They're Building a Box -
and you're in it
pull back the wizard's curtain and throw the chains from your brain
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On Green Island
They're Building a Box and you're in it
Dave Patterson
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From Hastings to Green Island
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Indoctrination is the process of inculcating ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies or a professional methodology. It is often distinguished from education by the fact that the indoctrinated person is expected not to question or critically examine the doctrine they have learned. As such it is often used pejoratively. However, instruction in the basic principles of a science, or the methodology of a profession, can also be called indoctrination; in these contexts the word does not necessarily have negative connotations. - Wikipedia

For those who stubbornly seek freedom, there can be no more urgent task than to come to understand the mechanisms and practices of indoctrination. These are easy to perceive in the totalitarian societies, much less so in the system of 'brainwashing under freedom' to which we are subjected and which all too often we serve as willing or unwitting instruments.. - Noam Chomsky

...the objective of phrases or slogans like "blood for oil," or "cut and run," is not to continue reflective conversations but to replace them with emotionally appealing phrases... - Robert Jay Lifton

Chapter 5: How do they do this? Indoctrination

Considering the first few chapters of this short book, and some of the major things you once believed about your country and government and society that you now understand were not true, and that these untruths were not some accidents or misunderstandings, but lies that had to have been very intentional - you need to ask, as I expect you have already - why have you and so many Canadians believed these untrue things, these things that have actually been very harmful to all of us 'ordinary' 'not-in-on-the-scam' folk?

It's quite obvious, looking around at modern Canada, that Canadians on the whole are a pretty intelligent bunch, not too many of them buying 'that great little beachfront property on Baffin Island for a real steal', and it's puzzling at least how so many could have been so badly fooled about such important things.

So how did this all happen?

Well, the short answer is, you have been indoctrinated to behave the way you do, and believe the untrue things you believe.

Have been indoctrinated, and continue to be fed a fair amount of propaganda every day to keep you believing the false things you were indoctrinated with, and then offered a great range of 'fun and interesting' distractions for whatever budget you have to keep you from looking too closely at things certain people don't want you looking at. (Which people? Well, the people stealing all the money via the various scams, of course - classic con game / magician stuff, getting you to put your attention somewhere where you won't see the trick being played on you).

I know that that idea is really going to be resisted, it's outrageous really to suggest anyone in Canada is 'brainwashed' like the crazy mindless jihadists or moonies or commies or something, let alone most Canadians - but as with various things I've talked about already, I hope you see now that sometimes outrageous things can actually be true. It's just the other side of the coin that many things you once believed to be true, are actually not true at all - that maybe some things that strike you as utterly impossible or ridiculous, might just be true. (The condition is well-known psychologically - it's called denial. You may have heard of it.)

It's pretty outrageous, when you think of it, how at least a few senior people in the Canadian government, very obviously in collusion with the leaders of major banks and a few other influential groups and their leaders, over decades now so involving quite a large number of people, have been 'borrowing' most of the Canadian money supply into existence, very intentionally and needlessly perpetrating a massive fraud while saddling Canadians with huge amounts of unnecessary, apparently never-ending 'service charges', leading to a trillion or two dollars of tax money being simply turned over to wealthy 'investors' the last 30 years and the gutting of the social infrastructure built by a couple of hundred years of sacrifice and fighting by our ancestors. Twenty-five+ years of unbelievable theft and destruction, unknown and unsuspected by the victims, very, very outrageous all the way around - but it happened, and continues to happen. Right in front of you.

And you never knew anything about this money supply scam, right, before reading this? Never even suspected, really? - even though it seems pretty obvious once it's pointed out to you as I have here, and everyone has access to all the same information I have talked about here - but nobody has used that information to open the same doors I have here.


Why have you been so sure that Canada is such a great democracy all of your life, when I have shown that it is at best a pretend-democracy, and not any sort of 'real' democracy where the desires of the people rule the country at all?

Well - either (A) I'm a raving hallucinating psychopathic conspiracy theorist, as senior politicians and bankers and media people and many others who are NOT going to admit that they have been willingly complicit in some extremely serious crimes will undoubtedly tell you if you ever show them this book or try to talk to them about these things -

- or -

(B) - that's indoctrination at work - which simply means thinking about certain things as the indoctrinators wish, and which includes, of course, NOT thinking about some things at all.

