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040331 - A 'Rang and a 'Roo Too!!

HAHAHAHAHAA - look out Doc Seuss!!!

Hooga-bugga hooga-bugga bogeyman bogeymen
Hooga-bugga hooga-bugga bogeyman bogeymen

- etc. Free. Take it some of you social commentary rappers HAHAHAHAHAA -

Osama Osama living in a cave
Georgie Georgie land of the brave

- write if ya want more lyrics - I got loads!!!

Speaking of - christ something's underway, we're getting softened up - every day stories of terrorists, terrorism TERRORISTS DAMN IT LISTEN!!!! - even though nobody seems interested in the fact that we in Canada have NEVER had a serious act of terrorism, certainly NOTHING since that great CRIMINAL act that brought down the World Trade Center, which has never been investigated and apparently never will be (and why is noone asking about THAT I wonder?!?!?!?! - as I wonder about so many things HAHAHAHAAA) - but day after day -

  • Cash transfers to terrorists - speculation, maybe, might, possible links, etcetcetc, nothing more, and NO fucking "evidence" again - but TERRORIST!!!!! in the headlines, or
  • Afghan effort could make Canada a target: official - "...The Canadian military's fight against terrorism in Afghanistan could lead to retaliatory attacks at home, a top federal official said Friday...." - well then general ol bud tell me again just what in the fuck we are DOING in Afghanistan getting all the arabs and muslims in the world, of whom there are a FUCK of a lot more than us, all pissed off at us, since they never did anything TO us, that I have seen HAHAHAHAHAHAAA, or
  • Auditor issues security warning - "...after being forced by the auditor general to defend unpalatable Liberal spending, Prime Minister Paul Martin will now have to prove he is capable of defending Canada from the threat of terrorism. ..." - again, NEVER wondering WHY all this focus on how afraid we should be and what we should be doing about it - or
  • McLellan defends government security spending

- on and on and on and on.

But WHY one must ask - WHY are we being constantly told of this great and terrible danger - when NOTHING has happened in Canada, and nothing appears about to? As I have pointed out before, the ONLY fucking terrorist activity in THIS country is the various "police" agencies (insofar as Brown Shirts and Gestapo, a rose by any other name that is to say, qualify as "police") pepper spraying and rubber baton-ing and teargassing and otherwise beating and terrifying innocent civilians who DARE to gather in a crowd to show the government they disapprove of what is happening in OUR country, or shipping them off to other countries to be tortured, or breaking down their doors in the middle of the night with great fanfare and violence screaming TERRORIST CONNECTIONS TERRORIST CONNECTIONS LOOK AT THE GREAT DANGER ALL CITIZENS ARE IN AND HOW WE ARE PROTECTING THEM - and then barely a whisper in the "press" a few weeks or months later when they're all released when even the pathetic Canadian courts won't jail them on NO fucking evidence at all (unless their name is Zundel of course), etc and etc.

There has been NOBODY charged with the 911 crimes yet, no presentation of evidence - which says WORLDS about what is going on - can you imagine for one fucking second that if the US government HAD "evidence" of ANY kind that implicated al Quaeda or bin Laden or anyone else they wanted to bomb that they wouldn't have made a MAJOR press issue out of it all? But they have done no such thing, outside of a couple of completely juvenile things such as waving around a passport they said they "found" in the rubble that "proved" some terrorist was on a plane and hijacked it and crashed it into the WTC (quite a leap of imagination, all that - especially considering NOTHING else survived from any of those planes, that were supposedly mostly "vaporised" in the fireball - yet people buy this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - but that is fine for the US - crazy, but they are - but what in the fuck are we in Canada doing following along behind these warmongers on the basis of NO accusation or trial, just wild hysteria and fear-mongering from people with other very obvious objectives in mind???? Only willing accomplices or very stupid people do such things - neither option makes me very happy with our government. Likewise the media, jumping all over this "terrorism" bandwagon - it's hard to see the entire Canadian press corps as willing accomplices to this sort of shit - and it's even difficult to call ALL of them that stupid - yet the old Holmesian rule is still applicable - when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable..... it feels sometimes like I've just woken up on a planet where all of the "adults", or most of them, still believe in Santa Claus - and as adults, are quite aggressive with anyone who dares utter any questions - "What do you mean no Santa?!?!?! What's WRONG with you, Rude Person? Why do you want to cause trouble like that? Of COURSE there's a Santa, we ALL know that's true - now get with the program! We have to prepare for His coming - Christmas is only 256 shopping days away!!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA yes, Alice, there sure IS a Santa HAHAHAHAHAA - and he has a hookah and lives on mushrooms in the off season and watches reruns of Survivor too HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Related - Veteran officer accused of stealing millions worth of drugs - "to serve and protect" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - like the Saskatchewan cops running Indian kids to the edge of town when it's 50 below and dumping them passed out into snowbanks - well, they're "serving and protecting" someone, I guess - or the Mounties sending Arar off to be tortured for a year - serving SOME masters, anyway .... or Editorial: Muzzling the media - trying to keep reporters out of city hall - "... Di Biase has been stung by revelations about several traffic tickets he was issued but never had to pay...." - cops on the take somehow again - oh, it just goes on and on and on and ON - these are NOT isolated incidents as the apologists would say - they are the way the system works!!!! The few "good" cops out there are the exception guys! HAHAHAHAHAHAA

