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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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"Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state." - Noam Chomsky, Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

Part I Chapter 4d

CBC Case Studies Part II

CBC - wolf shadow Box-maintaining CBC Case Studies IV: Serious intellectual content for intelligent Cdns, look here!!

This is obviously an important part of the propaganda strategy, the overall 'spectacle', for the CBC, the CBC so involved in propaganda and dumbing down, but still needing to keep the attention and loyalty of the older people, especially those who became 'adult thinkers' before the dumbing down program got seriously underway in the 80s, and who remember the days of the 'real for-the-people' CBC in the 60s and 70s and remain a bit less easy to turn from adult stuff to 'mustsee cute kitty vids!!' or 'Look!! A man made a stupid joke about women, we have to join the shaming mob and bury the bastard!!!' and etc, still remembering how it could be, how it used to be, some good things going on through the 80s and even into the 90s as the transformation from 'CBC for Canadians' to 'CBC for the Oligarchs' progressed - Morningside with Gzowski being probably the best CBC show ever, but closely followed by the once-so-great Ideas, in its best years offering Canadians 'real' brain food, helping create a curious, intelligent, engaged citizenry aware of history and current events, a world leader in how to be a good social democracy, and As It Happens, once a great and honest window on the world for us to engage with the rest of the world, but in recent years just another black propaganda site. (and of course other good shows during those years, I won't try to detail everything, this is not a history of the CBC, although such a book documenting 'The Rise and Fall of the CBC, victim of the CRR' would be a very useful addition to our libraries, for future reference - the old quote about 'those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it' is very true, and very apt for what is happening today, with the average CBC devotee now much like Orwell's proles, with no idea of 'history' beyond what narrative the Ministry of Truth creates for them, which can change as needed by the rulers) (an even better story will be the one I hope we start writing soon - the CBC as Phoenix, a greater and even better 'for the people' CBC rising triumphantly from the ashes of the failed 4th Reich Ministry of Truth CBC)

All dead now, however, that once so great CBC, except the dream - but it is the remembered shell of that dream the current propagandists strive to keep alive for the last few years of the completion of the re-imaging of Canada into NWO-Branch Canada, so close to completion in 2015 (there is no telling when the end is coming - it seems not too close now, but 'tipping points' are just that, and things can happen quickly - we might note the very unexpected capitulation of the Soviet Union as a very graphic example - one day the strong opponent of the US Capitalist system, and the next a capitalist wasteland being plundered by the local traitors who sold out their country for their own gain, as capitalist predators sell anything for their own gain - the 'lockdown' framework seems very solidly in place at this time, and the brainwashing of the citizenry quite obviously equally firmly in place - we are very probably but one heavy-duty false flag 'terrorist' act away from giving them an excuse to become the 4th Reich, silencing all protest ...).

It is not the purpose of this short section to trace the fall of Ideas or the CBC, in any detail, but simply to point out to the frog who is nearly cooked (that would be Cdns who still believe in, and believe, the CBC is their friend, and that Canadian Democracy is Strong!!) that the current offerings of Ideas and other 'intellectual' offerings which might seem to have some of the quality of decades ago are really just 'higher level' propaganda and indoctrination maintenance, as is everything else on the CBC, and not only that, a great deal of the 'intellectual' content is actually quite unintellectual, stupid even, if actually thought about - a kind of 'dumbing down' for people who think they are beyond such things, or even an 'in your face' challenge to prove that they have pretty much everyone dumbed down now, while still believing they are capable of 'intelligent' thought.

If you are ready to get outside the box, then you could go through a series of Ideas programs and do some deconstructing yourself - you will find much of interest, no doubt including quite a few programs that actually are somewhat intelligent, but have nothing whatsoever to do with Power in our modern age, and that is not a 'bug' in my description but a feature - this is part of the 'full surround propaganda environment' - but you will also find shows that purport to offer some insights into our modern world, and in any show that purports to some kind of 'analysis' of what is happening today in our country, through the kind of filters I have been trying to show you how to activate in this book, you will see such shows are some combination of propaganda, lies and gatekeeping, and 'dumbing down' (anyone who can even hear someone on the CBC say some version of 'they're just mindless monsters who hate us because of our freedoms' without turning off the radio in disgust is obviously very seriously dumbed down already) depending on the subject, whose **sole** purpose is keeping you away from areas truly dangerous to the rulers. Remember - in at least some important ways, your brain, or perhaps your 'ego', is a kind of zero-sum game, and also a synergistic process - the more of your ego, that part of you which you identify as 'me' and 'my thoughts and beliefs', they control, the less you have available for 'independent critical thinking', and also the less inclined you are to even try such a thing, with your 'peers' all suddenly watching you, wondering why you question the things the CBC says you should believe and 'we' all do believe - are you one of 'us' or not??. And few of us in this age of hivemind ascendency via facebook and the 'smart' hivephone are prepared to take stands that make our friends doubt our sanity.

Let's just look at a couple of examples from recent years, to give you some 'ideas' on what you need to do when Ideas starts with the TINA stuff - you can put on your 'critical thinking' hat anytime you like, and do some serious deconstructing of your own - all free citizens need to be able to call 'bullshit' as appropriate, and there's a lot of 'bullshit' to be called when listening to the CBC pretending to offer 'intelligent' stuff these days.

For 'intellectually engaging' shows on the CBC, there are two purposes - first, to show the more intelligent members of the Chomskian 20% that not all media, especially their beloved and trusted CBC, is pablum and propaganda for the dumbed-down masses, but actually can do stuff for intelligent citizens, thinking and engaged in their society (which, of course, is what the CBC used to do *all* the time back in the 'golden days' of the 60s, 70s, and into the 80s, dying out pretty much entirely in the 90s with the retirement of Gzowski and then Lister Sinclair, founder of the real Ideas program), and secondly, to take the attention of these engaged, thinking people and direct it away from anything dangerous to the NWO regime in Canada. The Atwood lectures noted above was a prime example of the latter - and here let's have a quick deconstruction of an example of the former.

Let us look at a perfect Box example from 2014 - Why are people so obsessed with sports?

Box walls: spectacle, dumbing down, hive creation, indoctrination maintenance

- Ideas is an important CBC show, for the 'upper Chomskian 20%' who, as he says, *must* be indoctrinated to keep the pseudo-democracy running smoothly, as the rulers wish it run, with an absolute minimum of potentially dangerous opposition. In older days when we in Canada at least had the capitalist beast somewhat under control and were running Canada generally of, by and for Canadians, with the goal of making an even better and stronger Democracy, Ideas was indeed a great production of, by and for the true progressives of Canada, who were at that time still at least influential in the CBC, for whom the corporate reactionary revolution was primarily directed at, and, like so many things, the clever gamespeople kept the reputation intact, as best they could, as with the CBC in general, whilst slowing turning its brain into a Brutus-CBC, doing a slow-motion plunging of the knife into the back of the Canadian public, the Caesar they are supposedly serving.

This show is a good example. The 'theme' is 'Wow, so many people are watching sports today, and talking about it - isn't that an interesting phenomenon! Let's have a look, as we do so well on the CBC Ideas show!' And we have some carefully chosen, 'expert' people talking about the 'modern obsession' of so many citizens with sports. Certainly many people have loved sports throughout the ages, but it is only in modern times that it has become an 'obsession' with so many, most importantly in Canada, so many of the Chomskian 20% the CBC is charged with controlling. And we hear about the various reasons such a phenomenon could happen from the 'experts' chosen to educate us - identifying with a team, building community spirit, etc etc, all in a very kind of 'learned' way, for sports people, although not that highbrow - a lot of typical CBC guests proclaiming something as if this proved anything - here 'Wow! I have always loved sports, so obviously everybody should!!' pretend-'deep analysis' crap. But for some reason, such a high-quality, well-produced show (insert sarcasm font) manages to not even mention what is surely the most obvious reason (at least to those of us observing from a somewhat impartial 'out of the box' perspective) more and more Canadians are becoming more and more interested in sports every year - like good modern (dumbed-down child-) citizens, they listen to the media a lot (always have), and are swayed by advertising and other things they hear on the media - and over the last few decades of the corporate reactionary revolution, the media has been pushing spectacle, such as sports, more and more to the front of the 'news' cycle - especially, for the purposes of this book, the CBC audience.

Although sports has forever been of interest to 'blue collar worker' types, in recent years, the CBC has been been ramping up the spectacle aspect of society and telling their (upper 20% Chomskian managerial class) audiences to, sure!, take some interest in serious things as begets a good citizen, but a 'lip-service' interest only, as the management of 'serious' things can be left to their capable rulers - in our great country, the 'serious' things are under control, so we can relax and turn our attention to the important things in life, notably having Fun!!! - and one of the greatest ways of having Fun!!! (according to the worldview promoted by the CBC) is following your local sports teams, and now on EVERY morning show on the CBC, EVERY day, we have 15-30 minutes minimum devoted to excited talk about sports of all kinds, with suitably enthusiastic hosts talking to a 'sports journalist' about what's happening in the great world of sports locally and nationally and around the world!!, pretending these sports things are very important in their lives, as something of great interest to all engaged citizens they follow faithfully every day, even the women hosts (in years past 'sports' has been more a 'man' thing) - and at least a couple of days a week a longer 'feature' about some kids hockey team, or women's something team, or some other sports-based story, usually young people of some kind, the hosts interviewing breathless teenagers as if these things actually had some kind of importance to the community.

So now - on Ideas, the 'show for thinking people', after they at the CBC have most of their people following the crowd and pretending to be at least a bit interested and aware of the Big Things in their local sports scene, at least enough so they can participate in office conversations and be part of the hive - the CBC, laying out the enticements for its more intelligent listeners who have not been fooled into jumping on the sports bandwagon, says 'Wow! Isn't that an interesting phenomena! Why are they doing that?!?' - and never a single word about the way the media has been pushing this for years. Good camouflage, I suppose - and to some extent proactive attacking. But still brazen, pushing and pushing people until they do something, and then standing back as if they had nothing to do with it and are examining a 'natural phenomenon' of some kind.

