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040430 - again, and again, and again...

Interesting little quote as a preamble - "....The masses, however, with their inertia, always need a certain time before they are ready even to notice a thing, and they will lend their memories only to the thousandfold repetition of the most simple ideas....". HAHAHAHAHAAA just take a WILD guess who said that and when????? - what it has to do with the rest ought to be evident enough as we go, once again, to -

- two central things seem to be dominating the news again this week (outside of the "bread-and-circuses" "election" call and ongoing "war" in Iraq (bread and circuses by any other name....)) (I can't figure how people put up with this - tv training I guess - I watched CNN for a bit last night waiting for a story they had advertised I wanted to see - and for over an HOUR they did nothing but repeat about 3 segments with minor variations on the situation in Falujah - 87 BILLION fucking things going on around the world, a great number of them of MUCH more interest and importance than the Iraqi resistance to the American occupation (not saying that that isn't interesting and important too - but there's a lot of other stuff happening!!!) - and all of it propaganda too - "them darned Iraqis are shooting at our great brave marines, who by golly have a right to defend themselves!!!!!" being the line de jour - just amazing how the Americans think they can rearrange the beginning of history at will to a point that they feel "justifies" whatever they happen to be up to at any given time - "HE HIT ME FIRST!!!!")

- anyways, aside from that, we are again getting more and more of "TERRORISM TERRORISM TERRORISM THEY'RE COMING CHILDREN THEY'RE COMING BE AFRAID BE TERRIFIED BE AFRAID!!!!!" - and then MONEYMONEYMONEY LOOK AT OUR MONEY PROBLEMS!!! - which is, in the sense we are seeing here, terrorism too, actually, in a more mental sense rather than physical, but much more real, as in likely to happen - modern people have been trained well to be pretty terrified at the thought of having no money, of financial disasters overtaking them, we are SO dependant on the machinery and matrix of the Elite (Farmer Jones' Animal Farm may not be real great, but at least it's OUR farm, and we know how it works, is the way the sheep minds work...) that we are TERRIFIED of having to fend for ourselves (you wanna take a wild guess at how many Canadians could grow their own spuds or kill their own chickens?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - it ain't an accident think about it!!!!) - and then thrust into a life where such insecurity is increasingly the norm for many if not most people - a lesser version of the TERRORISM story - BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE ANY JOB AT ALL AND NEVER, NEVER, NEVER COMPLAIN!!!

And with both things, The Santa Claus Box reigns - that is, the Fairytale Reigns!!! - everyone is TOLD what to think about "terrorism" and economics - no freedom here people!!! YOUR MASTERS KNOW BEST AND WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO AND "THINK"!!! - this is very evident in one of the stories in the Star - Tax lotto winnings, Liberals told - some "consultants" (funny how there never seems to be anyone on the public payroll already to do this stuff HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with "downsizing" or "cutting "unessential" services" or looking after one's corporate buds ohhhh nooooooooo!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA) was hired to go out and get the "opinions" of a group of Ontarians on what to do about this horrible budget crunch the Libs "find" themselves in, so very, very unexpectedly HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA sorry, won't get into all THAT again hahaha - Anyways, there's lot of "great" suggestions according to the report, but mostly the same old same old, tax this tax that, DON'T tax this or that, cutback here or there tah dah tah da tah daaa! as an old friend used to put it - but NONE of these 250 Ontarians managed to come up with the REAL first step necessary to get things under control around here - the oh-so radical idea of questioning the validity of the government of Ontario borrowing money from private lenders rather than demanding essentially interest free loans from the Bank of Canada, and paying off the Ontario "debt" and thus freeing up something like $20 Billion bucks PER YEAR!!!! in the very near future (no more forever and ever "service" charges) to take care of all this stuff, and more (and that's only in Ontario - as noted many times before, the figure is closer to a HUNDRED BILLION when considering all the govs in Canada, fed, provincial, larger municipal...). Not ONE - at least that they let speak in the report, although one can pretty much assume this whole thing was a guided exercise - Ian Urquart says so, here, actually - Liberals rerun election.