- or this - Superior court judges want $38G raise - a particularly outrageous example of greed in Canada in our "governing class" - these people, already making over two hundred grand a year, looking for a RAISE that is in itself over TWICE what your average joeblow on $9/hr or less in Canada - a majority of Canadians - make in a fucking YEAR - and they just GOT a $38,000 fucking raise in 2000!!!!!!!! - at which time they wanted $47,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - and their main excuse THIS time? - read this and fucking weep for our country, for our sanity, for our very civilisations - they (apparently) just found out some VERY disturbing information - ".... the judges argue that their salaries should be similar to the mid-level incomes of federal deputy ministers... Such a wage level is needed to maintain the independence of the judiciary and also to attract skilled jurists to the bench...." - that is to say, some other people are making more than we are and we think we are JUST as good as they are, so we should be making just as much money! - holy fuck batman, these are the people making VERY important decisions at the top court levels affecting EVERYTHING in our country - and they came right out of the old sandbox before sitting at the Bench. MOMMYYYYY JOHNNY HAS A BIGGER SUCKER THAN I DO AND IT'S NOT FAIR WHAAAAAAAA!!!!! - and to "attract skilled jurists.."??? - well excuse fucking me, Martha, but speaking for myself, the people I personally would like to see in our courts are NOT people who regard their salary and benefits level as the main reason they applied for the fucking job (nor for that matter those of an apparent retarded enough emotional age that they will whine like this about a 200 grand salary ++ as well of course) - they have altogether the wrong sorts of values for me - a decent wage, yes, EVERY working person deserves a decent wage - but I rather think 200 fucking grand is pretty decent, especially when you figure the Revenue People start applying income tax at about $8,000!!!!! - and what the fuck are these people doing anyways running around comparing everyone else's fucking salaries - where do they find THAT time (not to mention the time to get together and complain among themselves about it and then decide to write letters and complain and everything) when the courts are backlogged for fucking years - which might be another reason they don't deserve a fucking raise right now - although that seems to be an upper-level corporate sort of thing - the more you fuck up the more you pay yourself HAHAHAHAHAHA what a fucking planet. Martha. People who were interested in JUSTICE would top my list of selections for judges, not people who were going to want $40,000 fucking raises every couple of years. But then I always was a bit strange about things like that - all that truth stuff - what a fucking whacko. And I ain't running the fucking country. Yet HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Aren't we glad such wise people are making decisions that affect us all, all our lives, and throwing all them damn POOR people in jail when they steal a loaf of bread because they don't have any money? YOU BET JACK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - just imagine if these great paragons of wisdom could be in a Canadian court, speaking for the People of Canada, and say they will NOT throw someone in jail for stealing a loaf of bread when minimum wage in this country leaves a family with an income of about HALF the fucking poverty line and what the fuck do you EXPECT them to do to feed their fucking children?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAA

Fucking Wonderland, Alice, fucking Wonderland. In more ways than one.

- and my apologies for creating great fear I have died and gone wherever or something - it's been one of those "I FEEL LIKE A FUCKING SHIT MAGNET!!!!!!" weeks. Thankfully, I won't get into the details - but I sort of wondered, last week, if that feeling I had of having finally finished with a long and draining task, and now having some free and peaceful, relatively speaking, time ahead of me to work on something like Greenways was a bit too good to be true, but dove in anyway - idiot - I've tried that before - it's sorta like forgetting your umbrella, asking for trouble, or bragging about something - "Nope - NEVER had a motorcycle accident hahaha" - two fucking hours later...... HAHAHAHAHAHAA. But YOU(YOUKNOWWHO) are on my list. Asshole. Grasshoppers do NOT forget - this page is now logged in cyberspace records for ALL FUCKING HISTORY HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! - and SOME fucking day, SOME body is going to be asking SOMEONE what the fuck THIS was all about HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - man I hope I get invited HAHAHAHAHAA. Too many hours last week fretting and stewing, waiting in hospitals, driving here and there, watching big snatches being taken from my (haha) savings, completely unnecessarily, but let your guard down once, and boom gotcha. One does get over it. In time. Frequently HAHAHAHAHA fuck - always have before, anyway - still get back up. Anyways - if things are a bit more disorganized than usual this week, that's why - roll your eyes to the sky or something and mouth a silent but heartfelt "FUCK OFF" or something - your usual will be fine - it will find it's way to an appropriate recipient. HAHAHAHAHAHAA (you can let the fucker know I am NOT fucking quitting too - been there done that shit too many times before too)

Enough of THAT shit. Lots of other stuff out there failing the ol sniff test, as always.

You just can't deny it - what we are seeing in the modern world, all this globalisation and WTO and NAFTA etc shit, and now all the response of our western "democratic" governments to this SOOOOOO fucking convenient (to wannabe fascists, that is) terrorism shit, is a full-out (only semi-) stealth attack on democracy and freedom, on all of the democratic gains made step by step, often at great cost in many ways, by the generations of people who came before us over the last several hundred years in the west, dating back at least as far as the Field of Runymede and the Great Charter. In its modern guise it is equally a concerted effort to make sure "developing" countries never have a chance to even get as far as we had achieved. It is underway on many fronts simultaneously, and one of its main weapons is an assault on one of the most basic requirements of decent societies, truth. The control stuff has been under way for years, decades, a loooong time - we get conditioned to it from the day we are born, conditioned to always listen to someone else to tell us what to do, NOT make decisions for ourselves, except in very constrained areas (consumer choice!), with food companies pushing powdered formula for newborns over breastmilk, and getting plopped in front of the tvs as soon as we're old enough to sit up in front of it by ourselves and learn to love lies. As for spreading democracy around the world - America's interventions around the world the last 100 or more years in the name of creating "democratic" societies are the exact opposite - interventions to destroy fledgling democracies and implement brutal dictatorships subservient to the NWO Feudal Center in Washington. Truth. You will NOT read in the mainstream media, who are very devoted to lies and spin. Truth from the Box. Only.

Two questions! - for your MP or newspaper or whoever - two questions they will never answer!!

1. Now, if a government has an option to either a) go to its central bank, and create the necessary money supply for its people and country debt-free, and issue that money through normal government channels, or b) go to private banks and borrow the SAME amount of money, except now being required to "service" that debt, thus condemning its citizens to perpetual debt-bondage, which option would a fiduciarily responsible government choose? Why has our government done the opposite for the past century or more - or more specifically especially, for the last 30 years or so, during which time they have accumulated a $550 billion dollar debt and paid out over a trillion dollars of "service" charges on that debt? The Bank of Canada could have printed the exact same amount of money that the government borrowed for program spending (about 100 billion only - NOT requiring the amount the government borrowed to pay interest, or interest on the interest - and I know that sounds crazy, but check it out!!! - and see how fucking crazy it REALLY is!!!) - and today we would have more or less the same amount of money in circulation, but no huge national debt draining 20-30% of every tax dollar collected!! No trillion dollars of OUR tax money already handed straight over to the banks!!!!Imagine!!!!

