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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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"Let's face it. We live in a command-based system, where we have been programmed since our earliest school years to become followers, not individuals. We have been conditioned to embrace teams, the herd, the masses, popular opinion - and to reject what is different, eccentric or stands alone. We are so programmed that all it takes for any business or authority to condition our minds to follow or buy something is to simply repeat a statement more than three or four times until we repeat it ourselves and follow it as truth or the best trendiest thing. This is called 'programming'- the frequent repetition of words to condition us how to think, what to like or dislike, and who to follow." Suzy Kassem

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CBC Case Studies part 1

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CBC CASE STUDIES I: Money & the Economy

Money and 'the economy' are perhaps the most important things in the world today, in that controlling the money gives a certain small elite the power to control pretty much everything else, and the major cause of almost all hardships in either developed or developing countries can be traced pretty directly, for most average sorts of people, to a lack of money - or again conversely, some countries/people having the money, and thus power, to go marauding and looting in the many weaker countries around the world, as many, by far most prominently the US since WWII, have been doing for centuries in search of treasure to steal. Most importantly, of course, one of the 'deeper truths' that never get talked about in the media no matter how obvious to so many people, money in our modern capitalist society buys the politicians who make the laws and the media which reports on things in our society, and the weapons and bodies and 'legitimate use of force' in 'democratic' countries which make competing for control of the world, and controlling dissidents, possible - the more 'capitalist-controlled' the society, the moreso this is true, the US of course being the leader of money-controlled pretend-democracies, with the UK next and Canada not far behind. And it is very important that average citizens don't get thinking much about any of this, for two reasons - first, the 'money' is an entirely imaginary construct in our modern world as described earlier, very much like the various dominant 'gods' around us in the 21st century, but given sufficient 'belief' in its 'reality', it has great power, as those who control the god-believers have great power, imaginary though the gods are; and secondly, as we are supposed to live in a 'democracy' where 'the votes of the people' determine how we are governed, and what we do - a complete fiction today, as talked about at length earlier, and along with hiding the realities of what goes on with money, probably the most important job of the media to maintain this fiction - but if most people understand that the capitalist 'democracy' functions on the principal of 'a million dollars one vote' or something, rather than the more-clear-every-election fiction of 'one person one vote', there'd probably be a lot more trouble keeping the cows on the farm working every day while the farmer enjoys his nice life than there currently is.

We 'average people' do of course understand that money and the economy are important, as for most of us the degree of 'unsatisfaction' with our lives relates pretty directly to what money we have - we are just fed a lot of fairy tales about what is going on with them in our lives, particularly the bigger picture as talked about earlier. Primarily, nobody ever talks about where this money comes from, and we are all led to believe it is some quasi-magical thing controlled by god and/or government and wise benevolent 'bankers' with wise 'economists' to guide them through a system at least as complicated as rocket science, and we don't really need to worry about 'where' it comes from any more than we should question the existence of god or who makes up HIS rules, all we need to worry about is how to maximize our own income within the system we live and work in, as we all do know that the more money you have, the more comfortable your life will be, and most of us are only going to get money by working. So we have lots of stuff in the media looking at 'money' from this personal sort of perspective - how people deal with debt, etc - but none whatsoever talking about where this 'money' that the system is based on comes from, or how it is used to facilitate power and management of our country.

And of course 'the economy' - few people have any understanding of what controls the economy, we just know that it can be good or bad, and things like 'the market' and 'investor confidence' are quite important, somehow - but it is generally some kind of 'natural force' that you or I as 'normal citizens' have no control over, and our government only some small influence, and we just have to try to pick the best government we can when voting, who will 'manage the economy' the best for all of us. Again, more complete bullshit, as those who control the money have a very significant influence on 'the economy', and things could be running a great deal more smoothly and securely and we'd all be much better off if we just had certain regulations in place to control certain things about money/credit and how it is managed, but when you are raised in the dark and fed shit all your life, it's hard to know how to even begin to think about challenging those who open the hatch every now and then and throw the shit in, threatening to cut even that off if you cause any trouble.

Just a preamble, I have talked about these things at length earlier, and won't get into the details again - but this is perhaps the most important place where we need to look at what the CBC is doing, and how, although it spends much time and effort telling us it is bringing us the most 'in depth' reporting in Canada to help us understand 'money' and 'the economy', it is in reality simply reinforcing the lies we have been led to believe about 'money' and the 'economy', our ignorance about how 'money' and 'the economy' are managed by the rulers, those who create and control the money, to keep us enslaved, and working our lives away to make those who run the place very wealthy.

Herein I of course use examples that occurred around the time I was writing this, but disinformation, lies, gatekeeping, etc, about money and the economy can be found pretty much every day on the CBC - these are important things, and the indoctrination must be reinforced daily. If you understand the things I have been writing about money, primarily who creates and controls the credit system of which 'printed money' is just a small part, then it should be easy enough to filter everything you hear on the CBC through this knowledge, and clearly see how they are lying and gatekeeping about money and the economy. (and it occurs to me that this is one of the original box walls - the PC government of Brian Mulroney started the 'terrible debt problem!!!!' fiction way back in the late 80s, and even at that time there was not a WORD of curiosity in the media about how this terrible thing suddenly sprang into existence, but an immediate 'jumping on the bandwagon' of all media telling us what profligates we were, how we were going to have to 'tighten our belts' to atone for our stupid ways, and etc - a deep, deep message that has never let up in the 25+ years since - obviously, it seems to me, a 'Huge Lie' that must be believed, but that is very weak, as it is very vulnerable to the truth of what is going on with 'money'.

Gatekeeping the 'truth' about where money comes from and how it is managed to control us and steal massive amounts of 'real wealth' from us (you give me imaginary money in exchange for my house, next year the money disappears one way or another (inflation, recession causing me to lose my job, etc), but you still have my house, and other properties to the nth degree, all acquired with the 'money' you created out of thin air ...), as talked about earlier, is the main function of the CBC, in terms of money and the economy, as Canadians coming to understand the massive fraud and theft that has been ongoing in the country for the last 30 years would probably incite a revolution of the kind not seen since the 1790s in France, with elite heads rolling everywhere at the massive anger unleashed from learning how much had been stolen, what harm had been done based on outright lies, and what fools they had all been played for.

But obviously the rulers are very confident in their control of this most important fundamental fact - it is a kind of mantra in all CBC hosts, high on one of the 'permanent talking points' lists, that anytime some guest moans about needing more money, the immediate response is invariably some form of 'Oh! But we have terrible budgetary problems! If you need more money, where is it supposed to come from? Surely you aren't suggesting taking on more debt OMG (cue cynical chuckle at how out of touch with reality the guest is)??!!' and etc. (always serendipity as I write - today, Wed Sept 30 2015 there is an interview with a doctor on Ottawa Morning, as the medical association is having difficulties with the government, and the host challenges him, 'But surely you understand the government has budgetary problems? Where do you think the money you want is supposed to come from?' (paraphrasing, I can't be bothered finding it and listening again for an exact quote) - this host is particularly onboard with this message, I have heard her say this many times to many guests the last couple of years. And if she was truly interested in fixing our society rather than supporting the corporate state government and fronting its propaganda, she could easily find something like this - Ellen Brown on It's Our Money - but of course, this is exactly the kind of thing the CBC is ensuring Canadians never hear about, at least from them).

The only comparable in size of massive scope to the money fraud is the god fraud, but that's something others have dealt with more than adequately elsewhere, and no need for me to get into it here - but the parallels are strong, as both 'god' and 'money' are imaginary constructs with great religious followings built around them, with a very powerful hold on the not-too-bright, or well-indoctrinated, citizenry, and confer immense power to those who control the myths.

But some concrete examples of what the CBC gets up to, pretending they are talking about important 'money and economics' stories and really trying to find solutions to the economic problems we face, without going in the hidden room where the real solutions lie, as any true 'for the people' journalists with the kind of background any real journalist would have or look for prior to doing this kind of 'story' would do - and again to look at the other side, as anyone dedicated to ensuring this kind of information did NOT get talked about would also have to be aware of, for just that reason - CBC hosts guide and manage their interviews, and this is one of the things they make sure do NOT get talked about, if any guest has sneaked onto the show with ideas the CBC, or those providing their scripts etc, does not want talked about (and to note again - examples from around the time I am writing - you can find examples almost daily in one way or another of the CBC reinforcing the lies about the economy, or gatekeeping likewise one way or another to make sure we do not get 'real and useful' information in our mushroom pile) (and they may offer the obvious lie of an excuse 'Oh we had no idea!!!' - but I have written letters to many, many people on the CBC and elsewhere telling them they should, if they were real journos and not pretend journos, be looking into this, just two examples of many, Ms Tremonti gets a big award, I comment, CBC Head says CBC is doing GREAT job!! I disagree) - and of course many, many others have been trying to publicise this massive fraud for many years now, and it is simply not conceivable that 'real journos' have never encountered it - but of course the pretend-journos on the CBC are paid to NOT see things like this.

Onto a few examples:

CBC Gatekeeping on Money and The Economy Example 1: a chat with some Premiers about The Economy!! - 14/08/30, on The House (Canada's primary political program, as they call themselves), we have a cosy little interview with a bunch of Cdn premiers, who are meeting in Charlottetown. Meetings of 'high level' politicians, premiers or whoever, are fairly common, and as with most political stories, there is at least some and often a lot of talk about money, usually how nobody has enough of it to meet their expenses, so what things should be cut next is an ongoing topic of conversation - and as with every such story, there is not a single word, ever, about using the Bank of Canada to fully solve this problem in a couple of years, by anyone who cared to do so, as talked about earlier, let alone stopping the massive drain of 'interest' every year on the again huge debts that all Cdn govs use as an excuse to not do anything, and cut cut cut.

Chats with Premiers and other high-ranking politicians and 'experts' such as this is a common feature on the CBC, endlessly reinforcing the lie that we don't have enough money, and the only real solution is cutting stuff - all of which is simply lies, but one of the very most important lies it is completely necessary to keep the naive citizens believing. This, of course, is an essential box function, the maintaining of these lies, and the absolute prevention of anybody being pointed towards any doorways that might lead to information and people understanding these lies - if people started to understand about what is going on with our economy, and the massive debt scam, anything could happen, but surely nothing good for these really monstrous fraudsters (not to mention those who have enabled them for so many years - the media). And as talked about at length earlier, there is simply no credible way to make anyone here outside the box believe that the senior people in the Cdn media, or the senior politicians, are not aware of this, so it is simply undeniably propaganda and gatekeeping on the part of the CBC, and the senior government people. Very seriously **criminal** lies and gatekeeping - they'll all be in jail for the rest of their lives if democracy and justice ever find their way back to this country.

