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040423 - how many columns can we have ma? hahaha

Housekeeping - (I'm on my own this week hahahaha) - I've forgotten what the hell that's supposed to mean now - but please note anyway - ya gotta quit writing me and calling me John Kaminski - I'm flattered - but Rude Macedon is NOT JK!!! - and I'm sure he's mortified. If ya wanna write John, go to HIS page and write from there (NOTE: as I post (Apr. 23), this link is not working - but it IS the right URL - some problem that should be resolved soon). HAHAHAHAHAHAAA

Well on with the fifth column stuff (oh right now I remember - the title!!! hahahaha sometimes I think I'm fucking demented HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA) - got a bit rushed last time for various reasons (when you see a new black hole appearing in the ether one of these days you may assume the perps have been dealth with HAHAHAHAHA - vengeance shall be MINE HAHAHAHAA) - but it's an interesting thing, and I become more certain than ever it is happening.

Here, for instance, a story that came out I never got to last time - Greening Canadian politics, and then a column since - Gone Green and even in good ol PEI!!!! Green Party Grows Candidate List (mymy aren't they just so clever and cute - green party "growing" something haha and haha) - with the election approaching, and many people getting very interested in Layton's NDPs as a possible alternative to the Bay St Boys parties - in the face, we might note, of next to ZERO encouragement from the Canadian "media" (that phrase always bothers me, Canadian "media" - it would be, it seems to me, much more realistic to call them the Canadian Corporate Press or something like that, indicating that they are not "neutral" in any way, as a national media might be expected to be (overall, some on one side, some on the other, balance overall, but WE lucky folks have 99% rightwingwacko media in THIS great free Democracy HAHAHAHAA), but are very much involved with promoting a particular agenda - anyway, sidetracked again HAHAHAHAA) - even though Layton's NDP are getting almost NO press coverage compared to the Bay St Boys parties, they are getting a lot of interest from people fed up to the ears with the lies and politics of the far-right and whacko right, which are the two main corporate entrées being offered for the "election" this year - so how to stop them?!?!?!

Well, one (of several) tried and true way of watering down the non-corporate vote, as noted last time, is through encouraging the proliferation of a bunch of small parties who will divide that vote up among themselves (also reducing their overall vote, as voters who would vote for a strong party that actually had a chance and offered policies they preferred will often choose the "least evil" route to stop someone from being elected they REALLY dislike rather than "wasting" that vote on a "fringe" party in a FPTP system), thus ensuring that, in a first-past-the-post "electoral" system, one of the well-promoted Bay St parties will emerge with a plurality of votes - rarely a majority, VERY rarely - but with the obedient corporate press we can keep that fact pretty quiet - HUGE MAJORITY is the usual headline for a party getting 40% of the vote of 60% of the people (i.e. 25% support overall of Canadians) but with the rest of the vote divided up among several parties giving the "great winners" a substantial plurality of seats. So here - rather unprecedented in the corporate press, in aid to all those who want to divide the anti-corporate vote and help make sure them goshdarned NDP don't get elected - a bunch of stories that are almost favorable about - the Green Party!!!

Now just a freakin minute here, one thinks - WHY are the Globe and others writing favorably about the Green Party, which is so opposed to all the things corps LOVE about freedom to destroy the environment and shit like that?!?! Is it because they are just doing their job as a great Canadian democratic media, and they have a long and noble history of fairly representing all sides of the polticial spectrum?!?!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA excuse me while I laugh for a few minutes here - that last was RIGHT outside the pale HAHAHAHAHAAA - it was less than a year ago the Greens were frozen right out of the Ontario election when, had they received decent coverage, they might have posed a threat to the Bay St Boys, if you recall..... "fair and balanced" HAHAHAHAA

