They're Building a Box and You're In It
This book, They're Building a Box and You're In It, which appears on these web pages, is copyright by the writer, Dave Patterson, 2007. I'm basically using a Creative Commons sort of licence, concerning which you can find more details here: Creative Commons License The only basic idea is that the book is free to copy and distribute in a not-for-profit way, but I do expect to be acknowledged as the writer of it. If you want to publish it commercially, then you better get in touch. And for any lawyer types looking to redefine words and meanings as part of some attempted theft of this book or anything else I don't like or want you doing, let's be clear that this licence will be interpreted in the spirit of it, as defined by me, not some arcane meaning you might try to apply to get around it. If you're not sure about any of that, your best bet is just to ask. On Green Island, lawyers are regarded a bit like - well, I won't get into that here. Think Shakespeare.
If you want more info, you can contact me at dave--at--rudemacedon-dot-ca.

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