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Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 16:44:57 -0600
From: "Int'l Inquiry Into 911"
To: kr@911inquiry.org
Subject: Barrie Zwicker here with exciting important news and an urgent appeal

Dear Friend:

I think you’ll agree with me that the news that follows is indeed exciting and extremely important.

(The reason you’re receiving this is because you purchased my video The Great Deception. Most of you asked to hear from me if I was going to produce another video or a book. Well, I’m producing both and more.)

I’ve become the Director of the world’s largest citizens’ inquiry into the events of September 11th, 2001. The International Inquiry Into 9/11 (www.911inquiry.org) will be mounted May 30 through June 20, 2004 in Toronto.

It is citizen-conceived, citizen-run, citizen-funded. It’s receiving no assistance from any government or corporation.

Citizens like you, and citizens’ organizations, are going to make it happen.

My immediate and urgent appeal to you is for a donation as large as you can make it. The need is now. Please read on.

The Inquiry could, and I think will, have an impact on history. As the U.S. presidential campaign heats up, international media will be invited to cover testimony about major anomalies surrounding 9/11.

There will be three days of plenary sessions with presentations on the history of great deceptions, background on the so-called “war on terrorism,” on the power structures, on fear and denial, analysis of media coverage, deconstruction of the put-down phrases “conspiracy theorist,” “anti-American,” and much more.

Families of victims of 9/11 will be provided a unique platform to voice their demands for truth and accountability.

There will be a week of workshops, for networking and conferencing.

The final day will be one of uplift, an ecumenical and international program dedicated to a better future, in a less corrupt and less militarized world, a world in which ordinary people can hold reasonable hopes for a cleaner, safer, saner future.

Among confirmed presenters are Carol Brouillet, Michel Chossudovsky, Bruce Gagnon, Michael C. Ruppert, Richard Sanders, Ian Woods, Barrie Zwicker.

A feature length documentary about the Inquiry is already in production. And the proceedings will be published in attractive book form.

This brings me to the reason for this letter, the most important I’ve ever written in my life, the rest of which I’m dedicating to the questioning of the official version of 9/11.

We need a significant amount of money now. We need it to finance the next stage of fund-raising, to leverage more money. Which in turn will be invested in more fund-raising efforts.

This is the way to global outreach and to eventually raising the $900,000 needed to do the Inquiry right.

We’re counting on the multiplier effect and it starts with you.

More than $60,000 in seed money has been donated by individuals. I have personally put in $36,000. All of us are reaching out to relatives, friends and colleagues asking for significant dollars, and names of others to donate more significant dollars. Our total goal is $900,000.

That will be reached by building a pontoon bridge. Right this day it’s pump-priming donations that are the critical pontoon. But of course if you’re not in a position to send a whole lot, please send what you can, right away.

Can you make a serious contribution, more than hundreds? I’m asking you to think seriously about thousands. The range of giving so far is between $100 and $10,000. Two individuals have written cheques for $911.

And I’m asking you, urging you, to ask your relatives, friends and colleagues for similar donations. Once you’ve given, you can tell them you have put your money on the line and in good conscience be an example and ask them if they will do the same.

Please give generously. Later you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren that you really stepped up to the plate and made history in 2004.

The Inquiry is under the auspices of a corporation (Ontario Letters Patent 1599397), Skeptics Inquiry for Truth (SIFT). The corporation is looking into charitable status. If it is gained, we understand that donations can be deemed charitable retroactively.

Cheques and Money Orders may be made out to SIFT, and mailed to:

SIFT 7B Pleasant Boulevard, Box 958 Toronto, Canada M4T 1K2

Telephone 416-963-5562, Fax 416-963-8414 or call toll free in North America 1-866-234-7438 (SIFT) and use your credit card to donate. The lines are staffed 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. The Inquiry accepts VISA, MasterCard and Amex. Donations through debit cards must be done physically.

(If you encounter a busy line, or any other glitch, please bear with us. We are only eight weeks old.)

I cannot emphasize enough that the need is IMMEDIATE. Your donation is absolutely critical.

The single most effective thing anyone in the peace or social justice or environmental or civil liberties fields can do is to support the movement to expose the truth about 9/11. It is a pro-active movement aimed at the Achilles Heel of the greed and control project that is pro-war, anti-environment, anti-civil liberties, anti-social justice. If we go on just opposing war, we will be doing it war after war after war. It is the war-making machine – the money and oil power structure -- that must be undermined and eventually dismantled.