- no no no, nobody would EVER accuse the Globe, or the Canadian "media" in general, of giving anything like "fair" or "impartial" treatment to parties opposing corporate government in this country (except that branch of the Canadian media who have an interest for some odd reason in accusing their own "media" of being "lefty-libby", which it still escapes me how they can do so and retain any credibility - but there you go again with the POWER of the media, to brainwash people these days, and spew lies like this with noone questioning them). So again - WHY the stories about the Greens now?? Well - with Layton's NDPs getting more popular - if the Greens were to become more well known and get more votes, WHERE would those votes most likely be coming from?!?!?! HMmmmmmm - Watson!! Do you smell anything funny here?!?! HAHAHAHAHAA - that is to say, anybody supporting the far-right wing whackos sure ain't gonna be switching to "green" hahahahaaaa

And as always it never stops - I gotta start doing this more than once a week or so (I suppose that'll happen when the universe slows down or something and we get an extra couple of days in the week), but another one - even MORE praising of the Greens!!!! - Green Party pins growth on 'living platform,' but will it bear fruit? - two more things (besides more cute 'greenish' puns so clever) - note, in EVERY ONE of these stories - not a fucking WORD about PR, and how IF we had PR, then all of this stuff about the Greens would be useful, leading to the second - don't get the mistaken idea I am against the Greens, not at all, a Green government would be great - but right now, with the few percent support they have - all they are going to do is PREVENT any chance we have of getting a sane government in Canada. IF anyone cared about this, including the Greens - they would ALL be saying - support the NDP this time, on the ONE condition that Layton carries out his promise to ensure the Libs let Canadians choose whether or not they want to change the voting system to PR - and then the NEXT time we can vote for whoever the fuck we want to - KNOWING that our votes will result in people in the House of Commons - which they are NOT going to do this time, the way things stand, and most especially with this great drive on by all the media and fifth columnists to separate the anti-corporate government vote into factions small enough to be marginalised as usual in the FPTP system. Fuck I just don't understand why more people don't understand this - the Bay St Boys must be having lots of good laughs in their backrooms at how fucking easy it is to "divide and conquer" us all.

It would be MOST interesting to see how much coverage these Greens would be getting if we had in place a PR system, and the people who voted for them would actually get representatives in the Parliament and every vote for a green, instead of ENHANCING the Bay St Boys partys' chances as they will this time with the FPTP system, would actually REDUCE their chances!!!! - mind-games again, but whaddya think?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

This seems to be a week where "conspiracies" of various sorts are coming to the fore, at least for some of us HAHAHAHAAAA - (just more of those goldarn strange coincydences for most people, I suppose - must be a more comfortable world, where you trust your leaders.... but rather more dangerous, I think, sort of like the chickens trusting the foxes to run the chicken house...)

All this Sven Robinson stuff was VERY odd too, it seems to me (one here if you missed it - like you live on the moon or something hahahaha Auction accepts Svend's apology) - this, as far as can be determined, was very, very very out of character for Robinson - and again, is coming at a VERY opportune time for those who want to discredit the NDP as the election fast approaches (such as the Bay St Boys hahahahahahaa) - I don't know, sure coincidences do happen at times (that's why we got the word hahahahaha) - but the timing of this just sucks bigtime, the best known and most popular NDP MP. Sure he could be shut up and forced to take a fall like this - people with limitless money and power and no morals can persuade most people to take a certain course of action - and if they can't be persuaded - well, there's always other ways - ask Abraham, Martin and John, for starters hahahahahahahaa. VERRRRRRRRY odd stuff. What would YOU do if a few godfather hoods visited your house some night, and made it very, very clear that your family would suffer a great deal before dying if you did not do something they wanted you to do? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA BUT MOMMY NOT IN CANADA HAHAHAHAHAHAAA

We might note also, in a quite related sense - the whole "non-corporate gov" thing - let's get as many little fringe parties started to divvy up the non-corporate vote as we can - is just the opposite approach to what they've been doing with the far-righters - recall for months and months last year and the year before we heard nothing but how the great and wonderful Unite the Right!!!!! movement was going in Canada, and all the neocon press pushing them and encouraging them - all to keep the idea in the minds of Canadians, to foster acceptance of the whole repugnant thing, make EVERYONE familiar with what was happening (don't forget how we have all been conditioned to "brand-name recognition", which also involved as LITTLE press for the NDP and others as possible) - but with, no doubt again, the idea to give the Canadian voters an option to be pushed to if for some reason they get sick of the Libs - the corporate press did and does NOT want Canadians going to the NDP!!! - their worst, worst, fucking WORST nightmare.