(I see in the papers this week stories from several provinces about how it's budget time again (no, this ain't a carryover from last week - NEW stories - that time of year!!!), and they are going to have to make some "hard" decisions - meaning, of course, that THEY make decisions, and YOU get the hard stuff. I ain't got time right now, but you might write them a short letter, and explain to them that the Bank of Canada was created for just this very purpose, and EVERY provincial government has the RIGHT to get basically interest-free loans from the Bank of Canada - so why don't they make a REALLY hard decision, and tell the commercial banks to get lost, pay off their commercial debt over the next few years with such BofC loans, thus reducing and then eliminating that huge "service" charge they are all carrying, and in a very few years be running budgets completely in the black with lots of money for what We the People want and need?!?!?! (WARNING!!!!! - you will NOT get a response to a letter like this!)

2. If the media, as they like to say when called on to justify some of the "news" they carry or the way they slant and spin it, simply reflect the views of We the People of Canada, why then do they give FAR more coverage to right-wing parties like Harper and the "Conservatives" who continually demand increased privatisation of the health care system and closer ties to the American system and all kinds of other neocon shit, while a large majority of Canadians are opposed to these things - while the NDP, which supports improved health care and keeping our independence from America and other good stuff, in line with the views of most Canadians, gets very little media coverage? If the media truly reflected the feelings of Canada on such issues, they would be carrying the NDP policies every day, which most Canadians support, and carrying the Harper policies only occasionally, as very few Canadians want their health care system privatised or closer integration with America, etc and etc, policies the Harper people push and push and push.

That's probably a little complicated for these dog-eat-dog brains to grapple with, but give it a go - can't have it both ways guys!!!! (I guarantee you will get NO response, EVER, to either question - there is no answer, except "Yea, we've been fucking you big time for years, idiot HAHAHAHAHAAA - and we are SO fucking big there ain't a fucking thing you can do about it HAHAHAHAHAAAA" - and they ain't gonna say that just yet, while we still have the power to maybe hold em accountable, if we choose to use it)


speaking of letters - the average Letters Page Editor would, should anyone ever ask him or her (god? you free? hahahahaaa) why on earth none of those fine letters from Mr Macedon, no fuck this or fuck that's included at ALL!!!, just NEVER seem to get published, even though they comment on serious issues of the day, and more often than not raise points not otherwise covered in the paper in response to whatever article Mr. RM was commenting on, would undoubtedly say, RIGHT off the ol bat that those fine letters are just too darn long!!! gosh darn, and we are SO busy and our pages SO full, and SO many people writing, we just cannot possibly publish them all. Mmmm-hmmmm. When you're talking at her, big guy, ask her then why they can't publish long articles about Canada, but they can about hockey? - here we have - Ken Dryden (no title) using something more than 3,000 words, talking about hockey - now, let me be clear, I have nothing against hockey, except maybe the ticket prices and watered down nature of the game (no, actually I kind of like ol Don, he's pretty amusing, and if I don't agree with EVERYTHING he says - hell, we have a right to disagree about SOME stuff, right, isn't that democracy? HAHAHAHAHAAAA - sorry sorry I know - we do NOT have any right to "free speech" that hurts the feelings of certain people (some people it's ok...)) - anyway, it's ok to write about hockey, and I certainly spent many enjoyable hours revelling in the glory that was the Montreal Canadians in the 1970s, with Dryden and the rest - it's the hypocrisy of the mainstream media, using any excuse they can find to NOT print things in their newspapers they don't want others reading, while finding length no problem for things they WANT to print (no particular propaganda with the Dryden piece - but it's sure great to have Canadians worrying their sweet little heads about violence in hockey, when they might be getting concerned about real issues like joining the American Missiles in Space Program, or the farce called Democracy in Canada, or the theft of hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars (that's quite a lot more than a couple hundred million, which has people quite upset at the moment) through the "national debt scam", or why in the fuck all the media and government are off on this "everyone be TERRIFIED of TERRORISTS" program - lots of stuff like that that could fill pages of a REAL fucking newspaper every day - but in OUR "great free Canadian Democratic media" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA we'll just leave all that shit out - no room for it HAHAHAHAHAAAA.

The thing is, sometimes it just comes down to being tired of having to deal with "adults" who insist on behaving like children all the time, with childish attitudes and fantasy worlds - you want a fucking adult to talk to sometimes, know what I mean??? - but the children are so persistent here, they never stop - "them goldarn terraists hate us all because of our freedom!!" - I mean fuck give it a rest sometime, they don't "hate your freedom" George!!!!! - quit beating the damn neighbours up and they'll quit throwing stones (the only weapons those poor people have) at you!!! - or "we have dug ourselves into this terrible debt hole and now have to deal with the consequences" - fuck me, again - GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! - we make the rules, you people, and we do NOT have to pretend our society is a fucking monopoly game!!!!!!!!! - or - fuck on and on and on.

And more on letters!!! - Lookee here!!!! - ANOTHER letter writer - and, of all people, Jack Layton - he doesn't have any kind of title (fer the LETTER I KNOW he's the NDP leader), so we'll just call it the Bono letter - you may recall, or not, that last year at the BIIIIIIGGGGGG Lib leadership convention, that big party at the Air Canada Center in Toronto where the $12 million the corps gave to Paul Martin for his "leadership campaign" paid off bigtime, Paul had the rock singer Bono appear to give a speech (it still puzzles me what in the fuck that man has that attracts people, but then I was of a slightly earlier generation and, sad to say, the number of people around who have no fucking idea at all of who the Beatles were is growing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sidetracked again!!!) - anyway, this Bono character, who is evidently quite big in the rock scene, and also spends some of his free time and money trying to help the less well off in the world (which you gotta give the guy credit for), for some reason was induced to appear at the Lib nomination meeting, and even give a little speech. Apparently big Paul made some promises, and Bono said he was going to hold Martin to those promises, and of course Martin treated them like any political promises and ignored them once he had the headlines - and so now Jack Layton, longer memory than yer average politician, is writing Bono a letter pointing out how Mr. Martin - well, fuck should I say lied???? - nahhhhh - how Mr Martin is not actually doing the things he SAID he would do - and is Mr. Bono interested in calling him on it?

