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At the moment, these are pretty loose - missing links (really, all the earlier versions were not redone when the real-time links were established, so outside of the main editorial and story links, don't bother trying to get anywhere - just go back to the main page you came from), erratic design, stuff like that - stuff mostly from the beta versions of the page, you might say. You probably ought to try Google or some place like that if you're looking for something interesting to read. But an archives page is kinda, like, de rigeur, y'know - and there are a few fun things to be found - straightening Ms. Nickerson out about whose side Neo was on was amusing (she actually seems to think that The Matrix is a movie made to support the NWO and neo-con policies! - really! - check it out!) - a few others. And assuming things go along well for awhile, maybe some day there will be a real archives page, and the Canadian Parliamentary Library and the United Nations' new office in Brussels and the Canada Council and god knows who all will be archiving these URLs, and somebody will be giving me a lot of money for it all. God only knows. (and what was in that last drink you gave me, dear?) (listen, you can click on some other URL - I got this 24/7. fuck. I wake up at 5 am and my mind is doing this.... my quick smart remark was going to be - Hey! it's better than commercial American television - BUT IS IT?!?!?! - at least that shit puts all non-comatose parts of your brain to sleep fast)

You can, if you're feeling generous, Write about any particularly annoying missing links or anything.

Hope it's good ferya. it's always a blast for me.

RM Back Issues
May 9 2003
Hurtig book, Clements trip, Robinson-Watson re media
May 11 2003
cod, Harris, Landsberg
May 13 2003
Mulroney, seatbelts
May 16 2003
politicians lies, disappearing fish
May 18 2003
Zundel edit, Kaminski too, Goar-Romanov
May 19 2003
HRT-truth!, Nickerson-Matrix
May 21 2003
lying, passive smoking
May 22 2003
A.Roy, Gowens, NP-Landsberg attack
May 23 2003
on lying, neo-terrorist!
*May 25 2003*
Hurtig speech, Harper speech

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