RM- Indy-Can: Other good Canadian Alternative Media sites and writers


  • Vivelecanada "Our Country, Our Voice - Our mission is to involve Canadians in grassroots efforts to protect and improve Canadian sovereignty and democracy, especially using existing and emerging communications tools." - lot of good stuff to be found here
  • Canadian Democratic Movement from head honcho Roy Whyte: "Hello! I am the founder and president of the Canadian Democratic Movement. We are a political minded movement with eyes towards better democracy and social justice for all Canadians. Join with us, Vive and our other partners in taking back our nation."
  • Rabble - "...fuses the hot energy of activism with the cool eye of journalism. We feature some of the best progressive writers in Canada." - good writers and writing.
  • Straight Goods - Ish Theilheimer's long-running (for web stuff!) E-mag from Golden Lake, Ontario
  • The Tyee - a recently begun ezine from BC - looks to have the good ideas - and they do carry Murray Dobbin.
  • Don't forget Paul Martin Time - and no, that ain't a plug for ol Paulie!! - It's more of a "realpolitics" site or something - NOT endorsed by Paul and the Libs (they actually threatened to sue the writer!) - but it just talks about stuff ol Paul M and the Libs would rather NOT see in the Canadian media - which, for some odd reason, the Canadian "mainstream" media seems willing enough to go along with HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - fuck it's so great to live in a great free democracy with a great free media HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
  • COMER - the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform - many good articles on the Canadian financial mess
  • Monetary Reform Magazine - the editors of this publication have very generously made a lot of their material available on this website - and if you want some good info on what is wrong with the Canadian banks and financial system, you'll learn a lot here.
  • One Big Party - as its name says, a site trying to promote the idea of a true alternative to the Bay St Boys tweedledum-tweedledee ping-pong parties - Libs, PCs, "Allicance", etc - apparently from a CAP member - good ideas.
  • David Orchard - first came to prominence in 1988, with CCAFT, fighting the so-called Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the US - and is still fighting for Canadian sovereignty - a GREAT Canadian. Check out his book - The Betrayal of Canada - on the website - a real eye-opener, with a lot of stuff they don't teach in Canadian schools, for some reason.
  • Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives - led by Editorialist Ed Finn, some great writing on the state of the country; the site also features the Alternative Canadian Budget, which shows how a truly progressive government could make things better for more of us
  • Tony Clarke's Polaris Institute - Tony wrote "The Silent Coup" a few years ago - another must-read book about how the big corps in Canada have taken over our government and turned it to their own ends - and screwed the rest of us.
  • Adbusters - Canadian site with a lot of good info on opposing corporate globalisation - and why we should do that.
  • Michael Chossudovsky's Center for Global Research - Ottawa-based alternative think-tank, with a great deal of up-to-the-minute of analysis of what is going on in the world these days, and how Canada is involved and affected. The real scoop, as they say, as opposed to the pathetic US-corporatist-CCCE propaganda and lies from such places as the Fraser or Howe Institutes. Find their addresses yerself.
  • Politicians not welcome! - Here is my ideal for a goal: To create a workable system of Government based on Honesty coupled with ability and a citizenry exercising it's obligation to public service....

Canadian writers and columnists who don't get much space in the mainstream:
  • Robin Mathews on Vive le Canada, mentioned above - excellent writer
  • Stephen Gowan from his by-subscription What's Left in Suburbia - another great Canadian essayist on current events who will NEVER darken the pages of the Globe etc, from Ottawa this time.
  • Linda McQuaig, a Canadian great - Conrad wants to horsewhip her, which is certainly an excellent recommendation - mainly writes for the Star, and you can find her Star stuff directly here
  • Murray Dobbin is another great Canadian writer of this era in fighting for Canada - he does not have a regular page where he is featured (funny how most of the really good Canadian writers fighting FOR Canada can't get printed in the Canadian media, unlike the hordes who are trying to sell us all out to the US, isn't it HAHAHAHAHAHAHA????) - anyway, for now, I've gathered a few here (link above) and will add to them as new ones become available - he seems to be leading the charge to keep tabs on Paul Martin, whom all the mainstream media seem to be treating like the Second Coming or something, for some odd reason HAHAHAHAA.....
  • A guy called Kim Petersen is another Canadian I have come across lately, writing in Dissident Voice, a US e-zine - Kim's latest - The Great Auks, Wild Salmon, and Money - can be found here, and at the bottom is a list of what he's done the last few months (quite a lot of articles)
  • Another Canadian writer found on Rabble is a guy named Scott Piatkowski
  • And there is of course Naomi Klein (her website) - also found on Rabble, and in the Nation
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