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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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Knowledge is like a candle. When you light your candle from mine, my light is not diminished. It is enhanced and a larger room is enlightened as a consequence. - Thomas Jefferson
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Don't you run around here trying to make friends with somebody who's depriving you of your rights. They're not your friends, no, they're your enemies. Treat them like that. - MALCOLM X

Part I Chapter 5


Note: Appeasement is NOT an option ...

A major problem amongst 'progressives' - and, really, everyone else not actively and knowingly part of the ruling class and the administration thereof who know full well what they are doing, as conartists enticing their victims hither and yon relieving them of money or whatever know full well what they do - is their acceptance of a number of intentionally cultivated and diligently maintained false beliefs of what is happening in our society, many of which I have talked about earlier - the belief we live in a 'democracy', the belief we have a 'free' press responsible to 'we the people', the belief that the people managing our economy are 'honestly' doing the best they can and the 'terrible debt problem' is some kind of force of nature nobody can do anything about except pay it down no matter what hardships that causes to average people, the belief a gang of Saturday-morning cartoon 'terrorists' are out to get us and we have to allow the creation of a lockdown-ready country for our own protection from those damned terrorists (who are going to be with us for the foreseeable future, they are so terrible and powerful), and etc - all lies, as talked about earlier.

And there is one other great false belief those who rule us have managed to instill over the last 3-4 decades - the belief that in a modern country like Canada, we're all more or less 'equal' citizens, but with some naturally different ideas about how to run our country, differences which get played out democratically, and whichever ideas are dominant at any given time - basically a division between 'leftist' liberal views and more rightist 'conservative' views - will be reflected in the governments we 'democratically' elect.

Which, like the other lies, is a nice story for children, but a very false portrayal of what kind of people our country is composed of.

In reality, of course, we are ruled, as we always have been, by a small group of people in our societies who have a lot of money and use that money to obtain and keep power, and - this is a much bigger truth that even fewer people understand clearly - the people who have that money, and are willing to use it, or any other tool they need, to claim and keep that power, are not really 'just normal folks' like you and I.

Rosa Luxemburg - the first revolutionary act is to call things by their true namesThey are Enemy.

The Enemy in our midst is a completely moral-less force. Remember - the lies we, or most of us, believe about democracy, the media giving us info rather than indoctrinating us, the 'terrorist threat', the national debt - all intentional lies those who rule us, along with their managerial lackey class, have done all in their power to make us believe - and given how successful they have been in making most people believe these lies, they obviously have a lot of power, and a lot of practice in wielding it effectively, as most Canadians believe all of those lies with no questions asked. And many even love and trust the people telling those lies, the people with the expensive suits and smiles, and utterly no sense of morality.

How could you possibly believe the people telling such lies, while engaged in the even greater lie of presenting themselves as honest brokers only trying to look out for your own best interests, are anything but Enemy?

The history is there, for anyone with the independence of mind to read for themselves and analyse what they read.

Our ancestors understood the difference between 'peasant' and 'Lord', and fought with great sacrifice for generations to push back those who demanded omnipotent power and enforced their demands with the Sword, to push towards some kind of Democracy in which they would have some control over their lives and society, so their lives, and the lives of their children, would be better than the Lords thought sufficient for just another group of farm animals. After hundreds, or thousands if you want, years of struggle, our immediate ancestors had finally fought the Lords to something of a standstill by the 1960s, and were putting in place great democratic ideas and programs to create a better society for the generations that followed. Unfortunately, they put their feet up too soon, or the children of their children got too complacent, or the Lords just got back on their A-game after a bit too much complacence on the part of their own offspring and retook control, but like an evil phoenix, came back stronger, and more clever in their ways of control, and have now taken over again, with one goal only, the creation of a new feudal state, in which there will once again be an openly feudal arrangement of powerless peasants and Lords whose merest whim is immediately fulfilled by the servants around him or her.

But of course there have always been many more peasants than Lords, and after the semi-awakening of the post-WWII years in which the idea that we all live in a democracy had taken firm hold in the peasant masses, a return to open feudalistic ways of running society was not really an option for the wouldbe Lords at the time - numbers do count for something, as earlier Lords found out in various revolutions, and another mass beheading of self-declared aristocrats was not what those determined to retake 'their' society were looking for in the 70s and 80s, so more subtle ways of retaking 'their' society had to be formulated, and were, as again described earlier.