AND FROM OUTSIDE THE BOX: Actually, this show is a very good example of 'the box' in action, aside from pretending to impartially analyse something they have created themselves - pretending to be 'intelligent' analysis of a phenomena in our society, whilst actually providing a *limited* 'in the box' analysis, keeping people away from the true story - which is of course the media centrality in pushing people into spending significant amounts of their limited time in completely trivial activities, rather than being engaged in much more important things about what is going on, and wrong, in our society, concerning which we did not have a SINGLE word on the show - I guess if you're conning people, you don't want some actual 'expert' talking about it in terms you are trying to conceal. And going further, as they validate this - many more intelligent people understand the essential triviality of sports - fine for entertainment in one's spare time for those who enjoy it, and good as exercise of course, but not really important in terms of understanding what is going on in our world - but here, we are told that being involved in sports as a 'fan' is a GOOD thing!!!! - you bet, guys - various reasons - so don't hold back - find your team, quit thinking about those silly 'make our country better' activities some people do, and go where the REAL action is - get involved as a fan with your local team. etc etc, and listen to 'expert' opinion about the local sports scene every morning on the CBC morning shows!! (and just to be clear, of course - never, never, NEVER do we have stories encouraging people to be involved in actually meaningful and useful things, such as joining a local NGO to fight for something useful - no, no NO citizens!!! - leave the important things to your authorities, the running of your country is in just fine hands (this is the obvious implication, although never of course said out loud), the CBC will tell you what you need to know - you kids just get out and have fun!!! (of course, the other thing equally featured on the CBC is 'entertainment' - as much time as with sports, the things for the kids to do on the weekend! - when they have stories about important things, you are TOLD what to think, and then when it comes to what to DO - watch sports, go to a bar! - think about it, as they say.)

Example 2: Ideas, Sept 9 2015 - It's the Economists, Stupid! - more pretentious misdirection, blaming the economists for 'misleading' 'journalists' and politicians who then innocently mislead the public, and still keeping well clear of the one central 'economics' problem we have today - commercial, privately controlled banks creating our 'money' supply and managing it in their own interests (and the media which the same people control to make sure nobody ever talks about this in 'sanctioned' public talks such as on the CBC). Of course, we are fed all kinds of economics horseshit by the media, but to place the 'the buck stops here!!' sign over their desks is more blatant misdirection, as once again the CBC lies in the service of Power. For of course it is Power which controls the universities now, which sets the curriculum for the study of economics, and which decides which economic 'theories' shall be given 'legitimacy' and which not - and thus of course decides which 'aspiring economists' shall be given degrees and then academic positions and thus invited to comment as 'experts' in the media. And as the dominant, and very controlling, power, Capitalism gives senior degrees only to those who have agreed to promote the capitalist dogma, as it sees that the important gatekeeping jobs in the media also go only to those who support and promote the capitalist dogma - all lies though it is.

Overall, this is obviously a very pretentious and amateurish sort of show, the kind of shallow dogma-supporting crap which passes for 'intelligent' these days, by the kind of amateurish pretentious people pushing their own particular agenda (this has new-feminist overtones throughout, irrelevant as they are to the topic, with a couple of 'snarky' feminist comments featured) who qualify for jobs at the CBC these days. Good for longer deconstruction if anyone cares enough or has the time. But a short note of a couple of the more serious problems.

The person who put the show together engages in some of the rewriting of history, as of course many of these shows engage in, as part of their deeper Ministry of Truth function. She tells us, for example, that back in the later 1800s, the economists of the day were worried they were not being taken seriously enough, and decided they should present themselves as 'scientific', like physicists, so started developing 'theorems' and 'modeling' like the physicists, to give their field a sense of 'truth'. Which could hardly be further from the truth. The original political economists, JS Mill, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and others, were very serious and intelligent and insightful people, looking at their world, connecting dots, writing things down. They got away with it then, when societies were much more open, but they were far too insightful for today's very much controlled and propagandized English world, in terms of showing capitalism for what it really was, first and foremost a political-economic system for transferring the wealth of society to the few at the top.

These insights were somewhat problematic, as through the later years of the 18th and into the 19th centuries, more and more people were clamoring for a more 'democratic democracy', and less of a 'robber barons and helpless peasants' arrangement in their countries, so the rulers decided they needed some academic way they could use to make the case that their wealth and power were just natural things, and they turned to economics and economists to create that justification. They separated the two things - politics and economics - although it is obvious they are very naturally two sides of the same coin, and always have been - and started a new 'science of economics' whose single primary purpose was to justify capitalism.

And so it has been presented for the last 100 years. In the early days of course there were still some free-thinking people around to question the ideas put forth, but even most of these who got any media voice were more of a 'capitalist light' nature, such as JM Keynes, whose basic message was that capitalism is ok, we just need to be a bit nicer to capitalism's servants, but since the CRR such people have been completely marginalised and in the 2000s, we have nothing coming out of economic mainstream circles other than various justifications of capitalism, through ridiculous theories sold to the masses such as the 'trickle down' theory, or it's the fault of stupid greedy Canadians that we have a massive national debt. Capitalism is really nothing more than a religion, with the economic snakeoil salesmen 'experts' allowed on the media the 'high priests' telling the ignorant peasant followers what their God has told them. A great deal of information is available on the internet now shining lights on such lies. But not to be covered in Ideas, the Canadian HQ of Church Capitalism.

Example 3: June 15 2015 - Another recent Ideas show that was quite bizarre in its complete attempt to rewrite what is going on these days - Science under siege, in which they basically try to make the case that most Canadians are quite ignorant about science, finding it so difficult it is like magic to them, and thus they are inclined to believe anti-science nuts with simplistic but comforting or pleasing explanations about the way the world works. It's complete and utter nonsense, and I try to tell them so ( Science under siege - not!!), but they never bothered answering - quite probably, it would seem apparent, because the thesis is so stupid, frankly, and the show so poorly done, there's really no defence for it at all - but this is the new 'intelligent debate' of the kids who run things, the 'neo-feminists' leading the way, dumbed down kids who think whatever stupid ideas they have, or want to convince the Cdn people about, are 'the truth', and others must be educated in such 'truths'. But in the comments at the end, there were quite a few 'well done CBC as usual!!' things, indicating the Canadian pretend-intelligentsia which holds up Ideas as one of the proofs of our great and advanced country and its great and advanced peoples, are completely under their control. Scary as hell.

Example 4: It must be mentioned here, even though noted earlier, as it is perhaps the prime exemplar of what I am speaking of, the 'betrayal of the intellectuals', the completely obvious and, to those outside the box who understand what is going on with 'money', undeniable demonstration of Ideas and the CBC lying in the service of the CRR - the 2008 Massey Lectures on 'Debt' by Margaret Atwood, a complete and atrocious coverup of what is really going on from someone, on a CBC show, neither of whom can possibly claim ignorance of the true debt situation - not only for Ms Atwood, but for senior producers at the CBC. There was then, and is now, a great deal of information on the problems of a debt-based economy controlled by private bankers issuing 'money'-aka-credit at interest, and anyone doing even a bit of research on 'debt' could not conceivably miss such things. I have actually written all of the main 'current events' shows at least once trying to interest them in this topic. The *only* reason Atwood would have been asked to do, and accepted, this 'job' would be to use her status as a highly respected leader of 'progressives' in Canada to divert attention away from the truth in those many people who set the CBC as the first standard of what they will choose to believe, and will hide behind the CBC mask of 'oh my conspiracy theory haha!!' when confronted by such things if necessary.

There are many such shows on Ideas if you pay attention and apply some critical thinking and don't just believe what they say because they are the Mighty CBC Ideas!!, the Exemplarific Peak of All That Is Good and Intelligent in Canadian Broadcasting!!! - they all sound very intelligent and appear to offer good insights into things, and Paul Kennedy kind of a master at presenting the totally idiotic as mentioned above as serious stuff for serious people, you would NOT want to buy a used car, or anything for that matter, from this guy - until you hold up the very important filters I have talked about throughout this book, and just think to yourself, 'Hey, slow down - wait a minute, wait a minute, is that really 'intelligent' stuff, or just people pretending they are far more intelligent than they actually are, and trying to make you out like a halfwit for believing such obvious bullshit??' - are they whitewashing whatever they are talking about in some way to conceal some much more important things than they talk about to sell the major indoctrination-propaganda items I have shone a light on?

And always, always, always, when they talk about 'journalism' or the media, or anything to do with money or economics, or the 'great war on terrorism' - if you just engage your brain and stand back and critically think about what they are doing, it is completely clear they invariably are doing propaganda in one way or another, lying outright or gatekeeping information that would cast a completely different light on what they are doing. The saddest realisation that eventually comes is that the dumbing down of the last 30 years has been so very successful that a very large number of supposedly intelligent, progressive Canadians don't seem to be able to tell blatant nonsense from useful information, but appear to not want to admit that, so mindlessly run around proclaiming how great Ideas and the CBC are for providing such good shows, when they are actually doing shows of, by and for the pretentious semi-intelligent. Proclaiming the CBC to be 'great' is kind of an emperor's new clothes bandwagon, and those mindlessly following the crowd are going to look as stupid as the people in the crowd making up new lies to show what strong believers they are when the truth finally has to be acknowledged.

(I am not the only one noting 'limited hangout' pseudo-docs on Ideas - here for instance as I do a rewrite - Haiti doc leaves out important Cdn content)

OMG No!! Not Enright!! - afraid so. And not only Ideas - Michael Enright's Sunday Edition is probably the other main 'intelligent discussion' place we have on the CBC in the 2000s, and thus a beloved and trusted place to listen to the 'public debate for progressives and Important Things' in Canada (including of course Intelligent Talks (which we all love) about not so important but 'intelligent' other things, like classical music or literature or interesting ideas) - and once again, if you have your right filters activated, you can see that all that faux-intelligence is concealing a great deal of high-level indoctrination-maintenance and outright propaganda. Certainly he has a lot of quite intelligent discussions about various things, that are 'box neutral' more or less, and are pleasant 'brain food' for the small minority of people who have not succumbed completely to the 'dumbed down Sports is Great!!' crowd they are working towards, but even this is a kind of pacifier, and smokescreen - pacifier because when you have a serious illness, you don't want to let someone make you forget all about it while ignoring good advice that could save you, and smokescreen because when you hear someone like me suggest the CBC is all about propaganda and indoctrination maintenance etc, you can point to Enright and think, oh no no dave, look at Enright talking intelligently about important things - thus all the CBC is good also!!'. And the box abides.

Enright's Sunday Edition is indeed right up there with the 'intelligent commentary - but only within the 'box' limits' pretty well every week, propaganda/indoc maintenance for the Chomskian 20% -if you have, as I said, the right filters in place and a place you can see the larger picture from outside the boxland somewhere, you can quite easily deconstruct most weeks with things they are doing in terms of propaganda, indoctrination maintenance, or gatekeeping, (or 'drive by reinforcements' of such things) for the 'more intelligent' progressives who like a bit more meat with their radio than endless ball game scores and crying lady stories and cute baby tricks stuff for the 'average' Cdns.

Again, as the chapter grows lengthy (it really needs a large book to properly deconstruct the CBC these days, but hopefully what I am doing here will give whoever gets this monumental task some starting points ...) just a couple of kind of exemplarific examples from the time I'm writing - as I said, you can find things every week if you're alert to such things, if you truly have a critically thinking 'out of the box' sort of mind always aware of dots and how they connect, always a lot of 'you folks stay with us in the box!!' stuff regularly discernible if you use the proper filters.

