indoctrinated population - so its possibility is not really a question, only whether or not it has been attempted and/or achieved. And as I have talked about, if you just look around and see what they have done, it seems very much the case that they have, indeed, achieved their goal. There are still loose ends they are tying up, and the prize may yet be lost if enough people start to see behind the Santa-bogeyman stories that the indoctrination amounts to - but equally certainly, full achievement of their 'brave new world' is certainly within their grasp at this present time in our history.

Listen to Chomsky if you don't want to listen to me ...
I am sure most people calling themselves 'progressive' are familiar with the work and writings of Noam Chomsky, notably for the point of this exploration into why we are losing the current battle for our country and lives, his books, 'Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in a Democratic Society', and (with Edward Herman of course) 'Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media', and the many talks he has given in which one or both of these works feature prominently, referenced variously throughout this section. In these works, he talks, as noted above, about how most people (his focus is America, but Canada is not in any significant way different for the purposes of this current small exploration) are indoctrinated into certain beliefs and behaviors that allow the ruling class to maintain their rule with little effective opposition, a process that has been underway with quite clear intent since at least the early years of the last century, as his references to writers such as Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays clearly show.

sinclair - hard to get a man to understand something when his paycheck depends on his not understanding itBoth of these books of Chomsky are deeply referenced and pretty much beyond (honest) refutation as in the early days at least those who are doing the mass population control are very open about what they are doing, and anyone wanting a history and undeniable proof of how 'the masses' are subjected to the 'thought control' Chomsky talks about can find it all in these books, and I won't try to do more here than make, and emphasize, the point that this thought control is quite clearly the root of the reason we are losing our present struggle, a 'population management' process which creates a large and solid majority of citizens who never even think to question the democracy and money supply scams, a great majority of citizens who allow their most fundamental thoughts and beliefs to be controlled by what they are told on the mainstream media, the citizen who never asks the obvious questions when the answers might contradict what they are supposed to believe as it is a natural thing to shy away from what has become known as 'cognitive dissonance' when facts so contradictory to what people believe arise and just take the easy path, the path they have known all of their lives, the path most of their neighbors and families seem unquestioningly to follow - watch the tv every day and believe what the talking heads with suits tell you, don't rock the boat, go to your job every day, get your cheque or deposit at the end of the month, and go shopping. And then do it all over again. And again. And again again again again, agreeing with everyone around you how wonderful your life is. If this causes you any distress at any time, see the doctor, he has drugs that will help. Don't believe those conspiracy nuts on the internet, children, momma loves you and is doing her very best for you.

dylan - something is happening here but you don't know what it is, do you Mr JonesOne of the more ironic and quite worrisome things, to put it rather mildly, in the modern propaganda matrix - and that shows how very, very deep and internalised it is - is that while most progressives are familiar with Chomsky's work, as both of the works mentioned above, and everything else Chomsky writes and speaks of, are very well-known and praised in 'alternative' circles if not so much the mainstream media, and laud him as a great progressive thinker and fighter against the many abuses and lies of the corporate state. But for some murky reason, when he talks about Democracy and how it is managed, they seem to think, or just assume without thinking about it, that when he talks about 'thought control' and 'necessary illusions' and such things that are simply other words to use instead of the somewhat more loaded 'indoctrination' (which he does, however, mention sometimes), he is talking about some other people in some other place, and not them/us, and thus the biggest and most important illusion most progressives seem to operate under - the big illusion that is perhaps the central reason we are losing - is that Chomsky's 'necessary illusions' and 'manufactured consent' do not apply to them - although he explicitly says, in the quote noted at the top of the chapter, that it is specifically the 'progressive' demographic, the top 20% or so of citizens who consider themselves educated and engaged, and most of whom are 'progressive', that it is most important for the indoctrinators to control. It appears that many if not most people go to a Chomsky or Hedges talk, applaud loudly at the end, perhaps ask a question or two to show how well they understand him - and then go back to their normal day jobs the next day, doing the same things they have always done, controlled by the indoctrination to keep their activities to 'safe' places that do not challenge the rulers. This seems obvious, given the complete lack of challenge from the 'mainstream progressives' who listen to the CBC and support the NDP, as there is not a single word of questioning from such people concerning the corporate propaganda role of all mainstream media including the CBC, or the tweedledee-dum-NDP conformity of all 3 major electable parties to the prime directives of the rulers, the austerity, and the 'war' on terrorism and acceptance of the lockdown-ready state.

