They're Building a Box -
and you're in it
pull back the wizard's curtain and throw the chains from your brain
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On Green Island

They're Building a Box and you're in it
Dave Patterson

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From Hastings to Green Island
a word on the Writer

Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone. - John Maynard Keynes

In the Soviet Union, capitalism triumphed over communism. In this country, capitalism triumphed over democracy. - Fran Lebowitz

Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class. - Al Capone

Appendix 3: Capitalism - Behind the Mask

They build this thing they call 'capitalism' up as if it is some sort of god or something, some Great Truth to which we should all bow down and give thanks. The god comparison is apt enough, since you are supposed to accept both on faith, and question neither. Like pretty much everything they say, though, not to mention 'god', the whole capitalist dogma is a lie. One big lie among many other lies with one central purpose - their enrichment and your enslavement. It is important that you do not think much about it, but just accept their lies about it, because if you ever did examine it, you'd find out exactly what I have told you in this book - it is a huge scam, designed only to keep the rulers ruling, and to keep you working all your life at pittance wages to keep them in their luxury.

The enrichment of the few at the expense of the many is nothing new in human history, of course, but modern 'capitalist democracy' has one very important new twist - in modern capitalist 'democracy', based on the great institutions of indoctrination and propaganda built with the newly available technology and mass communications of the 20th century, you are not supposed to be aware you are a modern slave, better looked after than Pharoah's slaves or the cotton plantation darkies, but no less expected to be a faithful worker bee whose primary purpose of existence is doing long hours of work for minimal pay for the Master's enrichment - indeed, you are supposed to believe you are 'free' and live in a 'democracy'. Believing these things, you will be a mostly willing slave, if not an entirely happy one as modern consumer society is a very pretty and often interesting but still very shallow place for the human spirit striving for freedom and godhood to be confined in, and the continued dominance of the masters will be secure, as rebellions or revolutions happen only against visible despised rulers - but if you believe there are no 'rulers' other than your own 'democratically elected' leaders, who are you to rebel against?

So you get up each morning, more reluctance at something you can't really put your finger on than rejoicing at your great good fortune in living in Consumer Capitalist Nirvana in your step, and off to your job you go. To enrich the masters.

Millions of quasi-slaves, off to work every day to enrich the masters. Knowing nothing of either master or slave.

That is modern capitalism, or capitalist 'democracy'. A beautiful system for the rulers - the pharoahs and plantation owners had endless trouble with their slaves, who resented their positions and tried to get free, but the modern slaves think they are already free, so go willingly to the modern high-rise plantations every day, every day, pluckin them old computer keys like worker bees filling the capitalist honey pots.

Think of the things I talked about in the book - the money supply scam, which controls you through controlling your money, and also funnels huge amounts of the wealth you help produce to the rulers. The work availability scam is the same - you get a small salary each week, along with the other workers - and all of the surplus goes upstairs to the same people already controlling the money. 'Your' government takes more money from you in taxes, allegedly to run 'your' country and do 'good things' for you, but tens of billions of which goes, again, straight upstairs to 'investors' and banks, a great deal more going to wealthy corporations through all sorts of government 'corporate welfare' programs, whilst the government lowers and lowers and lowers the taxes these wealthy corporations or 'investors' pay - as they close hospitals and raise education fees and ignore maintaining the infrastructure of 'your' country that those taxes should be paying for. They control you again through your pretend-democracy, as I have shown, and teach your children to be just like you in their forced indoctrination they call 'education', which leaves your children unable to read as adults, and they maintain the indoctrination through their controlled media and brain-deadening television that everyone now watches. The few who are lucky enough to escape the indoctrination directly and actually become an adult with a more-or-less functioning brain are still kept in line by the peer pressure of their neighbors and fellow citizens, most of whom have accepted and embraced their indoctrination. And they keep you distracted with useless but colorful toys and pasttimes in your time spent not working. But most of all, they just keep hauling in the riches you help produce.

And you, all the workers, are producing great wealth for the modern rulers. One of the beauties of modern capitalism, from the rulers' perspective, is its efficiency. Highly efficient because of the great technological advances of the last couple of hundred years, in which machines of many types mulitply the production output of any single human worker by great amounts (and please note, machines and technology created by normal intelligent people, and stolen by the capitalists - as they lie about everything, they lie about creatin