They're Building a Box -
and you're in it
pull back the wizard's curtain and throw the chains from your brain
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On Green Island
They're Building a Box and you're in it
Dave Patterson
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From Hastings to Green Island
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If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. - Joseph Goebbels

Pogo - what if the 10,000 is wrong and the one guy is right and the one guy is right?

cover of Gatto book Underground History of American Education Underground History of American Education
by John Gatto

( Nov/07: EH? YOUNG CANADIANS DIM ON THEIR HISTORY: STUDY: If you know why 1867 is a noteworthy year in Canadian history or what top job Sir John A. MacDonald held at that time, then you've already outsmarted most college-aged Canadians on parts of a basic pop quiz.)

Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise. - Adolf Hitler

cover of Disciplined Minds book Disciplined Minds
by Jeff Schmidt
Keeping intellectuals in the Box

Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state. - Noam Chomsky

The American press, with a very few exceptions:, is a kept press. Kept by the big corporations the way a whore is kept by a rich man. - Theodore Dreiser

It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion. - Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister

If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves. - Howard Zinn

You have forgotten the editors. They draw their salaries for the policy they maintain. Their policy is to print nothing that is a vital menace to the established. The press of the United States? It is a parasitic growth that battens on the capitalist class. Its function is to serve the established by moulding public opinion, and right well it serves it. - Jack London

Chapter 7: Lifelong Maintenance -

Full Spectrum Propaganda: The Modern Canadian Model

The type of indoctrination-propaganda model that has finally matured in Canada, after being slowly constructed over the last 100 years or so using modern techniques and scientific findings and communications, is what I think of as a 'full-spectrum' model, meaning it pervades almost all aspects of everyone's lives virtually from the day you are born. This is, of course, why it is so incredibly effective, with the existence of almost no opposing voices, and the immediate derision and marginalisation of any such voices that do break through somehow.

There are 5 major components to this full-spectrum indoctrination-propaganda model. They are, of course, all intermingled together in both delivery and effect. The importance of each part is different for every person and changes throughout time as well, but we can still identify the major strands, and here I will identify these major strands of propaganda-indoctrination according to the order in which they come into major force in an individual's life.

1. Television: since sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s, the television has become the major source of information and entertainment in virtually everyone's life in Canada, and the finalization of the current full-spectrum indoctrination would not have been possible without something like this technological advance. Many if not most children in our society over the last half century have been half raised or more by the television, as many busy parents use it as a convenient baby sitter - and more and more so in recent years as life has become busier and busier. And it is on children that the television has the most serious effects, as this particular indoctrination begins when the child is too young to have any idea what is happening - that young brain, as noted before, just soaks up things from the television (or anywhere else of course) like a sponge soaks up water, with no questions asked. The problem is, a lot of what the child is soaking up from the television is very toxic stuff - big time indoctrination stuff. (adults too, more later). For every few minutes of what you could call half-useful programming from a Sesame Street type of show (although one could, and would in a longer book, make many arguments as well that even Sesame Street has any number of problematic things going on with it, indoctrinating the child with many bad ideas as well as good (the good citizen goes to work every day, and is a happy worker on his or her portion of the wonderful treadmill of wonderful modern life hoho we're all so happy as worker bees hoho)), the child is watching hours of junk and commercials, learning all sorts of false ideas about how the country and world operates, and what sorts of things make 'a good life'. For instance, a 'background' function of many shows the child watches is going to include the idea that Canada is a great democracy, the government is honest and always acts with integrity and all the laws and regulations are good things that help us all have a better life, that all ('good') Canadians are sort of little robots who go to work every day and shop at the mall on weekends and take their kids to Disneyland at least once in their lives, everybody is 'happy' most of the time, and nobody takes anything too seriously, and we NEVER talk about boring stuff like economics or politics (beyond getting out the idea they are very complicated things that our superiors are looking after just great) - and this sort of thing is the basis of the happy little 'civics book' Canadian family and Canadian society, the sort of life the child itself should aspire to. And the child learns from thousands of hours of commercials that almost all of life's problems can be solved simply by switching brands to a better product - that happiness itself is often simply a new product - if you're unhappy, get thee to the mall for some shopping!! All very toxic stuff, and all set into the little computer mind as **unquestioned, not even thought about, truth** as it develops with no idea of resisting such stuff, as there is never any discussion about what is happening with that television, or the whole advertising purpose of it all. And of course, as Marshall McLuhan understood with his famous phrase 'the medium IS the message', the central most important thing the child learns through these very important years is that it should believe what it sees and hears on the television - without even thinking about it - just believe it - the central definition of 'indoctrination'. And that is the most toxic lesson of all, as that child grows into an adult with the same set of fantasyland beliefs about how Canadian society functions, and his or her place therein, and how anything important he or she needs to know will be told her or him by the people on the television, nowhere else.