And late-breaking as always, the lady in charge of this thing for some very odd reason (that's code for ****BULLSHIT ALERT*** if you weren't sure HAHAHAHAHAAA) had to write an op-ed piece justifying it all, and saying what a fucking (not sic HAHAHAHAHA) wonderful exercise in "democracy" it all was!!! - Hear, hear for citizen input - actually, it's not entirely clear where this lady is coming from - she may well be one of the Boxers, writing from the Box for other Boxers, making her almost as dangerous as the Elite, in terms of her persuasive ability - that is, one of the Chosen Few who have excelled in their acceptance of the heavy Pavlovian conditioning we all get while growing up (I say "Military going to war!!!!" - you say without thinking at ALL "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS RAH RAH RAH!!!!" - that kind of stuff - it's everywhere), and actually believe the lies of others they spread around. Because what she says is almost entirely true, in terms of the desirability of citizen involvement in the democratic process and so on. But it's so Orwellian - this was NOT an "open-ended" process, where citizens were asked to prepare BY THEMSELVES some days or weeks ahead of time, and come and share their ideas with others, and talk and so on - oh, nonono - this was a one-day process, the people given a check list and (I would imagine pretty carefully selected) "background info" to look at over breakfast, and then told to sit down and talk about the info they were given, and the "solutions" they were given to choose from. And as I noted last time, the only realistic solution was NOT one of their options - so it was just a big, farcical game dressed up to look like citizen involvement in government, which it was not. It was carefully disguised manipulation. She says at one point that the participants were not expected to become experts in a few hours - man, is that paternalistic horseshit of the worst sort or what?!?!?! - that is to say - she ASSUMES that NONE of these upright, smart Ontario citizens, over the course of their lives, could EVER have studied the issues and become knowledgeable about some, many or all of them by themselves!!! - that is the "accepted" version of society - citizens watch tv and get told what to do, leaving all the "complicated" decisions up to our wonderful "experts". Who tell us, among other things, to borrow money from private banks rather than have the Bank of Canada issue it debt-free. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - that is SURE great for the banks - but looking at that 500 Billion dollar debt, and the Trillion++ we have paid in "service" charges on that debt the last 20-odd years - one might be forgiven for wondering just WHOSE side these "experts" are on. Yes indeed. One might just be forgiven, I think.

Imagine, a few hundred years ago, to use an example I also mentioned last time - "OKAY CITIZENS!!! We have a BIG problem here! Many of our sailors are sailing off to sea and not coming back - and since we know the world is flat, the obvious conclusion is that they are falling off the edge!! Now - we need to do something about this. You have all the appropriate background info, and at the end of the day we are going with one of three decisions - we have to simply stop sailing away from sight of land, because it's just too darn dangerous, or we have to train our sailors better so they understand the dangers and don't go so close to the edge, or maybe we can get our best engineers to build a fence, or warning lighthouses at the edge, or something. Good luck in your deliberations!" HAHAHAHAHAAA - well, I think the analogy is very good - the citizens are made to feel they are participating in an important decision, but they are not given essential information (the earth is fucking round not flat!!!!!!) - so it is impossible to arrive at the appropriate solution to the problem.

Likewise with the so-called "budget discussions" - if the participants are not allowed to talk about using the Bank of Canada to issue essentially interest-free loans to cover NECESSARY expenditures (this should not be used to turn over huge amounts of "consultant" fees or "advertising" fees a la "adscam" to buds of the gov, but for things like infrastructure development, where the money goes for useful stuff) - well, there is no hope of a realistic solution, so it was all just a scam in itself. Or alternative currencies - another VERY doable and practical idea that could help a lot. Of course, once again, this would be cutting into the profits and control of the banks - so we just ain't gonna talk about it.


- but all IN THE BOX "thinking" - See Jane and Dick play in their GREAT NEW sandbox!!!! "..Jane - Mom said we had to cut off either our right arm or our left arm - what do you think we should do, dear???" HAHAHAHA -

