They're Building a Box -
and you're in it
pull back the wizard's curtain and throw the chains from your brain
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On Green Island
They're Building a Box and you're in it
Dave Patterson
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From Hastings to Green Island
a word on the Writer

No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine.” - William Blum

Real information, subversive information, remains the most potent power of all ... we must not fall into the trap of believing that the media speaks for the public. That wasn't true in Stalinist Czechoslovakia and it isn't true of the United States. - Harold Pinter

I want all of you to get up out of your chairs, I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your window, open it and yell ‘I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore. - Network

"The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed..." - Steve Biko

“And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing...a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.” Aldous Huxley

Pogo - what if the 10,000 is wrong and the one guy is right and the one guy is right?

Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign "aid" organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet's natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization. I should know; I was an EHM. - John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

The Last of the Bluefin Tuna - Coming Soon to a TV Screen Near You

The new capitalist gods must love the poor — they are making so many more of them. – Bill Bonner

“Television is altering the meaning of “being informed” by creating a species of information that might properly be called disinformation... Disinformation does not mean false information. It means misleading information - misplaced, irrelevant, fragmented or superficial information - information that creates the illusion of knowing something, but which in fact leads one away from knowing. - Neil Postman

In many respects, we now live in a society that is only formally democratic, as the great mass of citizens have minimal say on the major public issues of the day, and such issues are scarcely debated at all in any meaningful sense in the electoral arena. - Robert McChesney

Believe that you can’t, or believe that you can. Either way, you’re right. - Henry Ford

Chapter 9 - Why should I care?

Yeayeayea - It's a pretty great place, Canada, no matter what you're saying here, and most of us would far rather be here than in Afghanistan .....

Lots of reasons.

1. 'They' have stolen a couple of trillion dollars of taxpayer money - that's your money, a good chunk of whatever you've paid in taxes, just stolen - over the last 30 years or so, since the great corporate reactionary revolution began in earnest in Canada, and continue to steal more every year, counting in the tens of billions each year just in taxes alone for 'service' charges on the scamdalous, odious, completely un-necessary national and provincial debts, which should be enough to get anyone at least a bit pissed - especially when you think of all the cutbacks to hospitals and higher and higher tuition fees and Walkerton etc and everything else they have done to diminish this country in the name of that debt. Just like the original Europeans coming to this continent 500 years ago, they are stealing everything you own, and lying to you about their intentions, and paying you off with some pretty but worthless trinkets like Survivor and bungee jumping and big box stores full of enticing but worthless junk to distract you on weekends.

2. If you're any kind of adult who feels you should be involved in deciding about the things that are done in your society, then you should be upset at the democracy scam alone, and big time, and the lies they tell about it to trick you into believing your decisions at the ballot box actually have anything to do with running the country beyond which corporate spokesman is going to be running around the world the next few years pretending he speaks for you. You're being treated like a child, lied to about the true situation, allowed to do certain things, not allowed to do others, growing herds of enforcers of various types out there to make sure you do as you're told, as 'father knows best' - others make the decisions behind closed doors somewhere, and tell you what you can or cannot do.

If you don't have any real control over the country - and you quite obviously don't, as I showed with the 'democracy' scam chapter - then you have to understand that whatever you think is so good about Canada - and there have been and still are many good things - they can take it all away anytime, and you won't be able to do anything about it. And they are taking it away, which is the 'getting worse instead of better' part I talked about earlier. They may be proceeding with some stealth insofar as letting anyone know their real intentions, as there are still many people in Canada who would create problems for them if they did it openly, but they are still doing it. And lulled by the media, who are of course central to the plan as I have described throughout, Canadians, like the frog in the boiling water story, are doing nothing as their very country is stolen from under their feet. Or compare what is happening with the slow descent into totalitarianism that happened in Germany in the 1930s with Hitler and the Germans. Slippery slopes are easy to go down, very difficult to climb back up. Our ancestors worked very, very hard to make this country prosperous and progressive, over several hundred years - and now this generation is letting it all be stolen by a powerful gang of predatory capitalists. Once you see what is happening here, you should be very, very angry, if you're the kind of person who has read this far in this book.

