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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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PART II Chapter 3: The Great Transition

The Corporate Reactionary Revolution Ascendant

- the great transition from democracy ascendant in the 1960s to democracy broken and bleeding and almost terminally comatose as the new feudalism puts the final pieces of its Orwellian Big Brother 'new feudal society' in place in the 2000s

So here's the final and central part of *our* narrative we need to become familiar with, the parts hidden as much as possible behind locked doors with lights turned off since they were begun in the 1960s and 70s in response to the new and powerful social-democratic revolution, the implementation of the corporate reactionary counter-revolution and its new narrative of our society during the 70s, and its slow but deadly spread during the 80s and 90s, until now in the 2000s it has pretty much become ascendant in our society, having successfully created (when observed from 'outside the box') a largely idea-less, dumbed-down, obedient, and defeated punch-drunk citizenry, some perhaps in some small ways opposed to what is happening around them but unable to devise or implement any effective way to fight the NWO and their new leaders. If we are to successfully regain our feet, and start to oppose these usurpers with some chance of success, we need to understand what has happened over the last 40 years to turn our society from its awakening as a joyous, hopeful, prosperous place peopled by self-radicalized powerful, engaged adult citizens in the 60s to the current largely passive, dumbed-down citizenry accepting the new feudalism being placed around them with no serious resistance.

So how did we get from an exuberant, optimistic, prosperous society just a couple of short generations ago looking forward to an ever better country and world, to a defeated people, fighting ever more desultorily for nothing more than to lose ground a bit more slowly as the NWO is put in place around us, meekly accepting our new poverty and chains, and that the children of the next generation will have poorer lives and opportunities than the current generation, a completely unacceptable idea to almost all previous generations as they fought the power in their country to improve their lives, and expected, and over time achieved, success in such struggles? How did the prosperous and ever-growing-wealthier country of the 60s in just a few short years run up massive debts both governmentally and personally that have, or so we are told, placed debt chains around our children and our future dreams with nobody apparently seeing these problems developing and doing something about them? When did the optimism become despair, the joy become fear, the great public debate about how to make things better and better morph into the dismal monologue about austerity and accepting ever-reduced freedom and security in the name of fighting 'terrorism', the open doors of our homes become festooned with chains and deadbolts to protect ourselves from the increasingly unsafe world out there, equally in our minds as on the streets themselves? How did we allow the 'serve and protect' police to become our sheep-dog/wolves serving and protecting the rulers, herding we citizens hither and yon with batons and pepper spray and tasers and even, increasingly, guns ever at the ready for anyone who dares resist and increasingly using violence to quell the occasional peaceful citizen protests with a 'zero tolerance for dissent!!' policy, how did our reaching out with hope and peace to the world become joining American regime change operations in the service of the NWO with bombs and words of intimidation and extremism and war and death, destroying democracy anywhere it rears its dangerous (to the predators) head? Were all of these things, and the many others that have resulted in our being where we are today, just 'natural forces' of some sort at work - or was there perhaps a guiding hand behind those events, and our present situation, a hand very much, from our perspective of a people fighting for a just, peaceful, prosperous society, an enemy hand, fighting to stomp down once and for all this notion of 'democracy' in our society, and establish once and for all an open plutocracy of some sort, a 'brave new world' of a handful of rulers, a larger handful of decently treated but powerless managers of their world, and a great mass of uneducated, powerless, Hobbesian 'short and brutal lives' peasants?

That is where we are fast approaching the end point of today, the end result, the story, of what I have called the Corporate Reactionary Revolution that was initiated, in secret, during the 1960s and '70s - the determination of the hereditary rulers of our society to turn back the great democratic revolution that began to flower after centuries of slow growth during the few years following the great holocaust of 60 million of our best people of the time, including much of a couple of entire cohorts of our strongest and bravest young men, of the first and second 'world wars' and the great depression between them, a secret but very determined and powerful pushback that was conceived in the 60s in response to the great drive for democracy, and begun in the 70s, to face and geld and ultimately reverse the joy, the intellectual flowering of 'the people', the great public debate, the great music and literature and public intellectualism that underpinned the revolution of the 60s that came so close to creating, for the first time in the history of, at least, the English speaking peoples, a true 'of, by and for the people' democracy - the great campaign to turn the country back to an earlier narrative, of passive, ignorant workers and essentially omnipotent rulers, whatever phony way they referred to the 'democratic' government carrying out the edicts of the real rulers, the people with the money who owned everything important, including the governments.

Of course, an openly declared, head-on frontal assault by the forces of privilege and money would not have had much chance of success in the time we speak of, with, during the optimism and engagement and challenge-authority mindset of the 60s, most of society ready to take arms and beat back with vigor any attempt to oppose the emerging greater Democracy that all were so pleased with, and a world most of the more influential and modern parts of which, engaged in their own social-democratic revolutions, would react in unbelieving shock and anger to such an assault on what was, even then, looked on as one of the world's great democratic successes, so another kind of strategy had to be used.

But the people used to running our world are, as noted throughout here as one of the main lessons everyone needs to understand clearly if we are to start fighting them successfully, the very cleverest and most ruthless of the players of the games of power, having been outplaying the peasants for millennia while barely raising an intellectual sweat, and devising a new strategy against the young and enthusiastic, but somewhat naive, new challengers was not long in the making.

And so, like any very clever chess master on a board called Canada (most of the western world, really, but I'll just mainly keep to Canada here as I have throughout, which I know best, and is the country about which I have some kind of 'right' to be involved with trying to change as 'my' birthplace), the wealthy people who wished to roll back 'democracy' and reassert their right to rule as they wished began slowly moving their pieces around, and influencing the movement of the other pieces supposedly arrayed against them, with guidance from the uber-masters to the south, slowly but steadily pushing those threatening forces of democracy back to less dangerous formations.

If you're ready, as Morpheus said, for the red pill and its revealing of the truth of what is going on in our real Canada - read on.

Some assorted references

(as always, I note some of these things while I am writing, but this has been underway for a couple of years now, so some of them are a bit old - but they all point towards the things I write about - and there are many, many other things out there confirming the things I say, for whenever someone gets around to a 'scholarly' treatise on this subject ....)

George Monbiot, basically noting the CRR in other words, and the modern result - Bang goes the theory

Franklin D. Roosevelt: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, it was planned that way." ...

No proceeding is better than that which you have concealed from the enemy until the time you have executed it. (Machiavelli)

the beginning of 'process writing' in the 60s talked about here - this could easily be part of the dumbing down process, for anyone interested in deeper deconstruction of the CRR

Linda McQuaig, for a long time our leading journalist shining a light on what the wealthy were doing in our country, and still one of the few - Unions in Canada under siege from government, business and media

The Powell Memo; or here; a look at the same thing in Canada - Tony Clarke's Silent Coupl

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - Changes over the last 40 years - The Dissolution of the West: The Root Causes of the Economic Crisis

Closing down academics (from the Globe and Mail, kind of the Cdn 'poor relative' of the UK Guardian, with some occasionally useful writers allowed to say something useful)

Crisis of democracy