In the same way you can train Pavlov's puppies to salivate at the sound of the bell, you can train people to do things like say or think 'oh boooorrrring I'm not listening, all that stuff is over my poor wee head, I'd rather be shopping or watching the ball game on television!' when anyone says 'economics' or 'politics' or certain other key words the indoctrinators don't want you going anywhere near. The entire education system the last 30 years has been devoted to dumbing people down - if you're unfamiliar with this idea (as you may well be if you have been relying on the Canadian mainstream media for your information prior to reading this book), to start your journey on this topic, you could go to John Gatto's trailbreaking book Dumbing Us Down (and other writings) (or here) , or for a first Canadian perspective try Ivory Tower Blues: A University System in Crisis, by James Cote and Anton Allahar; you can listen to an interview with him on the CBC here - Mar 11/07 is the date to look for. Or if you want a real shock, try to find a Canadian primary school textbook from the 1920s, and think about when, if ever, you learned the things therein in your own education.

I know - you sure don't feel 'indoctrinated' like some slobbering stiff-legged zombie stumbling around town with blank eyes - and Canada sure looks like a free country, at least most of the time.

And so you're not and so it is. Most of the time, in most ways. But then so are cows in a field. Nobody watches them most of the time, and they're free to go anywhere they want, at least inside the fence around the field. As long as they show up for work/milking when the boss calls, they're pretty free the rest of the time. Sort of like most Canadians. As long as you get to work each day to make some money for yourself and more for the bosses, you can spend your little share of that money at whatever mall you want on the weekend, and watch whatever you want on tv at night.

And if everyone around you tells you that sort of life is freedom and democracy, well, that's all you know, so that's what you believe.

Indoctrination - modern, sophisticated indoctrination, not the zombie Moonies kind - does not mean you are some kind of hypnotized robot with no mind of your own dumbly following whoever gives you orders.

Modern indoctrination just means that even though you might be very free in most ways, your life, your 'freedom', is limited by what I have come to think of as a sort of box, a metaphorical box to be sure, with no real physical walls like the fence around the cows' fields, but nonetheless with 'mental' walls that keep you thinking within certain limits, in certain ways, about certain things, and not thinking about other things that might help you see the walls of that box that are enclosing you.

Within this box - and in modern Canada it's a pretty big box with lots of interesting stuff to do in it so you're not running into 'fences' of any sort every time you turn around, and you don't have any reason to be looking for any 'box' or any 'walls' that might be enclosing you - you are pretty much free to do as you like (as long as you obey the normal 'law', of course). But when it comes to a few important things, things that would help you understand this 'box' that they are building around you to control you - such as the money supply, or democracy itself and who makes the really key decisions about how the society operates, or a few others - you have been very, very strongly trained and encouraged, for all of your life by everyone or everything that influences the way you think, to think about these things in a certain way, and equally strongly turned away from any other way of thinking about such things, or to not thinking about them at all (I say 'are building' because it's not quite finished yet, it was and has been a very big process, taking many years, but I think it's not too far away from being finished now, in the early years of the second millennium).

This way you are taught - this modern indoctrination - is all a central part of the new way of controlling people I talked about briefly in the last chapter. The old way of controlling people was based on simple in-your-face violence where the big guys rule by threat and fear, but this is not a really effective way of managing large groups of people because it takes a lot of enforcers and surveillance and things like that, and the ruled are always scheming and plotting and thinking of ways to get rid of the rulers, and sooner or later do so. This 'modern' way of controlling large groups of people started being developed over 100 years ago with Freud's ideas of how the human mind worked, combined with American advertising ideas from people like a guy called Bernays, using mass psychology and advertising techniques. The wealthy people who always had a lot of influence because of their money realized that instead of basing their power on violence, which was always in danger of failing as the population grew stronger and smarter, they could perfect these advertising and psychological techniques to 'educate' people into believing they were not controlled at all, while keeping them willingly and more or less happily on that work treadmill I talked about, day after day after year after year, turning out more and more 'work product' for the overlords to steal, and the happy workers could even be trained to teach their own children that their controlled life was actually the good life - free and democratic. It's quite perfect, really, when you think about it, once you get such a system up and running. If 'educated' properly, the slave-peasants are happy to be on the treadmill, and even maintain their own chains, and give thanks for them.

And Massa is a happy happy fella, ho ho ho.