And again - the message to those of us the new Lords are determined to subjugate once again has to be clearly understood - these are not just another group of citizens who have slightly different ideas about running 'our' democracy - they are Enemy, who do not desire simply to run our country along 'conservative' lines, these are wouldbe Lords who want to run our country along Feudal lines, with them as the essentially omnipotent Lords, and the rest of us as the essentially ignorant, powerless peasant class.

They are, in other words, very clearly Enemy.

And before we can start to fight back effectively in this great battle for not only our countries but our very lives and whatever we have as 'souls', we **must** get this subterfuge, this Great Lie, clearly understood.

If we were invaded by an openly hostile force wishing to take over our country, steal our wealth, enslave us like human farm animals as they turned us into powerless workers in the service of their state, killing as many as they needed to to remove the strongest or most aware among us to achieve their goals, intimidating or coercing the rest, we would have no hesitation in labeling them 'enemy' as we joined and gathered arms to oppose them. When disease organisms run rampant in our blood, killing massively and mindlessly, we have no hesitation in searching for medicines to hunt them down mercilessly, and fight them and kill them to prevent their killing of millions of us. And when we are faced with a hostile group working from within our own land, infiltraiting themselves among us and calling themselves members of our own society, but who in reality wish to take over our country, steal our wealth, and turn us into powerless serf-workers - we should have no hesitation in clearly identifying them and calling them Enemy, no matter how they use the great wealth they have stolen from us to control the media and lie to us, placatingly try to give the impression they insist they are really just normal people like the rest of us, or threaten to do us some violence if we dare contradict or speak the truth as we see it, as we label spies working within our walls to get and sell secrets to the enemy to destroy us enemy. And the many less-than-human 'humans' among us, the willing traitors, those who are basically human with a preponderance of 'real human' genes but are diseased with some evolutionarily destructive 'predator' genes, those who willingly betray their fellow cooperative-collectivists and sell their souls to the Enemy for a few pieces of silver and work with them against us, spread and validate their lies and deceptions as they proceed with their evil plans, must be seen as Enemy also - if the arm is gangrenous, there is no saving it, and you must remove it to save the rest of the body - sad, tragic, but one of the 'cold facts' of nature. That they put on expensive suits and hire expensive publicists and lawyers in more expensive suits, and good-looking actors (tv-radio personalities, including major CBC 'newscasters' and 'hosts' and """journalists""") with the most modern and expensive perfumes to conceal the stench of their betrayals to tell us all what wonderful people they are, and they're really just working for our own good, really folks!!, as they steal our government and wealth and create a 'security state' around us that will prevent us from challenging them democratically when we do finally wake up to who they really are, PR stuff written by more high-paid specialists, makes no difference - as the old saying goes, you put a dress on a rat, you still got a rat. (no offence to rats ...)

Those we fight, those who are taking over our society and doing a great many very bad things that most of us do not want or support, are not 'just another bunch of nice herd animals' trying to get along here. They are very much the Other in our midst, their primary purpose is to enslave and destroy rather than nurture and cherish.

They are, truly, Enemy.

Thomas Jefferson - experience declares that mankind is the only species that devours its own kind, for I can think of no other term for the general warfare of the rich upon the poorThe wealthy elite in Canada who have taken over our governments and our media are not just other actors in our fight for democracy, politicians who have won honest and fair "democratic" contests and are thus carrying out a legitimate program with democratic support, as they do their best to make us all believe, with the full support of course and as always of their fully lackey-run media, but a foe who has very dishonestly manipulated both the political system and media, and the education system to initially instill a lot of lies about what is happening in our country, through the long instilled gullibility of naive Canadians to 'trust' these people, to take a very undemocratic control they have *not* won in any fair or legitimate way, any more than the conman running off into the night with their loot has gained that loot from honest transactions and has a 'right' to 'their' money.

In the houses of government our ancestors fought to establish, institutions that were good ideas, but always controlled by the even then far more clever enemy, never perfected and still needing much work, their methods are the actions of an enemy, manipulating a theoretically good but very flawed system very susceptible to manipulation through dishonest, ambitious people so inclined and able, largely through controlling information and convincing the taught-to-be-trusting and too gullible citizens to believe in a lot of things that are not true, to claim control they do not in any way rightly, democratically deserve, as have all dictators during their earliest seizures of power.

