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They're Building a Box and you're in it
Dave Patterson

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The news and the truth are not the same thing. - Walter Lippmann

The media serve the interests of state and corporate power, which are closely interlinked, framing their reporting and analysis in a manner supportive of established privilege and limiting debate and discussion accordingly. - Noam Chomsky

Appendix 5: Perverse capitalist lies (PCLs)

In our ongoing attempt to encourage out-of-the-box thinking amongst the citizens of Canada, On Green Island will undertake a short course on 'perverse capitalist lies' - all lies are of course perverse, but here I use the word in the additional sense of assbackwards, as they accuse others of what they are actually doing themselves. Such lies are a good plan if you can get away with it, but pretty brazen too. I guess it shows the depth of the indoctrination of the people being lied to that the people engaging in such lies are confident they can get away with it, that few people will see through the lies and question them, and that those who do see through them will be neither given space in the MSM nor believed by most of their fellow citizens, who are quite secure in their indoctrination - massa says ign'rance is freedom, I says ign'rance is freedom praise the lord 'n' turn on th' tv 'n' get me a beer mabel. And then git th' gun 'n' shoot that rascal what's tryin to haul his ass over that wall there.

Since there are quite a few of these puppies (jeez what have I been reading lately that sparked that?!?), I'm just going to make a brief list at the top here, with links to some longer bits further down the page or elsewhere.

PCL 1. Proportional representation will just give minorities great power and they'll do terrible things omg!!!

PCL 2. People who disagree with the 'official story' about 911 are 'crazy conspiracy theorists hahah!!

PCL 3. It's the damned lefty-liberal press that dominates Canada and everywhere else that is stopping us from achieving the true Nirvana that the generous, altruistic capitalists really want to give us all.

PCL 4. Practically everybody else in the world - certainly everyone who dares oppose America or Capitalism (notice how I didn't say Amerika and Kapitalism?) - is an evil commie (or more recently the dreaded Islamofascist!!) of some sort who has nefarious plans to dominate the world and do really bad things to everybody, and it is the mighty United States of America which fights for Democracy and Freedom Throughout the World, and Always Has and Always Will! - well, I'm not even gonna bother explaining how that is as blatant a perverse lie as they come - if you really believed that, you wouldn't be here. It is one of the main perverse lies that many, many people believe, however - that's how great the capitalist indoctrination system has been and is. If you do want some more reading, try William Blum's Killing Hope for a start.

PCL 5. Governments printing money is irresponsible! - anytime anyone dares suggest serious monetary reform, this is the big bogeyman brought up. In reality, the current system, where banks create money out of thin air and then play havoc with the economy of the entire world, is about as irresponsible as you could get. Not that you'll ever read about it in the MSM, but it surely is a perverse lie.

