They're Building a Box -
and you're in it
pull back the wizard's curtain and throw the chains from your brain
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On Green Island
They're Building a Box and you're in it
Dave Patterson
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From Hastings to Green Island
a word on the Writer

Knowledge is like a candle. When you light your candle from mine, my light is not diminished. It is enhanced and a larger room is enlightened as a consequence. - Thomas Jefferson

PRE-INTRO: I've just had a short go through of the hits to this web page version of 'The Box', and it's gratifying to see such a large number of people finding their way here - whoever is recommending it, my sincere thanks. However, a slightly deeper look reveals that only a small percentage of people coming to THIS page then continue on to chapter 2, which is somewhat box - cover less gratifying, as that is where the 'real' book begins. So if you're just doing some quick assessment as you negotiate your way through this information-overload world, I'm just going to ask you to stop here, and go on to Chapter 2: The Money Supply Scam - that has a lot more meat than the intro, and hopefully you'll find that interesting enough to convince you to go on to the rest of the book. It is also by far the most important chapter, and if you are only going to read one, I would much prefer it to be that one (well, several others are pretty important too, actually - but in actual on-the-ground hard-to-deny 'evidence' of what I'm talking about here, this is about at the top). You can come back here later if you want. Or not. Of course. Getting out of the box is about freedom.
Thanks again for dropping by - Dave

The real intro ....

This is a small book for the many Canadians who are unhappy with the way things are in their lives and country, but don't know what to do about it. It's a small book because although the problem is big, the solution is simple, although implementing it won't be easy.

There's not much you really have to know. A lot of what you have learned in school is not true, and you have not been taught a lot of things you should have. The media lies a lot, and about everything that is important. Your 'government' are not the people really making the important decisions in your country. There is no 'god' any more than there is a 'santa claus', but that does not mean there is no difference between good things and evil things - there is, it is part of what makes you human and not a rock to understand this difference. You will never be free in what you think of as 'your own' country as long as banks are creating 95% of your money supply, and charging you interest for their 'work'. That you have not known these things, and even now as you read are disbelieving them, means that you have been heavily indoctrinated. Ignorance is not freedom in the real universe. If we don't change things, and soon, some very bad things are going to happen - they're well underway already, but I think we can still stop them. Remember the lesson of Humpty Dumpty - if you lose something important through carelessness, through taking it for granted without appreciating it and fighting for it, it's a lot harder to get back than it was to lose it. There's lots else to learn, but if you get this little bit into your head and get your eyes open to what is happening around you, you can figure the rest out for yourself. Everything you need to know is available to you - all you have to do is shut off the television and turn on the brain and start thinking for yourself. Everything you need to do can be done. If you want to. Go and be free, Grasshopper, free as in responsible adult not free as in stupid child, and be a blessing to the Earth and your fellow humans and not a curse.

Chapter 1: As Good as It Gets, Or... ???

Are you living the Canadian dream, really and truly? The one you see portrayed in television advertisements, and newspaper and magazine advertisements - the Canada you are supposed to believe that most people are living in? You know - great job, great income, great home, great family, great vacations, great country, great friends, happy as the proverbial pig in sh** - in short, life is just la la la la getting better all the time couldn't possibly be better?

If you're all 'yea, yea of course life is great here in Canada the best country in the world and I surely am a happy camper here, what's your point?' -

Cool. Go back to it. Nothing for you here, and I certainly don't want to lessen the value of this wonderful day to you by inducing you to waste time reading negative sorts of thoughts here when you could be doing whatever wonderful things it is you do each day.

Or if you're thinking no, Canada is not that great because we really could be a lot greater - we need to be more like that great bastion of freedom and prosperity to the south of us, and get rid of these damned lefty-lib'ruls with their lefty-lib'rul media who are running the place into the ground like they have been since that damned Trudeau - well, you too might as well get on to some other thing, as this book isn't going to make you any happier in terms of figuring how to achieve greater happiness like the great 'mericans. Might even do the reverse - be sure to have your meds ready if you continue on here. There's some things you aren't going to much like coming up.

If - IF - however, you're more like I think a majority of Canadians are, as in, yea, life is pretty good, you know, Canada's a great country for sure, especially when compared to most other places in the world, yea! - job, well, better than no job, eh? Family - yea, good family, friends, like that - but, but, but -

- yea, sometimes I think it would be ok if life was a bit - you know, less stressful, more security about the job and income and retirement and things, less worry about the growing pile of credit card bills every month and the small and getting smaller all the time savings account, maybe something about the kind of emptiness I feel inside sometimes that there should be a bit more to life besides raising the kids well, maybe the job that seems pretty meaningless a lot of the time could be somehow better, the mall and the tv don't seem to be enough anymore really. Maybe it would be nice to be able to trust the politicians more than we do now, maybe it would be nicer if we didn't seem to be turning more every day into a society where the only thing that really counts is how much money you have, if the streets were safer at night, maybe it would be nice if it seemed like things were getting better overall for we average people every year than worse like they seem to be - yea, maybe a lot of stuff when you get right down to it -

- so - yea - I'm with you, life could be better, and probably should be really, and I wouldn't complain if it was ....

