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Part II Chapter 1

The Corporate Reactionary Revolution - Beginnings

To get into the deeper understanding of what is happening today, in the 2010s, we first need to take a closer look at some more recent developments in our history, including a new kind of 'revolution' we haven't ever learned about in school.

Catching up our immediate historical context:
In a large population, with modern information available, which we were becoming in the late 1800s in Canada, and the US and Britain, not all non-predator humans fell, or today fall, under the sway of the predators and their enforced indoctrination systems they called 'education', and through the last years of the 19th and early years of the 20th centuries the understanding of what the predators were doing, and the fight to resist their ongoing abuses, continued growing, with many populist and socialist type political movements arising and growing, focusing the opposition of many people to the powers of hereditary nobility and wealth that were ruling them and constraining them into Hobbesian 'short, brutal lives' in the mills and factories and plantation fields of the growing industrial world ruled by robber barons and their corrupt politicians. And following the 'great long war' and depression of the first part of the 20th century, the anger at the arrogant and careless behavior of the rulers in destroying scores of millions of lives during two terrible wars and the great depression that preceded the second became vast and uncontainable, and the awakening people were thinking for themselves, and electing politicians 'of themselves' rather than the elite-controlled offerings, who were actually working for 'the people' rather than being controlled by Money and working for Money, and through the 50s and 60s the drive for some form of true democracy became stronger than it had ever been during the previous few centuries, and began presenting a true danger to the rule of the predator humans.

In Canada, decades of work through the 1910s and 20s and 30s and 40s was leading to the increasing popularity, and influence, of parties such as the CCF and their great leader and spokesperson TC Douglas, a great populist leader (recently selected as the greatest Canadian ever, to the great chagrin of the ruling elite who have been trying to bury his memory as the CRR rolls on) speaking tirelessly (Tommy Douglas and the Struggle Against Capitalism: Lessons learnt by the Canadian working class, Tommy Douglas talks about Mouseland, etc etc), and very persuasively, and very clearly, of the dangers and atrocities of capitalist rule. And through the 50s and 60s the 'old' parties were forced to make many concessions to prevent these populist and 'socialist' movements from actually taking over the country, thus the great compromises made with the CCF-NDP during the 60s which were largely responsible for creating the great country we were becoming through that period of closest-ever-to-real-democracy, and still retain traces of today although very much under ongoing attack and dismemberment, with the universal health care being the great flagship of our modern society, with many other social safety nets to ensure all citizens had a chance at a decent life. (note - it is utterly outrageous how those supporting capitalism run around even today saying 'Look at this great country - all thanks to Capitalism!!' - when the capitalist elite rulers have fought, usually viciously as predators do, every step of the way during the last 150 years to prevent all of the things that make this country great, and even today are in the midst of a great campaign rolling back all of these things)

During the 60s, and lasting into the 70s and 80s before the plans of the modern gang of ruling predators were fully in force, we were having a great national debate in Canada, and other western countries, as the citizens made plans for an end to wealthy elitism and plutocracy and the establishment of true 'of, by and for the people' democracies, with a sane and just and fair society for all, with the great wealth of our country - created by the citizens thereof - being used to provide good health care and education and financial security for all; we had great progressive thinkers and academics and writers leading the national discussion, carried joyfully on the great CBC, as the people worked together to create a great, world-leading democracy.

But this minor pushback of the peasants was being noted, with great concern, by some people very much less happy about it all ....

The Corporate Reactionary Revolution (CRR)

But of course those who would be kings, and have been forever, are not the kind who sit back passively and let bad things happen to them when their rule is challenged, as they train their peasants to do, and as they regrouped their own forces following the decades of craziness they had imposed on the world during the first part of the century through their greed and hubris and the determined response to put an end to such craziness of the post-WWII generation, as they saw this 'crisis of democracy' appearing through the 60s like a very bad dream dragon emerging from a fog all around them, new plans were developed to face this latest danger - as they had faced many threats to their rule in the past, and overcome them, as they planned to do again.

(Some of the background reading you might want to check here:

- and many other books and references, of course, once you are aware that such a body of work exists - follow the leads from these references to find whatever you like ... don't phone up your local university history teacher - people don't get good university jobs in the NWO world unless they understand their role in presenting a certain view of 'history', and not talking about things the people paying them don't want talked about such as this plan to 'degrade and diminish' democracy in Canada (and, again, all English speaking countries, but it is up to someone else with better knowledge of the specifics in those countries to write their own 'people's histories') - there used to be honest people in academia, as in journalism, back during the days this CRR got underway, but they've been pretty much attritioned out over the last 40 years, and any who do remain don't get to talk about such things in the media most people get their ideas from these days, including the CBC for 'progressives' as noted earlier, and throughout ...)

For easy reference, I have called this period, this reaction of the predatory rulers against this great and very dangerous (to them) awakening of Democracy in the people in the 1950s and 60s and 70s, as the 'Corporate Reactionary Revolution', or CRR. It was, and still is, led by people whose power at the time was, and still is, largely manifested, and which creates the 'wizard's curtain' maintaining the anonymity of the small handful of actual people who control them, through the increasing influence of vastly wealthy transnational corporations, whose wealth was becoming, and now is, greater than that of half or more of the smaller countries in the world, and which has been used wisely in the greatest investment of all, surreptitiously buying up governments and the media, as noted earlier. The movement to contain democracy and restore elite power was and is certainly reactionary in nature as it sought to overthrow, albeit clandestinely, an emerging democratic power structure seeking to reduce the power of entrenched plutocracies, and which is certainly also a revolution.