CBC Gatekeeping on Money and The Economy Example 2: the Current's Project Money series of the 2014 season. This is a fairly regular feature on the CBC, a 'big production series' of one kind or another pretending to examine 'money' and 'the economy', as people do understand we are having some problems, and rather than let people do their own research and find out some things that could be seriously problematic for the Rulers and their lies, it is, of course, the work of a competent gamesplayer to head off such independent thinking by giving the people a safe and completely false picture of what is going on, from a source they trust, to divert their attention from potentially deadly (for the rulers) areas. In this series, the Current looks at most of the major money-related issues for 'normal people' that the money-controllers are causing, with lots of sympathy but, of course, again, not a *single* word about how using the Bank of Canada could alleviate pretty much all of these problems, or how a democratic credit-exchange system could make things so much better for pretty much everyone, or, indeed, how a 'social democratic' economy rather than a capitalist economy would be so much better for the people the Current et al are crying their crocodile tears about. Instead, we get a litany of various ways of saying about the various 'issues' '... we're so so sympathetic, but what we have now in Canada is the future reality, we just don't have any money for you, get used to it, get used to less, learn to live with it', and bits of 'advice' from some nice apparently well-meaning, and smart, people about how to deal with the 'new in the box reality' - you don't really need fresh milk for your babies, dear, powdered milk is just as nutritious, really!!

The very simple truth is, of course, that we are a very wealthy country in Canada, and working Canadians produce more than enough wealth to provide for everyone with no hardships, if we had a 'democracy' of engaged, informed citizens looking after their/our affairs responsibly, but the rulers are skimming most of the 'profit' part of that wealth off for themselves, and telling the rest of us to make do on the ever-lessening remains they leave us. In a 'for the people' media (available of course now on the internet), the discussion would be about dumping this cancer of capitalism and turning to a more stable and people-friendly organisation of our society, and there would be many different things to talk about, and many different approaches to these things, based on establishing a non-capitalist-'dog eat dog' society where the objective was a decent country for all of us rather than a society devoted to maxing the 'wealth' of the rulers, based on running our monetary system and economy for 'we the people' rather than those who own and manage the country.

And we must acknowledge it - they sell it so well, these Masters of Manipulation - really nice, apparently well-meaning people, apparently examining current important issues from a 'friendly to the people' perspective!! - who wants to believe such people are lying or even our enemy? - but the people running the Current are very obviously lying (not obviously from their behaviour on the show, they are all the best actors money can buy for this very important, to the rulers, job, but seen through the filter of our 'outside the box' understanding of the truth), and they don't have to actually have guests who knowingly lie (although of course they have their regular list of paid propagandists pretending to be 'academics' of one type or another to do the 'serious heavy lifting' when needed), they just pick nice completely emboxed guests who have reached their pay grade, as the saying goes, which means they have simply accepted the box 'reality' with no questions, and are doing their best within the box, and have some ideas to share with others about how to get along in their society given the current conditions - well-meaning and believable people, if you have accepted the box pre-conditions.

For example, their Money Rules episode - sounded hopeful, for people like me who understand the big scam - is the Current really going to do something useful and talk about how those who create and control the money system rule????? - haha just joking - no, of course not, we have a 'nice lady' telling us that by golly, Money does rule your life, and you better start to deal with that, and do what you have to do to keep your finances under control, because things get bad when people don't do what Money demands!! - in other words, learn to love your God and do as he asks, accept the 'little' sacrifices he demands from time to time, and you can get along ok. Displease your God, and he has lots of ways to make you wish you had obeyed.

And we have similar 'in the box' looks at 'women and finance', 'family matters', 'health', 'winning the jackpot!', 'minimum wage', 'paying for the golden years' ....

Actually, let's have a quick 'deconstruction' of this last episode of this 'Project Money Current series - Paying for the retirement years. This has been an ongoing theme of the rulers for several years, playing into both the 'we have to have austerity!!' and 'divide and conquer' larger strategies of the rulers - the darn greedy and stupid 'baby boomers' are getting old, going to retire, going to stop working and expect pensions because most of them don't have enough savings for their retirement, and we're all going bust and going to be living in misery forever because of these terrible inconsiderate stupid old people failing to plan for their future (they don't, of course, use those words exactly, they pretend to be very sympathetic to 'the problems of seniors', but that is nonetheless the very clear message, regularly repeated everywhere in the media one way or another, and it's quite distressing how many young people have bought into this shit, blaming 'the boomers' for all of our current 'money problems', perfect little pawns of the rulers ....). And never, never, never do we hear a contrary word, or other explanations of why this situation exists, or what else we might do to deal with it, at least on the CBC - this is a very central box narrative, an important part of the larger 'divide and conquer' strategy, the 'we all must accept 'austerity' even our seniors' lie, one that has to be continually repeated to make sure everyone is on board because it wouldn't take a whole lot of thinking to see some pretty large problems with it so such thinking must be prevented as much as possible - and one that is quite vulnerable to 'reason' and 'truth', so the lies must be repeated on and on, and NO-body allowed to question the lies.

We never hear a (truly) contrary word, because all of this bit of 'our modern narrative' as created by the rulers and their Ministry of Truth is at best gross exaggeration, with a lot of plain lies and gatekeeping and dissembling thrown in to fill in the cracks. And people given something serious to worry about tend to worry more than they think, and thinking is deadly to these people creating our New World Order. So naturally, as 'caring people' in the CBC segments just trying to work out a good solution for us, they all pretend to be very concerned about the problem, and just genuinely trying to find a way through this, to make a better future for everyone, for, especially, these lazy or careless or just stupid old people who failed to plan adequately for their future and now expect the already struggling younger generations to pick up THEIR burden too. BUT - always, always through the filter of 'Oh, we have no money! How can we deal with this problem with no money, and everybody forced to do what they can whilst dealing with the austerity we all must acknowledge!!??'.

This is a very good exemplar of something 'progressives' are supposed to listen to on their trusted CBC, and think, 'Wow, these are really nice people (doing this show) on the CBC, who really tackle serious problems in our society, who seem to know their stuff, and are telling us about a terrible impending problem, and suggesting ways to get out of it - so sure, we see that there is going to be some hardship for a few people, but there's lots of hardship in the modern world for most people, and this is better than the alternative disaster, some kind of complete financial Armageddon for sure, if we do not do as they suggest, and start taking some serious action now, and let them keep cutting cutting cutting - all of us, of course, sharing in the coming pain (well, haha, except the elite, who seem to arrange for their incomes to keep increasing while the rest of the country takes their cutbacks in various ways, but we don't get into THAT conversation on the CBC for some reason ...) ... I will listen to them, and think about the options they give, and talk them over with my friends and family and whoever, and etc', and we will decide like the good responsible citizens we are which of the CBC suggestions we will decide to use.

Of course, after hearing and seeing and reading such presentations regularly over the last few years, pretty much everyone is on board with the desired message (darn old baby boomers, living above their means, running up national debts, now getting old and expecting we poor austerity-limited younger people to support them - selfish, nasty old people!!, not getting MY Money!!!), and have made their minds up about which of the various ideas to deal with the 'problem' are best. And - most importantly, the 'deeper truth' of all of these shows - your great CBC has all sides of this terrible problem covered, so don't even think of looking for other explanations of what is really going on, and what might be done about this problem in a much less confrontational way, in ways making things easier for everyone, rather than harder for people who have worked all their lives, and now get a kick in the teeth from their country in thanks - and also, when exposed to any ideas such as I have written about frequently, and others, suggesting we might think about the Bank of Canada, they have a kind of knee-jerk denial, a refusal to even consider such things - their God the CBC has spoken, and if the CBC is not talking about the Bank of Canada, the Faithful are not speaking of such things either - the God has given us our narrative, and We the Faithful follow the narrative the God provides, whether we call Her Ministry of Truth or Jehovah or AM Tremonti or Paul Kennedy or Michael Enright or Peter Mansbridge or Carol Off etc etc etc.

There are, of course, many outside-the-box contexts that could lead us to a very different idea of what is happening. As pointed out throughout, the rulers have very, very sophisticated propaganda, and very capable actors to present their propaganda, and this is part of it - a well semi-scripted presentation, to work over the propaganda, and keep - ah - inconvenient questions from arising.

For example, a 'for the people' person involved with this 'Oh, what will we do about old people having no money??' show might raise some of these questions and points:

  • - These pension plans they speak of, that are no longer adequate (we are told) for many people's retirement, were carefully considered when they were first initiated by smart people who made adequate plans for their continued funding - why the sudden problems over the last few years? Wouldn't that be an avenue worth a look, as it might point to some solutions, or at least some problems we might avoid in the future? There has obviously been, at best, it would seem, if pensions once thought to be adequately funded turn out not to be, some serious mismanagement at some point in the not-too-distant past, or if not, just as likely, some serious looting - why should the victims of the 'mismanagement' and/or looting not be helped by their government, rather than abandoned? Shouldn't the gov be going after the looters and not the victims? And not only the government - where are the 'good' journalists digging into these things and looking out for 'we the people', rather than joining with the looters/mismanagers who have created this mess in the first place and telling the 'lootees' they'll just have to live with the negative impacts of the crime that has been done to them? - and etc - or -
  • - Isn't it a fact that the 'defined benefit' plans that were at one time the norm were/are plans that truly look out for the welfare of the people contributing - while 'defined contribution' plans are plans that benefit the rulers, in every way, and just throw the contributors into the casino controlled by speculators? Isn't that a true indication of what is happening here - a society once run almost democratically for the benefit of 'we the people' has been morphed into a society primarily run for the owners of the society, who don't wish to be saddled with any responsibility for the millions of people they have thrown, and plan to continue throwing, under the nearest bus?
  • - Even assuming you want to play in the box rather than out, what about - Since so many large businesses are having record profits these last few years (check out bank profits, monies transferred to offshore tax havens, etc), and Canada now has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, shouldn't we be talking about asking these large profitable businesses to contribute a bit more to any problems, since their profits are directly created by those they hire to work for them? Again, were government pension obligations ever considered when the taxes were lowered? Or was this indeed simply part of the plan - lower taxes, reduce government income, use 'lower income! poor gov!!' as an excuse for going after pensions along with so many other programs designed to create a secure citizenry?
  • - One of the interviewees in the show suggested that a lot of these problems are related to the stock market - tell me you aren't seriously suggesting that pension plans have been basing their future on gambling in the modern stock market, which is nothing more than a big casino, which is completely, in our modern crony-capitalist society, rigged very openly in favor of the big guys and against the little average people? Again, very serious mismanagement at absolute best, and now the victims are told that after the money they contributed in good faith is gone - 'too bad!' rather than going after the people who obviously threw their ideas of 'fiscal responsibility' out the window. To the extent the government should have been responsible for making sure large citizen pension plans were safely managed, they should now assume responsibility for the losses, rather than blaming the victims.
  • - And of course, with everything related to money, and all of the complaints in this issue as well about 'oh we're so poor!!', we always need to ask why the government has arranged its economy - that is to say, why it is managing **our** economy - so that it allows private banks to control our credit supply, at a current direct cost in 'service charges' for completely unnecessary borrowing of at least $50-60 billion per year, and literally untold uncounted 'spinoff' costs of at least hundreds of billions over the last few decades, when it could have used, could still use, the Bank of Canada to create its own credit interest and debt free? Would we be having this great angst about pensions and every other 'austerity' claim if we had not turned over a couple of trillion dollars of tax money to 'investors' over the last 30+ years? One suspects not ....
Another big 'problem' being pushed the last few years is that so many Canadians are not saving for their retirement - but although this is acknowledged in the show (stupid old people creating their own problems and now looking to 'society' to bail them out!!), there is no serious discussion, beyond these people apparently being included in the eventual 'Fraser institute' solution - MAKE everyone contribute somehow, for the 'forced contribution' national pension plan, about *why* so many people are not saving. But just maybe, even if it's true many people have not saved for their retirement, it's not because most Cdns are stupid and lazy and bad money managers, but maybe something else. Not once does anyone raise the issue that over the last 30 years, with the systemic inflation caused by letting private banks create our money-credit supply at interest, and the flattening of wages caused by the various 'free trade' (aka corporate rule) treaties so everyone keeps falling further and further behind in 'income related to Cost of Living), Cdns have been getting, in relative terms, poorer and poorer, and less and less able to just get by, let alone sock away some significant part of their income to save for a decent retirement (while, again, the elite, the wealthy, keep getting richer and richer and socking their fortunes away in tax havens and padding their 'real property' portfolios)