2. Education: The second central facet of indoctrination in the modern world is schooling. This may sound a bit shocking to some, as we have all been trained (indoctrinated??) to believe that education is essential for getting ahead in our life, and creating a good society - and like most good advertising, or con jobs, which are what modern indoctrination involves, there is of course a shadow of truth in that idea, as *true* education is one of the greatest things humans aspire to, and have throughout history, learning how the world works and passing that learning on to future generations. Unfortunately, what we call 'education' in modern Canada is much more a shadow of 'true' education than the real thing, and like with most good con jobs, the mark gets sucked in with some small truth, and then directed to some place new for the con to proceed, the taste of truth enabling the big lie pie of indoctrination. But without getting into the book-length discussion this subject could involve, the points I will make here briefly should demonstrate very conclusively that what I say is true. And they're the same things we started the book with, so no big surprise, and no need to spend a long time proving this undeniable truth about the lie of 'education' in our modern schools.

What did you learn during your 'modern state of the art education' in your modern Canadian schools about creating the money supply in Canada? Grade school, high school or university, makes no difference. I can say very confidently that, even though this is a very, very important part of modern Canadian society, you learned absolutely nothing about the banks creating 95% of the money supply, for their great profit and at our great expense, nor did you ever have any discussion about the alternatives available that would make much more sense for our general wellbeing and prosperity - or your role as a citizen in debating what money supply 'we' should have in the first place. And what did you learn about Canadian 'democracy'? You know as well as I - that Canadian 'democracy' is one of the greatest things in the world, the envy of people all over the world, etc and etc, with all of the text book theories about how 'democracy' functions. But never did you ever discuss the 'reality' of 'democracy' in Canada vs the theories, nor did anyone ever raise any of the questions or points I mentioned previously, or did you ever have any real discussion about why so many things a majority of Canadians want done do not get done, or so many things they do NOT want, do get done, which indicate quite strongly that Canada is not actually a 'democracy' at all, in any true sense of the word. Never during your 'education', I confidently predict, did you talk about any of these things. So no matter what good things you want to say about Canadian education, it is leaving out some very important things, at best, some things that any thinking person would have to feel should be taught to people as baseline information if they were to be true citizens in a democracy, and doing so very intentionally in the interests of making sure that the students, soon to become adults in the country, have some quite important, and false, beliefs about how their country operates - and that is nothing more nor less than indoctrination.

And even aside from that, how good is our great Canadian education system actually doing its job of 'educating' the students who are forced to sit in its classrooms for large portions of their life for at least 10 of the most formative years of their lives? I was shocked, when I went to university, that every incoming student was required to take a remedial English program, and even more shocked later on to find out how many students actually required such a thing - 12 or 13 years of pre-university education, and most of my fellow students were no more than barely literate in the English language, with mediocre reading skills and poor writing skills. And it still happens - many universities require not only remedial English, but remedial basic math for their science students!!

This is quite puzzling if you believe that the purpose of the 'highly excellent' Canadian schooling system, which forces all young Canadians to attend school until they are at least 16, is actually education - but on the other hand, if you understand that the Canadian schooling system has the primary purpose of indoctrination of certain beliefs and behaviors in the young people of Canada, such as believing without question that their country is a 'great democracy' and they are 'free' citizens thereof, while at the same time ensuring that they all get in the habit of going somewhere every day and being told what to do by some superior person (while believing this too is a sure sign they live in a 'free democracy'), and also get in the habit of not thinking about things unless directed to do so by others, so questions about things like the origin of the money we all use never arise in their minds - then it all makes perfect sense, and you can see that the inability to read or write at a useful level is not a failure of the system at all, since the system was not really designed to impart this kind of education. It is not that important that Canadians read or write very well (they get most of the things they need to know from the tv anyway), but it is important that they go somewhere every day and do the work that creates the wealth that the elite steal from them, and it is important that these workers believe they are free and democratic and happy workers, and it's important that they don't get asking questions about the money supply. And for those purposes, for making sure they all, or most of them, have these beliefs, the 'education' system functions very well, exactly as it is supposed to. As an 'education' system, if that were its true purpose, it leaves, obviously, a lot to be desired - as an indoctrination system, well, it obviously functions very, very well indeed. (And a brief closing note - this should not be taken to mean that all of the teachers in the education system are willingly indoctrinating their young charges - that is a truly horrible thought. No, most of these teachers undoubtedly believe they are doing the best job they can for their students - they came through the indoctrination process themselves, so when the curricula they are given do not include any of the things I talk about here, they never even think to question it - they believe Canada is a great democracy themselves, so never wonder why it isn't talked about more the way I talk about it here, and etc. And the few who might aspire to teach things I talk about here - well, you don't get to teach in a Canadian school without going through a weeding out process called 'teacher's college', and such ideas would be deemed 'not suitable' in various ways, and likewise the odd persons who dared suggest they might like to teach such ideas would be highly, highly unlikely to get a job in any Canadian school. And if any should ever manage to slip through the cracks - well, that's one of the functions of principals or deans, to make sure unwanted ideas don't get any traction. You might try and find the Rick Morin story from Prince Edward Island in the 1980s if you want a good example, when a fundamentalist school principal refused to allow the showing of, or discussion of, a documentary about religious indoctrination in the United States. Famous quote from the principal involved - "These children are in high school now and they will do as they are told. They can start to think for themselves when they get to university." - and if that is a very thinly disguised affirmation of the indoctrination function of school, I don't know what you'd call it.)