This is not some rhetorical device or hyperbole, to call them 'enemy', it is a simple fact that meets the actual definition of the word, a very important fact that must be clearly understood if we are to create an effective resistance to their usurpation. Cancer is not just another group of cells in the body which legitimately contests for the right to use the resources the body makes available to all cells as it wishes, they are the enemy of our life, whose only desire is to starve the other cells and greedily claim the resources for their own selfish growth. The wolf pack in sheep's clothing are not just other members of the herd with different ideas, they are 'other', they wish to dominate and predate the herd, to hold themselves superior to the rest of us, to assume the right to treat us like their own possessions, their own work beasts, their own walking food supply. And like cancer or wolves stalking a sheep herd, the predators among us do not openly challenge us like an army in the field, but live amongst us in disguise, intentionally and deceptively working to appear like average citizens, like us but with different ideas about how we should live together. But, like cancer cells or wolves, they are very much not really of us, they are in some fundamental way not really 'of' us, of 'we the people', they see themselves as superior and deserving to rule by whatever means they need to employ to achieve their goals, by force or deception if needed if they cannot hope for true democratic legitimacy. They understand they are lying to us, they understand they are not like us, they are something 'other' who wish to take over our society and turn everything to their own benefit, and they well understand that their ascendance means our lives will be greatly diminished. They also know that if they proceeded openly and honestly with their plans, we would shun and banish them as they deserve - or now, more probably, after so many great crimes, imprison them where they deserve to be. For a very long time.

Enemy is the appropriate word, and until we understand that, until we throw their lies back in their faces and refuse to submit to their coercions any longer, they will continue to win. As cheaters do in a crowd of naifs, as bullies dominate a crowd of smaller children too timid to challenge their obvious lies, until they are confronted and stopped.

there's class warfare alright - the rich are making war on the poor, and it's our side that's winningLet me look back through the first part of the book and just give a reminder of a couple of the more obvious examples of what they have actually done recently to make it clear just how justifiable the word 'enemy' is. Even if you have some reservations about the subversive 'invasion' that clearly demonstrates they regard us as their enemy to be overwhelmed, we also have them undertaking some of the greatest crimes known in human history. A criminal masterminding great crimes is pretty clearly an enemy of society, seeing themselves as outside normal societal norms and labeling themselves other, criminal - I don't think many would argue with that, and these people have been among the greatest criminals our country has ever known.

In the last few years, beginning in the 1970s, they have fraudulently stolen at least a couple of trillion dollars just here in Canada - their compatriots in other larger countries have stolen comparable amounts elsewhere - and that only considering government debt, what they have stolen otherwise through unjustified interest on personal loans and the synergistic effects of this theft on crime and other social ills would undoubtedly lead to a much higher figure, and caused the ensuing massive hardships for millions and reduced lives in one way or another for most, as their puppet politicians have been dismantling 'our' democracy and its enabling social support programs, the system that our ancestors had built that was trying to become a democracy, about which more in the next section, in the completely fraudulent name of 'dealing with the debt' - explained in some detail here - What Happened?. This is completely beyond dispute, for anyone able to do some basic thinking and courageous enough to speak the truth.

And you may recall, although you will of course never read it in the (current, at least) history books or hear about it on the current CBC or other media, that this elite engaged in this great current attempted coup, while bragging about what a great country *they* have fostered and created that we all live in now, have actually fought against every social advance ever made in our country - going back one hundred, two hundred years, this wealthy elite who see themselves as the true ruling class of our country and world fought against everything that might make the lives of average people better, from the struggle for unions in the 1800s to protect workers and every tiny concession to make workers' lives better, through the establishment of modern social programs following WWII such as the national health care program, unemployment insurance, old age pensions, and etc. Everything we have today, in some measure, that tries to ensure all Canadians have a decent life, these people fought against fiercely, and are now fighting to push what is left of these programs back to the desperate situation of 100 or 200 years ago, as they increase their own wealth and control of 'our' country in their apparent attempt to create a new feudalism, not only here but all around the world.

It is beyond question that 'our rulers' were behind the greatest crime of modern times, the 911 false flag attack, with the sole objective of creating an excuse for everything they have been doing since in terms of invading other countries around the world to solidify their New Western Empire and creating a lockdown-ready state in our English speaking pseudo-democracies. The bombings and destructions and/or invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya alone involve enough massive crimes against humanity to send hundreds of these people to jail for the rest of their lives, or to be hanged.

No more than a very small number of our average working people would ever support wars and invasions of countries that presented no threat to us, so such subterfuge, such 'false flag' attacks (there have been many others since 911), were necessary - and carried out by people who have none of the 'human' genes the rest of us have, those of us 'true humans' who could barely contemplate, and certainly never carry out, such massive, terrible killings.