All these economics stories are related - here's another from the Star, in a bigger frame (they still have the odd good "centrist" column or ed, but they're getting more than a tad schizophrenic - Blame the Victim!!! - This is interesting, for what it does NOT say as much or more as what it does - Latin America's crisis - all the peasants are getting upset because they're still poor after 20 years of "democracy", and maybe thinking some sort of dictator might be preferable to this new "democracy" shit etc and etc (one might also benefit from having a boo at WHO did this "study", and what sort of questions were asked - but another day! - another point this time) - but they manage (isn't that odd HAHAHAHAHA see above...), in this story, to skip right over the single main cause of poverty in south and Latin America, and most of Africa and the Asian countries - the IMF and World Bank and IFIs have been DRAINING these countries of anywhere from 30-60% of their wealth, their entire national incomes, for decades - year after year after fucking YEAR these countries are required to turn over a HUGE chunk of their national income to western banks and "investors" in those famous "service" charges - year after year after year - after having paid back the original loans many times over!!! And if they have trouble meeting those payments (they all do, sooner or later, as the interest payments grow and grow and grow, and commodity prices strangely fall...), the IMF dictates that social programs will be cut, free health care and education "privatised" (and for those who are too poor - do without!!) and so on - just to keep the bucks flowing to the banks et al. (good stories about this around last month if you want and have time for more - just google "60 years is enough"....)

Related to McGuinty and Ontario???? You betcha bob!!! Same scam exactly, different venue. Get all them people working working working - then steal steal steal from them. It's ALL about directing money from the workers to the banks and their buds.

And this as well - Student debt up 76 per cent since 1990 as many grads struggle: StatsCan - WHY is student debt up? The governments crying poverty because they're turning over a hundred billion a year of tax dollars to the banks - so they cut back university funding and the universities raise tuitions - and the banks make ANOTHER fucking killing on student loans!!!! The "trickle-UP" reality (as opposed to that half-witted "trickle-down" theory) is becoming a flood - and if we don't do something about it soon - well - go figure. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

And then comes part II of the scam - keep the people a bit uncertain about things as well - don't give em time to think about things, or they might wise up to the scam and get a bit pissed off (the ruling powers have learned various times in history what happens when they get careless and let the citizens either get too much knowledge about what is happening, what big SUCKERS the ruling powers are playing them for, or just get TOO greedy and try to take too much for themselves while leaving the citizens with less and less and less - things like the Russian or French or - yes - even American revolutions come to mind - but in all cases, they were only partial revolutions, as in the end the only outcome was replacing one set of exploiters with another. It's a bit sad and tragic for We the People - over the last couple of hundred years, We have learned very, very little about getting control of our societies, but the Elite have learned THEIR lessons well, about how to effectively control us. Propaganda and Violence do the job nicely - Good Cop Bad Cop - and there are many other techniques involved - we have all (those of us reading alternative media like this anyway rather than spending all their time in front of the tv where you will NOT learn it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA) heard of people like Machiavelli and Sun Tzu, and their advice on how to get and maintain power - but the Elite DO it - while we sit back and get done to - and until we start to understand these things, and apply them - well, look around ya HAHAHAHAHAHAAA.

Like this - on and on and over and over - Terrorism terrorism!!! BE AFRAID!!!! - we've NEVER been attacked in Canada, but by gollies it would be really bad if we were - like - WILD speculation!! - Blackout red flag for terror threat, CSIS says !!!! - one would have to think they're getting a bit desperate - NO "terror" attacks in Canada (well, that's not entirely true, the CSIS and RCMP and others continue to do their best to terrify the Canadian Muslim population - here's one good story on that - Globalizing the Harassment of Muslims - The Dirty Work of Canadian Intelligence) - and it's all just scare scare scare - no talk at all of how Ontario dealt with that blackout very well, as I think I talked about before.

And they manage to NOT talk about how "we" (gotta watch the terminology all the time - for instance, I don't consider myself as part of this "we", as never having even been asked if I thought "we" should be doing this) are INVITING retaliation ("terrorism" by another name - ya gotta watch your definitions here, since one man's "terrorist" is, more often than not, another man's "freedom fighter") by being where we have no fucking business being!!! - NATO stepping up Afghanistan operations - when America goes and bombs the fuck out of someone on some lying justification, and then "we" go in afterwards to help "clean up" (that is, maintain the status quo of conquerors and vanquished) - well, if "they" happen to target us, we shouldn't really complain - although, of course, "we" will HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA......

Stuff is happening quick these days - they try out things in one country or another, but you can be sure it's heading this way (some of the Harper Republicons have been talking this kind of stuff, but I don't have time to run down references right now) - but watch for this shit, coming soon to a neighbourhood near you!!! - Britain: Blunkett to legislate for “thought crimes” and guilt by association.

