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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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These and Dave's other books can be found at
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From Hastings to Green Island
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Knowledge is like a candle. When you light your candle from mine, my light is not diminished. It is enhanced and a larger room is enlightened as a consequence. - Thomas Jefferson
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"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind." - George Orwell

The media can make you believe you should hate the oppressed and love the oppressor. - Malcolm X

Part I Chapter 4b

CBC Case Studies - Introduction

CBC - wolf shadowThat the CBC is directly and even centrally involved in maintaining the lies and propaganda we live under, 'the box' I describe later, keeping us all believing we are perfectly free whilst we are actually sitting passively by whilst a very evil Fourth Reich type 'new world order feudalism' is constructed around us, encouraged to spend our lives in utterly trivial pursuits, or rearranging a great variety of colorful but non-challenging-to-Power deck chairs for those inclined to an interest in what is going on in their society, and keeping away from the doors to the captain's deck where the 'truth' about what is going on here lives and is the only area change can truly originate from, is undeniable, and obvious - to those understanding the few central lies that maintain the box and the logical conclusions that lie in a direct line from those facts, and observing the endless ant-like deck chair rearranging from outside the box, and the way the people are constantly steered away from any activities that might truly endanger the rulers.

In the 2010s, you could literally spend your life, or at least a good part of it, documenting how the CBC (and all Cdn corporate media, of course, but I focus on the CBC as the great betrayer of we in Canada, the 'public broadcaster' progressive that at the height of our 'greatness' in the 1960s and 70s Cdns used to rely on for progressive, intelligent information, that has now become a deadly Brutus in our midst) reinforces the box lies and propaganda in one way or another with virtually everything they do, and not only what they do but how they do it, in a McLuhanesque fashion (I have been doing a small bit of such recording on View From Green Island over the last few years prior to this book, highlighting some of the more egregious and/or simply ridiculous assaults on Truth and Intelligence emerging from the various levels of the CBC, but only a small sampling, and only of CBC radio - I have not watched television for many years - a completely open field for someone to deconstruct - but given the general attention of television, including the advertising-accepting CBC television, to an even less intelligent demographic overall than the CBC radio has historically spoken to, I cannot imagine it is any more intelligent or truthful than the radio offerings). Every day, stories reinforcing the propaganda - gatekeeping - indoctrination - diversion-mush-spectacle role of the media, of the CBC in particular for those who consider themselves 'progressive' in Canada, are evident, to someone in a place to see them, on pretty much every show in one way or another, small or large - the endless repetition of 'small' reinforcements, the 'mind control reinforcement of a thousand cuts', the intertwining of 'truthful' or 'intelligent' things non-challenging to Power, colored with titillating gossip and noisy but trivial spectacle, with Great Lies Presented With Great Gravitas to encourage the listeners to believe the Lies without questioning anything, day after day after month after year, getting ever stupider as the years go by. After 30+ years of well-directed creation by master creators who have been perfecting their skill for decades, today literally everything they do is part of this function, even the 'highbrow' shows like Ideas or the Sunday Edition for people who think they are far too intelligent to believe silly 'conspiracy theories', that such shows prove the high standards of the CBC and the 'too-smart-to-be-fooled-by-silly-conspiracy-theories!!' or 'not-really-interested-much-in-sports?!' audiences.

The Spectacle I have termed what has been going on in various ways for the last 40 years or so 'creating a narrative' and 'the box', as loose metaphors for how the rulers have been creating a mind-control cage around their society, a cage within which most people believe they are perfectly free to think what they want, and do what they want within the limits of their incomes, but another word often used to describe this is 'the Spectacle', a term evidently first used back in the 60s by a writer called Guy Debord, with his Society of the Spectacle - an old film version of his book can be seen here - The Society of the Spectacle. I won't get into any lengthy analysis of this right here, other than although I see the details a bit differently, the idea fits what is going on around us very well, and is another useful way to organise an explanation of it - and relate it to what we hear on the CBC radio.