I can dig all that - I like to call people on stuff like this too, although they never answer for some odd reason - way to go Jack. We'll watch for the letter in the Star, the Globe, etc HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA sure we will HAHAHAHAHAHAAA

Speaking of letters and Jack Layton - I did one a couple of days ago in response to a story about some people talking about organising a new political party in Canada - I don't think this is what we need right now - for reasons I explain a bit more here:

March 26 2004
Dear NPI,
RE: Taking Back Canada - New Progressive Party Launch

First, I should thank you for referring to my recent letter re Cellucci's visit to UWO on your website (Progressive Party.CA) as a "good read" - I do hope you will consider the following equally good, and equally well.

And let me start by saying please don't regard any of what follows as an attack on what you are doing - it certainly is not meant as such, as it sounds like we all have pretty much the same values and desires for the future of Canada and should be working together - I just think that your new initiative is taking place at the worst possible time, and you really ought to reconsider your options.

Let me explain a bit.

First, it is not the idea of a new party I object to - I have not been without similar ideas, nor am I now for that matter - 11 years ago I spent a year helping to organize the National Party under Mel Hurtig's leadership, including running in the election of 93 (not something a writer ought to do!) - for pretty much the same reasons you offer in your statement of principles for your initiative now - the mainstream parties, Libs and whatever name the other branch of the unified Bay St Party chooses to go under, "Conservatives" at the moment, are tweedledee-dum Big Business parties, the NDP not electable, and we need to offer Canadians an alternative, a chance to vote for Canada and things most Canadians believe in. I believed it then, and I believe it now - but I have also learned a lot in the last ten years, starting with that campaign, and things are, in my opinion, different now than then, in some significant ways, and we should be pursuing a more practical strategy, one that offers more hope of success, than offering another entry in the "divide and conquer ourselves" political race in Canada.

I think, at this time, we need to temper our idealism with a dose of reality - not a sellout in any way at all, just a recognition of the way things are in this country at this time, combined with the understanding that if we really want to save Canada for the things we believe in, we really do need a real change in government in this country at this time, and we are NOT going to get that change from the Bay St Party under either Martin or Harper, but we MIGHT under Jack Layton. Let's recognize that what we would have ideally, a single, united, centrist Pro-Canada Party, just isn't going to happen this year, and go for second best - the NDP. This is a real option, I think, not a "surface-only" option, i.e. the "anyone-but-Bush" movement in the US, pretending that Kerry would be different in any significant way from the present administration if elected, which he wouldn't.

Here, however, the situation is somewhat different than in the US, and I think we ought to recognize two important things:

1. without significant financial backing (and I'm talking TENS of millions, minimum - we had something like six million with the National Party, I think, with almost a year to work with, and it was woefully short - and there were other major problems as well, that you would undoubtedly encounter if you actually started something), there is simply no way a completely new party is going to get organised and command the kind of exposure that would be necessary to have any chance whatsoever to have a positive impact in an election this year, particularly one that could be called almost any day now (never forgetting that you would NOT get a fair shake from the mainstream media, quite the reverse, you would be frozen out as much as possible), and

2. the NDP, under the leadership of Jack Layton, WOULD be significantly different from the Bay St parties, and just MIGHT be able to take a significant number of seats in the upcoming election, if all of us quit our turf-squabbling, trying to pretend what amount to mostly petty differences are actually significant differences, and got behind them.

You say the NDP are unelectable - but insofar as that may be true, how much of the reason for that is that a whole lot of people who ought to be supporting them as the only viable alternative at this time to the mainstream Tweedledee-dumers are, for whatever reasons, NOT supporting them? - are, indeed, in many ways acting against them? Were all of the people who are opposed to the Bay St parties in Canada to get together behind the NDP and put all of this energy into supporting them - they might well be VERY electable - think about it!

Let me be honest here, so you don't get any wrong ideas of me being a hardcore NDP-er looking for support, which I am not, having never been a member of that or any other party (except the National Party for one year, as mentioned - oh, and I almost forgot! - I joined the PC party a couple of years ago to vote for David Orchard one time for leader - since lapsed) - for many years (since 1988, actually, when the NDP refused to consider (along with the Libs of course) some kind of strategic voting, thus handing the so-important "free trade" election to the Mulroney Republicans (RIP Dief's Tories!)) I have not been very supportive at all of the NDP, feeling other political options more to my liking, from the National Party as I mentioned, to supporting CAP after that, to ANYONE BUT the Bay St parties - but now, but now - I really think we have to find some way to get rid of the Libs, and NOT have them replaced with the Harper Republicans (I personally will NOT play along with their media-supported farce of calling their party a Canadian "Conservative" party, not with the memory of Diefenbaker still alive in Canada, and many of us are still well aware of the other Great Canadian Conservative, Sir John A, both of whom I have no doubt are shuddering in their graves at what first Mulroney and now these other people are calling a Canadian "Conservative" party).

And that leaves us - the NDP, a well known, national party, with policies that are most definitely NOT Bay St policies, with the organization and support and finances to run a solid, credible federal election campaign - quite a lot of that support has been soft for quite a few years, for various reasons, but I think this year there may be something in the air, something different - Jack Layton sure has a lot of Libs and the Harper gang pretty riled, which is a pretty good sign, and their poll numbers are doing good things - Layton is a strong and charismatic leader, and has a better chance, I think, than anyone else to do some upsetting here (have you noted the paucity of press the NDP have been getting the last few months (moreso than even usual, I think) - especially compared to the HUGE amount they have given and are giving to the "unite the right" movement (starting within days of McKay's "promise" to Orchard NOT to do such a thing!!), and then the "leadership race"? - I think that is very probably related - Canadians (all of us in "the West" now) are very conditioned to be influenced by what we see on the news, "brand-name recognition" etc - and the corporate people are telling the media to give the NDP as little press as possible while pushing Harper, I think, because they are very afraid of them right now....!! - and the LAST thing they want is ANY kind of awakening of the Canadian people to the fact that the NDP are in a very good position to have the voters of Canada turn to them, disgusted with the Libs and the new scandals and corruption now being exposed on a daily basis, and still a long ways away from being ready to go to the far right that Harper et al. represent.... - and an election very close by!!! - and of course, the very people who should be supporting the NDP - who are as close to an electable party "of the people" as we have right now, nationally - at this hour of opportunity now declaring them unelectable and talking about starting new parties or whatever is playing RIGHT into their hands!!!)