Speaking of the causes of "terrorism" (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - just joking - that is one of those taboo subjects - the "received wisdom" we all have to pretend to believe is that "THEY HATE US BECAUSE OF OUR FREEDOM AND WONDERFUL DEMOCRACY"!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - if you can say that with a straight face - what are you doing here?!?!?!?! - get back to your tv!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA) - the Canadian gov and military have kept pretty quiet about 911 - but here is a comment from a high-ranking Canadian "embedded" with the US NORAD, that pretty much proves they have been part of the whole operation from the beginning - Canadian NORAD staff queried over 9/ 11 attacks - "....Martin did note: "We didn't (have) rules of engagement to shoot down a commercial airliner" before that day..." (another Martin - not the Paul) - well, Mr. Martin sir - that is NOT the fucking point - the point is not that you didn't shoot anyone down or have standing orders to that effect, that would indeed be a very unusual occurrence - the point is, why were all your (NORAD) planes sitting on the fucking ground until all the enemy action was OVER?!?!?!?!?! - after over FIFTY years of wild paranoia and preparation and games and TRILLIONS of dollars spent on North American defence - are we to believe that IF someone attacked us, our military and leaders would all sit around for hours with their heads up their asses until the attack was over?!?!?!?!?! - as they did this day?

I wonder why more people don't find that scenario a bit incredible. Particularly in light of the Paine Stewart story from a year or so before 911 - when his private, non-hijacked jet went incommunicado, there were military escort FIGHTER jets - with the capability to shoot the plane down IF REQUIRED!!! - alongside. FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!! - and yet, on 911, with AT LEAST FOUR HIJACKED JETS FLYING AROUND THE NORTHEAST USA AND CHRIST KNOWS WHERE ELSE, OBVIOUSLY WITH HOSTILE INTENTIONS, THE ENTIRE US-NORAD AIR FORCE STAYED ON THE GROUND!!!!

Fuck - I just don't understand why EVERYONE does not see the obvious connections here - the ONLY believable reason for the US-NORAD air force to stay on the ground for that length of time was a stand-down order of some sort - and such an order ONLY comes from VERY high up - that is to say, if Joe Towelhead phones the Pentagon, and suggests the air force go off duty for a couple of hours - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA - ahh, fuck. MUST be the 4.5 hours a day the average north american watches tv - I can't stand more than a few minutes at a time, but I am sure that watching it that much over a period of time (from the age of about 6 months for most people it seems) would render people braindead enough to believe anything.

Anyways, here we have, after two and a half years, a Canadian high-up military type admitting they were in on it - whatever the fuck "it" was. Maybe the CITIZEN'S investigations going on will get a bit closer to the truth - it's pretty obvious the governments are going to cover up as long as they can get away with it - and that could be a long, long time if We the People don't stand up and take over. We can be Citizens, or we can be Sheep (current estimate - 5% Elite (know what's going on, lots of money and power to control things), 5% Citizens (non-Elite, know what's going on, NO money or power), 90% Sheep (no nothing - "Yes massa!! How high?!?!") - the Elite and their media-controlled Sheep win, no contest HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA).

The Americans keep it up - they have to, if people find out the truth they're going to be REALLY FUCKING MAD someday HAHAHAHAHAAA - Canadian military spending slammed - one could do a rather lengthy deconstruction of this whole thing, in the way it reinforces the lies we live under - here for instance a great piece of dissembling, by this Clark guy that got George so upset a couple of weeks ago - "...was equally scathing about Canada's military, saying a country that has fewer soldiers than there are cops in New York City, isn't pulling a lot of weight..." - HAHAHAHAHAAA - now, from OUTSIDE the Box, one might respond - Hey, Mr. Clark - do you suppose that that cop stat might be interpreted in another way?!?!?! - that is to say, maybe we're doing ok here in Canada, in terms of peace and stuff, and if New York needs more fucking cops than the whole fucking COUNTRY of Canada - maybe New York and your fucking country have a problem?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - GET OFF MY FUCKING CASE CLARK!!!!! IF I THOUGHT AMERICA WAS SUCH A GREAT FUCKING PLACE I'D MOVE THERE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Interesting - Dad - what is a terrorist? - FAR too realistic to EVER hit a mainstream media HAHAHAHAHAHA

To serve and protect - Four Toronto police officers charged with 14 counts under Police Services Act - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - no comment required. We know, the Sheep don't care.....