And the whole ongoing sponsorship "scandal" may have taken them a bit by surprise - maybe not - but maybe. And if Canadians are truly pissed at the Libs over this and ready to dump them (or the Bay St Boys, for that matter - I won't go off on it here, but just MAYBE Martin actually wants to do some good stuff that is pissing the Masters off....) - that means things are pretty precarious right now for Bay St government - not that you'll EVER read any acknowledgement of that in their press - but as I have noted, the thing is, we still have a pretty reliable paper-ballot voting system in Canada, reliably counted, scrutineered, even exit polls - and with that system, it is conceivable that the NDPs could shock and awe the Bay St Boys this year - if people were pissed enough at the Libs and NOT ready to vote for the Republican North party that was recently created - well, that leaves one national credible party - the NDP.

That must be the very worst nightmare of the Bay St Boys HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - outside of George Soros or some other person known to do odd things with a big chunk of money buying up the Toronto Star or something and naming RM as Editor AIEIGHAIEEA@?IUOHH I CAN HEAR OL TOM NOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - ah, that was good HAHAHAHAHAAA

- so anyway, what to do, with the people, waking up a bit after 20 years of deterioration in their lives with 20 years of neocon governments, pretty pissed at your parties and your lies, and that big scary ol NDP bogeyman just WAITING to gather in the votes with that big scary Jack Jayton looking better than any NDP leader has looked in a long time too??? Well, various avenues suggest themselves to the Machiavellian minds of Bay St (they do get a considerably better education than the rest of us) - first, of course, do your best to build up Harper, and secondly sow dissent among all of those who would be the natural constituents of the NDP, voting for them and working for them during the campaign - these would be the first things to get underway - then maybe, to divide the vote even more, start some new small parties of the "center-left", and encourage existing ones like the CAP or the Greens. Then maybe you could start some scandalous rumors about them and/or some of their main people to turn people away, etc and etc. And ALL of course done through the corporate media - so there will be no questions about any of this stuff, it will be all presented just as natural news of some sort, leading the poor sheep hahahahaha sorry citizens around by the fucking nose - as usual HAHAHAHAHAAA.

And it is just one great big FUCK of a coincidence, to my way of thinking, that those things just HAPPEN to be happening right now, as the election approaches.

But then - Canadians have been well coached into accepting whatever the corporate press tells them - and if these dots are not connected FOR them (HEY CIA - LOOK HERE FOR A FUCKING LESSON IN DOT CONNECTION - YOU CAN DO IT ON A REAALLLLLLL SMALL BUDGET IF YOU HAVE A REALLLLL BRAIN HAHAHAHAHAAA) - by the very corporate press whose very last idea would be to connect them - well, martha, isn't that nice - the Green Party is running a candidate in our riding - maybe we should just give them a vote, to show the Liberals that we're a little disappointed in their performance the last little while, and the environment is something we care about this time, eh? What's that you say? NDP - oh heck, we shouldn't vote for any socialists, dear, state planning and all that communist stuff - look what Bob Rae did to Ontario a few years ago - utter disaster - and then they're all thieves, we see what that damned pervy did - typical. No, we don't even need to talk about it. Health care? Well, that nice Mr. Martin says he has some good plans, you know, and I'm sure that after THIS election, he has been such a fine finance minister, he would NEVER discover any hidden new problems or be faced with some new situation that would cause him to break those promises - oh, no dear, not in Canada! He CAUSED the health care crisis with budget cutbacks? Why, wherever did you read such nonsense, dear, certainly not in the mainstream media..."