SE Example 1 - Nov 23 2014 Sunday Edition Michael's essay on 'making the banks pay' - sounds good, anyone not terminally criminal minded or completely indoctrinated with 'capitalism good!!' koolaid understands the banks have been getting up to a LOT of very bad shit the last few years (although few understand what is really happening, as described herein earlier), so it's a pretty safe subject, for the faithful listeners to think, 'Yea - right on Michael!', then go off telling their friends Michael and the CBC would do something about those damned banks if anyone could!!' - and completely delusionarily so. For, of course, if Michael really cared about what was going on with the banks, or anyone at the CBC, they'd be talking about money, where it comes from, who controls it, how it is used to control the country and steal massive amounts from us, claim 'poverty alas alack!!' as they deconstructed the once-almost-democracy, etc - there is a great deal of very interesting stuff available on the internet now concerning the 'nuts and bolts' of what the banks do, what power they have, that enables them to undertake such huge, monstrous crimes, that a 'real' show for intelligent discussion could fill many hours talking intelligently to its listeners with if it so wanted - but this really is the proverbial 'elephant in the room' that the people in power are very clear must **not** be talked about, and the CBC, number one secretariat for Power in Canada, is not going anywhere near it - just a bit of smokescreen such as this little 'ode to nothing' of Enright's, then 'move on folks, nothing to see here, folks' and etc. (I actually sent an email to Sunday Edition a few years back, after one of their money-coverup pseudo-intelligence shows, explaining the big money scam, and some intern actually replied 'That sounds really interesting Dave, I'll bring it up at the meeting!' - never heard another word, obviously the people in charge told the intern to forget that idea if s/he wanted to keep their job)

SE Example 2: Sunday Edition Dec 28 2014 - Ira Basin's 'essay' on '13 fascinating things you didn't know about online news' - Ira Basin is hard to figure, I think he's just been in the box so long he really believes what he's doing, as he sounds like a nice sincere guy, as he does this propaganda stuff, as do quite a few of the 'journalists' you hear commenting on the CBC (and he actually answered a letter of mine many years ago when I criticized his apologia for something the CBC was doing, noted a bit below). Here, like any good CBC listener, he tells you why you shouldn't really trust anything you get on the internet, as there are all kinds of 'less than really honest stuff' going on behind the scenes, because the people running all these websites are only interested in how much money they make. Which is probably true enough - the problem is, they leave this 'unspoken assumption' that the CBC is certainly above all that shit, and you can really trust what you get on the CBC (sure sure, both cheap 'clickbait' sites and major modern media try to write headlines to attract readers, but that is where the 'less than honorable' bit stops, as when you click the clickbait on the net, god only knows what kind of crap you're going to wind up with, but of course if you click on anything on the CBC, why you can trust that, podner, we nice people at the CBC only bring you real stuff!!) And that, as I have been at some lengths to explain in earlier parts of the book, is complete and utter horseshit. To put it mildly. Ira has done a few 'docs' for the CBC - if you want some practice in seeing how the CBC keeps people in the box, google around and find one or two, and deconstruct. As I keep noting, if it is on the CBC, you can be 100% certain it is doing something bad to you, either lying or gatekeeping or dissembling or offering mush as meat. It is NOT giving you a good honest report, about ANYthing of any importance in our country or world.

SE Example 3: Sunday Edition - Iraq situation - Emma Sky on Iraq - Aug 21 2015 - this is a bit bizarre, some lady with a couple of fancy titles who says she was basically 'commandeered' to serve as the 'leader' of a province in Iraq with no training. She describes a somewhat wonderlandian story from her book about 'high hopes and missed opportunities in Iraq' - all the basic propaganda-for-prole-idiots dogma about how the Brits and Americans really tried to bring 'democracy' to Iraq - their invasion would result in a wonderful democracy that would be an example for the rest of the region, etc. Utter fantasy, no need to spend time on a lengthy deconstruction - it is just another sign of how far the CBC has deteriorated that obviously ridiculous stories like this, so at variance with the 'lived reality' of the last 10+ years (as seen by people who dare look outside the CBC for their info on what goes on in the world), scripted by children with no conception of reality at all, to sell to the even less-aware children who form the bulk of the very successfully dumbed-down English audiences (actually, a comedy troupe could take this exact same script, and presented differently, the assertions are so ridiculous it could be read for laughs).

This show alone could be deconstructed usefully in a small chapter, as it is lies and fantasy for highly indoctrinated people throughout, but we can leave that to others, but some of her more risible notions, aside from the pious 'oh, we/they really believed we were bringing wonderful Democracy which would then spread throughout the middle east!!' - Iran was actually the reason the Americans failed and the civil war erupted in Iraq!! (she leaves out the bit about the Americans completely destroying the country before that), she talks of the Chilquot inquiry as if it was an actual 'impartial' inquiry, which it very obviously is/was not; she repeats the lie that people hated Saddam (no doubt many did, but he was still widely accepted as the best leader for the country at the time, among other things keeping the true crazies under control, whom the US unleashed when they got rid of him); and etc - all the things - the lies - the nice people in Canada and the west are supposed to believe to keep us supporting the US destruction of the entire region.

A great deal is NOT talked about, of course, that people in Canada and the west are NOT supposed to think about - for example, was Saddam truly a monster, or just a ruler who was faced with much violent opposition from religious fanatics still trying to overthrow his government, and responding in kind? The US is, of course, quite comfortable with 'collateral damage' when THEIR bombs are causing it - is it really not a bit hypocritical to point to similar 'collateral damage' and start crying 'OMG MONSTER!!!'?? - nor do the propaganda media want people in the west realising that before the US invasions of Iraq and Libya, and now Syria, these were quite stable, and very secular, governments, supported if not loved by most people because they were maintaining peace in countries where religious violence was a real possibility if allowed to start running loose? Of course not - and many other lies, both of commission and omission, are fostered by programs like this Sunday Edition nonsense, and that they do so very intentionally is also undeniable, as there are many eloquent speakers out there telling a much more credible story on RT (here for example, as I write this - much more every day or week) or other places) (it's a bit noticeable that the host (not Enright this time, a summer show) keeps chuckling as she lays out some of these more outlandish details, HE knows it's all bullshit, he must imagine some of his friends are listening, and later will be challenged with some form of 'Holy fuck you don't really believe that crap!!?? (loud prolonged laughter etc) - the lady herself sounds a bit defensive throughout, she probably knows that this whole thing is utterly ludicrous, and is not going to do her reputation much good with whatever at least semi-intelligent friends she has ... - no doubt a small mind of some sort with no chance of a good job and retirement, unless she gets involved with selling her name to be used as an 'expert' in return for a nice job - the CBC, as are all western corporate propaganda media, is littered these days with such people ..)

SE Example 4 - This has of course been going on for quite awhile - here is one from (first airing) 2007, another Ira Basin doc (haha sorry 'pseudo-doc') - Ira Basin - Spin Cycles - I won't go into detail here, I wrote a response to Ira Basin here - my critique of Spin Cycles - suffice to note here that it was essentially a long whitewash of the so-nice folk at the media, and how they were constantly being fooled by those darn old 'spin' people in government or business. I point out that this is bullshit, basically, the media are themselves the central part of the presentation of the spin to the public - with any honest journalism or critical thinking, they could blow the stuff out of the water - but they choose (or their masters order them, I suppose, if they won't do what they're told, someone will be found who will) to facilitate the lying to the public. He also pretends to believe there is no difference between 'spin' and 'propaganda' - another effort to minimize the highly criminal culpability of the CBC and other media in things like the Iraq invasion and massive murdering the US did there. (Basin defends himself by saying he does actually mention some of these things, but if you listen to the shows, you will see it is in only the most 'limited hangout' kind of ways - the deep and undeniable centrality of the media in 'spin' and, much more importantly, lies and propaganda is not talked about at all. We need an examination by someone through the McLuhan lens - the medium *is* the message. Someday.)

The Current Too!!: We should note that the Current, the other major 'current affairs' for 'intelligent Canadians' show getting 90 minutes a day to do whatever it does, also has pretensions to 'intelligent' discussion at times, but it's also a great deal closer to the daily Spectacle and propaganda and dumbing down than the more highbrow Ideas and Sunday Edition (I just listened to a segment on Sweat Shaming!!!, and don't see how they could possibly get any lower or more ridiculous, but unfortunately I've thought that before, quite often, and they always manage to find something quite quickly - the faux outrage of all the feminasties at the CBC a few months before this about FHRITP!!, for example, was really low, or the similar faux-outrage directed towards some English prof who pointed out the truth that women sometimes cry when they get upset about something - but they found a way to beat it, and I'm sure they'll have done something even lower by the time you read this...), and I've already blown them out of the water enough times with examples of such things herein, and regularly at The View from Green Island, which finds the endless stupidities of the CBC terribly irritating). However, they do pretend at times to 'intelligent' debate with 'intelligent' people, and let's just have a quick look at a couple of the more egregious attacks on real intelligence they've undertaken recently (from my perspective as I write).

It's a bit funny at times, when you step aside from how tragic it is that the once great CBC has been turned into a joke, to listen to the things the 'feminist kids in short pants' try to present as 'intelligent' looks at things in our society - and even more troubling, as always when examining the 'deeper truths', is how many people seem to accept such faux-'interesting ideas' seriously, apparently just because they come from the CBC.

You could, as I say, find examples every day, but while I write this, one very good and somewhat exemplarific in its brazen ludicrosity example is at hand from just a few weeks ago -

TC Example 1: the Current, Sept 2015: Critical thinking discourages ideas on the Current, in which they stupidly (there is no other word for such blatant lack of knowledge by people pretending to be 'intelligent' like children playing at being something they are not, although as noted earlier, this is one of the new mandates of the CBC, from cub reporters who should still be honing their skills in high school journalism class getting their time on the CBC to the lowbrows thinking their opinions are facts getting to do 'documentaries' on the CBC as noted in many places herein) try to define 'critical thinking' as (a) disagreeing with what some superior says (their main guest is a prof who apparently does not approve of his 'ignorant' students daring to question his ivory tower pronouncements which, if his comments on this show are anything to go by, very much are open to questioning if not outright mockery), or (b) equating 'critical' with 'important' (his quite ridiculous 'argument' here is that the people who chose to initiate the Iraq invasion were thinking about 'important' things, thus they were actually thinking critically, and since they decided to undertake the invasion and did so in spite of contrary 'opinions', their 'thoughts' must have been more 'valid' than those arguing against the invasion, thus showing the 'truth' of 'critical thinking' as this person defines it - I mean holy fuck batman - on the CBC!?!?!?!?! - this is the kind of juvenile pretentious-intellectual shit they complain about on the internet!