Anyone seriously talking about 'old people and the problems they create' in Canada would have these kinds of things on the table, and others noted earlier such as how we would all be better off in a social-democracy related system rather than a 'dog eat dog' capitalist system, and would have 'guests' who could shine some light on what is really going on with our money and economy and talk about ways we could fix all of these things, and be organising different political options rather than pretending there is nothing to be done other than wring our hands in despair and vote for which of the tweedle parties is offering the best austerity package. But, of course, anyone looking for more excuses to justify the NWO dumbed-down, poorer and poorer, country would, of course, ensure such talk remained firmly in darkened closets... - and it has to be glaringly clear that the CBC is completely a Judas, pretending to be the friend of the people, whilst actually leading them into the arena where the soldiers await with the crosses, not fighting the usurpers, but enabling them, telling the cows the inside of the slaughter house is really not so bad, shhhhh things are fine, it'll all be over soon, don't cry baby ...

It is very clear from 'outside the box' that the CBC is playing the role of 'good cop' in a way, selling shit to the public with a smiley face, and lots of sympathy, but in the end the message is the same - this is the new world, get used to it. And this is a usurpation, not any kind of necessity, as far, far better worlds are also creatable, if we understood what was being done, and actually trying ourselves to create such a better world.

Remember, always - the rulers are master gamesplayers, they've been controlling the citizens and 'our' society for hundreds of years, they are completely ruthless, they have all the money in the world, they control the media completely now, and at the current time they have a citizenry which they have been dumbing down quite successfully for 30 years - when they want very talented actors to present their case, if suitable dupes are not available or the situation is too important to trust to dupes who may stray off-message - they get very talented actors (including of course people who may have had idealistic dreams of being a 'real journalist' in their younger years but have awoken to the message of who really rules the world and decided to look out for themselves and 'fuck the people' as so many obviously have), and sell them the way they sell everything else when they have almost complete control of the Spectacle everyone lives in all day every day of their lives - very, very successfully. There is no 'debate' here, or anywhere else on the CBC - there is only top-level management, and continual assurance the Box abides.

That is the deeper truth ye need to know in this time in our history, that includes all other 'truths' within.

CBC - the Masters VOice CBC Gatekeeping on Money and The Economy Example 3: - just briefly, but again, as I write, examples every day - a 'personal finance expert' on Ottawa Morning (Sept 1 2014 - the final rewriting now a year later has, imagine!!, the same 'story' in Sept of 2015 as the students once again prepare to live on student loans) telling university students that they really need to start saving and budgeting for their expensive education - it's a tough world, boys and girls, get used to it. That is the box message, the return to hardcore dog-eat-dog laissez-faire capitalism that they are taking us to - it's a hard world, you have to work hard, and accept a lot of debt to have a chance to get ahead, and there are many losers and few winners (we'll have some of the 'we're doing great!!' winners on the CBC of course to tell us all how great life is in Canada, the losers can go live under rocks somewhere for all we care) - get used to it, stop whining nobody actually gives a fuck whether you do as you need to do to crawl into some money or die under a bridge somewhere (again, they don't say that of course, but underneath the nice words, this is the very clear message - work hard and do what you have to to get a good job, or you're on your own bud - best advice we can give you in capitalist canada ..). Responsible but naive young people, already well indoctrinated for all of their lives, anyone born since 1980 or so has been, will take this to heart, work hard, save hard, and with their parents' help get a degree, etc etc, and join the box in one of Neo's cubicles, because the alternative is not to be contemplated - the lucky few, the less ethical few, will move in to the lower ranks of the capitalist heirarchy hoping to fight their way to a decent life, at least materially (god only knows what goes on in the minds of these people after selling their souls, but we know they take a lot of meds and other mood-enhancing things at the end of the day, say 'fuk you!!' a lot when challenged in any way, play a lot of very violent video games ...), at any rate, while many, many others decide not to incur that huge debt (or have no choice, no family with enough pennies to cosign), and enter their lives of insecure, low-paying work, insecure, not-much-fulfillment lives - the new peasant class being well established already in our country.

Out of the box, again of course, we would, first and foremost, want somebody talking about why the government has its finances arranged in such a way that it prioritizes paying 50-60 billion in 'interest' every year for fraudulent loans, and justifies more and more 'tax cuts' for the wealthiest people and businesses in the country, but claims poverty when it comes to looking after our kids, or older people, or sick people, or poor children, or anyone else we used to think it quite natural to look after (or why the media enables this of course). On real 'for the people' media, we would have somebody on from Finland, or Denmark, or Germany or France, or most European countries, where they welcome young students, and pay them to get a good education and become good, democratic citizens, recognizing that giving our young people a good education is not a 'burden' of some kind, as the Rulers see it (why would a farmer want an educated cow causing trouble any more than a southern plantation owner would send the 'darkie children' off to university?) but a real investment in our future, one guaranteed to pay off quickly, and in a synergistic fashion. On real 'for the people' media, we would be talking to people who have ideas about a better society overall, where 'look after one another' is the dominant philosophy, not 'fight like dogs and the top dog rules all hahaha!!!!!!!', ideas about organising to make *their* government more responsive to what the people want, not this endless promotion of corporate objectives of looting and power. But not in capitalistland, I am afraid, children, and not on the capitalist broadcasting corporation of the 21st century. Momma likes her toys, momma rat, now that the mask of 'nice Disney momma!!' has come pretty much off, doesn't really give a rat's ass about her babies, and the children who aren't prepared to join ratland and the new rat-eat-rat world will have to get by with some thin gruel. Don't even think of asking for more - dissidents are not welcome in capitalistland. (read some history of Germany in the 1930s for a somewhat thought-provoking parallel to what is going on in Canada the last few years in terms of daring to oppose the agenda ...)

CBC Gatekeeping on Money and The Economy Example 4: Final example: We can't do a bit on exposing the CBC's coverup of the true money-credit situation without a quick reference to Margaret Atwood's utterly shameful, but very revealing, whitewash-disinformation of 'debt in Canada as the Ministry of Truth would like you to see it' on her 2008 CBC Massey Lectures on 'Debt'. Ms Atwood is a very smart woman, and yet she completely leaves out any mention of the key components of our modern 'debt', first that we must distinguish between 'legitimate' debt (I buy something from a store and promise to pay them over time - they have given me something 'real' and I should pay them, a very common thing in any community), and artificial, odious debt, which is the main problem of our times as I have explained at length earlier - commercial banks creating 'money' out of thin air and loaning it to not only us for big things like mortgages, but 'our' governments as 'debt' requiring interest, all explained earlier so I won't get into it here, aside from noting that no intelligent person sincerely doing the kind of 'debt' research during the modern era that would be required for a 5-hour lecture series, with so much information now available on the internet about this, could not learn about this - and thus there can be no doubt whatsoever she was complicit in yet another part of the great lie of the rulers about our modern 'debt' - indeed, it has to be almost a certainly the CBC commissioned her with just such a 'nothing to see here children look over there!!!!' goal of misinformation gatekeeping, as many websites actually looking for some real truths about our world are discovering this massive fraud, and trying to educate people about it. She is not alone, unfortunately, there are quite a large number of prominent Brutuses among us these days posing as (and being presented by the CBC and corporate press as) 'leading figures of the left'... as I keep pointing out, if someone is regularly featured on the CBC in evidently 'free talking' conversations, you can be certain they are not 'our' friend)

I could give a great many more examples of how the CBC and its 'reporting' on our economy and money are a very central part of the narrative creation of our times, the Spectacle within which we are all kept like animals on a big, but carefully fenced to keep us away from the grass that really is greener on the other side of that hill, farm, but in the end they are all the same in terms of general approach rather than specifics - they pretend to 'investigatively' and sympathetically examine some problem Cdns are having with money, or about the 'economy', and might even offer some suggestions about dealing with these artificial problems - but only 'in the box' suggestions, never ever a word about the primary problem, that commercial banks (and to go even deeper, the people who control these commercial banks) create and control our money-credit system, entirely for their purposes, purposes which, in our modern times, are very directly antithetical to 'the wellbeing' of 'we the people.

And so there is no point in saying any more about the CBC and the big power in our modern times, Money - if you listen with your brain outside the box after reading this, if you haven't been already, and put everything through this one filter, that they never talk about who creates and controls our money and for what purpose and how understanding and controlling this system democratically would mean the complete removal of all of these problems, you will realise that everything they do about 'money' or 'debt' or the economy is just a big load of diversion at best, outright lies at worst, designed to keep you and all of us enslaved to these completely imaginary 'debt' chains, and getting rid of the 'debt slavery' is about as easy as turning off the scoreboard at the end of the game, and resetting everything to zero, or understanding you can stop all of your killing and other brutalities in the name of 'god', because there actually is no god, and you're not getting some big reward after you die for all of these crimes. A bit more complicated, of course, as these people will surely fight back viciously at any attempt to dethrone them, but at the root - that is all we need to do. More in the final part of the book.

Box Case Studies II: The CBC and Canadian political coverage:

Pretty much all political coverage involves spectacle of some kind, as the purpose is to take something that is very serious for all of us, how our country is run as, we believe, a 'democracy', and conceal the 'truth' of what is going on by turning it into a great and believable (for naive dumbed down citizens) Punch 'n' Judy style puppet show, lots of action no substance, but a believable (for children taught to believe what the 'authorities' tell them, the 'good guys are us, bad guys are them!! version of 'history' and 'current events', like they get on Saturday morning cartoons and hollywood movies and tv series, the kind of things children find easy to live with), sellable, satisfying story for those in the box.