High-tech solution to friendly fire deaths remains years away, military says - Dear Canadian Military, avoiding your so-called "friendly" fire deaths is probably a lot easier (and cheaper) than you are making it out to be. I can, actually, guarantee a 100% reduction if you follow one very simple rule - don't play war games with the Americans. They aren't "friendly" at all.


Don't cry for Svend - Melodramatic MP uses kleptomania to win sympathy - by one Ezra Levant - a later "commentary" on the Robinson story - you really ought to have a read of this, and just IMAGINE for a second that instead of being written BY a Jew, it was written ABOUT one. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - man o man o man. Talk about "hate speech" and "incitement of hatred" and stuff like that. Just unbelievable. And the lies/stupidity it is full of - "....It wasn't stealing property -- as a socialist, that has never been a particularly taboo act. Castro and Arafat are famous for...." - HUHHH!!???? - and here I have been under the impression for a long time that it was the Jews in Israel who stole the land from the Palestinians and refuse to give it back!!! Wow - sure is useful to have reporters like this tell us the "truth" about things! I suppose the rocks the Palestinians throw at the Israeli tanks have been stolen or something....

Really, it's just too much of a piece of shit to talk about any more - but I refer to it because this is EXACTLY the kind of thing the Jews CLAIM is written about them all the time and want stopped. If you look at 99% of the so-called "anti-semitic" stuff it is nothing more than fair comment or questions, not even approaching the level of nastiness in this piece of shit. I don't get into this much, but it's pretty hard not to notice sometimes - there was an equally disgusting piece in McLeans a few weeks back by Barbara Amiel, wife of Conrad Black. Some REAL journalists actually take the time to document some of this stuff - here's one good story in Counterpunch about it (which you are somewhat unlikely to find in the Great Free HAHAHAHAHAHAAA Canadian Media - A Happy Compromise - Hate Crime Reporting in the Toronto Globe & Mail By MICHAEL NEUMANN.

(But if you need something to get the bile out of your throat about Sven caused by the hate piece (who may not be perfect (few of us are) but is nonetheless a fuck of a lot more principled in general than the corporate asslickers around him in Ottawa) you could try this from Rabble - Svend: in the toughest fight of his life. Hang in there Sven. We all make mistakes - but a ring is pretty small potatoes as a mistake compared to the trillion+++ the banks and their buds (yes, that is Trillion with a "T" Dollars), with the assistance of corrupt MPs, have INTENTIONALLY stolen from ALL of us the last 20 years - no "mistake" there caused by stress or whatever - long-term conspiracy and fraud on a MASSIVE scale.

The Box files:
Cut energy use or face consequences: Premier - goshdarn people are just too greedy about stuff!! - but of course, what good ol Dalton's REALLY saying here is that Mike Harris and his buds gutted Ontario Hydro over several years, mismanaging and selling chunks to friends at pennies on the dollar, and paying HUGE underserved salaries to "consultant" friends and what not - but we ain't even gonna THINK about doing anything about holding them accountable or getting that money back OR our property - nosireefobsyerfuckinguncle hahahahaha - nope - they can just keep what they stole, and the People of Ontario can deal with the mess. Realpolitik.

And another (oh they just NEVER stop hahahahaaa)
- Alta asks if patients should pay for health care in proportion to use, income - they go on and on and on about how they can cut back services for Canadians in health care in the name of "saving money" - in this article it says something like $5 billion per year is needed to keep services at some kind of decent rate. Now - the national debt, plus various provincial and community debts (Toronto for instance has a debt of some $2 billion, Manitoba $20 billion) amount to the best part of a Trillion dollars in Canada, of which (it is impossible to get a precise figure - but do the math yourself) somewhere between $50-100 Billion per YEAR is paid to private banks etc in "service" charges (that'd be the old "you're getting fucked" charges in farm parlance - you know, "servicing" the mare or whatever this weekend...) - now that is a LOT of money - and WHY aren't all our wonderful, fiduciarily responsible pols talking about THIS number?!?!?! - imagine what the govs could do with an extra $50 or 60 Billion per year!!!! - and it is, of course, eminently possible to get rid of at least most if not all of that in a very small number of years by using the Bank of Canada to issue what amount to interest free loans!!! Actually an article talking about this very thing (there goes that ol synchronicity again hahahahaha!!!) appeared in COMER recently, Financing Municipal Infrastructure Through the Bank of Canada by Richard Priestman - again, a frames site so no direct URL, but check out April (2004) articles.