But then one realises - given that the entire thrust of the CBC the last decade and more has been to stamp out any kind of real 'critical thinking' in its listeners (which of course if you're one of the CBC followers not 'getting' what I'm talking about here, means simply listening to a variety of opinions about any issue, and forming your own opinion, as much 'prejudice-free' as possible, although the CBC people now seem to have adopted the 'new-right' or 'politically correct' notion that 'critical thinking' basically means you agree with whatever stupid idea the person claiming to 'think critically' is telling you), it appears they have done so in the mid-level producers as well, who are allowed to present such completely UN-intellectual drivel as 'serious commentary' - although of course this could be quite intentional by the people managing the CBC (the 'real' managers from Bay St et al), getting their secondary managers from as deep within the Box as they can. Nonetheless, people pretending to 'think' at a far higher 'pay grade' than they actually have achieved in their lives. (it's actually more than a bit disconcerting to realise the man here is actually a 'professor' in a Cdn university - with the various 'academic experts' on the CBC promoting whatever the NWO wants promoted the last few years, from idiotic 'economics' policies to bomb bomb bomb whoever the US wants bombed to 'deep thinking' justifications for enforced seatbelt laws or vaccinations, there's not a whole lot of 'reputation' left in 'academia' anywhere to trash, but they keep running at it - of course, as part of the bigger 'return to barbarism' strategy, removing the trust and respect people have for such institutions is all part of the program, proceeding apace with the turning from our government and media.)

(there is one other example of 'pretend intelligent debate' about the 'measles vaccine controversy' of late 2014-early 15 that is a good example of the Current pretending to be 'intelligent' while being just the reverse Dave's confrontation with the measles propaganda beast, version the Current., discussed at more length in the next section.)

Actually, there are enough examples of 'stupid' from the CBC the last few years to make it a separate chapter - all gathered together in another place called The Stupid Essay. Go find.

We'll just leave this section for now - as noted, all of this is getting much longer than I anticipated, but I thought it necessary to include a few examples of the things I am talking about, to pre-emptively counter the 'oh tush the CBC is without exception Great!!!' kneejerk reactions that will undoubtedly result from my he's got no fucking clothes at all what's wrong with you people?!? 'expose' here - it is the complete opposite, very comparable to the great crowds ooing and ahing about the emperor's great and wonderful new clothes, when they're not great at all, they're not even shabby new clothes, they're just non-existent - as is the 'greatness' of the CBC, now that it has become the new NWO Ministry of Truth branch Canada, and until people start to understand this, and stop living in the past when the CBC did have legitimate claims to greatness, and start turning on their brains and trying to restart the critical thinking functions I am sure they once had, and finding their way outside of the great 'intellectual' box the CBC has created around them, they/we are never going to find the path to Green Island, and our truly better for 'we the people' new future.

Box-maintaining CBC Case Studies V: Social Engineering - an important part of the box, and the CBC playing an important role

In a Democracy, the media plays, really, not only an important, but a crucial, role - in a Democracy, the citizens decide what will happen in *their* country through informed and engaged debate, and especially in a large and complicated country and world, they must have an efficient and trustworthy 'news' source, or sources, to deliver them such information. There will of course in any modern media be many other things besides important 'news', from advertising to 'human interest' stories, whether from the world or the country or the local community, through things for 'special interest' groups large enough to justify giving them things to sell their eyes to advertisers - business, sports, or entertainment 'news', for example - and the day to day information about what is going on around us, weather, traffic reports, 'local community' things of interest, and etc.

But for 'real news', the things we **need** to know to have the information we need as engaged, informed citizens to monitor what is going on in our country and world so we are alert to things that could represent a danger to us collectively in some way, primarily involves 'political' things, with a wide definition - things that our government or politicians are doing, or propose to do, and what other broadly political things that are happening in the world that might have a bearing on our own country and lives.

What we do or would **not** see in a 'democratic' media is a whole herd of little propagandists devoting considerable time to 'social control' of their readers and listeners - that is, feeding the citizens a lot of lies about what is happening in the world to get them to believe things that allow the rulers to continue with policies the people might well oppose if they knew what was really going on, and encouraging the citizens to be good children and follow the rules the government has told them to follow as they believe what they are told to believe. I've covered the propaganda aspects of the 'news' earlier, so the citizens 'believe' the things the rulers want them to believe which allow the rulers to proceed with their agenda (amassing wealth and power), but hand-in-hand with this agenda is the agenda of creating a body of citizens who accept such lies and 'spin' with minimal resistance, as most if not all of the propaganda is based on various lies, lies which a truly informed and intelligent adult would be skeptical of to begin with, and after a bit of independent research be able to reject as untruthful (as we outside the box regularly do).

The rulers have thus developed an effective two-pronged approach to keep this potential seeing-through-of-the-propaganda, the resulting resistance, emboxed before it even rears its dangerous head - dumbing down, talked about at more length in the next section, and then the 'social control' required to maintain an 'orderly society' of 'good citizens' behaving as any dictatorial authority would wish them to behave, causing as little fuss as possible, but, importantly, willingly doing so, not reluctantly - very much as 'good students' do as their teachers want them to do, to get the 'good citizen seal of approval' from both the 'authorities', and from their fellow good sheep, excuse me, citizens. The CBC (or those who issue their talking points, of course) wants to create a nation of obedient citizens doing as they are told, no questions asked when your Authorities speak!!! This is/would be of course standard procedure in a totalitarian society, we've all heard stories of how the Russian Pravda or the North Korean media or Chinese media regularly tell their citizens how to behave, and even what to believe, and the rulers expect obedience and the citizens obey because they know the 'special police' of whatever variety are always nearby to have a little talk with disobedient children, and we feel sorry for these citizens, or mock them, but in Canada, the 'plan' was to create a citizenry which did not need the constant police presence to ensure the citizens behaved as the rulers wished, but would do so willingly - and more than willingly, actually to the point of becoming the 'citizen police' 'shaming' their fellow citizens who questioned the 'behavioral rules' into passive obedience.

If you have this filter activated as you listen to the CBC, you will see how we are continually reminded by the hosts to be sure to follow the 'non criminal but still serious' rules the government has enacted controlling our behaviour in various ways - and if you look around you, you will see a body of citizens, all 'the good ones' of whom follow the little behavioral rules that ensure good little citizens coloring inside the lines in their day to day activities. What is something of a not-understood 'deeper truth' is that when you are well conditioned to follow these assigned 'good for us all!!' rules/lines in your activities, it is certain your general 'thinking' patterns are going to be very much more inclined to follow the 'guidelines' the same media give you in terms of believing the propaganda, the lies, about our world and country they want you to believe - your behaviour and beliefs are all of a piece, as they say, and in a holistic sense, when you start adjusting your behaviour in some way, your beliefs are going to adjust themselves to that behaviour as well.

Always remember, these are very, very sophisticated people who are ruling us in the 21st century, people with limitless wealth and power, people who have been improving their methods of full population control for centuries, who have been learning from past problems and refining their approach, who are utterly ruthless in pursuit of their goals, and today have a full 'surround sound' approach to keeping the citizens in the box, safely doing as the rulers wish them to do. They have learned that full control of everything the citizen thinks or does is not necessary, is even counter-productive as it takes huge effort and arouses resistance and resentment, while a far, far more effective and efficient approach is what we see in Canada today - they establish a kind of 'box' within which the citizens are allowed to do almost anything they wish, as long as they keep away from the box walls, as outside the box lies the information that would show them what is really going on, how they are lied to and manipulated in the 'big' things that are of the most importance in our country and world - and those 'box walls' are the few things I have talked about above - control of the media to make sure the box walls are not talked about, notably the sham democracy and debt scam, and now the 'war or terrorism' sham, a response to the internet and the effectively uncontrollable access to information from 'outside the box walls' that is now available, with the attendant slowly but surely increasing understanding of the lies and resistance, and attendant need to have more physical means of control, justified by 'protecting us all from evil terrorists who hate us because of our freedoms!!' and etc.

Some examples of the behavioral control of actions which, in any true democracy, would simply be left to the citizens to decide how to live their lives themselves, activities which do no harm to others, but which the rulers wish to control for various reasons.

Social control example 1: Seat belts save lives!!

oh no!!! - if you're thinking this is going to be too silly to read, we all know seat belts are a GOOD thing and they save lives, only real nuts don't go along with this law, you're going too far this time dave!!!! - think about deep indoctrination, and deeper and more persistent deep indoctrination for very important things. Seat belts undoubtedly save lives in some situations, but they also (something you never hear in the propaganda-indoctrination) kill in some situations, but in most situations most people will ever get into are simply irrelevant - your chances of being 'saved' by a seatbelt, for most normal people, are somewhere in the neighborhood of the same as your chances of winning the lottery that will enable you to retire. So small that a law demanding everyone wear a seatbelt, enforced vigorously by the police, makes simply no sense, especially when you understand that even people who oppose the law will wear seatbelts when, in their own judgement of their own circumstances, putting a seatbelt on is the sensible thing to do in that particular circumstance.

So what is going on here, passing and strictly enforcing a law that is really of little effect in terms of its stated aim, which most people have been very thoroughly indoctrinated to accept? Come along with me for a couple of minutes, in a bit of an Einsteinian 'thought experiment', and see what we can see from outside the very message-controlled box of the CBC et al:

Important factoid 1 - this all began back in the late 70s and early 80s - the years the CRR discussed later was being set in place. A CRR that was planned to drive back democracy, and establish a new feudal system, a system with a few omnipotent Lords commanding a society of powerless workers, as we see all around us now. A society in which the citizens would be 'dumbed down' to childish levels of obedience to authority, and belief in what Authority told them about how the world worked.

Factoid 2 relevant to this: We live in a culture which has a great respect for symbols of all types, from the uniforms some people wear (doctors, military people, wealthy businessmen with obviously expensive suits, priests with the religious symbols, convicts with black striped suits, and etc). Other symbols are given great meaning by our societies - even today the swastika is seen as a symbol of evil, the torch in the hand of the statue of liberty a symbol of freedom, and etc. The seatbelt can have a non-symbolic use, of course, such as when we put one on in an airplane in case of turbulence, but it also has a very symbolic 'deeper' meaning - someone who is strapped into something (i.e. the electric chair, the electro-shock 'therapy' bed) is strapped in to prevent them from moving or leaving, a symbol that someone else is in control of their actions. They are not 'free'.