And so these immensely powerful elites, and their well-trained strategists as always, through the 1970s and 80s and on, began developing and putting their 'roll back and contain democracy' plans into place. And also again we need to keep in mind, their opponents, both the noisy colorful enthusiastic young people with their new music and bold opposition to the status quo who finally started coming of true age during the 50s and 60s, and the quieter but no less determined adults who had lived through the second great war and depression and were determined such horrors would happen no more, were big and noisy and strong and enthusiastic but, unfortunately, as 'normal' people educated through the normal school system, they were still distressfully naive amateurs in terms of 'realpolitik' power strategies when faced with determined predators whose only goal was winning, by any means possible, highly skilled gamesplayers for whom 'fair play' was a good thing they strongly encouraged 'the people' to believe in, but they of course had no hesitation in turning to lies and deception, very big lies and very clever deception, presented by skilled and well-compensated actors dressed up in very expensive suits and groomed and trained to look and sound very believable, backed up by their control of state violence as necessary, with an arsenal of both deceptive and bluntly violent tools as necessary, essentially without limits as they still controlled most of the wealth of the world.

The CRRists, again master strategists as always, and harking back to the very roots of the pretend democracies talked about earlier, understood they had once central question to answer, one central strategy to implement - How do we make the 'common people' believe they live in a great and free Democracy - whilst actually re-establishing and maintaining control of all important decisions made in their government?

Which is what I will be talking about in the next few chapters - but you might just turn your thoughts away from the screen or page you are reading for a minute, and think about the answer yourself - and compare that answer with what you see around you, what you know of our recent history.

It is obvious, of course, that any successful parasite, smaller in size and number than the intended host, cannot undertake a frontal assault, and so it has been with the CRR - like termites infesting the inner framework of a house, the CRR has been whittling away at our almost-once-democracy from within, as much as possible leaving the surface structure intact, so they, and anyone, can point to the things that a democracy should have, the things that people around the world were pointing at in the 60s and 70s as signs of our great Canada, and assert that today, in the 2010s, we have these same things, thus we are the same great country we tried to create in the 60s, and started to build in the 70s, and have prided ourselves on being for decades. But that dream is now returned to dream state, the surface structure is increasingly all that remains, covering a hollow, in terms of the real functioning institutions of a true democracy, veneer, a shiny box covering a pile of increasingly putrid rot eating away our country from within. A lot of people are starting to notice the smell of that rot that cannot be concealed any longer, and wondering what is happening. Which is what I am trying to explain here. (and which is the reason for the ever-more powerful 'lockdown ready state' they have been conditioning everyone to - when the rot, the takeover, finally becomes too obvious too ignore - the fences are all in place, the reaction-dampening rods spread throughout society, so the revolution never gets a chance to happen. More later)

What they have done, those who are creating their New World Order-New Feudalism around us surreptitiously via this corporate reactionary revolution, like any very dangerous parasite or cancer, is to slowly infiltrait our body politic, and its central related institutions, and take a once relatively, or partly, or at least trying, honest and healthy media, and financial system, and political system, and turn them all into a big web, a seamless matrix, of mutually supporting tools providing nourishment to the disease (with of course at the same time working in a kind of negative synergism, in depriving the true host of the same nourishment - in the sense that power is both a zero-sum game, and a synergistic process - the more they have, the less we have, and also, the more anyone has, the greater their ability to seize more and more power - and again, the more used a body of people are to following orders, the less inclined they are to resist or question those giving the orders they become, and the more they assume a 'herd mentality' which then itself becomes an agent of the ruling power, threatening any who dare question the orders of the power, and the next generation finds it hard to even conceive of questioning the edicts of the rulers, let alone daring oppose them ....). The appearance of irrefutable evidence of disease, as with many people individually, is then only admitted by the public who has no wish to acknowledge such evidence much, much later, after the disease is fully or nearly in control of the system and simply cannot be ignored any longer; in the early stages, when disharmonies too intrusive and noisy to ignore completely appear in the once well-functioning system, or body, for many the first reaction is simply denial, or accepting the excuses of the parasite-managers for whatever is happening. Like the person seeing signs of alcoholism in a close friend or relative, the first reaction is all too often denial, and making excuses, until enough denials and excuses have made the denier more of a co-addict, and the disease gets even harder to see and name, and gets up to even more and worse damage before it can be denied no longer.

But of course, none of these things can be done openly - you have never read about any 'corporate reactionary revolution' designed to create a new feudal system in recent Canadian history books, or heard a talk about it on Ideas, or had any other writings about it in the pseudo-alternative media, nor are you likely to anytime soon. No. What they have done is create a new 'narrative' of our society and history, a narrative that appears to explain what has happened over the last 30-40 years, but is actually more of a fiction than a true story, in that it presents a pretend-history of what needs to be believed in order for the rulers to keep ruling. And that is what we need to look at next.