And that chance will only get better if those of us who are on the same side of the political line take this opportunity to support Layton and the NDP, rather than going through one more election giving all the voters who are opposed to right-wing Bay St politics in Canada a whole host of options to choose from - which will have two effects -

1. it will divide what vote we do have to a point of non-effectiveness, and

2. many voters who MIGHT be inclined to vote for some kind of solid, Canadian option to the Bay St parties whom they are sick of will look at the various "centrist" options, and figure none of these people have any sort of reasonable chance to get elected, and do as they often do - choose the least objectionable, to them, of the Tweedledee-dumers. It sure would be nice if we here in Canada could start voting for someone we supported!!!! rather than the least of evils, as we have had to do so often the last couple of decades!!

(and I suppose a 3 - don't imagine for a second the Libs and the Harper people, Bay Streeters all, don't just LOVE all these fringe parties draining a few votes here and a few votes there away from Layton right now!, and generally offering anything BUT a solid, united, CENTRIST (let's lose that "left-wing-socialist" label - it just ain't true!) opposition to their right-wing-far-right-wing options for Canadian voters!)

And - we lose. And Canada loses. Again.

I don't know how many "agains" we can take, after 88, 93, 97 and 2000. Time is definitely getting short, with both Martin and Harper preaching ever-closer ties to the US, and all of us only one more "terrorist" action (which, sorry if I sound a bit "conspiracy-theoretical", can (and I suspect will) be arranged if the people in caves in Afghanistan or wherever they hang out these days don't cooperate) close by away from big-time martial law of some sort - at which time "democracy" becomes very, very questionable, and in considerable jeopardy.

What I am saying is, we just don't have the luxury of a bunch of years to get alternative political parties together and running at a credible level - especially when we have one already operating that is pretty much what we need, anyway.

So what I would suggest you all do, is basically what I am doing here and promoting as I can - join together behind the one apparent party operating in Canada, at this time, for this election only, which has a chance to defeat these people. You don't need to join the NDP (I haven't, and don't plan to, and am not in touch with anyone there about what I write here or elsewhere), but for this election, support them, as the only national party with policies that generally support the Canada we want (just ask yourselves- would you rather see Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, or Jack Layton setting policy here?), and the only national party with a realistic chance of making a difference. Think this too - a majority NDP government is not completely out of the question, although you will NEVER hear or read that in the mainstream media - most Canadians are pretty pissed at the Libs right now, for good reason, and most Canadians do NOT support the far-right Republican party of Harper et al. - and what does that leave them?!?!?! - if we ALL - all us non-corporate government people - get behind Layton and the NDP - well, who knows what might happen!!!! hahahahahaaa!!!! Well, don't think I've completely lost it, I know that is a real outside chance, regardless - but it is quite possible that Layton's NDP will take enough seats, especially if we all get behind them and help rather than oppose them, to put the Libs in a position of having to make deals with him to form a minority government, and that in itself could make good things happen - as it did in those halcyon days of the late 60s and early 70s with a solid NDP influence in a Liberal minority government.

Think about it! - that scenario scares the hell out of Bay St - a solid, credible alternative to their right-wing tweedledee-dum Business parties - and at this particular time in our history, we have the opportunity to make that happen - but WE, the small people, have to do it ourselves, as we are going to get no help or encouragement whatsoever from the Canadian mainstream media - but a necessary precursor - probably the main one - to that is to quit fighting among ourselves!!! - I personally LOVE the democracy of the National Party, and the Greens, and CAP, and your new one, and anyone at all - but as long as we have this first-past-the-post electoral system, all we are doing is cutting our own throats by dividing our voices into all of these alternatives. Once we have some form of proportional representation - which Layton promises to do, and I believe him - THEN we can pick which particular branch of the center we want to support, and fine-tuning our policies and what not, and our votes will be counted - but for now, our first and only goal has to be to get SOMEONE into the government who is going to do two main things - put a stop to this ever closer and closer integration plan with the US, and change the electoral system - and we KNOW the Libs or Harper - the Bay St Party boys - are NOT going to do either - but Layton and the NDP are committed to both (whether they would succeed if elected is another story - I would imagine the US to be entirely capable of sending a few troops into Ottawa and effecting a "regime change" in this country to replace a government they didn't like - but we'll leave that discussion for another day, as not being germane to this one).

Well, I fear I am rambling and repeating myself - but I think this is very, very important.

Please - rather than starting another new party and dividing our vote even further, try something different. Talk to the like-minded people around you - Greens, CAPs, whoever. Suggest that (for this election only!) they support the NDP candidate in their riding in order to get rid of the Bay St government - once we do that, I believe the NDP will at least make an honest effort to institute proportional representation, and other changes we need to make our country actually democratic, at which time we can vote for CAP or the Greens or anyone we like, and, with proportional rep, those votes will result in representation - which they will not this year or any other year as long as we are electing people under the FPTP system.

If the Greens or CAP have a particularly strong candidate that you really want to support in your riding, then try to work with the NDP to have that candidate nominated as an NDP candidate, or even ask the NDP to be reasonable in one or a few ridings, and for THEM not to run a candidate opposing the strong alternative candidate, and throw their support behind her or him. If there is a quid-pro-quo that you can point to in other ridings, they might sign on to such a thing in a limited sense - you never know if you don't try.