My description of 'the spectacle' would be much as I talk about the 'narrative' and CBC, and the other corporate state media, in this book - in brief, 'the spectacle' is the presentation of a kind of 'wall of sound and images', full of interesting 'look here look here!!!!' noise and light and excitement, presented to the child-like citizens in our communications-dominant world in a 24-7-365-all the years of your life surround sound experience - whose sole purpose is to keep you in a childhood state of expecting constant entertainment, and as a child being unable to think beyond the things that fill your senses at any one time which never give you a chance for reflection if you don't make the time yourself, so you never look behind the scenes to wonder who is controlling the spectacle (and through it our lives and societies) and for what purposes - and the purpose of course is that those people who control the world, and the spectacle, who create this narrative you believe to be reality for their own purposes, are allowed to continue to do so with no challenges from you and your fellow citizens - controlling the world, or some part of it like Canada, provides a very much nicer life for those who see themselves as worthy of such lives than going to the office every day for 40 years to acquire enough money to meet your simple needs and then retiring, if you're one of the lucky ones, with a small pension to live out your years on.

As with the box, or the narrative I describe later, the major purpose of the narrative is to keep people not only away from, but completely ignorant, as far as possible, of the true nature of Power in our society. Within the modern sophisticated box, or Spectacle, everything else is 'on the table' - anything can be talked about, or form part of the spectacle, as long as it does not threaten to expose Power, or the handful of central lies it is built upon, as I have outlined earlier - the huge money scam to degrade and ultimately destroy our 'democracy', the fact that the media are actually all about creating the spectacle rather than giving the citizens an honest picture of what is going on in their world, the lie of 'terrorism' as some kind of existential threat beyond our control to 'justify' the lockdown-ready state and citizenry necessary for the final implementation of the new world order. These things are of course talked about, even the somewhat dumbed-down 'adult' citizen is aware of money and power and media, so it is necessary to ensure these people are prevented from understanding the true nature of these things - in the Spectacle world, the illusions of Democracy and, at least for the English speaking western countries, a 'free media' keeping a watch on Power and informing the people of what they need to know to 'manage' 'their' democracies, are central to those who control the Spectacle maintaining their power, and maintaining the ability to create the illusions of the spectacle, so it is necessary to spend some central time with these things, to create and maintain the false beliefs people have of them, the false belief that they do live in a 'democracy' with a media 'serving' the citizens of that democracy.

But aside from these central things that allow those who rule to maintain and strengthen their rule, everything else - **everything** - is spectacle, whose primary purpose, for those creating and maintaining the spectacle, is to distract us from the central things we should be thinking about, from naturally occurring 'natural disasters' or societal-based tragedies like airplane crashes or big crimes that can give hours and weeks of compelling viewing and reporting to big again multi-month-or-even-year gossipfests like the Ford or Duffy stories of recent years to the big spectacle of an election campaign in which the voters are presented with a big Punch 'n' Judy farce pretending their choice of Dee-Dum-or-Dumer will actually make some difference in their lives to foreign US imperialistic wars presented through a hollywood 'we the good guys they the BAD!!! guys' script through the heavily built-up sports spectacles or entertainment spectacles through trivia of interest to the immature dumbed-down child consumer mind such as who had sex with someone else or said some slightly 'politically incorrect' comment in an unguarded moment and now WE'RE GONNA GET HIM HAHA!!! to the now endless supply of 'mustsee!!!!!!' trivia available on everyone's personal dumbing down assistant and guardian they carry with them constantly, and pretty much everything else they get up to, from excited talks on the local morning shows about the great sports game last night to the great band coming to the bar this weekend to the police reminding people to wear their seatbelts to the 'movie review' of the latest hollywood blockbuster about evil terrorists and the Great American Hero saving the world for Democracy!! - all designed by experts to catch your attention, all presented by well-trained actors to get and keep your attention, all continually being improved, a literally all-consuming tsunami of non-dangerous-to-power information completely burying what is truly important in our world from the consumers and addicts of the Spectacle. All very, very successfully designed to very carefully never go near, or even make you curious about, what is really going on behind the scenes, who controls the spectacle, who controls the money, who controls the 'news' you build your belief of the world and your country around.

