They're Building a Box and You're In It
You can help ....
The point of They're Building a Box and You're In It is to try to help people understand what is happening in our society, and to offer some ideas on making things better. I have no desire to be anyone's leader, I just want people to wake up and throw off the current rulers, and start doing real democracy, in which I will have one voice in my local community the same as anyone else in the country.

If you agree with what is said here, you can help spread the word by telling others about it, for instance by referring to it through comments on other websites in reference to related stories, or telling people on any mailing list you might be on, if you think anyone might be interested. Or order a copy of the print edition - I have kept it as inexpensive as I could - and send it directly to book reviewers at local newspapers, radio stations, or anyone else you think might be interested and promote it as well. Order and donate a copy to your local library. Buy some copies and give them out for gifts, or take a copy to anyplace you talk to others about things of concern in your community and talk about it. (I am only making a couple of bucks per book, so this is not going to make me rich! which is not why I am doing this..)

I'm not trying to make a lot of bucks out of this, although if I ever did it would be nice to be able to travel around Canada a bit more talking about these things, but as I say in the book, I think the solution to our problems is to make people aware of what is happening, and to foster a true grassroots democracy movement in Canada, in which We the People would truly run the country, for a change.