3. You are living your life to a very large extent based on lies and propaganda, both direct and of omission, fed to you every day in your media. A media you cannot trust should make you very angry. As I noted earlier, the media lies about all major things in your country and the world. The things I talk about earlier - the money supply scam, or the democracy scam, or the support for corporate-controlled work arrangements for everyone - are just scratching the surface. If you get your information from the Canadian mainstream media, print or tv, as most people do, you know next to nothing about anything really important that is happening in the world, or your own country. This is not accidental, you are being trained to not care at all about what is really happening in the world or your country, beyond becoming anxious about whatever they tell you to be scared of on their tv broadcasts - frightened, anxious tv-watchers are easier to control than informed, intelligent citizens. You are being trained to be a spectator in your own country, doing nothing more than sitting passively in front of your tv and believing what the people on the tv tell you and letting them use the fear they try to create with their wildly exaggerated 'terrorist alert!!' stories to control you even more with their ever-expanding 'security' network - which - if you think about it honestly - has a lot more to do with controlling average citizens than with stopping any 'terrorists'. The whole 'dumbing down' movement I mentioned earlier that you may have heard of (although never on the MSM) is real, and is intentionally creating a whole society of semi-intelligent, obedient citizens to man the money-making treadmills and keep the malls open, without questioning anything they are told on the news, or feeling they have any say in what decisions are made in 'their' country. George Orwell's 1984 or Aldous Huxley's Brave New World saw this kind of society coming, in different ways - they were both right, we have a sort of combination, as we are turned into a two-class society, those few who rule and those many who wander around in the human-sheep pen. Guess which side you are supposed to be on.

Do you think you should care about any of that?

When we are controlled through stealth and lies like this, and have no real concept or true perspective of the greater reality in our country and world, our lives are little better than the lives of children playing in a schoolyard, no matter how full of fun toys and activities the playground is for a lot of us who make enough money to afford some of the toys. If you are not making any of the most important decisions about what happens in your community or world - if they are stealing huge amounts of money from you by controlling the Canadian money supply, and you never protested this because you never even knew about it - how much control do you have?

Check out the WTO and how 'we' joined it, or the history of the MAI they tried to sneak in a few years ago, or the current NAU/SPP 'negotiations' - no consultation with 'the people', no choice in elections (party A says ok, party B says no - citizens choose - I guess they learned their lesson about that with the FTA and NAFTA, both strongly rejected by voters but implemented anyway, such non-democratic things become glaringly obvious if repeated too often), secret meetings among the real 'stakeholders' (check the Canadian Action Party website for a good history of the latest secret corporate dealings), and deals with major changes to how Canada is organised and governed (most Canadians have no idea what these things are - do you think that matters?). If the government is signing 'trade' treaties that 'legally' give corporations more power over the Canadian government than Canadian people have themselves, without the approval or even knowledge of those Canadians - how much control do you really have over the government? When the police obey the orders of the government and protect the government from Canadians trying to protest as they continually do when groups of citizens try to protest these secret trade negotiations, isn't it obvious who the police are working for, and who they are controlling, like farmers and sheep dogs and sheep?

How much control do you have over your government, and their police? When was the last time you ever participated in a meeting, or had the chance to, that talked about what laws we should have in this country, and what levels of violence 'our' police should be authorized to use in enforcing those laws?

It doesn't matter who you 'elect' at the one opportunity they give you every few years to 'participate' in 'your' 'democracy', if the backbenchers all take orders from the PMO, and the PMO formulates Canadian policy not with the consultation of those elected backbenchers, but in secret meetings with the people who really run Canada, the Bay St Bankers and their elite 'investor' cronies, and those policies all have the goal of making THEM richer and consolidating their power even further, and who cares what happens to you and your meaningless (to them) life beyond making sure you keep going to your job every day and producing the wealth they are stealing.

When they decide that they will establish a massive, and very blatantly fraudulent, national debt and use that as an excuse to slash your social programs and weaken your democracy and turn tens of billions of dollars of your tax money each year over to private 'investors' - does that matter to you?

When they decide to lower corporate taxes and close hospitals, rather than maintaining corporate taxes and improving the health care system - does that matter to you?

When they decide to sign 'free' trade agreements that will put downward pressure on your income, but allow corporations to improve their profits at the expense of every Canadian worker - does that matter to you? Does it matter that you do not even understand these 'trade' agreements, or their ramifications?

When they allow your currency to be subject to the whims of international currency traders rather than creating secure exchange rates, thus callously tossing the financial wellbeing of all non-player Canadians into a currency casino over which they have no control - does that matter to you?

When they decide to invade other countries as part of the ongoing American global NWO hegemony drive, whether you or most Canadians approve or not, or really understand what is happening or not (and with the added effect that the people in those countries may well, sooner or later, decide to come to Canada and blow some things up in retaliation, putting your life and the lives of your family at risk) - does that matter to you?