Verrrrrryyyyyyy odd Watson, that they can talk and talk and talk and talk about what services they can reduce for all of us, but nary a fucking word EVER about legitimately getting rid of that bank debt, and reduce that HUGE interest payment every year. Gives you a pretty good idea of where their priorities REALLY are.

Report on SARS crisis assails public health in Ontario, urges sweeping reform - "....SARS was contained only by the heroic efforts of dedicated front-line health-care and public health workers and the assistance of extraordinary managers and medical advisers. They did so with little assistance from the central provincial public health system that should have been there to help them...." - HAHAHAHAHAAA - ONE MORE TIME!!!!!! - can we ALL say "THANKS MIKEY!!!!" now right out loud HAHAHAHAHAAA -

- and then Mikey can say "YOU'RE WELCOME SUCKERS HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA" right out loud back -

- and then we can all say "THANKS DALTON!!!!!" HAHAHAHAAA - because we (and Mikey) KNOW that what's done is done, at least for politicos - Mikey and his buds ain't gonna be called on this one either, now or ever - WE THE PEOPLE will pay for Mikey's bungling and thievery of the public purse - because when push comes to shove, Mikey was a corporate boy, and Dalton is a corporate boy, and the good ol boys stick together in this business - THEY know the meaning of the old "divide and conquer" saying HAHAHAHAAA - and THEY ain't gonna get divided so We the People can put them all in fucking jail where they all fucking belong - nosireebobsyerfuckinunclejackhahahahaa - but of course, as long as We the People keep voting for these assholes - well, whaddya expect?!?!?! They've played a shell game on us, and we've stepped right up to the ol table and said "Hey!! That was Great! Do it again!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA - as long as we keep validating them, there is absolutely NO reason for them to change anything they do - why fuck with a winning formula? If the sheeps hahaha excuse me citizens seem to ENJOY being lied to, and stolen from, and conned in any way they can think of, and never complain but keep electing them - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

Another interesting read -
THE KILLING GAME (RM archive copy - from an email list - info included)
. About how so many young people play computer war games - and the inherent propaganda of them - one of the endless pervasive ways of the Box, they have everyone, everywhere - opens one's eyes to how widespread it is if you think about it - pervasive is truly the appropriate word - and no it does NOT have to be this way, it is NOT the "natural" interest of young people. Imagine what those young people might be doing if, for instance, the "news" they got (along with everyone else) was slanted another sort of way:

"And here we have some footage from the rather gruesome civilian deaths in Iraq (pick a country), where the imperialist armies of the United States continue their quest for world conquest. Fortunately, they are being driven back in almost all fields now, as their arrogance and hubris have taken them far too far afield

- now, some shots from a new initiative in Green Island, where the residents of that revolutionary little Island have developed new ways to provide power to their homes, using a combination of wind and solar energy ..." etc and etc - and imagine if, at Christmas or whenever, instead of GI Joe the kids were encouraged to buy Little Alberts, and not rewarded for how many "kills" they got on some game, shooting "monsters" like gooks and towelheads, but got rewarded for innovative new ideas about making our world and societies a better place


Remember - in Star Wars, the "Empire" was who Darth worked for, and they were the Bad Guys. On Earth, circa starlog 2004 - the US IS the "empire" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - STOP!!! READ THAT AGAIN SO YOU GOT IT CLEAR!!! - right - the US = The Empire!!! - just imagine, if ol George (LUCAS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAA not the braindead thing in the White Hole of Washington) had of gone a bit deeper into the sociological aspects of his land far, far away, and let us look at a newspaper or tv newscast put out by the mainstream Empire press (their version of CNN/CBS/Washington Post ETC) - do you think Luke Skywalker or the other hero played by Harrison Ford would have been the young, handsome, full-of-integrity, brave, stalwart etc etc and etc types they were?!?! -orrrrrrr - might it been more likely that as the horrible, terrorist enemies of the Empire they would be something nasty, something scary looking, something easily identifiable as EVIL!!! - like some ol skinny bearded towelheads in caves somewhere?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OF COURSE THEY WOULD - ARE!!!!!