3. Religion: The belief in God that most Canadians have is an important part of modern indoctrination. It is perhaps not quite as important for citizen/peasant control in the modern age as it has been throughout most of written human history, but it is still an important part of most people's lives, and a central part of many, and even if an adult is not very religious, all of the religious training festers in a dark hole somewhere in almost everyone's subconscious. Something like 85% of Canadians say they believe in God. The Canadian Constitution itself begins 'Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God..'. The first target of religion is children, and it directs them to believe in some 'supreme being', that they are always at the command of someone higher than they are, and tells them that this is ok, because what happens in their current life is less important than the 'afterlife' - be passive, accept the things your superiors tell you, if you want to get this good afterlife! Children are, of course, very susceptible to this sort of thing, and no matter how much greater they come to understand things as adults, the religious ghosts never leave the back parts of the brain, and play havoc forever in anyone's life who does not consciously fight and banish them. The children are told that they are always to be subservient to this 'supreme being' (including its representatives on earth, of course), and must always defer to some kind of outside authority, and even as intelligent adults, very, very few people will dare call a minister or priest a witch doctor of some sort, preaching fairy tales - especially if the minister seems like such a nice, helpful person, as they usually are, rather than some sort of devil spirit on earth. Such subservience is, again, very bad for democracy which depends on free, intelligent citizens - and very much, and very undeniably, 'indoctrination' of the young computer brain, indoctrination that is very, very VERY difficult to remove in later life.

4. Parents, peers, other adults: This should probably come first in this list, as parents are the most important people in the growing child's life, and thus also the most important educators - or indoctrinators. I know that most people are going to be unhappy and maybe insulted to be called 'indoctrinators' though, so wanted to be sure everyone understood the overall idea first, and understands that indoctrination of the kind I am talking about can be done unintentionally as well as intentionally, with no bad motives - and that is what most parents do - unintentional indoctrination. You simply tell and teach the child what you have learned, and believe to be true, and things that you believe are necessary for the child to do and believe to get along well in society, so there is nothing 'bad' about what you do, at least insofar as your intentions are concerned. But - when you are telling the child untruths, it does not really matter whether you believe them to be true yourself, or if you are acting with the best of intentions, the result is still the same - the indoctrination of the child with an untrue view of his or her world, a view that is actually indoctrinating the child to have a harmful, false belief of what his or her society is really about. You believe that Canada is a great democracy, and you tell your child that. The child has no reason to question what he learns from you, his or her primary caregivers who otherwise seem to want only good things for him or her, so believes what you say - and when they learn the same things from the tv as well, and from school, and the other children and their parents seem to believe it too - well, what else is the child going to believe? Canada is a great democracy - no need to talk about it, or question it, it's a 'fact', like night and day and santa claus, or 'god', for many children. And that belief is going to be a very deep belief, such as yours was, or perhaps even still is, even after reading this short book which proves as much as it can be proven without getting a few people injected with some serious Truth Serum that Canada is NOT a true democracy at all, nor is it meant to be. And so with everything else you teach the child - or, of course, do not teach it. You will never teach your child about the huge scam of private banks creating the money supply of Canada, not because you are trying to indoctrinate your child with false beliefs about this, but because you yourself have had no idea of this scam. Again, no bad intentions, but still a bad result. (At least for you and your children - obviously a good result for the bankers and other rulers of Canada, and very much part of their plan)

