RM - Canada for Canadians Coalition

One of the main hopes for RM is that we can operate in some small way as a positive voice promoting the formation of some kind of Canadian Coalition of the "Non-far-right" groups in this country to contest the 2004 election. From what we can tell from polls and stuff, this would, if done properly, have the support of probably 75% of the Canadian people. It is absolutely crazy that a majority of Canadians oppose the right wing crap that has been happening in Canada over the last 20 years, but even after all this time they do not have a solid electoral option to let their feelings be known at election time - thus they have basically been voting for the party they dislike the least. What a way to run a country!!

You know we have to do this ourselves - that is, we can expect no help or interest from the major media in this country. They salivate over the idea of some kind of "United Right" party that will hammer us even more, and anytime the notion is mentioned it gets great amounts of publicity - as if the Libs weren't already occupying the main portions of that ground - which they seem to feel will make a Heaven on Earth for the wealthy and their corporations - no taxes for the wealthy, no social programs to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves - a completely dog-eat-dog world. Which we have been fighting against for hundreds of years (anyone recall the Fields of Runymede?) - making slow but sure progress right up until about 20 years ago, when the wealthy finally decided that progress (social progress, at any rate) had gone about far enough, and it was time to turn back the clock, which they have been doing rather successfully (anyone not familiar with the Trilateral Commission and their "Crisis of Democracy" ought to check it out - their problem wasn't a lack of democracy, but that too many people in western democracies were expecting too MUCH democracy - which was getting in the way of Elite Rule, which is what, politically, it is all about - as it was at the Fields of Runymede, albeit with slightly different players - check that out too, if you like).

But we digress, as happens occasionally - the point is, if we want a better country - we have to do it ourselves. It ain't gonna be easy. But one of our main problems the last 20 years - cheap and fast communication - is no longer a problem with this great internet, and there is a window of opportunity here for us to use it to maybe make some changes. I wouldn't count on this being around for a long time - it's pretty obvious from a lot of things that those who have controlled the information flow in our society for the last few decades are pretty concerned about their loss of control to the internet, and are working on various ways to shut it down or at the very least regulate it to the point where it becomes ineffective for what we need - but as of yet they have not done that, and we have this golden opportunity to mobilise and create a movement to save our country.

Here is a letter recently sent around to a bunch of people, explaining some of this in more detail. And here is a demo web page we put together - just an idea for others to start from, who don't have any coding experience. As you can see, it ain't a design marvel (we don't have a lot of experience ourselves - no animated GIFs or flashing things to be found!) - but it does the job - people who care about Canada care about it because it has good substance, not glitz. I believe. (I mean - sorry - hell - we got glitz!! - don't we have Celine and Shania and the BLue Jays and Dan Ackroyd and all kinds of other stuff? 'Course we do! - But we also got depth and meaningful stuff, which is what I was talking about - glitz is candy, dessert - comes AFTER the meat and potatoes - and that's substance - good government!) It is the field upon which I joust, anyway.

And here is a recent item from Common Dreams wondering why the American Left isn't trying to get a bit more organized to stop the Republicrats, as they are often referred to.

And The virus that destroyed the American mind, by an American called Ken Hillman, in the very good Online Journal - again, looking at the difficulty non-right whackos have working together. Good read (Online Journal is a good read every week - issues of freedom and democracy and stopping the American-corporate-led drive for world hegemonic fascism crosses all borders).

Gee it's good, to be Back Home again....