When Luke blew up the Death Star - do you suppose the Empire papers' headlines said something like "Freedom fighters strike serious blow at Empire!" HAHAHAHAAA - ORRRR - "TERRORISTS DESTROY EMPIRE'S NEW SPACE-BASED DEFENCE SHIELD" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - "Empire Supreme President Commander says "We will not stop until these terrorists have been brought to justice! ALL Empire citizens must decide - you are either For the Empire!! - or For the Terrorists" HAHAHAHAHAAA - and and - just who do you suppose that 90+% of Empire citizens living in the Empire Box were "for" after the Pres's rousing little speech? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOOK OUT LUKE THE EMPIRE'S COMIN FOR YA - AND ALL IT'S COUCH-POTATO TVHEAD CITIZENS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Things don't change much, empire to empire, long ago and far away, or whenever. HAHAHAHAHAHAA

The "To Serve and Protect HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA" file - 6 may face betting probe charges - "...all part of a massive police corruption investigation that will lead to charges by the end of next month, sources said..." - I don't really need to add anything. Either you're in the box and think how well the "system" is working that these people were caught - or you're outside the box and understand that this shit is the WAY the system works. Of course, if you believe that, you probably believe the absurdities coming from the George last week that all the increased resistance in Iraq, and American casualties, proves they are winning HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - fuck you just gotta laugh sometimes. This too - To serve and protect its political bosses - Does politics influence RCMP? There's no doubt, says one critic - and just ONE more (oh, THESE ones never stop too!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA) - Source: Police shielded drug dens - "...Two downtown bars and another on the Danforth were allegedly used as "drug depots" and protected by Toronto police officers while mobsters used the venues to stash drugs and count their money..." - and then in their day jobs they'd arrest and jail all the poor kids who bought the drugs - that's way beyond funny anymore, it is at the very heart of what is wrong with our society.....

And speaking of - this is quite interesting, when you think of it - Mounties tell MPs to slow down ad probe - "...The RCMP told the parliamentary inquiry into the sponsorship scandal to cool its heels for up to 30 days yesterday, telling MPs not to force an unnamed advertising industry official to appear until the completion of a criminal investigation...". Well - it's always nice to know who's in charge, I guess. It seems the cops are, if they can tell the parliament what to do!!!! And here I had this idea this was a "democracy" and not a police state HAHAHAHAHAHAA JUST JOKING JUST JOKING HAHAHAHAHAA

A good essay by Michael Rivero, of What Really Happened - Year of the Slave - more Box stuff, from other perspectives - pretty applicable to Canada and Canadians as well, without the imperialism of the US Reichsmarshalls. "...This belief that one should wait quietly for a hero is part of the slavery mechanism, to keep you in your place, rendering unto Caesar, breeding more slaves, waiting for salvation that never comes..." .... "... I think the state of the nation can be summed up by a simple contrast. Tommy Chong is in jail for selling a pipe, while Ken Lay walks around a free man with the billions he stole from his employees and investors...."

Yep - that about says it all.

I call it all being in the Box, and here are two stories from the Star that, reading between the lines, tell us in yet another way what we need to know, if we're thinking about things, in the old McLuhanian sense of "the media IS the message" - in these stories, it's not so much what is in them, although that is of some interest too, but the different WAYS in which they are presented, which tells the readers HOW to react to them, in a beneath-the-surface way - in a way in which all of us who are intelligent enough to read this stuff have been trained to react - through the lessons we receive while growing up from parents, educators, tv, peers, anyone we look up to in the society we grow up in as an authority figure. That's what they want you to think and Editorial: Meticulous research. In the second story, we read of how "... private investigator Bruce Durling, and others digging to unearth facts for the MFP computer leasing inquiry, Toronto residents have gained new insight into the financial manoeuvrings of key figures...." - and in the first we learn something quite different - "...In these post-9/11 days, conspiracies are just about everywhere — or, at least, conspiracy theories are....".