(Wait wait I hear the curious engaged mind asking - what is 'important' that they are covering up, really? The things that keep them in power, fine, I see that - but what then should we be thinking about? I'll have much more in the next section, but just to be going on - most of we people here want to live together in peace, creating a prosperous society - holistically the next level from our own personal lives, for which we (most of us) want the same thing - just the opportunity to do some work and earn some money to build a decent life for ourselves and our families, and our communities - and if we controlled our government we could do that, if we controlled our money-credit system so they weren't skimming the best part of 'our' wealth we could do that, if they weren't engaged in high-level gang fights around the world for power we wouldn't have to worry about 'terrorism' - we *should* be thinking about the root causes of our problems, and working to improve our lives with people from all around the world engaged in the same kinds of struggles to make better lives for all of us - the spectacle is very much designed to keep us engaged in trivia, while the Power carries on stealing from us, enslaving us, and playing their very-destructive-to-us games here and around the world. In a nutshell - as I said, much more in the final part of the book about what a truly good society would be like and doing)

The CBC is currently the master magician creating the Spectacle for 'progressive' Canadians.

The CBC was once truly a 'window on the world' for engaged, curious Canadians, in which the forces of freedom and democracy were struggling to find their feet - but now the CBC has been infiltraited and turned against us, along with our once almost-democratic Cdn government, and become an 'all roads lead to (or 'from' I suppose, more accurately) the Ministry of Truth' corporate state propaganda machine, probably the most dangerous single danger this country has ever faced, in the same sense that after all of his wars and intrigues that created him and the resulting enemies, in the end it was Brutus, the one he trusted most, who brought Great Caesar down. As the CBC is, like the happy and cheerful Pied Piper of Cdn Munchkinland, leading Canadians into the dungeons of the new-feudalism of the NWO. The 4th Reich is about to reveal itself - and we will all be in dungeons too deep already to challenge it, led there dancing and laughing like innocent children. Because we have believed the Spectacle of the CBC, and not been aware of the enemy growing stronger behind it.

I know this is all crazy talk to you deeply inside the box thinking the CBC is the greatest news broadcaster ever - so let's take a little tour through realityland, and see how this works, with a few examples from the years during which I have been writing this book - I could draw examples from every day for at least the last 20 years and ongoing, as the Spectacle never sleeps, the indoctrination maintenance is lurking everywhere, the dumbing down constant, the pablum muzak-for-your-battered-brain never stops. The Spectacle is a lot like the Wizard of Oz - its power resides in the brains of those it controls, and if you can snap yourself out of this, if you can pull back the wizard's curtain and understand how it's all smoke and mirrors and lies - everything becomes evident.

That is easy to say and not so easy to do, of course. But it is doable.

We need to understand that the propaganda we live under is not the caricature we are led to think of when 'propaganda' is mentioned - big blackbear Russian Boris forcing Pravda on all citizens, not too bright, telling the powerless Soviet citizens how wonderful the Great Stephen Biko - the most powerful weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressedLeader is, etc etc - today's propaganda and indoctrination are much, much more sophisticated, they've been working on it and refining it for at least 100 years (both Chomsky and Hedges talk about it a lot if you listen to them in some of the many lectures I've referenced - it goes back to WWI and the Wilson government taking the US into war after he got elected promising NOT to do that - names like Bernays and Lippman got things going, and they've been getting better at it ever since - and not only have they been getting better, in a kind of 'double synergism', as they get better, and more people are fooled more often, 'we the people' are getting more susceptible to the propaganda, and easier to control, until today, there is almost no understanding of the deep indoctrination spectacle we all live within, as talked about earlier.)

Before picking out a handful of exemplarific stories from the time around which I am writing, let's first make a rough division of the offerings of the CBC, as the modern propaganda-indoctrination matrix is very, very sophisticated, they've been working on it for at least the last century, and it has spread its tentacles through every facet of your lives, very much like Orwell's Big Brother. I've divided this into 7 major categories, although you could arrange the day's propaganda in other ways, so let's start there, and look briefly at some stories from each, and talk briefly about how this kind of stuff works into the overall 'box' society - keeping the people busy with activities non-challenging to Power, and believing things non-challenging to power - but while at the very same time, most importantly, believing they are completely free citizens in a democracy, a 'democracy' which they actually control with their votes every few years, with no constraints at all on what they think or do (within the bounds of the law, of course).