This refusal to acknowledge let alone deal with this reality seems to be a regular kind of 'we are not going there!!!' feature of progressives engaged in the current struggle that is quite central to why we cannot seem to make any progress, as it is exactly these 'we're not going there!' things that we MUST go to get control of our country - but it is exactly these progressives - most of you who might hopefully be reading this small exploration into 'why we are losing' - Chomsky is talking about - and that they can believe they are not indoctrinated, while reading, or listening to, someone like Chomsky they have deep respect for telling them how important it is to the maintenance of the current situation that it is they in particular who must be controlled, which means indoctrination, and how they actually are indoctrinated and how that indoctrination came about and is maintained, is a sign of the amazing success of the indoctrination strategy over the last 100 years.

(Chris Hedges also talks about such things extensively in his 'Death of the Liberal Class' - and again, although most progressives admire Hedges greatly, most of them seem to feel that such observations apply to someone else and not them, as they applaud wildly at the Hedges talk, and then go back to doing the very same things he talks about that demonstrate how co-opted they have become into the very system oppressing them. Hedges, talking at Waterloo U in 2012 on his book Death of the Liberal Class -)

That indoctrination is a simple fact of the lives of most people is beyond argument, indoctrination which allows a great deal of 'freedom', but which controls most people so that they do not get up to any activity or thinking which would endanger the rulers, and people wanting to help save this country need to get beyond the knee-jerk denial anytime the idea is raised, self-righteously (and protectively) declaring there are important deck chairs whose rearrangement needs their consideration and attention, and they have no time for conspiracy theories about 'indoctrination'. Certainly, it bears repeating again, many Canadians, and others around the world engaged in this modern struggle against the NWO feudalism being imposed around us, have fought through the indoctrination and come to understand, to some greater or lesser extent, the lies and deceptions we are tricked and coerced into living under - but it is equally certain, to judge from our 'successes' (as in 'lack of') of the last 30 years, that 'we' progressives, as a whole in Canada, are losing because a pretty substantial majority of us are indoctrinated into certain beliefs, which includes not knowing they don't know something important, that ensure we will not be able to do the kind of thinking we need to do to really create a democracy here, and gravitating behind 'leaders' whose job is to encourage that belief, and keep the well-meaning but also well-indoctrinated masses marching towards the new feudalism that is their destiny if they don't soon wake up to what is really going on around them.

It must be faced - if you have believed Canada is a great democracy, and change can only be fought for through the existing democratic channels such as voting NDP our best hope - then that belief is a central part of what has kept you from being an effective agent for change, for all of the democratic things you are doing have no chance of success in the undemocratic, limited-choice 'heads I win tails you lose' ruler-controlled matrix in which you are fighting - you are indoctrinated. If you have been completely unaware of the con and fraud and scam of the government 'debts' that everybody believes are legitimate and sacred and must be honored above all other things, and thus limit us in what we can do as they defund and deconstruct 'our' democracy in front of our very faces, and yet as I have shown are clearly fraudulent - you must ask yourself - why would you believe such things if you were not indoctrinated to believe them? If you believe we Canadians are all nice, innocent peacekeepers in the world, and those darn terrorists are threatening us 'because of our freedoms', and it is quite necessary for the government to be creating a lockdown-ready state around us 'for our own protection!!' - you are seriously indoctrinated, and need to do some serious 'outside the box' reading to get a clearer understanding of what is going on in our country and the world, before you can start fighting effectively to get us back on the road to a real democracy here, such as we were on in the first 70 years or so of the last century - a fight which has been very cleverly derailed by those who are fighting for their own dream - a new feudal society, with a few lords and ladies living opulent lives, and a great mass of ignorant, powerless peasants supporting them in the style to which they intend to become accustomed.

It may be a difficult thing to face, not unlike the addict admitting his addiction or the very happily married person refusing to confront the signs of their partner's infidelity - but we are never going to have a chance to retake our country until people start to understand that it is *not* a democracy we are working with here, and using the tools of 'democracy' the usurpers give us to play a losing role while they keep all the aces for themselves in the game they control are not going to avail us of anything except continuing to waste our time in comfortable but fruitless pursuits..