In the Toronto computer scam case, the reporters ask questions of everyone, dig through records to verify everything that can be verified, and are not shy about calling principal figures who are telling tales to make themselves appear innocent liars. In the second - no digging whatsoever into some very suspicious circumstances - NO-ONE has EVER dug into this stuff, amazingly enough - yet ALL of them, such as this storyteller, act as if they KNOW the facts - and they belittle anyone who dares question this "revealed wisdom". These storytellers would be the same people, oh, mocking Columbus and Copernicus a few hundred years ago for daring to mouth the absolutely ridiculous notion that the earth might be round and not flat - HAHAHAHAHAAA what a stupid idea!!!! The reporters in the Stars of the day say - and have little mocking inteviews with the somewhat buggy-eyed people who think that, heck, maybe the world IS round - it would explain a lot of funny things, you know, and why can't we just check it out a bit?!?! NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA mock the "reporters" - we all KNOW the world is flat, so there's no NEED to waste our time "investigating" anything - anyway, the Big Guys in the Vatican and elsewhere get a bit pissed at people who question them, and I don't wanna face that shit! HAHAHAHAHAA

They lump everything in together - exactly how they would justify calling a belief in Elvis being still alive a "conspiracy" theory isn't quite clear to me - but then, all of these "coincidence" theorists have some pretty wacked out ideas, and they don't like to have to explain themselves very much of course - and when they (their masters, same difference, the little dogs do what the big ones tell em to) own the papers, well, they don't have to. Nice gig.

But dangerous - John and Mary and Ted and Alice, moderately awake middle-classers, "liberals" will read the paper, and perhaps have a short comment over supper on this story, reaffirming that they all think those silly "conspiracy theorists" are a bit off the deep end, and how they really hope George catches ol Osama soon, that damned terrorist who hates us all so much that he wants to destroy our freedom and democracy. Say - what's that great new show on tv tonight??? HAHAHAHAHAAA

- haven't done much on the 911 stuff lately - I guess I figure anyone reading this is either onboard already with the great amounts of stuff available, or beyond help (anyone who still believes the White Hole Conspiracy Theory probably DOES believe in Elvis) - but there have been some very good things done recently - here we have one of the best pieces of all, a recent update -THE TRUTH ABOUT SEPT 11 - Compiled by Gerard Holmgren Last updated April 2 2004, and here a letter by Richard Moore on his Cyberjournal list (if you haven't been THERE yet, ya oughtta take a boo around the site - Richard is a GREAT writer) - Events of 9-11 - What do you think? - "...I believe that evidence shows overwhelmingly that the events could not possibly have happened as the White House says they did. And the manner in which the White House has handled the PR, issued provable lies, impounded evidence, and the way investigations have been thwarted - these have all the obvious signs of a a cover up. One must at least look at the possibility that the Cheney Rumsfeld bunch had found a way to create their long-desired "New Pearl Harbor"... - yup. That's about it - unlike the "We KNOW them goldarned A-rabs did it and we don't need nor want no invest-ee-gation.." bunch, we would prefer a presentation of evidence, an examination of the claims, and so on. Civilized people do this - accusations, opportunity to defend oneself, stuff like that. Dictators say "XXX IS A MONSTER I KNOW IT FOR A FACT KILL EM ALL!" - with you or against you George? I say - against. We KNOW why they aren't having a real investigation - there's no way they could maintain their fictions and lies in any sort of impartial hearing. So they CAN'T have one.