Your children cannot see a doctor in a reasonable time because the government decided that supporting the banks was more important than supporting your health care system - does that matter to you? People die in ambulances and waiting rooms because of underfunding while lower and lower corporate taxes provide record profits for the banks and corps year after year - does that matter?

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians depend on food banks to feed their children, because the government has decided that reducing corporate taxes and paying off phony 'national debts' is more important than funding social safety nets for children living in poverty - does that concern you at all?

Does it concern you that you never have meetings in which you talk about these things, so that your opinion can be heard by others, and together you can agree on whether or not you think the taxes you pay should fund wars in Afghanistan or better social support for the poor people in this country, so they have a chance at a decent future? Or even if you agree with the Afghanistan 'mission', does it not concern you that you have never participated in any discussion about whether or not we have a role to play in overthrowing governments in foreign countries whose policies someone doesn't agree with - and even if we do decide to take a role, should that role be military invasion or something else? Does it concern you that 'your' media never talks about these things, never suggests the people ought to have a bit more of a role in 'our' country?

Well, if you are really a Canadian citizen and not one of the new breed of tv-couch-potatoheads, then of course these things matter to you - but if you think about it at all honestly, you have to admit that as a citizen in what is called Canadian 'democracy' in the opening years of this millennium, you have no meaningful say in these decisions, or anything else of any importance, really.

These things certainly should matter to you. If you think that even if what I say is true, but you still have a pretty good government and country, and things are not so bad that you can't live with them so do not protest them - think about what is going to happen someday soon when they really do go too far, and you really want to protest - you will have no voice then, only police batons and pepper spray in your face, and the demands for you to obey the 'lawful' police orders of 'Citizen do as you are told!!' - as you have always done before, or told others to do. And they will say that nothing has changed, you have the 'same' voice you had in times past when you did not protest.

And that voice is - No voice beyond a supplicatory one, that the masters can refuse at will because they have always done as they have pleased and you've never complained before. No right to change anything because by your actions over many years you have waived all such rights you may have once had, or thought you had. All that is left is the 'right' to do what you are told.

And that, they will tell you, is democracy. The same 'democracy' you have always accepted, so have no right to complain about.

Well, I'll leave it at that, although I could go on. If you're happy or at least not bothered enough to complain about being treated like a powerless child in your own country, I doubt you would have read this far in the book.

But even while that might seem to be enough reason to get away from the tv and start thinking about retaking control of your country, it is not all.

We are barely beginning, really. Canada has 30 million people - about 1/2 of 1% of the world's population. And all of those other people are in the same danger we are - we just have further to fall than most of them. We are betraying our ancestors who took us this far much more than those many others who were never as lucky as we to begin with - actually they (like the people who occupied Canada before the first Europeans arrived) were the unlucky ones, having their peaceful lives destroyed all over the world by barbarians with lots of guns and lies and no morals whatsoever - white men looking for things to steal. (and yes I am well aware of the apparent contradiction between the almost-great progressive Canada of the late 60s and the earlier theft of the land upon which the society was constructed - but this is a discussion for another time, and must include the recognition that the people in the 20th century who did so many good things were not the same ones as in the 16th century who did so many brutal things).

4. The box has far-reaching contacts, even if those you get your 'news' from do not encourage you to think of them. If you are going to be an adult, intelligent citizen making appropriate decisions about your country, there are things you must do and learn for yourself. If you have ever looked at fractals (google, they're beautiful and mysterious and can open interesting doors in your mind), you will see that patterns repeat themselves on ever larger scales, and so it is with the box. Step back from the Canadian box I have been talking about, and you will see that it is itself simply one block in a much larger box-like construction being built around the entire world.

The adult citizen who cares about his or her life does not barricade him/herself selfishly in their home after the day's treadmill is shut down and turn on the tv or stereo and sit down with their favorite reality-denying escape, chemical or otherwise, pulling the Neimuller curtains, firmly rooted in the instant with no thought of the future, thinking 'I'm fine today f*** you haha!' - the intelligent and caring adult citizen also considers the bigger world, and also the future, and takes an interest in all things of importance, and tries to do his or her part to make a good life for all of his or her fellow citizens - for, of course, that is the same as looking after him or herself, understanding that if everyone has a good life, then 'I' will have a good life too.

