Well - this should be the most important page on this site. Time will tell. We just want to gather together a selection of articles, mainly from other writers, who see the problems we are having both locally and globally, and are trying to figure out what the hell we can do about it. "THE" question of the day and times, really. The US is a war machine out of control and very nearly unstoppable, our Canadian government has been taken over by the corporations and is working almost entirely in their interests now, and although most people don't seem to see more than some faint danger signals, we are heading over the edge of a slippery slope from which it will be very, very difficult to stop our descent once started, if indeed it is not too late already - our head firmly fixed in the guillotine slot and the blade already on its downward journey. If you fall out of an airplane 5 miles up - you're fine for the first 4 miles, 5,279 feet - it's only that last foot that's the real killer. I don't know if we're out the plane door or not yet - but am operating on the assumption that we're not. Don't know about that mountain ahead yet though, or how much gas is left either. A hell of a time. Interesting, though, as the old Chinese saying goes - we do live in interesting times.

But to the articles -

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