After the 'debt chains' that control our lives, the other major lie of our modern times that keeps Cdns firmly in 'the box' is the lie of the pretend democracy, the lie that we have a 'fair' political system, with the political parties and their leaders actually representing different ideas, and the 'leader' of the governing party is actually the 'highest' power in the land, and that when we 'elect' one of these parties every few years, whatever they get up to is thus 'democratically legitimate' - and thus there is no point in talking about 'revolution' of any kind, as obviously 'democracy' is the best system providing the most freedom to the most people, so all we can do is patiently accept what is happening, and work harder for 'our' choice next election. As talked about earlier, this is a massive fraud for many reasons, just as important as the lies and gatekeeping about what is really going on with money for keeping people passively accepting what is being done around them in 'their' society, and thus considerable media time is directed at maintaining this fiction, especially for the 'progressives' and other Cdns who take an active interest in how we are ruled, and 'competing' (they believe) in which of these parties will win 'the big election!!'.

(I wrote an essay a few years ago about how the media completely controlled the 2008 election, demonising one party and making the other appear the 'natural choice' for 'caring, engaged adults', that is still very relevant to Cdn 'real' politiks - Canadian media - reporting or managing the 2008 election - the way the entire media was making the Liberal party and their leaders look bad, and making Harper look good, and doing all they could to push 'swing voters' or 'not too committed leftie' voters to 'give Harper a chance' was just blatantly obvious to anyone not immersed in the spectacle and too busy having fun to think about what was going on - and now this book has taken so long the 2015 coronation of the young Trudeau has been accomplished in the same way - somebody really needs to do a book about this sometime soon, an extremely well-managed campaign by the Rulers, the Great Manipulators, to 'restore' the idea of 'legitimacy' in the Canadian government, which was very tattered after the last 30 years or so, and especially the last 10 with Harper - over the year or so prior to the 2015 Cdn election, the unhappiness and disgust was built for Harper across Canada, the love and adulation of the young, handsome, personable Trudeau, and success was achieved, the happy children following the Pied Piper where he led them (although there was considerable reluctance among those of us understanding the Great Farce - but again we will hear nothing but 'the great majority!!!' in future speaking of this election, but in reality of course he got only 40% of the vote, the same as Harper's last majority ... the Bay St Cabal abides ...)

Again, stories every day on the CBC expose the box filter of mainstream political coverage for those aware of what is really happening. In a 'bigger picture' sense, of the McLuhan 'media is the message' sense, it is very clear when you watch the 'news' coverage of politics in Canada on the major 'current affairs' shows that all of these people - the politicians and so-called 'journalists' - are all part of the same club, the same class - they all know one another, and are basically friends, and chat and joke together as members of the same club do - and one is naturally pretty disinclined to say really bad things about your friends, or get asking really hard questions that might open doors neither they nor you want opened (if you want to keep your nice jobs, pols or pretend-journos working for the Big Money) - often your only friends, as a very large number of Canadians have little use for either politicians or people calling themselves 'journalists', as both classes have very much earned our distrust and worse over the years the corporate reactionary revolution (CRR, discussed at length in the second part of the book) has been being put in place (although of course with the CBC, many of the hosts individually are deeply revered, a sign of the deep indoctrination among the 'progressive' class unable to see the lies and propaganda the CBC is feeding them daily, and evidence of the way the creators of the CRR-NWO-branch Canada have managed to retain the reputation of the CBC of the 60s and 70s and some of the long-time hosts whilst morphing it into a completely antithetical kind of entity, Brutus with his falsely smiling face maintaining the friendship and respect of Caesar whilst busily sharpening the knife behind his back).

You do hear mildly 'hard interviews' at times with some 'lefty' leaders, as the increasingly right-wing orientation of the senior CBC hosts shows through, but this hostility is nothing more than one family member disliking another family member and the commonality of 'big picture' purpose they share keeps them generally speaking from the same place, as they are all good servants of the masters, and well rewarded for their work betraying Canadians, and don't have to mingle much with the peasants, so I wouldn't imagine they worry too much about not being widely liked. (and yes, every now and then there is a 'political sacrifice' of some sort, as someone gets thrown under the bus, as they at least tried to do to Mike Duffy in 2014-etc, to their eventual great embarrassment (never openly admitted, of course), but the 'ultimate bond' is never broken, nobody ever gets into talking about who and what really controls the overall show)

As an important box wall, there are political propaganda stories pretty much daily, guiding and creating the desired narrative, gatekeeping stories they don't want Cdns paying attention to or thinking about, as maintaining the 'legitimacy' of the political process is one of the primary functions of the box propaganda, and leaving people too much free time to think for themselves about what is going on politically would very probably lead to some very dangerous, for the rulers, ideas, so keeping them occupied with trivia and faux-scandals and gossip is a necessary component of keeping them well in the limits of the box (a task well facilitated of course by 30 years of dumbing down).

THE 2015 ELECTION - obviously, important political stuff, as at the end of this process, as with every election, we were going to see which of the three parties, with very different political agendas, was going to run the country for the next few years - at least, that is the mantra that was repeated from the beginning, and is repeated at every election. Not true, of course, as talked about earlier, but very necessary for the 'people' to believe, so given a great deal of attention by the indoctrination reinforcers of the corporate state media.

It would take a lengthy book just to do any kind of even partially thorough deconstruction of the great amounts of press and airtime devoted to any election, which might be of interest to future scholars doing some documenting and proving the complete 'in the box' content (although there might be even more space devoted to the actually more important topic of trying to understand just why so many apparently intelligent citizens in modern Canada seemed completely unaware of this great and quite obvious fraud), but not for me here. But just a few examples from this election that is going on as I work on the last rewrite of this book, showing some places where a **true** investigative or 'for the people' media had every opportunity to 'ask the hard questions', but did not, creating a narrative of 'the election' as part of the Ministry of Truth, rather than doing the true journalism that would blow the whole charade out of the water.

Some 'deeper truth' background: All through this 'campaign', the CBC has had almost daily 'narrative creation' of what is happening, and what it means, not taking any chances that we poor average citizens might actually think for ourselves about what the various antics of the politicians mean, etc. One supposes the primary reason for this is that there are a lot of things **not** being talked about, and citizens with still some functioning brain power with access to the internet might start wondering why so many 'lesser importance' things get so much CBC time, and things of somewhat greater importance get little or no time - for example, there has been a lot of talk about 'balanced budgets', but this is a completely fabricated issue - the governments cannot even get a decent accounting of what they did last year, and I don't think ever in history has a government made a budget now that turned out to reflect actual spending a year from now.

But of course, when talking about 'money', it's important that nobody gets around to talking about far more important things such as 'where does the money come from in the first place??' and etc, as talked about often before, so these various chimera must be brought out by the media and big issues made of them - they seem confident that 'average Cdns' will think about what the CBC tells them to think about, with good enough reason, it appears, sadly enough. Or the three major 'trade' treaties currently being negotiated, the TTIP and TPP and almost completely ignored most important one, the ISDS-CETA, all of which promise very serious long term implications for Canada are basically being completely ignored - again, a big hornet's nest waiting to be stirred up if 'average Cdns' start understanding what the government is up to, so complete silence is the key here - and very notable that all 3 major parties have the same approach - nothing to see here, folks, beyond occasional pious content-free lip service of one type or another, move on to 'big' issues like whether a woman should be allowed to wear a niqab when taking the citizenship oath in Canada, or ongoing 'scandals' about the Cons policy towards refugees, a completely spectacle 'story', as again talked about earlier, etc etc etc - the Canadian Media of All Things Trivial.)

Some 'exemplarific' examples of things repeated often during an election:

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 1

Anyone but Harper/Cons - a big movement during the 2015 election, and a very big and successful Trojan horse type thing - for, of course, understanding that it doesn't matter who you elect, you get the same government, reveals the sham of this. But a very important sham, as standing back from the fray and able to see some context, one realises that the rulers have been facing a serious 'legitimacy' problem the last few years, with tanking voter turnout as more and more people were becoming completely disillusioned with the increasingly obvious completely undemocratic way the country was being run, and for both Canada and the world, having governments doing what most people do not approve of with under 50% voter turnout is going to, at the least, provide a good weapon to fight the rulers with, so I have no doubt a 'plan' was formed to restore some 'legitimacy' to a very shaky oligarchy - and the demonisation of Harper, the praise of Trudeau, and the manipulated polling to create the impression of a 'close race' so if you want to get rid of Harper get out and vote!!!! was implemented. And now, with someone besides Harper in the PM's office, and business continuing as usual, people will go home tired but happy, thinking 'democracy has spoken!!', and allow Trudeau to carry on with the Bay St agenda. The media of course will paint it in different colors, and spin it differently, but little with change beyond some superficial gestures, as the coming years will, I have no doubts at all, show. (one recalls the 93 election of Chretien, under similar circumstances, and he and Martin not only continued the Mulroney agenda, but on steroids, as they say.)

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 2

Island Morning 'political discussion' Sept 18 2015 - sincere, well-emboxed commentators, esp the nice young lady from the newspaper, serious like a well-indoctrinated young faux-journalist, making the required talking points - all not in any way prejudiced, not trying to push anyone anywhere, all talking about all parties in a neutral sort of analysis - but not even remotely approaching the walls of the box, the hard questions about why nobody is talking about using the Bank of Canada for the governments' debt problems, or why we keep bombing in the mideast when 20 years of bombing has caused such problems, and etc. For several elections now, the entire Cdn media has devoted itself to sensationalizing trivia over any kind of actual 'issue', and they are continuing this year. The major 'trade' treaties currently being negotiated, treaties with ramifications far more important for Canada than the trivialities featured by the media - the TTIP, TPP, CETA-ISDS and others - were hardly mentioned, and then primarily to give some supporter a chance to call those who protested against them 'misguided' in some way, and tell us how great they would be for Canada.

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 3

Sept 18 Analysis: On the economy, politicians debate, central bankers decide - obvious gatekeeping - not a word about why any democratic government pretending to be 'sovereign' should allow any bank to dictate to it, nor why they should be allowed to create endless amounts of money at interest and loan it to a supposedly sovereign government. Etc.

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 4

Sept 17 - Globe and Mail Leaders Debate - on the Economy, and not a word about using the Bank of Canada. Not a word about a 'social democracy for the people' economy being so much more stable and prosperous for the people, or how a 'capitalist oriented' economy is devoted to maxing the takings of the rulers, and who gives a sweet fuck about the people? and etc. No need for lengthy deconstruction, it just gets repetitive. But if you want examples of how the CBC, and all media, maintain the box walls, you could have a listen, with the appropriate filters activated, and much becomes clear. The power to create and manage our nation's credit-accounting system is pretty much *the* major power in the land, and the media are **not** going to talk about, and Canadians are **not** going to be told anything about it.