But to the Enemy, always in pursuit of goals that will increase their power both internationally in competition with other predator gangs, and their hold over their own peasants, anything goes, the **only** consideration is who has power at the end of the day.

This determination to establish a true class society of a small elite and a large, helpless, passive, indoctrinated peasantry can simply not be seen as anything other than the longterm, very intentional, and determined, action of an enemy of the people.

These are not just 'other citizens' with different, legitimate, openly-shared views, these are a small clique of people trying to push society "back to the future", creating a "modern" society of helpless, powerless, ignorant, poverty-stricken, indoctrinated wage-slave/serfs of one kind or another as we were hundreds of years ago, tugging the forelocks to the Masters, controlling our lives and stealing our labour as they steal everything else, keeping us chained in our work houses as they hop with godlike freedom around the world in their widebody jets living in luxury on the wealth we created and they stole. To treat them as simply some other political party, they and all of us acting honorably in a fair democratic contest to determine the direction of our country and then working all together to create such a place, is to ensure we lose, now and forever, as the country bumpkin has always lost to the fast-talking city con artist in the fancy suit and shoes, believing persuasive lies and waking up in the morning with his savings and daughter missing, waking up much too late to regain what he has lost. We face a pack of very clever, very ruthless human predators, and their only objective is enslaving us, as they feel they have a historical right to do, as the stronger and more ruthless and more dedicated to ruling and more willing to use whatever means it takes to get power have always believed. They lie, they cheat, they intimidate, they kill, they control 'our' governments and pass laws to favor themselves and control us, they use 'our' police to brutalise us and train us to not talk back to our superiors, and 'our' courts to legitimise such harsh actions, they do whatever it takes to achieve their goals - we ordinary, decent people, understanding that trust and peace are necessary in the maintenance of a decent society and good relations with our fellow community members, do not like to use such tools in attempting to defend ourselves, to assert our right to self-determination, and in modern 'civilized' societyy, the enemy has convinced us to accord them the same assumptions - that we all fight honorably on an open and honest playing field.

This is the enemy - the cunning trickster who thinks it clever to bring the gun to the knife fight because the only 'real' rule in a lawless world is that he who is left standing at the end is the winner who tells the story of what happened, who works behind the scenes to corrupt politicians and institutions in pursuit of their goals, who use their wealth to buy the media and spread lies about what is happening.

The Enemy.

krishnamurti - it is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society

Note 1: I do not suggest we have to use the same tactics they use as we struggle for Democracy - indeed we must carefully avoid listening to wouldbe leaders who would have us turn to the same weapons of violence and untruths, or we become no better than they are, just supporting another lawless gang, and the vicious circle of predatory humanity will continue past this generation. But we must be aware that the Enemy lies about everything important, and cheats without consideration of mercy to his victims' miserable poverty, and intimidates through violence when we become aware of some part of the lying and cheating and openly resist such tactics - indeed, we must be aware that lying is the chief weapon of the Enemy, as no decent people would accept what they are really doing, so they must lie, and lie aggressively and convincingly, to proceed at all with their plans. We must no longer pretend to believe the lies they use to justify their actions, not believe the 'democratic' charades they use to justify their rule, if for no other reason than that timid acquiescence is less fearful than bold resistance, as many do. We must stand tall and strong in the face of their aggressive lies and intimidation, and do what is necessary to take back *our* country - Democracy happens not because somebody gives it to a people, but because they take it from the claims of wouldbe-kings and make it happen themselves, and defend and maintain it every day of their lives as the cancer never dies, the parasitic predators never stop seeking a healthy body on which to feed. There are many of us, and few of them, and we can do it - if we fight smart, and strong.

And recognize that this is a serious struggle, and stop letting the usurpers, the predators, convince us this is a simple contest between honorable opponents, and we must naively obey the rules they set down, and play on the board with the tokens they control - when you let the enemy control the field, you have no chance.