Historical 'fact': During the 50s and 60s, when automobiles became widely available, and in widely available styles, they were quickly adopted as status symbols of young people, and a very large part of that status was their symbolic use as 'freedom machines'. It would seem to be a very logical step that as the CRR was implemented, this highly visible and visceral 'freedom' would need to be curtailed in some way, and one very logical way would be the symbolic use of the seatbelt to give the unspoken but symbolic message that you might be 'free' to a point, but the Authorities can still control your behaviour, even in your 'freedom machine'. (and as an added bit of revealing info, consider the great array of shapes and colors of cars back in the 60s, and compare that psychedelic freedom with the vast monochrome automobile landscape of today, blue square hondas and black SUVs and grey sedans, a mob of colorless autos reflecting the colorless, constrained minds of those who drive them ... it is to cry, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to the Grey Wasteland ...) (some exceptions for the vastly wealthy, of course, in their million dollar vehicles, but the rules for average folk don't, of course, apply to the wealthy)

Perhaps a bit far-fetched, perhaps not. But the notion 'the state' is interested in your health is no less far-fetched, considering the way they steal tens of billions of dollars every year to hand over to already wealthy people while cutting back on health care services, and the many other things they do which have the effect of increasing rather than alleviating poverty, poverty which is the major determinant of health and well being in our society, and poverty which is very much connected to anger and violence, endangering all of us.

Let's just quickly examine their claim, their justification, that 'seat belts save lives!!', a claim which might be true, but is as relevant as the claim, for example, that 'athletes make huge amounts of money (so get your bowling ball out and become rich)!'. Well, that is true, but although the top line golfers pull in maybe $10 million a year these days, the millions and millions of weekend golfers are certainly never going to make that kind of money. And although certain drivers are at high risk of certain kinds of accidents in which a seatbelt *might* save their life (as a few golfers might get their tour card, but the tour card is far from a guarantee of making the big bucks), most drivers have only a very small chance of ever being in that kind of accident, and if they ever were in that kind of accident, a seatbelt might or might not save their life.

You won't hear any of these things in the 'Seat belts save lives everybody has to wear one!!!' propaganda, but think about it. They like to show graphic pictures of pumpkins flying through windshields and smashing to pieces on a tree, and you're supposed to think that's your (or even worse, your poor wee baby's) head - but what are the odds, actually, of that ever happening to you? Most people live in cities, where driving is slower than in the country - do you **ever** drive fast enough that this scenario is even a remote possibility? What are the chances of you running into a telephone pole at a high enough speed to get ejected through the windscreen as in those terrible propaganda films?? Vanishingly small. On the other hand, in cities these days with a lot of crazy people out there, what are the chances you're going to be driving along someday and some asshole runs a red light or stop sign and broadsides you, in your driver's door? Answer honestly, now, if you have a half-second warning about somebody about to hit you at some speed ( 30-40 MPH) in your driver's door - are you going be thinking 'Thank god for my seatbelt!!', or will your last semi-formed thought be 'Fuck I can't get the seatbelt off to jump away!!' ??? Try to be honest here.

And then look at any kind of accident statistics, and you will find the great majority of injury-death accidents are caused by young men driving too fast. So if you're any kind of woman, or a man outside of that age-range, your chances of being in an injury-death related accident are tiny. So if the government was actually interested in saving lives here, they would target this population, and simply make it harder for them to drive while they were in that age category - they could be limited to owning cars that had small engines, for example, or there are other measures that could be devised to make it harder for young men in this age group to drive fast and recklessly, leading to accidents.

But no - they devise a universal 'must wear seatbelts' law that **all** people must follow, even though its potential benefit for the great majority of drivers is miniscule. The law is completely disproportional to its stated benefit, which is a very strong indicator there are other reasons behind it. (and not to even mention the very large amounts of money spent on police chasing down the heinous criminals not wearing their seatbelts)

We might also note this is a very undemocratic law - no election was ever held with some political party promising to make people wear seatbelts if elected back in the 1980s when the law was being passed all across Canada - they all knew that this would guarantee them a lost election. But once in office, all parties moved ahead with this law - obviously something going on behind the scenes. Again proven by the massive propaganda campaign to sell something they knew, and continue to know, most people do not really approve of.

And keep it clear - nobody is proposing you don't wear your seatbelt if it makes you feel safe, that's entirely your decision, as it should be - all I (and many others) am saying is there are many of us who, for whatever reason, do NOT want to be obligated to wear one of these things most of the time, not because we're too stupid to know what we're doing and you have some kind of 'right' to force us to do this, but because we have thought about what driving entails, and what the risks are, and decided that on balance a seatbelt is neither necessary nor desirable for most of our driving time, and the bottom line - it is simply none of your fucking business, nor the government's, if you want to keep using the word 'democracy' when talking about this country.

So - if their stated reason for making people wear seatbelts is demonstrable nonsense to anyone capable of a bit of independent thought - then why did they do it, and why do they continue yapping about it as if someone not wearing a seatbelt is some kind of criminally irresponsible nutcase running around who needs the cops chasing him to get him in line, and why do the cops spend so much time running down people for the heinous crime of not wearing a seatbelt when there are far more important things they could be doing? It would seem to me the symbological meaning of being strapped into your 'freedom machine' against your will, proving that you may have a bit of freedom, but your bigger world is controlled around you and don't you ever forget it subconsciously, would be as clear a probable meaning as any.

There are similar things going on with bicycle helmets, and at least once a year we hear an intrepid PEI CBC cub reporter type confronting damned scofflaws who dare to ride their bicycle without the 'politically correct' (and increasingly state)-mandated helmet; you get them bike helmets on children!!, or other smaller things, such as Island Morning regularly having an 'investigative journalism!!' feature of the same high-school-brained reporter looking for pats on the head from the teachers for being a good girl, as she sends underage kids in to see if they can buy cigarettes, and then trying to 'shame' store owners who sold to them. They even had a feature a year or two ago asking people at a beach with a 'no swimming' sign why those who went for a swim weren't doing as the sign told them, naughty children not doing what momma tells them!! Or all CBC announcers doing radio callins have obviously been instructed, if they have any indication someone is calling from a moving vehicle, to say some version of 'Golly! I sure hope you have pulled off of the road and are not calling from your moving car!'. We hear regular little 'drive-by' mentions now and then of some family member of someone killed on a bike who might have been saved with a helmet, etc, and police regularly mentioned on the 'news' telling us about someone being injured because they were not wearing a seatbelt, and etc etc.

All day, every day, the CBC letting its listeners know through a large array of under-the-surface hints how they expect the citizens of Canada to behave - very, very obviously social control when you understand what is happening, as it is not the job of any independent broadcaster, let alone a 'for the people' broadcaster as such a broadcaster in a **democracy** ought to be, to be setting behavioral standards for the citizens - it is, of course, very much the desire of those running various kinds of totalitarian states - which is what the Box is all about.

We might note the rise of the 'f-bomb' the last few years - what a childish thing to be saying on the CBC, but again, very clear proof of cultural control, as 'adults' are free to speak, but children are 'punished' for (among many other things of course) using 'bad language' in school or other places where their behaviour is watched and controlled. Now, it seems, the CBC regards the entire population as children whose behaviour must be controlled. Although most adults having adult conversations will not engage in frequent use of the 'more banned' words such as fuck or cunt or cock and so on, as most intelligent conversations are better conducted with vocabulary appropriate to those conversations, it is simply silly and childlike for anyone to become shocked or outraged if any of these words slip in one way or another, and for CBC hosts, supposedly (although obviously not, as described at length herein) 'adults', to lower their voices like children saying bad things behind somebody's back and whisper 'f-bomb!!', often with a guilty little chuckle when reporting it, as children would, is just beyond ridiculous - but again very clear proof of what one of their primary functions is.

If you sit down and think about this as an adult, there is no reason whatsoever to declare certain words 'impolite to say in public' or something, no reason at all, beyond deep childhood indoctrination, and the retention in 'adult'hood of the inner understanding of the child that they must behave as the authorities wish them to behave - again, one small thing among many, but if 'those who give the orders' forbid you to say certain words in their presence, and order you to wear constraining devices when you are driving, and do or not do any other things that strike their fancy that are, or would be in any truly 'free' society, none of their business at all - then it's only a small step to see that the control actually runs much, much deeper - if you will accept being told what words you can or cannot say in 'polite communication', then you will just as easily accept the 'fact' that there are also certain topics you do not bring up in polite conversation, such as 'where does the money come from?'.

And one other thing is probable here - of course many people use 'rough language' in their lives, both 'upper' class people and working people - but what you do NOT hear in class societies is the servants using 'bad' language in the presence of the Masters. And what are we moving towards in Canada, and the west? A very much class society, of a small number of obscenely wealthy rulers, and a great number of workers. Part of the 'control' structure, the expected subservient behaviour, is the use of 'respectful' and 'polite' language when the servants are in the presence of the Masters. The CBC is getting you all ready, folks, for what is coming soon.

Social control can also involve more important issues, for example government-mandated vaccinations for things at least many people do not consider dangerous enough to be getting vaccinated against, for example the biggie issue that arose during the 2014-2015 season, the insistence by the entire CBC and all other mainstream corporate media that you're some kind of nutcase if you don't want your 'public health authority'-recommended measles vaccination for your children, and even worse, you're actually a menace to society, because there could be really horrible epidemics with some terrible number of dead people!!! - all your fault!!! (they never give any kind of numbers for such allegations, just leave the impression that there would be massive numbers of dead people if YOU and idiots like you don't get in the lineup like good children and get your vaccination now!!!) I won't get into this whole story here, I've written at length elsewhere about Dave's confrontation with the measles propaganda beast, version the Current - but again, another issue with some controversy involved, about which there has never been a public debate, nor any election based on the idea that 'if you elect us, we promise to make everyone get this vaccination!!'. It is very much social control, as in any free, adult society, citizens would be free to get whatever information they want, and freely choose whether or not they wanted some drug or safety device recommended by certain people. And of course, if there is any serious danger, few people would not want to protect themselves - although many people feel the evidence about the measles, and the vaccine, do not warrant great urgency in running down to the clinic for a shot, few if any people would refuse, for example, an Ebola vaccination, if Ebola was found to be present somewhere in Canada and a vaccination to prevent it readily available.

And although the immediate argument for all of these 'safety' measures would be that these are all just nice well-meaning people and a concerned government trying to remind you to stay safe, live long and prosper and be happy children momma surely loves you so!! - seriously, is this the role of a 'for the people' broadcaster? Is this actually 'adults talking to adults'? Or more like teachers/parents/authorities talking to children, teaching them, ordering them really, how to be good boys and girls by behaving as Your Authorities expect you to behave?? It is certainly understandable as some kind of authoritarian state broadcaster, telling the people what to do, and even further inciting everyone to use 'people peer pressure' to get after anyone they know who is not doing as the state wants them to do, but is that what a 'public broadcaster' should be doing in a 'democracy' like Canada? Or is this actually just more evidence of what they really are - not a democracy-supporting media, but a new fascist media, all dressed up in the modern way like a smiling Mr Dressup and laughing with the happy children, of course, as the children have learned to follow during tens of thousands of hours of preschool television indoctrination - nice Mr Dressup will smile at you children - as long as the children are doing what the authorities tell them to do.

