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Well - lots of things we would like to be adding to the Rude Macedon as we serendipitously stumble across them, but exactly how to organise it all has proved to be a challenge. We don't have much hair left to pull out anymore, so we've decided to just sort of loosely gather it here until we see where it's all going to be going and some better scheme presents itself. Don't run off in despair - EVERYTHING here is worth reading on its own.

This is one of the Neocon big deals and big lies - they tell you how great it is, but forget to add the bracketed part (FOR THEM!!!) - it is really bad news for everyone else. As are all neocon policies.

  • Privatized Hell by Ernest Partridge - a good American writer (you can back-follow the link to a lot of other good pieces), here with some history of why public rather than private really is the better way.... RM archive copy
  • Beware another P3 scam - by Murray Dobbin, one of our TRUE Canadians, a front-liner for many years, lots of good writing (including a book, The Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen a few years ago) - here giving a POV not likely to be found in the BC press (or the national, for that matter, about the BC Neocons beavering away for their masters, here with one of the PPP schemes....RM archive copy

John Kaminski
We're also going to add a few pieces by one of the great Internet Conspiracy Theorist Writers (INCOTHEWs, I think I will term us)(believe me, in years to come, that appellation will be a mark of honor, signifying those intelligent enough to see the truth and brave enough to talk about it) named John Kaminski - he doesn't as yet seem to have a website, unfortunately, but publishes in a number of fora, mainly Serendipity. He is a powerful writer. Go John Go!!

Transformation - what to do (or in RM-speak - WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO!?!?!)
Knowing that we live in dangerous times (understatement!) and pointing out all the problems is great and necessary - but far from sufficient. The biggest and most important topic, really, is what the fuck are we going to do about it?!?! The answer for most people seems to be somewhere between simple denial and head-in-the-sand - but neither are even considerable for one who seeks the truth. Hopelessness and despair and being dragged over the cliff unwillingly, screaming and shouting, in the middle of the lemming herd (if they haven't otherwise silenced one first to shut one up - a common enough occurrence) seem to be the inevitable fate of such truth-seekers, when the great majority of people prefer the easiest options - but nonetheless one tries - there's that old story about the last piece of straw on the camel's back, and you just never know what little thing might cause the tv-watchers and denial-theorists to get out of their fucking chairs and start doing something useful. All of the pieces here address that problem anyway, many great ideas from many great thinkers - what to do? It's good reading.
  • We Can Seize The Day by George Monbiot (if you don't know that name your reading habits are waaaaay too mainstream!) - The Task Is Not To Overthrow Globalization But To Use It For A Democratic Revolution RM archive copy
  • When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History - by Thom Hartmann - less of a what-to-do piece and more of a "How we got in this mess" piece - but Hartmann is another great writer, demonstrating here what is meant by that old but so very true saying, "Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.." (or however it goes) RM archive copy
  • Escaping the Matrix by Richard Moore at Cyberjournal - one of the "seminal" works, if we may be so bold, for those seeking truth and enlightenment in the current era - but only one of several such written by Richard. You ought to check them out. RM archive copy
American Atrocities
The Big Lie of the modern age is that America is the great shining light of the so-called Free World, the leader and exemplar in democracy and freedom. The truth is somewhat less auspicious - in reality, the American government has spent most of the last half of the 20th century destroying democratic movements all around the world, and lying to its own people about what it was really up to. Crazy? Not at all - just good capitalism - almost all of the American actions have been for the sole purpose of assisting American capital acquire resources and cheap labour for their corporate activities. That ain't conspiracy theory - that is fact, well documented all over the place. We'll just give a couple here, places to start your journey down this dismal road - but it is a valley of enlightenment you must traverse before the dark veils are lifted from your eyes and the bright light of truth can enter. And maybe then, just maybe, at some point in the future our children's children can start walking that path to glory and grace that this species was surely meant to walk. We got caught in the transition somewhere - animal instinct works great, and human intelligence as well - but when you have the worst parts of both, it gets pretty ugly - and that seems to be what happened somewhere along the evolutionary trail - we got up on our feet, but our brain stayed on the ground or something. So when you have the instincts of a snake, with the cunning of a fox and the semi-intelligence of a Hitler or Cheney - you got big trouble for everyone in the vicinity.
  • Killing Hope - a book by William Bloom listing in considerable most of the American actions around the world the last century. If you can read this and still think "Crazy!" - well then, you probably better get to work on your letter to Santa - I wouldn't dare suggest someone else like your parents left them nifty toys under the tree. RM onsite Table of Contents

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