Richard Moore returning to the ol typewriter-email list after being fairly quiet for a few months, with some good stuff - Why facing the truth matters and "Interesting times" for the Science of History Hahahahahaaa - I think ol Richard got outside the box pretty early - THIS is the kind of stuff you would NEVER see in the globe -

"...their media propaganda continues to demonize Muslims and continues to beat the alarmist drums about a terrorist-under-every-rock, and maintains a high state of anxiety in the domestic population...." - exactly what I've been saying for months - NOTHING AT ALL happening in Canada - but every fucking week, as noted above already, several prominent stories about the DANGER DANGER DANGER we are all in - total horseshit, no facts at all to back it up - but keep them citizens afraid!!!! is the watchcall. Dontcha ever wonder why?!?!?!

Richard finishes by predicting the US is paving the way to a WW3/4 (take your pick) type of thing centered in the mideast, and he may well be right. And I think we all ought to be thinking about what we're gonna do when that conflagration comes - you won't have time after they start it - the propaganda will be ferocious - ATTACKED BY EVIL MONSTERS!!! - WE MUST RETALIATE IMMEDIATELY!!! RALLY ROUND THE FLAG BOYS!!!! ANYONE WHO DOESN'T IMMEDIATELY SUPPORT EVERY AGGRESSIVE ACTION OF OUR GOVERNMENT MUST BE WITH THE ENEMY!!!! - like I said, afterwards there will be NO time to think - and everyone around you will be with the gov - what will you do????

Ya gotta think about this one a bit - read between the lines, read the unspoken understandings -Editorial: Clark's warning should be heeded - it's cool that Joe is opposing Harper, but not surprising - I always had sort of an admiration for Joe, as one of the more honest of politicians to hit Ottawa, although he got himself pretty tarnished through his association with the Mulroney hoods, never clear later on whether he really cared about "We the People" or about his own free ride on the public charge card - anyway, that has little to do with this - what you read in the Star here, and other stories, is that "Harper" is going to do this, and "Harper" would do that, if elected - but what happened to REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY!!!???? - the entire assumption behind this whole commentary is that IF Harper gets elected PM - HE IS GOD!!!!! - he does what he wants, when he wants, with no need to consult anybody!!! I commented on the same thing re Martin a few weeks ago - "Martin" says Canada will do this etc - well WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US?!?!?!?!!! - me, I don't EVER remember being asked to vote for some dictator!!! - read any book you want about how the electoral system in a "democracy" like Canada works - we elect a bunch of representatives, and those reps go to Ottawa, talk things over, *****consult with their constituents**** (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT A GREAT FUCKING IDEA BUT CRAZY WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING HAHAHAHAHA), and vote on stuff - but that's the Santa Claus story, for those See Dick Fuck Jane schoolbooks we "learn" from (as in "get well conditioned" from) - in REAL life - as this editorial (and many other stories) implicitly acknowledges (well, explicitly, if you read it a certain way) - the way the thing works in practice rather than theory, is that we have a dictator running the show - and what the editorial also says, implicitly, is that our best hope as citizens of this great free democracy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA is that we choose the more benevolent one of the current crop "offering" themselves for our choice.

Good old Winnie said - "Democracy - the worst system - except for all the others..." hahahahaha - I think Winnie was dissembling a bit there - Gandhi was a bit more honest - "Western Democracy? Yes - nice idea, we ought to try it some time." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA right on Mo HAHAHAHAHAHAAA

