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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

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A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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"The problem is capitalism. And this is the beast we are called to fight and slay." - Chris Hedges

Part I Chapter 3d

Capitalism: The greatest fraud since god

we have many problems in our society these days, but they can all be traced back to one central problem - it is a vastly wealthy society, as we can see easily by looking around our great modern country of Canada, and most of us want to manage it well - but we have allowed a small group of people to arrogate to themselves the right to rule us, a group of people whose primary goal is directing as much of that great wealth as possible into their own bank accounts, and increasingly demanding the rest of us just get by as best we can on whatever dregs are left after their ever more avaricious looting, and who care nothing about the damage to the home planet that we all rely on for life they do with their endless attempts to turn the planet and everything in it to 'money'.

Their claim to some 'right' to this wealth is based on the political economic system that has become known as 'capitalism', as they claim, and use their great power to promote the idea, that a 'free market' is the best system ever invented for creating a great and prosperous society, and that those who do the most creative work in enabling this great prosperity (they the capitalists) are justifiably rewarded with the money that then gives them power. And one of the things they do with their great wealth is buy the media to spread the message they want spread and mock and lie about alternative systems, and as part of their control of the government they make sure the education system does the same thing - Great Capitalism!! is taught throughout the school system, and the very idea of 'socialism' equated with totalitarian, violent, oppressive communism. 'Capitalism is really great!!' is deeply, deeply indoctrinated in the citizenry, in the same way 'Canada is a great free Democracy' is deeply, deeply indoctrinated. And both are patently false beliefs, and very dangerous to us all.

As noted earlier, and often, the predator's life is based on looting and lies, and the notion that the people who control our current political-economic system, who identify themselves as 'great altruistic capitalists making us all wealthy!!', are the cause of this great society, rather than parasites living off of it, is one of the great lies of our times that very badly needs to be thoroughly exposed.

So what we need to do, as with the other central myths of the modern dogma that enchains us, is do some degrading of the idea that 'capitalism' is the Great God that makes us all wealthy and happy!! Shining the bright light of truth and perspective on this lie will begin the delegitimisation of this evil religion, and enable us to find the path forward into a sane, peaceful, prosperous, sustainable society much more easily. (systemic hallmarks of modern capitalism are many forms of insanity in public policy and actions, widespread chaos and violence, great prosperity for the few based on insecurity and poverty for the many, and reckless unsustainability)

Capitalism is not our 'greatest friend - indeed, in reality it is a thoroughly evil and false god, our worst enemy, to be degraded and then destroyed.

There are more than enough simple facts that most people should know, but apparently few do, that make the very strong 'prima facie' case that this economic system called capitalism is not at all the 'great boon to mankind' they present themselves as. Let's just get a bit of reality on the table, a bit of perspective, to balance the lies about how wonderful and altruistic capitalism is, that they use their control of government education systems and private media to sell, and how great all our lives are because of it, and how miserable like them poor commies we'd be without this wonderful thing called capitalism.

The three great lies of modern capitalism
(as a system based on lies and looting, there are certainly many more than 3 basic lies of capitalism, as pretty much anything they say of importance in the way our country or world are organised economically and politically will be a lie designed to conceal what they are really up to, as there'd be a revolution like the French one awhile back if people understood what they were really up to in terms of most of what is going wrong in our world today, but this is not a treatise on capitalism, and I think understanding these 3 key lies is more than enough to have the accused trundled off to the cells until we have time for a more thorough examination)

1 - the first great blatant lie >> We all have wonderful lives because of Capitalism!! On your knees with praise for Capitalism!! they love to say things like, look around at our great wonderful world, and thank capitalism!! - and it's been a very effectively applied indoctrination, to judge by the number of people who seem to believe that - but geezus folks, do you have to believe everything you hear on capitalist television or read in capitalist-controlled media or books from capitalist-controlled publishers who only get grants from our capitalist-controlled government if they don't make their grantors unhappy (all major ones in Canada)? Don't we all remember any history? It has been, certainly, a central part of their control of the education system to whitewash and even conceal the great evils of the past they have been central in, and the great evils of modern times, although there are still a lot of very awake, and very angry, people out there standing tall and trying to tell the truth about what this evil is up to, and it is very discouraging to see that the liars appear to be winning - their final victory, like the final victory of the cancer the capitalist system very much resembles, will be the very death of our society, and the dream of freedom and democracy for the average people for a very long time to come - the final triumph of capitalism will truly be the ascendancy of Sauron and Mordor in our world, and the Shire will fall to Frodo's worst vision in the seeing glass of Galadriel. But one lets one's anger lead into ranting.

