Dave Patterson - Author Info

Dave is a teacher, writer, musician, environmentalist, economist, philosopher, scientist, student, researcher, thinker, bearded guy, and lots of other things, depending a bit on who you talk to. He was born in Ontario waaaay many years ago, then lived in Prince Edward Island for a few years, and now lives in Thailand where he doesn’t have to shovel snow. His aim is to help make a better world for everyone to live in, a world such as he talks about in his novel for bigger kids who can still dream, Green Island, published in 2008.

Dave has written four kid's books, Dave 2007 PSU three published, one soon to be, and is working on a fifth (and thinking of more) - you can peruse the first chapters following (there's a bit more on each of them at the end of the chapter):

For the somewhat longer original and more philosophical version of Dave's life for bigger kids, go to Dave's Author Info Ramble

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