Hey - I can get off on this one - Editorial: Deny Enbridge hike - story not overly interesting, another small-type corporate ripoff (obviously somebody going out on their own rather than making substantial "donations" to one or another political party) - but a great quote from the judge - ....Mr. Justice Frank Iacobucci wrote: "Criminals should not be permitted to keep the proceeds of their crime."..." - WOW!!!!! man oh man, I couldn't agree more! Now - let's go after Mikey and his buds, who ripped off Ontario big time in many, many ways, with all the "consultant" contracts (a good rundown on some of the worst here Lining up at the trough in Ontario - (the feds are in on this too, with something like $6.5 Billion (yeh, that's a "B" for Billion) in "consultant" fees after downsizing the government the last few years - and selling great chunks of Ontario Hydro to his buds at pennies on the dollar - all the current "adscam" stuff of course - and the creme de la creme - the Trillion (T for Trillion)-plus the banks and "investors" have ripped us all off on over the last 20 years in the National Debt scam (no shit, this will go down in Canadian history, when We the People finally win and get to write the history books hahahahaaa, as the BIGGEST scam EVER), with the full collusion of the senior members of government - EVERY FUCKING DOLLAR should be paid back, and these fuckers put in jail for a LONG time.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA - I'll just bet ANYTHING that that was not what the great Justice Frank was talking about though HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - he means the poor guy who steals a loaf of bread to feed his family will feel the full weight of the law, and by GOD he WILL return that bread!!! - and then BY GOD he will spend some time in jail to deter this kind of behaviour!!! YOU BETcha!!! And the rich?!?!?! - "... my good heavens, man!! You aren't suggesting the rich would EVER get up to any criminal activity?!?! Hohoho!! What a silly idea!! GUARDS!!!!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA right. - and Mikey and his buds get to keep all the loot, and all Jean's buds, and Brian's buds, and the rest - and then they all get these puzzled looks, and tell us all that gosh DARN, there just doesn't seem to be enough money for all them programs like medicare we USED to provide.... maybe we ought to hire a few consultants to see what the problem is, and what we can do about it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - fuck they must laugh and laugh and laugh at the end of the day, in their fancy boardrooms high above Bay St. And a few years down the road Dalton and his buds. And on and on and on we go.

Oh well one more - Drugged drivers targeted - Urine and blood samples possible - "... Drivers suspected of being high on over-the-counter, prescription or illegal drugs could be forced to give police saliva, urine or blood samples on demand under proposed changes to the Criminal Code introduced yesterday...." - note the "suspected" - all with the cop's "discretion", or more RIDE shit - the problem is, you cannot legislate responsible behaviour, and that is what all of these stupid invasive laws try to do!! - They treat us all like children, with Big Daddy (or is that Big Brother) ALWAYS watching over us, ready to jump if we break some of their stupid little rules. Treat people like children, and they will behave like children. Which is, of course, the whole idea, when you think about it - only children would put up with the shit going on around us, powerless children. Watched a movie called "All Quiet on the Western Front" a couple days ago - powerful book (written long ago by a German about the German army in the First Great War, proving once again that this stuff is NOT about Americans vs Germans or whatever, but, as always, we the little people against the elite), not too bad movie, but what struck me (sometimes, as they say, pictures are more powerful than words) was the way the young men were cajoled into joining the army for the Great War, and then indoctrinated to respond unquestioningly to ANY order given by their "superiors" - which is exactly the way we are indoctrinated in our society - we are trained there are "superiors" around us (such as the cops), whom we MUST OBEY unquestioningly AT ALL TIMES!!! - the "theory" is, of course, that they are all well-meaning people, ONLY enforcing the "laws" that We the People have agreed upon, through "our" democracy and representatives - but that whole argument gets really, really thin when you start to think about 25% "majority" governments, "democratically" selected through a VERY controlled electoral process, and crooked cops and officials all over the place, and all kinds of people "in authority" with agendas VERY contrary to "the public weal". Not to mention a lot of other stuff.

man that was a good para. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - so fucking true. Save it quick before MS gets uppity - YOUR PROGRAM HAS DONE SOMETHING ILLEGAL ..... (I'm SURE the Truth is Illegal in the eyes of MS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA) ......

fuck lost on a tangent again - now if I was developing a word processor, I'd work on something that worked in several dimensions at once, my brain just doesn't go in a straight line HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

- but these new drug laws - and the soldier stuff - it makes evident the FACT that we are NOT born into some kind of "democracy", which implies - fuck, says - we ALL participate in the decisions about how to run our society - but we are born into what amounts to a totalitarian government - THEY make the rules, WE do what we are fucking TOLD to do. Sure, they give us SOME choice, in SOME parts of our lives - but the bottom line is - well, you color INSIDE the lines, boy, you think ONLY about the options we tell you it's ok to think about - and if you DARE to step outside - we're gonna be on your ass real quick. And no, we ain't askin if you agree or not - DO AS YOU ARE FUCKING TOLD OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!