But just think about the claim that our good things are a result of capitalism, put that idea on the table and shine a light on it and compare it with some history we all really should be aware of, and just think about what you have said, and how several hours a day of mind-deadening indoctrinating television and Hollywood propaganda television can really make you believe the stupidest things (they hate us because of our freedoms - !!!!). Capitalists did not 'create our great society' - there are two things going on here, the first actually in spite of capitalism, and the second the capitalists lying again, claiming responsibility for what was and is just a natural historical process.

1a - not because of, in spite of: In reality, of course, every good thing the workers - or 'we the people' - have in at least our modern social democracy of Canada - the things like decent pay, reasonable work weeks, benefits like pensions and unemployment insurance and holidays, child labour laws, government regulation on product safety, the subsidized health and education systems, some serious attempts to have a 'rule of law' society, and actually the 'big inclusive' thing responsible for all of these, the once-almost-democratic government we actually had in Canada for a few shining years between the 50s and 70s, and anything else you want to think of you find 'good' about Canada - was fought against viciously and aggressively by the capitalists of years gone by who were utterly loathe to spend any of 'their rightful profits' on making life better for their workforce, not to mention they understood that a better off work force is going to continually be wanting even more improvements in their lives, costing yet more money. We have (or had, actually, as you will know if you have been paying attention, we are rapidly losing them as the capitalists are very aggressively removing them from our lives, the 'fight' we are 'losing' I write about here) these things not 'because' of capitalism and the capitalists who rule the land, but very much in spite of it and them. We have, or had, these things because our working class ancestors fought and sacrificed to make the capitalists concede them. A fact you will never hear a capitalist supporter admit today,of course, but is simply fact, and it is quite a testament to the power of their ceaseless propaganda and indoctrination and determination to rewrite history as they would have you believe it rather than as it was, through the media owned by them, through their control of the education system, that so many people still insist capitalism is the greatest economic system ever invented. If you reading this are still shaking your head in denial, refusing to challenge a lifetime of deep, serious indoctrination, but you are still seriously wondering why we/you are losing, a few hours away from the CBC and reading 'people's history' things might be very enlightening, there's lots of it out there, although you're not going to get it from the CBC. A good place to start, for Cdns, is here - The Socialist History Project of Canada. Trust me, Mr Angus will get on the CBC talking about these things about the same time you see flying pigs in the sky dropping big bundles of money your way. But it is absolutely crucial information if you are going to seriously help get our country back on the path away from the new feudalism, and towards a real democracy.

Capitalism is NOT your friend. It is crucial to clearly understand that, and stop believing the endless lies they tell you.