Many people disagree with many of these laws, and there has never been any kind of public debate about any of them, just a great propaganda drive from the government, and media, trying to force all people to do or not do certain things. The argument that 'it is for your own good!!' is just a non-starter for at least two major reasons: First, if this was really a 'democracy' of intelligent, independent adults deciding together what laws and rules they wished as a group to follow, it is certain that such adults would first be involved in a truly open debate where people supporting the idea and people opposing it have a fair and equal chance to share their ideas, and then each citizen would have the maximum freedom to decide for themselves what they would or would not do in terms of seat belts or vaccinations or helmets, as long as they were not directly harming others by these decisions, and it is not a legitimate role in a democratic government for the government to force people into behaviour patterns they deem to be best, supported by very selective use of 'science' and very one-sided propaganda monologues, for whatever reasons, misguided-benign or more sinister;

- and Second, the endless assertion that such things 'are for your own good' is at best misguided (you need to do some serious self-reflection about your assertion that YOU know best about everything, and further have some 'right' to force me to do things like wearing seatbelts or getting vaccinations I have decided, in my own very well considered exploration of available research, are NOT something I want ...), and at worst simply a lie - there is a great deal of 'misinformation' to the point of lies around much of the propaganda involving almost all of these 'YOU MUST/MUST NOT' laws (do you really (try to be honest now) want your seatbelt holding you in place while some driver runs a stoplight at speed and crashes into your door? (and as a primarily city driver, what are the odds of you having this kind of accident vs the odds of being involved in a high-speed front end collision during which the seatbelt might actually save you from flying through the front windshield? Honestly now ...) - and the measles, while certainly contagious, is very much **not** any kind of significant threat to public health in Canada (if you believe this, you are very definitely deeply indoctrinated). and etc), and there actually is some very strong research about the potential harm of over-vaccinating our populations that no truly public minded broadcaster should be hiding or belittling in the interest of selling its own propaganda. There *might* be a slightly stronger justification if we ever had a truly informed and impartial and open national debate, and then some kind of vote - but of course there never has been such a debate, for any of these things - it would seem, given the widespread resistance to many of the social control demands, that the rulers have, secretly, been doing polls of various kinds, which invariably show that a strong majority of the public, while perhaps believing that seat belts might save lives in some cases, does NOT agree with the notion that the government has some 'right' to force everyone to wear such a device against their will, at all times, or face the wrath of the law.

{{another 'deeper truth' here as well: - Oh but dave, dave, you are so wrong - look at us out in the streets the last few years, protesting so many things the Harper government was doing! How can you day we are 'controlled'??

- I can say it, because it is another example of deep, deep indoctrination. Think for example of a magician, telling you to 'Look here!! Look here!!' - and the audience obediently looks to the indicated place, where some interesting thing is happening - but later they realise they were tricked, because what was really important was happening somewhere else, while they were watching the 'distraction point'. And so it is with social control - yes, of course, you are free to demonstrate all you like, and you think that shows you are free - but then what happens? You get on your bike and put your helmet on, or in your car with your seatbelt, and do NOT light up your cigarette, you go home and have a nice glass of white wine, and NOT to the smoke-filled bar where revolutions are truly fomented, by organising potentially useful movements against the entrenched power. At home you turn on the CBC to see if your demonstration was covered, as it probably was, you do NOT go to certain websites on your computer after the CBC programming is over because, heavens, as you are repeatedly reminded on the CBC, there are only silly conspiracy theories (chuckle chuckle) on the internet, and you get what you need to know from the CBC!! - very, very well controlled citizens, you color in the lines with your physical activities as you carefully fasten your seatbelt or bicycle helmet, don't use naughty language or a nasty cigarette, are carefully up to date on what is happening with your local sports team, have an impressive number of facebook and twitter friends, and you are thus very pre-dispositioned to color within the same lines, laid down by the same authorities, in your 'intellectual' pursuits, all the time believing you are a good citizen doing good things because you know you could get along with the CBC hosts because you do and believe what they believe - while the rulers, outside the box within which they totally control you in all important ways, carry on consolidating their rule. }}

And thus, again, the Box abides, the Brave New World consolidated with the approval of the Brave New Very Well Behaved Citizens.

<< note here a late addition - road rage, aggressive driving by 80% of Cdns - '...Many road rage behaviors can be considered aggressive driving, which is one of the leading causes of death on Ontario highways, said OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt... Aggressive driving can include tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, cutting in front of a vehicle too closely and not obeying traffic laws. In a 2012 survey from, nearly 80 per cent of Canadians admitted to aggressive behaviour on the road...' - obviously somebody trying to make a point by grossly exaggerating some kind of statistics, but the point is still valid - these people cause most accidents, so why are you chasing around people who drive safely but don't wear a seatbelt? Obviously, the best way of all to reduce injuries is to simply reduce the number of accidents - so devote your time to that!!! (but of course, if your safety is not the 'real' reason for the zero-tolerance rule about seatbelts, then the general indifference to bad driving would be more understandable>>>>

Box-maintaining CBC Case Studies VI: The Spectacle!!

There is, of course, a great deal of Spectacle in the modern media - we have to know what the rulers are up to, in terms of their justifications for the lockdown state they are creating around us, and the excuses they are using to defend the way they are defunding the once-almost Democracy those who came before almost managed to create, so the propaganda and indoctrination maintenance are an important part of the daily media presentation. But once we are told about the things they are doing we have no control over, we need to be distracted so we don't get thinking about either our lack of influence on what is happening around us, or other explanations than they ones they give us about whatever they are doing, or thinking about how really powerless we are in all important matters in what they call our 'democracy', or about the deteriorating conditions we are living in, so the Spectacle is offered as an essential 'full of Noise and Light and Exciting Visions 24-7 totally surrounding Spectacle!! All the children gather round now for FunFunFun!!!' to distract us. ('funfunfun' most of the time, but regular doses of 'we're all in serious danger because of bogeymen children so do as the nice policemen tell you immediately for your own protection if they ever talk to you!!' and the other 'box reinforcements' regarding the Great Free Canadian Media we must all honor, and our Great Democracy, and etc - all part of the spectacle, but in a detached way like Saturday morning cartoons, rather than as 'serious' things for citizens to be engaged in talking about - in Canada, we don't 'talk' about anything, we are like tourists on a bus tour or cows in the field being herded from one thing to another, moo-ing on command...)

The Spectacle - an all-surrounding, never sleeping, never silent, exciting and colorful but utterly without meaning (in terms of our ability to influence what is going on in our country - certainly 'meaningful' when people get in accidents or get their hearts broken etc) environment of distractions - unfolding human tragedies, pablum, gossip and entertainments, the main occupation of children, who live their lives whether nice or not in their parents' homes but have no say over how the homes are run, and who have short attention spans and prefer lots of noise and action they don't have to think about much, but just have fun doing, or that appeal to the shallow emotions, thus the domination in recent years on the media of encouraging everyone to put entertainment and sports first in their lives, to check their twitter accounts every minute, to put 'real news'-related gossip ahead of 'real' news, to be more interested in 'cute baby' or 'crying lady!!' or 'OMG!! Look what he said we have to shame him!!!' stories ahead of any useful, but boring or incomprehensible to the short-attention-span not-too-bright child mind, analysis of what is going on around us - all part of the spectacle that keeps us away from thinking thoughts that might enlighten, or challenge the rulers.

There is no need to spend any time giving examples of the enthusiastic morning and afternoon CBC hosts talking about their favorite sports team of the day (they have something every day, all year long, depending on the current sports season, or just go and find something if there's no even vaguely 'big league' stuff to have a panel discussion over (ah! Here's wee johnny from nowhereland who was accepted to compete in the World 3-yr-old baby basketball Olympics in Bulgaria - an exclusive interview with his Mother From Bulgaria!!!! YAY TEAM THAT IS SO EXCITING!!!!!! and etc - obviously a job requirement for those would be host of any CBC show today)), or their regular time spent building up whatever local or new bands are playing in the area; they're always on the lookout for salacious gossip (did you hear?? A said this about B!! We have to ask B what he thinks of that!!), a topic always high on the list of 'entertainment' for people who don't have much else going on in their lives but are too shallow and uneducated to take any serious interest in the bigger but more intelligence-requiring problems that face us.

CBC 'Spectacle!' Example 1

Thus, for example, the Rob Ford Spectacle of 2013-14 was a big 'news' thing, all based on gossip and rumor, and kept alive through a somewhat odd vendetta attitude of the Canadian media en masse, the Toronto Star and CBC especially, who seemed to actively search for ways to bring Ford into their days, invariably in some mocking way - oh my god, did you hear what he did now!!!????? we have to have a Panel Discussion about it!!! (aka teen girl gossipfest 'programming' takes over the CBC - listen to any of these 'discussions', they are all talking exactly like teenagers going after someone they don't like, with the giggling at nasty rumors, the shallow and self-centered POVs required, with absolutely no interest at all in 'outsiders' who might try to bring a bit of balance into the 'public interest issue') - the kids' level, one supposes, of what they get up to with whoever the US is demonizing at the moment, no rumor too small to blow all out of proportion, and embellish with whatever childish fancies occur.

Even after Ford had been diagnosed with cancer, and gone through the treatment, and was considering running again for mayor, they couldn't leave it alone - this gossip columnist, for example, seemed to have become somewhat unhinged at a 'nightmare' about Ford running for mayor again and winning, in his petulant anger at the people daring to do what the Gods of the CBC/Star Newsrooms had told them they must not: Why Rob Ford will win again - "...Factor two: today's news coverage is driven by Google hits, not carefully considered editorial choices or, heaven forbid, balance and fairness..." - which led to the first 'almost fell of the chair' moment, as it would seem the clear but 'unspoken part' of this comment would be something like "..fairness, such as we professional journalists at the Star are committed to..', which is beyond 'irony', as their hysterical 'coverage' of this Ford (non-)story completely put the lie to (other examples are not difficult to find, but this is only the Ford story). It was almost enough to knock one off one's chair in shock and disbelief that anyone would be so brazen with such an outright lie, or that someone with this level of delusion could be writing at a major Cdn 'progressive' newspaper ('progressives' are, of course, supposed to be the 'smart' ones, with the Fox-news righties types the delusionary ranters) - the coverage of Ford the year before this and some had been a 'master class' in how NOT to be fair and balanced, the very reverse of fair and balanced, by most of the Cdn media, led by the Star, closely followed by the CBC - a complete joke, for what were supposed to be 'serious' media, of one-sided demonisation and gossip - no rumor about Ford too trivial to headline as 'LOOK WHAT HE DID NOW OMG!!!!!' - and etc etc, with anyone willing to jump on the gossip bandwagon given time on air to add their indignation - with no more than 1% (that could be an exaggeration, but I don't read everything in the Star nor listen to everything on the CBC, so there may have been something I missed. **may** have been) of the 'coverage' given to Ford or anyone daring stand up to the CBC et al and not even supprt him, but try in an even remotely fair way to give his side of any story.