And so it must be with the larger world around us. In the modern world, with virtually instant communication from anywhere to anywhere else, and transportation so advanced that we can get pretty much anywhere that matters in a matter of hours, we DO have a duty to all the citizens of the world, once we have our own house in order.

We in Canada do have a duty to the rest of the world because, as part of 'the western, developed world' over the last half century at least, we have very much been party to the destruction and subjugation of much of the rest of the world. The western world has been stealing from the 'developing' world since the Spanish looted the Inca gold and the new American plantation owners built fortunes on the slave labour of Africans; in 'modern' times, since WWII at least, the IMF and World Bank saddled these impoverished countries with 'development' loans, upon which they have been paying 'service' charges for decades, and still are - keeping them in poverty, keeping their wealth flowing into western banks via endless 'debt service charges' - very much like the Canadian 'national debt' we have suffered so much under the last 30 years, although you never hear such truth in or on 'your' media.

And even if you aren't particularly concerned with that sort of moral idea, there is a justice issue involved as well.

In the modern world, our duty to the citizens of other countries is to stop making their life worse, moreso than any need to provide 'a good life' for them. Getting our share of the collective capitalist foot off their necks will be more than welcome to them.

There is also a very short, and very direct, link between the people who are running Canada, and the wars and starvation and other problems from other parts of the world you see a little bit about on the 'news' most days.

And that is not an exaggeration. It is just one of those truths they do NOT want you thinking about, so of course you were never taught about it in school, and do not see anything about it in the daily 'news' you get.

Think about it. The root of pretty much all of the world's problems is simply money, or the lack thereof, actually. And the people who are stealing money from you, via the money supply and national debt scams etc in Canada, and forcing you to work in their offices and factories and other things for barely-survival-level wages while they take the big profits that are the real value of your work, are the same gang of people in general who are stealing money from countries all around the world. Canadian bankers and 'investors' are not doing this all by themselves, of course, but they are part of the larger world banking-investor 'we rule (or want to) the planet' cartel, and/or the otherwise wealthy elite of the world, which controls things like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation, and it is these organisations which, for the last 50 years or so, have forced the countries known as 'developing' countries into massive poverty through (among other things) the same type of scam they have done in Canada, making unnecessary loans at high interest (often to dictators who simply banked most of the money in numbered bank accounts, leaving 'the people' with a big debt for which they had received no benefit, very similar to the Canadian national debt scam program - the dictators were being well paid to keep the people working in the resource industries which supplied the capitalist bank accounts (as were and are the bank-owned politicians in Canada, in their own way, of course), and then forcing the countries to impoverish themselves to simply continue paying interest on the loans whilst opening their countries up to the same kinds of capitalist exploitation we see in Canada, where fewer and fewer people control more and more of the resources of the country, and the people are increasingly forced into poorer paying jobs as the business owners max their profits. And of course you have never read about that in the mainstream media and never will - the same as you have never read about our own little money supply scam, or how phony our 'democracy' really is, or those few other things the rulers need to keep you believing to keep their gravy train rolling.

And wars of course are big problems in many of these countries, and around the world - and where do you suppose a bunch of thugs from an impoverished country, whose only claim to ruling anything is their willingness to kill anyone who gets in their way, are getting tanks and rifles and ammunition for those weapons? They sure aren't producing this stuff themselves - if we in the west were really serious about stopping the huge deaths caused by these conflicts, it's really as simple as turning off the money tap for the weapons, and closing the doors of the armaments factories to these people (no, this won't stop all violence, of course, but it will certainly put big limits on it, and open the door to more peaceful and lasting solutions). But the 'defence' industry in the west is one of the most powerful and lucrative 'businesses' in the world, with huge amounts of money being involved - and as long as people with lots of money are controlling our governments, then the thought of turning off or even limiting this kind of money train is not going to receive any serious attention. And also and equally importantly with the armaments industry, the western elite need 'strongmen' dictators to control the workers of these 'developing' countries and keep the resources, and wealth, flowing into the western banks, so they willingly supply them with the tools of violence needed to achieve these ends, and the 'look the other way' attitude of the media they control. Wars are also very useful for keeping people too preoccupied to start pushing strongly for democracy, or better lives, and useful for getting rid of the few people determined enough to do so. Again, this is the sort of thing you will never, never, NEVER see or read on the evening news - but then, as you must realise if you've read this far, there are quite a lot of important things going on in the country and world that you have not been seeing on the evening news, who have a positive aversion to 'truth' when it might expose the real workings of what is going on in the world, and endanger the Box they are constructing around you right this very minute.