1b - on the shoulders of giants ... - And yes, to address a certain 'Yea but!!' question, and put some clarity on the other side of that equation, sure we have a good, modern society in Canada now, with all the mod cons, the big department stores full of the most modern technological things, steady power supply, good transportation and communications infrastructure, 8 million available television programs, etc etc etc, one of the leading countries in the world in this respect, and certainly most of us can enjoy our share of such things. But again, it's just accepting a huge lie or bunch of lies to let the capitalists claim credit for our modern world or country. Remember Newton the great scientist - all the things I have done, he said, I have done standing on the shoulders of giants. And so it is with our modern society - it did not spring into being as some fairy godmother capitalists waved their magic wand and sprinkled fairy dust and loving wishes and thoughts for their lovely citizens, it has grown slowly over the past centuries and generations, through the work of an endless number of little ordinary people over the centuries, little simple, good-hearted, clever people thinking of little ways to make their lives better, and sharing the little things with others - and then somewhere down the years, some particularly bright little person will take a bunch of these small improvements, and make a bigger jump - but nothing is done by one person alone, or one class of people. Just try to think of the hundreds of small advances in many things that had to be made to progress from the simple horsedrawn cart of medieval times to the wondrous motor cars or 747s of today. From spoken word to primitive writing to books to computers. Every wonderful modern thing we have - the cumulative work of thousands and millions of people over many, many generations thinking of some small better way to do something, based on whatever they had/have to start with. Average scientists and entrepreneurs and small businesspeople and technologists and myriad 'just ordinary folks' looked around at their world as they stood on the shoulders of those who had come before, saw something they had an idea about making just a little tiny bit better, and created the ever-small incremental step-by-steps that slowly, slowly over the years made things better, and better, and better.

And then we have the millions upon millions of other maybe-not-so-inventive-but-hard-working average people who didn't do actual inventing, but gave their honest and best labor on the building of the houses and businesses and roads and pounded the spikes in the railway lines, and went to their jobs day after day after year after year after life after life, conscientiously doing their best as they grew the wheat and vegetables and cows and pigs for us to eat, patiently maintaining the base upon which others worked more inventively, building our country, doing the endless other related jobs that created the infrastructure of our society - all of them, and us, determined to create a great modern country, something better for our children and their children than a collection of small tribes endlessly fighting for petty purposes among one another like savages (talking about European tribes and European 'white' savages (think Braveheart), not our First Nations in Canada or the US people, who seem to have been a far more peaceful and rational bunch overall, not to mention democratic, than the few who ruled and now rule our white tribes through violence who seem to glory in seeing how much death and destruction they can cause in their pursuit of power - of which (white savages) we are seeing a very disturbing resurgence after years and decades of being slowly weaned away from power in our emerging almost-democracies, and the barbarian masses who support such violence, to judge by the National Post comments sections, but that again is another story for the bigger history that is going to be written with some puzzlement about today's world).

And the capitalists? Well, as those with the money to command other people, the power which they had from day 1 in Canada as in England and the US based on their earlier looting, and their disinclination to do the daily work of the millions of workers, they simply brought in their gangs of armed and violent thugs and took over whatever they wanted that the more honest and smart people had invented, or in more modern times bought things up, and installed themselves as the managers of the larger enterprises, and shortly thereafter claiming, as always, as 'the owners of production', the lion's share of the wealth produced by the small inventors and small workers for themselves (not to mention, of course, quickly claiming to be the creators of such wealth themselves), and having, as always, the money to hire violent enforcers to take care of any who dared protest. And of course as controllers of the government through all but a very short period of our 'modern' history, they had enough influence to ensure that the education system, presented 'history' as they wanted it presented - today, of course, the myth of wonderful altruistic hardworking capitalists providing our wonderful society!! - with evil commies, greedy stupid lazy commie socialist union workers sponging off hardworking altruistic capitalist Creators of Wealth!!, etc etc, and of course bought up the mass media as it became modern and influential, to ensure the same message was presented endlessly.

As with many things we see today, by far the most disappointing aspect of this story is how successful their lies and propaganda have been, how many people who seem otherwise quite intelligent still insist that capitalism is the greatest thing that ever happened. The cow profusely thanking the benevolent farmer as she is led to the slaughter house.