But what is imperative is that we do NOT split the centrist, pro-Canada vote, which I do believe Jack Layton and the NDPs do represent, as we have done repeatedly over the last 20 years to the benefit of NO-ONE but the Bay St Boys - and let one of the Bay St parties waltz once again into power in Canada, as Canadians either don't vote at all for people they don't like or because they feel it's hopeless, or vote for the Libs to stop Harper, or Harper to stop the Libs, because they have no credible alternative that they can believe in and get together behind.

For if the Bay St Boys win this election, it may well be the end of our Canada - and that is what we ALL are fighting against.

We have a GREAT chance to stop them this year, with the anger of the majority of centrist people in Canada at the Libs, their dislike and distrust of the far-right Harper party, Layton's charismatic leadership, and the availability of the internet to use for campaigning (which may well be much more regulated somehow or other, and thus much less available, 5 years down the road) - perhaps one of those once-in-a generation things that come along sometimes and can change history - if we can get together and make it happen. Let's do it!!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

And other stuff - man it's spreadin hahahahahaaa - I mentioned Linda Leatherdale last time I think - she's getting good - can't last long so read her while you can - listen to this - Corruption rules - "... This is what I believe: Angry taxpayers should have the right to sue the crooks who steal our hard-earned tax dollars, and, if found guilty, watch them go to jail -- whether they're the prime minister of the country, a senior bureaucrat or an unethical lobbyist...." - man what a sweetie! - and like I said, the main reason is that she is not just pretending it's the Libs, but she goes after the Harrisites as well - apparently a sincere desire for honesty in government, which is pretty rare these days HAHAHAHAHAAA. Go Girl!!! - man, this country is not going to fully recover its sense of honour and decency until a lot of these fucking crooks and traitors DO go to jail - and I don't mean the fucking country club sorts of places they have for wealthy people who have to do time, but just your regular Kingston pens where the hard cases go - people who have intentionally defrauded our country of billions, whilst enriching their own pockets greatly, and traitorously sold us out to the US, do not deserve any fucking easy time at all.

Man I wish I was a hacker sometimes - know what I'd do? I'd hack into the MS website, and change whatever idiotic lie of a logo they're using to something like "HI!!!!! HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU WANT TO FUCKING WASTE TODAY WITH CRASHES AND FREEZEUPS?!?!?! WE'RE MS AND WE'RE A PIECE OF SHIT! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA - AND!!!!! - WE'RE FUCKING PROUD OF IT!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA" - fuck, there's a LOT of money waiting out there for someone who can put together a decent computer operating system. Think about it if you have any skills along those lines......

They found the young girl in Toronto - such a sad and tragic thing it's hard to think about, but the guilty party ought to be very severely dealt with, and fairly quickly - and punishment for such a thing as this must be a deterrent as well as revenge - none of this back on the street in a couple of years shit, for this kind of thing. We need to work on our justice system a lot - what is the point of spending months or even years in a big show trial, when it could be over in days? "Justice" doesn't mean that people with expensive lawyers go free and poor people with no lawyers go to jail, justice SHOULD mean that guilty people get punished - but that just doesn't seem to have a lot to do with our "legal system" these days, when RICH but obviously guilty people can drag things out for years with expensive lawyers, and eventually go free, while poor people who cannot afford the pricey lawyers, many of them, it turns out later, get railroaded into jail for any of various reasons.

There is a ready solution to all of these problems - it goes under various names, but is essentially a Truth Serum drug - there are various options available these days, and if used properly they do NOT need to fry the person's brain - just make them tell the truth. A few necessary safeguards of course - but innocent people go free without going through months or years of unjust agony, and guilty people are quickly identified and dealt with appropriately.

So - sodium pentathol. Why not? Well, I can think of a couple of reasons - first, cops and crown attorneys want to show they are doing their job, so often railroad people, ignoring a lot of evidence that indicates their victims are innocent. That would no longer be possible - showing that cops and crown attorneys often don't know what the fuck they are doing - actually, many people in the "legal" system would become unnecessary - as bad for them as it would be great for us. Secondly, and MUCH more importantly, it would not be long before people got the idea that if Truth Serum was available and safe - why couldn't we use it on politicians and important people like judges, before they take office - how many politicians right now, for instance, could take a wee shot of scopolamine, and TRUTHFULLY "repeat after me" - "I promise to do my job in the best interests of my constituents and ALL of the people of Canada, and NOT be unduly influenced by wealthy people giving me campaign donations or other great perks....." etc HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA

man that's a funny thought

(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA - trick-rhetorical question!!!! - obviously, with sodium pentathol, even under our existing laws, we'd have to jail almost ALL of our current politicians, lawyers, bankers, and businessmen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA))))

The "HUHHHH?!?!?!?!" files - or What About THIS story ma?????? - anyway - Almost half of some Manitoba drugs head south via Internet says study - "... It's only a matter of time before Manitoba patients - and eventually all Canadians - notice drug shortages caused by Internet pharmacies, a research group opposed to the industry said Monday...." - is it just me? Why are capitalists being given almost complete free rein concerning free trade and shit like that screaming about selling TOO MUCH product?!?!?!? They can't make more?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAAA - one can only speculate, but one might see the hand of the Americans behind the scenes here, losing out on a bit of money - quite a bit, to judge by their screaming, and as we know, the Americans have NEVER been content to sit back quietly and accept defeat in anything - lies, threats, bombs, whatever it takes - for that, after all, is "free trade" to the Americans - they are 'free" to do whatever the fuck they want, and the rest of us are "free" to take it or face the Big Stick HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA - thanks Brian. and Jean. and Tom and the rest of you.

