They're Building a Box -
and you're in it
pull back the wizard's curtain and throw the chains from your brain
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On Green Island

They're Building a Box and you're in it
Dave Patterson

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From Hastings to Green Island
a word on the Writer

The news and the truth are not the same thing. - Walter Lippmann

The media serve the interests of state and corporate power, which are closely interlinked, framing their reporting and analysis in a manner supportive of established privilege and limiting debate and discussion accordingly. - Noam Chomsky

Appendix 4: Some places to start more reading

Always remember the great strength of the internet, in that almost all of the sites I will mention below have similar places they link to. If you're thinking about how the internet is only crap and conspiracy theories, as the MSM desperately wants you to believe, think about all the crap you have read in your life from the MSM, not to mention conspiracy theories (remember Saddam's WMDs? 19 Muslim bombers planning to behead the Canadian PM? Islamofascist plot to take over the world?!? Terrorists in Canada under every bed!!! etc) - sure there's crap on the net, as there are crappy ideas in any place where a lot of people are free to gather and talk about anything they want, but there's a lot of good stuff too, stuff, as I have been showing in this book, that you simply will never read or hear or see on the mainstream media, whose basic function is to stop you from seeing such things, or thinking such thoughts - it's your job as a thinking citizen to sort it out. That's why you have a brain. Believing that the mainstream media will sort it out for you and tell you what you need to know - well, that's evidence of having a brain that has been turned off.

Start with some of the ones below, if you don't already have your own places to go, and just keep following interesting links and checking new places and reading and thinking. Remember, things like democracy and freedom require work - nobody is going to give them to you, and there are always that gang of predators, currently known as capitalists (or at least dominated by them, sure there's petty criminals around who aren't really 'capitalists' - your basic pop in the nose sort of thing will take care of this type of lowlife, but we need bigger guns for the capitalists), more than ready to take them from you if you get lazy or inattentive - which is, actually, why we are in the mess we are in. Our ancestors worked like hell to push back the robber barons - cum - kings - cum capitalists, but now for some reason the 'baby boomer' generation got the idea they/we had 'won' or something, and got lazy, and inattentive, and we are all now somewhat like the frog in the slowly boiling water. About to become boiled. If we don't wake up. Soon.

Actually, if a lot of others don't wake up - I've been awake for awhile, as have many such as those you'll hear from on the pages these links lead to. But we are, so far, it appears, not having much influence on the heavily indoctrinated and soma-ized capitalist workers who seem content in their sandbox of indoctrination as I describe earlier, and we don't have a lot of time left.

Currently, the kind of key signs that a website or information source is truly working and writing from an 'outside the box' perspective is their willingness to challenge the 'official conspiracy theory'(OCT) concerning 911, and their understanding that the current money system is a tool of oppression, and calling for serious monetary reform, the basic item of which is the creation of a debt-free national money supply. There are other useful sources of information, but if they do not challenge the very roots of our dysfunctional system, then they do not advocate the kind of change we really need. You need to be careful, actually - I worry sometimes that a lot of so-called 'alternative' sites are actually run by the capitalists, in a 'limited hangout' sense - let the people spend their time bitching about things that are ultimately of little concern (make the NDP stronger!!!! Fight for PR!!! spend your time writing letters to MPs or newspapers about why we should not be in Afghanistan or anything else) - as long as they don't get near the truly dangerous things, such as a real investigation into what happened on 911, which would open almost all of the doors they do not want opened, or a meaningful exposé of the money supply scam, which would do the same. Aside from that - what the hell, it's not much more than the fabled rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Unfortunately, there are few Canadian writers, 'progressive' or otherwise, who are this far out of the box. The 'damned Arabs in caves' conspiracy theory seems to be accepted as something of a politically correct story or something (and most Canadian 'lefties' are pretty PC, which I suspect is why I don't get much attention from them in general), and only a relative handful of people dare to go so far as to even suggest that just maybe there ought to be a real investigation someday into what happened, which is what we need. But no matter - Copernicus was mocked by all at one time, and today, well, there's only a handful of people who still believe the sun goes around the earth. Quite a few more still believe the earth is still only 4,682 years old though, which says a lot about a lot of things, and can be used to help those of us a bit saner to understand what is happening here.

If you haven't yet got clued in to the questions behind 911 that make the official theory seem completely preposterous, start with Canadian Barry Zwicker, and especially his book Towers of Deception, or American David Ray Griffin (The New Pearl Harbour is probably his best known, but there are several others) - from there you can find lots of other places - the documentary films 911 Mysteries and Loose Change are two of the best, but there are many others. (Note - don't start sneering 'crazy conspiracy theories!!!' under your breath - the thing is, most of us supportive of the so-called 911 Truth Movement aren't actually shopping any particular theories around at all - what we are saying is that the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) shopped by the American government and now all the mainstream media is just too full of holes and inconsistencies and outright nonsense to be credible, so we really think a new, and fair and actually inpartial and credible, investigation of this whole thing is needed. Considering the coverups and misinformation involved, it certainly appears that the US government was involved, and at very high levels, but that's just a suspicion, not a theory. So actually when the MSM sneers at any sign of questioning the OCT with 'crazy conspiracy theory hoho!', they are simply engaging in the old capitalist 'perverse lie' practice - accusing others of what they are doing themselves, for it is the American gov and MSM who have the truly wacko conspiracy theory, and it is we who are trying to discredit it and find the truth, not the other way around..)