And this 'master class in the very antithesis of 'journalism'' was not over yet, nay was merely beginning, as the gossiper went on to whine "...This year, Hollywood and Jimmy Kimmel have helped Ford become a larger-than-life celebrity, adding to his already remarkable levels of awareness and familiarity, attributes that consistently drive ballot choices..." - again, loosening the grip of the sane person on their chair - he (and others voicing the same complaint) seem oblivious to the quite indisputable fact that it was the Cdn media itself that created this infamy - for months and months - "HEY WORLD LOOK AT OUR JOKE OF A MAYOR HERE IN TORONTO CANADA OMGOMG!!!!' HEY WORLD LOOK LOOK!!!! MOCK MOCK LAUGH LAUGH!!! - and etc etc - it is hardly surprising the gossip media of the US and other places, child minds all performing more or less the same job in service of their own Rulers as the CBC is performing in Canada, always looking for some new victim to mock to distract from having to report anything useful or truthful, encouraging LCD brainless mockery over intelligent comment, would pick up on it. Very pathetic, the lot of them (including the demonstration of another capitalist trait, a bully trait - cause some problem, and then point the finger elsewhere when things start to blowback or whatever - pointing the finger at the victim is one of the more obnoxious and despicable traits of these people - it's become a common trait with US cops (and far from unknown in Canada), for example, who gang-beat the shit out of someone and then charge that person with 'assaulting a cop'. For fuck's sake - our modern world - capitalism is wonderful.not).

This entire story, however, and many like it, are excellent examples of the spectacle portion of the media - taking some essentially trivial story (so-called 'journalist' buys vid from kid alleging to be Ford smoking crack), and blowing it up into some time- and attention-consuming spectacle - whilst continuing to keep much, much more important stories behind locked doors in dark rooms, or maintaining the propaganda barrage with others, and giving the people no time to think for themselves, and perhaps see some things those controlling the 'news cycle' do not want them seeing. The Ford saga deserved at best a few lines 'below the fold' - reporter gets video alleging politician smokes crack, prints it, gets denial, leaves it in the hands of those charged with actually dealing with crime to investigate further, which eventually they decline to do for lack of evidence of any crime - back to some 'real' news.

For some reason (small minded, self-important people using their bully pulpit in a highly unprofessional way to go after someone who dares not follow their politically correct commands having childlike temper tantrum, for example), the media, esp the Star and CBC, decided that with this particular story, the cops were not doing their job, and the media would become the 'investigator', accuser, judge and jury, and then relentless public scold attempting to keep the story front and center until the politician was hounded from office. If they ever showed a fraction of this amount of enthusiasm for the biggest story of the last 40 years, the ongoing bank-controlled credit fraud draining our country of trillions and demanding the incarceration of a quite substantial number of major public figures over this time, they might deserve to be called a 'for the people' media - as it is, very obviously they are nothing more than shills of the power structure, bought and paid to keep the public away from anything important, largely through the blowing up of such things as the Ford story far, far beyond their actual newsworthiness.

CBC 'Spectacle!' Example 2

I won't go over it again, but the entire 2015 election was a huge 'spectacle', beginning early in the year when various announcers at the CBC were telling us 'the election starts now!!!' - never heard before in Canada, but the CBC creating the narrative was obviously going to play this up for most of the year as part of the Spectacle Coverage of our country, with no true commentary allowed wondering if the election would make any difference as all 3 parties with any chance of forming government were committed to the same policies in all important areas (NDP possible victory - historic breakthrough or more of the same?). Lots of entertainment fodder with the 'Anybody but Harper/Cons' people providing lots of soundbites. Lots of 'gotcha!!!' moments as minor non-PC things were dredged up out of candidates' pasts to give 15 seconds of fame to, rather than cover more serious issues. And etc. What they've been doing in elections for the last 30 CRR years. We need the book. Whether we get it or not will depend on whether or not we bring democracy to this country. The rulers sure aren't going to write about it, or allow its publication if someone else dares.

CBC 'Spectacle!' Example 3

The Syrian Refugee Crisis - massive coverage for a few days after a small boy was found washed up on a Turkish beach, drowned while his family was trying to get to Greece leaders respond to Syrian migrants - a tragic story, certainly but where was the context? People have been drowning crossing the Mediterranean for years now, and just a few days after this over 30 people including 15 children die in boat overturning in Aegean (note the Guardian reference here, the story was not even covered in the CBC, making for some serious questions - why massive angst about one boy, and not a word about 15 children a few days later???) But not to replay this whole situation, but obviously, this was again Spectacle, with the opportunity for some anti-Assad propaganda/lies reinforcement not to be missed of course - many commentators renewed their efforts to blame Assad for the crisis - complete idiocy, but the CBC has made it very clear they are NOT going to allow any history here whatsoever talking about how the US has been destroying the mideast for the last couple of decades, with the support of Canada and the Cdn media, and this is of course the cause of the crisis (as always there are many non-corporate-media sites talking 'truth' here, such as RT, in this interview with Vijay Prashad, who gets a LOT closer to what is going on in the mideast. Not on the CBC.

CBC 'Spectacle!' Example 4

- the Duffy trial, which occupied almost countless hours of airtime and excited pretend-analysis over an immensely trivial 'story', in every aspect, becoming the Canadian version of the ridiculous Clinton 'sex scandal' impeachment farce in the US a few years earlier. (as always, you can think of any number of 'stories' which would be of interest and use to 'real' Canadians interesting in understanding and working to improve their democracy that a 'real' 'for the people' media would be offering, as noted in many places herein - stories that never darken the airwaves of the CBC, one of whose central roles is doing all they can to ensure people never get involved in actually thinking about and talking about what is really going on here. The Duffy trial, again, is certainly a 'story', but of minor interest only to citizens - he is accused of 'misspending' somewhere between a hundred thousand and 3-4 hundred thousand dollars over a period of some years, and the coverage has been almost endless, while the massive fraud of a couple of trillion dollars, continuing at 50+billion per year, with 'spinoff' effects almost incalculable, gets no attention at all, nor do any other 'stories' that might be of real and useful interest to citizens of a 'democracy' needing to be informed of such things - as, of course, the purpose of the Box is to keep that very scam secret, and one of the ways of doing it is by blowing up minor stories into spectacle - look here look here!! - like the magician doing his tricks. Etc etc etc. {{Nov 2015 update - the Duffy trial has resumed, but you'd hardly know it listening to the CBC - a complete reversal of the minute-by-minute excited breathless coverage of its earlier appearances - leading to the very clear conclusion that last spring the endless coverage was a central part of the 'get Harper' campaign, or the tweedledee-dum shift being introduced into the narrative - future 'ministry of truth' pretend-history books will no doubt be using this as 'one of the reasons the Harper government lost in 2015'. ]]

CBC Spectacle Example 5

Rape Culture!!!! - there are many, many stories about this - let's just use the Dalhousie dentistry report: University had culture of 'misogyny, homophobia and racism (June 29 2015) - there have been many similar stories the last few years (CBC reporters share 'mortifying' stories, rape culture on Canadian university campuses!!), all taking a small incident, usually completely harmless, and blowing them up into major 'scandals'. Yes, of course rape happens, and it is a very bad thing and should be punished very severely - but it is not widespread in Canadian universities, and virtually nobody actually supports rape, and there is no reason for all of this hysteria other than encouraging spectacle, and reinforcing the 'divide and conquer' strategy that keeps Canadians from working together to identify and challenge the real source of our problems, elite rule and control of the media. And the young men playing stupid young male games is, again, completely harmless - maybe in 'bad taste', but completely harmless as 'bad taste' is not really something the CBC should be covering in such detail while ignoring important things. There is very obviously, for anyone observing from outside the box, something going on here besides making 'spectacle' out of generally small stories to divert attention from more important things the rulers do not want talked about, related to de-balling, or pacifying, a segment of any society which might prove dangerous to a despotic regime if aroused in a political way, and this is probably a kind of pre-emptive action to try to geld these young men - and more importantly many who might see them as examples - before they even have a chance to actually take to some barricades. It's also a great 'divide and conquer' thing, as a lot of impressionable and not-too-bright young women gather around a party banner and become like little Jonestownians, blindly following some very, very dangerous leaders taking them to very bad places, and the young men forced to defend themselves or submit passively to the gelding.

Well, as with every class of examples above, one could go on and on and on, there are stories every day to which the only response of the intelligent, engaged, out-of-the-box adult is WTF???? - but let us move on.

But before we end this section, there is one more thing to look at, which it really takes a reflective Holmes to realise, and will not become 'viral' on Twitter where shallow things for shallow minds dominates - the dog, Watson, the dog that did NOT bark.

Final CBC Box enforcement Example: Dogs in the Night

(What dog Holmes? Nobody said anything about a barking dog?? Exactly, Watson, exactly..)

Remember, the modern box, or matrix, is a huge, huge construct, with literally, just in Canada, 35 million people, tens of thousands of cities and towns and businesses and 'consumer products', a literally endless parade of sports games and 'nightly live entertainment' venues and offerings on the 24-7-365 television, even more endless 'facebook' and 'twitter' and other hivemind offerings on the internet and now-ubiquitous hivephones demanding everyone's attention to an endless stream of trivia, not to mention the also pretty seemingly endless small and not-so-small tasks involved with looking after oneself and one's family in this great buzzing complex modern world, with its endless amount of things to choose between and things to be done, during and after work, school, activities, etc, and not to forget the endless ordeal of fighting through all the other people doing the same stuff you're trying to do.

And with most people in a fairly childish state of mind, far more concerned with their own entertainments and lives in this ohso busy world, even though we get glimpses at the 'bigger problems' such as a dying environment or a completely opposite kind of lifestyle in much of the world where poverty and deprivation rule or the chaos of the many conflicts around the world or the evidently crazy things going on economically that are having such dire effects on all of us, and such 'adult serious' things, few people are 'adult' enough to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were, to see the endless diversions for what they are - trivial - and 'prioritize' like an adult to take a serious sort of interest in the serious things going on in our country - as talked about earlier, it is the very point of the box to tell you that although there might be some 'real' problems here and there, our leaders are doing a fine job of looking after them, things are fine in Canada, so don't worry about serious stuff, just get out there and have fun kids!!!!! - and so most people do just that.

Those who really care about our country, and their role in guiding its future, will be able to put aside the latest gossip stories and think a bit about what is happening politically and economically - but even for those who do sense some things may be wrong with our country, when they go to the 'respected' sources of 'news' about current events, rather than trying to find your own way through the endless offerings on the internet where some contrary ideas might be found, there is a more or less endless amount of important and interesting stuff going on around the world that every news media can choose from, and in the end, it is not at all difficult to simply put a black curtain up in front of certain stories, or certain kinds of analyses of those stories, to suggest that 'nothing here folks, move along, much more interesting stuff anywhere else but here!!', and still easily convince the not-too-deeply-thinking modern dumbed-down 'consumer', even those trying to suss out the 'important' stuff from the endless fluff called 'news, that they are getting what they need from the corporate media, and miss the truly important stuff.