PCL1: Proportional representation will just give minorities great power and they'll do terrible things omg!!!
The editorial the last letter referred to on the lies of the Star concerning the vote for MMP in Ontario (Electoral reform fraught with risk Toronto Star, October 9, 2007) contained such a perverse lie - the 'fear' that if the people of Ontario voted for MMP, then small, minority fringe parties would suddenly be able to control the government - some extremist party with one or two seats would be able to hold the fire to the feet of the party leading the minority government desperate for those extra few votes, and force it to carry out the fringe party's wackiest or worst ideas, with no resistance possible from the people of the province or any other parties - and what a terrible, terrible thing that would be!! Well, it would be terrible if such a thing were ever to happen, but it's hard to imagine. Dalton or Tory making an evil pact with the devil and declaring Sharia law in Ontario, against the wishes of 98% of the people, to get one or two votes in the legislature to pass their own latest free trade or tax cutting ideas? You really gotta be smoking something a lot stronger than I usually do to put any credence at all in such crazy speculations - which is, of course, why they never give any concrete examples such as that one, just go around shouting 'the sky will fall if you do this!!!', and leave it to the imaginations of the people to stick their worst case scenario in place of the sky, and figure out their own worst nightmare enemy as holding the deciding vote in some evil secret government. It says, as noted previously, a lot about the citizens of the modern 'democracies' that such efforts, completely lacking in any basis in reality, nonetheless sway large numbers of people. Remember Saddam's WMDs? Proven to be a complete fabrication in every respect - yet now they're doing almost exactly the same stuff in regard to Iran, and it seems with the same results - a lot of people in America - and Canada, sadly - looking under their beds every night for evil Iranians who hate freedom and want to blow things up in Canada because they hate us for being so good, and starting to figure maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to do a little ass-kicking over there to make sure those damned 'others' know and stay in their place. If we have to kill a few hundred thousand more women and children, well, as Ms Mad said, it's worth it, in the name of freedom and democracy. Sad. (that's actually sort of the grandaddy mother of all perverse lies, in case that slipped by - the Americans accusing others (starting with the Commies) of having nefarious plans to control the planet - but I better not get started on that right now) But I get sidetracked again. So the fear they try to get people to believe - the perverse lie - is that minorities will dictate bad policies for our country or province - but when you understand what both the FPTP system and the PR ideas are actually all about, then the perversity becomes clear - for it is not to prevent minorities from holding power over the majority that the rulers are worried about - it is actually the exact opposite - to MAINTAIN that status, of minorities holding power over majorities, that they are fighting to retain. FPTP has given Canadians 'majority' government based on a minority of the vote pretty much forever, and since the corporate reactionary revolution of the 70s, that inbuilt problem with the FPTP system (it's not particularly a problem with a two-party system, but once you have more than two parties, it becomes dysfunctional, at least for 'we the people', although if you're a corporate wizard behind a curtain controlling things, it works pretty good) has been used to take Canada and Canadians in directions that a solid majority of them have not wanted to go - most Canadians did not want 'free trade' nor NAFTA as enacted by Mulroney and Chretien, which have meant such big changes to the country - but because of the FPTP vote-splitting system, both Chretien and Mulroney got solid 'majority' governments with around 42-3% of the votes. And even that 42-3% is very misleading - if you figure first that less than 70% of eligible voters voted in those elections, the 42-3% suddenly shrinks to under 30% of eligible voters voting for the 'winning' party - and when you simply look at numbers, you find that approximately 5.5 million Canadians voted for either leader/party in each election, in a country of ~30 million people - figures like you NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER see in the mainstream media, for some reason, where all you get is headlines like 'MASSIVE MAJORITY!!!! WOWOWOW GO BACK TO YOU LIVES NOW PEOPLE DEMOCRACY HAS BEEN DONE HAHAHA!!!!!'. Five and a half million people, out of a country of 30 million people, voting for a party which then has a 'legal mandate' to do pretty much as it wants for the next 5 years - including implementing things like 'free trade', or slashing the health care system in order to hand over huge amounts of money to private investors in the form of tax breaks, etc and etc, that a much larger number of Canadians have indicated they do not want - well, there is no way you can call those sort of figures 'democracy', in any gathering of intelligent people without getting a lot of strange looks. Examples leap out at you anywhere you care to look as far as Canadian elections go - the Ontario election today has headlines like McGuinty wins massive majority - but when you look closer, you see that although he won 71/107 seats, which looks pretty impressive (I don't know that even if this was more real I would go to 'massive' - what does that leave for 80 seats, or 90, should it ever happen?), he actually got 41% of the vote, which few thinking people would call 'massive majority' - and then with barely 50% turnout of voters, which reduces that number by half (20% of eligible voters would be even more difficult to call 'massive majority', I would think, for most thinking people) - and in actual numbers, approximately 1.5 million actual people voting for him - in a province with a population of about 12 million. So parsing this, we find that, apparently, in the minds (should I actually say 'minds' ??) of the media writers at least, 1.5 million votes out of 12 million people constitutes a 'massive majority'. That is not a position I would care to try to defend, personally speaking. Actually, most of them probably have no idea of what they're doing, and the few that do don't actually believe that, but want you to. Life in the indoctrination box. Well, it's late and I see I got sidetracked a bit - but the general point seems quite clear - Canadians, or any smaller portion thereof, are not and have never been governed by any sort of true majority of its citizens. FPTP ensures that they are normally governed by a party receiving a minority of the votes cast, normally a VERY small minority of around 20%, which any form of PR is designed to change so that no matter how many people vote, at least the country or province will be governed by people representing a majority of the voters. The people running the place aren't too happy with that, so they successfully sabotaged the referendum by using various lies about PR - most notably the 'perverse lie' that PR would give power to a minority - when in fact, they were protecting the current situation of a minority having majority power - power that the same people who control the media and major political parties control from behind the scenes.
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PCL 2. People who disagree with the 'official story' about 911 are 'crazy conspiracy theorists hahah!!'