Me, as near as I can figure, most people feel like that, at least a bit, somewhere inside even if they don't talk about it much - but what are you supposed to do about it, here in Canada which is supposed to already be one of the best countries in the world? Better to just make the best of it, no? It's a hard world out there, terrorism and everything, better to be here in Canada even if it's not maybe quite so perfect it's better than Afghanistan or Africa, no doubting that ......

So a big issue really, but keep to the central point - do you really believe your life - and everyone's lives - could and should be better?

What if I said to you, for instance - how would you like to make twice as much money as you make now for the same amount of work - or work half as much for the same amount of money? And on top of that, you actually liked your job, and had more time off to do things besides work that were important to you, things that you felt gave some real meaning in your life. What about less stress every day and better job security, and a better government all around providing better services, such as a better health care system with none of this 'oh golly it's just too expensive' stuff we hear all the time and no shortages of doctors and an end to these waiting lists for practically everything? What if you felt you actually had some control over all of these things, rather than just being herded around endlessly with no say in anything beyond what you spend your few spare dollars on at the mall like a cow in a big herd of cattle? And what if there was a government that did what Canadians wanted it to, and things were generally getting better each year rather than worse, and you really looked forward to getting up and doing your life every day, got out of bed with a genuine smile and didn't have to spend half an hour in the can getting ready for the day, false face and attitude and all?

If that sort of thing sounds interesting, maybe you could read on.

Because I think that if you're ready to work at it, a better life is possible, actually a much better life for most of us, even here in already great Canada.

Don't throw the book away yet, thinking, oh right, another snake oil salesman selling impossible pie-in-the-sky dreams - that's not what this is about. Really - I don't want any money from you. Everything I want to give you is free. Including this book. There's no 'sign on the dotted line haha' stuff included.

Free and doable - but not necessarily easy.

There are no magic bullets here, no 'easy way' or anything that you only need to know a magic word or number or think the right thoughts and great wealth and happiness will appear in your life as if you changed beer brands or deoderant and the babes/guys came running or something. I'm not giving you anything but words and ideas and knowledge here, and hopefully some hope, but in the end it's going to be up to you - if you want a better life you're going to have to work at it.

But it is doable, like I said. As the old writer said, the pen is mightier than the sword, in the long run, and words can be stronger than the hardest steel, and ideas can and do change the world, and in this book I will show you that it is possible to have something pretty close to the kind of life I described above.

What I want my words to do is to help you find and open the doors you need to open to where the path to the better life starts, which mostly involves learning stuff you don't know yet, and then acting as that new knowledge leads you.

After that - well, it will be up to you to decide if you want to go through that door, take that path -

- or close the curtain and carry on as you have been.

If you go through the door, you will find that even though the road and the work will be hard for awhile, it's good work not meaningless dayjob punch-the-timeclock work, as is all work that makes your life and community better, and provides something positive for your family and future generations, so you'll enjoy it, and get good vibes from it, good brain chemicals and feelings. And then, well, after a bit of work, the good stuff will start happening in your life as well. And it won't take forever - like when you swallow the medicine that starts killing the germs that have been ravishing your body, the benefits start coming quickly.

door to the future Even though we live in very cynical times, please start with an open mind here - I am not some politician talking to you, promising you all kinds of great stuff but lying as they always do, nor some smooth talking salesman promising you a million bucks - but first you gotta give me a few thou after which you'll never see me again hahasucker. No, I am talking about a 'really' better life for you, for most of us, not as defined by having a lot of money which is a false dream, but by such things as more security and less work, more happiness and less stress, more meaning in your life than being a wage slave at some boring meaningless job you have to do to get a pittance of a salary while making some capitalist rich, more fairness and security and safety in your whole society.

The better world is not something I am going to give you, but something you will create for yourself, along with the other people in your community, all working together.

And if that interests you - read on. We can do it - if you want it.

Ch 2 - The Money Supply Scam

On Green Island

Ch 1: As good as it gets, or ...??? / Ch 2: The Money Supply Scam / Ch 3: The Work Scam / Ch 4: The Democracy Scam / Ch 5: How do they do this? Indoctrination / Ch 6: Indoctrination II: Get them early.. / Ch 7: Lifelong Maintenance - Full Spectrum Propaganda / Ch 8: They're Building a Box - / Ch 9: Why should I care? / Ch 10: What can I do? / Appendix 1: The National Debt Scam / Appendix 2: The Corporate Reactionary Revolution of the 70s / Appendix 3: Behind the Mask - What Capitalism Really Is / Appendix 4: Some places to start reading / Appendix 5: Perverse capitalist lies

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