On the CBC, every day, we have a selection from the following categories

  • in-the-box economic 'news'
  • in-the-box political 'news'
  • in-the-box world affairs 'news',
  • 'pablum and spectacle' to continue creating and feeding the dumbed down population
  • reasonably 'intelligent stuff' for those who still think they are 'informed and intelligent' citizens with actual intelligent curiosity about what our world is all about, history, science, the arts, etc, and might get to questioning the rather obvious, at times, gatekeeping and propaganda and dumbed down stuff if not given some actually 'adult' stuff to listen to every day;
  • and finally we can separate out the 'population control' aspect of what they are regularly doing on the CBC (and all Cdn media of course) - encouraging people to passively accept, even actively support, various rules and regulations, and ways of (not really) 'thinking' that might be desirable and useful objectives in totalitarian societies, but should be anathema to free-thinking, democratic citizens, especially when imposed by fiat by our pretend-democratic governments and promoted as 'good' by their media rather than being debated and approved by those they are designed to control. There are 'rules' and laws to protect us, and other rules and laws to enslave us. An engaged, intelligent citizenry should be able to clearly see the difference, and not give in to people proposing laws to enslave us, but regard such people and their demands with great suspicion. When you lose that ability, your freedom will not be far behind.
  • I suppose we could also note 'the barking dog (what dog Holmes?)' aspect of the media, or the very important gatekeeping function - you don't know what you don't know, as a certain much-smarter-than-popularly-believed NWO-emeritus told the peasants too dumb to understand him but believing that since they did not understand him, he was the stupid one, and the things we as a citizenry don't know about the way our country is managed include the things we really need to know if we ever want to be a true democracy. This gatekeeping function is one of the central jobs of the media, and CBC, ensuring that we do not have the few bits of extremely important information that would enable us to get on our feet shouting 'Lies!!!' to the government when they said certain things, things that they were using to control us, and do things most of us do not approve of.

These things are not separated in the media, of course. In such a sophisticated operation that has been under construction for decades by very sophisticated 'public managers', 'the Great Spectacle!!' is all integrated, and all games are being played at once - not all players are necessarily on the field every minute of every day, but they are all nearby if not actively participating, and 'drive-by' reinforcements of propaganda, indoctrination, dumbing down, and etc etc can regularly be heard by the alert dot-connector. Certainly we will have many shows devoted to one particular topic - examining the people running in an election, or discussing the latest 'atrocities' of the latest 'demon' we have to bomb, or 'learned economists' explaining to simple students why they simply have no choice but to run up huge student debts (lies, lies and more lies of course) - but beyond that, all of the major sections of the propaganda are fed into the system and come out in small 'drive by' supports, endlessly reinforcing the main messages. For example in a conversation on a music show, we will hear 'drive by' references to 'damned terrorists like Assad' just 'coincidentally' coming up in a conversation, or 'running down to get my kids' measles shots tomorrow', just 'casually' reinforcing the 'good behaviour' expected of all citizens, etc etc (etc etc etc). Very sophisticated implementation, the small things that add up, the reinforcement of already internalised beliefs, the 'death of a thousand cuts' approach, the small, endlessly repeating things that endlessly reinforce the deep indoctrination that guides the actions of most without their conscious awareness - all very clearly directed from some 'central command' post passing out 'points of the day to be sure to cover' to every host on the network. But a deeper exploration at that level of analysis is for a much longer and more scholarly work than I am attempting here - but I mention it because in this book I am also writing for people with their brains outside the box, who will be able to grok what I am talking about (if they haven't already), and watch for such things.

So to begin - the most common 'serious' news stories about which we are daily being fed propaganda and lies and gatekeeping - there are different 'issues' getting more attention at different times, of course, as one issue appears and occupies the 'spotlight' for awhile, and is dealt with eventually, and other issues appear and are dealt with, etc, but the underlying process is the same - the rulers want you to see these issues in a certain way which enables them to continue ruling, and the CBC is there to make sure that is how you see them, and steer you away from any sources that might give you other ideas.

Well, this gets long already, with much left yet to be talked about - let's start a new chapter -

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