Speaking of the Box - many people have, just under different names, ways of expressing it, but the same idea - our very THOUGHTS are controlled in various ways, subtle and not so subtle, in order to keep the mass of people compliant and creating wealth for the few to steal to live lives of luxury and power with. A good interview with Chomsky recently - Chomsky has been taking some heat recently (deservedly so, in my opinion) for backing the Democrats in the upcoming election to get rid of Bush, but he still knows more than almost anyone about what the neocon new-wannabe-nazis are up to, and the history of it - Chomsky Interview - it's all a good read, and not too long, but this quote is one of the best, esp in how it agrees with what I keep saying about how we are controlled - ".... Orwell had some words about this in his unpublished introduction to Animal Farm. He says straight, look, in England what comes out in a free country is not very different from this totalitarian monster that I'm describing in the book. It's more or less the same. How come in a free country? He has two sentences, which are pretty accurate. One, he says, the press is owned by wealthy men who have every reason not to want certain ideas to be expressed. And second--and I think this is much more important--a good education instills in you the intuitive understanding that there are certain things it just wouldn't do to say...."

- and one more quote from this, that touches on something I have been saying for years to raised eyebrows and that speculative look that says people are thinking how I'd look in a white coat with wraparound tie-behind sleeves HAHAHAHAHAA - "...And in particular, when you think, well, I'm going to believe what I like, but I'll say what the powerful want, you do that over time, and you believe what you say.... - this is exactly parallel to what I have been saying about seat belts for years - back in the late 70s early 80s when all the laws were being brought out of nowhere with huge propaganda campaigns between elections (no party federally or provincially EVER ran a campaign saying they would pass a seatbelt law if elected, as they all knew they would never get elected if they did - more great Democracy News HAHAHAHAHAAAA) - anyway, very few people that I recall supported the seat belt law - oh, a lot of them thought seatbelts were a pretty good idea, and wore them, but very few believed the government had any right to force everyone to wear one. Now, after the laws have been in effect for 20 years, it's another story - they all think it's a GREAT law - "Put your seatbelt on, RM - whassamatta wit ya??" - same idea as Chomsky says about something else - they do not want to admit they are doing something against their will because the government forces them to do it, so they pretend to do it because they want to - and after awhile, as Winston Smith found out with the people all around him, you actually start believing it. And there's help if you need it HAHAHAHAHAA

- it's not about seatbelts at all - it's about doing as you are fucking TOLD to do without asking fucking questions!!!

Which is exactly what they want you to do. They don't care if you do something "under protest" for awhile - they've been at this game a long, long time - and they KNOW that after awhile of doing it "under protest" you will be doing it - because you get used to it, and want to do it. FREEDOM IS IGNORANCE TRUTH IS LIES WAR IS PEACE IS IS IS NOT!!!

Sort of like the guards at Aushwitz.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA - bye bye love, bye bye freedom, bye bye brain, think I'm gonna watch some tv now...... HAHAHAHAHAHAA

Christ the time flies when you're having fun HAHAHAHAHAAA - but a particularly NICE looking piece of red meat on the ol BBQ tonight, and one ciggie, one more beer to finish first -

And more Greenways - bit of a change this time. Brittany's Story begins.

"The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed..." -Steven Biko

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth."
- Morpheus

- and insofar as this grasshopper understands it, so it is.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr Seuss - man he was smart....... I gotta read some of that stuff again ..... that's almost as good a play on words as the great old line about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.....

George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want (ya gotta take the xxx off the front - I'm trying to reduce the intake from the spam assholes (oh yes you fucking are - it is NOT amusing - get a fucking life why don't you, instead of bothering people - how fucking stupid can you be?? If you were the last fucking product on earth I wouldn't buy anything from you!! Fuck.)).

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada besides deleting spam? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a few months until the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly not have bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know (remove the xx - see above HAHAHAA) would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Paul Martin's our new PM and owes the Bay St. Boys 12 million worth of favors and George Bush is talking to ALLAH on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why? Do you know where Frodo and Gandalf went on that boat? Can we call them? Maybe the really nice elf lady too HAHAHA!!! And Smith - don't forget Smith ....