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The Bad Guys

Okay - the quick version for now - the prime "Canadian" (do you really refer to traitors by their supposed nationality? Do Americans consider Benedict Arnold an "American" or not?) bad guys are pretty much gathered together under one roof, the CCCE (Canadian Council of Chief Executives, although I do believe the CCCT (CCC Traitors) would be a more suitable appellation. Their leader is a guy name Tom D'Aquino, and he has been the de facto Prime Minister of Canada for about 20 years now, since Lyin Brian days. You won't read about this in the National Pispot, for some reason (and I am not going to go to any great lengths to prove the things I say here - if you ask these people they will deny it, of course - then it is up to you to do some checking around, and decide whether their words or mine are more credible, if you're interested). The CCCE is basically an Elitist group, believing there are two kinds of people in the world - the natural rulers and the natural slaves - the natural rulers deserve unbounded luxury, the natural slaves do whatever is required to provide that luxury, given what is available in the world to work with. This is not a new concept in the world - read up about the Pharoahs in Egypt and the pyramids, for starters, and follow the thread. You can probably guess where they fit in that scheme, and where you and I fit (there's lots of room for grey in the scheme - the elite need various levels of managers to look after the slaves, who enjoy certain priviledges). Some names stand out from their ranks - people like Conrad Black, founder of the National Pispot, since fled to England in a sulk when he didn't get his way about some petty thing - good riddance, really. Hope he left his passport at the border. And the one and only Lyin Brian Mulroney, truly the Benedict Arnold of Canada, the face-man for the turning point, as we went from a truly progressive society under leaders like Diefenbaker, Douglas, Pearson and Trudeau, to the puppet government of the CCCE-status we now exist under. I'll add others some day names like Mike Harris come to mind, more of a wannabe really, but with the right mindset (sorry - was that a Harris oxymoron? - oh well, he was smarter than Bush, I think, although that's not really much of a compliment).

These people disseminate their traitorous message through their media, such as the National Pispot (now owned by an equally arrogant elitist named Izzy Asper) and FInancial Post, Globe and Mail (not all the way gone, but well on the way), and the Southam-Sun chain, which owns most other major newspapers in the country (and they get really nasty and scared when there is any talk of starting some kind of government supported independent paper that might occasionally say some true things, like the CBC radio does sometimes - they've been fighting for years to get that either killed or commercialized too - fortunately, for them, they already have most people trained to expect advertisements with their "news" and "entertainment", and these poor souls can't deal with lengthy intelligent essays and programs that the CBC tends to do most of the time, so tend to avoid listening to it - bad for us, though, trying to regain control of our country, that so many people are going to be so hard to win back to sanity.).

They legitimize a lot of what they do with so-called "think tanks" (poor use of the word 'think' here, but that's what they call themselves), which churn out an endless stream of quasi-research reports backing their little plans to turn back the clocks 500 years or so to the days of feudalism - no more screwing around with this "democracy" shit, which has proved to be such a headache for them - the system of God-kings and serfs is a lot easier to maintain. (again, don't start thinking how cool it would be to be a god-king - that ain't what they got in mind for you).

Take it from there - most politicians, with the exception of a few standouts like Mulroney - are low-level bad guys, taking money and orders from the corps to make an appearance of democracy to keep you quiet, as are most of the low-level "journalists" who do the dog-work for the media, and most of the low-level cops and judges who enforce the system. Fighting them can be amusing at times, but does not accomplish much in the long run. Hell, a lot of them, when you take their servers-of-the-system hats off, are even decent human beings - they don't beat their wives or animals, participate in community events, what not. Given the level of brainwashing in this society, I expect a lot of them don't even understand what they are doing, and even think they are doing "the right thing" in their hearts. Which is, of course, what makes them so dangerous. A tricky problem altogether, but part of that which is on our plate to deal with. You can, if it helps, think of all the mid-level paper pushers in the Hitler bureacracy, just running an efficient system. I doubt very much the great majority of them would have been describable as "evil" - a lot of them probably didn't have any trouble sleeping at nights either - they didn't make decisions, didn't think about the consequences of their work, just did their job.