So, whether you really like it or not, you have been a central part of your child's indoctrination. (And, of course, you can be equally a central part of their un-indoctrination) Bush catapult the propaganda

5. The Media: School, television, religious education and parents/peers/siblings are thus the major indoctrinators of the child - but what about when the child gets older, becomes an adult? Any indoctrination must be maintained, or the truth will quickly emerge as the adult looks around and starts to find things that contradict those indoctrinated beliefs, and talks to more people who have come to understand the overall system of indoctrination - but if that were allowed to happen, there would hardly be any point in the huge efforts that have been made to indoctrinate the child in the first place. And this indoctrination maintenance, combined with considerable propaganda about how the adult citizen should think about new developments in the country or world, is the primary role of the modern mainstream media (MSM, also called the Corporate Media by some), centered around television, of course, but also involving radio, newspapers and magazines, and even popular fiction forms such as novels and movies. As with everything before, a full analysis would take a long book to do, and there are already many very useful ones out there (see the Appendix on Further Reading), so here I just want to point out a couple of things that make clear the assertion that the modern mainstream media are indeed first and foremost instruments of propaganda and indoctrination.

The primary argument, of course, is based on everything that I have written already, as the same arguments apply to the MSM - when have you EVER heard or read in the MSM anything about the money supply scam or questioning whether or not Canada is indeed a 'democracy'? Never, of course. Those are the doors they do NOT want you opening, so of course they never talk about them - although there are many stories about the 'democratic processes' in the country, which are all based on, and thus of course reinforce, the idea that the country is indeed 'democratic'.

You might protest wait, wait! there are thousands and thousands of people in the media - how could they all be part of this indoctrination plot? The answer is quite simple and obvious - most of them are no more part of an 'indoctrination plot' than you are when you teach your children the same things about democracy, or never tell them about the money supply scam. Most low-to-mid-level journalists have been brought up the same as everyone else, with the beliefs about how our society works that you and everyone else were taught, and since they believe them as you used to, they never think to question them. So for these people, no control is needed - there are many, many things happening in a big modern country like Canada, and in the world, and these low-level 'journalists' have lots to occupy them as they run around doing stories on accidents and murders and natural disasters and crimes and the latest fashions or sports scores or which movie star is having an affair with which other one, or check their wires and tell you what is happening overseas, or report on what politicians are saying about the 'issues' of the day, and so on, filling their time as they think journalists do, and giving you what you have been trained to expect from 'the news' - filling your time with things of some interest and occasionally even importance, while going nowhere near the small number of places they have never thought to go.

There is control, and oversight, at the top levels, of course, simply to ensure that nobody who writes about or talks about ideas such as are expressed in this book ever get to say or write such things in the MSM - because, as you will now understand, some of the basic foundation stones that people believe about Canada are quite vulnerable if they ever got examined and talked about closely by people with ideas such as I talk about in this book, and if Canadians were widely exposed to these ideas, then the entire framework around which the real rulers of Canada are stealing so much of the wealth of Canadians would come tumbling down, and quickly. (And a short aside which would get, of course, more attention in a longer book, is to simply point out that this is certainly not unrelated to the great and ongoing media consolidation movement which has been happening all over the world - the fewer topline owners, the easier this entire topdown command ensuring a coherent message becomes.)

And books and movies too? Well - the same 'background assumptions' that I talked about with the children's television programming play the same role in 'adult' entertainment - no matter what kind of drama or tragic love story or anything is the central part of the book or movie, in the background we see the 'normal' life of going to work every day, and the importance of shopping and consuming as much as possible, and the assumption of the general integrity and reliability of our public figures, and the idea that things are happy and fine in 'middle Canada' so you should be too - and of course that confirms, over and over and over and over, the general indoctrination that you are supposed to believe about Canada. Without ever being talked about directly, of course, just all part of the background assumptions you are supposed to have, and do, about your country, continually being reinforced so you never, never, never even think to question them, let alone actually putting those questions into words, as I do here.

And that's about enough on indoctrination. As with everything else in this book, you will be able to open your eyes to the truth, or you will simply refuse to let your brain go places that you find too uncomfortable.

But if you really want that better life we were talking about at the first, understanding and accepting the fact of widespread indoctrination and propaganda in your country and life is necessary.

Because once you understand it, you can get rid of it, and getting rid of the indoctrination and propaganda that surrounds you and everyone else, and leads you to accept things that are very bad for everyone, is an essential part of creating a better country and future.

Ch 8 - They're Building a Box - And You're In it

On Green Island

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