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Fri, May 28, 2004
Hit the road, Jack! - NDP plan to target rich would put us all in the poor house

By JOSE RODRIGUEZ -- Calgary Sun

There was a time I would have applauded NDP Leader Jack Layton's plan to eat the rich to feed the poor.

I would have tied my hair back in a pony tail, thrown on my hippie-approved Hemp poncho with matching bandana and pedalled my mountain bike over to the nearest tree for a good, strong hug.

We'd make placards.

Good placards like 'Power to the People' or 'Make the
Capitalistic Pigs Pay'.

Oh, those were good times.

But I'm out of college now.

And the head-in-the-clouds ideals of a school kid disappeared the minute I discovered a half-decent paycheque.

Because, in my very cynical view, elections are about money.

My money.

The unGodly sum taken from me -- and you -- every day, every month and every year by some nameless, faceless, unaccountable taxman.

A taxman who will be working overtime if the New Democratic Party ever took power.

The NDP's 63-page platform document, New Energy: A Positive Choice, is a political recipe for robbery.

Under the plan, federal income tax would be eliminated entirely for people earning under $15,000 a year but big banks, corporations and those with high incomes would pay more.

They'd scrap the GST on tampons and magazines but hike the capital gains taxes.

And if those weren't enough loonie-left levies, the NDP would also reintroduce a controversial inheritance tax.

Up to 40% of any bequeathed estate over $1 million, would go directly to the feds.

Nothing like paying through the nose your entire life and then being taxed once your dead, too.

It's ludicrous.

If we were all clones punching clocks at the widget factory, Layton's plan would be ideal.

But, no matter what good manners and the tenets of political correctness dictate, we are NOT all equal.

Look around.

Some people are smarter than others.

Some work harder than others.

And some people, believe it or not, are more than happy living off the government teat -- which would balloon to a 44-DD if Layton's lot ever became government.

There is no argument that a just society has an obligation to take care of its poor, sick and those who can't help themselves.

We'd be savages if we didn't.

But penalizing ambition and success with taxation does not translate into less poverty or sickness.

The NDP's plan for this country kills incentive, annihilates jobs and sends the wrong message to anyone who's ever worked harder, studied longer or took a gamble to get ahead.

If we hike corporate taxes, corporations will pack up and leave, along with the thousands of jobs they create.

Many educated professionals and skilled tradespeople would book a flight out of Canada quicker than you could say brain drain.

You're a fool if you think they won't.

But don't tell Layton that.

"People in Canada want to invest again, and they understand that this requires us to ante up a bit," says a very deluded Layton, sounding like a sophomore running for students' union president.

Get your head out of the clouds Jack -- and your hands away from our pockets.

Gee it's good, to be Back Home again....