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my 'net home' for the last few years, and the foreseeable future, this seems where it's going to be - lots of venting, lots of good writing, lots of 'out-of-the-box' ideas you aren't EVER going to hear on the CBC

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This is the basic idea.

Dave the RevolutionatorI think our country, Canada, is in a great deal of trouble right now, trouble that has been developing for the last 40 years or so. Our entire world is in trouble, of course, but I can't deal with the entire world right now. But I am a citizen of Canada, and as a citizen I feel I have a right, and as an 'elder' who's been around a long time and understand a lot of things a lot of others don't seem to, a certain responsibility, to be involved in the national debate, such as it is these days, and do what I can to get our country back on the road to a much more positive future than we have been for the last few decades. I've actually been trying to be involved in the national debate for the last 30 years or so, but whoever is controlling the stage doesn't seem to want to give me a voice. It's time I started pushing a bit harder - I think my voice is getting pretty needed these days. I won't get into all the details here about why I think we're in trouble etc - I just finished (Spring 2016) a rather lengthy book explaining everything, called Democratic Revolution Handbook - and I presume you're here because you're familiar with that book, and are wondering what you can do to help push things along a bit. Which I'll get to in a minute.

I also wrote another book a few years ago called Green Island, which lays out in some detail what I think a well-functioning democracy would look like, and some of the problems it would encounter as it tried to get on its feet in the face, and backyard, of the greatest democracy-destroying machine the world has ever known, the US Hegemon to the south of us (start with Killing Hope, by William Blum). As a fiction book, I also worked in a way to talk about some of the things in the past that have led to our current world - again, you can read all about it at the website, and some of the chapters, and even download a free PDF of the first book, or follow a link to where you can buy an EPUB version of it.

But as I say in the DRH, just writing stuff is not really enough, we're mostly 'preaching to the choir' as the old saying goes, and that is not going to free the brains of the many millions captured by 30 years of very serious, very heavy, very sophisticated NWO propaganda and indoctrination, and we really need to be 'on the streets' as it were - or, as I talk about in the book, not so much on the streets as in the kitchens and town halls of communities small and large across our country, explaining the very incontrovertible evidence of the lies our country has been operating under the last 30 years or so, very 'in your face' lies since they installed Mulroney as the PM and conned Cdns into giving him enough votes in 1988 to let him sign the FTA - primarily, at the root of everything, the massive con of the 'national debt crisis', and the very related 'biggest in history' scam of letting the private banking cartel create our money-credit from thin air and charge interest on it, but also the great lie and scam of 911, which they are using to justify the phony 'war on terror', and using both to create the lockdown-ready state around us in preparation for the coming out of the closet of the new 1000-year New Feudalism they are preparing. The way the Canadian media, especially the CBC for 'progressive' types, is being used for 24-7-365 dumbing down and indoctrination also needs to be thoroughly exposed and degraded.

And although there are people writing on the web about this, I don't see anyone out there doing the kind of community-based work that needs to be done to get the indoctrination out of the brains of Canadians, and start to work together with them to create the kind of democratic revolution we really need, and very soon, if we are to slip out of the clutches of the NWO while we still have some small chance. To use an apt enough analogy, Hitler has gotten into the Reichstag, but he hasn't quite got full dictatorial power yet, and we could still stop him, if we woke up to the danger in time, and took the appropriate democratic action.

But it's not going to be easy, and it's definitely not going to happen 'spontaneously' - we need a LOT of people on the ground working at this, and at the moment, I'm not seeing anyone at all. (yes yes, we have lots of people agitating for climate change action, or trying to right the many wrongs done to indigenous people in Canada's not-all-so-glorious past, or various other things - but as I explain clearly, as long as our government is controlled by Big Money, none of these things are going to get properly addressed - the **only** way to get action on the many things that need some serious democratic action is to have some kind of democratic revolution, wherein we actually empower the people of this country to be able to do the things most of us want done. And that's what the Great Green Island Road Show and Democracy Chatauqua is meant to be all about - explaining to people exactly why this country is **not** a 'democracy' in any true or meaningful sense of the word, and how to go about doing something about this.

I'm not all that anxious to be doing any cross-country tours doing this stuff, I'm getting a bit old for that kind of thing and there's other things I'd rather be doing with whatever time I have left healthy enough to be getting around without too much hassle, but on the other hand I'm enough of a believer in the 'walk the walk' stuff to do that if some walking needs to be done and others aren't doing it, and since nobody else seems to be doing much on the 'democratic revolution' front, I'm about ready to give it a go, to kind of lead the way, get the ball rolling, catalyze the action, as it were. I've got at least one thing in my favor, I've spent most of my life out in front of 'the pack' wherever I happened to be, ready to do things others were holding back on that I thought needed to be done, or just wanted to do in the face of whatever senseless 'Thou Shalt Not!!'s were holding back others, and it's a place I'm not afraid to venture into.

