The 9/11 Conspiracy.

Yeah yeah, I know I'm starting off on the edge of the cliff by using the dreaded "conspiracy" word right up front - but then again, the point of this site is to get at the truth, to call a spade a spade, and if the events of 911 were not a massive conspiracy by at least some very high ranking elements in the US government, the sun will surely not rise tomorrow or set tomorrow night. I'm not going to put a whole lot of stuff on this site about 911, because it has been done already, by many people who have put a whole lot of time into it, and it would be pointless for me to do more than to direct you to their excellent sites.

Why do I do it then? Well, a couple of reasons. There may be Canadians checking out this site who have not yet been exposed to the truth of 911 - it is something you are not going to read about in the mainstream media (although there are a couple of very brave Canadians who have dared to look beyond the official story). To show my support for the people doing these sites. And because in the interests of truth, which is what this site is all about, we simply have to acknowledge this incredible crime, and then do something about it, if we are to have any chance at all for a future as a good society for us and our children.

New stuff (from RM-Sept. 18/03)

911 Truth Alliance - great resource, well organised, links to good articles on all aspects of what went on, exploring the unanswered questions, and so on; and also The People's Investigation of 911 - as above. Very good introduction for people who haven't read much about what actually seems to be going on, links to all kinds of good stuff. You simply cannot read these things and believe the official story, which is far more "conspiratorial" and "theoretical".

Here Operation Pearl [[RM archive copy]] is a very well done rendering of what may have happened that day, based on what evidence we have publicly - and it makes a FUCK of a lot more sense than the shit that has emanated from officials sources the last couple of years.

WHY DON'T WE HAVE ANSWERS TO THESE 9/11 QUESTIONS? By WILLIAM BUNCH - from the Philadelphia Daily News, good article, with some info that is new to me - about the involvement of some top level Saudi officials - who rather mysteriously died shortly thereafter! - remembering, of course, that in the recent whitewash of the first semi-investigation, the White House removed 28 pages or something like that referring to the Saudi connection - we all know, of course, by now, that the Bush-bin Laden connection goes back decades.

And this picture showing the flight paths of the hijacked aircraft on 911 in relation to US air force bases is worth many thousands of words [[RM archive copy]]- but there are some words on it all here - 35 USAF Bases Within Range On 911, a site called Standdown-net, looking at the standdown of the entire American air force during the crucial couple of hours when somebody was driving planes into US buildings, that could have been stopped, and under normal operating procedures would have been. This is not just a smoking gun, it is a scarlet letter painted on the forehead of the US government. Those attacks simply could NOT have happened had the defensive forces of the US been allowed to do their job. I continue to live in total amazement at how so few people seem to understand what happened that day, and is continuing to happen. Were the Germans like this in the 1930s?

Couple of interesting articles as well -


Confessions of a Reluctant Conspiracy Theorist by Brian Salter, 29 December 2001 [[RM archive copy]]. He finishes with a great quote that more people ought to think about - Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko. John Loeffler

New stuff (from RM-Sept. 02/03)

September 11th And The Bush Administration - Compelling Evidence for Complicity [[RM archive copy]] - a very well put together summary of why the "official version" of what happened that day is basically about as believable as "the dog ate my homework" or "Who put the presents under the tree - tell me Mommy!" - "Why, Santa did, of course, dear!". Just unbelievable to me (and a growing number of others) how these people can keep getting away with such blatant lies, in the pursuit of such an obvious criminal agenda.

And another turned up this week - this is what a REAL reporter would do, if any of the major media had any (haha - if we had any "real" media!) - a very detailed and sourced list of questions that need to be answered - but aren't being, for the obvious reason that the answers will lead right to the highest levels of the US government. Unavoidable. Unless the questions can continue to be avoided. And, with the complicity of the media, they are managing to do that - if an honest government was ever instituted in America, they'd have to let all of the drug-offense-related prisoners go to accommodate the great influx of crooked politicians and businesspeople. And maybe even Tricky Dick's bones - "I am not a crook!" - you were the fuck so, you bastard, and we're comin after ya! It's here - The Truth About September 11 by Gerard Holmgren, 2003-08-30 [[RM archive copy]]

First the Canadian I mentioned - a guy called Barrie Zwicker, and one of the best real Canadian journalists going (which is why you won't see him in any major Canadian media who, although they do have the odd reasonably good one, by and large avoid them like the plague - real journalists like Barrie take their work about getting to the truth of things and telling their readers, the Canadian citizens, much, much, much, much too seriously to ever be able to get along with the corporate bosses of papers like the National Pispot or the Sun chains. But I digress. For Barrie's most excellent series on the 911 situation, and some questions that really need to be looked at, check out The Great Deception: What really happened on Sept. 11, 2001, from VisionTV's Insight Mediafile. Be warned - it's a lot like Morpheus's Red Pill - don't read this unless you're pretty sure you're ready to stop believing in Santa Claus.

Here - SEPT 11: UNANSWERED QUESTIONS by a guy (?) called MalcontentX, is probably the most detailed examination of that grim day available - goes into great detail. A long read, but absolutely compelling, impeccably reasoned, with nothing even approaching a "conspiracy theory" - anyone who can read this, and walk away saying they still believe the US government non-story-fantasy-lies about what happened that day, shouldn't be anywhere near a page like this that looks for truth. Go back to your Saturday morning cartoons, and get to work on your Santa list - Christmas is coming soon!

One other that really deserves special mention is Debunking conspiracy theorists' paranoid fantasies about Sept. 11, a great article by a writer called John Holmgren, who debunks the debunkers, if you will, and generally treats those who refuse to believe that the US government could have been involved in 911 as the ostriches (head in the sand) they are (I am phrasing this rather politely in consideration of your feelings - we usually refer to the head in a sort of more personal locale). Very good read - and very true. The RM archive copy - read it all here if the original link has problems

And finally, at least for now, for a long and detailed look at what is available on the web concerning the search for what really happened that day, check out John Kaminski's Best 911 Sites List - as they say in England - it takes some beatin. Kaminski also has a recent summary I've added on-site - 9/11 was a hoax, or an original is available at Global Research, which is another Canadian site everyone who wants a little Red Pill waking up should check out. Hosted by Michael Chossudovsky, of Ottawa - great Canadian researcher and truth seeker.

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