As long as we treat them as equal, honorable opponents, just a group of citizens more or less like us but with different ideas - we lose, because while we engage in the struggle 'honorably', by and large, fighting generally fairly within rules we accept as good rules, they see us as the enemy to be subjugated through any means that are effective - and their basic strategy of lying and deception, used against a naive and trusting opponent playing by some 'rules' the enemy sees only as something to be used to their advantage as long as the others follow them, is proving to be very effective. Until we understand these lies and deception, and the actual malice of the enemy and understand they are not really 'of us' - we will continue losing until the game is beyond recovery. As it very nearly is - once the walls are fully constructed around us, breaking them down is going to be very, very difficult. Think of putting a broken egg back together. With a herd of cats sneaking around licking it all up as you work in the dark in a small boat bouncing around in the night on a stormy sea difficult. Keeping the egg intact before it makes that last plunge into darkness is a much easier thing to accomplish, and that we might manage. If we wake up in time to the danger.

They are Enemy.

And Note 2: Appeasement is Not An Option!!

- if we take the initiative, with a planned, organised democratic revolution, on our terms, on our battlefield - we have a chance. If we continue appeasing them, believing, or pretending to believe, their lies about 'massive debt that must be honored!!', or 'terrible terrorists threatening your life so we have to obey the cops instantly!!, and the latest 'terrible brutal dictator eating babies we have to bombbombbomb!!!!', etc, hoping they'll lead us through these terrible crises and then do the wonderful things they promise someday, and allow them to place the modern lockdown-ready society around us - they'll just eat us at their leisure.

I am sure many people are shaking their heads in a kind of denial at the use of the term 'enemy', as they probably shook their heads earlier at the idea we live in a 'pretend' democracy, and that the amazing people on the CBC are actually Judases, and there isn't really a 'terrorist' threat, and so on - going too far, Dave, going too far, we have our disagreements with what is happening, but those you speak of, our politicians and media people, and lovely smart bankers and economists leading us through dangerous times, are just normal people like you and I, who think a bit differently, but in the end want and need the same things.... (actually, I suppose most of those people put the book down with dismissive thoughts to remove such blasphemy as quickly as possible from their short-term memory long before getting to this part - but if you have been hanging on, albeit with some doubts, this short note may be of use ... if you have read this far, you are obviously very concerned about what is going on in our society, are not happy with the almost completely ineffective 'resistance' to date, of which you are probably a part, and are wondering what we might be doing wrong - and this is one of the biggies you need to overcome ... )

malcolm x - don't you run around calling people who are trying to take your rights away 'frined' - they are your enemies The evidence for all of these things I speak of, wrote about here earlier, the pretend democracy, the corporate state propaganda etc media, the national debt scam, the phony 'war on terror', etc, is so obvious, that denial, in otherwise intelligent people, with access still in Canada to the information around the internet that prove these lies beyond any doubt, must be challenged, as there comes a time when denial of anything bad that is happening stops being protective of the ego and becomes destructive to the body, very destructive in this larger sense I am talking about here, about what is really being done to our country, and planet, with those responsible for the destruction keeping opposition down by the endless lies about 'debt' and 'terrorism' and 'democratic will' and whatnot, spread through their lying propagandistic dumbing down media. One supposes that there are various things going on subconsciously that engender such resistance to acknowledging the truth, from the aggressive nature of the way you are being told to believe everything you hear in the media, the again aggressive assumption that all is well this is a great country our media are great our system is great and honest what kind of idiot would think otherwise beyond some radical terrorist or internet nutcase etc, the 'hail fellow well met!!!' approach of the politicians and media people again aggressively pretending all is well in our country, no dissenting voices such as mine allowed to question them in the media, that to be the first to stand tall and say 'Wait a minute!! I'm calling Bullshit on that!!' takes a great deal more courage than most people have today, people who have been trained to be good polite citizens and NOT challenge the politicians and media people about anything other than particular issues (you can question someone's advocacy for the latest trade treaty or which party they support, but it is far beyond the pale, and very much NOT allowed anywhere near the corporate media, to accuse their advocacy as a pack of lies, or the whole system as a big farce, which is what is needed), and then the various personal things such as simply refusing to go certain places, closing doors or shutting off lights illuminating hard-to-deny realities, from refusing to apply the appropriate filters that would expose lies, things such as simply refusing to acknowledge that those we have been taught to trust and honor without question could betray us so badly, to the hubristic idea that 'They couldn't possibly do that, I am far too intelligent to be fooled like that!', or even for some no doubt the lurking realisation that if you did indeed have to acknowledge the great crimes and lies our leaders are engaged in, as an 'engaged citizen' you would need to stand up and oppose them (but god they are very powerful and if I oppose them I'm probably going to get badly hurt, and I just don't want to go there - and of course if this stuff Dave writes is just silly conspiracy theories and our society really is a democracy as we learn in school, as I very much want to believe anyway, then everything is fine, and no challenging of powerful forces is required. And I have a good job, no cops shooting anyone in my neighborhood - it's ok! So let's leave Dave to his paranoia and see what interesting things they're talking about on the CBC!)