5. Our environment is on the edge of collapse, not only in Canada, but world wide. Although this is treated like any story in the media - a few seconds attention, then on to the next 'bread and circuses' show - it really is a serious thing, and you should not only care deeply about this, you should be angry that 'your' government seems to care so little - lip service is not sufficient here, although people who live by their mouths, such as politicians and 'journalists', seem to feel a bit of huffy-puffy talking is all they need to do about anything - and as long as you let them turn your anger away with their words, and forget about these important things as you drive down to the mall for your latest fix of useless consumer spending as a displacement activity, then their beliefs become justifed. Sadly, and tragically - for when the real disasters hit, all the words in the world are useless. Ask the people of New Orleans, or the fishermen who once relied on cod for their livelihoods.

Many of the major fish stocks in Canada are almost gone - the cod on the east, the salmon on the west on the verge of collapse - and the entire world is facing the same sort of collapse of all major species - something like 90% of all the major species of ocean fish are already gone, from overfishing - the big whales, the tuna, the cod, the major fish that have some economic value for humans (whales aren't 'fish' fish, of course, but they are ocean dwellers).

Can you - do you want to - imagine a world where the huge fish stocks of the ocean are not there any more? And it's not just some aesthetic thing making nature lovers sad, but is having very major physical impacts on the entire world environment, which means your life quite directly. I don't know all of the potential consequences, no one does, really, but they are huge. Think about the skies and the fields and forests with no small animals, no birds or insects - just stop for a minute right now and think about that - actually, you can remove the forests from that picture, as for some reason that escapes me because it is so obviously so stupid, the people running the world are cutting down these forests as fast as they can, as fast as they are destroying all the sea life, for no other reason than to make a few bucks now, and to hell with tomorrow.

That is the kind of world we are heading into - but do you hear about that on the news every day? No - instead of 5 minutes (or the two hours it deserves) about the ongoing destruction of our planet every day, and why we ought to care and what we might do about it, you get five minutes about the latest hockey or baseball scores on every single newscast throughout the day - absolutely meaningless factoids to occupy your brain instead of any ongoing important discussion of very, very serious issues. Do you really think the latest scores in the endless series of baseball or basketball or hockey games is more important than the fact the cod stocks are gone from the Canadian part of the Atlantic Ocean and it looks like more and more and more species are disappearing every day? The people running the country don't want you thinking about that - if you, as an intelligent, caring Canadian citizen in a democratic country, actually sit down and think about that, you are going to start getting upset about some things, and you are going to eventually realise that the government - or really, the people running the government from behind the scenes solely for their personal enrichment and damn the consequences - are very guilty about some of these things - and at the very least they ought to be doing some explaining, and having some public discussions about things. That is to say, for instance, do the cod stocks belong to the government to hand out to international fisheries companies to make some bucks for their shareholders until there are no more fish to hand out as with the cod, or (insofar as they 'belong' to anyone), do you think that you and all the citizens of Canada, and maybe the world, should be involved with this discussion about what should be done about the fish stocks - and the small animals, and the birds, and the insects, and the forests, and everything else?

Well, as with the other chapters, I won't go on and on - as I said at the first, all I really want to do is open some doors for you to look through - it is entirely up to you whether or not you want to go through these doors and into the big world outside the box, and get the blinkers off your eyes and brain and start to really understand your situation, and, with the other citizens of Canada, take control of your country and life, or whether you retreat back inside the box, where you don't have to think about these hard things, but just watch your tv and go to the malls sometimes, as part of the great apathetic citizenry letting everything our ancestors fought so hard for be blatantly stolen by a criminal gang of corporate vultures.

As Michael Valentine Smith said - Thou art God.

It's all up to you. Whether you care enough to do something -

- or not.

Ch 10 - What can we do?

On Green Island

Ch 1: As good as it gets, or ...??? / Ch 2: The Money Supply Scam / Ch 3: The Work Scam / Ch 4: The Democracy Scam / Ch 5: How do they do this? Indoctrination / Ch 6: Indoctrination II: Get them early.. / Ch 7: Lifelong Maintenance - Full Spectrum Propaganda / Ch 8: They're Building a Box - / Ch 9: Why should I care? / Ch 10: What can I do? / Appendix 1: The National Debt Scam / Appendix 2: The Corporate Reactionary Revolution of the 70s / Appendix 3: Behind the Mask - What Capitalism Really Is / Appendix 4: Some places to start reading / Appendix 5: Perverse capitalist lies

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