And what THAT has to do with "democracy" is a real puzzle to me. Sheeps don't seem to mind much though. Democracy is what you tell me it is, massa. HAHAHAHAHA. How high did you say?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tell me now, did YOUR parliamentary MP come to you, and say they were considering this new roadside screening test, and what do you think of it? HAHAHAHAHAHAAA - they sure didn't ask me!! - and with an election coming up real soon, well there's a perfect opportunity for them to open the debate, on this and any number of other things, have a big debate for a few months on these things, with ample room being provided in the media for BOTH sides of the argument (rather than the huge propaganda one-sided "presentation" that we so often see) - and then have referenda on these things on the ballot!!! What a radical fucking idea!! Citizens being ASKED what THEY wanted to do in a DEMOCRACY!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

Actually, that's what it's all about - as long as we wait to be asked, we are acknowledging that someone else runs the show - and when we let them call it democracy, when we let them lie so outragously, we are doing the same thing - quietly acquiescing to THEIR rules. We have "democracy" when WE stand up and TELL our "representatives" what they are going to do. Which is, I suppose, what Gandhi was talking about, and Winnie was dissembling about (I mean, Winnie wasn't actually lying - British "democracy" is great enough for the Elite...).

Oh - the quote at the top??? Well - you were right of course. Adolf, in Mein Kampf - a lot of work was done in America in the first part of this century on propaganda, and Adolf was one of the first to use it for mass persuasion. The first attempt of the neo-nazis to take over the world. They failed, but they learned a lot of lessons, not the least of which is that an intelligent, charismatic leader is too difficult to control. Now - they got a guy called George as the frontman - the original tabula blanka HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA. They've also learned a HELL of a lot about propaganda since then. And the single greatest propaganda machine of the entire history of the world is now watched an average of 4.5 hours per day (and growing) by 90% of the people of the world.


oh what the fuck - post-game analysis - any of the following ring a bell? HAHAHAHAHA

..... five basic rules of propaganda, as laid out by a guy named Norman Davies in his book "Europe: A History" ISBN 0-7126-6633-8 .

  • The rule of simplification: reducing all data to a simple confrontation between 'Good and Bad', 'Friend and Foe'.
  • The rule of disfiguration: discrediting the opposition by crude smears and parodies.
  • The rule of transfusion: manipulating the consensus values of the target audience for one's own ends.
  • The rule of unanimity: presenting one's viewpoint as if it were the unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people: draining the doubting individual into agreement by the appeal of star-performers, by social pressure, and by 'psychological contagion'.
  • The rule of orchestration: endlessly repeating the same messages in different variations and combinations.

There is no need for propaganda to be rich in intellectual content. P.J. Goebbels: Speech at Nuremberg, Aug. 20, 1926.

Greenways - the first part of Brittany's Story concludes.

And moi - well HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....... Brittany's story was WAY too much like inside-the-box stuff - like we had to do it and stuff and it's like ok and all, but man - I gotta get out for awhile HAHAHAHAHAHAAA WHERE'S THE BEER!!!!!??????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

"The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed..." -Steven Biko

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth."
- Morpheus

- and insofar as this grasshopper understands it, so it is.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr Seuss - man he was smart....... I gotta read some of that stuff again ..... that's almost as good a play on words as the great old line about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.....

George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want (ya gotta take the xxx off the front - I'm trying to reduce the intake from the spam assholes (oh yes you fucking are - it is NOT amusing - get a fucking life why don't you, instead of bothering people - how fucking stupid can you be?? If you were the last fucking product on earth I wouldn't buy anything from you!! Fuck.)).

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada besides deleting spam? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a few months until the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly not have bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know (remove the xx - see above HAHAHAA) would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Paul Martin's our new PM and owes the Bay St. Boys 12 million worth of favors and George Bush is talking to ALLAH on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why? Do you know where Frodo and Gandalf went on that boat? Can we call them? Maybe the really nice elf lady too HAHAHA!!! And Smith - don't forget Smith ....