That doesn't apply to the big guys, of course - they know damn well what they're up to - they can't not. You wouldn't get one of them near a lie detector or scopalomine, you can count on that.

But I digress - perhaps the only (small) fault I have - but it is hard not to, as the problems we are facing are vast and interconnected, and it is difficult to appreciate the scope of the problem without an overview of the entire Gordian Knot of it all, and equally difficult to explain without constant reference to various of these interconnecting parts - the debt problem is connected to the corporate problem, is connected to the media problem, is connected to the democracy problem, is connected to the brainwashing problem, is connected to the schools problem, etc and etc. But we must try.

To get a better handle on things, you must go beyond Canada a bit as well - check out the Trilateral Commission, the Washington Consensus, the IMF and World Bank, the Bilderburg meetings, for a start - these are real things, and if they happen to be part of some vast conspiracy - so be it. Conspiracies do happen - I am not sure how broad and deep this one is, but it is for sure there. I expect it is a conspiracy with many parts, rather than some "supreme council" telling everyone what to do - the ambitious of this world who would aspire to such a thing would not willingly, I think, take orders from someone else, so I expect the infighting is ongoing and the leadership constantly changing - but that does not mean that it does not exist. Think of things on a smaller scale - you might quarrel with your brothers over something in the family - but if Attilla the Hun came knocking, the family feud would stop and you would stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers against this new threat. The leadership of the people who see themselves as the Elite in the world are the same - they'll stab each other in the back at any given time, I would expect, for their personal gain - but that does not mean they are friends of the non-elite.

Anyways, I ramble, and unfortunately I don't have time to ramble today - we'll finish this some other time - there's lots left to be said.

But before you toss this in the delete bin as the ravings of a commiescum paranoid conspiracy theorist, just ask yourself this - do you really, in your heart, believe that the multi-millionaires running your country have YOUR best interests at heart when they have dinner with the politicians and press for lower taxes and bigger government handouts for themselves and lower funding for your schools and hospitals? And when the politicians accept their dinners and campaign donations, do you really think the decision they will make regarding those taxes or those schools is impartial and has YOUR best interests as the main consideration? If, through this kind of behavior, these people are not effectively conspiring together against your best interests and in their own, then what exactly would you call it? And if there is this kind of "little" conspiracy, why on earth would you think there wouldn't be bigger ones above it?

Would it have anything to do with the 4.5 hours of fantasies you watch on the tv every night, or the 12-20 years of "education" you had which filled your head with the santa claus story of how wonderful and honest our politicians are, and how they are all working for YOUR good - even though every fact you can see around you contradicts this story?

You have been intravenously taking the Blue Pill since the day you were born. Are you ready for the Red Pill yet?

((BY THE WAY!!! - Don't take any of the above as some kind of "anti-government" message - that's actually the line of the people I fight, and it is a very dangerous line for us to be listening to, as the government, a good government of ours, is the only way we have to collectively defend ourselves against their formidable power - which is, of course, one of the main reasons they want to get rid of it, or at least redefine it as they are well on the way to doing in the US as primarily a defender of the wealthy - lots of bucks for cops and jails, none for healthcare or education (they don't need that shit, man! - they send their families to the best schools and hospitals - and have no desire to help provide the same for the rest of us through their taxes - the typical shortsighted and stupid elite view). I do believe in a representative democracy of some kind - ya gotta have something like it to deal with tens of millions (or more in some countries) of people - and ours was pretty good under guys like Diefenbaker, Pearson and Trudeau, and some of the other old-timers. Not perfect at all, but pretty good - and getting better, right up until the mid-1970s when it was hijacked by the BCNI (Business Council on National Issues, the forerunner of the CCCET) as part of the corporate revolt of the time (I'll have to do more on this some other time). It was and is a reasonably good set of institutions - it just happens, at the moment, to be run by a bunch of people who, under instructions from the BCNI-cum-CCCET, are turning it to some bad ends - and it is up to us to take it back, and get it back on the right proper path - that of providing a safe environment for all of us to live in, and learn in, and work in, and grow in and have good, decent, satisfying and happy lives. It can be done, if we want it bad enough and are willing to work for it.

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