1c: What might peaceful people have done with these tools, if not being constantly killed and enslaved by the predator capitalists?? And then there's this - The capitalists didn't make our great society - but they did do this, which they never talk about: I won't get into the discussion about how we 'average people' are just as smart as the capitalists, and could have done everything the capitalists claim to have done, as that should be obvious enough, once the light is turned on and you start to think about it - except to note this one quite major point, which is maybe not quite so obvious, and again of course you will never read about in their versions of things that are generally lies and spin to make you think things they need you to think in order for them to keep ruling as effortlessly as they do. But if we the people were taking advantage of the great power of the great tool of the modern credit-trust accounting system, and if we had been in the places where decisions are made about running our countries with the new advances of the industrial revolution coupled with the power of the new money-credit system - if we were doing it, it would all be a great deal more peaceful, and our world a great deal less destroyed than it has been under the capitalists. All of the wars of the past couple of centuries have been capitalist wars - capitalists fighting among themselves for power, or sometimes working together and fighting we little people to maintain their collective power over us. Hitler, for example, was a charismatic speaker to be sure, but he could never have risen to power without the money and organising help behind the scenes of the bankers of America. The 'communist threat', like the current 'terrorist threat', were both completely manufactured by the ruling capitalists to unite 'we the people' together against a common threat, and allow them to continue their militant ways. Average Russians since the 50s, average Muslims today, no more want endless violence in their countries and world than do average Canadians - but the rulers need endless violence to give them an excuse to keep ruling.

Capitalists are not your friends. They are predators, and predators do what they need to do to keep themselves wealthy and powerful.

2 - the second major great lie - Capitalism is the best economic system for Democracy!! - indeed, they go hand in hand, a strong democracy is based on a strong market capitalist system!! - Well, not really, more lies. Just think about what the capitalist 'big business' structure is! - By its very nature, capitalism is the very antithesis of democracy, not the enabler. Just think - what is the organisation of capitalism? It is *not* 'democratic' - would you want to describe capitalism as a system wherein the workers periodically sit around at meetings deciding what they will produce, how the work will be divided, how they will distribute the profits, etc? of course not, what a ridiculous idea!!! - by definition, capitalism is a system involving a wealthy, powerful owner or owners at the top of the pyramid, and as large a collection as possible of powerless workers at the bottom, with virtually all meaningful power concerning how the business is run, how the profits are shared, etc, claimed by the owner, with nothing but antagonism for the workers creating all of those profits, and an endless fight to get that labour as powerless as possible to have any influence on the business at all, and at the lowest possible wages they can enforce. And they have done their best to organise capitalist society exactly the same way, as talked about earlier - a powerful elite running the country in their own best interests, a large population of essentially powerless citizens doing as they are told, with the minimum benefits the 'owners' of the country can get away with providing. Of course, they have spent a long time trying to pretend it is all very 'democratic' to keep pushback against their autocratic ways to a minimum, as talked about earlier, but surely, if you have read this far, you have learned what another lie that is. john meynard keynes - capitalism is the astounding idea that the wickedest of people will do the wickedest of things for the best of reasonsLies and looting - predatory capitalism. And as noted above, the many good things we do have in our country were the result of people managing to extract various concessions from the robber barons, who fought viciously against such changes, and still do - and at the moment are winning once again, as we lose more every day of what our ancestors managed to gain from them.

{{Short commentary on the wonders of capitalism by Stephen Gowans, someone who has never been on the CBC, for some reason - Capitalism with all its glitz, socialism with none ..}}

2b: Capitalism is The Free Market - and again, I feel !!!!!! - it's amazing how they get away with some of the grotesque lies they throw out there, signs of a perhaps somewhat sentient, but completely punch drunk citizenry,unable to stand up and just say 'Wait a minute!!' at some of these things. Capitalism has been around for at the most 2-300 years, depending on how expansively you want to define it, but markets have been around forever, since we got out of caves, and by and large 'free' markets, where local farmers and artisans came to trade or sell their work, to get some 'credit' of some kind to buy other things - for the capitalists to pretend they invented the 'market' where we do our shopping is just ridiculous. (but, again, not as ridiculous as the number of people who keep shouting this whenever their god is challenged). And even if you want to pretend they are only using their 'free market' rhetoric as it compares to dirty old communism, where 'the all-powerful state' supposedly controls everything, including whatever 'market' they are referring to, it's a very weak argument at best, and I'm not getting into that here - the fact that we've had markets for most of the history of civilisation, and all the capitalists have done is use the market, like they use everything else, to prey on the rest of us, is the 'truth' that needs to be understood.