And it's not going to be just me - the idea is that whoever invites me to come and speak at their community sets up a big fair kind of thing - google around, Wikipedia has this - 'Chautauqua was an adult education movement in the United States, highly popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Chautauqua assemblies expanded and spread throughout rural America until the mid-1920s. The Chautauqua brought entertainment and culture for the whole community, with speakers, teachers, musicians, entertainers, preachers and specialists of the day..' - and etc - all the people in the community whochatauqua poster want to share things, to grow things, get together and make it all happen. But I see a 'democracy chatauqua' - the whole point is sharing things about democracy, how it has been suppressed in our country for the last 30 years, and what we can do to remove the NWO chains and get Democracy in Canada back on its feet, walking around again, creating one of the great countries of the world, which we used to be, but surely, as a very junior partner of the great capitalist US hegemon, something 'great for democracy' is not something we could call ourselves anymore.

In capitalistland, of course, however, everything runs on Money, and I don't have any, or at least the kind I would need to undertake such an expedition into the Heart of Darkness that Canada has become the last few decades.

And I don't much care for 'charity' as it were.

So here's the proposition.

Read the stuff above if you haven't already - the Democratic Revolution Handbook, and Green Island. The DRH explains all the things wrong, all the lies we live under, and gives some ideas about making a democratic revolution happen. And Green Island is the 'fictional' work that gives my 'vision' of what a true democratic society could function like, wrapped up in a really interesting story - a story that could sell a lot of books, and also make a hell of an HBO-type series. And both of the last two would make me a bunch of money, enough to leave the day job behind, and spend some time in Canada talking to people face to face about the democratic revolution.

And **if** you think the ideas are valid, and there need to be a lot more of us aware of what is happening, and working for some kind of Democratic Revolution, and the ideas of Green Island give you a bit of inspiration - just buy the book, it's only 6 bucks for both parts EPUB, and tell others about it and suggest they buy it, and get involved with the GGIRSADC, and tell their friends about it, and etc. Even if it turns out you're the only one ever buys the books, it won't be money wasted - I guarantee you a good read - and a free sample of the whole first book, for that matter, if you can read a long PDF.

If we manage to get the HBO series going, there should be enough money to get at the next step of the DRH process - getting a truly honest and democratic media going in Canada, wherein we have daily rebuttals to the lies and propaganda and gatekeeping of the corporate propaganda media that controls Canada now, and also serve as a home for offering new and better ways to run our country, rather than the continual corporate exhortations to become more and more like capitalist central, the great dystopia to the south of us, which has made such a tragic farce and mockery of the great documents they were born under a couple of hundred years ago, not to mention the unbelievable destruction they've been causing around the entire world, in life and human infrastructure and the environment, the last 50-60 years - with, the last 30, the criminal and terrible participation of our own country and our traitorous 'leaders'. I'm not talking some little website with written commentaries, we have lots of those, we need something that is much more comprehensive, offering a lot more video interview shows like you see on RT or TRRN (like you see on the CBC for that matter, except with kind of an opposite philosophy to the CBC - they tell a lot of lies and do a lot of propaganda and gatekeeping and dumbing down mush stuff, we need a network of that impact to tell the truth, to fight propaganda, to offer intelligent analysis and commentary of, by and for adults...)

Send people to the Great Green Island Poster - nobody could read this and not want to be part of it. The trick is getting people there in the first place.

there's some good in this world, Mr Frodo, and it's worth fighting for ...Until later then. If you want to help - find a literary agent with some vision, who's not afraid to venture outside the box and challenge people who don't like being challenged - Green Island and I need a new Brian Epstein, to shout Green Island from the www rooftops like Epstein shouted BEATLES!!! to a world which was waiting for them, but the in-the-box music promoters of the time didn't have the vision or courage to step outside the box and try something new, as the mainstream publishers and agents in Canada today seem very much in-the-box in terms of what they are willing to publish or promote.

If there's any interest, I'll see about setting up a GGIRSADC email list where we can share ideas etc - I'll soon be back at the 'day job' again, and won't have time for a lot of one-on-one conversations, sadly.

If you want to be part of getting to a better world - get at it. Don't wait for someone to 'lead' you - in a true democracy, we're all leaders. Starting with the person you see in the mirror in the morning.

Onward Rocinante, to Green Island, to see life as it should be, not as it is .. (Don Quixote)