Fuck - where'd I put ol Adam's number - I gotta have a chat about this with SOMEone who knows what's going on here HAHAHAHAHAAA

- or what about this little gem - No word if Martin will meet with Dalai Lama - ".... The Foreign Affairs Department says the Dalai Lama's visit is politically sensitive because China takes a hard line on anything that might be seen as political support for the former rule....." - well shit, I don't see the problem here - all kinds of people don't like SOME stuff - I mean, in Canada when a bunch of people say they don't like what the government is doing, we just get out the pepper spray, right? - so why should we treat people from away any different - the Mounties sure weren't shy about pepper spraying all those people in Vancouver who didn't like one of the world's more brutal dictators coming with open arms to Canada, and being greeting like a great dignitary by our PM and government - so with the Chinese - if they gather around to criticize the PM's decision to meet with someone they don't approve of, just call the Mounties - THEY know what to do HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA - all levity aside, it's pretty telling that our government sees fit to welcome brutal dictators, but refuses to meet with a man who speaks of and for peace in the world.

Not very funny at all, when you think about it.

GOOD stuff - why don't they print THIS in Canadian meanstream (HAHAHAHAHA ANOTHER GREAT TYPO!!! - I GOTTA START A LIST!!!! THE FORCE IS WITH ME HAHAHAHAHA!!!) mainstream media instead of endless stories telling us to be more like the Wonderful Americans with their AMAZING LOWER taxes LOWER taxes (while conveniently, of course, NEVER talking about the AMAZING murder and violence rates there, or the fact that half the population either has no medical insurance or is very, very underinsured, etcetcetc...) - anyway, here we have a story about Sweden, which NEVER seems to make Canadian papers for some reason when they want to point to things about other countries they like - The Swedish model of high-quality, cheap childcare for all in return for higher taxes could work here, too by one Polly Toynbee Friday March 5, 2004 writing in a Brit rag, The Guardian - for some reason, the Brits take their press freedom a LOT more seriously than we seem to in Canada - of course, the Brits, Tony and his buds notwithstanding, have always been quite a bit more protective of their basic freedoms, I think - although you could make arguments about that from either side - but NOT TODAY fuck. HAHAHAHAHAAA - some good info here about the situation of raising children in Sweden, however, and - more interestingly in terms of stuff you are rather UNlikely to find in Canadian media - the taxes they are willing to pay to support it - right there, of course, is the prime reason you're never going to see anything like this in the Canadian media, who have spent years and years and years trying to tell Canadians they have to have LOWER taxes, and if that means reduced services, so be it - so stories like this about BETTER services with HIGHER taxes that the citizens think is just fine (good value for the money) - absolutely no fucking way, jack HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA don't you just LOVE freedom and democracy in Canada?!?!?!?! GAHAHAHAHAHA

Stephen Gowans has been doing a lot of good stuff lately - you ought to check him out if you're not on his mailing list already - his latest is "Kerry vs. Kerry-lite - you can check back to his home page for more. "...In a word, the problem -- and you had better send the kids out of the room before I say this -- is capitalism. Yeah capitalism, the C-word. Not neo-liberalism, or globalisation, or the Washington Consensus, or corporate rule, or any of the other synonyms dreamed up to protect anyone from really striking at the heart of the problem...."

And the GREAT Robin Mathews has done the second part of his longer piece - Right Politics and the Decay of Canada, Part Two (2 of 3) RM archive copy - man, it doesn't get much better than this, in terms of telling it the way it is - you ain't NEVER gonna see this shit in the Star or the Globe man!!! HAHAHAHAHAA - Way to fuckin go Robin (and Vive of course!!!)!!! You de Tiger Woods of THIS game, my friend! "...Right Politics is taking over the world, now, and here. And Right Politics is criminal politics...."
- I don't think I've ever referred to anything as a "must read" before - I figure people ought to make their own minds up about stuff like that - but this is as close as it gets.

Martin pics - Liberals serve up budget lite - this picture of the people running OUR government right now, in this age, just struck me (yesyes, it's ever been so of course, nothing changes!!!), it is such a perfect example of wealthy, powerful business guys in in their so-perfect monkey suits, talking about things that are good for business as if it's the most natural way in the world for a country to run - the problem being, of course, years of propaganda to the side, as far as modern business "values" goes, what's good for business ain't good for the rest of us - when all they want to think about is increased investor payouts every quarter, then cutting worker's wages, cutting the business taxes which leads to the inevitable cutting of all sorts of government programs for NORMAL people, minimal money required to be spent on environmental protections, etc and etc, are "great for business" - but what about the rest of us? Business has a right to run candidates and lobby for this stuff - but when they go WAAAAAYYYY beyond that and buy governments and bribe politicians to pass legislation for their limited benefit and the detriment of most of us, then it is time to quit calling the country a 'democracy' and get a bit more honest - this kind of government is usually called a plutocracy, wherein a small group of people run a country for their personal benefit. It is pretty undeniable that that is what we have had in Canada since Mulroney took over - yeayea guys in suits ran things before that too - but they were a little closer to us, notwithstanding, by and large.

Hamilton perjurer jailed - "...The lie caught up with him yesterday when Ontario Court Justice Robert Weseloh handed the 19-year-old Hamilton man six months and one day in jail. ... 'This is the kind of offence that strikes at the very heart of the administration of justice and it ought to be punished severely," insisted assistant Crown attorney Ed Slater...." - well, just for the record I guess, I don't have time to dig stuff up - but the little guys lie to the big guys, and the hammer comes out. The Big Guys lie to the rest of us incessantly - and nothing happens. Think of your own examples.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for I just know HAHAHAHAAA - no really no really - but here is a perfect example of the "in-the-box" thinking that we are all supposed to follow that I complain about so much - the Globe held something they called a ""live chat" with Ralph Goodale, and his new "budget" - in which he talks about why he couldn't give more money to women, or old people, or the arts, etc and etc, but how by golly he sure thought Mr. Martin was on the right track etc and etc - just EXACTLY the kind of stuff you would expect to happen, based on your reading of the See Dick and Jane civics books we all learned from in grade school - all pretend - and the questions they have put in there are exactly the same, right out of Barbie-and-Ken Civics books, pretending we live in some sort of ideal world, little bungalows on little streets and happyjobs and honest politicians ohbarfbarf excuseme - I sent a question (just so I could say I had!!!) similar to the above, about using the Bank of Canada - that stuff is WAY outside the box - the "let banks create money and have governments borrow it from them" being, actually, one of the main walls of the box.