In reality, of course, most of us supportive of the so-called 911 Truth Movement aren't actually shopping any particular theories around at all - what we are saying is that the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) shopped by the American government and all the mainstream media is just too full of holes and inconsistencies and outright nonsense to be credible, so we really think a new, and fair and actually inpartial and credible, investigation of this whole thing is needed. Considering the coverups and misinformation involved, and the strident delivery of the OCT by them, it certainly appears that the US government was involved, and at very high levels, but that's just a suspicion, not a theory. So actually when the MSM sneers at any sign of questioning the OCT with 'crazy conspiracy theory hoho!', they are simply engaging in the old capitalist 'perverse lie' practice - accusing others of what they are doing themselves, for it is the American gov and MSM who have the truly wacko conspiracy theory, and it is we who are trying to discredit it and find the truth, not the other way around.. (if you're still somewhat in the dark about this, about the best place to start is with the books of David Ray Griffin, and Barry Zwicker's Towers of Deception, and the 911 Mysteries documentary)
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PCL 3. It's the damned lefty-liberal press that dominates Canada and everywhere else that is stopping us from achieving the true Nirvana that the generous, altruistic capitalists really want to give us all.
Again, one of their lies with a shadow of truth - way back in the dark ages of the 60s and even much of the 70s, there was a fairly good press in Canada, diverse and representing both the left and right sectors of the country - but everybody was much nearer to the middle then, with The Globe and Mail representing the 'progressive conservative' center-right business point of view, and the Star and Telegram more oriented to the center-left, labout-NDP side of things - but they all had sane, intelligent writers presenting their positions. But after the corporate reactionary revolution of the 70s, everything started changing, including the beginning of the great media conglomerates we have today, and today, what was considered 'the center' during the 60s is now considered far left. But the current right wing press hangs on to that old 'lefty media' idea like grim death, and the 'sane, intelligent' writers have been largely replaced with extremist ideologues like Terence Corcoran, Diane Francis, Andrew Styne, Paul Jackson, and a raft of others who seem to be completely oblivious to anything except that Capitalism is Wonderful and Everything Else is Hitler!! I suppose they maintain the fiction of a 'lefty' press as something in the nature of a pre-emptive attack - if people actually started thinking true things about their media, their far-right wing dominance, the lies and propaganda they constantly spout, etc, they might start agitating for change or something - but if most people (who don't appear to pay much attention anyway, only 5-10% of Canadians apparently even read a newspaper on any sort of regular basis) - if most people have this idea in their heads that the media is at least sort of left wing, then they'll figure that if it seems to be supporting such things as 'free trade' or privatisation, or seems to be doing a good job of watching the politicians by reporting occasional 'scandals' and things, then it must be ok or something (and that, of course, is the precise point of the full spectrum propaganda we have in Canada, to keep people thinking these false ideas about important things.) Anyway, I've always called these people on this particular lie and challenged them to debates or something, with, not unexpectedly, no takers. They have all to lose and nothing to gain. But I write - and rather than repeat it all here, here are a couple of links to earlier letters to such people. Lefty-Lib media - would that be Canwest? The Suns? haha!! - or Myth-fantasy of lefty-lib media in Canada. Actually, all the letters here are pretty good, if you're a bit desperate for some good writing, including any number of insights into things you haven't seen much of in the MSM.

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