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 5

The Current, Sept 15 2015 - a 'panel' discussion of the latest happenings in the election, with 3 people from the different political perspectives telling us all how it is in the box. This is your 'field of debate', Canadians (we are led to believe) - the three parties really do present different visions of how they want the country run, the media reports on these things faithfully and reasonably honestly, and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to mark your X on the ballot in a few weeks for which vision you believe in!!! And you'll be a Good Citizen for doing so!! (kind of touching, the same day, to see in the Charlottetown Guardian - student union encouraging students to vote - the innocents being trained to elect their keepers ... and so happy to be given that great honor ... reminds one of the Hitler Youth a bit, no?) And this is 'the narrative' in creation, as the citizen robots watch themselves being programmed, as the cows in the field mindlessly watch the new building being built, to which they will soon be led to slaughter.

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 6

Sept 18 - the House - again, more 'in the box' 'this is important!!!!' stories - an interview with the PM, going over the things we are all supposed to be thinking are at stake here, then a 'panel' discussion about same, and etc - as always, there is a great deal of 'narrative creation' with all of the political coverage, and nothing even remotely actually 'enlightening' to any knowledge-seeking citizen, but the senior media people and politicians work together to maintain the lie, the spectacle, that keeps their masters, the oligarchy, in power, and 'we the people' working happily on our modern plantation (well, the managing class are happy enough, the lower classes not so much - but hey, we never hear from the lower classes on the CBC, so we don't need to think about them ever, at all, really - that's what all the spectacle entertainments are for..). And the Box abides and strengthens, with the CBC Ministry of Truth guiding us all along.

But whaddya want dave???? I hear the too-deeply-indoctrinated-to-yet-understand proles asking - well, if I had a show on the CBC (haha), I'd have these people on for sure - and with them some others who would challenge them - why aren't we getting the same kind of impartial detailed analysis of the trade agreements as we do of Mike Duffy's trial? The Duffy trial is about a truly miniscule $90,000, the trade agreements will involve literally trillions over the next 20 years - and a LOT of people have a lot of very serious criticisms - why aren't we getting a lot more talk about them? Or - always, always, with all the complaining about money, why isn't the CBC doing some detailed examination of the very credible suggestion the gov use the Bank of Canada as it did from the 1930s when it was created through the 1970s, to provide its credit at nomimal interest, instead of borrowing from commercial lenders at interest, thus running up huge debts? Sure there are people calling themselves economists out there who will mock the idea - let's have some debates between them, and people who promote the idea, and let Cdns decide, you know, like in a democracy? Or finally, let's talk about 'terrorism', and how we should be dealing with it? There are very, very credible arguments, again, that the US-led bombing of the middle east the last 30 years has created the very terrorism they claim to fight - again, the 'experts' will disagree, but is it the job of the CBC to feed Canadians only one side of this story? and etc etc - many, many smaller issues - about student debt, why don't we have someone from Iceland or Finland wondering why the government doesn't provide higher education for free to all who qualify? and etc etc etc.

I'll just add a few 'non 2015 election' examples from recent years to point out how a true 'for the people' media might deal in a far more informative (for the people's enlightenment) way with some of these things - more informative ways that might cause some difficulties for the Box controllers. Such stories can be heard for deconstruction virtually daily on the CBC - pretty much anything to do with politics in Canada 'assumes' this fiction (that all major parties offer very different visions, thus it really does matter which one you elect, thus when we (the media) show scandals affecting all parties, we really are 'impartial'!!), and any stories trying to hype the 'differences' between the parties are obviously central to this myth. As noted earlier, the only differences, of course, are cosmetic at best, and all parties agree on the major box requirements (we do NOT talk about where money comes from! We do NOT talk about 'corporate state propaganda media' - the media are as honest and forthcoming about all things of importance as the politicians themselves! We do NOT talk about the utter sham of the 'war on terror' or the very nefarious motives behind the creation of the 'lockdown ready' state! being the major points of our country that must NOT be raised). (and of course there is to a certain extent a real competition between these parties - the percs available to the 'party in power' are much greater than the percs available to the 'official opposition' - and of course nobody ever talks about this in the Cdn media. And many if not most of the lower politicians are probably 'normal people' who actually believe the system is as it is taught in civics courses; the ones who get into politics as 'career minded' probably understand the system, and that their chance of reaching the 'exalted heights' are very dependent on how well they serve power, and power is not served by blabbing revealing truths to the people ...)

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 7

- Aug 17 2014 - Libs, NDP plan to storm Alberta. Lots going on here, under the surface where the CBC doesn't want its readers/listeners/watchers going. The big one, of course, the overall story arc during this period, is the tweededee-dum shift, as an ever increasing number of Cdns have had about enough of Harper, and it's time to slide in Mr Dee, or Dum, wherever it is in the cycle. Trudeau is being groomed as the young Canadian savior, Harper as the old pol who's been in power too long, getting too arrogant and lost touch with the people, old scandals mounting up, etc. No question that Trudeau is getting his majority next year. (with some push from the media of course to let the people know how the narrative is developing - good boxers are adept at picking up the early signs of trends - NDP problems piling up across Canada - we want to be sure Trudeau gets his majority, as minorities are somewhat restricted in their actions, as they cannot give the game away - Cdns are well indoctrinated, but not completely brain dead...)

The second thing to observe here is the gatekeeping function of the media, the way they control any discussion and steer it into places they want to talk about, and away from things they don't want Cdns talking about. A good example the last few years has been our 'first past the post' (FPTP) voting system, which is completely dysfunctional when there are 3 or more parties which have any significant number of supporters (and even with only two parties, can lead to significant misrepresentation, as often happens in PEI, for example, where one party regularly gets something like 50-55% of the vote and 95% of the seats). It has been very obvious for 30-40 years now, that Canada, if it wants to call itself a 'democracy', *must* move to a proportional representation electoral system - with any more than two parties, you cannot have even remotely fair representation with the FPTP system.

At this time in our history, for example, this would be better for Trudeau and the Libs, and even the Cons, in terms of getting a fair number of seats in every province, but it would be even more beneficial to the NDP, not only in increasing their seat numbers in almost every election in every province, but also giving them a true 'balance of power' function in most legislatures, as the Cons and Libs take 35-45% of the vote apiece, as they always have, and the NDP then gets most of the rest, and if we had PR they could seriously influence what legislation is passed by either mainstream party through 'tit for tat' dealing (far from perfect, of course, but also far, far better than a party with the support of 25% of voting aged Canadians getting a 'majority' government due to the FPTP system and doing as they wish unchecked for 5 years).

The fact that the NDP refuse to fight for this power or even talk about this 'balance of power' idea, and barely give lip service to PR, is a clear sign they are in league with the other two Bay St parties to maintain the system of faux-majorities we usually see in Canada (majorities, usually false, of either party are far preferable for the Bay St rulers, as they don't have to deal with potentially troubling demands from the NDP trying to maintain legitimacy with their grassroots people, most of whom are very opposed to Bay St governments - you can see how many more seats the Libs would have out west currently by checking out the 2011 election results - under PR, the Libs would have almost twice as many seats (and the Cons about half as many); in the west, the Libs currently have about 12% of the vote, and only ~5% of the seats.

In a very related way, we see very regularly now columns or stories about people and the very strong anti-Harper movement the last year and more, 'anybody but Harper', all the stories making Trudeau the obvious turn-to choice - blatant in-the-box manipulation, as part of the long term tweedledee-dum game - remember 10 years ago, Martin was toast with the 'adscam' created scandal, then Dion and Ignatieff completely trashed in the media as Harper was the 'go to good guy' and etc - very obvious manipulation of the public, particularly 'progressives' when seen from a vantage of some perspective, as the tweedle game continues. (in the previous 'pro-Harper' days, Dion and then Ignatieff were almost always presented in a non-complimentary way via photographs, hair dishevelled, looking flustered, very unstatesmanlike, not the kind of person you want to think of representing our country in important foreign meetings, while Harper was shown just the opposite - and now when we see Trudeau, it is not in that uncomplimentary way, but relaxed, smiling, neat hair and suit - very statesmanlike and just shouting out to the (shallow teenage-mind beauty-worshipping) reader 'this man can be trusted!!'- the masters of propaganda and spin ever at work behind the scenes - and Harper increasingly presented as a man losing control of his people, not the kind of person you want as a leader, etc) (my longer essay about this here - Canadian media - reporting or managing the 2008 election )

And there is a third aspect to the ongoing narrative - every day we listen to the CBC, or other media, and let them tell us what is 'important' in our country, we lose another small bit of power, or accept our position as passive accepters of whatever the media want us to believe, rather than gathering information and deciding for ourselves what to think. A democracy should not be a popularity contest between various leaders and the effectiveness of their advertising people and/or who the media is telling us is 'statesmanlike' and who is not, it should be 'we the people' sitting down and talking about things ourselves, deciding ourselves what is important and needs our attention, and instructing whoever our representatives are what WE want done, and then keeping a close watch on them, as we would a new maid or gardener, to make sure they are doing their jobs as instructed (and if not, of course, we quickly find someone more competent).

And this -

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 8

Sept 9 2014 - Parliament's back! - a rather blatant, to any impartial observer, of 'creating the narrative' right in front of our faces - the commentators here all on script, telling us what the issues will be, telling us that next year's (supposed) election 'starts now!!', and etc - this last being a theme I have never really heard before, in regard to Canadian elections - it is common in the US, where the election battles are *always* being fought, but usually in Canada nothing starts happening until at most a few months ahead of an election that must happen because the 'mandate' has run out - this idea that it starts 'now', a year ahead of its scheduled time (a time which, of course, Harper is still free to change to a later or earlier date) is new.

And obviously scripted from above, as all major political shows are featuring at least one story about this at this time, and the local commentators have obviously also been told to be sure to mention it along the line - THE ELECTION STARTS NOW FOLKS!!!! - obviously, this is a new spectacle thing that can always be fallen back on over the coming months, when a distraction from some far more important story is needed, one of the main purposes of spectacle.

But the 'creating the narrative' thing is also key - obviously, average Canadians have nothing to do with what the 'narrative' is - average Canadians might want a lot of things, such as less financial pressure, which the government has created in various ways and could ease in various ways if it wanted to - issues surrounding pensions, and health care, and tuition, and decent jobs, could all be usefully addressed, if the government agenda was not transferring as much money as possible to the ruling class - so of course we cannot talk about that on the ruling class's secretariat media. Or any of the many serious issues I have talked about above - all can be acknowledged now and then as part of the claim to 'covering the news', but then generally shuffled to the back rows if we have this 'compelling drama!!!!' of the election maneuverings to watch and comment on with great excitement over the coming months.

As always - the media in control, the citizens following along mindlessly 'thinking' (using the word somewhat loosely of course) about what they are told to think about like passive kids watching a Saturday morning cartoon, or just doing as their authority-teachers tell them to do in those long years of school - do as you're told, don't think, just do as you're told, choosing A, B or C from the list we give you is 'thinking' and 'freedom'. (and another small step, of course, towards some kind of North American unified state, with all of us copying the way the US does things - hell (the argument goes), we're practically the same as they are, and in these times of financial strains, great efficiencies could be found if we joined our bureaucracies - there would be great opposition today of course to anyone daring voice that, but there was great opposition to the FTA and NAFTA, but now, to read polls, it seems most Cdns accept it - as they would the closing down of Canada if sold properly, as it surely would be (the cost of living will go down!!!!) - they are, of course, very susceptible to any effective selling program, as good consumers should be. But a story and fight for another day, if we manage to survive this one first - although actually if that fight ever happens, it will be a formality - the current fight is the big one, if we lose this one, that's really the end, just a few i's left to be dotted and t's to be crossed, as they say.)

