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WARNING!! If you're a conspiracy-theorist believer (that is to say, you believe that anyone who dares to say the government may be involved in conspiracies against the rest of us is automatically whacko or worse, because National Pispot-GM-Sun-etc columnists and editorialists say so rather often, and gosh they wouldn't lie!), then you probably won't be interested in most of these sites - of course, if you're at all sick of being told what to think by the US-wannabes at the National Post-etc and their Republican masters, then perhaps you're ready for a dose of reality - as what's-his-name said - take which pill you want, Neo - but there's no turning back if you choose the path of enlightenment. Or - once you KNOW who put that stuff under the tree, you'll never believe in Santa again, even if your name is Virginia (why is that so appropriate a name, I wonder?), and some Madison Avenue guy is trying to bamboozle you (again! - keeping the marks believing that BS is candy is such a great challenge!) with cute fairy tales about the American way (which the Pispot et al. desperately want to be the Canadian way as well). Of course, if you still believe in Santa and the Pispot ... what the hell are you doing here? Don't your controllers have a Granny of some sort on your computer?!?! Geez.

I don't propose to go into a big song and dance here about other places to look for more info on the web - there's a lot of good sites out there, more being added all the time, some fading away, hard to keep up with at the best of times. And those who are interested in such things know where to look. And most of these places have a good set of links already, no point in re-inventing the wheel all the time.

But what I do want to do is give people new to the alternative POVs available here on the web, who might be coming to RM as a first experience of such things, a few places to go for more info; and a few links to some particularly good Canadian sites as well.

Some good Canadian sites:

  • R. B. Ham's Print Think - not sure if RB is Canadian or not, but he's a thinking truck driver currently working out of western Canada - with some of the best commentary in the country - or on the whole WWW, for that matter. Sure as hell won't find HIM in the Glob! (no that's not a typo - the Globe and Mail used to be a pretty good paper, but they have become little better than a glob of sticky snot on the sidewalk the last few years - they dropped the last few cms during the Bush invasion-massacre etc in Iraq, when they took the ONE regular columnist opposed to this action off of the main web headline page, where he had been for years (that would be Rick Salutin). Classy move, Glob. Don't make it all too obvious what you're up to.)
  • Stephen Gowan's What's Left in Suburbia - another great Canadian essayist on current events who will NEVER darken the pages of the Glob!, from Ottawa this time.
  • Canadian Democratic Movement - new and growing, with good commentary from readers - get involved!
  • Straight Goods - Ish Theilheimer's online offering, from the Ottawa Valley, with a good gathering of stories and commentary the mainstream media tend to avoid; regular offerings from Linda McQuaig, a Canadian great - Conrad wants to horsewhip her, which is certainly an excellent recommendation
  • David Orchard - first came to prominence in 1988, with CCAFT, fighting the so-called Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the US - and is still fighting for Canadian sovereignty - a GREAT Canadian. Check out his book - The Betrayal of Canada - on the website - a real eye-opener, with a lot of stuff they don't teach in Canadian schools, for some reason.
  • Monetary Reform Magazine - the editors of this publication have very generously made a lot of their material available on this website - and if you want some good info on what is wrong with the Canadian banks and financial system, you'll learn a lot here.
  • Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives - led by Editorialist Ed Finn, some great writing on the state of the country; the site also features the Alternative Canadian Budget, which shows how a truly progressive government could make things better for more of us
  • Tony Clarke's Polaris Institute - Tony wrote "The Silent Coup" a few years ago - another must-read book about how the big corps in Canada have taken over our government and turned it to their own ends - and screwed the rest of us.
  • Adbusters - Canadian site with a lot of good info on opposing corporate globalisation - and why we should do that.
  • Michael Chossudovsky's Center for Global Research - Ottawa-based alternative think-tank, with a great deal of up-to-the-minute of analysis of what is going on in the world these days, and how Canada is involved and affected. The real scoop, as they say, as opposed to the pathetic US-corporatist-CCCE propaganda and lies from such places as the Fraser or Howe Institutes. Find their addresses yerself.

Good American sites to start your education (there really are a lot of good Americans - it's just the government that has been taken over by the psychos - supported by a lot of American psychos, as well, of course - good and bad down there, just like up here, just like everywhere - actually I don't really like to talk like that, "good and bad", but when someone is trying to either kill you or enslave you, or burn down the house you all live in, the touchy-feely let's-help-the-sick-people-not-just-condemn-them analysis will have to wait a bit, at least until the sane people take control of things - i.e. we really do have to stop George and his buds from nuking the world before we sit them down with Sigmund or whoever):

  • What Really Happened - the main clearing house for "alternative" stories that don't get to CNN etc - a must on the daily browse, if you're interested in - well - in what really happened, rather than the Disneyland fantasies of the mainstream press. Of course, if you're into 4.5 hours of tv a day, this will probably seem a bit too adult for you....
  • Dave McGowan's Centre for an Informed America - great writing, although sure to have the "conspiracy-theorist-fantasists" hopping
  • Bartcop - a great jumping off place for learning about the BFEE (that'd be yer Bush Family Evil Empire - and no, this ain't a satirical site - it's a lot closer to reality than 99% of what you're seeing every night on tv.)
  • Rougy's Black Flag from the one and only Roswell, New Mexico - some good commentary, with pics - very good site to show people who think it is great to go off around the world bombing other countries and people - the real story, not the sanitized CNN/CBC propaganda version. If everyone got this for a few minutes every night instead of the 4.5 hours a night of Fox or CNN, there'd be a lot less enthusiasm for the Pentagon and CIA's little overt and covert adventures. Great stuff, Rougy.
  • Online Journal - great read every week - lot of good articles
  • Serendipity - lot of good background stuff here, on most of the major issues of our times, from a "let's find the truth here" perspective.
  • Yellow Times - again, some good perspectives from some good writers, few times a week. Always worth a browse for those interested in non-US-Lies'R'US POVs.
  • Buzz Flash - good headline scan of alernative stuff, some good essays
  • Common Dreams - good selection of commentary; comprehensive alt-news links list on main page
  • Counter Punch - well-known writers, good articles
  • From The Wilderness - former LA cop named Michael Rupert - well-researched stuff

Couple of others for now with some good stuff:

  • Xymphora - personal and erudite analysis of what is going on with the main events in the world.
  • R.K.M.s Cyberjournal - Richard has been hosting the Cyberjournal mailing list for a few years, and doing quite a bit of very good writing on the world situation, and exploring ways to get us out of the quagmire. Some classic articles - not in the sense they are old or dated, but in the sense they can open some eyes that may have been resisting awakening.

Well - that's a pretty good start - if you can read through some of this stuff, and still think that our governments are doing ok and there's no need for you personally to get excited or involved - well, sit back with whatever your favorite beverage is and enjoy your tv, I guess. We'll sink or swim without you. As someone once said, "All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Maybe you could offer some comments on that insightful little quote, if you have time to think during the commercials.

Gee it's good, to be Back Home again....