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If, for some reason, you are navigating here from somewhere elsewhere than the Red Debt Pill essay, you ought to check it out first.

A couple of very good web pages with a lot of stuff on this are:
Creative Fraud Online, which is basically an on-line book about the whole debt scam, and
Monetary Reform Magazine - a Canadian site and mag that talks about the debt and many other banking issues.

Oddly enough, there are basically no stories at all in the mainstream press about this, and a number of letters I have written have not been published. That could mean, of course, that it really is the equivalent of an Elvis story, and "real adults" know better so of course it would not be talked about in "serious journals" - or it could mean the Big Lie is in play here - and the thing the Big Lie cannot allow is ANY kind of publicity that might bring its basic tenets into question. Well - you know what I think about it. Kind of like the Bush government's terror of any sort of real investigation into the Sept 11/01 incidents - innocent people welcome investigation and the bright revealing light of day - only the guilty refuse to talk about things, and even suppress such talk.

Write me here if you want to explain to me why it was a good thing to give that 1.5 trillion to all those "investors" for all those years - of if you have any other sites about this stuff to add to the above list.

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