3 - No Virginia, actually you are NOT a capitalist: Bonus lie - we could do with a short look at this common lie. A central, and very clever, part of the indoctrination leading people to accept, with minimal rational thought interfering, the idea that capitalism is the greatest ever machine for creating progress and a great society for all, has been embedded as part of the central dogma of the times the idea that since we live in a capitalist society, which has made us all wealthy and thus we love so much, we are ALL capitalists, all good things come from capitalism (and the demonisation of the alternative of course, all evil things come from socialism, a dogma deeply believed by many). This is simply not true, just another lie, and various things exposing the nonsense of this belief should be obvious enough to anyone who manages to escape the indoctrination and start thinking for themselves -

Few people actually understand what 'capital' really is - again, of course, this is quite deliberate, as understanding this would put some large ????s up for anyone capable of a bit of independent thought, of which we still do have quite a few in the country. But by definition, 'capital' means BIG properties, *big* businesses or industries which exploit the labour of a very large number of workers, or BIG amounts of money which can be used to buy such properties, and 'the capitalist' is the person owning or controlling these big sums of money or large industries, with the very clear intent of using such properties or money to exploit labour to make themselves rich (no, Virginia, you won't read this in the CBC bedtime stories about our lovely altruistic friend Capitalism, but the idea of this book is to get you away from the fairy tales of Big Momma CBC, and get out on your own reading some more adult stuff). This idea of 'intent' is important - if you win a million dollars, which could be (a tiny beginning amount of) capital in so-inclined hands, but you just want to pay off the mortgage, put your kids through school, and retire and have a nice life - you are not a capitalist.

When your get your paycheck every week, or it gets deposited in your bank account - your few hundred dollars, or even my few thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars of savings - does NOT make you a 'capitalist'.

And simply owning some kind of business does not make you a capitalist - again, both intent and actions are primary - Barb or Joe's small business, which they work at 70-80 hours a week, even employing a few people sometimes, and barely make enough money to get by, does not make them 'capitalists' - they are small business owners, period. The kind of small business we have had for probably thousands of years, all over the world. If you run a successful, people- and community-friendly small business, and sell it for a few million bucks and retire - you are not a capitalist, just a small businessman, or person, who has worked hard and smart for some years to make some money, and are ready to retire. The capitalist is the person who makes some money, usually by ethically questionable means as it is not easy to be a normal worker and get the kind of money you need to become a serious capitalist, and very clearly thinks they can and intends to get rich on the labour of others.

Buying a CSB and clipping coupons does not make you a 'capitalist'. Owning your own home, even if it's worth a million or two or five dollars, does not make you a capitalist. (if you aspire to own a few homes and rent them out for profit, you're an aspiring capitalist, certainly)

Again, I repeat this because the lie is very, very deeply embedded, by some of the most clever propagandists and indoctrinators the world has ever known, upon a very largely defenceless population (kids forced to go to school to get an education, which almost everyone involved in believes is really for their own good). But - by definition - the capitalist is in essence someone who acquires great amounts of money from the exploitation of labour which he wishes to use to exploit more people - Marx certainly had that much right, his definition follows logically from understanding what capital really is, and does. If you hire a few kids to stock your shelves, or somebody to run the cash register, or any other kind of employee to do a job for you in your small business which you work at for 60 or more hours a week and make a sort of decent living, you are NOT a capitalist - just, as noted, a small business owner. You become a capitalist exploiter when you have the clear intent to exploit a lot of people to make a lot of money to use to exploit even more people, when the many people you hire create some product, or provide some service, which you sell for X dollars, from which you pay the exploited worker some small fraction - 1/5th, 1/10th, whatever you can get away with, of what you sell it for, and claim the rest as your 'profit', as the 'owner' of the business. Or your business becomes gigantic - Walmart, or MacDonald's, or other 'service' industries like this with tens of thousands and up of employees who create great profit for the owners, are certainly exploiting labour. Intent, as always, is involved.