Anyways, regardless of outside the box, there are still a lot of good writers on the 'Canadian situation' inside the box, and it's useful to watch for articles by writers like Mel Hurtig, David Orchard, Paul Hellyer, Murray Dobbin, or Linda McQuaig, just for a handful off the top of my head - they are very concerned about Canadian independence, which is a pretty important thing these days. They get the occasional column in the MSM (McQuaig has a column (nice pic too) every couple of weeks in the Star), but are more likely to be found in the main Canadian 'alternative' websites such as Vive le Canada , Straight Goods, Rabble, The Tyee, the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives (esp watch for updates to The CCPA Monitor) - these are 'in-the-box' mostly in the sense that they don't seem to want to openly acknowlege the problems with the OTC, nor do they talk much if at all about the money supply situation, but they still giving a lot of good information about what the problems in Canada are from the 'progressive inside the box' perspective - and these problems are real enough and growing, and we all do need knowlege of such things that we don't get from the MSM. Vive seems to have some tolerance for articles questioning the OCT, and watch for Robin Matthews, a great writer. The Dominion website has a good selection of stories about Canada's involvement in 'developing' countries from a perspective pretty much never seen in the MSM - things they don't want you knowing or thinking about, about what your tax dollars are really being used for - and a good blog called YayaCanada is also worth checking on sometimes. There are many others - check links from the above, and you'll get to all sorts of interesting stuff - we're all different, and different things attract us, and you'll find your own way - the important thing is to be involved, rather than sitting in front of the tv.

For the Debt scam, and matters related to monetary reform, here are a few to start you off -

The Web of Debt
Michael Rowbotham - The Grip of Death (book, lots of good history on the money supply scam)
Money as Debt
COMER (Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform - a Canadian site, so lots of good articles on the Canadian situation and problems with what the Bank of Canada has done and is doing)
The Mandrake Mechanism
AMI - the American Monetary Institute
Zeitgeist - a very informative documentary about many things
The Money Masters - how international bankers gained control of America

The World Situation - Familiarize yourself with something called 'The Washington Consensus' - these people were never shy about what they planned to do - they're like that. Think Mein Kampf - the modern American version was/is called PNAC - check it out, just like Mein Kampf, they've laid their plans out for everyone to see.

Escaping the Matrix (a book by Richard Moore, the Cyberjournal owner)
Serendipity (excellent resource in general from an Australian named Peter Myers, with some of the earliest serious work on how the OCT was a pile of nonsense)
Global Research (again Canadian, but with a world focus, and not afraid of challenging the OCT)
William Blum (excellent for the 'true' history of what the American gov has been up to in terms of destroying democracy rather than supporting it around the world)
William Bowles - Investigating New Imperialsm, many good essays, and good links to a lot of useful research about many things you will want to be better informed about if you aren't already
Third World Traveller - lots of good stuff again
Greg Palast - one of a handful of 'real' journalists in the world, at least real and well-known.
John Pilger, another of the 'real' journalists - go to Google video and watch some of his films.

Now - with these things in your mind, start looking for more things yourself - the journey, after all, is the goal, the point is not simply saving the world, but your own enlightenment, your own reaching out for the truth as you see it, not as someone else tells you to see it ...

There are many, many others out there of course, and I've probably overlooked some very good ones in this short intro - but it's not meant to be inclusive, you are supposed to do your own searching and finding the path, and these are just some of the writers I watch for who seem to speak honestly and with insight into things, who see with a pretty clear vision of what is really happening here and write about it well. Again, take nothing as gospel - but read what people like this have to say, then read the people who get space in the mainstream media, and make up your own mind about who is more credible, based on the things you see and live that you know to be true in your own life.

On Green Island

The Box - Introduction / Ch 1 - The Money Supply Scam / Ch 2 - The Work Scam / Ch 3 - The Democracy Scam / Ch 4 - How do they do this? Indoctrination / Ch 5 - Indoctrination II: From Birth / Ch 6 - Indoctrination Maintenance - Propaganda / Ch 7 - They're Building a Box / Ch 8 - Why should I care? / Ch 9 - What can I do? / Appendix 1: The National Debt Scam / Appendix 2: The Corporate Reactionary Revolution of the 70s / Appendix 3: Behind the Mask - What Capitalism Really Is / Appendix 4: Some places to start reading / Appendix 5: Perverse capitalist lies

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