And this is a good one -

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 9

Sept 18 - the Current - 'does the media do something bad by reporting ISIS propaganda - or are we just doing our job? - soooo deep in the box! - for anyone outside the box, aware of the primary propaganda function of the CBC, this is just right in your face lies being forced on a public too punch drunk to even understand what is happening, let alone resist, for of course the CBC itself is nothing but propaganda, as they pretend to look at the propaganda of others. They do this kind of thing regularly (undoubtedly being aware that a very large number of Canadians have very little respect for the media for the reasons I have talked about herein at length, and others, valid or otherwise (the rightwing nutcases whine about the 'lefty' media, obviously not a 'valid' concern, just deep indoctrination and meme-screaming to the shallow barbarian mind), pretending to seriously, as a conscientious (honest) adult would do, examine their role in our society, and the way they do the job - experts at propaganda - as a way to attempt to maintain their legitimacy, pretend to talk about whether they are really doing a good job as 'journalists' (oddly enough, they invariably find they are doing a really great job for Canadians - sure, maybe a couple of minor problems we will try to work on, but overall, guys - hey! We're the best!!! Canadians are 'served' as well as anyone in the world with the Great CBC!!!!

( once again reminded of the other meaning of 'service', as it is used on farms, with bulls and cows .... the CBC is certainly 'servicing' the public very big time...) (and for some reason you never, never see or hear anyone on the CBC with some questions such as I often ask, with my perspective they are nothing more than propaganda - I am very much not alone with these views, and they are very obviously true views, so it is clear enough why they would never want me or others who understand the propaganda near a CBC mic, as any kind of serious truth is very dangerous to anyone doing propaganda - but as always, what is so puzzling is how many Cdns seem completely oblivious to the depth of the lies they are continually told on the CBC - the progressives are the ones who like the CBC, and the progressives are the ones who are supposed to be the more intelligent citizens, and yet they are completely propagandized and controlled)

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 10

Or another crossover 'political-economy' story - hundreds protest against pension bill. with a few other linked articles - it is quite noticeable that the CBC is entirely on the side of the government (and their business masters, as they are in every issue of any importance), giving them lots of space to justify what they are doing, with no union spokespeople at all, although they may have had one on one of their local shows to be able to claim 'balance' if challenged. But there is no 'balance' here, or fairness, as obviously the entire Canadian corporate media - owned of course by the same people who are trying to disempower Canadians largely by making them financially insecure - are trying to cut incomes and benefits of all workers. (much better and more balanced coverage is available, for example here on The Real News - Canada's largest union protests pension cuts)

CBC 'Ministry of Truth Narrative of Cdn Politics' Example 11

- or this, another current example worthy of a bit of longer deconstruction before we move on, as it is exemplarific of many things: The 2014 People's Social Forum in Ottawa - and getting some notice in the media (as noted frequently, an immediate red flag for anyone truly fighting the NWO who understands what is really happening here - the enemy does NOT give sanction or publicity to anyone they truly consider dangerous - why would they? does the Vatican get Richard Dawkins in giving a sermon haha?? Check out the CAP party, which struggled for years trying to tell Canadians the things I am saying in this book about the money scam and pretend democracy and media propaganda and other things - not once, not ever, mentioned in the corporate media, far, far too dangerous to even acknowledge (sure they give attention to 'new parties' they like - think of the upstart Wild Rose Party in Alberta - big free media publicity from the getgo, because they were a far-right party, who opposed the already existing parties because they were not far right enough, offering no challenge to the rulers....) - they are very much, however, in the business of directing those who oppose them into harmless activities, such as this 'Social Forum'.

This has obviously been an undertaking by many people truly interested in trying to get our country back onto a better path (truly trying to help, but, like so many, completely 'in the box', deceived into endless meaningless deck chair shuffling), with a lot of time and money involved, and has been built up as a great moment in the struggle against the NWO-vCanada/Harper. But it is exactly the reverse, when seen in the bigger picture, through the lens of a mature, talented and confident military strategist fighting an enthusiastic but naive foe, such as those coordinating the NWO-NewFeudalism takeover. This is only in a small sense a 'great protest' from the masses - in a much bigger, and more important way, it is a great triumph for the strategists of the NWO, who, once again like a black belt martial artist allowing their naive and inexperienced and somewhat too-trusting enemy to expend much energy whilst being prepared at any time to expertly throw them to the mat with a simple movement, have allowed this great effort by their enemy to happen under very controlled circumstances, and they have arranged everything to ensure that after all of this time and effort, although it will be lauded as a great thing, and everyone will feel something has been done - at the end of the day, this is going to have exactly zero influence on changing any government policy - a tactic the rulers have perfected over the years, letting their enemy (we the people) plan a big meeting, expend massive amounts of time, energy and money - for absolutely nothing in the end.

Look a bit deeper at what happened with this Great Democratic Initiative!!!:

First, there are '17 key themes' - which sounds great and inclusive, but is an absolute guarantee that nothing useful will be done about any of these things, and a great deal of effort is going to be diverted into an endless stream of 'divide and conquer' energy - one of the enemy's ever-useful turn-to strategies - a big meeting, inviting everyone, always a few dominant 'enemy' voices in the crowd creating dissent and division (if needed, it has often been noted in one way or another that the left's biggest enemy is themselves, endless meetings and never being able to agree on anything) so nothing gets done beyond pablum statements. Also a guaranteed dead-end for any movement, trying to be all things to all people, an utterly bottomless 'bucket list' of 'issues' to keep well-meaning but somewhat hubristic (MY issue is the most important!!) not overly bright people arguing among themselves and accomplishing nothing - with, of course, a few well-placed voices in every meeting to stop anything useful from getting any traction.

Second - we all know *what* needs to be done, or changed, or stopped, to make our country better - there are hundreds of manifestos of various kinds out there written by knowledgeable people over the last 30 years detailing the many significant problems with our country and world, and offering scenarios to make things better, most of which would be a great improvement on the current situation. We don't need more demands and ideas and studies and conferences about the problems, we need to figure out how to start getting some power so we can start implementing some democratic ideas. And although the '17 themes' do include some questions on 'democracy', there is nothing suggesting it is a 'foundational' problem that really needs to be dealt with as a basis for dealing with the other problems, or suggesting any serious organisation beyond 'work harder for the NDP!!' - it is obvious that for anyone controlling the message here, as someone obviously is, such questions, or any useful answers, get buried in the stampede of every small interest group to be equally, or firstly if they have enough pull or influence, heard. And there is nothing at all that talks about the most important issue of all today, who is controlling the money, and how they are using that power to make sure no effective resistance ever even gets off the ground, and to control the political process and media - pretty key information if we are going to awaken the public to what is going on. So, in the end here, a massive amount of smoke and noise, and energy and time and money from well-meaning people, leading to nothing - another bunch of months wasted running down another dead end canyon, another list of 'demands' for the rulers to ignore, and another few steps down the slippery slope - make no mistake, as they say, about it - time is very much on the side of the enemy, we do not have a lot of time left to get back on our feet and start seriously fighting back - the game will soon be over, the lockdown state beyond resistance, Big Brother out in the open. And, no doubt, a bunch of other people giving up the fight as hopeless, after all of this time and effort for no results. No wonder the media are so happy to cover this story.

And so that is what is going on 'in the box' with the CBC (and other corporate press outlets), to keep the citizens happily pushing around their various deck chairs, confident and happy they are working for change, when they are, in reality, working only to maintain the box, and strengthen it, for every day that goes by where the box is not attacked makes the walls just that much stronger, every nail no matter how small makes the coffin stronger. It is absolutely beyond argument that they are doing this, to anyone not controlled by their indoctrination, and with a larger world context, and historical context, to compare their lies and spin and gatekeeping of highly relevant and important information, and the simple ability to connect dots and draw your own conclusions.

The fight for Democracy is not even going to start until people fully understand the pretend-nature of the current system and the lies that enchain us, and how it is maintained by the corporate propaganda media.

Box Case Studies III: We're all in danger from terrorists!!!

voltaire - those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocitiesThe important 'box' aspect of these stories is, of course, the complete lack of context they provide, often the complete lack of truth as 'events' are simply fabricated to urge the naive citizens into accepting the latest desired US military action/'regime change', always the complete lack of historical context that would expose the lies, accepted by the majority of largely history-free 'new child naive citizen who believes their media like they believed their teachers in public school' without the necessary education or ability to think and reason for themselves to do some independent research or try some critical thinking and see the (many gaping) holes in the narrative and question their lies about the current situation, as they move us all into their Brave New World future in Thatcher's TINA (there is no alternative!!) mode. We are told, or at least strongly led to believe, there are evil terrorists out there who just want to kill nice Canadians because of our freedoms, and related nonsense, and we have to protect ourselves. Nice hobbits!!! attacked by mindless evil!! - completely out of context.( for example - Harper announces new anti-terrorism measures to protect Canadians).

The very obvious fact that we have been participating, directly or indirectly, in the bombing of middle eastern countries for the last 15 and more years (and the whole thing dating back to Balfour and Sykes-Picot during WWI), and for the last few our government has been very aggressive in its rhetoric and actions towards these countries and peoples, and that to whatever small extent we might be in danger, it is directly because of our own actions - the bombing we have done or supported, and all the killing of innocent people justified by blatant lies, makes the victims of those bombings very angry, and although they are very poor nations with no big armies that can travel around the world at will with huge ships and planes and a seemingly endless supply of guns and bombs attacking other countries as the US and its allies can do and does, this anger will always be a danger to us, as some time, some where, some angry person or people may get a chance to take some revenge - and thus to whatever extent we need to be 'on guard', it is not from mindless evil stalking our world, it is because of our own brutal and foolish and criminal actions, and some very angry people whom we have been oppressing and killing and bombing for a very long time may want to get back at us. This simple truth is never, never talked about in the corporate media, who have multiple objectives in wanting to create regime change and chaos in the countries the rulers are bombing, and who also find it useful, necessary even given their future plans, to have an excuse to increase the police presence in our lives and country, and who also find it useful to create a state of endless insecurity and a 'we must stick together!' attitude in the citizens here.