CBC - wolf shadow behind sheep CBCBut whatever the excuses, what is happening all over the country with all of you people who have serious questions but continue to validate the system, the ongoing takeover, by refusing to challenge obvious lies, by participating in their sham elections, by pretending to believe the shit coming from the corporate press about 'terrorists' and 'monsters eating babies we have to bomb them!!' is a kind of appeasement, and appeasement is never, never NEVER a good long term strategy. Every day you accept the lies, the rulers get stronger, and you get weaker, and we all get one day closer to the final lockdown, the day when you finally have to stand up and shout LIAR!!! in your anger and rage all you want, with whatever other citizens join you, and they'll just laugh in your face at your helplessness. All you do by appeasement is make it easy for them to take over our country - certainly by now there is no guarantee we would win by openly opposing them, but it is for certain we are going to lose if we don't even marshal up the guts to try. (and I think they are not openly declaring their new feudalism just yet because they are afraid we could beat them if we got together and tried)

Every year the rulers push us back further into their cage, closing down programs that served many people and they are now much worse off, or programs that served the Democracy our ancestors worked so hard to create, and are not needed as the Democracy is returning to its earlier 'shell only' days, as they undertake all kinds of things most of us do not like, and there is nothing done about it other than fruitless demonstrations and complaining.

Every year 'we' are collectively poorer, and they collectively wealthier - in a world where Money is very equatable to Power. Every year they have more cops with more training in subduing recalcitrant citizens, and more of us are accepting their right to use their force to 'contain' us on any spurious claim.

Every year, we are, collectively, 'dumber' in terms of some collective adult-level societal consciousness, as the dumbing down of the young males, in an ever poorer society, creates a larger group of these young males ready to be the tools of fascism, turning into violent gangs wandering around out of control, beating on anyone daring to push for a sane, peaceful social democracy, supporting their brutal rightwing fascism, becoming enforcers for the new feudal lords.

Appeasement of any bully never works, it just makes their work easier, and your complete subjugation more certain, as you allow them to place ever more controls on and around you.

When you accept the truth as I have talked about in the first part of the book - they are running a pretend democracy through which they exercise complete power, they are running a massive scam to impoverish us both personally and as a shadow-of-a-democracy, they are creating a lockdown-ready state all around us in the name of a completely fraudulent 'war on terror' - and they are Enemy - you have to also understand that the appeasement we have been guilty of during the last 3 decades must stop, if we are to have any chance of regaining our once-almost democracy. We must stand tall, challenge their lies, and exercise some true democratic power to take back our country, and put a lot of these bastards in jail where they belong.

And appeasement never works - it is simply a delaying of the inevitable, at best, and at worst, an acceptance of defeat before you are actually defeated.

No more appeasement. It is time to open our eyes and brains, embrace the truth, and start using the strength the Truth will give us to start fighting seriously for our country, our lives, and our world.

**Excellent** recent Chris Hedges talk (Sept 2015) - You are not a socialist... - in which he uses the Malcolm X quote about don't call them 'friends' when they're trying to take away your rights - they're your enemies. (and many other good quotes from past fighters)

One of Dave's random observations: In the great predator-prey game, the predators have many advantages, but perhaps the most telling is this kind of second-level advantage - if the predator fails in his hunt, he gets to learn from his mistakes, and try again, and again if need be, the predator can fail many times before it removes itself from the gene pool. The prey, however, gets only one mistake. Notice the 'survival' difference - increased intelligence comes from learning from mistakes - if you don't get a chance to learn from mistakes, and 'survival' has more to do with blind luck, there's not going to be much improvement, and what there is is certainly not going to keep up with the learning of the predators. The almost total control our human predators have over we 'herd animal' humans at this time in our history, after centuries of their learning how to ever more effectively control us, is pretty powerful evidence of the proof of what I say.

When you control the language allowed in any discourse, you of course can control whatever range of conclusions that discourse might eventually arrive at - and send to the 'off limits' area any conclusions that a more open, unrestricted discourse might arrive at. Of course they don't want us identifying them as 'enemy' - which is exactly what we must do, if we are to have any chance at all of defeating them. (c'est moi)

dylan thomas - rage rage against the dying of the light

The Great Green Island Road Show and Democracy Chatauqua - get involved