The capitalist, by definition again, is the person who can access a very large amount of money-credit from a capitalist-supporting bank, build a very large factory or business, and employ a very large number of people to make something, or provide a service. The capitalist employee makes, for example, a thousand dollars worth of widgets for the capitalist owner every day, and gets paid a hundred dollars for his or her labour as the capitalist claims the rest as 'earnings on capital'. Or maybe the piece worker in Indonesia gets five dollars for the pair of shoes later sold in the west for a hundred dollars. That is capitalist exploitation on a huge scale, not 'small business' on a local scale. And yes, banks provide loans for small businesses as well, a necessary part of the overall supply and profit stream and not a threat to them - but check around the major capitalist countries for examples of capitalist banks providing loans for large cooperatives which would challenge the capitalist model. Find lots? right. You're not a challenge to them, at the moment, so they let you struggle along, expending the maximum amount of time and energy just getting by. But don't expect any help from them - that would be like the barbarians asking Caesar to arm them.

BUT BUT BUT!!!! - we ARE very prosperous today, and it does seem very connected to the capitalist way of business?? - again, think of indoctrination when such knee-jerk responses come immediately to mind, no different than the religiously indoctrinated person mindlessly defending any attack on their god - all good things come from God!! All bad things come from the devil, or bad people! - and the capitalist religion makes the same claim - all good things come from capitalism, all bad things from the lazy grasping damned socialists. As explained, modern prosperity began with the new ideas of the early Renaissance period leading to great advances in science and technology from the Industrial Revolution, coupled with the new 'fiat money'- credit system. And during that time, and after, and much more importantly, very directly connected to the hard work, innovation, and sacrifice of hundreds and hundreds of millions of people throughout the last few hundred years of our history, each generation building on the accomplishments of the previous, up to and including today. As with 'democracy', to give a good parallel example - we had a quite strong democracy during the couple of decades following the second world war of the last century - not because the generous loving capitalist rulers loved us and gave us a great boon, but because millions of people, over many generations, fought these capitalist wouldbe-feudalists and made great sacrifices for every small concession these wealthy elite were forced to give. And we have a great and prosperous society because these same people worked like hell to create this great wealth. The capitalists have ever and always been nothing more than parasites - powerful and clever and very ruthless predator parasites controlling through lies and violence and deception, but nonetheless parasites, insinuating themselves into powerful places, using their utter ruthlessness and complete lack of morality to control and steal and silence those who dare protest - and very brazenly through control of education and media propagandizing us and convincing us they are like unto Gods! - rather than the evil scheming and looting bastards they actually are.

It's more than a bit distressingly ironic, to look around the once almost great society called Canada, and realise it was entirely the work of a few generations of very hard-working and sacrificing people fighting for social democracy, who would never have called themselves 'capitalists' as they were fighting what they saw as a very evil, exploiting and violent system, and realise the capitalists have taken the great society they almost created, and turned its very strengths against them - exactly as, as often pointed out earlier, the very skillful martial arts master takes his opponent's greatest strength and turns it against them. To listen to those being enchained by the capitalists marching along singing the praises of capitalism is a very, very distressing thing, for those of us trying to stop this evil.

And that is the battle we need to understand, and re-ignite, today, if we are to start winning.

Tommy Douglas, voted the Greatest Canadian of all time (more than a bit interesting that the NDP still claim to revere the first leader, but never, never, never talk about his real beliefs anymore - such as his very clear battle against capitalism
>>Tommy Douglas' Mouseland story; and The Cream Separator

There are many other aspects of capitalist society one could talk on about, but these three things are enough to be going on with, as what we need to understand, how this political-economic system called capitalism is actually at the root of pretty much all of our problems in the world, and we are not going to start creating a better world until this monster is defanged, degraded, and destroyed, once and for all, and the great tool at the root of capitalist power - the credit-money system - is turned into a great tool for Democracy.

As always - the first key is to stop believing what you are told by the media who are nothing more than the modern, multi-faced Ministry of Truth - get onto the internet, where the real people are still writing, and start reading and thinking for yourself.

The Great Green Island Road Show and Democracy Chatauqua - get involved