Which is the idea, of course.

And this is the job of the CBC, for the 'progressive' demographic in Canada, filling your day with trivia and pseudo-important and 'important' news spun in a certain way, while keeping you well away from the small handful of things that would jeopardize the rule of the oligarchs, and they do that job very, very well.

For of course, one of the jobs they do, for those they work for, the rulers of our country, is making sure Canadians are kept well away from just a very small number of stories or analyses - the gatekeeping function I have talked of earlier regarding first and foremost the massive theft of our money based on the 'national debt fraud/scam', but as importantly any real analyses of either the media or the political system, which would clearly show the way they all work together to maintain this box, the politicians pretending the media are telling us what we need to know, and the media in return pretending the political system truly is 'adversarial', rather than cooperatively working together to deny us real choice.

But aside from these obvious (to those of us outside the box) very major omissions from their 'top notch investigative reporting' (not haha), there are many other things a 'for the people' broadcaster would be doing in these days of the corporate takeover of the world. Just a few examples - the *real* 'for the people' media now on the internet tells those of us paying attention all about such things:

Just imagine, in a true 'for the people' media, instead of every morning having an hour or so of excited kids talking about the latest sports scores or great bands on the weekend or little Julie's GREAT performance!! at the local music festival!!!, we had an hour of adult people engaged in various NGOs fighting to educate people about the environment, or social problems, or how the gov is fucking around with old people or veterans or single mothers or unemployed people with too little money to buy food and forced to rely on food banks, or how the 'service' in so many government departments has become worse than a joke the last few years, with the 'newline NWO' bureaucrats seeing their function as doing all they can to deny 'service' to people, following the lead of the NWO governments (people getting UI are less than half of what they were 30 years ago), or some serious talk about international concerns Canada, as a modern prosperous country, should be doing its share to try to improve the lives of our less fortunate fellow humans (instead, really, of participating in their oppression, via international business-favoring treaties, or participating in US-led wars of aggression against countries not desirous to subject themselves to the US-led capitalist hegemon), and many other **real** things going on in our communities and country and world that **adult** people care about and want to know about and think about - things, indeed, the old CBC, the **real** for-the-people CBC used to talk about -

* along related lines, we would have shows or features every week, or several times a week, about the many many 'alternative communities' that have been springing up around the world for the last 30 or 50 or 150 years, looking for some satisfying alternative to capitalism-consumerism-militarism - information about such things is widely available on the internet or your 'hard copy book' libraries that nobody uses anymore, but the CBC, fully supporting the corporate - capitalist NWO and its reliance on passive worker-consumers to maintain it, is of course going nowhere near such stories - but of course understanding you have time to fill every day offering lots of smoke and color and noise to keep your attention so you don't go looking for such things yourself. Just imagine - instead of 20+ minutes of sports every hour in the morning, we had a half hour or more daily devoted to one of these alternatives, etc.

** Transition Towns - imagine how utterly stupid it is - but much more importantly how utterly revealing of their true role in our country - for the CBC to have a feature on its main daily current affairs show about 'sweat shaming' as noted earlier, and never, not ever, a word about something like these 'transition towns', or any other 'people's initiative' from around the world to make our societies better - it seems the purpose of the CBC is to be a 'good cop' and slowly but determinedly push the people into the new feudalist serf farms of the capitalist NWO. Imagine. What a sad and pathetic fucking joke this public broadcaster has become.

* Positive Money - imagine, if when talking to a guest about money concerns, instead of asking in a whiny voice 'but where is the money coming from in these days of budget problems and austerity??' - they had regular talks with people from Positive Money, or the many similar places on the net, telling exactly where the money *could* come from? haha right, just imagine the pope telling people at his big services to go read Richard Dawkins.

But of course, any of these things, and many more like them, would be the joy of a true public broadcaster, working of, by, for and with the people in pursuit of better lives for all of us - but the very bane of a state broadcaster whose goal is indoctrination and dumbing down - which it is completely beyond argument the CBC has become the last few decades - an extremely well managed indoctrination-propaganda broadcaster, as befits the extremely sophisticated level of population control the rulers have achieved over the last century of modern communications, but still, from anywhere outside the box, completely obviously so. And it is a very sad, and discouraging, comment on our society that so very few Canadians seem able to rise to this level of independent thinking, but are completely under the control of Big New World Brother and its Canadian outlet the New CBC, which seems to have added a new twist to Orwell's 3-pronged slogan for the proles -

war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength

- to which we might now well add something like, 'thinking what Big Momma tells you to think is independent thought', for that is what I hear regularly when trying to get people to start thinking for themselves - their 12 years or more of enforced education, and several hours of watching television every day, proves (they seem to believe) they think independently, but someone like me, who reads widely and applies some actual critical thinking to all points of view and thinks for themselves and arrives at their own 'evidence-based' conclusions, is somehow self-brainwashed.

The complete perversion of Truth as a fundamental, bedrock value in trying to organise a decent human society. A great victory for Darkness. Personified in the 21st century Canadian Ministry of Truth - the CBC.

CBC - Medium is the message

One final but very central point needs to be recognized here, very much in the McLuhan very important insight that 'the medium is the message'. When you listen to the CBC hosts and their main guests, all talking about what a fine place Canada is and how lucky we all are to be living in such a great democracy, we need to get this elephant out of the closet and shine a very bright light on it and talk about it, and recognize who is doing the talking here, who is deciding what to talk about and how to talk about it. We do not have 'average Canadians' here, with their financial/work problems and 'average people' concerns about what is happening in our country and world, as we once had back in the 60s and 70s, when the journalists and writers and politicians were actually real and normal and progressive citizens, living with us and sharing our values - but now today, as part of the CRR which has slowly replaced our government and media the last 30+ years, the senior levels of government and media have been filled by people of the managerial class (or aspiring thereto), working for the elite ruling class, telling us what the rulers want us to believe, what they need us to believe, in order for them to keep their nice jobs and maintain their nice lives. As the NWO New Feudalism lockdown state proceeds relentlessly through our country, our once-almost-great-democracy Canada, decent jobs are getting few and far between, and some of those jobs, for those willing to sellout whoever they have to to get one of them, are at the nice CBC, where you can mingle with famous and sometimes interesting people, get a decent salary, much better opportunities for world travel than most mid-level business workers will ever get.


- well, one could go on and on, and on and on and on, every day, deconstructing CBC stories, or things from other media, and pointing out how, although they seem like 'normal' news and commentary, even true and 'cutting edge' journalism from the CBC or other leading, high-quality Cdn media, as we are told, looking to provide we modern citizens with 'true' inquiries and 'meaningful commentary' into various phenomena in our society to help us understand our country and world better - while pointing out how, of course, in reality, virtually everything of any interest at all is actually being spun and used in some way to support the enclosed 'box' in which we all live, from intelligent conversations about things meaningless to power or change, through 'this far and no farther' pretend-meaningful 'limited hangout' conversations, through the outright lies of heavily pushed one-sided propaganda to gatekeeping and active lies about the things being kept from us, to trivia to distract us, to social engineering to create a compliant 'citizen herd' doing as they are told and believing whatever limits the CBC tells them to play inside, and including the all-important gatekeeping function, ensuring those who trust the CBC are kept away from information that might lessen their faith in the CBC, and the lies it tells. A box which, as long as we believe it to be the 'natural limits' of our lives, we are going to continue living in, because to change the box cannot be done from within, anymore than changing the course of the ship can be done from the passenger decks.

As I have shown here, every box story, no matter how forcefully pushed or how 'intelligently' presented, should be questioned, and analysed, using a combination of your own other-obtained information, your better idea of history and current events in Canada and worldwide than you get on the CBC, your natural skepticism of things pushed by those with agendas, your understanding of the great sophistication of modern propaganda and population control methods, the utter ruthlessness of the enemy who seeks to enslave us, etc etc. That is the path out of the box - understanding, and then exposing, their lies and spin and manipulations and gatekeeping and dumbing down.

And once we have the right lights turned on, the right doors opened, then we can start creating our path out of the box, start our fightback against the corporate reactionary revolution, start dreaming once again of Democracy in this land called Canada.

(late arrival, there's so much on the net, but precious little organisation, so 'the seeker after true knowledge' is continually coming across new things and place, such as this - Gaddafi, by the CBC endlessly with all other corporate MIC state propaganda media, was painted as a monster murdering his own people and it was the duty of 'the west' to protect those people, so bomb bomb kill kill was what we Good People had to do!!! - all lies, of course, lies that apparently most 'progressives' passively getting their 'info' from the CBC believed - a bit more of an honest look at the Gaddafi years here - Semantics - The Rise and Fall of Muammar al Gaddafi)

Case Study - the clever Lies of the Box Economics has met the enemy, and it is economics - by Ira Basen, The Globe and Mail (the same Basen talked about earlier re his 'limited hangout' docs on the Enright show)

This is one of the things sold as the foundation of modern 'economics' as a 'science' - "...But by the end of the 19th century, the new field of economics no longer concerned itself with moral philosophy, and less and less with political economy. What was coming to dominate was a conviction that markets could be trusted to produce the most efficient allocation of scarce resource..'

- the thing is, that is just a fairy tale. Let us try another story. Let us suppose that, by the end of the 19th century, capitalism was becoming the dominant political-economic system, and money the new god and religion - if you had a lot of money, you could control political decisions in your own interests - make yourself stronger, make the workers weaker. But you have a problem - people are starting to understand this, and fight against you. You have no intention of relinquishing the power of your money, or your control of governments, but you understand that making this an open fight could get very dangerous - the thing about capitalism, you have a LOT of workers out there, and if you engage in an open battle, there is a very good chance you could just lose, which would be bad (for you). So a better plan is needed. So create a better story to sell to the workers - invent modern economics, tell the people it is 'the market' that rules, completely impartially like the law of gravity affects everyone, nothing you can do, except try to improve your position in the neutral market. Remove any idea that those with money can control the market, etc. And sell sell sell, like any used car salesman.

The thing to note is - these people just lie when they say this stuff. They no more believe the unregulated market will allocate things fairly than I do - but if you can get enough people to believe it, then they will leave you alone. So with your money, buy the governments, through which you can have laws passed in your favor, buy the media so nobody tells the truth, through the government control the education system so your new 'economists' will give your lies a patina of 'science' which can be sold to the ignorant peasants. The few who understand what you are really up to can be easily marginalised, and over the years, your lies will be as 'truth' for the great masses, and the empire will be safe.

Game, set and match.

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