What is "The Box" that I keep going on about? It is the completely artificial, make-believe society that we live in - our real-life version of the Matrix, although much less glamorous or sci-fi-ey. It's the belief system, the attitudes, that are cultivated in all of "We the (Normal) People" from the day we are born, we suck it in with the tit milk or the boxed milk, with the tv as soon as we are old enough to sit in front of it for several hours a day, from the talk of our parents and the older people around us as we grow up, and, far and away most importantly, through 12 years of enforced "schooling", in which we are tested regularly to see how well we are absorbing all of this shit. It is the mythology enforced on We the People by They the Elite, to keep us in the cages and they in their various mansions and various ruling castles around the world. It is the fucking granddaddy of conspiracy theories, and I think I will be doing a bit more on it next time - ideas are flashing, but I gotta go for now!

And one of, perhaps THE, most beautiful (from a systems analysis perspective) aspects of the whole thing is that the great majority of the people who are DOING the indoctrination have no fucking idea they are doing it!!! - kind of like a virus, just out there taking over cells and replicating itself - I don't imagine there is any part of that little virus RNA that questions what it does - it just does it, automatically. Like our parents and teachers, religious leaders and "journalists", small-time businesspeople, and so on (I suspect a LOT of what goes on behind the scenes at media outlets, in the corporate boardrooms, is considerably less benign, and there is quite a bit of knowledge there about what they are actually up to - but I could be wrong - the rot here could go quite high, considering the results we see around us) - but most of these people believe in what they are doing - they are not lying to their kids or their readers, they are telling what they believe to be the truth.

One of the primary aspects of "The Box" is the ability - the willingness, I guess - of those within to accept the most absurd stories from the authorities with no questions asked - and to respond to those few who DO ask questions that expose some of the absurdities with answers like, "Well, yes, that's interesting, but I'm sure the authorities must be right - surely you're not suggesting they'd all be lying to us or something?" - hook, line and sinker, as we used to say back home - a complete failure to grapple with the meat of the questions - probably owing to some subconscious recognition that that is very dangerous ground - the truth lurks close by, and we must NOT go there, at risk of our sanity - well, as I said, more soon.

Odds and ends - Cape Breton ranked world's No. 2 travel spot - Great for CB - fabulous place - but only two others in Canada?!?!?! These guys ever been to the Hub of the Trent?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - course, never been the same since the Royal Hotel burned down......

APRIL FOOL'S?!?!?!?!?! - WHY PICK ONE DAY?!?!?! - near as I can figure, it's been 365 FOOL'S DAYS for somewhere between 30 and 300 years HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA - maybe even 4,287, or however long those fundies think it's been since "god" created this place HAHAHAHAHAAA

And for those of you waiting for the Second Installment of Greenways - check back in a day or two - as I said before, it's been one of those weeks when I've been a tad distracted, and you can only get so many words down in one week, when your brain isn't where it needs to be, and you spend time ranting and raving like above to get calmed down and chilled out again - but it's finished and just needing that last "shine" - as soon as I get THIS baby to bed before the end of March (stupid self-imposed deadlines, I know - we're like that, some of us), I can finish it. It promises to be something big I think (witness the rage with which the Dark Force has greeted it this week and tried to smash the little hatchling before it grows!), so I want to take a bit of time with it.

Ahhhhhhhhh - one more beer!!!!

"The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed..." -Steven Biko

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth."
- Morpheus

- and insofar as this grasshopper understands it, so it is.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr Seuss - man he was smart....... I gotta read some of that stuff again ..... that's almost as good a play on words as the great old line about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.....

George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair - great writer - reading stuff like this helps understand how the problems of today are NOT new!!! - and is a clear indication of the truth of the old saying that he who does not know history is destined to repeat it, or whatever)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." — John Loeffler

Write if ya want (ya gotta take the xxx off the front - I'm trying to reduce the intake from the spam assholes (oh yes you fucking are - it is NOT amusing - get a fucking life why don't you, instead of bothering people - how fucking stupid can you be?? If you were the last fucking product on earth I wouldn't buy anything from you!! Fuck.)).

What direct action did you take today to do something to get rid of corporate government in Canada besides deleting spam? Do you feel that it was enough, given the situation? Will you feel content telling that to your grandchildren, should they survive, and the country, and the planet?

So much left to say, so little time to say it in - probably only a few months until the next federal election - do you want to try to save Canada in that frantic four weeks when big Paul drops the writ and EVERY friggin advantage is his - or would you like to start now, when we have some sort of outside chance? Canada for Canadians Coalition - get involved.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With thanks to the Editors of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Ch'town Guardian, Vancouver Sun, and others I cannot think of at the moment, for their refusal to print my letters over the last few years on various issues of national import - had I even a hope of being printed occasionally in these fora and my voice acknowledged in the national debate, I would undoubtedly not have bothered putting all this together. Cheers!

(for the legal-minded types - all this stuff not otherwise credited to some newspaper or something IS original, and thus copyright by Rude Macedon - I don't even have to say it - check it out - but given that, repost at will, with acknowledgement. Letting me know (remove the xx - see above HAHAHAA) would be nice too - and we do want to be nice people in a nice world, don't we? Isn't that why we are doing what we are doing, to get rid of the liars and crooks (NOT nice people) who are running things now?)

8,978,976,745 people (that'd be yer SCpoll, correct within 0.5 percentage points, 18 or 19 times out of 23, as long as it's Tuesday and the moon is full where you sit, and there hasn't been a special dispensation by Neptune cancelling those caveats under security code X37.25, and nobody was lying or trying to get off the phone quick because they were watching Survivor or Bangkok Ladies on Motorcycles) have visited this site in the last 13 or so hours, Paul Martin's our new PM and owes the Bay St. Boys 12 million worth of favors and George Bush is talking to ALLAH on his red phone, direct line, as you read. Which of those statements do you find the most unbelievable? Why? Do you know where Frodo and Gandalf went on that boat? Can we call them? Maybe the really nice elf lady too HAHAHA!!! And Smith - don't forget Smith ....