And now little bit of good news to go along with the Pandora's Box of bad stuff - what doesn't kill me makes me stronger
The good news is, of course, that this kind of indoctrination is quite easy to overcome, simply requiring the courage to admit you were wrong, that people you trusted lied to you, and that it is time to stop being dependent on others to tell you what is acceptable to think and start making up your own mind about things. It is no more humiliating than a 9-10 year old admitting they were wrong about Santa Claus, that it seems their parents, and everybody else from their teachers to the people on the television to even most of the older kids they had looked up to, had been lying to them for as long as they were alive to that point. You get over it, and are a more aware person after that - the old saying is quite true, if believing someone's lies for a time does not kill you, then learning about the lies, and accepting the truth, makes you a stronger person, less inclined to believe anyone's lies in the future, more able and willing to think things through for yourself, which can only be a better place to be than blindly following others who have their own good, of course, ahead of yours. And the same process can take us all to the next step of human development, getting rid of predatory rulers who dominate through lies, ignorance (our ignorance) and fear - growing up to face the bogeyman and banishing that imaginary monster from our lives, and creating a better home to live in, truthful and free of fear. Becoming intelligent, questioning *real* adults rather than dependent, naive child-adults.

And if you're ready to be cool with all that - the really interesting stuff is coming up.

Some other 'references' - if you haven't listened to Chomsky and Hedges lately, and you are really wondering what is happening to us, you should give them a listen. And the others.

Old Chomsky lecture - explains 'How political power uses propaganda to distract the public' - if you believe Canada is a 'great and free Democracy with a great and free media telling us all we need to know' - watch this and tell me you're not one of the people he's talking about

Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media, 25:20): 'It's not the case .... that indoctrination is inconsistent with democracy, ... it's the very essence of democracy ..marginalising the general public, or reducing them to apathy in some fashion ..'

Scott Ritter just notes the fact - Americans (and by extension, we're not that different in these things, a lot of Cdns) are ignorant - not an insult, just a fact -

In his book, 'Propaganda', published in 1928, Edward Bernays wrote: "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country." Quoted in John Pilger, on INI, Understanding the leaks is understanding the rise of a new fascism

Chomsky (Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media, 25:20): 'It's not the case .... that indoctrination is inconsistent with democracy, ... it's the very essence of democracy ..marginalising the general public, or reducing them to apathy in some fashion ..'

long good transcript of recent Chomsky talk, covers most of the basics (Aug 2013)

Chris Hedges also tells us regularly in his talks about the loss or betrayal of the 'liberals' among us the last few decades, enabling the takeover of the NWO: Chris Hedges, talking at Waterloo U in 2012 on his book Death of the Liberal Class - "... one of the undercurrents is the despair ... about how easily the liberal class is seduced by the force of propaganda..' (again, most 'progressive' Canadians have great admiration for Hedges, but seem to be able to tune out the parts of what he says they don't want to hear)

Propaganda and Control of The Public Mind: '..the organised manipulation of the habits and opinions of the masses is the central feature of a democratic society. ' - quoting Bernays 'Propaganda' from 100 years ago - '.. we have the means to regiment people's minds as efficiently as armies regiment their bodies.. and we must do this, it's the way to maintain power structures, and authority structures, etc ... '

Chomsky, the purpose of education

Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies, by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman

The Underground History of American Education, by John Taylor Gatto is also a deep and well-researched examination of how the ruling classes have infiltraited and taken over the education system to create the kind of citizens they want ...

Chomsky interview - ".. if you look back at the {education} system in the late 19th century it was largely designed to turn independent farmers into disciplined factory workers, and a good deal of education (today) maintains that form..."

- a recent but very good Canadian researcher, doing what journalists are supposed to be doing, digging into, and talking about, things those who wish power don't want looked into or talked about: The Purpose of Education, Social Uplift or Social Control? - Andrew Gavin Marshall - in the 70s he would have been welcomed by the CBC as a great new Canadian public intellectual - now he is completely ignored by the corporate propaganda press, for obvious enough reasons - and it should be obvious also that the difference between now and then very clearly shows how far backwards we have come - we should be praising people like this, rather than ignoring them ...

Gore Vidal: "How to get people to vote against their interests and to really think against their interests is very clever. It's the cleverest ruling class that I have ever come across in history. It's been 200 years at it. It's superb."

Truth and propaganda: the other two foes in Gaza's war - "....people's desire to believe their own side's propaganda is high, and that's the source of its effectiveness..."

rm - it's very telling that when chomsky or someone talks about 'necessary illusions' or 'manufactured consent, everyone seems to believe he is talking about someone else, when it is actually they themselves he is talking about, in most cases