As noted throughout, the masters, those who would be rulers, have been playing this game for centuries, it's one of the most common tactics of all those-who-would-be-dictators, creating some 'terrible enemy!'to justify what they want to do, and to keep us fearful and begging for their protection, and are very, very good at it - both at arranging for us to behave the way they want us to behave, and at keeping us rather parochial and innocent in the childish, black-and-white, goodguys-vs-badguys way we (don't really) understand the world, and in trusting our leaders when they tell us there is some monster over there we need to go bombing and killing because they represent some great threat to us. In so many ways, so many of us in the 'modern world' are still at the intellectual level of schoolage children, trusting the authorities we have been raised to trust who tell us things, liking the narrative of 'We the good guys in white hats killing the nasty bad guys in black hats or whatever!! Yea Canada!!!!' and etc. As Chris Hedges and many others have been trying to tell us for quite a long time, that's not actually the case, and it's long past time we started growing up and seeing what 'our' great countries have been doing the last few decades. (one such Hedges talk here - The Great Unravelling)

Again, this has been going on for a long time, 100 years if you want to go back to the original US propaganda about 'The Evil Hun!!!!' to get the Americans into WWI, followed after WWII by the immediate switch to 'The Evil COMMIES!!!!!', etc (or go back to the genocide of the original native Americans portrayed as bloodthirsty savages who needed to be exterminated like mindless evil monsters wanting only to rape the virginal white women etc), until now, in a much more sophisticated way as, as I have noted before, these are very intelligent people running these things and learn from everything they do, the very sophisticated and controlled propaganda against 'terrorism'. So you can find examples on the CBC almost daily of 'HERE COME THE MONSTERS TERRORISTS RUSSIANS IRANIANS CHINESE HIDE HIDE!!!!!' fearmongering, all context-free lies in service of creating a fearful population believing they are under siege from all sides ready to accept the 'protection' of the government and the lockdown-ready state necessary to fully consolidate the New World Feudalism that all of this is designed to enable. Again, I'll only include a couple of exemplarific examples, as once you are aware of these 'deeper truths' about what they are doing, you can listen every day and analyse what the media tells you on your own - and then spread that awakening among your friends and acquaintances, so the 'revolution of truth' can continue to grow. It's not really that difficult, once you get out of the media-induced fog-coma you are living in with most Canadians - it's like when you get old enough to understand all that stuff about Santa was just a big lie for not-too-worldly children, everything around you makes the whole story look more and more ridiculous - the same is true of the crazy stories in the media about the 'evil monsters!!!!!' wanting only to kill we nice sweet hobbits for no other reason than 'they hate our freedoms!!!' - too stupid to even consider. For the 'out of the fog' citizen, at any rate. All 12 of us. We need a bit of help if we're going to stop this New World Order from taking us back to the days of Lords and Serfs, some version of which is their very obvious intention.


Terrorism Hits Canada Montreal-Ottawa!!!: The events of late 2014-early 2015 present a text book example of what has been going on in Canada the last few years, and how the media, acting as the corporate government secretariat, played Chicken THE SKY IS FALLING HIDE HIDEHIDEHIDE Little!!!, when first a young man ran down a couple of soldiers in a small Quebec town, and then a few weeks later another young man shot a soldier in Ottawa. Immediately, all over the corporate press, after the Ottawa shooting especially, both government spokespersons and corporate faux-journos tell us some kind of terrorist attack is under way, and the police order a big 'lockdown' of Ottawa for hours, and we all should be cowering under tables in our houses as the MPs are doing in their big house, as the Mighty Brave Police sort out the Terrorist!!!! situation to protect we wee hobbit children from Big Bad Nasty Monster!!.

Over the next couple of days, the media is front and center in pushing Canadians to 'stand together' against this great attack on our peaceful country, mindlessly Praise our Brave Protectors!!, mindlessly Hate Evil Terrorists!!, all together now one! two! three!!, and apparently most Canadians, well and truly showing their loyalty to the Box, their dumbed-down parochial childish perception of the world as they are taught on the CBC and other media, go along - an endless parade of people, obviously carefully selected 'experts' and 'citizens' parroting the desired message, interviewed on the CBC denouncing the 'terrorists', shedding tears for 'the fallen' and their families, pledging to 'stand courageously together' in the face of evil, doing the bandwagon thing of showing how patriotic they are by organising events themselves to show their support of We the Good Guys!!, etc etc - right out of Orwell, and Propaganda 101.

As always, far more reasonable and contextual commentaries are to be found on the internet, such as this by Glen Greenwald telling some truths the CBC has no interest in broaching, and apparently most citizens neither - Canadians shocked, even though they have been proclaiming war for 12 years... - but it appears that although a few Canadians understand this, most are firmly in the Box, and certainly on the CBC we get no ideas or commentary from the Greenwald perspective, beyond the mildest mention of the idea, with various commenters on hand to immediately explain loudly what nonsense such ideas are, terrorists are real, Canada is in real danger, we MUST protect ourselves, etc etc!! And as long as the 'progressives' are running around inside the Box at the CBC's bidding, and mostly passively going along with the Ministry of Truth narrative, we are never going to find the way OUT of the box, to where democracy, freedom, prosperity, peace, all of those good things live. (again, yes, there are some 'moderate' voices allowed to speak, the CBC must 'demonstrate' it is 'impartially' giving all voices a chance to speak, but by far the bulk of the coverage, and apparently the belief of Canadians, is the 'we are all in great danger and must protect ourselves!!' variety - leading them to actually buttress the box walls, rather than wondering why such a fuss is being made about such obvious lies and exaggerations, and, really, such a very, very small danger)


Evil Putin!!!! - not exactly a 'terrorist' except in the most extreme psychotics (who appear to be the majority in that center of loons to the south of us, of course, and no shortage of brethren smoking the same brain-deadening shit in Canada and the UK and other European parliaments), but the same idea - some 'evil!!!' out there wanting to destroy us all, we have to protect ourselves!!! (as all propagandists know, you have to have a 'real' enemy to demonise, and Putin fits the bill well)

Beginning in 2014, the 'crisis' revolved around the Ukrainian situation, as the US-installed and backed coup regime in Ukraine, featuring many neo-nazis in high places, was trying to take over the eastern Ukraine from the Russian population who wished to be allied with Russia - the Russian leader Putin was making some small gestures in support of these Russians, resisting the US takeover of this country right on Russia's borders (in complete defiance, we might note, of various US aggreements post-Gorbachev to NOT extend NATO into eastern European countries), and the US-Cdn-western media were absolutely, and very absurdly when what was really happening was understood, hysterical with their outright lies about the 'peaceful and democratic new Ukraine government' (very much a new-Nazi fascist government, the brutal dictatorial kind the US prefers to support), Putin the invader, the crazed evil Russian with world dominance ambitions, and their long list of 'guest analysts' spouting the same nonsense, lies and propaganda, etc etc - seemingly completely oblivious to the fact it is the US who has been very openly militarily destroying governments and installing puppets all around Russia for years (not to mention the world), and was very obviously the aggressor here with world-imperialist ambitions, with Russia nowhere in the world exhibiting anything like this aggression ... and it is again deep evidence of the box that so many Canadians seem completely unable to look at the real 'facts' of the situation and think for themselves about what is really happening here, as obvious as it really is, and readily available all over the internet, the only truly 'free' media we have now, instead listening to the completely-at-variance-with-reality propaganda emanating daily from the CBC and other Cdn and western media.

During this time we were treated to almost daily interviews with various people telling us how bad the Russians and Putin were /are, as they did a few years before about Gaddaffi, and before that Saddam, and since Assad has been added to the list, etc etc - it's quite odd that nobody in the box, after so many lies about previous similar things going back to maybe 1999 in Yugoslavia, through a couple of Iraq invasions based on lies, an Afghanistan invasion based on hysteria and lies, a Libya bombing again based on lies, a Syria attempted regime change based on lies - yet nobody seems able to see through this blatant, repeated type of demonisation propaganda...)

Just a sampling of the quite hysterical propaganda (considering the 'truth' of the situation) from the CBC: 'news':

- blatant, one-sided propaganda demonising Russia, every major show, virtually every day - as they did with Syria and Assad earlier, Libya and Gaddaffi the year before, Ahmadinejad and Iran before that, Saddam before that, Milosivic in Yugoslavia some time before that, and etc etc.

However, the situation was considerably different than we heard on the CBC or read in the Canadian corporate media, for anyone used to getting some alternative voices and opinions for a broader perspective. For example, 'Not the CBC' sources such as:

- and etc etc etc - there are many, many alternative sources available on the internet now, and we really need to be using them more, and understanding how dangerous it is to believe the CBC about anything important going on in the world - it truly has, very dangerously for our country, gotten to the point that the general assumption has to be that when the CBC is talking about anything of importance, they're probably either lying outright or very misleadingly spinning something (and we always need to wonder what they're NOT talking about that we maybe need to know as well..)

{let's address another common assertion at this point, that sure, maybe the US does some propaganda, but we know Russia (and those other evil countries we all are supposed to hate, you know, Iran, China, anyone the US is fighting) does their own propaganda, so either it all evens out, or we don't know who to believe, or as loyal supporters of western Democracy, surely a far better world than Russian dictatorship, for all our faults - isn't that true Dave??? - no it's not, except inside the mind-controlled box. That the US is lying massively about what it is doing in the world is simply beyond argument for anyone with any understanding of history, especially the last 70 years for 'modern' history, and when someone tries to balance those lies with some truth, there is no equivalency. When a prosecutor presents some truthful evidence against an accused, and the accused tells a lot of lies in his defence, we don't wander home saying it's all the same, so we can't conclude anything, we weigh the different stories, and decide who is more credible - and in our modern world, when you weigh the things the US wants us to believe against any decent understanding of modern history, it is just blatantly obvious they lie, and lie, and lie again - and people who point this out are not 'just more propaganda' - a story spread by, obviously, the US, in an attempt to muddy the waters, to keep you sitting at home pretending you don't understand what is going on, so aren't obligated to do anything. ]]]

- and a smaller related part of the story doing something I talk about elsewhere, showing the utter and very dangerous childishness of the modern versions of 'international relations Canada style' - Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO lobbed a 'cheeky' tweet in Russia's direction (not only the actual incident, but the 'cute' way the media 'report' it - I've talked about 'dumbing down' earlier, but this is a good example of the 'full spectrum assault' that is being carried out. Obviously, official, high-level Canadian diplomatic missions should be acting like adults engaged on quite serious matters, as they actually used to before the barbarians took over, not high-schoolers treating the world like a joke, but this is the new schoolyard bully face of Canada and its relations with anyone they are trying to demonise, part of the taking back of Cdns to high-school level not-quite maturity, where clever jokes are a 'cool' way to deal with things and show how superior you are to everything (everything you actually have no clue at all about, but are too insecure to admit so turn it into a stupid joke attempting to be a 'leader' type) - adults behave much differently, of course, with serious things - but 'adults' have been almost completely removed from the higher levels of our media and government.