Please consider this, and make a decision a.s.a.p. Today. Every day counts at this stage. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky has characterized this time as the most dangerous in world history. At this point, what is money for? What will we do with our money if we end up in a police state? Supporting the cause of getting out the truth about 9/11 is also the cause of peace. Will we wish we had pitched into the issues of our time more vigorously now?

Here are the people putting their time and money on the line, on the Steering Committee of the International Inquiry Into 9/11, Toronto, Canada, May-June 2004:

Burgschmidt, Hans, Toronto, Technical Director, Toronto International Film Festival

Burrows, Terry, M.D., GP psychotherapist, retired

Desjardins, Phil, Toronto and Los Angeles, Television Producer and Feature Film Maker

Dewdney, Prof. Kee, London, Ont., Professor of Computer Science, University of Waterloo and Professor of Biology, University of Western Ontario

Dilly, Chris, Durham, Ont.

Dwyer, Chris, Toronto, author, social activist and website designer

Greene, Greg, Toronto, Television Producer

Harvey, Roy and Karen, Snowshoe Films

Jongkind, Nenke, consultant and administrator

Kashmeri, Zuhair, journalist and author

Kaas, Elly, C.A., Inquiry's financial supervisor

Machan, Blaine, VORTEXimages, Calgary; creator of the “Deception Dollar”

O’Connor, Terry, retired Director of Community Relations, Ryerson University

Reinhardt, Kelly, Toronto, videographer and social activist

Silverthorn, Barry; video editor, Electric Wallpaper Productions

Smith, Jean, Toronto, peace and social justice activist

Valleau, John, Professor Emeritus, The University of Toronto and activist, Science for Peace

Woods, Ian, Shanty Bay, Ont., Co-Editor, Global Outlook Magazine

Zwicker, Barrie, former TV commentator and producer, The Great Deception video, first journalist in the world to go on national TV to ask questions about the official story of 9/11.

Some sponsoring organizations to date include:

Arab Canadian Civil Liberties Association Deceptiondollar.com FromTheWilderness.com Global Outlook Globalresearch.ca 911sharethetruth.com The 9/11 Truth Alliance The San Francisco Inquiry Into 9/11

Here’s the letter received with the first donation from the public:

"Dear SIFT

"It is with great pleasure and an equally valid interest in the search for truth surrounding the events of September 11, 2001, that I present you with a cheque for $911.00.

"While the amount may seem a bit of a cliche, its motivation is not. People around the world deserve to know the full story. I wish you success in this monumental task. As Galileo once said:

" 'All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.'

"Good luck to the entire team.

"John Corcelli "Corcelli-Research "[address] "Toronto, Ontario"

And the letter received accompanying a $1,000 cheque from the Arab Canadian Civil Liberties Association:

“The Arab Canadian Civil Liberties Association is honoured to be able to donate $1,000 to support the public inquiry into the events of 911. Arab Canadians are not the only ones who have lost civil liberties in the wake of those events. Indeed, all Canadians have to a lesser extent lost much of their civil rights in the stampede to join the American ‘war on terrorism.’ However, the assault on Arab Canadians as symbolized in the violence done to Maher Arar calls into question the value of our citizenship as well as our very future as a community in Canada.

“We will not remain silent in the assault on our shared Canadian values. Today, with this donation, we are joining the struggle with the deeply held belief that simple truth is humanity’s most critical vanguard in the real war against terrorism.

“Yours sincerely,

“James Kafieh”

As you can appreciate, I'm overwhelmed with work. That's why I've asked my colleague, Kelly Reinhardt, to send this on my behalf. If you have questions, call us, or email Kelly directly, kr@911inquiry.org


Barrie Zwicker, Director, International Inquiry Into 9/11

PS—The need for large cash donations is now. Smaller ones will help immensely, of course. Please make our mailbox full, very soon. You will receive a certificate, “I helped expose the truth about 9/11,” suitable for framing.

PPS – We plan to distribute a weekly email newsletter. If it, or this email, is not welcome, please email me back and I’ll promptly remove you from my list.


Skeptics' Inquiry for Truth 7B Pleasant Boulevard, Box 958 Toronto, ON., Canada M4T 1K2 1-416-963-5562 Toll Free North America 1-866-234-7438

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