All 'indoctrination' means is that you are taught to believe something without asking questions about it - taught that something is absolutely, definitely for sure true, so true that you don't need to think about it ever, but just believe it, KNOW that it is true, and act, when necessary, on those beliefs without questioning them. Think about the infamous military 'boot camp' - soldiers, young adults, are indoctrinated for several weeks, and that indoctrination is continually reinforced for all of their army 'careers', so that they instantly, without question, obey any order their superiors tell them. You know that you yourself are 'taught' in school that you MUST obey teachers without question, and in society you MUST obey police officers or other forms of 'legal authority' without question - you know in a courtroom you will be sent instantly to jail if you dare to question the judge after he tells you not to. Many religious groups are taught to obey their priests without question in matters that pertain to religious things. And your media tells you, from time to time, what things you must not think seriously about, by mocking people who dare to raise such ideas. And few people liked being mocked by their peers or superiors, so readily avoid putting themselves in such a position.

And such are the gatekeepers of the 'box' you are in - you are free to do as you wish within those boundaries, and laugh and play and have a good time in many permitted places - but if you think to go places you are not supposed to go, these people, the teachers and police and media, are there to turn you back. And you must obey. You do not ask for explanations, you just do as you are told, in certain things.

Is Canada a democracy? Of course it is, everyone immediately responds, no thinking needed!! And we never, never, never think about 20% 'majorities' or 60% of Canadians opposing the marijuana laws, we think about what mall has the best sales this weekend or if we have enough money to take the family to Disneyland, the interesting and funfun! things the tv tells us 'normal' citizens do with their free time. But it's a GREAT Democracy, damn it - EVERYBODY knows that!

Yours not to wonder why. And there is simply no way, if you think about it, to equate 'do as you are told, citizen, no questions asked!!!' with freedom and/or democracy - you obey rules that others make to control you, no questions allowed.

And this unquestioning obedience they demand is simply indoctrination, there is nothing else you can call it. And I hope you can understand why you're not reading about this in the daily newspaper or hearing interviews about it on the radio. I remember a child once asking me if we were going to MacDonald's for a 'real' hamburger, rather than the ones we made at home on the BBQ that she never heard about on the tv - letting the tv tell you what to think does that to a person, including 'adults' who are even now thinking that if Canada was somehow not a 'democracy' or some bad people were trying to 'indoctrinate' them, surely someone on the tv would be telling them this important news.

Indoctrination happens. Don't run from the idea - think about this until you understand it - it is an opening of the door to freedom, a glimmer of the light that lights outside of the blindfolds they have placed over your brain. You are indoctrinated to never question the money supply scam that is one of the principal paths for transferring the wealth you create to the rulers. You are trained never to question the 'democracy' scam, which is the way they have to control you, whilst keeping you believing you are not being controlled, so there is no point in agitating for a better society, a more fair way of doing things, since you already live in the society you have created, so it could not be better. You have been trained to not question the way our society organizes and controls your work through a system of large factories and businesses controlled by a small number of people, which is the other main way of stealing most of the wealth produced by the millions of Canadian workers.

Those who would indoctrinate you need you to NOT be asking questions about these things of fundamental importance to what they are doing, and thus they have trained you - can you think of any other reason you are not asking questions about these very important things? Why you have never even thought about them before now?

The rulers need only your obedience, you willingness to stay within the box they have constructed to keep you happy and working hard for them, all of your life. People who ask questions outside of the box are not being obedient.

Indoctrination happens, in modern Canada, in every other country in the world, and throughout history.

That's not a 'conspiracy theory', it's just a fact.

The only question is how much, and to whom. And they have been lying to you about this like they lie about money and democracy and how you had to work for the person with the money. And a lot of other things.

But there's also some good news here - indoctrination is like any kind of bad idea or belief - you can overcome it - not necessarily easily, but it can be done. You once believed in Santa Claus, and grew out of it. You were taught to believe in school, and are regularly told in the media one way or another, that our political system is the best system there ever was, and that most politicians are great, hardworking, honest, upstanding people really doing their best for all of us - I expect, because you've read this far in this book, you have at least grown out of that rather foolish belief; many people have done so even without reading this book, as polls the last few years indicate that politicians do not enjoy great trust or respect from most Canadians and whatever respect is left continues to fall more each year - a very deserved fall, considering what traitors they all are at the upper levels, and most at the lower as well, in lower ways.

Indoctrination is like bad software in your computer - you can uninstall it, and install something that works better. There'll be some stuff left behind that might cause some small problems from time to time, just like any Windows uninstall, but the main hope is that you can pass on a cleaner installation to the next generation, so it will be more robust, with fewer problems.

Ch 6 - Indoctrination 2: Get em early

On Green Island

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