Another recent example of just childish faux-panic/outrage-mongering Sept 20 2014 - Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian bombers in Arctic!!!!! - oh them nasty aggressive Russians!!! - but wait a sec, wait a sec, let's try to stop letting CBC talking heads create the narrative, with headlines that get us all excited and running around like Chicken Little's squawking chicken mob, after all the lying we have seen them doing the last few years. And so we see here, much else - after the inflammatory warmongering headline, we find out the Russian bombers were way off the coast, well out in international waters, flying around as such planes do from every world power, not threatening anyone, as the word 'intercept' would imply. (of course, they talk about something called the 'Air Defence Identification Zone' as if we should get all huffy at them damned Russians - but this is not recognized in international law, any more than if you 'declared' there to be a line a 100 yards around the boundary of your house that, if anyone 'transgressed', you would sound the sirens - so what possible reason could the Gov, and their secretariat, have for such misleading headlines?

Of course, any old thing we can drag up to further demonise our current 'main Bad Guy' of the day (Putin) for the Ministry of Truth is useful, like school kids or other immature people who've taken a dislike to someone and follow them around finding fault with and shouting insults at everything they do and making up lies if they can't find anything actually wrong, but it really isn't that appropriate for a national broadcaster of a (supposedly) democratic country - just your basic ongoing indoctrination reinforcement, don't you children ever forget now!!. More accurate headlines from such a broadcaster actually serving the people rather than the American hegemon might read, 'What the hell is Canada doing challenging Russian bombers in international air space? You don't really think Russia is coming bombing Canada, do you?!?!?!?' or something. And we might also, to give this a bit more context, remember that the Cdn government (and their media) are completely supportive of the US flying fighter jets and bombers basically anywhere in the world they please, with no regard to smaller, powerless governments' 'rights' - the only places the US won't go are places where some other country has the strength and balls to challenge them, like Russia or China. And we might further remember, just as another example of the blatant hypocrisy of these folks, another incident on the other side of the world, the Black Sea, Russia's turf, as it were, around the same time when a Canadian warship got a bit close to Russian territory, and Russian jets came flying by to let them know they were watching - at which time the Russians were evidently in the wrong again - Russian military planes 'buzz' Cdn warship. That's the box - we are the good guys, they are the bad guys, everything is framed that way, and nobody questions it. In the box. Outside - well, we see things quite differently.

- and even more childish things - mocking Putin - like little children, making up stupid jokes about someone you don't like. }}


ISIS - Sprang from the Earth like Monsters!!!!: And also related, in terms of the 'we are all in imminent terrible danger from Terrorists!!!' ongoing feature - this 'ISIS' group in Iraq and Syria, getting up to some very bad things beginning in 2014 - but the coverage on the CBC et al again with no 'backstory' whatsoever for perspective and context, talking, for example, about how the chaos in the middle east the last couple of decades that gave rise to this group was entirely created by the Americans, so all of this is related first to the destruction of Saddam and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Gaddaffi and Libya, and the attempted destruction of Assad in Syria (perhaps accomplished by the time this gets finished, as it is very obvious the Americans are not going to stop escalating the attack on him until he is gone), all of which involved support for jihadist rebels looking to take over these countries themselves, usually quite massive bombing of the countries in question, with no care for the massive humanitarian disasters resulting, as long as the American goals were achieved. For the CBC et al, this recent, and necessary to understand the situation, history simply does not exist - ISIS kind of appeared from nowhere, we are led to believe (from the lack of history we are ever given), and are just another evil troll monster to scare the nice Cdns which sprang from some evil place like a Hollywood film or cartoon monster, hating us sweet peaceful folk here in Hobbitland because of our freedoms. To listen to the CBC, our (participation in the, for Canada) destruction of leaders (Saddam, Gaddaffi, Assad, even the Taliban, nasty people but worse than what the Americans have put in their place????) who had these extremists under control in relatively peaceful, secular countries is simply never to be mentioned.

And 'atrocities' are seen through a certain kind of lens also, the typical American lens of 'if we do something, it's fine and even honorable!, but if THEY do it - it's terrorism!! The beheading of the occasional journalist or others that ISIS used to get attention, for instance, as covered on the CBC - a barbarian act, certainly, but again, presented in a very out of context way. For example, what if we had that beheading talked about in all its barbarity by someone we are demonising - but then some other people reminding us about this very related story from the same time - more beheadings!! - my my, isn't that interesting, our 'second best bud' over in that part of the world, or at least BFF of the US, is regularly, even quite frequently, beheading people who really should not be beheaded by any kind of 'civilized western' standards - and not a whisper of 'outraged protest!!' about this barbarism from the US media, or the CBC - really, we don't care about our friends beheading people, but if our enemy does it - what a terrible act, how can we allow this? We have to stop them!! The contrast is very notable, for anyone paying attention - great outrage at 'the enemy' doing this, complete silence at 'our BFF' doing the same thing. (Chomsky talks about this kind of thing a lot - the silence of the American media over atrocities committed by 'friends' of the American government, the sensationalisation, even lying about, of 'atrocities' committed by people the American government wants an excuse to remove - the acceptance of Americans bombing civilians with widespread deaths and injuries as 'collateral damage move on folks nothing of interest here' to the great outrage of 'civilian massacres!!!! the MONSTERS!!!!!!' when 'the enemy' creates their own comparable 'collateral damage', etc etc etc etc.)

For a bit more context, one might consider the many wars in Europe and England during the later 'middle ages', as various warlords (you can't call them anything else) struggled to rule a country like England. There were many mass-murderings of civilians throughout this period, or mass deaths as 'collateral damage' of the various wars and battles - yet not a single English history book refers to any of these 'warlords' and their 'armies' fighting for dominance as 'terrorists massacring their own people OMFG!!!' and etc - and we have to see the middle east today through the same kind of lens. The English - British first and then Americans - very intentionally kept these various countries in a kind of impoverished 'middle ages' state through most of the 20th century, supporting dictators who controlled the peoples of the countries so the English corporations could continue taking natural resources, primarily oil of course, from these countries and making huge profits. (another interesting comparison missing from the American history books - they make a big deal about the eastern European countries being ruled by Soviet controlled dictators treating their people badly as a 'buffer' zone between the USSR and Western Europe - but the Americans were doing exactly the same thing in the mideast after WWII (and much of the rest of the world since the late 1800s, notably Central and South America as kind of 'capitalist plantations'), as their own kind of geopolitical buffer against the same USSR...)

So when the people of these countries started fighting back against the American domination (going back to the first Iranian Revolution in 1979, following the installation of the extremely brutal Shah in 53), various factions were competing to rule the countries, and warlords like Saddam and Gaddaffi, and the Taliban in Afghanistan, after the US-supported Mujahadin drove the Russians from the country and became brutal warlords themselves, and the Assad family, all became the 'top warlords' - but, it must also be understood, not only through being able to wield violence most successfully, but also largely due to the support of most of their populations as the best alternative of those available. But the non-supreme warlords still thirsted for power, and kept undertaking various 'attacks' on the governments, and the leaders met their violence with violence, and casualties occurred - casualties which were much more akin to the casualties among civilians in the English wars for dominance in the middle ages rather than 'terrorism' - but of course it suits the US purposes to accuse them of 'brutally murdering their own people we have to stop them!!!!' than to tell the truth. So they do. But if we want to take back our country, we need to understand these things, and not be drawn into false wars against false enemies, with a secondary purpose of allowing them to create a lockdown-ready state in OUR country, to enable them to control us if, or when, they need to.

Of course, perspective and context are not how propaganda operates, indeed, are generally contra-indicated in the interests of a clean, if false, message, the very simplistic 'we good! they bad!' stuff for children that we see daily on the CBC and other Cdn corporate state media (Hitler had this figured out years ago - keep the message simple, and repeat it a lot, and deal quickly and permanently with those who question it - even the most moronic leader a western English so-called 'democracy' has ever had knew he had to 'push the propaganda')(be a tossup between Bush and Reagan for most moronic, I suppose... nah, Bush hands down ....). But it's a well-established American (supported of course by their secretariat media such as the CBC) behavior pattern - 'atrocities' are really bad and reacted to with shock and horror and hysteria and demands for instant retaliation if our 'enemy of the day' does them (including ones we just make up and attribute to them (see 'Kuwaiti soldiers throwing babies out of incubators' story referenced earlier)), but not really worth mentioning when we or our buds do them, or the odd time they are forced to acknowledge such things through some kind of public awareness and outcry, it is in very calm terms sans hysteria and demands for retaliation, and they are only 'alleged', investigations are being done, we have a stable of 'experts' explaining why it isn't really what it seems, it's quite alright, nothing here to see citizens, don't compare us with those horrible monsters elsewhere, let's just forget this unpleasant stuff as soon as we can, OH LOOK SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET WE GOOD PC FOLK DON'T LIKE SHAME SHAME!!!!etc etc. American bombs and drones killing whole families or wedding parties aren't in any way newsworthy, to the CBC. (nobody involved in this story - American helicopter shoots civilians - was ever charged (if it was ever reported on the CBC, it was only in the most 'in passing' way), but the person who 'leaked' it is now in jail for a long, long time.)

[later reference - in fall 2015, recall the completely opposite media reactions to the American terrorist bombing of a 'Doctors Without Borders' hospital in Afghanistan, and the (allegedly) ISIS bombing in Paris a few weeks later - burying the first as quickly as possible with the Americans allowed to make excuses that it wasn't their fault at all, days of 'worldwide sharing of the grief in Paris' for the second, with hours and hours of media attention to weeping mothers and determined citizens and much chest thumping about not letting them scare us, and getting those bastards bigtime etc.)

Such hypocrisy and passive subservience to Power should not, however, be the reaction of intelligent, engaged Canadians looking to make a better world - the rise of ISIS is completely, inarguably, 100% caused by the American destruction of the mideast the last couple of decades, which itself has been built on 100 years of subjugation, and if we want to stop this stuff, we need to acknowledge this, and base our plans on truth, not 'evil monsters springing from the ground!!'. You do not fight cancer by looking for the newest 'magic hair replacement technique!!!' for the hair loss caused by the cancer treatment, you don't stop swarming hornets by putting on a bee suit and going back and whacking the nest again.

(To be clear, of course, as a final caveat - adopting this kind of position, that the CBC is doing propaganda and we need to listen to other sources - is not to automatically assume the viewpoint of those other sources - certainly Russia and Putin or any other objects of American/CBC lies and propaganda may have other motives, and no great leader or power is free of blame for something or always on the high road - but it is very, very dangerous to assume 'We're the good guys and everything we do is good and everything our media tells us about what we are doing is true!!', and simply follow the lead of the US and their propaganda media as they demonise other leaders in their pursuit of imperial geopolitical goals. An intelligent, engaged adult citizen in a strong democracy must consult various sources of information, especially sources away from the influence of their own leaders, and try to understand what is really happening in their country and world, as it should be very clear to any serious thinkers that it is the US itself which is by far the greatest threat to world peace and stability today, and for most of the last 30 years Canada has been following the US like a puppet, and it is going to take a very widespread resistance by 'we the people' to even start to control this great power, and have any chance to get our world back on a peaceful and safer footing, and moving towards greater democracy rather than, as the US is very strongly pushing for, a new world feudalism-fascism, with itself as the greatest of the powers. A place we really, really do not want to be going.)

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